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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  May 24, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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soy can you expect traffic trouble on one major commute this morning. >> the chain bridge could be a big mess thanks to a delay in the repairs that were supposed to take place over the weekend. they did not get all the work done. one governor on the gulf so fed up with what what he says is a lack of action in cleaning up the oil spill, he is taking matters into his own hands. well, that is pretty much the scene this morning in some
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areas. it is a little tough to see what is going on out there. the air after a rainy weekend here in the washington, d.c. area. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> u.s. park police vehicling a shooting overnight that happened in the southbound lanes of the baltimore- washington parkway. now, those lanes were shut down at route 198. they did reopen about an hour ago. officers fond a car on the shoulder and they a a person inside the vehicle had been shot. that person was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. another person inside that car was not hurt. no word yet on a suspect or motive. >> if you encounter delays on the chain bridge this morning, can you blame the weather. construction project that was supposed to be finished has been delayed because the rain over the weekend. that caused a few problems for the resealing of the road. that manes that traffic on the chain bridge will be run bane land each way for the morning rush hour. that project will likely run through the middle of the week.
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the video we showed, oh, my gosh, it is soupy outside. >> in some places. across the region, it is moist out there. . we've got a lot of moisture in the air. that is our tower cam. so we've got fog here in northwest washington. elsewhere, it might not be fog. it might be drizzle or light shower that are seeing. it is a messy start to the did i ped a warm one. let me show you radar. we'll show you where the precipitation is at this hour. there is not much of t just a few light showers here and there and that is pretty much what we'll be seeing during the course of the morning and even during the day. this radar is not showing anything. when we look at our hd radar t does show you a little bit of precipitation here and there. but that is not really showing anything at this moment. right now at reagan national airport, current temperature, 67 degrees. relative humidity, 84%. wind are out of the east at three miles per hour. your forecast for today, plenty
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of clouds around. we'll have some drizzle here and there. maybe a shower or two this morning and then again this afternoon. highs today in the 70s. 72 in frederick. 75 in la plata. washington comes in at 74 degrees for your high. >> thank you. let's check some with julie and see how traffic is this morning. >> not looking so bad right now. we do have lanes open between college park and bethesda. it is outbound river road coming towards the capital beltway that we are concerned with. got an accident there. receiving word now that the outbound lanes of river road are now closed. so coming from d.c. in the direction of the beltway, outbound traffic is blocked off at burdette. coming inbound, your lanes are open. volume increasing here and we are starting to slow as you approach the prince william parkway headed around the curve. incident-free on 66 coming from
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man as is to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. -- from manassas to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. bp says it will try again to cap the oil leak in the gulf tomorrow but it is not a guarantee. five weeks have passed and with no solution in sight, louisiana governor bobby jindal is saying bp should step aside if it cannot get the job done. the state has start the building sand barriers around the estuaries. >> wave got two options. we can either fight this oil off of our coast and protect louisiana or -- or we'll be spending months an years removing oil along thousands of miles of fragmented wetlands that serve as a critical nursery for marine wildlife for the gulf and for our country. >> exterior secretary ken salazar and homeland security secretary janet napolitano will be back in louisiana today. white house says the justice department has been gathering information about the oil spill but would not say if the agency
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has opened a criminal investigation. and now to a developing story. jamaica's government has declared a state of emergency because of violent clashes in the capital of kingston. supporters of an alleged drug lord fighting his extradition have been fighting with police. another developing story we are following. the president of south korea says his country will no longer tolerate north korea's brutality. his next move, he says, is to take his case to the united nations. and president obama supports him. south korea's president also says the north will pay if a surprise torpedo attack. forty-six south korean sailors died when their ship went down following that incident in march. our other top stories, the investigate continues into the death of a six-month-old boy in anne arundel county.
