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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 24, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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people are graduating and kids are trying to decide where to go to college. we'll talk to an expert with a preview so you can prepare for the jobs of the future. television meteorologist. >> that is not one of them. i looked at the list. television broadcasting is not on the list any more. >> yeah. it's drastically changed now. oh, well. tucker, you are always valuable in my mind. >> thank you, allison. i do appreciate. i will do the weather and i will not comment on the future of television meteorologist. a couple of light showers across -- across the area. lit sprinkles and drizzle out toward 66, out towards harpers ferry and charlestown. and here in washington inside the beltway, some light drizzle which hd radar is not picking
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up. storminess off to the south and east. and it's responsible for sending the showers back to the washington area. we won't get a lot in the way of rain but there is a risk of a couple of light showers and maybe a rumble of thunder off to the south during the course of the day as we wait for this storm system to very slowly push off to the east. temperatures, 67 in downtown washington. 62, a cool spot if ocean city. 67 in fredericksberg. and highs about 74 here in town. more details coming up. allison and tony, back to you. without a solution in sight, oil just keep gushing into the gulf of mexico and into the coast. these pictures are from 5,000 feet below the surface. >> bp will try to cap that well tomorrow and that's why some
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are saying for bp to step aside and they will take matters in their own hands. craig bosswell is live from lousiana. >> reporter: that was a threat from ken salazar to bp saying look get it done or step aside and we'll take over. a lot of frustration and anger as this oil continues to spew into the gulf. and now bp said it will be wednesday until they begin efforts to cap the well. >> friday in the marsh. this is oil. >> reporter: oil has reached the marshes of lousiana. governor bobby jindal is tired of wai around. >> the oil has reached our wetlands. >> the spell is horrible. you can smell the oil. >> reporter: bp is still trying to cap the well. this week the oil giant will try what is called a top kill, forcing thick mud and cement into the blown out well and if
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that doesn't work they'll try plugging it with rubber and other sources. >> look here. it's like peanut butter or fudge and it's just globs and globs of it. and it's oil and it's probably got the disbursements in. >> reporter: pelicans are covered in ooze. >> everything in the area. nothing can survive. >> reporter: government officials are frustrated by bp response. >> deadline after deadline has been missed. >> every day we're not given approval on the emergency permit to do sand booms and every day the choice is made for us as more and more shoreline is covered in oil. >> reporter: 65 miles according to governor jindal. they say there is another delay as the oil continues to spread and move inward to the lousiana marshes and wildlife habitat. back to you. >> thank you, craig.
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another disaster in need of answers. last month's deadly mine explosion, committees will be held today. the state's governor will testify as well as family members of those killed. investigators still haven't pin pointed a cause but there is said to have been a build up of methane gas. 22-year-old yeardley love was remembered at yesterday's commencement ceremonies at university of virginia. her degree was received by her cousin. she was found murdered in her apartment on may 3rd. police charged her ex boyfriend george haguely. uva president wants police to tell colleges and universities if the students are arrested. >> many students will be turn add way from college campuses
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because of a suspicion. don't forget arrests are not convictions. >> if someone is deemed to be a threat to the community, we would want to know about that. but in terms of what impact that might have on our willingness to allow them to continue to go to school here is another matter and that's going -- that would be taken on a case by case basis. >> if this push works, virginia would be the first state to require law enforcement to notify colleges when a student has -- arrested. investigators are trying to figure out what killed a 6- month-old anne arundel county boy. he was found in laurel on saturday. police say there was no sign of trauma on the body but the home was in disarray. they say the child was with a woman but she was not his mother. they believe his death is suspicious. u.s. park police are investigating after a gunman
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targeted a car along the baltimore-washington parkway around 11:30 last night. officers found a car on the shoulder and a person had been shot. victim was taken to the hospital and expected to survive. another person inside the car was not hurt. it appears the shot came from outside of the vehicle but no word on a suspect nor -- nor a motive. the construction project for the chain bridge that was supposed to be finished this weekend is delayed. the rain over the weekend caused problems for the resealing of the roadway and that means only one lane is open in each direction across the bridge. project will likely run through the middle of the week. students at fairfax high school are heading back to school this morning without one of their classmates. the 18-year-old was struck and killed by a car on friday at lee highway and form drive. the driver was also killed in the wreck. sarah simmons is live in fairfax with more. good morning, sarah. >> reporter: good morning, tony. by all accounts people we
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talked with here, parents and students, they say 18-year-old abdelouahid chadli was well- known and well loved by his classmates here. he was part of the wrestling team and from what we hear from his family over the weekend that he was hoping to attend george mason university after he graduated and had plans to become a veterinarian. those plans were cut short friday afternoon. she was riding on a bike path along lee highway when an suv veer add cross the highway and crossed several lanes of traffic. the suv was driven by 31-year- old gary thorne who ran into the boy, barely missing a friend with him as well. we talked with students today who say they are devastated and shock by the loss. we also talked with parents trying to help their children through such a difficult time. >> everybody is hurting today. you're supposed to wear back in remembrance of him.
