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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  May 24, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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important to teach seniors the importance of repsyching. >> i think it is great in concept but when looking at items like graduation gowns, how many more times are are you going to use them. it would make sense to have a great reused process in place. >> she says a college graduation gown isn't like a wedding down that you want to keep and show your grand kids. they says they might as well collect the gowns they've got on graduation day and let the kids next year use the same ones. good morning to you. it is monday morning, may 24th, 2010. a live look at our nation's cap taal. look like we are off to another wet start for the beginning of
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this workweek. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. we will say good morning to tony perkins with a look at our forecast. a little steamy out there. >> a little steamy actually little bit of drizzle. later on today, we could see a few more showers coming through here. there is not much in the way of precipitation but a couple of spots here and there where we are see something precip or we've seen it during the overnight and very early- morning hours. i think it is likely we'll see a can youle more here and there throughout the course of the morning. it will be some light shower activity. you have to use the windshield wipers your way in. 67degrees in washington. relative humidity is at 81%. the wind are quiet. your forecast for today, we will see plenty of clouds around. chance of some showers, a few scattered showers this morning
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and a few more showers later on this afternoon are certainly possible. highs in the mid-70s. 74 in washington. 73 in baltimore. 76 in fredericksburg. >> and we have a traffic alert to pass along to you this morning. the chain bridge construction project that was supposed to be finished by now has been delayed. the rain caused problems for the resealing of the roads. that means traffic on the chain bridge will be one lane each way for the rush hour. officials say that probably won't be finished for another couple of days. >> let's get right to julie wright. >> it has been busy. southbound bw parkway, the police activity we had at 198 was just cleared a few moments ago. we have all lanes open southbound on the parkway as you travel out of laurel headed down towards the capital beltway. 95, overnight roadwork cleared between 216 and 198. 395, track running smoothly as
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you travel from the beltway continuing out towards the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. more on the situation julie just mentioned on the bw parkway. not a traffic incident. rather a shooting there. sarah simmons just arrived at the scene in laurel and she joins us now with more details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. park police are telling us they had leafed received a call just before 11:30 last night. there was a man shot on the bw parkway inside his car but we understand nonlife-threatening injuries. the southbound lanes of bw parkway just south of route 198 where this all occurred are reopened this morning so that is good news for commuters. just take a look at your screen. you can see the area where we are talking about. the lanes are reopened so people will be able to get through there. police are still investigating at this point trying to figure out what they have going on here. the shots were fired. there was a man hit in the arm inside of a car.
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when they arrived here, they found that car on the shoulder of the road. there was another man inside. two adult males inside that car. they don't know what the motive was. they do know the shots came from outside the vehicle and the one man shot in the arm was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. right now, they are not sure if they are dealing with a case of road rage, if it was domestic violence or what it was related to but police are in the process of looking into that. we'll bring you the details as we do get those and pass them along. sarah simmons, fox 5 news. back to you. >> thank you so much. the coast coated in crude, animal habitats destroyed and still no solution in sight. every day, the spill grows larger and so does anger we white house and british petroleum. bp says it will try again to try to patch up the leak well on tuesday. but louisiana's governor bobby jindal is saying too little too late.
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so along with other state leaders and locals familiar with the area, the governor hatched a plan of attack. they are building a berm that would provide a shield from the oil spill. >> we have two options. we can either fight this oil off of our coast and protect louisiana or we're going to be spending months and years removing oil along thousands of miles of fragmented wetlands that serve as a critical nursery for marine wildlife for the gulf and for our country. >> interior secretary ken salazar saying fix it or step aside. he is in louisiana today along with janet napolitano. at 5:30, we are live in louisiana with a look at what is happening later today. federal officials are looking into another tragic disaster. today arc congressional commitee will hold a hearing in the state of west virginia concerning the mine close that killed 29 workers.