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the baby was found dead inside a home in laurel saturday. police believe the death is suspicious. there were no signs of trauma on the body but police say the house was in disarray and the baby was with a woman who was not his mother. university of virginia seniors graduated over the weekend without one their beloved colleagues. >> yeardley love. >> 2 #-year-old engineeredly love was remembered at the commencement ceremony with a moment of silence. her cousin walked up to accept her degree on her behalf. love was found murdered in her charlottesville apartment may 3rd. her ex-boyfriend, george huguely, has been charged. >> many students will be turned away from college campuses because of a suspicion. >> if someone is deemed to be a
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threat, we would want to know about that. but in terms of what impact that might have on our willingness to allow them to go to school here, that is another matter and would be taken on a case-by-case basis. >> if the push works, virginia would be the first state to require law enforcement to notify colleges and universities when a student has been arrested. the debate over slot machines in maryland heads to court later today. a developer is suing the anne arundel county elects board over the proposed arudnel mills mall casino. developer says a petition to let voters decide to building the slots parlor was fraudulent. two groups are fighting the proposed parlor because they fear it will put laurel park oust business. her death back in december shocked hollywood and now just a few months after actress britd any murphy was found dead in her home, police are called to that home once again for another death. also ahead, the former duchess of york admits she has fallen on hard financial times.
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what she was caught on camera doing for extra cash.
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making headline a search for answers after last month's deadly mine explosion in west virginia. a congressional committee will be there today to try to figure out what went wrong. relateties of four of the machine killed in that blast will testify along the state's governor. the explosion killed 29 people. risk investigators have not pin pointeded a an exact cause, they say there was a dangerous build-up of methane gas inside of that mine. >> the duchess of york is finding herself in pretty hot water over the release of an undercover video. >> 500,000 pounds when you can to me. >> the british tabloid news of the world says the ditch he is tried to sell a reporter access to her ex-husband prince andrew. she has since apologized for
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what she calls a lapse in judgment and says her financial situation is quote, under stress. police in l.a. vehicling the death of actress brittany murphy's house. simon monjack was pronounced dead after pair medicine you can as arrived to the home. it is the same home where murphy collapsed five months ago. police say it appears monjack died of natural causes but they are still investigating. coming up, new numbers showing more people are saying good-bye to cable tv. >> a bit of a soupy start to your workweek. look like we have clearer skies and warmer temperatures ahead though. tony has the forecast and julie has another look at the roads when fox 5 morning news returns. 
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welcome back. take a look at your screen right now. spring storms created this incredible scene in south dakota over the weekend.
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>> did you see the tower come down? >> pretty incredible. a camera was rolling as this tornado tore through a community overnight. several farm buildings were described but there were no injuries. the midwest getting hit hard. >> watch the tower on the right. there, next to the tornado, you can see that. look at that. boy, you don't often see video capturing the damage being done with that. man! that is incredible. >> that was tough. >> unfortunately, that part of country under the gun again today. they are likely to have severe storms, possibly could see more tornado activity in portions of the north central and the northern plains. so we'll keep you posted on what is happen south there. for us, we have moisture now. we showed that you live shot from our tower cam. you went yount side and looked for myself because you couldn't see anything from that picture. and our tower is so high,ments right there right in a low level cloud. but it is not foggy at the surface. this is hd radar you are
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looking at now. there is moisture in the air. most radars don't do a good job of capturing that. but it does capture some of the light shower activity we are seeing. there is not much it was. a couple of light showers out towards vienna, mclean, back out to the west as well. just a little line there. not producing much precipitation and we won't see much today. however, during the course of the morning, we could see a few more of these showers pop up. this is from midnight saturday night through midnight last night. at reagan national, we had about 6/10 of an inch of precipitation. at dulles, we had heavy storm activity. nearly two and a half inches which is a new record for the day. that is a lot rain to fall and look how localized it was. so two and a half inches a new record at dulles out in sterling. current temperatures around the region, it is warm. it is a little muggy this
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morning too. 66degrees. these temperatures keep jumping up and done on our computers here. 66degrees in washington. 64 at gaithersburg. 65 in quantico. stevensville, maryland is at 63. winchester, 65 degrees. you will see the clouds that are in over us. they are pushing in from the east this morning. a lot of the time, we get our weather from the west. this morning, it is from the east. there is a storm system off the coast. that is bringing some cloud cover. bringing that sea air in and bringing some moisture in to the region as well. there is your storm off the coast of the cunanans and for us, it is just some light precipitation coming through. so the forecast for washington for today looks like this. mostly cloudy skies today. a few more showers are possible here and there. not a heavy rain and not rain constantly all day long but some showers. 74degrees. that is a few degree below normal. five-day forecast, some clouds hanging around tomorrow but we'll start to see some sun. 82. wednesday look to be asony and warm day.
