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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  May 24, 2010 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good monday morning. it is may 24th, 2010. a beautiful shot of our nation's capital on this monday. i'm gurvir dhindsa. let's go straight over to tucker to find out about the rain. here we go again. where not so much rain. just mostly misty, kind of cloudy and humid out there. we are not going to see a lot of sunshine today. we'll keep the temperatures in the low to mid-70s. not a perfect looking forecast
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although we are very slowly moving in the right direction. the clouds and winds are pushing in here off the ocean. we have that maritime influence today. that will keep us socked into the cloud cover with cool temperatures and winds out of the east here throughout the day. most of the concentrated rain down into the carolinas. let's take a look at temperatures. at least it is a mild start, 67 in washington. mid 1r0 for much of the area. the exception out towards the beaches, ocean city, 61. # 68 to start the day in fredericksburg. -- mid-60s for much of the area. more on the forecast coming up in just a minute. we have sunshine in the five- day. i'll have the details coming up. >> thank you. we want to turn our attention now to today's top stories. the southbound lanes of the baltimore-washington parkway
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are shut down right now at route 198. park police say it is because of a shooting. officers found a car on the shoulder overnight. one person inside had been shot. the victim is at the hospital and expected to survive. we'll bring you more information as soon as that information comes into the newsroom. louisiana state leaders are taking matters into their own hands now with oil pushing at least 12 miles into louisiana's marshes and two major pelican colonies now cuted in crude, the governor says they are working on chains of sand that would protect the coastline. they are considering a broader plan to use sand berms also. the debate over slot machines in maryland goes to court today. a developer is suing the anne arundel county elects board about a planned slots parlor in hanover. two groups are fighting the proposed paar el because they
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fear it will put laurel park out of business. as of july 1st, full scale gambling will be coming to west virginia. we have a report. >> reporter: this is the present in charlestown, west virginia. slot machines, 5,000 of them. and this is the future in charlestown, full blown casino gambling is coming here on july 1st thanks to a referendum overwhelmingly supported by local voters. in 2009, as a slots parlor, this facility paid $257 million to west virginia coffers. the take and the attacks are expected to be significantly larger. training classes for dealers
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started here in february. retired new jersey policeman joseph montez already has a pretty good pension so why become a dealer in a casino. >> to have fun. i'm a people person. what a good place to meet people. >> reporter: most of the trainees we encountered have been hit hard by the recession and have been out of work for a long time. jenny worked for city corp. for 1 years but she has been -- for 18 18 years. >> you got a lot going on all at the same time, trying to be accurate, trying to be pleasant. >> can you do it? >> we're working on it. that is why in here on
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saturday. >> reporter: general manager al britton estimates with tips, his employees will make about $45,000 a year. in tough economic times in west virginia, that is good money. john henrehan, fox 5 news. good morning to you. it is monday morning. it is may 24th, 2010. we had a wet weekend. we are off to a wet start for the beginning of this workweek too. hopefully, things will improve. we'll find out in just a second. i'm gurvir dhindsa along with my pal tucker barnes to tell us what we can expect in terms of the weather. it is muggy out there. >> it is. we're locked into the pat were with the very moist air across the area. a couple of scattered showers in the forecast. when i show it to you here on the radar, you will say i'm not all that impressed and you probably shouldn't be. there is your morning radar. you can see a couple of light
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showers out on the beltway. there is another spotty shower out towards annapolis and vienna there. not a lot in the way of rain across the area. i don't think we'll get a whole lot in the way of measurable rain today although we will stay thick in the cloud cover and we'll have just a couple of scattered showers in the forecast for monday. i'll show you the radar across the mid-atlantic. you can see the motion is off the ocean. we have this big broad area of pressure. we can't rule out the risk of a couple more showers. there is your forecast. 67 for current temperatures. our afternoon high will be in the mid-70s. still a lot of clouds out there. things will get better tomorrow and much better by wednesday and thursday. 74 for an afternoon high here in town.
