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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  May 23, 2010 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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this is fox 5 "news edge" at 11:00. the images put it all in perspective. birds covered in oil being rescued from waters tainted from the gulf disastering being given a second chance at life. more than a month later louisiana governor bobby jindal is not holding back his frustration. he has had enough of waiting for the government. the crude continuing to wash up on the beaches and marsh lands, jindal is launching a new plan of attack. >> reporter: if you want something done you've got to do it yourself. that message from louisiana governor bobby jindal who says bp and washington are too slow to clean up the oil contaminating the gulf coast. >> even when we report sightings of oil it is not responded to quickly enough. >> reporter: the oil on the beach is brown but the cleanup response is all red
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tape. >> excuses. leaders don't use excuses. >> again we have a national disaster, and we are being told to wait. >> we're asking bp to step up to the plate. i'm beg the federal government now to do the right thing. >> reporter: jindal backed by passion al parish leaders has his own plan to begin building sand barriers around precious he is tu airies. >> blackhawks, grinnooks. >> reporter: louisiana residents remember all too well the last time they waited for help. hurricane katrina ingrained in their minds. >> if we wait we'll die. >> reporter: with wildlife and weigh of life thang ha in the many are building barriers to save the land they love. >> it is sml that will be irrelevant repable damage to our fishermen. >> reporter: federal officials
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say they're pressing bp for a solution. >> we now have new schedules for what they expect to happen this week. >> reporter: bp officials hope to try again to patch up the spilling well on tuesday. but many local leaders say they can't wait that long and are threatening to take matters into their own hands. in venice, louisiana, john pinsari, fox news. another disaster in undefeated answers last month's deadly mine explosion. tomorrow a congressional committee will be in west virginia to try to figure out what went wrong. relatives of four the men killed in the explosion will testify and so will the state's governor. the explosion killed 29 workers. so far investigators have not pinpointed an exact cause but have said there is a dangerous build up of methane gas inside. graduation at university of virginia weeks after murder rocked the senior class. >> yeardley reynolds love. >> reporter: 22-year-old yeardley love was remembered today at the commencement ceremony. her degree still awarded and received by her cousin.
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love was found murdered in her charlottesville apartment may 3rd. her ex boyfriend george huguely has been charged and uva president john casteen wants law enforcement to tell colleges and universities if their students are arrested. that is an idea that has drawn some criticism. >> the many students will be turned away from college campuses because of suspicion. don't forget arrests are not convictions. >> if someone is deemed to be a threat to the community, of course we would want to know about that. but in terms of what impact that might have on our willingness to allow them to continue to go to school here is another matter. and that would be taken on a case-by-case basis. >> reporter: if casteen's push works virginia would be the first state to require law enforcement to notify the university when a student has been arrested. a former tv producer wanted in mexico about the murder of his wife has left
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the country. bruce redmond has not been charged with a crime so his lawyer says he has returned to los angeles to be with his children and attend to personal matters. the victim's body was found in a sewer in a cancun resort last month. they have described the former survivor producer as a suspect. jamaica always capital, kingston, under a state of emergency as an alleged drug lord fights extradition. the attackers have been trading gunfire with police and set a police station on fire. the u.s. department of state has issued a travel alert warning of the violence. a traffic alert for your morning commute in the district. the chain bridge construction project that was supposed to be finished is delayed. the rain caused problems for the receiling of the roadway. traffic on the chain bridge will be one lane each way for rush hour. they anticipate the work will be complete by mid-week. educators in arizona are under the microscope. auditors are going from classroom to classroom making sure english
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teachers are doing just that, teaching english. fox's casey stegall explains. >> reporter: in classrooms these days there is a whole lot more to teaching than just reading writing and a regulatory me particular. >> 35% of our -- arithmetic. >> 35% of our students are second language learners. >> reporter: they're learning english as a second language. across the state of arizona out of the 1.2 million students in public schools roughly 150,000 are second language learners. >> it's my job to make sure they're taught english in the most rigorous possible way so they can learn english quickly and compete with their peers and exceed academically. >> reporter: to do that the arizona department of education sending evaluators in to audit teachers and their english speaking skills. if they're into the fluent or have a heavy accent or don't speak grammatically correct they're reassigned. >> as you expect science teachers to know science or math teachers to know mauth expect the teachers
