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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  May 24, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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high school. i was just after 4:00 when chadly was riding on his bike here at forum drive. for some reason investigators say an suv driven by gary thorn of manassas crossed six lanes of traffic and ran over abdul before crashing in to a tree. both the driver and abdul were pronounced dead ' this scene. >> definitely everyone is there for each other and actually being here at the site there's so many people here and everyone is taking time out of their day to go around giving people hugs who need them and just helping each other out. >> right now everyone is trying to figure out what happened. but there is a lot of grief trying to understand why the tragedy happened. more on the story at 10:00. >> we will see you tonight. thank you. testimony on troubling glances and odd behavior in the
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swan street case. fox 5's paul wagner is live outside of the courthouse tonight with details. good evening, will. sergeant patrick is the second police officer to testify in this trial about. two officers noticed strange glances between joe price and dylan ward. >> sergeant patrick said he arrived at 1509 swan street as paramedics were taking wone's body from the house. patrick testified he appeared to be dead. his color was blue. as he stepped inside the house, sergeant patrick noticed joe price appeared to visually scold ward for talking. patrick says he was shooting glares at him they believe they
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cleaned the crime scene and got their stories straight and described price as the leader of the family. prosecutors to the stand the lead evidence technician asked to identify photographs taken in the house as well as evidence seized over a period of three weeks. curtis lancaster was asked to show leibowitz the towel he seized from the room where wone was killed. there was a small amount of blood on it. the prosecution believes there would have been more blood had the crime scene not been altered. but the defense said he died instantly after being stabbed and thus did not bleed profusely. the prosecution showed a trash can in the back of the house adjacent to a shed. officer lancaster said it was turned upside down next to the shed an there were sun glasses on top of the shed. we took the sunglasses for evidence but they were not sent to the fbi. defense attorneys claim an intruder may have used the
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trash can to leap the fence and head for the back door which was unlocked and slightly ajar when the police arrived. evidence technicians found no fingerprints on the door. if you have been following this case, you know the evidence technicians spent three weeks inside the swan street house and we learned today not only did mpd but the fbi used chemicals inside that house throughout the entire house looking for blood evidence, two kinds of chemicals and curtis lancaster testified today they did not find any additional blood. i will bring in roby chavez. he was in the courtroom for the afternoon testimony. what we saw is sergeant wagner take the stand to testify about the interview they did the night of the murder with joe price. they played a portion of that tape. tell me what happened. >> we were listening the tape the last 88 # 30 minutes or so. noticeably in the tape it is a very small room. joe price is there sitting talking to two detectives.
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he is remarkably calm. this happened two hours after the murder presumably, about that long. he is not in tears at any point he is disheveled but repeats the story. one of the things that struck me is that he recounted, we played the 911 tape for you last week, he recalled a lot of what victor said on the 911 tape. to me that was a bit unusual because he was financial the same room when victor was making the tape but he had the same stuff, including repeating when he asked what time it was on the 911 tape. quickly what he did. he was quick to defend dylan ward and victor. and there was some question about that as he was going on and on. we will have more about this interview tape tonight at 10:00. >> the trial will resume tomorrow at 9:00. we expect to see more of these interviews. >> cases like this often about the nuances. >> we have made it easy for you to follow the case, even when we aren't on the air.
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go to for the latest updates as the trial continues. we will have updates from paul wagner and roby chavez from inside the courtroom along with analysis devoted to the wone case. detectives hit the streets in fairfax county hoping to solve a murder. one week ago today, two men shot handy man jose rosales outside of the mansion where he worked. they threatened female members of the house during the robbery and he tried to stop them. >> several witnesses saw someone getting in to the back of the pickup and covering themselves up with a tarp. and certainly that is something that you would remember. may or may not dahl police when you see something like that. >> reporter: police are looking for an older model pickup truck. they believe these are sketches of the men involved in the shooting and murder. if you have any information, give police a call.