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86. thursday, a couple of clouds jump in. friday, a mix of clouds and sun. 8 # for your high. -- 82 for your high. now, let's get to julie wright. >> accident activity reported along the left side of the highway contributing to this delay off the outer loop. that is westbound 495. inner loop, all lanes are open. downt outbound river road at burdette, accident activity before you reach the holton arms school. the outbound lanes are currently blocked. police are checking northbound on the george washington parkway for an accident. heavy and steady north of duke up tardz seminary road. chain bridge traffic is open. only one lane getting through
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in each direction, however. so anticipate a slower than usual commute across the chain bridge as you travel between virginia in the direction of georgetown and gw parkway headed south, 66 a viable option if you have the hov accessibility. if you can travel in the hov lanes, that can help you out just a bit. some traffic trouble for former president bill clinton as his secret service suv was involved in a minor fender bender in connecticut over the weekend. the former president was on his way to deliver a speech at yale. the suv was struck from behind on a highway. police say the vehicles were merging in traffic when one car failed to stop. >> you are looking great. how you feel something. >> great. as far as i know, i'm healthy as a horse. >> you had a little bit of a fender bender. >> yeah, it was one those deals where everybody in the passing lab slowed down and we all slowed down and one person didn't. it happened to be the person behind us.
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it was just a fluke. >> nobody hurt and the president made no mention of the accident during his speech at yale. look like more and more people are steering away from cable television. research firms found more than five million people ditched cable between 2006 and 2009. some are switching to satellite. others to phone companies that offer video and others just getting what they want online. customer satisfaction surveys give the nation's four largest cable tv providers the worst ratings among any industry including airlines. we'll show you a whole new way you can watch television on the go. mob eel digital tv will give you the freedom to watch your favorite channels 5 live on your smart phone. we'll have a live demo coming up. a busy week head, especially in home sales. we'll tell what you that means for the market. >> some tough competition this weekend at the coronado bay resort curve surf dogs competition. more than 2,000 people turned
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it will an busy week ahead for economic news. we'll be keeping a close watch on home sales. ery cotterdowns us from new york. any bad news would be really bad news, wouldn't it, for home ?ealz. >> it would because we are looking at april here. we still have plenty of government subsidizing going on in housing in term of home buyer credits and what not. so we expect it to be a little bit better, a little bit higher. therefore, as you said, any disappointment would be really dispinting. we are looking forward to the summer months when we fully expect a dip once all of this subsidizing goes away. so we're going to keep an eye
6:26 am
on that. we get existing homes today, new homes on wednesday. maybe more importantly, because it really doesn't matter with this subsidizing so much, is the pricing report on tuesday. the excuse shuler report comes out on tuesday. we need to see home prices rebound. i think maybe eastbound from a bigger picture perspective, in addition to housing, we get some consumer confidence, consumer spending. all this economic data rolled up here means maybe we'll focus more on the domestic economy and stop worrying so much about europe. it could be a case of be careful what you wish for. maybe those numbers don't come in so good and people say hey, it is not just about europe. our economy is not growing as much as we had hoped either. >> we can be hopeful anyway that things will get better. friday, the dow ended up but we are still down for the week, right? >> down 4% for the week. it was interesting. we had a -- another day.
6:27 am
every day has been really volatile. we needed a last half hour rally where we spiked up. but we ended the week 4% to the down sued and our futures are significantly lower and trading lower in europe. if nothing changes in the next three hours, we'll open the day to the down side. how about we end on a good note. the gas prices are coming down. >> yes, but oil is now down significantly. crude futures are down. and wholesale gasoline drops and then there is a little bit of a lag before the price at the pump drops and now we are starting to experience that. so we thought we might see $3 a gallon gas this summer. talked to somebody last week, he thought maybe $2.50 awe gallon of gas. that is a lot better. >> i love that. all right. happy monday to you and we'll see you tomorrow. still ahead, dvrs have made
6:28 am
it so much easier to catch up on your favorite shows. there is something better about watching it live though. we'll show you how soon you will be able to do that from your cell phone. first, expect some traffic trouble on one major commuter route this morning. we'll get details on why you might want to steer clear of the chain bridge. 