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so these are nice people at fairfax. >> it's very sad. they had lost another senior earlier in the year and the circumstances are different but it's still really devastating and they're sorry for emma and not sure how to comfort her. >> reporter: now emma happens to be emma duke, who fox 5 also talked with over the weekend. she was the girlfriend of abduhl who was with him and witnessed that accident. she was uninjured thankfully in the crash. at this point fairfax police are still conducting a full investigation. we're waiting to hear what an autopsy may show on the driver of the suv. they're trying to look at all options and figuring out if it was a medical condition that caused him to swerve or some other factor possibly in the crash. at this point they are still asking people to come forward that may have witnessed this crash. any little piece of information could possibly help police solve this puzzle. we're live here in fairfax
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county, sarah simmons, fox 5 news. back to you. 500,000 pounds when you can to me, open doors. >> a new royal scandal. the duchess of york is finding herself in hot water over the release of that undercover video. the news of the world said the duchess tried to sell a reporter access to her ex husband prince andrew. >> gurvir joins us with more on this strange story. >> reporter: i think it's kind of disturbing to see her in that light. the duchess of york, sarah ferguson, was just starting to repair a rocky relationship with bucking ham palace and now she is apologizing for what she called a lapse in judgment. this undercover video captures the duchess of work offering access to her ex-husband prince
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andrew in exchange for money. >> 500 pounds when you can to me, open door. >> with prince andrew? >> yes. >> is that our deal? >> yes. >> reporter: the tabloid news of the world posted the video on its website. the newspaper said ferguson spoke to an undercover reporter posing as a business man. she even took $40,000 from the undercover reporter. >> then if you want to go to -- and if you want to do a big deal then we'll do a big deal. >> okay. the cost. >> reporter: andrew is a international british trade ambassador. she goes on to say the prince didn't know anything about the meeting and he is, quote, whiter than white. >> what made her think it could happen. here he is denying that he knows anything about it, and he wouldn't. and then she's saying well give me a lot of money and i'll do
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this for you. i find it a bit delusional, actually, as well as disgraceful. >> reporter: ferguson married prince andrew in 1986. they have two children. princes beatrice and eugenia. and since then she's made television appearances, wrote books and appears for weight watchers. and she has struggled and claimed that her divorce settlement was stinky. the report is embarrassing for the duchess but there is no suggestion they did anything illegal. the bucking ham pal he is said she's no longer part of the royal family so there is no comment. those close to the situation said that the relationship that was rebuilding is now perma-
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frost. >> you have to say what are you thinking? when someone puts a pile of cash on a table in front of you, do you not get a little bit suspicious. >> poor furgie. >> it's not funny. what did you laugh for? >> because you're so -- oh, fergie. i never liked her that much. >> i like the royal family. it's been a while, do you remember this sound? [ dialing ] >> it was exciting because you were about to get connected. we're talking to one of the pioneers. aol turns 25 years old now and we'll look back at how it's changed our lives. we'll talk about museums opening doors to special free and it's all free. we're back in a moment. right now it's 9:12.