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a prince georges county school bus driver is accused of making child pornography. investigators say 27-year-old scott smallwood use his cell phone to produce videos of a 7- year-old boy. according to court documents the convenient store customer found the camera's americanry card, took it home and found photos of the man sexually abusing the child. police have identified the child in the videos but have not determined whether the boy rode on smallwood's bus. parents are asking if there are any other possible victims to please come forward. a fender bender sparked a road rage shooting. police say a man driving a sedan rear ended another car near route 198 an then got scared and drove off. the other car followed the driver. they believe a passenger in the other car shot the sedan driver. his injuries were not serious. park police are still searching for the shooter. the disaster in the gulf. day 33 of the massive oil spill that sparked a war of words
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between bp and the federal government. a top obama administration official says the government would take over the cleanup if bp couldn't get the job done. now even some government officials say that's not likely to happen. tom fitzgerald is following the latest developments tonight. >> these words came from interior secretary ken salazar whose been one of the president's point people on the emergency response. this spat started after the epa told bp to start to use a different chemical dispersement because there were concerns that it could be toxic in the large amount it is being used. bp resisted. but obalm ma administration has the power to take over the effort to plug the well. the question is would the government know where to begin? bp has tried several fixes to stop the flow of oil but so far has not been able to stop it. today bobby jindal of louisiana, standing alongside salazar blasted the government for its response which he says
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is worsening the situation. >> we need decision maker unless the coast guard on the ground. >> we are working with the best contractors the world. the people we work with all over the world. we have had support all across the industry. so i don't know what they would do different. >> reporter: what will be different tomorrow is the focus that shifts back here to washington where tomorrow the senate will open hearings in to the $75 million cap that is currently in place for damages against bp. will? >> thank you. what if you really wanted to see the "american idol" finale live but weren't at home to do so. there is a way to do it. mobile dtv. technology unveiled tonight at the consumer showcase. and it is where melanie alnwick is standing by with an update.
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>> hi, will. there's a lot of devices out here that i've taken a sneak peek at. we will show you some later. think back to the digital tv transition. because we had that transition, now digital tv is bringing in to people's homes, brighter colors, sharper pictures and more programming than before. and now on devices like this you will be able to take it wherever you go. free television is becoming portable again. laptops, dvd player and mobile phones and more are being outfitted with a computer chip that acts like a tiny digital tv receiver. john godfrey of samsung stopped by fox 5 morning news to show off the devices. >> it is like the small portable tvs people used to have. >> it is a much higher quality picture. high definition quality on a small screen. >> reporter: and the signal stays strong and clear as john taylor of lg electronics demonstrated.
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>> it takes it to the next level. >> reporter: much of the programming will be free on mobile dtv enabled devices. fox 5 and 2 # my 20 are among the first stations in the country testing the technology. consumers in the washington, d.c. market should be able to buy these devices in the fall of 2010. viewers will have the added benefit of being able to get emergency alerts like weather warnings wherever they are. it's a chance for local broadcasting to keep up with the competition. >> broadcasting needs a new jolt. we have all heard about the advertising market being tough and lot of competition from cable and satellite. a lot of good products coming so broadcasters have to reinvent themselves. >> reporter: that means bringing live, local programming to where the viewers are. consumers are testing a wide variety of these devices right now. this is a samsung phone and it is receiving the signal from here. it is not like getting video over the cell phone. and a lot of people are wondering why is this better
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than an option over the internet or the programming on a cell phone right now and we have the answers to those questions coming up right about 5:30. >> look forward to that one. that was my question. see you in a few minutes. a plane packed with passengers is forced to make an emergency landingen don't miss what it took to get the jets safely on the ground. coming up next. next time you use a credit card at a restaurant, how much do you tip the waiter maybe the least of your worries. patients with cancer looking for inspiration they found it here at georgetown university hospital today. kind of gloomy around here the last few days but things are changing. big warmup coming our way. we will look at the forecast coming up. a packed show tonight. keep it here. fox 5 news at 5:00 is coming right back. 
