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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 14, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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to rise. it is 7:00 it is september 14th and we're planning some nice westmoreland on this primary election day. good morning. thank you for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. it is 7:00 a.m. and the polls are just opening in the district and in maryland. they'll be open for the next 13 hours, closing tonight at 8:00. >> when the results come in there could be a major change in leadership in the nation's capital. vincent gray has been enjoying leads at the poles over fenty, but the question is can the incumbent turn out enough votes for four more years. we'll share our final interviews with mr. fenty and gray in a moment. the other big race is in prince george's county where there will be a change in leadership and it's likely one of these two men will become the next county executive. we have that state this morning. and state races across maryland, including the state house and senate and local races in several counties,
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we'll have that all for you this morning. in the meantime, tony perkins joins us this morning. straight up 7:00. this morning is starting off clearer than yesterday. a lot of fog yesterday. >> yeah, today looks good. it's fine outside this morning. there are some cool spots but mostly clear and some clouds so it's a pretty sunrise for the morning sun coming up at 6:49. let's take a look at the current temperatures. in the 50s and 60s. 65 in washington. patuxent naval air station is at 64 degrees. elsewhere in the 50s. 57 in baltimore and frederick and 59 at dulles airport. here is a look at the sat-rad. better pictures are live shots from the tower cam and elsewhere as we have a mix of sun and clouds as the sun comes up. very nice start to the day. what we will see is a few more clouds coming through during the morning hours and then a
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lot of sunshine through the bulk of the day. so your day planner looks like this. we'll see a high today in the low 80s. our average for today is 80 degrees. sunshine and breezy, winds could gust up to 20-25 miles per hour later on today. that's a look at the weather. now let's get an update on traffic with julie wright. the crew in sky fox with us, on the outer loop as you approach i-95. northbound 495 toward the accident scene, now finding lanes are open as you continue on the outer loop toward new hampshire avenue. so again the accident before the exit for 95, multi vehicle crash with all lanes now open. you'll find they will exchange insurance information but on the meantime, the delays building from kenneth avenue. inner loop a brief stapping of the -- tapping of the brakes. 66 slow from nutley street to
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the beltway and delays from the two 234 interest changes in manassas. 195 in spotsylvania, a serious accident involving a tractor- trailer and horse trailer and lanes blocked on the north and southbound side of the interstate. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. more now on today's primary elections and our big focus as the voting begins is the d.c. mayor race. matt acland this morning is at a polling precinct in the northwest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. after months and months of campaigning, finally the polls are open. we're actually in penn quarter at the martin luther king, jr., library. we've seen a couple of people head in to cast their vote but so far it hasn't been too busy here. but we want to take you to video. we are monitoring a live feed at the southeast washington at the senior center on alabama avenue where chairman gray is
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expected to cast his vote between 7:00 and 7:30. our cameras are there. we're going to try to hopefully get an interview with him after he cast his vote. now i want to take you to some video taken this morning. this is around 5:30 this morning on georgia avenue. this was mayor fenty's kickoff rally. the mayor will vote near his home in northwest between probably 7:00 and 7:30. we should tell you that we have a camera at that location as well. we understand that both candidates, after they vote, then they plan to have a full day of campaigning, going out and shaking hands, hoping to convince folks to vote for them. and also we should tell you, if you have not registered to vote, you can go to your local precinct and signed up right away. but if you have already registered and have a political party, you cannot switch today. you have to do that in advance. so say you're republican and want to vote in the democratic