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the u.s. park police are vehicling an overnight shooting. this happened in maryland. it is having an impact on traffic there. the southbound lanes of the baltimore-washington parkway are shut down at route 198. officers found a car on the shoulder overnight. one person inside that vehicle had been shot. the victim is at the hospital and is expected to survive. another person inside the car wasn't hurt. the bw parkway is expected to reopen within the hour. we'll bring you more information as that information comes in to us. another traffic alert. the chain bridge construction project that is supposed to be finished by now has been delayed. that means traffic on the chain bridge will be one lane each way for the rush hour today. officials say that project probably won't be finished for another day or two. let's head out to julie wright to see how everything else is looking. >> talking about two big hits for us this morning. the bw parkway, is closure is still in place at 198. you can pick up 95 and head
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southbound towards the capital beltway. overnight roadwork still in place between 216 and 198. the it look good on the inner and outer loop at connecticut avenue. with the chain bridge, it will be a difficult commute coming out of virginia, especially off of 66. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we are continuing to follow the developing situation down in the gulf of mexico. wildlife and a way of life hangs in the balance. birds and sea animals covered in oil becoming all too familiar. so instead of waiting on the government or bp to stop the oil leak, the louisiana governor has launched his own
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plan of attack. jonathan seri is working the latest developments. >> reporter: if you want something, you've got to do it yourself. that message from louisiana governor bobby jindal who says bp and washington are too slow to clean up the oil. >> even when we report sightings of oil, it is not being responded to quickly enough. >> reporter: some louisiana mayors agree with jindal. >> excuses. leaders don't use excuses. again, we have a national disaster and we are being told to wait. >> we are asking bp to step up to the plate. i'm begging the federal government now to do the right thing. >> reporter: jindal, backed by some passionate parish leaders, has his own plan to begin building barriers around precious estuaries. >> so we started that. >> reporter: coastal louisiana
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residents remember all too well the last time they waited for help while nature took its course, katrina still ingrained in their minds. >> reporter: man are building barriers on their own to save the land they love. >> it is something that will be irreppable damage to our eighth generation fishermen. gentleman we now have new skeed fouls what they expect to happen this week. >> reporter: bp officials say they hope to try again to patch up the spilling well on tuesday. but many local leaders say they cant wit that long and are threatening to take matters into their own hands. >> thank you. a war of words is breaking out over that oil spill. sarah palin takes on the white house and suggests president obama may be too cozy with the oil companies. coming up, hear what white house press secretary robert
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gibbs has to say about that. federal officials are looking into another tragic disaster, the recent mine explosion in west virginia. a congressional committee heads to that state. they are investigate investigating last month's blast that killed 29 workers. relatives of four of the men will testify and so will the state's governor. they've said there was a dangerous build-up of methane gas inside that mine. investigators are trying to find out what killed a 6-month- old boy on saturday. police say there was no sign of trauma on joel odin's body but the home was in disarray. they say he was with a woman but she wasn't his mother. university of virginia seniors graduated over the weekend without one of their beloved colleagues. >> yeardley love. >> 22-year-old yeardley love
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was remembered at commencement ceremonies. she was still awarded her degree. it was received by her cousin. her ex-boyfriend fellow senior george huguely has been charged in her murder. uva's president says he wants law enforcement to tell colleges and universities if their students have been arrested in the past but that idea is drawing some criticism. >> they will be turned away from college campuses. an arrest is not a conviction. >> in terms of what impact that might have on the willingness to allow them to go to school here, that is another matter and would be taken on a case-by- case basis. the debate over slot machines in maryland goes to court today. a developer is suing the anne
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arundel county elections board about a planned slots parlor in hanover. two groups are fighting the proposed parlor because they are afraid it will put laurel park out of business. its duchess of york is in hot water over this undercover video. hear what sarah ferguson reportedly tried to sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. breaking news from hollywood overnight as we len of the death of a husband of a young actress who herself died just five months ago. a fender bender involving a former president. details next. you are watching fox 5 morning news. 
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we're following breaking news at 4:40 this morning. the husband of late actress brittany murphy has been found dead.