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safe landing after a scare on board this united airlines jet. the nose gear wouldn't deploy on the trip from san francisco to ontario, california. the pilots flew the plane past the control tower so the controllers could get a look at the plane and see what was going on. apparently the nose gear door was open but the landing gear was not this place. the pilot eventually made a safe emergency landing. the cause of the malfunction is under investigation. a big strike is affecting british airways flights around the world including some out of dulles and bwi. cab and crew members are on a
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walkout starting today. the terminal at heathrow is nearly deserted right now. british airways says it will operate half of the flights out of dulles. british airways is running two of the three flights out of london tomorrow and at bwi marshall, british airways is cancelling the onlyto london for the duration of the strike. a fox 5 consumer alert about a skimming scam at a popular dc restaurant. customers were bilked out of credit card charges. the restaurant, the cheesecake factory in northwest dc. karen gray houston is breaking down the story. >> it makes you want to use cash when you buy a meal. these scams are becoming more and more widespread. the secret service is investigating the practice in this metro area. nicole ward of accokeek, maryland is a former cheesecake factory employee. she's been arrested on bank fraud charges in connection
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with the scheme. >> the news traveled fast but it hasn't stopped cheesecake factory customers from binging on cheesecake and paying with credit. >> have you used your credit card? >> yeah. you know what happened? >> yes. i read the story and i figure now there should be no problem at all. >> she wasn't alone. >> my preference would be for the restaurants to use the european system where they come to your table with the swipe machine so the card never leaves your sight. >> reporter: we went in to ask the store manager about the scam and were referred to the corporate office in california. nicole ward and two other servers she allegedly recruit to skim credit card numbers no longer work there, but it is a growing problem. last year eight people pleaded guilty in a credit card skimming scam involving servers at clydes, m and s grill and 701. >> the equipment is available on the internet, very
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accessible, inexpensive. the process is very simple. >> reporter: the deputy special agent in charge at the washington field office says the secret service is part of a special task force trying to crackdown on the process. >> a person will take your credit card when you pay for dinner. they will swipe the card through a skimmer, a commonly- found skimmer out of your sight generally. >> reporter: they down load the information from your credit card to a laptop. send it to an encoder, run a white plastic sheet and use it to buy gift cards to purchase merchandise. this man who used to be a server at a restaurant says. >> you are taking your chances whenever you use a credit card. >> if you can use cash that makes the transaction simple. >> reporter: the three former servers from the cheesecake factory are allegedly part of a larger credit card skimming ring. the two allegedly recruited by nicole ward are said to be cooperating with authorities and we just got this
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information in a statement from the cheesecake factory. it reads in part, from the senior vice president in charge of the marketing office and it says the cheesecake factory is deeply sorry for any inconvenience or concern this matter has cost our valued guests. we want to assure the company that the public provides expensive training to our staff members on proper cash and credit card handling measures and takes appropriate measures to ensure our guests ' information is properly processed and secured. so that's good to know. >> thank you. boy, i will tell you the temperature today is exactly what i like. it was sunny and warm but not too hot. for me it was like an a-1 day. >> gave it a thumbs up. it started gray out there but has gotten better, gary. >> that means will won't like wednesday and you probably
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will, knowing what i know about shaun and her weather preferences. >> showers north and east of us, these are coming across the bay. look at true view and get a sense of how they are moving. we could have a spotty shower or two once the sun goes down. i think we will lose these showers. they are spotty, too. 72346 the city. 77 leesburg. 76 front royal and here's a look at the evening forecast. just a spotty shower around 7:00. if you are heading out this evening, i wouldn't be too concerned about taking an umbrella with you. >> all right. looking forward to wednesday. the day i'm not going to like apparently. on the serious business, a health alert on sunscreen and cancer. a study finds hundreds of popular sunscreen products may actually increase the speed at which malignant cells develop and spread skin cancer. it may be linked to vitamin a. it slows skin aging but
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researchers who analyze data from the fda say it may result in skin cancer when exposed to -- when put on skin exposed to von light. the fda has known about it for ten years but hasn't acted on it. the fda denies the claim. they are recommending 40 out of 500 sunscreens tested. go to and click on web links to see the study. when off serious illness, a positive attitude can make a big difference. we have heard from doctors in in the medical community for years now. children fighting cancer got inspiration from a cancer survivor. as beth parker shows us he conquered the disease along with the world's other great challenges. >> reporter: sean has climbed to see the world's most spectacular views. >> there she is. >> reporter: what he sees in this room at georgetown university hospital are kids like him. >> nice. i have one just like that.
