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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  May 24, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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investigations. they say now that they foiled her plan she may be facing her worst fear as revealed in that interview. >> i'm scared to death of jails. >> reporter: susan stratford, fox news. the news keeps coming. here's brian with the "news edge" at 11:00. in the hands of a thief. the personal information of hundreds of students and families. than foe is on a thumb drive. someone stole it last week. tonight parents to a woodbridge middle school to get answers from the administrators. will thomas starts us off with this one. >> reporter: hi, brian. it was a thumb drive like this one. you stick it into the computer and copy information. administrators at lake ridge middle school copied emergency personal information on students as a back up if the school should ever be evacuated. a school official was burglarized and the thumb drive was stolen. lake ridge middle school, 1200 students. on this night a tense meeting inside the cafeteria. over a computer thumb
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drive stolen from a school administrator's car parked in a garage at their home. that was last monday. school officials determined the thumb drive contained emergency contact information for all of the students and whether they walked to school or took the bus. parents gave the school mixed reviews on its response. >> i thought it was very informative and i thought they were as honest as they could be, from the information they know at this time. >> time is on their side, whoever has this information. they can sit on the information and keep it cool un as things cool off, and then exploit that information. >> reporter: the school says it's a common practice to back up contact information. officials say there were no social security numbers on the thumb drive but the lake ridge mid-school principal says there was specific personal information that was not encrypted and could be accessed. >> there were students names, parents names, phone numbers, work numbers,
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home phone numbers, bus rider or walker information, as well as some medical information on students that have specific medical concerns. >> reporter: children are being asked to be extra aware of their surroundings as they walk to school or wait for the bus. live in the news room, i'm will thomas. >> it took four days for flyers to go home with parents. are they concerned about the delay in being notified? >> reporter: we did hear from parents who are concerned. the bottom line is this from a school official. they said this was their discovery process. they had to determine what was stolen. they had to file a police report. contact loss prevention at the school district level and then organize tonight's meeting, brian. >> will thomas live in the news room. a strong show of support for friends and -- from friends and family of a bicyclist killed in fairfax. dozens stopped at the intersection of route 29 and forum drive to remember abdul chadli. he was riding his bike on a path when an suv ran off
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the road and hit him. 32-year-old gary thorne was also killed. federal prosecutors in maryland have charged a school bus driver with making pornographic videos of himself and an elementary school student. the case coming to light tonight out of prince georges county. fox 5's bob barnard is live in clinton to pick up the story now. >> reporter: we are at a 7-eleven store near andrews air force base where federal investigators say that school bus driver who was using his cell phone camera to make pornographic videos with this young boy accidentally left his cell phone camera's memory card in the store back in march. now, two months later, that accident has landed the guy behind bars. this suspect was arrested last friday at this prince georges county bus depot in brandywine. he's 17-year-old scott smallwood, a school bus driver for the past five years. federal investigators say smallwood used his cell phone camera to videotape
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himself engaged in explicit sex acts with a 7-year-old boy. a child who referred to smallwood as his night bus driver. their identities discovered after smallwood allegedly visited this clinton maryland and accidentally left behind his cell phone's memory card. >> you know what? it's sad to say but it's good at the same time, it was meant to be for him to leave that card to find out what he was doing to those kids. >> reporter: investigators say a customer found the memory card on the check out counter here. took it home and discovered 10 to 15 videos of child pornography involving smallwood and the boy. >> if he's guilty, he's guilty. he's innocent until proven guilty but it looks that way right now. >> reporter: the feds say smallwood lives at this house with his mother and grandmother. a man at the house told us to leave the property. school district officials say despite what happens in court, smallwood's career as a school bus driver here
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is over. >> the prince georges county public school system takes this matter very seriously. our intent each day is to protect our young people, all of our students here in prince georges county. >> reporter: darryl presley didn't know whether the child and driver met on a bus. investigators say smallwood used starburst candies as an enticement. it does not appear any of the alleged incidents happened on a school bus but instead at sleep overs at a third party's house. >> bob barnard live in clinton. no bond for the last suspect charged in the death of a beloved d.c. principal. 19-year-old joel johnson faces a murder charge. he's been extradited to montgomery county from the district. in all four teens are charged in connection with brian best's death. he was found dead in his silver spring home month. one of the suspect's mothers is also facing charges. the oil slick in the gulf has grown to the size of
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maryland and delaware combined and things are getting nasty between bp and the federal deposit. >> reporter: the federal government is making it clear that bp alone tos blame for the disaster but officials overseeing the response say there would be nothing to gain but pushing bp aside and putting the government in charge of the cleanup. all of bp's efforts to stop the leak have failed and millions of gallons of crude are coating birds and other wildlife and foul in louisiana marshes. an explosion at a navy hone ballistics lab in west virginia and the smoke could be seen for miles. it happened in the town of rockford center. no one was inside the building when it happened. injured workers were in a nearby building. their injuries are minor. three servers at the chooek cheese cake factory in northwest d.c. are accused in a credit card skimming scam. it happened over an 8-month period starting in june of 2008. customers were bilked out of $300,000 in credit card
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charges. it could be the end of the road for a 70-year tradition, navy plebes racing to the top of a large coated statue. this year it was different. next year it might not even exist. this is not how you want to land a plane packed with passengers. find out what it took to get this jet safely pot ground. but first a quick check of the rundown. we are back in one minute. hang tight. 