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investigators say there was a dangerous build-up of methane gas inside the mine. investigators are trying to find out what killed a six- month-old anne arundel county boy. his body was found inside a home in laurel on saturday. police say there was no sign of trauma on his body but the home was in disarray. they say he was with a woman but she wasn't his mother. she believe the boy's death is suspicious. the debate over slot machines in maryland goes court today as a developer is suing the anne arundel county elects board about a planned slots parlor in hanover. the developer says a petition to let voters decide to building the parlor was fraudulent. coming up, trouble in paradise. a state of emergency declared in part of jamaica. gun battles, fire bombs an a travel warning for u.s. citizens. we'll have the details. the news of a shocking death in hollywood. the husband of an actress who
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herself died five months ago is also dead this morning. is the united states about to get involved in developments concerning the sinking of a warship. ♪
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wear following breaking news this morning. the husband of late actress brittany murphy has been found dead. murray in's mother found simon monjack unconscious in the master bedroom of the los angeles home they shared. that is the same home where murphy lived before dying of knew known i can't in december. police say it and he died of natural causes but they will continue to investigate. >> there has been gunfire in the capital of jamaica where a state of emergency is in effect. supporters of an alleged drug lord fighting his extradition have been clashing with list in kingston. they set a police station on fire. the u.s. department of state has issued a travel alert warning of the violence. some as he maaing stories of survival coming from india and the devastating plane crash. one man said everything seemed find when the plane touched down but then within seconds, the jet shuddered and started swinging from side to side and
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crashed off the mountaintop run hua an burst into flames. the crash killed 58 people. only eight people survived. nineteen people died in a train derailment in chain a. heavy rain has buried the track. most of the victims were trapped inside mangled train cars. 2,000 rescue workers, firefighters an police used heavy cutting equipment to find the survivors. hillary clinton says the security situation on the korean peninsula is quote, highly precarious. the secretary of state is in china now. she blames north korea for singing a south korean navy ship in march. president obama is promising full support for south korea's plan to bring it before the united nations later today. a special treat for the grads at west point.
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a message straight from the president. that is coming up income. another massive tornado caught on camera. we'll have details of destruction it left behind straight head. we'll bring you the details of today's weather forecast. maybe a few more rain showers out there later on today and julie wright is here. she will tell us how the morning rush hour traffic is shaping up. stay with us. we'll be right back. 
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a that isive tornado caught on camera in south dakota just in the north torrential part of that state. -- the north central part of
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the state. we are seeing more and more of these great videos of tornadoes and you can seat different kinds of tornadoes that form out there. some of them just a thin funnel. this one looked like a monster j >> that part of country may be under that type of weather today. on sunday at dulles, record rainfall amount. >> saturday night. the stormed were saturday night definitely. we are seeing shower activity right now. a little bit of rainfall in northwest washington and out towards mclean and then up towards gaithersburg so some showers here. couple of spots out to the
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west. this is how it will be during the early-morning hours. some spots of rain and drizzle popping up here and there as we have a lot of moisture in the air. now, let's take a look at the broader picture. i'll go this way because most of the activity is to the south and east. pretty good rainfall along the coast of the north carolina and in southeastern virginia. we've got a storm system out at sea that is impacting the mid- atlantic region and will during the course of the day today. that will keep things moist here, keep a lot of clouds in on us and keep the chance of rolando paulino throughout most of the day today. take a look at the current temperatures. it is a warm start to the day. 65 in annapolis. rather humid out. 63 in gaithersburg. 66 out in winchester. your surface map for today, here is how things will be shaping up across the reason on. there is that storm activity off the coast and it is just close enough that it keeps the moisture in to eastern portions
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of of the mid-atlantic and keeps us for the threat of precipitation, about a 30% chance of some showers during the course of the day. plenty of clouds and a few showers, again particularly south and east of the district but i wouldn't rule it out in d.c. as well. forecast for today, mostly cloudy skies actually few showers are possible. high today in the mid-70s. that is a few degrees below normal for this date. winds will be out of the the east. five-day forecast, tomorrow, some more clouds hanging around. maybe a scattered shower in the early part of the day. 82degrees tomorrow. wednesday, sunshine returns. mid-80s so we warm up considerably back to about where we should fob -- should be for this time of year for thursday. now, let's get more on this morning's rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> we are talking about the chain bridge this morning. a lot of of the construction that was supposed to take place over the weekend, it kind of got hampered thanks to the rain.