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>> reporter: as a child he was diagnosed with cancer twice, even given two weeks to live. >> the chances of me surviving both of these cancers was equivalent to winning the lottery four times in a row, with the same numbers. >> reporter: he hasn't just survived, he's soared. he became the first cancer survivor to summit everest, think world's highest mountain. in his chest pocket, near his heart he carried a flag with the names of cancer survivors. he says he wanted to scream hope from the highest mountain in the world. he did. >> if you can imagine taking every feeling you have ever had. every emotion and putting it in a little ball and explode it all at once. that's what it felt like. the tears started to flow like waterworks. >> reporter: with his one functioning lung he went on to summit the mountains with the
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highest continents. this 6-year-old is climbing a mountain of his own right now. >> i feel like i can fight it. >> reporter: molly is ryan's mom. >> he has to have hope. if you don't have hope you don't have anything. >> reporter: cancer kills 1400 children in the u.s. every year. sean's trip to washington was sponsored by a family that knows that statistic all too well. it is not just a number to them, it's a reality. their son died of cancer last september. >> the struggle that he went through -- we did everything we could. >> reporter: now they are doing for others through the maddie miracle cancer foundation. >> as a parent who has lost a child, i think you know at that point in your life you really need direction and you need to find meaning to his loss and for us we are finding meaning in helping other people. >> reporter: little ryan says after hearing sean speak he'd like to climb mt. everest. he said he would have to ask his mom first but right now
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anything seems possible. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> if you want more information on sean's organization or pediatric cancer, visit our website at and look under web links. first brittany murphy loses her life and her husband suddenly dies in the same home. the investigation is far from closed. the latest coming up in 20 minutes. plus, the push is on to keep you and your family save behind the wheel. if you don't buckle up get ready to pay up. where the campaign is rolling out. 
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better buckle up. a nationwide click it or ticket campaign is underway. ray la hood kicked off the initiative today in southeast. even though seat belt use is at a record high of 84% nationwide, it turns out 45 million americans aren't buckling up. the click it or ticket campaign will run through june 6th. more than 10,000 police agencies are participating. heads up if you normally use the chain bridge. weekend work is still causing traffic trouble. bad weather delayed the construction project that was supposed to be done by now. rain over them weekend caused problems for the resealing of the roadway. that means only one lane in each direction will be open
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across the bridge. the project will likely run through the middle of the week. they gained fame when they crashed a state dinner and now the white house party crashers are looking for more publicity. from ads on metro buses to the star studded event on the mall. we are looking at the salahis. why some say their world polo cup isn't all it is cracked up to be. a royal scandal erupts. did the former dutchess of york offer up her husband on a silver platter for a lot of cash. don't miss what happened. you see the hidden video right there. more on this one as fox 5 news at 5:00 continues. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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the so-called white house party crashers are pitching a marquee event on the national mall. they kick it off added to their
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polo match but there are questions swirling about what is really going on. >> reporter: the virginia couple has made an art out of seeking and getting publicity and now pitching a polo match no one is sure is actually happening. it's being billed as an international polo match between the usa and india. but officials with the indian embassy say they know nothing about it. telling fox 5 they are in no way affiliated with the event and if anyone participates it is on their own accord. even so on their website, the salahis call the june event the first ever significant sporting event between both countries and have taken out ads on metro buses. a spokesperson says $25 exteriors were purchased. we couldn't find out who paid for the ads. internet lawyer harvey jacobs says it appears the salahis are being deceptive. >> if you are not buying
5:32 pm
