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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  May 23, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. right now at 10:00 murdered uva lacrosse player yeardley love remembered on what would have been her graduation day. before the class of 2010 accepted their did i paloma
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as they remembered their classmate who couldn't be with them. >> reporter: it was an emotional day for the class of 2010. there was a moment of silence for yeardley love. some including the university president at uva want to change lawsuit in her memory. with cheers and hugs it was a bitter sweet moment as 6,000 graduates flocked the lawn at the university of virginia. many wore white ribbons to remember yeardley love killed three weeks before graduation. >> yeardley reynolds love. >> reporter: despite the tragedy love was awarded her degree. it was accepted by her cousin. >> it is a privilege to recognize all the students at uva and the potential she had in life. >> reporter: her ex-boyfriend, george huguely was not at the graduation either. he is charged with her murder. >> it will follow truth wherever it may leave.
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>> reporter: the uva president is behind an effort to require virginia police department to report off campus arrests of students to schools. huguely was arrested in 2008 for threatening a police officer and public intoxication. at universities like george mason students are mixed about background checks. >> i think that's a little much. background checks, i don't know if that's necessarily going to solve the problem at all. sometimes it can profile. >> i feel like if someone is being violent outside in public they could show the same violence in school. >> reporter: the love case has prompted the discussion but civil rights advocates caution lawmakers should move slowly. >> it appears to be a violation of one's right to privacy. many students will be turned away from college campuses because of suspicions. arrests are not convictions. >> reporter: others saying knowing what to do with the information complicates the good intentions of the proposed law. >> if someone is deemed to be
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a threat to the community we would want to know about that but in terms of what impact that might have on our willingness to allow them to continue to go to school here is another matter. that would be taken on a case-by-case basis. >> reporter: for now george mason says there has been an ongoing informal relationship with local police departments and the campus police department, dealing with student arrests but recent events are motivating the school to revisit the issue on what to do with students who are arrested. live in the news room, roby chavez, fox 5 news. safety advocates at uva say if president casteen succeeds with his push they would be the first. a 16 moe old anne arundel boy was -- a
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16-month-old boy's body was found. they believe his death was suspicious. our other big story takes us outside. this weekend has been all over the place, a lot of rain and a little sun. gwen tolbart is live in the weather center. >> reporter: we had a whole mix of weather conditions. some did see a fair amount of rainfall and some didn't see hardly anything at all. we had sun earlier today in some of our neighborhoods. things have calmed down in terms of the rain and storms we've been dealing with over the course of the weekend. let's begin with truview. you can see what's happening. a lot of this moisture with the storms is to the south of our area in through parts of virginia and the carolinas. but we still have to deal with a little bit that's wrapping its way around. it has quite a spin to it and it's pushing a lot of the easterly flow in across areas a of the coast.
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let's look at our fox 5 doppler radar. a little bit of light rain activities in some areas. to the south near harrisburg we have a little bit going on, a little bit of heavy rainfall. to the north here we still have a river flood warning that's still in effect. so we are looking at improvements into the course of tonight. still some showers that could pop up here and there. not so much a thunderstorm. but the other concern is going to be fog which is definitely going to reduce your visibility. do be aware of that. as far as our highs today were concerned, 74 at national, the same at dulles, 75 at baltimore. and right now temperatures right around the 70 degree mark at all our area airports. as far as tonight goes once again we're talking showers and fog and by the morning we will see some improvement. i'll have the details on that when i come upstairs. >> thank you, gwen. the weather is going to mean an unexpected traffic
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jam tomorrow morning. the construction project that was supposed to be finished is delayed. the rain caused problems for the receiling of the roadway. traffic will be one lane each way for tomorrow's rush hour. the project will probably not be finished until the middle of the week. what went wrong? nasa question two northern virginia families are struggling with. an suv killed 18-year-old abdelouahid chadli. last night we heard from his family. tonight we are hearing from the driver's family. matt ackland is here with more on that side of the story. >> reporter: fairfax county police tell us this investigation could take time. officials are trying to figure out if there was a mechanical problem with the suv. the medical examiner is conducting an autopsy to find out if the driver had a medical issue that may have contributed to this horrible accident. >> family members tell us this picture is the perfect example of what you would see often if you knew gary thorne. >> his smile. gary had a smile, he had a