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aol is marking a milestone. a quarter century. back in 19 5-the company was called quantum computer services. within ten years it was america online. it had a million members. it was once the leading internet service provider but stiff competition and a failed merger with time warner has taken a toll. in joking us now from aol head quarters in virginia to talk about aol at 25, is company chairman and ceo tim armstrong. good morning. >> hi, allison, how are you? >> i'm doing well. so aol is 25 years old. what is the headline here? success story? what is the headline? >> yeah. i think the headline is in ovation, game changing event for the world, and i think we have steve case on campus, ted leon is back. 3,000 employees on campus, so we are very excited about today
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for a couple of different reasons. one is its celebrated last 25 years of -- aol history. and i've try traveled -- traveled all over the world for aol and i think today is a big celebration for us. >> what do we see behind us? is that party? >> we have a giant tent outside of the dulles campus today. we have multiple stations set up outside to have employees interact with alumni. and we will be doing a formal program today where we dedicate three buildings to steve case. one to ted leonsis and this is a chance for the community to react and let people see each
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other who haven't seen each other in you'res. >> and the you've got mail and aol became a example of this new phase we are in when aol popped up on the internet in 1985. now you are not alone in this market. how do you stay relevant? a lot of talk about revenue down, how do you fight that? >> sure. well first aol is in a turn around situation. we're continuing to execute the turnaround. we have positioned the company to where we think the future of the internet is going. first phase which was about access and we were a dominant player. and the second access is dominance which is facebook, googles of the world. and now we're focused on bringing content to the platforms. the contents need platform to be successful and we're positioning ourselves in that direction. and as far as the competition goes, competition is what breeds innovation so we love being in a competitive space
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and i believe it will make us sharper and have a much brighter future. >> some of the o come out of the company recently, we're talking about the separation from time warner and also quite sadly the human toll, at the peak it was some 19,000 folks and now down to 5,000 employees. and what is the steam lining? >> aol as a company is focused on making sure we have the right level of tal.and focus to be able to compete. when you talk about the competitive landscape and the reason aol has had a lot of challenges is based on what the turn around has been and where there have been layoffs in the past is because it comes down to products and services and the reason aol ramped up is because they were doing a great job bringing products and services to the world. and i think our turn around and the employee base and what we
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do in the future comes down to us pioneering and in ovating and doing things that are great for future. so we're hiring a lot of talent right now in the dulles area, in new york, in california and india and dublin and all of the maces across the globe. so i think although we've had to reduce some employees, the employee count here, we are in the process right now of really reengaging with a lot of talent across the globe. >> we have to leave it there. tim armstrong is the aol chairman and ceo live from dulles. thank you very much and happy anniversary. >> thanks, allison. >> if you are looking for a job you can check out the fox 5 job shop. just go to and click on the link on the top of the home page. military nationwide can take advantage of a new deal. more than 600 museums across the country are offering them free admission for the summer. it's a partnership for the
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national endowment for artsch the program is called blue star museum. it can we a good escape and a fun activity for families. jamaica's capital under a state of emergency. a look at the violence that has rerupted ab -- and starty behind it. and holly is going ape this morning. >> reporter: it is true. and it you will tackle 34 obstacles, five zip lines and two tarzn swings. this is the first time it's available in the u.s. and we'll take you how to take advantage of it next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. and before we take you to break, a look at today's trivia question. in the book gone with the wind, how many months actually passed during melanie's pregnancy? 9, 12, 18 or 21 months? the answer is coming up later.
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but if you want to guess now, head to or our facebook page. much more ahead this morning. fox 5 morning news will continue ahead. 
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welcome back. 9:25. a developing story this morning. jamaica's government has declared a state of emergency because of violent clashes in the capital of kingston. supports of an alleged drug lord fighting his extradition have been fighting with police. they also set a police station on fire. the u.s. canada and britain have issued travel alerts because of the dangerous conditions. hillary clinton said the security situation on the korean peninsula this morning is highly precarious. the secretary of state is in china this morning. she blames north korea for sinking a south korea naval war
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ship in march. she met with south korea president over the weekend and he said north korea must pay for the attack and president obama is promising full support to bring the matter to the united nations later today. last week south korea showed proof of the torpedo. the shuttle atlantis is headed back to earth. yesterday it undocked from the international space station where the crew left behind a russian compartment packed with supplies additional power and new equipment. atlantis is scheduled to return to earth on wednesday and to be retired. discovery will fly later this year. weather across the country. the details behind this twister caught on camera. plus the job market is still pretty rough in places. what careers are heating up as we look ahead to the future. we'll have an h.r. representative join us with a list of hot jobs you don't want to miss.