tickets based on the truth is potentially where the cross of the law occurs. >> reporter: we cocontacted a few. p.f. changes says they are not involved in the event any longer and others say the same thing. >> even though location of the polo match says the same thing. the submitted application is yet to be approved. >> if i were a polo aficionado, thinking this was an officially sanctioned polo match and i wanted to see the two teams representing their country that maybe misleading. >> reporter: their limo was recently stopped after running a red light on the night of the second state dinner. many wonder if it is another way of getting attention. jacob says if he was their attorney he would offer this advice. >> i always tell my clients to
5:33 pm
tell the truth. >> >> i guess we will have to stay tuned. thank you. if the americas cup polo event actually does occur, tickets will cost between 1 a 0 and $200. a brand new way to connect with your favorite tv shows. mobile dtv is here but why choose this technology over the internet or your cell phone. melanie alnwick is answers. >> i'm here, looking at a bunch of products that are available. usb's that your plug in to your computer, cell phones, laptops the open mobile video coalition represents 9,000 broadcasters around the country and they have been on the forefront to bring live local television to mobile devices and shelly is joining us. why this technology instead of
5:34 pm
your internet video? >> for the first time ever you can take what you watch on tv with you. so if you are watching a live local broadcast, watching fox 5 you can walk out the door and keep watching it. a lot of times with your favorite show running or weather you are worried about you can take it with you, in the back of a car, laptop or net book. >> and cost and benefits. >> in terms of availability there is going to be -- if we are running -- for example in dc we are running 22 channels. but national and premium content. local is free. and international channels you would pay for, either on a pay per view basis or subscription. it is all the choices you get today that you can take with you. >> reporter: what are you hearing from people about this? >> they are really excited about this. we have some folks that are taking it to the gym with them. you don't want to watch what is on the tv at the gym, watch it
5:35 pm
on the treadmill. mothers passing it in the backseat when the kids get restless. road warriors take them and a lot of people in dc have long commutes and perfect product for that. >> appreciate your time taking to talk to us and we will show you more of the products and how they work coming up at 5:45 in the broadcast. >> i don't want to ruin one of your later hits but can we go over costs, how much do the devices cost? >> right here it says the usb receivers will be running from 110 to 125. this is a mobile wi-fi receiver. this will broadcast to a device that doesn't have one of those chips in it. that is 9 to $0,100. the other devices they are working out on the pricing. it will depend on supply and demand. the broadcasting itself, that part is free. you don't want to pay for a subscription to get the live local news. not bad. we love it.
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thank you. the supreme court says the national football league isn't one big business and must be considered as 32 separate teams when it comes to selling nfl merchandise. the decision reverses a ruling that threw out an antitrust lawsuit brought against the league by one of the former hat makers. american needle sued after losing a contract to reebok. the suite now goes back to district court. it must be ctv by sports fans of all ages and it has a local tie. david feldman has a sneak peek and a behind the scenes look at pardon the interruption. >> it is arguably the most successful show on espn and they do it here in northwest dc. two life long friends who get paid to argue about their sports opinions. paid very well i might add. tonight at 10:00, a behind the scenes look at how and where the show is done and why the
5:37 pm
chemistry between the two is television gold. we will also answer the question how much longer is the show going to go on. that and more tonight at 10:00. >> see you then. a royal can scandal is brewing right now. the former dutchess of york caught on camera up to no good. promising to sell secrets about they are royal family and her ex-husband. why fergie said she had no choice. and the tennis star isn't getting called out for her actions on the court but what she wore to the match. the scoop behind the racy outfit coming up.
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how many ways can you be comfortable? an energy efficient infinity air conditioner by carrier can save you up to 56% on your cooling costs, while also reducing your impact on the environment. which is better for where u live, and better for where we all live. turn to the experts during cool choices and get up to $1200 cash back on an infinity system by carrier.