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great smile. his sense of humor and just him. him just being him. >> reporter: on friday afternoon, thorne's dodge dran go was traveling down lehigh way when something went very wrong. in an instant, emma duke watched abdelouahid chadli was killed by the out of control suv. thorne was also killed when his vehicle hit a tree. his stepfather kevin griffin says the family has no idea what could have happened. they know of no issues with the car or with gary's health. >> no medical issues, nothing like that. so that's what's kind of got everybody wondering what happened. >> reporter: meanwhile on monday at fairfax high school, grief counselors are expected to be on hand for those students who need help dealing with their classmate's death. abdelouahid chadli was just weeks away from graduation. gary thon died the day before his 32 birthday. a day he planned to
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celebrate with his 10-year-old daughter. >> we're not going to stop talking about it because that's how you forget. we don't want to forget. >> reporter: abdelouahid chadli was laid to rest yesterday. gary thorne's body has not been released to the family. they are not saying how long it will take before they know what caused this horrible tragedy. keeping you safe on the road is the focus of the push to make sure you are wearing your seatbelt. a click it or ticket program starts in virginia tomorrow t drivers will get tickets if there are kids who are not buckled up. last year 330 people died in virginia crashes because they were not wearing a seatbelt. the debate over slot machines in maryland is going to court tomorrow. a developer is suing anne arundel board for a slots parlor. the two groups are fighting
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the proposed parlor because they fear it will put laurel park out of business. coming up at 10:00 no end in sight to the oil spill and no end to the finger pointing either. you have to hear the war of words between sarah palin and robert gibbs. a little boy burned when a boat exploded while he was riding on t tonight he is recovering and describing the terrible ordeal like only he can. talk about a royal embarrassment. scarlet -- sarah ferguson caught on camera. did she sell access to her ex-husband? coming up next. 
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camera. did she sell access to her ex-husband? coming up next. amazing stories of survival coming from india after a fiery plane crash. one man said everything seemed fine when the plane touched down but in moments the jet shuddered and started swinging from side to side. it fell off the runway and burst apart. the man had not seen his wife and daughters in two
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years. ive doesn't know why he lived flu the crash that killed 158. a violent train derailment in china, it crashed into huge piles of dirt and debris that buried the tracks after a landslide. it made the rescue efforts more dangerous. a news agency says 70 people injured after they were trapped inside the mangled train cashes. an angry louisiana governor says he's had enough of waiting for the federal government to solve the oil spill. bp officials will try again to patch up the leaking well on tuesday but with crude spill spewing from an oil rig in the gulf, governor bobby jindal and locals are building a chain of burms that would skirt the coastline and provide a shield from the oil spills. >> we've really only got two options. we can either fight the oil off of the coast and protect louisiana or we're going to be spending months and years removing oil
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along thousands of miles of fragmented wetlands that serve as a nursery for marine wildlife for the gulf and our country. >> reporter: federal officials are pressing bp for a solution and interior secretary ken salazar is saying fix it or step aside. the oil spill has politicians pointing fingers. former vice-presidential candidate sarah palin and white house press secretary robert gibbs are trading jabs over the gulf coast disaster. julie kurtz has more on the war of words that played out on the sunday talk shows. >> the back and forth between sarah palin and the white house centers on the impact of oil company campaign crib uses. when the former alaska governor a was asked how she believes the obama administration has handled the spill so far she suggested the white house is too cozy with oil companies because of contributions to obama. >> i don't know why the question isn't asked by mainstream media if there is any connection made with
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the contributions to president obama and his administration and support to the oil companies by the administration. if there is any connection to president obama taking so doggone long to dive in there and grasp the complexity and potential tragedy we're seeing in the gulf of mexico. >> reporter: the white house did not waste any time with a response to that. press secretary robert gibbs fired back. >> sarah palin was involved in that election but i don't think apparently was paying a whole lot of attention. i'm almost sure the oil companies don't consider the obama administration a huge ally. my suggestion to sarah palin would be to get slightly more informed as to what's going on in and around oil drilling in the country. >> reporter: according to the center for responsive politics bp and its employees gave more than $3.5 million to federal candidates over the last 20 years with the largest chunk going to obama. but during the '08 race the oil and gas industry as a
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whole donated more than twice as much to the mccain palin campaign than to obama. in washington, julie kurtz, fox news. arizona governor jan brewer is taking aim at some political heavyweights. in a new ad she's taking shots at folks criticizing her state's new immigration enforcement law. she said many of the same people have never read the law. in the ad brewer uses a child like educational message to remind people to actually read something before sharing an opinion. former press secretary robert gibbs president bill clinton is involved in a fender bender. the traffic accident happened in new haven while clinton was on his way to yale university to deliver the graduation speech. his secret service van was struck from behind. a car failed to stop at a merge. >> you're looking great. how are you feeling? >> great. as far as i know i'm healthy as a horse. >> you had a fender bender. are you okay? >> it was one of of those deals where everybody in the passing lane slowed down and one person didn't.