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primary today, you're already signed up, they will not allow that. but if you are not registered and go to the polling place, you can sign up and then vote. we'll have complete coverage of the race and many other races here on fox 5 throughout the morning. back to you. fox 5 talked one-on-one with the d.c. mayor candidates. >> this morning we start with mayor fenty. he is the incumbent. brian bolter talked with him. >> reporter: mayor fenty is a politician with a political problem. image. in the bizarre position before election day of using his substance to defend his style. >> there wasn't one time when we were making the decisions around consolidating schools or laying off employees or changing the taxi cabs from zones to meters that we thought we would be able to maintain
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the same level of political popularity. >> when you look at the decisions that you've made and how perhaps you could have made them more palatable or communicated them better so you didn't come across as a lot of people have portrayed you now, which is arrogant and aloof to the process and people, how are voters to trust you going down the road? >> when i got elected four years ago when was my campaign thesis was we were going to run a thousand miles, run the government like a private sector business, that we would maximize efficiency and performance. >> in reality, you're not the ceo per se, you operate at the whim of the people not the board. so ceo's don't have to have a campaign like you do. >> we need to involve people more and engage them more. they need to feel even when we are making a tough decision and even when i am leading, which
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is what mayors are elected to do, that i'm personally hearing both sides of the issue. >> reporter: when pressed to know what he would have done differently and if he would have engaged with the voters, he didn't have a answer. only that he promised to do more. >> we have heard that people want me to be more engaging or accessible and also to be a better connector and we'll do that going forward. >> reporter: polls indicate that turnout will make or break the fenty bid. in this predominantly african- american town, a heavy african- american turnout will boot fenty out of office. he knows that and goes back to what he believes is the heart of his re-election problem. >> maybe in the african- american community, despite the results or the effectiveness of the government they are saying, and i've heard this door to door, do an even better job connecting and engaging. that's what we have grown to
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expect from not just mayors but other leaders and i hear them. i understand where i have fallen short. >> now brian asked mayor fenty what he would do if re-elected. he said he hadn't given a lot of thought to that much like four years ago. >> and he did say it would most likely have to do with education. all of the polls have gray leading fenty. >> and shawn yancy sat down with the council chair to find out why he thinks he should be mayor. >> reporter: you can feel the excitement surrounding vincent gray as we walk the streets of d.c. residents eager to talk about the changes he could bring. >> all of the people support him and [ inaudible ] to get the support because we need the city heeled. >> why should people elect you for the mayor of the district of columbia. >> well i think i bring an
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open, transparent style of leadership, things missing i think in the past four years. >> you're top two priorities as mayor. >> continue education reform and economic development and getting people back to work. >> what is your plan to create more jobs in the city? >> one, making sure we make the investments for jobs that do exist and secondly making sure we have a department of employee services that trains people for contemporary jobs and use people for the same opportunity and restoring career and vocational education to our schools, a three-pronged attack. >> reporter: during a debate on fox 5 gray was asked what mistakes he made while in office. at that time he didn't admit to any. and he told me he reconsidered his response. >> one of the things i do regret is the confirmation of the current attorney general. >> reporter: he's referring to
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peter nicholsk a long time friend of the fenty family. he said he wanted to support the mayor, hoping it would improve their working relationship but gray said it hasn't. >> his client is the people of the district of columbia, not the mayor. >> reporter: and what do you say to critics that said if you were elected, your administration will look like the barry administration. >> i don't know why anybody would come to that conclusion. i've been the counsel member and the counsel chair for almost four years. i have no desire to go back to a past that i was not connected to in the first place. it's an unfounded allegation. >> reporter: if elected, what will you do? >> conduct a citizen summit and bring people back together as mayor williams did and work on what the priorities are for the city. >> reporter: if you lose, what is next? >> well i'll continue to be the council chair until the end of december. i'm a native washingtonian.