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we have a road that has yet to be restriped. the road currently is closed off in each direction. chain bridge still closed off at this moment. when traffic starts to move again across the chain bridge, it will do so one direction each way and that should happen shortly but as for right now, the chain bridge remains closed. southbound 270 doesn't look too bad. no overnight roadwork, lane are open out towards the lane divide. bw parkway, sarah simmons reporting live there of a shooting that occurred overnight, there is an investigation that is ongoing but for travel purposes, the roadway has been reopened. traveling inbound on 66, light traffic volume, no incidents to report east of fair oaks headed in towards vienna. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. for the ninth year in a row, cadets at west point graduate with the nation at war. president obama delivered the commencement address on saturday saying that the united states needs to work with
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allies in facing global threats. >> cadets, there will be difficult days ahead. we will adapt, we will persist and i have no doubt that together with our afghan and international partners, we will succeed in afghanistan. >> the president also said we must focus on improving education and rebuilding the economy in the united states to remain a military and political leader. law students at american university didn't have a president as their speaker but they did have the u.s. attorney general. he can holder gave the commencement address there. as karen gray houston explains, the newly minted lawyers had some strong feelings about how holder is doing his job. >> reporter: the faculty and platform party marched in to the strains of pipe band music. attorney general eric holder acknowledged au's law school has come a long way. >> today, i am proud to see that more than half of today's
5:21 am
graduates are women on this campus as well as gw. >> reporter: for the 50 graduates, the day started with a class picture with many anxious to hear what holder had to say. >> i'm honored that he is here. i think it says a lot about the school that someone of his stature in the government would come and speak to us today. >> reporter: some of these students are receiving their juris doctor, others, advanced law degrees and they have a variety of opinions of the kind of job eric holder is doing as attorney general. >> i think that, along with eric holder or any other leader, american leader, they are clueless on what this terrorism is all about and they look at islam as a religion. islam is a political movement. >> i personally think his decisions to prosecute the 9-11 terrorists in the united states was a good call. i think that it sends the right message that our justice system is capable of dealing with anything. >> reporter: while holder treaded lightly on the issue of terrorism, the law school's
5:22 am
dean had no qualms about treading into territory about water boarding. >> month matter what type of threat to our safety, no to torturing anyone. no to torture. >> reporter: holder hall enged the grads to strengthen the legal system and improve the world. he talked about what justice feels like qoo when president obama signed the first law in nearly # 25 years of the united states code to refer specifically to gender identity. >> reporter: at american university, careen gray houston, fox 5 news. how would you like to watch fox 5 morning news anywhere you go, talking about on metro, in a cab, even just walking down the street. >> mobile tv make that possible. it could be coming soon to your cell phone. we'll tune in to how it works in our 6:00 hour. holly is hanging in the
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welcome back. a big part of summer, of course, are camps. a good way for parents to keep their children active
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throughout the summer months. >> fining an affordable option can be a challenge. we have some ways you can do that. >> reporter: moms and dads know it is not exactly cheap to send your kids away to summer camp. it can cost thousands of dollars for a typical seven- week session without a scholarship. >> i know for some people, it is hard. i know some -- like one of my friends parents doesn't have a job and like it is hard for her. >> reporter: over 10 million children attend day and sleep- away camps every year according to the american camp association which says that there is a camp for every child no matter what the budget. >> we've continued to see many camps who offer sibling discounts, many camps who offer early bird discounts. there are a number of camps who have started working with parents on payment plans. >> reporter: while discounts have been around for years, more parents are searching them out so they can afford to give their child all the tent pitching, canoe paddling, arts an crafts fun possible. the discounts and special funds
5:27 am
are out there but parents need to be pro-active to find them. >> this fund, this scholarship fund, was -- what it was was you had people who made donations to the camp and whatever you can pay, those donations will foot the bill. >> reporter: and according to a recent survey, helping mom and dad is helping camp attendance. >> 65% of the camps who responded to our survey had maintained the same enrollment or higher than the summer before. >> reporter: tax breaks, financial aid and payment plans, the list of options is growing to keep ourling campers happy. >> just a really cool experience. i hope every kid gets to go to camp because it is really fun. >> it is almost that time. summer is approaching. still ahead on fox 5 morning news this morning. >> we'll get live to louisiana for an update on the oil spill. people live ago long the gulf coast are frustrated and
5:28 am
angry over the b perform oil spill. and today, member of the obama administering return to the gulf coast. that is coming up. "os
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welcome back. a live look on this monday at our nation's capital. do you think down along the
5:31 am
louisiana coast, here is the message. get the job done or step aside. interior secretary ken salazar says he is not come metally l.i.e. confident that british brit -- completely confident that british petroleum knows what they are doing. >> the louisiana governor has devised his own plan to protect the coast. we have a report. >> reporter: three members of the obama administration returning to the gulf coast today as the oil continues to blast into the gulf waters. the interior secretary said look, bp, if you can't get it done, step aside. we may have to take this over. this is just adding another layer every day of frustration and anger here. >> it is already in the marsh. this is oil. >> reporter: oil has reached the marshes of louisiana. governor bobby jindal says he is tired of waiting around. >> the day we feared is upon us. the heavy oil has made landfall. we've got to do everything we
5:32 am
can to fight this oil away from our wetlands. >> the smell is horrible. can you smell the raw oil. >> reporter: more than a month after the deep water horizon explosion, bp is still trying to capt well. this week, the oil joint will try was called a top kill, forcing thick mud and cement into the blown-out well inform that doesn't work, they will try plugging it with rubber and other substances. >> look here. you can see it is over an in. thick. it is like peanut butter or fudge. it is just globs and globs. it. it is oil. >> reporter: pelicans are covered in ooze. >> this area, everything is dead. nothing can survive in that. >> reporter: government officials are frustrated by bp's response. >> deadline after deadline has been missed. >> every day, we are not given approval on the emergency permit to create more of these sand booms is another day that that choice is made for us.