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it happened to be the person behind us. it was just a tap. we're fine. >> reporter: he made no comment of the accident during his speech. law students at american university didn't get a president as their speaker but they did get the u.s. attorney general. eric holder gave the commencement address and as fox 5's karen gray houston explains the newly minted lawyers had strong feelings about how he's doing his job. >> reporter: the faculty marched in to pipe music. attorney general eric holder add knowledged that au's law school has come a long way. >> i'm proud to see that half of today's graduates are women on this campus wells gw. >> reporter: for the 520 graduates today started with a class picture with many anxious to hear what holder had to say. >> i'm honored that he's
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here. i think it says a lot about this school that someone of his stature in the government would come and speak to us today. >> reporter: some of the students are receiving their juris doctorate. others advanced law degrees. they have a variety of opinions of the kind of job eric holder is doing as attorney general. >> i think that along with eric holder, or any other leader, american leader, they are clueless on what this terrorism is all about. and they look at islam as a religion. islam is a political movement. >> i personally think his decision to prosecute the 9/11 terrorists in the united states was a good call. i think that at that point sends the write message that our justice system is capable of dealing with anything. >> reporter: while holder treaded lightly on the issue of terrorism, the law school's dean had no qualms about treading into territory about water boarding. >> no matter what [ inaudible ] to our safety, not to
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torture anyone, anywhere. not to torture anyone. . >> reporter: holder challenged the grads to strengthen the legal system and the world. he talked about what justice feels like. >> when obama signed the first law in nearly 1225 years of the united states code -- 225 years of the united states code to refer specifically to gender identity, the matthew shephard and james byrd hate crimes prevention act. >> reporter: karen gray houston, fox 5 news. a boat explodes. a little boy's face badly burned. just a few days later he is talking about his face off with flames. next at 10:00 the amazing story of survival in his own words. 
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a 5-year-old boy is talking about surviving a boat explosion tuesday in florida. he got pretty beaten up but he walked away. david martin sat down with that little boy to get his
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survival . >> reporter: thomas sturts is alive and kicking. >> how does your face feel? >> good. >> reporter: he suffered terribly on tuesday but that was then. >> there any pain on your face? >> huh-uh. when the boat blew up, it got my face. >> did you see the flames come right at you? >> mm-hmm. >> what did you do. >> i closed my eyes. >> reporter: little thomas was sitting on top of the engine house. when it exploded he was thrown face forward into the floor of flames. we don't know how the boat exploded while docked. thomas's younger sister and another adult were on board. they were unharmed but thomas's cheeks got singed. so did his nose, eyelids, eyebrows and hair. >> i held his face but everything you touched hurt him. he said mom, please, i don't want to die. that's the worst thing i ever heard. >> reporter: the fatal thoughts passed and so did
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the pain. now this 5-year-old wants to move on. >> reporter: you're going to get a new boat? >> yeah. i like boats and i like going on boat rides. >> reporter: a story he can share forever. in deberry, david martin, fox 35. glad to see that little guy is okay. concerns tonight, one lawmaker wants an all out ban on one type of crib. the consumer alert that is coming up. caught on tape, did sarah ferguson really try to cash in on her ex-husband? we have new reaction. and storm chasers follow the path of this violent twister. the story behind the video. a live look outside. fox 5 news at 10:00 rolls on right after this short break. "os
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[ inaudible ] the dutchess of york, sarah ferguson is finding herself in hot water over that undercover video. the british tabloid news of the world says the dutchess tried to sell access to her ex-husband, precipes andrew. a spokesman for the 55-year-old dutchess says the recording is authentic and the she is devastated. >> there she is saying he's whiter than white, which she is. she's saying give me a lot of money and i'll do this for you. i find it delusional actually as well as disgraceful. >> reporter: the buckingham palsy says it will not comment because ferguson is no longer part of the royal family. last week's mini super tuesday primary shook
10:29 pm