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welcome back. a mop morning and if you encounter delays for the chain bridge this morning, can you blame it on the weather, not the weather man. never do that. the construction project that was supposed to be finished, the rain caused a few problems for the resealing. that means traffic on the bridge will be one lane each way. that project will likely run through the middle of the week. >> to be fair to the guys working out there, they got a
6:32 am
fair amount done. the main issue is they couldn't paint the new lines because it is wet. they have to wait for the ground to be dry to do that. >> the air is really moist today too. >> yes, it is. can you feel it as soon as you step out the door. not a lot going on as far as precipitation going. nor will we have a lot today. we'll show you what is happening at this hour. we do have the clouds. we have some fog. a little bit of precipitation here and there. some of it not even showing up on this particular radar. can you see there is a storm system off the coast. that is the main feature that is going to influence our weather today. going to give us an easterly flow, keep the moisture in. keep the clouds in and all of that. current temperatures around the region, lets asee what it says right now because it has been jumping up and down. 67degrees here in the district.
6:33 am
dover, delaware, 62. hagerstown, it is 66 degrees. a high about 74 degrees. i think that was our high yesterday as well. coming up in just about 15 minutes, today's edition of ask the weather guy. it's great question that others have had. tucker and i have even talked about it. people want to know. last week being we were saying we need the rain. what about all that water that we got from all that snow? what about that? >> what about all that? >> we'll answer that question for you. >> let's get to julie wright with a look at traffic. >> we've got a lot going on right now. don't know if it is the wet pavement or the fact that it is monday or both. outer loop of the beltway as you work your way around towards connecticut avenue, we have accident activity tying up to the two right lanes. typically we have delays here but now traffic starting to slow at georgia avenue headed around towards the accident scene. two right lanes blocked outer loop. beltway before you reach connecticut avenue. after connecticut avenue, after 355 but before you commit to go north on 270, another accident
6:34 am
tying up the left side of the road. big delays along the top stretch of the beltway but it is only going to get worse before it gets better. coming northbound on i-59 out of lorton, no incidents to report. lanes are open as you continue north from woodbridge headed out towards lakeshore don and no incidents to report on 395. slowdowns from duke street to seminary road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. police are investigating an accident that happened in northern virginia. it left a driver dead and a bicyclist dead. police say the driver, # 1-year- old gary thorne, was headed northbound on lee highway when for some reason, he crossed the median and struck and killed a 17-year-old on a bicycle. thorne died when his dodge durango hit a tree. investigators say it could take a while before they determine what caused the crash. grief counselors will be on hand at fair fact high school where the 17-year-old was set to graduate this year. suzy the investigate continues into the death of a six-month-
6:35 am
old boy in anne arundel county. that bibby found dead inside a home in laurel. police believe the death is suspicious. there were no signs of trauma on his body but police say the house was in disarray and the baby was with a woman who was not his mother. making head loon being every minute, more and more oil pollutes the gulf coast damaging the land and harming wildlife. british petroleum plans another attempt to cap the leak but louisiana state leaders are taking matters into their own hands. the state is working on a chain of sandbags to try to protect the coast and governor bobby jindal says the state will also begin a clean-up plan soon. meantime, exterior secretary ken salazar says he is not completely confident bp can stop that leak. jamaica's government has declared a state of emergency because of violent clashes in the capital of kingston. the united states, canada and great britain have issued travel alerts because of the dangerous conditions.