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i love this city. and i'll continue to do what i can to help the city move forward. [ cheering and applause ] >> thank you. appreciate it. >> and shawn asked chairman gray if he thinks fenty has done any good for the city. >> he was complementary of the lower crime rate and the control of d.c. schools. now d.c. is not the oath one holding a primary today. we'll look at the hottest races in maryland and the rest of the country. >> and we'll check out the other stories making headlines and that includes why police believe a speed bump may have started a dispute. we'll be right back. 7:11 now. n "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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7:14 right now. and we're back with coverage in primaries. in maryland voters will cast ballots for the senate primary. >> and stacy cohan joins us live from greenbelt with more. stacy, good morning. >> reporter: well good morning. and we have a lot to talk about this morning. many races here in the state of maryland and there was early voting. so some people had the chance to cast their ballot ahead of time here in maryland. but for many this is the day they are going to cast their ballot. so let's get right to it. first the governor's race, a key position here in the state. the governor's race is more contested on the republican side of the aisle. that's the primary everybody will be watching. now you have former governor robert ehrlich facing off against brian murphy. murphy shot to everybody's attention when he was endorsed by sarah palin. in fact palin is making some row bow calls to phones today
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that will be apparently in an effort for people to vote for murphy. and john cain is seeking re- election. and in prince george's county, the two leading candidates are michael jackson who was the -- the sheriff here for the past eight years and rash earn baker. baker had lost to jack johnson and holing that the third time is the charm. both talking about education reform, crime fighting and efforts to pull this county out of an economic slump. >> we are nationally recognized for my child support initiative and school resource initiative to place mentors in the school to guide our young people. >> reporter: we were unable to catch up with baker yesterday but he is coming here to visit us in the next hour at the
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eleanor roosevelt high school in greenbelt. so i'll let you know what he has to say. and the election continues here with the workers lined up. the polls are open. a few people have gone in early this morning. they tell me they are expecting quite a rush of people here. reporting live, i'm stacy cohan, back to you. voters in maryland counties are choosing candidates for municipal officers. >> sheriffs, board of education, state attorney, court clerk and treasurers on the board in frederick, montgomery, prince george's and st. mary's county. >> we'll follow this for you all day long. and a nice start to the day. this time yesterday the fog was hanging around. >> couldn't see the streets from the tower cam. >> yeah, not bad. a pretty start to the day. and today will be nice. a few clouds coming through, but a lot of sunshine and
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temperatures right about where they should be, into the low 80s. here is a look at the current temperature around the region. at reagan national it's 65 degrees. dulles international at 56. bwi marshall is at 57. so for some of you a cool start to the day. temperatures around the nation, generally speaking warmer than they've been during some recent times. temperatures in the 60s and 70s and much a -- across much of the country this morning. 79 degrees down in phoenix. 61 in raleigh. and we have 65 degrees in omaha. here is a look at the national sat-rad. we have a few clouds coming through. a frontal boundary will come through later on this morning and as it does we'll see the wents shift. they could be blustery at times. gusting up to 20-25 miles per hour today. the nation's mid section has a little bit of rain. as it moves east southeast will move south of our region so we
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don't expect any precipitation with the frontal passage. high today about 82 degrees. our average high is 80 degrees for this day. breezy and nice day. tomorrow night sunny and good amount of sunshine. 81 degrees for the high. thursday clouds start to build in as the day progresses. maybe some rain showers thursday night and into early friday. friday 81 degrees under partly cloudy skies. friday looks good, sunny and 80. now let's get the latest on traffic with julie wright. busy day out there traveling in virginia. starting off talking about 95. in you are traveling near spotsylvania county near route 1. accident involving a horse trailer and a tractor-trailer and a truck all involved in a crash having traffic north and southbound sweeping by to the right. the outer loop near the wilson brin. the accident pulled over to the shoulder but traffic rubbernecking past the scene into the sun in the direction of the wilson bridge. crash on the inner loop at braddock also cleared to the
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shoulder. that's in a delay back at springfield heading north of tysons corner. and 95 has a delay from kenilworth avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. 7:19 right now. time for a look at some of the other stories making headlines this morning. police say a man in springfield tied up and shot and killed his neighbor because of a dispute over the speed bump. the man broke into the home of steven carr and killed him. the two argued earlier this summer and were supposed to appear in court on thursday. alfonso pittman, the man behind fonzi the clown has been charged with a sex offense for a fourth time. he spent three weeks in a d.c. jail and will be back in court on friday. the wheaton metro is back up and running after escalator
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problems forced it to shut down during yesterday's evening commute. stations elevators were out of service before the the escalator malfunction. it is 7:20 on this tuesday morning. >> still more ahead on the top story which is the primary elections. and we'll look at elections across the country. and new surveillance taken during the huge explosion and fire out in california. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. 