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take a look at this video. a massive tornado caught on camera. >> look at this, allison. >> it's in south dakota. just taking it right down. that's amazing. >> this morning folks across the midwest will clean up after the receiver weather. this storm downed power lines and produced heavy rain and hail. luckily no injuries were reported. weather officials are surveying the land to see if more than one tornado hit. >> those are big tornadoes. >> it's unbelievable. >> we don't usually capture it on video. not we. someone else did. >> and look out across its dock oatas. they could be in more rough weather today. this is the peak of tornado season, the end of may and beginning of june. for us just some drizzle
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here and there. >> today will be a day of transition we've been talking about where we will see some improvement. maybe one or two peeks of sunshine but tomorrow will be better and then great improvement around here for the middle of the week. hd radar, been watching showers all morning. at last look they were toward sterling and toward dulles airport, leesberg. you can see the showers have fallen apart so that's good news. still one or two spots out of 66; a little light shower. and it's possible you might see a couple of rain showers or drizzle as the clouds will be low and over cast. a little muggy too. temperatures in the 60s but dew point hanging out in the 60s and we continue to be under the influence of the slow from the south to the east. i'll show you the satellite radar. we're not expecting much in the way of shower activity. but look at the cloud cover continuing across the washington area and it's pushing in off the ocean. that's why we're keeping temperatures on the cool side today. off to the south and east, there is our area of
9:32 am
storminess. kind of a subtropical low. but you can see the shower activity is heavy here across the eastern portions of the carolinas and we'll very slowly watch this storm system continue to drift off to the east. so general improvement in the forecast. but not today. more like tuesday or wednesday before we get in on the clearing across the ohio valley. once it gets here it will be summery. i think wednesday's highs will be back into the mid-80s with sunshine. so nice looking forecast here toward the middle of the week. 67 now in washington. 67 at quantico. 69 in fredericksberg. 66 in manassas. and 64 in leonardtown. our highs will only be in the low to mid-70s with the cloud cover holding tight throughout the day. mostly cloudy skies, a few showers possible. 74 for the afternoon high. winds out of the east at about 5 miles per hour. and then remaining cloudy and mild overnight. 63 for the overnight low. let's look at the five-day forecast. a little better tomorrow. more in the way of sunshine tomorrow. 82 degrees and then wednesday and thursday look great.
9:33 am
a lot of sunshine and temperatures in the mid-80s. cooler toward the end of the week. right now, the start of weekend, on friday it looks great. tony, back to you at the desk. so your child is headed off to college or just graduating and isn't sure where the next step should be. job placement professionals have some thought out predictions. joining us is sharia harrington from armstrong franklin career consultants and is a recruiter. and you have been doing this for years, i have been doing recruiting for many years, around 16 right now. and as an off-shoot, i've become fascinated -- i'm very, very interested in the multi generational work force. so how do veterans and baby boomers and generation x get along in the workplace. but i have a strong interest in
9:34 am
my heart for the millennium generation and generation y and where are they going. >> and that's what we want to talk about with this being graduation season and kids look at colleges. and we advertise this as jobs of the future. what are the areas that look most promising over the next 8- 10 years. >> well i know you have statistics from the college board. and those center around i.t., health care and teaching. and we have a shortage in all three areas. a lot of our jobs right now are being outsourced to foreign countries, particularly to india and other parts of asia. and so we have a real dearth of talent, particularly in the science and technology area right here. so we need to home grow that for the future. health care is something that is certainly on top of everyone's mind and we feed to be focused on cultivating that from within. and certainly teachers.
9:35 am
we know there is a huge shortage of teachers. but i think beyond that there are three areas to emphasize to young people when they think about what college majors they should go into and the three areas are foreign language jobs, green jobs, and jobs in the federal government. and i'll tell you what i mean by all of that. so we talk about joshes foreign language based, we are an increasing competitive country. s like russia, india and china, known as the brick countries, are developing at rapid rates and in order for us to be competitive we need individuals who are very strong, have very strong foreign language skills and also the mindset around how these countries do business. so we need to have people who are fluently in chinese, arabic, russian, spanish, even portuguese. >> i don't want to interrupt. but i want to point out, this is very concrete advice that you're giving here.
9:36 am
and it's very specific. and if you want to help yourself get a job in the future, this is something you might look at. >> absolutely. >> and we've shortchanged ourselves in this country in not focusing on those areas. >> that's absolutely right. and there is a book out by charlene shell called managing across cultures and it's called global leadership and they talk about ways to engage with foreign countries. and with the war on terror increasing, the skills in arabic are going to be important. with the hispanic population growing, that is important as well. and we have green jobs. that should go without saying. and we seek solar, wind, nuclear, power, we need environmental scientists and engineers. again the science and technology is important. and also that should be appealing for a lot of generation y who want to sort of save the planet. that's a real criteria for them, a value for them.