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we have more stories of survival from the tirey plane crash in india where one man said everything seemed okay as the plain approached landing on saturday and then within second, the plane shudder ped started swinging violently from side to side and then it crashed and burst into flames. 158 people died in the crash. only eight people survived, mainly by jumping out of the plane. coming up income, smart phones are about to get even smarter. >> mobile digital television coming to d.c. we'll show you how to watch some of your favorite channels live with you are on the go. coming up later, it is not just you. being forced to hear other people's cell phone conversations can be downright annoying and it turns out there is a scientific reason why. we'll take a break and be right back. paou
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fans of the fox hit 24 will want to be in television
6:40 am
tonight. the series finale airs tonight here on fox 5. a two-hour sendoff. that is the 4 series finale tonight on fox 5 at 8:00. first it was vcrs and then dvrs. but soon, you will be able to watch live television on the go. and steve this morning has more on mobile digital television. >> i'm joined by john godfrey with samsung electronics as we get an idea of what the future will be. the future is now or at least almost now as testing has begun and it wouldn't be too long before folks will able to watch fox 5 and other local broadcast shows i guess on your cell phones, our laptops. how will it work? >> that's right. mobile digital tv is dtv signal sent through the air from your local tv station and it can come it a cell phone, a laptop, like you said something in your car. it is a through the air transmission. it is kind of like the small
6:41 am
portable tvs that people used to have that were analog but this is digital. so it is smaller. the chip can fit inside of something tiny like a phone or a laptop. and also, it is a much higher quality picture. it is like high definition quality on a small screen. >> we're looking at the laptop right now. let's talk about how this works. how it gets in there. you have an antenna here. that is how we get the signals. >> that's right. it has an internal antenna or you can attach this external antenna to it. one thing that is cool about it is it works even if you are driving down the road. so it is a great way to entertain the kids who are in the back seat. >> absolutely. and on the cell phone, i'm guessing that most broadcasters will want to hit the cell phone market so that just about everybody in this country has a cell phone so it cob a way to reach everybody with a local signal. >> that's right. i think cell phones are really
6:42 am
important for this. it is the one device everybody carries around in their pocket. samsung has made available the moment cell phone which is a sprint phone for this washington consumer showcase that is launching this week. and we are providing them for hundreds of vicinity customers that wave recruited for this and it is a special version of the phone. it is not comear shallly available yet. it is modify with the chip and the antenna. >> i know you are doing testing now. how long do you think it will take before these are available on the mainstream so that pretty much any consumer can watch digital tefght on their cell phone. >> i think the big launch will happen in 011 when there are transmission tv stations coast to coast but it is already available on the air here in washington, d.c. and by the end of this year, consumes are will be able to buy some devices for their laptop maybe by this holiday season. >> now, the billing question. is that i free service or i
6:43 am
subscription-based service? >> it will be some of each. that is a great question because free will be attractive to consumers. you will have support like regular live tv. but we are putting popular tv channels like fox news and fox business on the air as well. so for the consumes are who are part of this test, they are getting it for free but they would be fromy pay a subscription charge once this launches. >> will it be up to each individual broad cater to determine what program is on there or are we talking about on the air programming as just as you would see it on your television. if you are watching fox 5rbgs you would see the same program at the same time or would it be more like when we got on the internet, we want to call up a specific program and we can watch that. >> it will be the same ones that you would see on tv as what you would see on your tv in your living room. you don't have to learn a different schedule. it is local content be local
6:44 am
news, weather and sports. unlike stuff you get off the internet which is from somewhere else and it is low are picture quality. >> so an advantage for somebody if they are taking the metro into work or if you are carpooling into work, can you still keep fox 5 on in the morning and find out what the changes. >> although you shouldn't have it on on your dashboard while you are driving. >> i don't think that is legal anyway. but maybe in the back seat with the television for the folks who are carpooling. i know you have a lot of work ahead of you. very exciting as we get a look at what the next step might be in bringing television to more people more often. we'll keep an eye on it. you are saying at some point next year, maybe we'll all be doing it, watching tv on our cell phones all the time. >> crazy, isn't it? >> wow! >> i'm just amezed. >> for all the people like us, it is amazing. >> i think i still have an old