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7:24 right now. help is on the way for the victims of last week's massive gas explosion as pge, the gas company, has created a 100 million-dollar fund. the remains of four people have been found but others are still missing. ainsley earhart has the latest. >> she sat down on the steps to
7:25 am
take a breather because of the smoke and fire and everything and the fire just engulfed her. >> reporter: david wharton lost his mother in the blast. >> my mom and cindy have been smelling gas for three weeks and they called pg&e out there and they said yeah, and they went back without doing anything. >> reporter: and this chaotic scene was captured inside a nearby supermark and at this service station a huge fire ball comes dangerously close to the pump. reports of gas being smelled in the area prior to the explosion are being examined by the ntsb. meanwhile three segments of pipe have been crated and had headed to washington, d.c. >> they'll undergo an extensive and detailed examination to help determine what caused the pipes to be breached.
7:26 am
>> reporter: utility workers look at toys left in this crater left by the explosion. many are now seeing their homes. >> pg&e has set up a fund of $100 million to help. >> reporter: the puc is requiring that gas leaks be inspected. it is primary day. coming up in the next hour we'll look at primary cases -- primaries around the country. 7:55. stay with us. 
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7:29 and we have more now on our top story today. it's primary today in d.c. and maryland. polls are open until 8:00 this evening. in the district you must be a registered democrat, republican or green party member to vote. however you can register today at the polls. in maryland, you have to be a registered democrat or republican and it's now too late to change your party affiliation. it is 7:30.
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let's check in with tony for the folks heading out to vote today, it should be a nice day. >> not a bad day. fine weather conditions. a little bit breezy later on. no rain and not much in the way of cloud cover and temperatures that are comfortable. not too bad. we're getting off to a cool start depending on where you are. parts of the area in the 60s. many of you in the 50s this morning. in cambridge, maryland, it is 59. manassas, virginia, 55. and 65 right here in washington. and 61 in quantico. so not a bad start to the day. or winds, we're watching these during the course of the rest of the morning into the afternoon. right now these winds are out of the south at about 7 miles per hour. not a whole lot going on but we do expect them to shift out of the northwest as a front comes through and they'll pick up to about 10-15 miles per hour, maybe gusting to 20-25 at times. there is a look at the satellite radar and there are a few clouds out there making for
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a beautiful sunrise not that long ago and it's going to be a very nice day as far as sunshine goes. just a few clouds streaming through and then more sunshine later. way out to the west there is an area of rainfall tracking eastward but south of our region. now speaking of rain and wind. hurricane igor, a category four hurricane and an impressive hurricane. very strong. maximum winds are now 135 miles per hour. it does pose a risk to bermuda. it's still a ways ahey but we'll watch it because it could impact bermuda by this weekend. and this is hurricane julia in the eastern atlantic not posing a threat to anybody at this point. category one with maximum sustained winds at 75 mile-per- hour. here is your forecast for today, mostly sunny, breezy at
7:32 am
times. five-day forecast, after the front comes through, quiet and sunny, 81 degrees. thursday clouds start to build in. could see some shower activity late in the day on thursday, probably thursday night the way things are shaping up. friday is nine, saturday looks great and now 80. >> 85. i don't care what you say. on the roads sh the lanes are open but the pace is slowing toward route 1 college park. accident reported on the ride side. the outer loop slow from 95 toward georgia and there all lanes are open. southbound 95 open for business delays, out of laurel. northbound 95 still cleaning up a crash at -- up a crash at 695. slow across the 14th street bridge. stop and go here across the potomac. down in spotsylvania county, accident there has traffic
7:33 am
southbound on 495. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. today much of the attention is focused on the primary races in d.c. and maryland and votes in a half dozen other states are going to the polls. so steve peoples joins us, staff writer at roll call. >> thank you so much for having me. >> and the republican have a big surge and even now you have the tea party taking away attention from the candidates that were more establish sod we have a lot to go on. let's start with the primary contests, and let's start in delaware. >> that is a fascinating race. this is a seat that's been held by vice president joe biden for the last 36 years. one that is really -- should be a relatively easy pickup for republicans if things go their way and there is an unexpected primary between o'donnell and
7:34 am
castle that have put that outlook in jeopardy for republicans. >> castle has gone on record saying if o'donnell wins then the republicans will lose in november. is this a tactic we're starting to see within the republican party? including the tea party candidates. >> delaware is different from other states. it's not a kentucky or colorado or alaska, but certainly we are seeing the same theme playing out. if christine o'donnell wins, like you just said, a lot of people don't think she can survive in a general election matchup, i tend to agree. she has a ton of baggage. she has a great appeal to the republican base. and obviously that helps you on a primary day but not necessarily in november. so we very well could see the tea party again helping democrats pick up a seat that they have no business winning. >> and that takes care of delaware. how about new hampshire?