9:37 am
and then thirdly and finally would be the federal government. number one, the government is expanding. we though that. >> like it or not. yes, it is. >> and in addition to that, it is predicted by 2012 we are going to have a shortage of 600,000 federal jobs because of the mass exodus of retiring baby -- baby boomers who are walking out the door. so they are trying to back fill those positions. and the nice thing for some people is that it's very stable and also you can use those degrees in so many different areas. whether you want to work for the department of agriculture or c.i.a. or health and human services, your degree will be relevant. >> we'll post some of this information on our website at again, very specific, very good information for people. and if they want to find more information, what should they do? >> for more information, again
9:38 am
i would go to managing across cultures, culture is the name and there is another book to read called the world is flat by thomas freedman and it talks about indispensable jobs of the future. >> i've read that one. yeah, that's good. thank you. the delate over maryland slot machines heading to court today. plus another death in britney murphy's family just months after the actress' death. we have details coming up later. "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. lks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer 
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9:41 now. and man, second by second, stocks opening down. take a look at big board right
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there. down 70. they're continuing to slide from last week. investors remain nervous about the ability of european countries to pay off their debt. and all of the european markets are falling today. but in asia the markets are recovered after china agreed to let its currency rise in value. hillary clinton and timothy geithner are meeting today and discussing trade and other issues. and the debate over slot machines in maryland heads to court today. a judge will hear from the anne arundel county board of elections and a developer is suing the board because there was a petition for allowing slots to be built in hanover. and the american jockey club is protesting saying it could be laurel park out of business. we have a visitor to the anchor test.
9:43 am
>> this is tinkerbell. >> what a cute little puppy. >> is it the way i'm holding you? this is puppy breath. >> which is good. puppy breath is good. >> they are great dogs. really cute puppies. we'll tell you how you can make tinker and some of his friends -- we have a lot of cute puppies. >> we have all puppies. >> i think tinker is mellow. holly is going ape this morning too. and she's looking at an obstacle course you may want to check out. >> literally going ape. >> don't go anywhere. we'll be back in a moment. ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o ♪ j-e-l-l-o
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you were right. these healthy choice fresh mixer thingys, they taste fresh... say it again. they taste fresh... wait. what are you doing? got it. you're secretly taping me? cook it fresh, strain it fresh, mix it fresh. healthy choice fresh mixers. look for it in the pas or soup aisle. becky knows healthy choice fresh mixers taste fresh, but where does she find them? not in the freezer section. that's why becky uses gps, not that kind. go to the pasta oroup aisle to find healthy choice fresh mixers. keep up the good work, becky. we're following breaking news right now out of stafford county, virginia. north stafford high school is on lockdown as authorities search for a suspicious person. the stafford sheriff's office said shortly after 8:30 this
9:47 am
morning, two students nand an adult saw a man at the school with a gun. a school resource officer saw a suspicious outside of the school and tried to question him. they got into an altercation and the man took off. that officer did not report seeing a gun on the man. but again, north stafford high school remains on lockdown at this hour. authorities searching for the suspicious person. police in los angeles are investigating the death of actress britney murphy's husband. simon monjack was pronounced deadly shortly after paramedics were called to his l.a. home. murphy's mother found him unconscious in the master bedroom and called 911. that's the same home where murphy collapsed before dying of nam -- of pneumonia five months ago. it is said that he died of natural causes. tarzan swings and zip lines are things you can find at rock
9:48 am
creek park. >> and holly is there to check out their go-ape project. >> reporter: and we thought it would be fun to literally send an ape. and down the zip loan and here he comes. go ape started over in the u.k. in 2002. to say it's been popular over there is an understatement. i'm hanging up in the trees with dan and pete. and pete, were you telling me that 1% of the u.k. population went ape? >> yes. 1%. an mazing number. >> reporter: and that's been like 2.2 million. >> since we opened 2002 we've had over 2 million people. >> reporter: and how do you choose rock creek regional? >> our partner is montgomery county park. they've been fantastic through the process. we worked closely with them to
9:49 am
provide an environmental park that was appropriate and identified this area of rock creek regional park out of the way of environmental problems or issues and we built a environmentally sensitive course. i think pete will tell you more about it when i jump off here. >> reporter: you can jump off now. go ahead. i don't want the be the one. and as dan goes down, you will talk about how you built this environmentally friendly. what does that mean? >> first thing we do is we have an arborist that checks out the health of our trees. we need to make sure they are safe and then we use noninvasive techniques for building. so all of the trees have clamps and wood saves to stop the cables from digging in and we make sure the trees are healthy. we have a lot of money invested in the trees and we want to make sure they stay healthy. >> reporter: and if the tree dies, go ape dies. >> absolutely. and no machinery was brought in
9:50 am
to build this. it was done by hand. >> reporter: i'm heading off. >> go for it. >> reporter: and here we come. and this is the big finish. there are 34 obstacles. five zip lines and two tarzan swings. and you just keep riding like a bike. and you land perfectly, just like that. it is pretty much a rush, isn't it? >> absolutely. we have five zip lines so each one is different and longer and just a really exciting day. >> reporter: and we've been talking a lot about this. and sometimes you do hear a lot about this when you talk about -- oh, here comes the big guy. and your mom lives in the area and you said she had a huge fear of heights and you've gotten her up there. >> she's petrified but we work our way up into the trees slowly and we do have people scared of heights but once they get out here and get over it and get the can-do attitude and it's a great day out. >> reporter: and a lot of people watching this might
9:51 am
think this is just too hilarious for words. the two apes hanging in the back with their bananas. can you get us some. share some of that. some people would think why aren't we wearing helmets? >> because we don't need to. we take out all of the dead branches ahead of you. helmet will only save you if something falls on your head. we're not going to do that. >> reporter: and have you had any injuries or accidents that have happened in.