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from the looks of it you'll be surprised to know it was a safe landing. the nose gear of the united
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airlines jet wouldn't deploy. the pilots flew the plane past the control towers so the engineers could get a look at what was going o the gear door was open but the gear was not safe to land. it is under investigation. the strike is affecting british airlines flights. they say they will be able to operate more than half its flights. the airline is running two of its three scheduled flights out of dulles beginning tomorrow, cancelling its own flight out of bwi. another travel alert on the roads. some sun screens may actually be spreading skin cancer. shawn back with your fox 5 top 5. we begin with a story that affects anyone who wears sun screen. number five, hundreds of popular sun screen products may actually increase the speed at which malignant cells develop and spread skin cancer. a study from the environmental working
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group finds the ingredient slows skin aging but may result in cancer when exposed on skin to sunlightment they recommend only 39 of 500 sun screens for the season. number four, girls update their facebook status more than boys. they say facebook is the most important thing in their lives compared to only 6% of boys. number three, good news for the housing industry. one week after record mortgage foreclosures, existing home sales went up in april. that is a 29% he increase over last year this time. experts believe the increase may be attributable to the first time home buyer tax credit. heads-up if you use the chain bridge. construction will carry over into the work week. only one lane is open in each direction until the middle of this week. number one, buckle up or pay up. the nationwide click it or ticket camp pain is
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underway. law -- campaign is underway. law enforcement will be out through june 6th looking for vy lay tours. 45 million americans still aren't buckling up. and that's tonight's fox 5 top 5. brian, back to you. the feature of live, local tv was unveiled. several hundred viewers are getting a chance to try out mobile digital tv. a mobile chip allows users to receive the clear image much tv on their cell phones, dvd players and laptops. >> we need this in order for broadcasting to be fully relevant in the century we live in a mobile society. 30 stations are on the mobile airwaves including fox, cable channels, fox 5 and my 20. consumers will be able to buy these devices in the fall. coming up next here at 11:00, is this the last time you'll ever see that chaotic
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scene? why 70-year-old tradition may be coming to an end. we hate to see traditions end. we had a real scorcher down to the south and of to the west and some of that heat is moving in this direction. watching for that and possible fog later tonight. the forecast is coming up. the traffic is awful but the d.c. areas still one of the best places to live in the u.s. so says the site's new study ranks d.c. number two for quality of life. the rated cities on things like economy, cost of living, school systems and even traffic. ♪i ain't going to live forever ♪ can a smart phone augment your reality?
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since the 1940s plebes at the u.s. naval academy crimed up to the top of agreed up herndon monument. that tradition may be on its last legs. >> reporter: from day one at the naval academy the end goal of your freshman year is at the top of this monument. the anticipation so strong today the plebes jumped the gun knocking down a gate and even a military police officer. >> i could not miss this for the world. >> reporter: the cannon finally sounded, the plebes
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rushed the monument, switching the first year hat known as addiction i cup with a midshipman's hat. it took one hour, 15 minutes to get to the top. this year, only 2 minutes, 5 seconds. the big difference this year compared to years past, it's the monument. typically it is covered with lard. very slippery. this year, totally dry. that's why this competition went so quickly today. some mid-ship men and parents are upset administrators at the academy are altering the tradition. >> preposterous. these kids could all be going into harm's way. they can handle herndon. >> reporter: the academy superintendent said because of minor injuries the herndon climb could be done away with in the future. some worry that the change to this year's event is just the first step. >> we're all disappointed that it wasn't greased up but it is what it is and we all had a good time.
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>> reporter: the academy refused to make any comment about the future of the herndon climb but parents were more than happy to fight for the tradition. >> herndon is the final end point for being a plebe. it would be great if they could continue it. >> reporter: although the climb was shorter and easier, the excitement didn't appear to fade. for some this marks the end of the hardest year of their lives. >> this was something that i needed to be a part of and something i needed to do, and being a part of it with my classmates and experiencing this event was just, i'm out of words. >> reporter: at the u.s. naval academy, matt ackland, fox 5 news. let's bring on summer. >> are you ready? you didn't get that much rain at the beach. >> we didn't get any. >> west of d.c., central virginia got hit hard. today, dry in comparison.