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what do you see there? >> interesting race as well. we have a establishment backed candidate who is the favorite coming in. we have tea party action there as well but by no means the same extent that we're seeing it in delaware. in delaware they have the everything playing out. and they're backing a con date named lamontain. and he could have an upset in the race. a lot of democrats would have you believe that that means that democrats will pick up that seat. i'm not so sure. paul heads as congressman is not a sure thing. so some of the same themes but not as optimistic for new hampshire there. >> and residents are keeping track of what is happening in rhode island.
7:36 am
patrick kennedy held that seat for a while. what do you see here? >> this is one example where democrats have done all they can to help republicans. nice to see some balance there. so essentially, like you said, the seat held by kennedy i think since 1994, democrats should -- this should be a safe democratic seat. but the primary battle has been so bloody, i mean we have a new comer candidate anthony gemma who has thrown out negative ad after negative ad. he has a mantra going, "are you kidding me? " and well funded and the fourth openly gay member of congress. but he should be the favorite to win the seat but nothing is sure by how bloody has been and we have republicans. we have john lack lan sitting
7:37 am
back and waiting to bide his time. he hasn't had to spend any money and doesn't have a challenge of his own so if ever there were conditions to help republicans win a seat in the very blue rhode island, we're seeing it now. >> and we'll see what the democrats have left to go through november. and talk about more when we see democrats. lately charlie rangel in new york. this should have been a shoe- in, probably still would be. he's 80 years old now and trying to get a couple of more years up on the hill. but with everything hanging over his head for ethics, is that going to be an impact for him? >> well he's had the campaign which i think sets the stage. it's been a shoe-in for him since 1970 and he first won the seat. but democrats want this guy to go away. he's one of the best recruiting
7:38 am
tools for republicans and get out the ones that republicans can hope for, and yes, he's having worked and shaking hands and other candidates have done this and he hasn't had to. and he's facing someone -- it's a crowded primary but adam clayton powell, a big name whose grandfather rangel upset to first win his seat in 1970. so powell is a substantial threat to rangel but despite the high profile problems he's had he's still the odds on favorite to win the seat. too close to call but my money is on wrongler. >> and steve peoples from roll call. thank you. we'll talk more local politics in just a minute. it is 7:38 right now. 65 degrees on this tuesday morning. riders at risk on metro.
7:39 am
thieves are going after ipods, cell phonesond other high-tech surprises. then a district police officer shoots and kills this dog at the crowded adams morgan day festival. today his owner is speaking out. that's coming up next on fox 5 morning news. 