6:45 am
vcr somewhere in my basement. guess i better toss that thing. >> it is moist outside. still will probably come in and confirm that. we have some fog. the weather service just issued a statement that we have some fog in southern maryland and eastern maryland, places like that. we've seen a little bit here and there. we'll start with hd radar, show you how things are shaping up across the region. a little light precip off to the west. reston, you are see something rain. and along route 7, you are seeing some rainfall just to the north of mclean, vienna, out towards tysons corner, that area. you got a little bit of light precipitation coming down. there has been a very slow mover tracking -- actually, i guess it is tracking -- which way would this be track something. >> to the west. this is hanging around here. it has not moved all that much during the last half hour or so. but that is what is happening. most of the rest of the region is precip-free but we can't rule out a couple of showers
6:46 am
popping up here and there. current temperatures, we are at 67 degrees. 66, 67 degrees, roughly speak. 64 in gaithersburg. we have two maps saying two different things. here is a look at the satellite- radar, the big picture. you have a storm system off to the east. that is pushing that moisture onshore. can you see the motion of this so some of the cloud cover pushing in and there is some of that moisture we showed you earlier gradually pushing to the west-southwest, that kind of activity there. so the forecast for today looks like this. mostly cloudy skies, a few more showers are possible here and there. it won't be a rainout day by any means. in fact, most of you won't see rain but a couple of showers will pop up. 74 for your high. five-day forecast, tomorrow may be a shower earlier. it will be warmer, 82 degrees. wednesday, you want another
6:47 am
summery-type day. warm, sun you, 86 degrees on wednesday. that is officially julie wright day on wednesday. thursday, 78. friday, 8 # 82 with a mix of clouds and sun. -- 82 with a mix of clouds and sun. it is time for ask the weather guy. tucker barnes and i put our heads together to answer your most preeing questions. today's question is from ara wright and he or she writes, with all the rain we've been having lately, of a been hearing on the news that we need the rain. all of this snow we got this year does not account for anything in my emphasis. i think that was the the attitude that person had. tucker and i talked about this a couple of weeks ago because we were talking about that we're below where we normally should fob this time of year as far as rainfall goes and i posed the same question. what about all that snow in here with the answer, ladies and gentlemen, is tucker barnes. >> thank you so much, tony. well, in fact, we do need the
6:48 am
rain and right now, in places like dulles and bw incident, we are pretty close to where we need to be. -- like dulles and bwi, we are pretty close to where he need to be. >> how can that be? >> i'll explain that. we picked up about 11 inches of precip so far this year at reagan national. that is running about four inches behind where it should be. we are very close to normal now and part of the reason is because we had rain and here this weekend. we had record rains out at dulles. i think we picked up almost two and a half inches of rain. >> these fact are all well and good but the question is we got like 0 inches of snow. >> he is lacking patience. >> what about that? when you mel down the snow we had in february, we did have the two huge snowstorms in february, the become to back blizzards. you melt it down, it only measured about 2 1/4 inches of rain. for the month of february be we were just about normal. and january and march were unseasonably dry around here so
6:49 am
you mix it all in, we're actually running a bit of a deficit. >> explain again how much snow equals less let's a sayen inch of rain. >> it depends. each storm is different. rough ratio is 10 to one. about 10-inchs of snow for an inch of rain. >> that is amazing. >> we are still actually at a deficit. great question. that is how you figure it out. the water tables are still low but they are getting better. >> much better. >> and they make the storms eastbound more annoying knowing they weren't beneficial. >> they were beneficial. we're just still short. >> thank you being tucker. very well done. and thank you mr. or ms. wright for that. if you have a question that you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab and you can also upload your question there. we may play it live on fox 5
6:50 am
morning news. i'm going to stop saying that because no one has uploaded a question yet. >> julie probably would. >> would we air it? that is the question. >> you've been aing you would. so you might have to. >> how many nutty buddies come in a box -- >> oh, come on. >> you just ruined it. >> nutty buddies is like 1970s, nobody eats those anymore. it's true. >> i know. tucker barnes, there is a reason why he is over in the corner, folks. my goodness. >> i'm being honest. they've move on. >> this is my space. go away. no nutty buddy for tucker barnes. here we are live on the beltway. accident activity that we had west of connecticut avenue has been cleared to shoulder. that is good news for you. on the out are loop west of 355, we had at left lane blocked off buzz of another accident. after # 55 but before you go north on 270, the damage is done. district attorney lies on the