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according to tmz, murphy's for found him dead last night in the home where murphy collapsed before dying of pneumonia. he was pronounced dead sometime after paramedics arrived at that home. police are now investigating. soy the duchess of york is now apologizing after the release of an undercover video. take a look and listen. >> 500,000 pounds when you can to me. >> the british tabloid news of the world, says the duchess tried to sell a reporter access to her ex-husband prince andrew. she says she had at any time problems but that was no excuse for a serious lapse in judgment. an associate of prince andrew cannot believe the news. >> what made her think it could even happen. here she is denying that he
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knows anything about it and i'm he glad because he wouldn't. and then she is saying well give me a lot of money and i'll do this for you. you find it a bit delusional actually as well as disgraceful. >> buckingham palace says it won't comment because ferguson is no longer a part of the royal family. a driver hit a secret service van and former president bill clinton because inside the van. police say the vehicles were merging in traffic when a car failed to stop and it hit the secret service van from behind. you're looking great. how you feel something. >> great. as far as i know i'm healthy as a horse. >> you had a fender bender. >> yeah, it was one of those deals where everybody in it is passing lane slowed down and we all slowed down and one person didn't t happened to be the
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person behind us. >> he was fine and made no mention of the accident during his speech. a war of words between the white house and sarah palin. >> if there is any connection with the contributions made to president obama and his administration and the support by the oil companies to the administration, if there is any connection there to president obama taking so doggone long to get in there, to dive in there and grasp the complexion at this. >> my suggestion to sarah palin would be to get slightly more informed as to what is going on in and around oil drilling in this country. >> we'll have that plus your weather and traffic on this monday morning. stay with us.
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willingham to left center. game over. 4-3 nationals. >> a thrilling end to the battle. a walk-off game wing homer by josh willingham. after the game, talked about his game-winning shot. >> a little better. he had flown me -- i was taking a strike. i got to a 2-1 count and he just left one up over the plate to hit. i wasn't trying to hit a home
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run. i tried to hit it hard somewhere and it went off. >> the nats begin a three-game series in fran tomorrow night. >> cool. >> it was just a rainy weekend, i got to tell you. saturday, really stormy and yesterday, kind of muggy. >> just some light shower activity. we'll do it again today. taking its sweet time getting out of here. we won't see a lot of sunshine until wednesday and thursday. trend is working in that direction. we went get a lot of measurable rain today. >> you got it. >> we'll let you know that you might see a scattered shower on your way into work this morning. i've got it zoomed in here. and across the north side of the beltway, we've got very light shower activity and this isn't going to amount to much but it will probably be enough just to wet the roadways on the north side of the beltway and a few more light showers working down connecticut and with us wis and a few more down south and east down towards oxon hill. you might see a little drizzle
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other than that. we'll see the showers fill in and back away and fill in during the course of the day. we've got an area of low pressure. really spinning there off the carolina coast. much heavier pushing into the tide water. we'll have a lot of clouds around again today. some on again, off again showers. not going to be a perfectly rainy day but not a great looking day either t will be kind of humid out there. a little bit muggy with high temperatures only expected to be back into the low to mid- 70s. this will push on out of here as we get into tomorrow and on wednesday. wednesday and thursday look great with a lot of sunshine and temperature bumping back up into the 80s. 67 to start the day. 63 in gaithersburg.
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# 1 in leonardtown. our high temperatures, low to mid-70s. -- 61 in leonardtown. winds out of the east at five miles per hour. not much improvement. the cloud will stick around. remaining cloudy. mild overnight, 63. by tomorrow, things will gradually start to improve. 82 for tomorrow's high temperature with a little more sunshine. wednesday and thursday looks great. more clouds on friday. i know everybody is looking forward to next weekend. let's talk about it. looks like saturday will be sunny and bright. we have to look out for sunday. that was a little two-day bonus for julie wright. >> for a left folks, a three- day weekend. right now, we are trying to get you around town. it is easy so far. no incidents to report at the wilson bridge. light traffic volume there. if you are traveling the top stretch of the beltway, lanes are open between ledge park and
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bethesda. uner loop and outer loop still rolling at speed. no problems reported on 395 coming across the 14th street bridge. as we had mentioned, they were not able, thanks to mother nature, to complete all of the roadwork at the chain bridge over the weekend. the weather prohibited all of that. we do have one lane open in each direction. gw parkway, 66 for those hov accessible will be feeling the heat this morning. they will tax a lot of that bailout traffic where those normally would travel the chain bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. new york senator kirsten gilibrand says she wants a legislative ban on drop-side cribs. they are blame for the deaths of 32 babies. >> this legislation will force the prohibition of selling any drop-side cribs anywhere in this country, whether it is a resale on craigslist, through a regular manufacturer e whether it is through a store. no day care cent are, no child