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7:41 right now. let's look at stories making headlines. a loudoun county neighborhood on alert after a female jogger was attacked. she was running near glauster parkway when she was attacked and had her cell phone stolen. she was not badly hurt. so far no description of the suspect. steve. a 6-year-old drowned in a pool in frederick county. this was on saturday at a home on coke court in monrovia. the sheriff's department said two adults were sitting next to the pool when the boy started
7:43 am
to drown and he was taken to the hospital but it was too late. a person shot an armored car guard yesterday outside of the poppy -- popeye's restaurant. the armored guard was shot as he was getting out and took off without getting cash. we are hearing two different stories about what happened during a nasty dog fight over the weekend. two dogs got into a tussle at the adams morgan festival. >> a police officer opened fire and killed one and now the owner claims the officer was the one out of control. >> reporter: sushi is recuperating at home. he's laid up with a couple of broken bones in his right paw and a frightful memory of a run- in with parent. >> he has stitches and two
7:44 am
broken bones and we don't know when else he'll need. >> reporter: the attack was so vicious she said she on the separate the dogs. >> when the dog turned around i saw that he was aggressive or something was going on. >> reporter: a large man grabbed sushi and handed him back to her. >> i saw the owners trying to hold the dog down and the dog bit him too. >> reporter: but they say the dog was under control when the officer arrived on the scene. >> you can see this is the extent of my injuries. hardly really anything at all. >> reporter: lock admits parrot did bite sushi but not biting people. >> reporter: the officer grabbed -- through my dog down, he landed half on this triangle shaped step and half on his back, on his spine and the
7:45 am
officer ran to the top of the stairs, shot and killed my dog. >> reporter: block said he's been fostering parrot for the lucky dog rescue and it him for about a month. >> i believe it's possible at the time that officer fike was in panic mode and wasn't thinking clearly. >> reporter: the -- this woman said she didn't see the shooting but -- >> i saw the dog biting. >> reporter: d.c. police say the shooting appears to be justified. and tony joins us with another look at our forecast. >> your weather conditions will be perfect for voting. here is a look at the current temperatures around the region. 65 degrees right now in the nation's capital. this is a broad look at the mid- atlantic. 70 degrees in richmond. 60 in new york city. temperatures in the 50s to the
7:46 am
north and west. here is a look at the surface map for today. the main feature will be a frontal boundary. behind that front we have more -- we have breezy conditions that will come through, and then more high pressure will settle in. we'll have quiet conditions tomorrow and a lot of sunshine and a very nice day. so your five-day forecast, high today about 82 degrees, becoming breezy. winds could gust up to 20-25 miles per hour in the late morning and early afternoon. good amount of sunshine. tomorrow even more sunny, 81 degrees. thursday clouds begin to build in. the latter part of the day, maybe some rain showers thursday night. partly cloudy and 81, saturday, sunny and 80. >> we can't get to the 85 number julie is waiting for this week? >> no. the best chance of that happening, if it were going to happen, would be today.
7:47 am
>> okay. >> embrace that, julie. >> all right. >> that didn't sound like an embrace to me. out on the roads, delays leaving the inner loop, college park toward kenilworth. traffic volume heady into the sun on the eastbound stretch of the beltway toward greenbelt. outer loop slowing 95 to georgia. delays on 270 out of germantown past mva and rockville to the split. 395 on the brakes across the 14th street bridge. the crash out of spotsle vain yu county along route 1. you'll find traffic squeezing by in each direction. and inner loop below speed leaving annandale toward 66. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. we do have a warning for you if you ride metro. the transit agency said robberies on trains and buses are on the rise. thieves are snatching up cell
7:48 am
phones, ipods and laptops. >> since june nearly 550 robberies. there are some actions to take to reduce your chances of being targeted. will thomas explains. >> reporter: we are talking about personal robberies not only on trains but also on buses. captain campbell joining us. there is a spike in this type of crime so far. as you look around on this platform, who is potentially a victim? >> well anyone who is using an electronic device and not paying attention to their surroundings. and as we look over here, this is one woman that -- >> reporter: may we approach. >> sure. >> reporter: ma'am, i'm will thomas with channel 5. what would you tell her? >> we are experiencing a prompt of thefts of electronic devises. >> reporter: but are you
7:49 am
telling people not to use their phones or ipods when they are commuting? >> no. we're not telling people not to use them, we're asking people to be more vigilant. >> reporter: and who would be an example? >> this young man. not looking around. or this woman right here. not paying attention to what is going on. >> reporter: are the crimes occurring on the train or the platforms? >> they are occurring a variety of places but on the trains by the door. >> reporter: but you're saying the bad guys come up to the door. >> and they're gone. they snatch your phone as the doors are chiming and the door is closing. that way they are outside of the train and you're stuck in the train. we want riders to know to
7:50 am
secure their device so they don't become a victim. so what are you doing from a police perspective to get these guys. >> we're using a variety of things. using our plain clothes officers. >> reporter: you're getting the word out. i'm will thomas at the gallery place metro stop for fox 5 morning news. >> the captain recommends that you program the number for metro transit police into your phone where you could call to report a crime. >> and we put that on under web links. and we do have breaks news for you. we've been telling you about this woman, her name is sarah shore. these 32 and she was -- 32 and she was imprisoned in iran for a year. she was charge the with leaving
7:51 am
the border. it turns out today she has been released from prison. >> this is according to the reports from iran. but the reports is that the american hiker has been released. but of course she had some health concerns. the two men she was with have not been released. but the good news here for the american hiker sharia shore that she has been released after being there for more than a year. right now it's 7:51. he's popular at children's party. >> but this morning d.c.'s fonzi its clown is behind bars, coming up after 8:00. and hospitals expecting an influx of patients and we'll tell you why, coming back. 