5:33 am
>> reporter: governor bobby swrin -- jindal. this is a mile below the surface. it is another delay as the oil continues to spread into louisiana's marshes. >> it is so frustrating. i'm sure more so for the folk down there. everybody trying to get involved here including now we are hearing word of some hollywood folks trying to get involved as well. >> exactly. kevin costner had unvested in the company after the 1989 exxon valdez accident. him and his brother, i think his brother was spearheading this. coming up with a huge centrifuge that picks up the water and spits out 97% cleaner water. i'm told several of those will be deployed here as soon as possible. >> thank you so much. it seems like they're going from bad to worse.
5:34 am
>> it is really disturbing to take a look at the pictures. it is really sad. at 8:30, hope you all stay tuned. i have some dear friends would have a place down there and we will talk with them to see what they are seeing. >> we'll have a little bit of moisture here and there in the form of rain. here is your satellite-radar composite. some loud have pushed in from the east. that will be the pattern today as there is a storm system off the coast that will keep us kind of socked in with cloudy skies for the most part and moist conditions. current temperatures around the region, right now, 67 degrees in the nation's capital. 65 in baltimore. dulles at 65 degrees. ocean city is at 60. plenty of clouds around. a few scattered showers this morning and then again during the afternoon and evening hours. 74degrees for your high in
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town. if i met you on saturday night and i promised you a shout out here, you have to wait until 5:45. >> okay. i love it. >> that is my private message. >> not too scandalous. >> let's check in with julie wright. she can play peacemaker. >> that sounds like something i would say after saturday night. i know what i was doing. that's okay. let me get get my hellos in now before tony takes up a lot of time later. good morning, people. happy monday. lanes are open south of hyattstown headed down towards clarksburg. over the weekend, the chain bridge, they were scheduled to do roadwork. but thanks to mother nature, the rain hampered that. they will have one lane open in each direction this morning coming across the chain bridge.
5:36 am
that will force a lot of traffic there along canal road and the gw parkway. let's wrap it up here if you are traveling northbound i-95. no incidents to report out of newington and springfield. lanes are open out of newington as you continue northbound on 395. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. investigators are trying to find out what killed a six- month-old anne arundel county boy. his body found inside a home in laurel on saturday. police say there was no sign of trauma. the home was in disarray. they say he was with a woman but she was not his mother and they believe the death is suspicious at this point. in fairfax count you, police are investigating an accident that left a drive and a bicyclist both dead. police say the driver, 31-year- old gary thorne, was headed northbound on lee highway when he crossed the median and struck and killed a 17-year- old. thorne died when his dodge durango hit a tree. it is not clear what caused the crash or whether speed or alcohol were factors. grief counselors will be on
5:37 am
hand at fairfax high school where the victim was set to graduate. the debate over slot machines in maryland goes to court today. a developer is suing about a planned slots parlor in hanover. the developer says a petition to let voters decide to building the particle our was fraudulent. two groups are fighting it because they are afraid it will put laurel park out of business. a big push to ban a certain type of baby crib. we'll tell you which ones we are talking about. details on the death of a former major league player. you are watching fox 5 morning news.