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and tomorrow, i think mostly a dry day too brian. but one thing when you've had all the moisture like we've had, we could begin to see fog later tonight. doesn't look like it's showing up in this picture. visibility looks good but it could develop rather quickly and especially if you live in an area that had a shower today say around the chesapeake bay. you could see that fog forming in a big hurry. and visibility could easily drop below a quarter mile. be aware that might be an issue for you in the morning. some areas of fog could be developing. let's talk weather headlines so you know where you're headed this week. with first of all the fog that we just talked about. could be around in the morning but get ready for some summer like heat. it is back in here on wednesday, thursday, friday. i'm talking pushing 90 degrees. humidity will be tolerable but also noticeable. and then a few scattered storms to dodge. mostly thursday and friday. maybe something could develop in an isolated way on wednesday but mostly thursday and friday. as we head into memorial day, so far, so good.
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especially for the big day itself. might have a couple of morning showers on saturday but right now it's starting to look good. we'll keep our fingers crossed. we know thing can change as we go through the workday. temperature wise we're at 70 in the district. annapolis, 67. winchester, 64. quantico, 70 and leonard town, 66. moist enough we could see the fog around and not finding any cooler temperatures into the northeast. pittsburgh, 66 degrees. a quick look at max hd satellite and radar. i want to show you what we have been watching down here. it is a broad area of low pressure that is going to get close to the southeast coast the next couple a little bit of shower activity. probably not going to see the rain from that system ourselves. if you are going to be spending some time along the beaches the surf could be significant. could be some rip currents and maybe some beach erosion. we're also going to watch for this system, a frontal
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system heading in our direction on thursday. tonight, mostly clouds, overnight fogs, 63 and for tomorrow, looks like we'll have early morning fog. break for sunshine getting up to 79 degrees. 8:00 in the morning there could be a touch of fog and maybe an isolated shower and don't wore by that one because that looks like it's a planner from a couple of days ago. we're not expecting thunderstorms tomorrow. we are expecting fog in the morning. 9. hot wednesday. scattered storms to dodge thursday and friday. if paul goes well a few showers in the morning on saturday and smooth sailing as we head into the memorial day weekend. that's weather but guess what. i'm putting a steven strasburg watch into effect. i feel he's coming real soon and when it is time i'll put it into a warning. let's see what dave feldman has to say about the phenomenal pitcher headed to d.c. we'll be right back. ♪
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mi,t "os ♪ ♪ good evening, i'm dave feldman. the nats have seen the future and he's in syracuse. he's coming soon. maybe not until june 8th. that's when pudge rodriguez gets off the dl. they may want pudge to catch steven strasburg when he makes his big league debut. steven strasburg makes his fourth start in syracuse against the toledo mud hens and looked good again. curve ball gets the first stlee strikeouts and this may prove to be his out pitch. he went five innings getting five k's. did allow five hits and one
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earned run. but the fast ball looked really good. manager jim riggleman. when is strasburg coming to d.c., please? >> i don't know when he's going to be here. i know that you know certainly we welcome him here. he's going to be a great pitcher for a long time. that's our hope. >> reporter: the magic needed some against the celtics. boston at home and up 3-0 in the best of 7 eastern conference finals. picking up late in the fourth. dwight howard and he's pretty good dunking. we are tied at 76. and then jamir nelson, remember him? he can still shoot. played at saint joe's and is comfortable in the nba, knocks down the 3. we're in overtime 5 and 86, ot getting underway in moments as orlando tries to stay alive. cavs have fired head coach mike brown. the team has imposed a midnight deadline to pay 4.5
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million or cut him lose. he had a 138 record in five years. his winning percentage of 6.63 the highest in franchise history but he's gone now and question is will this move help the cap leerz retain free agent lebron james? it's a many million dollar question. doug collins is back where his nba career started. the former number one pick of the sixers introduced today as the new head coach of the team. he replaces the fired eddie jordan who had a record of 27 and 55. he rae applied kon collins in d.c. and now collins replaces jordan in fill >> i a lot of people say why would you want to do this. my answer is why not. >> reporter: seems like a good reason. collins in philly today and the flyers in philly tonight. trying to eliminate the montreal canadiens in the eastern conference finals. flyers leading the series 3-1
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but montreal struck not even one minute into the game. 1-0, montreal but all philly from there. tied at 1 in the second until aaron ashrom gets one and the flyers do not look back. they win game 5, 4-2. afterwards the captain mike richards gets presented with the prince of wales trophy for winning the eastern conference. le touch it? he does. not everyone does because they say it's bad luck. you wait until the stanley cup but he held it. they'll play chicago in the stanley cup finals for the even bigger trophy. top seed defending champ roger federer a straight set winner in his return to the french open. i'm dave feldman. brian is back with more of the edge after this. 
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here's a last look at the five-day forecast as we head toward the memorial day weekend. looks like we're going to be building up some heat and dodging thunderstorms thursday and friday. an all-star line up is being brought in to honor paul mccartney at the white house next week. he will receive the t gershwin prize from


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