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taking a look from space now at hurricane igor. why do i say i--gore. nasa snapped these pictures from the space station. the storm now having winds at 140 miles per hour. the track shows igor staying well south of bermuda for the next five days and still too
7:55 am
early to see if it will pose a threat to land. and tony said it may pose a threat to bermuda. and hard to remember when we were enjoying beautiful weather here in d.c. seven months ago we were still snowed in from the blizzard of 2010. >> snow stranded many families at home. now it looks like we're seeing the results of that togetherness. local hospitals are expecting another sort of blizzard in the next few weeks and laura evans has more. >> reporter: in february washington was brought to a stand-still by one of the worst blizzards in the city's history. burying the region under two feet of snow, some people braved the outdoors, sightseeing and shoveling, while others retreated indoors. >> measure what you should. >> reporter: and now nearly nine months after the massive storm a blizzard of babies is due. >> we've seen a tremendous
7:56 am
surge into the fall for the number of deliveries. last year we did about 1350 deliveries. and we're expecting we may actually get to 200 more deliveries this year. >> it's most definitely a by- product of the blizzard. >> reporter: miller said he and his wife laura were trying to have a baby and the blizzard made for perfect conditions. >> you need to have plenty of free time so that worked out well. >> reporter: and this birth center in d.c. is getting ready for a baby boom in october. >> we knew a while ago we would be busy at this time. and people come for pre-natal care in advance. >> reporter: but cynthia flynn, a nurse midwife is preparing for the extra birth, she is not buying into the whole blizzard baby phenomenon. >> it's one of those urban myths that everybody likes to think. it is much heavier than it usually is but if it's enough
7:57 am
to be significant, i don't know. >> reporter: dr. oscar mines prepares for the volume of birth as he begs to differ. >> it's real. i've been very busy. >> reporter: he said his clients say they are carrying blizzard babies. >> i have them telling me they were bored or had nothing else to do. >> reporter: and now sleepless nights for parents. laura evans, fox 5 news. >> oh. coming up after 8:00, dr. phil will show us what we can see next year on his popular show. and on the red carpet at the sunday mtv awards. we'll hear about the awesome experience. stay with us. n
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is primary day in d.c. and maryland. the polls now have been open for one hour. we are live with the closer look at the big races and everything votes need to know to make their voices heard. and then he's popular at children's parties but this
8:01 am
morning d.c.'s fonzi the clown is behind bars and facing serious charges. yesterday we talked about the local veterans who found themselves on the red carpet at sunday's mtv music awards with lady gaga and today one of them is here with us to talk about this experience. should be interesting. thanks for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. and tony perkins joins us now for a look at this day and more. and may i just say that tony's car is blinged out with redskins stuff. >> i love the spirit. it's that time of year. a new beginning this year. indeed, we have a fine day across the area. we have temperatures in the 50s and 60s this morning so it's a cool start. later on today we'll see temperatures where they should be. it will be breezy later on today. current temperatures look like this: currently 65 here in the capital. 57 in baltimore, 56 at dulles airport. ocean city, maryland, is at 64 degrees.
8:02 am
winchester, virginia, is at 62 degrees. satellite radar composite for the area, a few clouds moving through, but has made for some pretty pictures this morning since the sun started coming up. a few clouds here and there. mostly clear skies. a few clouds this morning and then sunshine through the bulk of the day. your forecast for today looks like this: mostly sunny skies, breezy at times, high of about 82 degrees. and when i say breezy, that's winds 10-15 miles per hour and could gust up to 20-25 miles per hour. >> i have to pick on you because i pulled in this morning and parked next to tony and i thought you have to be kidding me. with everything you said in the off season and you go to one game and now your car is completely blinged out. >> but most of my concern over the off season has been about one particular redskin. but i'm just very excited about this season. >> i can tell you are. well i hope you keep those on there the rest of the season. >> we'll see.