things up on capital hill. voters went to the polls with the goals of outing the incumbents and now the nominees are getting a taste of the political machines. fox 5's sarah simmons has more. >> i have no regrets. >> reporter: big upsets in last tuesday's primaries have republicans and democrats fighting for political ground. >> that's a reflections of the voters' mood right now and that mood is we do not want to see that obama pelosi reed agenda, that transformation continue. >> reporter: some critics say tuesday's defeat show the president's coat tails aren't what they once were but his supporters say the momentum is still there. >> in a tough time he remains strong. we've been winning special elections in congress in a very convincing way over the last year and a half. as the economy continues to improve, chris, that choice is going to be very clear. >> reporter: what's not clear is that the newly elected party nominees can hold onto their support.
10:30 pm
fresh off the victory in kentucky, ranked paul voiced disagreement with the abortion civil rights act. he said he had misgivings about extending the requirement to private businesses. >> this is what is going on across the country, beating the republican establishment but mainstream losing to the extreme. >> e opposed to any discrimination period and i a -- applaud him for clarifying that view. >> reporter: politicians are wondering if the stumble will prove to be politically fatal for or if there is time to recover before the general election which is less than six months away. in washington, sarah simmons, fox 5 news. new york senator kiersten gillibrand wants a legislative ban on drop side
10:31 pm
cribs. they're blamed for the deaths of at least 32 babies who suffocated. >> this legislation will force the prohibition of selling any drop side cribs anywhere in this country whether it's a resale on craigslist, whether it's through a regular manufacturer, whether it's through a store. no daycare center, no child care provider, no hospital will be able to have drop side cribs because we cannot tolerate one more infant death because of this faulty technology. >> senator gillibrand was joined by families who have lost loved ones because of the faulty crib. major retail sellers have started taking them off sales floors. safety advocates are urging parents to be aware of the dangers of swimming pools. tomorrow the u.s. consumer products safety commission will release its annual childhood drowning report. among the report's findings are an average of 385
10:32 pm
fatalities involving children under the age of 15 were reported from 2005 to 2007. nearly 300 were under the age of five. speaking of summer fun camps are a good way for parents to keep their kids entertained throughout the summer. finding an affordable option can be a real challenge. fox's laura engle shows us how. >> reporter: moms and dads know it's not exactly cheap to send your kids away to summer camp. it can cost thousands of dollars for a typical seven week session without a scholarship. >> i know for some people it's hard. like i know some like one of my friends' parents doesn't have a job and like it's hard for her. >> reporter: over 10 million children attend day and sleep away camp every year according to the american camp association which says that there is a camp for every child no matter what the budget. >> we've continued to see many camps who offer sibling discounts, many camps who offererly bird discounts. there are a number of camps
10:33 pm
that work with parents on payment plans. >> reporter: while discounts have been around for years more parents are searching them out so they can give their child the tent pitching, canoe paddling arts and crafts fun possible. the discounts and special funds are out there but parents need to be proactive to find them. >> this fund, this scholarship fund you had people who made donations to the camp, and whatever you can pay, those donations will foot the bill. >> reporter: according to a recent survey helping mom and dad is helping camp attendance. >> 65% of the camps that responded to the survey maintained the same enrollment or higher than the summer before. tax breaks, financial aid and payment plans. the list of options is growing to keep our little campers happy. in merrick, new york, laura
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engle, fox news. hired to hack, the government search for the best teen hackers in the country. an arizona bishop charged with two misdemeanors for ringing his church's bells. can you explain that one? >> i don't have an answer for that but we have wet weather pushing to the south but still a little bit lingering. we've got a real spin in the system. what does that mean for your morning commute and work week? i'll have all those answers and a look at the forecast. fox 5 news at 10:00 will be right back. r i'suwetgip.tcu
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sgrfrnlg you would think most people would welcome the idea of having a church as a neighbor but when christ the king cathedral moved into a phoenix neighborhood three years ago, the bell battle began a local bishop was arrested for ringing his bell. casey stegall has more. >> reporter: their universal and heard around the world. for some, they're a call to
10:38 pm