6:51 am
outer loop, pretty much the entire top stretch of the beltway all the way around towards the exit for 270. middle brook road, checking for an accident there. if you are traveling south on 270, slow in hyattstown approaching 118 at mva. 66 eastbound, lanes are open. you are on the brake in manassas. and again from 50 to 123, after nut will you street to the beltway. chain bridge road, we've been talking about it all weekend long. they have been doing construction. because of the rain, they were not able to complete the project. this morning traffic is getting by one direction on the chain bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> from the files of they actually did research on that, we have a better idea of why people get upset when they hear other people talking on their cell phones. other people's phone conversations really can be annoying. researcher says one-sided phone conversations can be more distracting for the brain to process because it is more difficult for the brain to predict what might be coming
6:52 am
next. >> what about you just don't want to hear somebody else's conversation. >> that too. >> a lot people think that childhood is nothing but fun and a carefree time. there is a new study that shows precoolers can experience depression. researchers at washington university in st. louis say children as young as six can have a clinical depression. an scientists say depression affects less than 2% of all 3- year-olds. >> should you be able to speak perfect english to teach english. >> that is what teachers in arizona are looking for. >> reporter: in classrooms, there is a lot more to teaching. >> 35% of our students are second language learners. >> reporter: that means they are learning english as a second language and that is just in one district. across the state of arizona, out of the 1. # million students in public schools,
6:53 am
roughly 150,000 are second language learners. >> it is my job to make sure they are taught english in a most rigorous possible way so that they can learn english quickly and then compete with their peers and exceed academically. >> reporter: to do that, the arizona department of education sending evaluators in to audit teacher ped and their english speaking skills. ifer not fluent, if they have a heavy accent or if they don't speak dramatically correct, they are reassigned. >> as you expect science teachers to know sipes or math teach aress to know math. you expect the teachers teaching kids english to know english. >> critic says this is discrimination and with deep cuts being made to education because of the failing economy, they say the state should focus elsewhere. but the arizona education association arks union representing some 34,000 teachers in the state refused our request for an on-camera interview. >> the state says this has nothing to do with that controversial immigration bill recently passed. instead, it is trying to ensure
6:54 am
everyone is following state and federal laws. back in 000, voter passed a referendum that stipulated struck of these classes be offered only in english. then in 2003, president bush's no child left behind act stated schools could not receive federal funding unless an english teach are are was totally news10 news10 -- fluent in the language. >> in this district, we do have teachers who do not pass the fluency test. >> reporter: for the most part, the state is in compliance. just this year out of the 236 total districts in the state, only nine were cited for fluency. in phoenix arizona, casey stegel, fox news. forget about me time. >> we'll show you one cool way to blow off steam that is tree
6:55 am
time. we'll show you something that is all about going ape. ♪ spread a little love today
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♪ spread a little somethin' to remember ♪ ♪ spread a little joy and see ♪ need a little happiness to be ♪ ♪ living the life with me
6:58 am
>> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. i hope you had a great weekend and ready to start the week off in a great way. we're going to do some monkeying around and we are live at rock creek regional park where they are about to go ape. go ape is a treetop forest adventure, an obstacle course in the trees. and go ape has been supplied fun for 2 million people over the u.k. since 2002. they have swung across the pond and have landed at lake meadwood where we are live. and we're going to find out about exactly what this is, what is the point of it, what do groups get out of it and talk safety. we'll talk about all of the different options you have when
6:59 am
you come here and how much it costs and how you can sign up and i won't be here and not tackle it myself. so like i said, anybody can ease into a monday, gurvir, we're just going full first head on. >> we're going to swing into it. see you later holly. that will do it for the 6:00 hour. allison is in to take you through the next few hours. good morning, allison. happy monday. >> thank you very much. coming up on fox 5 morning news, top members of the obama administration return to the gulf coast today to further assess the damage that a massive oil leak has done. in the meantime more questions about whether b.p. actually knows how to stop that oil from spreading any further. we're live with the latest. also a royal scandal has erupted with sarah ferguson. she's caught in a pay for access scandal on tape. who she was promising information on in exchange for thousands of dollars.


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