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ever heard of this one, an embarrassing royal scandal erupting in england right now. sarah ferguson caught on tape trying to profit from her his ban. a news reporter took undercover video. in it she offers to sell access
5:41 pm
to her former husband prince andrew for 500,000-pounds, around $700,000. >> prince andrew, the queen's son is a trade ambassador. the paper and ferguson say he had no knowledge of the meeting. don't look good, does it? nothing hidden about venus williams on the court uniform. she sported a corset. she said it is about illusion. whatever she is wearing williams certainly gets the job done. she won the match and is ranked number two in the world. i don't want to turn around and
5:42 pm
look at it. just what i thought. it is all over the internet. it has gone viral. >> i was looking at the closeup. steamy a little bit. >> from steaminess on the court in france to a steamy week ahead. that worked out well. >> it did indeed. >> the day started off dreary out there. don't worry, the temperatures are climbing up. how hot are we going? gary has the forecast ahead. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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another tragedy on the heels of actress brittany murphy's death. her husband died at the couple's home over the weekend. he died at their los angeles home last night. investigators believe he died of natural causes but tmz is reported that he is supposed to have bypass surgery last year. murphy died after she collapsed from a flu-like illness. if lindsay lohan drinks or does drug she could end up in jail and she must get random testing. the judge shot down the request to leave l.a. and shoot a movie in texas. she missed a court hearing last week and the judge issued a warrant for her arrest. she is now out on bail. just one more night before the "american idol" finals gets underway. it is down to two. imagine the nerves for crystal and lee. so much at stake. careers, money, recording deals. anita is in los angeles tonight. is there an odds on favorite
5:46 pm
yet? >> hey, you know what? there is a lot ott stake for them. you are right. i don't know if there is an odds on favorite here. remember crystal came on really strong early in the season. and then lee kind of came in to his own over the course of the season. the judges giving him a lot of praise toward the end and i hear, though, in vegas the odds are 2-1 for lee. it could be interesting. we haven't had a girl to win in a while. so people may want to see that. >> that is interesting. leading up to this you hear crystal's name being floated out there as the favorite. i know this is a huge red carpet event. any word of any special guests who might make an appearance at the finale? >> yes, we are hearing about some special guests for wednesday night. we are hearing carrie underwood will perform, also christine aguilera and there are rumors paula abdul may show up to bid simon farewell. we know this will be his last
5:47 pm
season and probably some special moment for him. >> i guess that is sort of the other headline, not only naming the "american idol" winner in the next couple of days but saying good-bye to simon. what's the public plan at this point? something about x factor, right? >> we know that he's leaving "american idol" to be a part of his show "the x factor "which will be a big deal here next season. one thing we don't know about who might replace simon. we are not hearing anything about that right now. it is anyone's best guess. i think we will hear something over the summer and of course there are so many names tossed around, howard stern, elton john, someone with a british accent. it will be exciting to find out who it is but wednesday night should be a sad moment, as well. simon has been such a part of the show. >> i think i heard simon say in an interview recently that he may get emotional which is something we don't see of simon cowell. >> like to see that. >> that would make it
5:48 pm
interesting. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. back here at home, i know it is nice but looked -- looked fabulous in l.a. >> we haven't heard will's name kicked around a replacement. >> he has a good eye. >> if ryan seacrest wanted to take a break, maybe part time here and there. >> i don't think we said the ryan seacrest job. >> all right. let's talk about gary's job and talking about weather. it was a pleasant day today. >> it was not bad after the gloominess of most of the weekend. yesterday was a lot of cloudiness and raininess out there. some of saturday, as well. we are expecting a nice warmup coming this way. you can still see some sun poking throughout this evening so not bad. a little rain shower activity. we will start with max hd radar. not much, just a little bit. i think after the sun sets all of the light rain shower activity will go away, okay. there's not a lot of it, so
5:49 pm
don't be concerned with it but just across the bay this is moving unusually from the northeast to the southwest. we don't see that happen very often but there is a flow off the ocean here. it is carrying this across the bay. if you are in pasadena, baltimore, it may be over to columbia and baltimore along i 95. you may get a brief shower possible out there. doesn't look like -- likely but it may happen. i'm much more worried about later on tonight and over night the possibility of dense fog out there. so by 11:00 there may be a few foggy spot already forming. 67 degrees. by tomorrow in the upper 60s. we will have morning fog to start off. we should burn that off by mid to late morning or so. at least partly sunny by noontime. we may even be partly cloudy by noontime. know there is not much of a distinction there but basically if we burn the fog off earlier
5:50 pm
we could have more sunshine at noon. temperatures in the middle 70s. we're at the high for the day right now 78 degrees here in the city. gaithersburg a little cooler with sunshine. notice frederick has come up to the lower 80s. fred fredericksburg 78. across the bay where there's some clouds because of showers, the temperatures are in the 70s and annapolis sitting at 74. he is going to be a big -- heat is going to be a big story for us. not so much tomorrow, but wednesday, thursday in to friday we are 78 right now in the city. buffalo is 84. cincinnati is 82. and look. the heat is surging from the south. little rock, 93. st. louis 90. and chicago 90 degrees. a lot of times i would look back to st. louis and say, well, st. louis is 90 degrees so that means by tomorrow we will probably be 90, too. it is not that type of setup. we will be close to 90 on
5:51 pm
wednesday but for tomorrow, one more day where we stay right at 80 degrees. maybe some of you in the lower 80s but the heat comes back on wednesday, no doubt about that. here's the setup. most of our flow has been coming from east to west. locking these clouds in for us the last couple of days. the heaviest of the rain has been to the south. interesting little feature we are watching here off the atlantic coast. it is not a tropical system but before the end of the week it may become a named subtropical system. something we will have to keep an eye on. the clouds are breaking up for us this afternoon giving us sunshine. for tomorrow at 5:00 we will have some sunshine. temperatures around 80 degrees he heat really is building and then you can see to show you off shore on thursday we may be talking about what is called a subtropical system coming our way. early-morning fog. we warm up tomorrow close to 80 degrees out there. 79, 80 in the city.