bore worship. for others it was quite annoying. sam benson's backyard says the ringing bells were too much every hour from 8:00 until 8:00. >> they woke us when we were sleeping. >> reporter: sam and handful of neighbors complained to the city of phoenix saying it was in violation of the noise ordinance. a local judge agreed. >> your right to live your life in peaceful tranquility in your home has been recognized by the supreme court for 200 years. >> i was convicted of two misdemeanors. >> reporter: bishop painter received a ten-day suspended jail sentence and was placed on three years' probation. that is until his church and several others sued the city. >> this is about the united states constitution. this is about freedom of speech and freedom of religion. >> reporter: that's how a federal judge recently saw it too issuing a permanent injunction which cleared pish open painter's criminal record and allows the church bells to toll once
10:39 pm
again. in an effort to try and be a good neighbor the church is in the process of relocating the speakers away from the neighborhood and adding foam to create a sound barrier until they resume the ringing. in phoenix, casey stegall, fox news. the fox 5 storm force tracking wicked weather and this twister caught on camera by storm chaser. we'll show you more of the video up next. when will we finally dry out? gwen's work week forecast is right after the break. stay with us. t .ier
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the shuttle atlantis is on its way home from its final mission. it undocked from the international space station this morning. it sent supplies additional power and new equipment to the space station. it is scheduled to come back to earth on wednesday and
10:43 pm
be retired. it might be the "american idol" of the cyber world. the competition searching for the best hackers out there to use their talents for good. why is the government searching for cyber defenders? private e-mail, corporate records, even military secrets, all vulnerable to cyber attack. it's very real and happening more often than you know. >> all government agencies are being attacked and most major companies. >> reporter: december 2009, google handicapped. secrets exposed. a security crisis hitting home for even the president in 2008. >> between august and october hackers gained access to e-mails and a range of campaign files. >> reporter: april 2007, a series of cybe government agsz including the pentagon. wiping out more data than what is stored in the library of congress. 1.8 billion attacks a month, according to the sergeant at arm's office. the government is looking for defense. >> i'm nervous.
10:44 pm
but i think it would be a pretty good thing to take on. i got into computers at a pretty young age. >> reporter: he might be the future of cyber security in the u.s. >> i would like to take down the people that actually create problems. >> reporter: he's only 17 years old. >> i bought a book in fourth grade and taught myself how to can we eight websites. >> reporter: he entered and won the first ever u.s. cyber challenge by doing something no one else had. he handicapped the point system. >> i found a vulnerability in the scoring serving so i was able to add points. >> reporter: clever and brilliant, exactly the kind of person the cyber challenge hopes to find. >> the key weapons in the next war are going to be people. >> reporter: the goal is to find young whiz kids who can become the top guns in cyber security. >> these kids already have a
10:45 pm
lot of skills. >> reporter: he is the director of research for sans institute, the main training organization of cyber security in the u.s. he says the nation's denned ens on the internet leaves it more vulnerable than any other country. >> it's not a military threat. it's a commercial threat. where they want to have economic spear yort over the united states. >> reporter: he believes the only way to combat that is for more schools to start cyber education programs dedicated to finding talent to join the understaffed field. >> the skwilz of the people who can control your computers and gain control of the other guy's computers is more important for the future wars. >> reporter: the u.s. is catching up. other countries like china have been doing this for some time. >> their win ers have already been found penetrating into the pentagon. >> reporter: attacks against google and yahoo are thought to have come from china. >> i guess they call themselves hackers but people who compromise computers and destroy what they've compromised
10:46 pm
they're not hackers. they're just punks. >> reporter: michael capolo uses his cyber powers for good. he started developing a series of courses for the sanz institute. >> there are hundreds of thousands of other kids like me, and they love the computers. and they love exploiting. >> reporter: identifying weaknesses in the nation's cyber security. growing a new generation of defenders that might be sitting in a high school classroom as we speak. the u.s. cyber challenge hopes to find ten,000 cyber experts by the end of the year. maryland started a statewide competition and those winners will be attending cyber camps to nurture their talents. go to and click on special reports under our news tab. some wicked weather across the midwest. tornadoes touched down in south dakota. check out this video. a camera caught this monster twister spinning through saturday night.