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baseball world mourning the death of hipper jose lima. he died of an apparent heart attack yesterday. he was just 37 years old. he pitched for five teams over 13 major league soaps. just last friday, he got a standing ovation at dodger stadium. his best soap was back in 1999 when he won 21 games for the houston astros. police in los angeles looking into what may have killed actress brittany murphy's husband. simon monjack pronounced dead shortly after paramedics were called to his l.a. home. murphy's mother found him unconscious in the master bedroom and called 911. police say monjack appears to have died from natural causes but they are still investigating. new york senator kirsten
5:41 am
gilebrand says she wants a legislative ban on drop-side cribs. they blamed in the deaths of 32 babies. most of the victims suffocated. >> this legislation will force the prohibition of selling any drop-side cribs anywhere in this country. whether it is a resale on craigslist, whether it is through a regular manufacturer, whether it is through a store. no day care center, no child care provider, no hospital will be able to have drop-side cribs because we can not tolerate one more infant death because of this faulty technology. >> the senator was joined by families who have lost loved ones because of those faulty cribs. major retail stores have stopped selling them but they are still available online. we have much more still ahead on fox 5 morning news. john? >> the big slots facility in charlestown, west virginia goes even bigger time on july 1st. this will be a full-blown
5:42 am
casino. we'll have a preview. >> thank you, john, also checking your monday morning commute and your forecast this morning. there is traffic on the 14th street bridge. time right now is coming up on 5:42 on this monday morning. stay with us. more of fox 5 morning news after this. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
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good morning to you on this monday morning. it is may 4th, 2010. a little bit wet outside today and definitely you will feel the humidity when you step outside with all the rain that we had over the weekend. the shuttle atlantis is headed back to earth. atlantis is scheduled to return to earth wednesday and be retired. the shuttle discovery will fly in september followed by endeavour in november. >> great pictures. look at that. >> isn't that nice? >> wow! very cool. so a few minutes ago, you know, i mentioned that i had a personal shout out. was out saturday night. you went to the fab faux concert. we wanty to restaurant. i met a young man who watches it is show. anniversary i great gay,
5:46 am
offered to buy us dinner. said his wife gets up -- she gets up. every night, she makes sure, thank you put the tv on channel 5. she is in bed right now waking up imtold him i would address some comments directly to his wife. so to mara tyree. went thank you for watching. it is time to get up and get ready for work. we know you wait for us to come on. so this is for you. >> what a nice alarm clock. >> yeah, get up. and your husband is a great guy. very nice man. >> we'll give you a snooze in another five minutes. >> i'll give you one more next in just a couple of minutes. >> it will be a bad hair day. you can really feel the humidity. >> it is humid outside and in our studios as well. one of those moist days. we have a few showers out there
5:47 am
across the region. we want to start with hd radar. you will see the moisture, not just the moisture, some rain showers primarily to the north in northwest d.c., out towards the west. mclean is see something rain showers as well. vienna, you've got a little bit of that going on. this is what is going to be happening during the course of the morning. we'll see the rain showers pop up. frankly, not just during the morning. but later on today, we'll see some of that activity. let's take a look at the big picture. satellite-radar for the region. here is your mid-atlantic picture. that is the storm system out to the east out over the water. and it is impacting us by giving us an easterly flow. winds out of the east, keeping that moist air here. keeping clouds in over us. we do have some clouds in here. it is just enough to give us cloudy skies and a lot of clouds during the course of the day. most of the moisture is down to the south and east though. current temperatures look like. this a warm start to the day.
5:48 am
67degrees. we'll fix that bug for you there. turn that to 67. hey, we dropped down. 66degrees now in washington. 63 in gaithersburg. winchester at 65. off to the east, you are at 63 degrees in cambridge. want want to look at the futurecast. i'll show you what we've got in store for today. can you see during the course of the day, looks like a break in some of the clouds off to the east. a few more showers hanging around here. not going to be i rainy day all day. not a pouring rain but moisture in the air. even into tomorrow. the chance of some showers looks like the best chance of that is well out to the west. we clear out for wednesday. wednesday should be a pretty nice day. forecast for today looks like this. we are going to see a lot of clouds. come o mostly cloudy skies. a few showers possible. -- come on. then for tomorrow, 82, a few clouds. wednesday, warm, 86 degrees. sunshine, thursday, a lot of
5:49 am
sunshine, 78 and then friday, 82 degrees for your high. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. tamara, get up. it is time to wake up. julie, time for you to wake up. julie is here with a look at what is happening on the roads. >> you got to play that p-diddy again. that will get up. >> that will do it. >> i like that. >> you got some moves. >> i was dancing that in the club the other night. here we are on the roads. if she is coming in from the reston area, toll road looks good. so does 7 east of 28 out to the beltway. uner loop blast at speed leaving the bw parkway headed around around towards 50. chain bridge, we've been talking about that. they are not automobile to complete the line striping at the chain bridge so one lane open each way. if you are traveling inbound on the prince william parkway, hov lanes as well as the main line open for business.