5:52 pm
and fox 5 day forecast will show you the heat really comes in on wednesday. high of 88 degrees. some of you will be 90 plus. scattered thunderstorms on thursday and friday. and stay in the 80s through the weekend. >> right on. we're almost to june. >> i know you love the hot stuff. will, not so much. >> i do. >> thank you, gary. >> just tone down the humidity we would be perfect. >> humidity will not be that bad. >> talk amongst yourselves as gary could say. >> thank you. now to an exciting night for tv lovers. we have been showing you mobile dtv which is a way to connect with your favorite shows on the go. melanie alnwick has more details on mobile dtv. mel? >> i don't know about you but one of the things i tend to do is if i'm outside and looks like the weather is iffy, i run inside and turn on my tv and stand there and wait to see if there is a weather alert i need to know about. this is one of those things
5:53 pm
that technology is good. if i am outside and i have my mobile device, blackberry, ipod or cell phone i would be picking up the broadcast and see if there was an alert pertaining to my area. again, you are going to be able to see it on laptops. there's a couple of technologies here and josh duncan here from dell is near tell us about the products. what do we have here? >> here we have our mini laptop. this is mobile -- i am going to pick it up. >> please. great. >> it has a tv monitor and antenna built inside of it. turn on the computer and turn on the tv and you are receiving it over the air on your pc. >> there's no cords no cables. it's great. >> you can move it around like we talk about. >> you are on the go, have it in the car. wherever you are gives you the mobile on the go. >> this is little different technology. talk about this usb device.
5:54 pm
>> what we have is an existing laptop at home and you can plug the usb with an antenna on the side of it and have a similar experience. >> do you know how much these will be. >> similar priced to a tv tuner, 35 to $50 price range you should be able to add them to existing computers. >> very exciting. thank you so much. so that's what we have right now. back in the next hour with a closer look at the other devices that a you may be interested in. >> getting excited about it. >> i'm excited, too, legitimately to watch your program live realtime. >> walking down the street. >> love it. >> head over to brian for a look at the news edge at 6:00. another day of revealing testimony in the case against three men accused of covering up the murder of robert wone. the obama administration tries to get tough with bp but
5:55 pm
is it too little too late? tom fitzgerald with that story. it signals the official end of the year but today's climb could be the last. a crowd heckling mahmoud ahmadinejad. their message to the iranian leader.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
a long run for the space shuttle "atlantis." by the time astronauts return to the kennedy space center on wednesday, the shuttle will travel more than 120 million miles in its history of operation. today astronauts completed their last safety inspection before returning home. they use what's called an inspection boom to check for microscopic damage to the heat shield. this is the final mission for "atlantis." with memorial day around the corner, nasa is showing off high-tech equipment that could
5:59 pm
save lives and already has actually. nasa goddard engineers pioneered the technology using satellites to locate people in distress. they teamed up with the cost guard and air force to reduce search times from hours to seconds. an unlike cell phones, the system works where there's no reception. >> a lot of them are under the misperception they will be able to use their cell phone they get in trouble. as long as the boat is floating and they are within cellular phone towers that's going to work but if they are in the water or if the boat is upside down those aren't going to be a device that will work for them. >> reporter: it certainly has worked. the satellite system has saved 6,000 people since it was developed nearly three decades ago. the news tonight is far from over. >> the news edge at 6:00 starts right now


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