10:47 pm
it destroyed farm buildings, produced heavy rain and hail. no injuries were reported. weather service officials are surveying the latude's land to see if more than one tornado hit in the area. gwen, i was watching that video earlier and wondering that system that came through, is that producing the rain we've had off and on the last couple days? >> no. it's not our system. >> i stand corrected. >> we didn't get good severe weather like that. which is great for us, or bad severe weather which is good for us. but things have improved outside tonight for us, maureen, which is good news. we've got a little bit of mist out there, clouds and fog. so the fog is also going to be sticking around so be aware of that. and some of you just seeing a little bit of light rainfall now. we don't have that heavy pockets of rainfall and storms we had into the course of last night and even earlier tonight we had a few storms that popped up but not all bad. here's a look at the big picture with truview. we have the spin from the atlantic straight onto the on shore flow from new york state to the south. and a lot more action to the
10:48 pm
south than what we've got happening right here. we have greatly improved since the sun went down and we're not dealing with daytime heating. let's look at our fox 5 live doppler radar and show you what we're looking at right now. not a whole lot happening. a little bit of light rain north of the district and a little bit to the southeast and a little bit a long areas of mountains starting to pop up. we have a flood wa in this effect for washington state. things are improved but we can see more popping up tonight. things are getting a little better. let's go to the weather maps and talk about the rain we did get. not an inch at all as far as national is concerned but we broke a record for rainfall set in 1988 for dulles at 2.29 inches. baltimore didn't see that much but a lot of other locations generally to the west of the d.c. area, anywhere from 2 to 3 inches
10:49 pm
of rainfall overall. almost 2 and a half inches for frederick, maryland and more than that for rockville. almost 2 inches for potomac and virginia, 2 inches plus i should say, for manassas and 3 and a half for asheville, wirnlg wirnlg. west virginia got an inch and a half to two inches of rainfall. so we needed the rain so at least we know we've got that out of the way. we would like to get back to sunshine for you. showers and fog tonight. lingering fog for the morning hours so do be aware you could see afternoon passing showers. sunshine will arrive which is nice and the temperatures are heading up to the 80s as we head through into the later part of the week as far as the forecast is concerned. that's good news too. today we were near degrees. a bit above seasonal and it's still comfortable outside. temperatures into the low 60s to a 70 degree mark as far as manassas is concerned. cooler up the mid-atlantic and to the south temperatures in the mid-60
10:50 pm
degree range. that warm weather i've been talking bushes the 80s. look at the south. this is where it's going to come from. this flow of warmer air from the gulf up the mid-atlantic as we head into the later part of the weekend. our ridge of high pressure builds in. clouds, showers, drizzle and fog we have to deal with. temperatures are going to be into the low 60s. for tomorrow we're going to see this trough push its way to the north. we've got a low pressure system that's going to sink to the south. by tuesday a ridge of high pressure builds in and we're going to start to see the sun arriving. a coastal low to keep an eye on. we have this up and down situation but tomorrow is going to be fog with showers mainly to the south. once that ridge builds in we'll finally get back to the sunshine. showers for tonight, just here and there, a pop up kind of stuff. overnight, fog, 62 degrees and tomorrow, we are talking cloudy, fog in the morning. so for your morning commute, visibility going to be reduced. you might want to leave earlier. chance of showers mainly to the south by the
10:51 pm
afternoon. the sun will return by tuesday. ridge of high pressure builds in. holds us through top the end of the week. we have back door cold front on thursday, friday. so we're going to watch that. we might play around with our temperatures a little bit and a coastal low we're going to watch. other than that we're going to do pretty good once we get past a little bit of showers on monday afternoon. >> thank you, gwen. dave feldman got a lot in sports. >> reporter: we start with baseball. a pretty good rivalry between the orioles and nats and a couple of firsts in that game too. during the rubber game of the three game set. one good, one bad but the good was so good the bad almost became irrelevant vant. this is what you do if you cannot choose sides in the battle of the belt way. nats trail 1-0. roger bernardino, bases-loaded, two outs. drives one to deep right centerfield. adam jones cannot hold o three runs score on the