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care provider, no hospital will be able to have drop-side cribs because we cannot tolerate one more infant death because of this faulty technology. >> the senator was joined by families who have lost loved ones because of the faulty cribs. major retail stores have started taking the cribs off the sale floors. politicians are pointing fingers now as massive amounts of oil leaks into the gulf of mexico. sarah palin and robert gibbs are trading jabs. julie kurtz has more on the war of words. >> the back and forth between sarah palin and the white house centers the impact of oil company campaign contributions. when the former alaska governor and fox news contributor was asked how she believes the obama administration has handled the spill so far, she suggested that the white house is too cozy with oil companies because of contributions to obama. >> i don't know why the question isn't asked by the
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mainstream media and by others if there is any connection with the contribution made to president obama and his administration and the support by the oil companies to the administration. if there is any connection there to president obama taking so doggone long to get in this to, dive in there and grasp the complexity and the potential tragedy that we are seeing here in the gulf of mexico. >> reporter: the white house did not waste any time with a response to that. press secretary robert gibbs fired back. >> sarah palin was involved in that election but i don't think it apparently was paying awhole lot of attention. i'm almost sure that the oil companies don't consider the obama administration a huge ally. but my suggestion to sarah palin would be to get slightly more informed as to what is going on in and around oil drilling in this country. >> reporter: according to the center for responsive politics, bp and its employees gave more than # .5 million for federal
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candidates over last 20 years with the largest chunk going to obama. during the 2008 race, oil an gas industry as a whole donated more than twice as muchs to mccain palin campaign than to obama. en indicators in arizona are under the microscope. auditors are going from classroom to classroom making sure english teachers are doing just that, teaching english. >> reporter: in classrooms, there is a whole lot more to teaching than riding, writing and arithmetic. >> 35% of our students are second language learners. >> reporter: that means they are learning english as a second language and that is just in one district a cross the state of arizona, out of the 1.2 million students in public schools, roughly 150,000 are second language learners. >> it is my job to make sure they are taught english in the most rigorous possible way so they can learn eng issue quickly and compete with their
4:54 am
peers and succeed academically. >> reporter: the arizona department of education sending evaluators in to audit teachers and their english speaking skills. officer not fluent, if they have a heavy accent or don't people without a heavy accent, they are reassigned. critics say this is discrimination and with deep cuts being made to education because of the failing economy, they say the state should focus elsewhere. but the arizona education association, a union representing some 34,000 teachers in the state, refused our request for an on-camera interview. the state says this has nothing to do with that controversial immigration bill recently passed. instead, it is trying to ensure everyone is following state and federal laws because back in 2000, voters passed a referendum that stipulated instruction of these classes be offered only in english. then in 2003, president bush's
4:55 am
no child left behind act stated schools could not receive federal funding unless an english teacher was totally fluent in the language. >> in creighton school district, we do have several teachers who do not pass the fluency test. >> reporter: in those cases, teachers are given options like enrolling in community college to improve their english skills but for the most part, the state is in compliance. just this year, out of the 236 total districts in the state, only nine were cited for fluency. in phoenix, arizona, casey stegel, fox news. if you still haven't signed your children up for summer camped, it might not be too late. we'll tell you how to pay for the expensive camps. the class of 2010 is going green. we'll show what you graduation gowns are made out of and why some people don't like them. stay with us.
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a little boy from our area may have lost his battle with cancer but the fight continues in his memory. it continued over tbhoind alexandria when 500 people laced up for the first pediatric cancer walk honoring mattie brown. the 7-year-old died last september from after the i don't czar comb a his parents started an event in their son's name in the hopes of finding a cure. >> you need to know you are not alone. fighting cancer can be a very lonely experience. the 7-year-old died last september from osteosarcoma. >> more than 46 children are diagnosed with child cancer every day. if you would like to learn more about the mattie miracle foundation, can you log onto our web site and just click on web links. there is a new program at
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colleges across country that has students going green on graduation day. fox's peter deucey takes a closer look at caps and gowns made of recycled materials. >> reporter: thousands of members of the class of 2010 all across america will be wearing or have recently worn graduation caps and gowns that are either buy wroa degradable or made from plastic bottles like this one. over 100 schools in america have decided to go green gown and every student we spoke to thinks it is a great idea. >> i think it is really great. it is a really nice way to end my four years here. we come full circle and so do the recycled gowns. >> reporter: each gown is made of # plastic bottles. when i asked kids if they thought it was weird that they would be wearing something that somebody else was drinking out of not too long ago, they said they preferred not to think about it like that. we talked to the sierra club who said


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