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teaching kids english to know english. >> reporter: critics say this is discrimination and with deep cuts being made to education because of the failing economy they say the state should phone conversation elsewhere. the arizona education association a union representing some 34,000 teachers in the state refused our request for an on camera interview. the state says this has nothing to do with the controversial immigration bill recently passed. instead it is trying to insure everyone is following state and federal laws. back in 2,000 voters passed a referendum that stipulated instruction of the classes be offered only in english. then in 2003, president bush's no child left behind act stated schools could not receive federal funding unless an english teacher was totally fluent in the language. >> in clayton's school district, we do have several teachers who do not pass the flun see you test. >> reporter: in those cases teachers are given options liken rolling in community college time prove their
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english skills but for the most part the state is in compliance. just this year out of the 236 total districts in the state only nine were cited for flun see you. in phoenix, arizona casey stegall, fox news. did you see it? lindsay murphy arriving back in the u.s. the act res is due in court tomorrow. a judge ordered she be arrested upon her return to l.a. but lohan has already posted the $100,000 bail. body guards whisked the 23-year-old away. days ago she was seen partying on a yacht in the french riviera. that very same day she was supposed to be in a beverly hills courtroom for a progress report on her probation. if you thought your moods were good wait until you see this pint sized michael jackson product jichlt he is the cutest ever. >> look at him. mother nature made a
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move on us. some got rain and storms. not as bad as last night. things continue to improve. i'll be back after the break. 
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lots of circulation in the system that brought us rainfall and some of the storms that we had last night and a few that we had today. most of the activity is well to the south of us but we're still seeing the spin of this on shore from the cooler waters and actually that spin-off of the waters helped to keep the instability down today. we didn't have quite as active weather as we did yesterday with the storms that were kicking up. still there is some pockets of rainfall through here. let's look at our fox 5 live doppler radar. you'll see closer to home where we've got a few
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lingering showers north of d.c. and stot southeast. and across to the west as well. there is a river flood warning for washington county to the north. we go to the weather maps and we did have some improvement. here's a look at totals in terms much rainfall. just over 2 inches as far as dulles is concerned but that's a record that was broken. that record set back in 1988. areas to the west of us anywhere between 2 to 3 inches of rainfall overall. more than 2-1/2 inches for rockville. and as far as virginia is concerned same story. asheville, they got 3 and a half inches of rainfall overall. in west virginia those numbers were up also. 2 inches of rainfall for shepherdstown. here's a look at the current temperatures. it's mild out site. 64 at gaithersburg, 69 at d.c. 70 at fredericksburg to the south and tomorrow we're going to see fog, fog tonight through tomorrow so it will affect your morning commute. be prepared for that. a few showers to the south are possible by tomorrow afternoon. and then by the time we get into the rest of the week we've got sunshine for you.
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miss ridge of high pressure builds in after tuesday. bright skies and drier conditions and the temperatures will be rising as we head into the low 80s. watch that closely. a back door front will head our way thursday and friday, it could cool us a little bit but so far it looks like it's in the 80 answer, dry and sunny. you've got to see this one, a pint sized michael jackson i am % signator in china proves he's bad. meet 4-year-old wang ming. you're about to see his facial expressions as he mimics the king of pop. moon walking, all of it to beat it, dangerous and billie jean, the mini mj has taylor made suits, hats and shirts and check that guy out. that is his personal trainer. i don't know, dave feldman, i'm watching you out of the corner of my eye. are you busting a move over there? this is so tragic.
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that does it for us. the news always on, thanks for watching. keep it right here. geico sports xtra with dave feldman a few minutes away. bye, everyone. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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