10:52 pm
bernardino triple. nats took a 3-1 lead. orioles trail 3-2, top of the 9th. julio lugo off matt caps. it falls allowing adam jones to score. game tied 3-3. bottom of the 10th. meredith facing josh willingham and willingham wins. a fly to deep left centerfield. a game winning walk off solo home run. willingham's eighth of the year. the nationals edge the orioles 4-3 in ten innings. nothing new for willingham who is eighth inning home run on mother's day gives the nats another win. >> a little better. still won the game for us but he had thrown me -- i was taking the strike and once i got to a 2-1 count he left one to hit and i wasn't trying to hit a home run. i was trying to hit it hard and it went out.
10:53 pm
eighth seeded stoney brook hosting virginia. stoney brook trails 8-7. kevin crowley ties the game at 8-8 so stoney brook fans sensing an upset but virginia holds on. the pass to colin briggs who scores the game winning goal. virginia edges stoney brook 10-9. cavaliers advance to the semis for the sixth time in the last seven years. in nhl playoffs game #, blackhawks hosting the sharks, third period tied 2-2. hawks on a power play. dustin byfuglien scores what proved to be the game winner. the blackhawks defeat the sharks 4-2. chicago punches its ticket to the stanley cup finals for the first time in 18 years. first round of the french open, second seed venus williams in search of an eighth grand slam title in the far court against patty snyder of switzerland. venus needed a fourth match point but wins 6-3, 6-3
10:54 pm
to improve her record to 27-4. serena won the australian open earlier this year and is the number one seed. coming up on geico sports xtra a peculiar apology by donovan mcnabb. you might think what does he have to apologize for. and the answer is watch at 11:15 on geico sports xtra and i'll tell you. >> you're good at this teasing stuff. >> don't go home. i want you watching the show tonight. >> i will tease them at the end of the "news edge" at 11:00. i'm for getting my own show. >> stay focused. graduation gowns made of plastic bottles. how the class of 2010 the going green. stay with us. -( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permante, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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frightening moments during a commencement ceremony in wisconsin. a curtain fell from the stage injuring a graduate from the milwaukee area technical college. governor jim doyle was on stage at the time but was
10:58 pm
not hurt. he made a joke of it trying to lighten the mood in that situation. forget the traditional black. a new program at colleges has students going green. they're black but made of recycles materials. peter dos i takes a closer look. >> reporter: thousands of members of the class of 2010 have worn caps and gowns that are bio degradable or made from plastic bottles. over 100 schools in america have decided to go green gown. every student we've spoke to think it's a great idea. >> it's a nice way toned my four years here. it's almost you know we come full circle and so do these recycles gowns. >> reporter: each gown at quinn pi ack university is made of 23 plastic bottles. if i asked kids if they thought it would be weird they were wearing
10:59 pm
something that someone was drinking out of they have preferred not to think of it. the sierra club said while it is important to teach graduating seniors the importance of recycling in their adult lives there are better ways to protect mother nature on commencement day. >> i think it's great in concept but whether looking at items like graduation gowns how many more times are you going to use them? it would make more sense to have a great reuse and rental program in place that uses healthy dry cleaning processes to actually reuse them year-to-year. >> reporter: she went on to say a college graduation gown isn't like a wedding dress which you want to keep in the attic forever and show your grandkids. it's something students take off and forget about. they might as well collect the gowns on graduation after you sing the alma mater and take a picture with your parents and let the kids next year use the same ones. i'm peter doocy, fox news. the "news edge" at 11:00


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