5:50 am
so far, we are still at speed continuing northbound up into lorton. gambling casinos will be legal in west virginia as of july 1st. so this could be i win-win situation, not only for the tourists but also for people who are out of work. fox 5's john henrehan shows us the new casinos will bring us much needed jobs. >> reporter: this is the present in charlestown, west virginia. slot machines, 5,000 of them. and this is the future in charlestown. full-blown casino gambling is coming here on july 1st thanks to a referendum overwhelmingly approved by local voters who want jobs and tax revenue in 2009, as a slots parlor, this facility paid $257 million in attacks to west virginia coffers. >> winner, winner, winner. >> reporter: the take in the
5:51 am
attacks are expected to be significantly larger when people can play black jack being poker, roulette and shoot craps here. training classes for dealers started here in february. retired policeman joseph montez already has a pretty good pension so why become a dealer in a casino? >> to have fun. i'm a people person. and what i good place to meet people. >> reporter: most of the trainees we encountered have been hit hard by the recession and have been out of work for a long time. jenny worked for 18 years for city corp. buts that been out of work for one year. >> there is not a lot out there. >> let me be a skeptic. how hard did you look? >> at least two job contacts a week and there is just nothing out there. >> reporter: trainee kim conen says training is harder than she expected it to be. >> like you're performing. you are putting on a show for your customers. you've got a lot going on, trying to be accurate, trying to be pleasant.
5:52 am
>> can you do it? >> we're working on it. that is why we're in here on saturday. >> reporter: general manager al britton estimates with tips, his deals are will probably make about $45,000 a year. in tough economic times in west virginia, that is good money. in charlestown, john henrehan, fox 5 news. an undercover video shocker involving a former member of britain's royal family. >> sarah ferguson is caught on tape agreeing to a pricey deal. just what was she ready to sell. we'll have that full story coming up at 6:00. and donovan mcnabb, why he made an apology to his former team. r 
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
willingham to left center. game over. 4-3 nationals. the. >> the nationals won yesterday. they be take two of three from the orioles. lindy murphy was at the game yesterday. >> the nationals just got done playing 20 games over a span of 0 days an have come out with a 10-10 record.
5:56 am
they will get a much needed day off. they do it with momentum thanks to a walk-off home run in the tenth inning by willingham. >> willingham to left center ho. far? how far? game over. 4-3 nationals. >> when you are up at the plate, you can't be trying to do that or it usually doesn't happen. i was just trying to get a good pitch to hit and hit hard. and luckily i got it up in the air. >> nice to get on the plane way win. and we'll just relish this one. with an off day tomorrow, we've had 20 straight. we did have a rainout in there but 0 straight on the schedule trying to get to this point. >> we had our ups and downs during this little swing. can you see our team camaraderie we all come together. it is one big unit here and you can see something special is brewing. >> going into a big road trip, want to win a game like this and hopefully you can carry the emotion in the road trip.
5:57 am
>> the nationals will return here to nats park on june 4th. that is when people many people think stephen strasbourg will make his major league debut. >> donovan mcnabb made news last week when he went on the radio show and afollow swriezed for failing to lead the eagles to a super bowl. what was it that compelled him to do such a thing. >> i think people at times tend to forget how passionate a player may be. when you put all that you have into it and you're not able to bring that prize or bring something you worked hard to get to a city that truly loves what you do and how you go about it. it was just from my heart. just came out and expressed it. hopefully people took it to heart. >> hopefully, we hear a lot more from him in a positive way throughout the season.
5:58 am
coming up, we'll have a check of your forecast and julie has a busy morning out on the roads. we're back in two minutes. we'll see you at 6:00. 
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