9:52 am
>> incredibly safe. there is an occasional injury. we get bumps and scrapes and bruises but it's great fun and it's safe. >> reporter: and i don't know if she's laughing because she's having fun or so afraid or because she's just really glad that it's done. i'm going to hop over here and ask her. so tell me what was your favorite part? >> the tarzan swing and a zip line. >> reporter: i think you deserve this. i have a whole bunch just for you. is our website. we have a link to go ape. officially open here in rock creek regional park. check out the website and check out the course. it's so much fun. back to you. >> thank you, holly. it looks like it's fun. let's switch gears to a smaller animal now. if you're looking for a cute and furry edition to the family, look no further. debbie mars den is our friend and joins us with four puppies. you are really trying to hurt us. >> they are cute puppies. >> you trying to get these guys adopted. good morning. >> good morning. >> and normally when we talk about the shelters, we talk about the older dogs because we want to make sure they get adopted but don't forget about the puppies. >> and so many people have the misconception that there are only older and undesirable dogs but look at these beauties.
9:53 am
there are so many gorgeous puppies for rescue. >> these are all saint bernard mixes. >> they are. and that is miikka. and this is a little girl and this is their brother chowder. and this is their cousin. >> and tinkerbell your personality is coming out. look at her. all of these puppies are just september from heaven above. this one right here looks like a stuffed teddy bear. >> she does, for sure. >> and debbie, you have adoption events every sunday? >> every sunday from 1:00 to 4:00 and we have 40-60 puppies available at any given time, any shapes, sizes, breeds. sometimes we have pure breds from breeders. >> these are from west virginia? >> we do get a lot of puppies from west virginia. >> and i was reading the information, these puppies don't need a hard sell. but when you think about the puppies that are put down in shelters because of different reasons, you start to feel for
9:54 am
them a little bit. >> well it's devastating because thousands -- i would say tens of thousands are euthanized every year in shelters and people don't think nobody would kill a puppy but they are hard to wear for and expensive and some shelters don't want them because they can bring in disease and their the first to be euthanized in the shelter. >> and you say spay and neuter. you can't say it enough. >> not enough. even in an educated society, there are still a lot that aren't. >> and talk about the saint bernard. >> in a few months they will be big. they're not even three months old yet. >> how big will these be? >> probably 70 pounds. you can see jia is smaller than
9:55 am
tinkerbell. you can tell they will be healthy. they could be mixed with beagle or lab. so you're looking at 70 pounds. >> 70 pounds of love. tucker, you know you have room for two? >> you can take one and you have to take all of them. >> and if somebody is interested, what should they do? >> come to our adoption event or send us an e-mail. >> this is meeka and tinkerbell and then -- >> and chowder. and jia. and they're listed at the saintly litter. >> debbie marsden you hit a home run. we're back with the answer to the trivia question. we'll be back in a moment. 
9:56 am
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just a few moments ago we
9:59 am
told you about the search for a suspicious person that had put north stafford high school on lockdown. that person has now been located unarmed. the school is now in the process of lifting that lockdown. it is now time to answer today's trivia question. it was quite random. >> it was quite random. i love this question. i couldn't believe the answer. >> in the book gone with the wind, how many months actually passed during melanie's pregnancy. the answer is 21 months. that's a lot of months. that's like the elephant birth. >> and here is how they did it. >> it's based on the battles mentioned in the book. when this is pointed out to the author, she reemployed that southern's face is slower than the yankees. >> that's great. that's like a soap opera pregnancy. >> they sometimes last two days.


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