8:03 am
julie wright, what is going on in traffic world? >> doesn't one bumper sticker cover up the whole back end of the scooter? [ laughter ] >> oh, tell the truth, julie. we're painting a picture here. >> maybe two stickers. on the roads, outer loop of the beltway, leaving 650 new hampshire avenue, lanes open toward georgia. they are checking for a crash northbound new hampshire before the beltway. southbound 95 on the brakes, 198 out of laurel down to the beltway and randolph road to university boulevard slow. southbound 270 on the brakes leaving gaithersburg toward the split. and in virginia eastbound 66 congested leaving nutley street to the beltway. delays between 7100 and 123. 50 at glebe road doing utility road. still have delays leaving fairfax circle. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. we continue to follow breaking news out of iran now
8:04 am
where state televisions there are reporting that sarah shore, one of the three american hikers held in iranian custody has been freed from prison. now there had been talk that that would happen over the weekend. and then perhaps on monday with her family pleading to lower a half a million dollars bail. but it appears that she was released today. it's unclear whether any bail money was exchanged for the release. two other united states hikers remain in iranian custody. turning to the primary elections under way in maryland and d.c. >> we begin with the race for mayor here in the district and fox 5's matt acland is live outside of a precinct. >> reporter: good morning allison and steve. we've been here for the last hour or so and i have to say voter traffic seems to be light so far this morning.
8:05 am
everything is going pretty smoothly except right after i talked to you at 7:00, this is my voting precinct so i went in to cast my vote. and there were some issues in the beginning. they were having some trouble finding some pencils to cast the ballot. after about 5 or 10 minutes they found the pencils and everything started to move smoothly. let's take you out to show you some of the candidates. they've been busy this morning. we first have video from southeast just into the news room. this is of chairman vincent gray showing up at his polling location close to his home in the southeast, taking place in the last half an hour or so. we also have a camera at fenty's polling location close to his house and westwood. and this is around 5:30 this morning along georgia avenue in northwest. this is the mayor's election kickoff day rally. and the layer will be voting very soon and once again we
8:06 am
have video for you coming to the news room, pretty soon we'll get that on as soon as possible. and we should tell you also, if you do live in the district and you haven't registered to vote yet, you can go to your local polling place and register, just bring a photo i.d. but if you've already registered and have a party affiliation, you can not go to your precinct and change it up. if you're a republican, you can't vote for a democrat today. and you have to vote along the party line. things are going smoothly here in downtown d.c. back to you guys. >> thank you. and we have extensive one-on- one interviewed with mayor fenty and his opponent vincent gray on lick for the links on the home page. and in maryland voters are casting their ballots for the senate primary and in the
8:07 am
governor's race. >> in prince george's county voters will decide who will be the next county executive and stacy cohan is there in greenbelt with more. >> reporter: good morning to you. and there are several candidates running for the county executive and one of the candidates michael jackson was holding an event this morning up in upper marlboro. i'm at the eleanor roosevelt high school in greenbelt. and voting right at this moment is the other leading contender and that is former state dell grat rushern baker. going door to door to get out the vote. many making final rounds, rallying support and trying to sway the minds of still undecided voters. >> thank you for your support.
8:08 am
>> reporter: both candidates are campaigning on education, economic development and crime reduction. >> i'm the only person qualified to lead an agency. >> reporter: this man was born and bread in the county and held several positions, including teacher. jackson said that makes him well suited to address student needs. schools are endorsing him. >> my name is in congressional record and we're nationally recognized for our school resource initiative where we place deputies into the school. >> reporter: baker is making a third run after losing twice to jack johnson. despite our repeated attempts to catch up with baker, his staff said he was unavailable until a campaign event in the weekend. and they are focused on improving the county education
8:09 am
system. he's endorsed by a number of state and local lawmakers. jackson with a series of tax credits that he said will bring in revenue, baker with an innovative financing plan and tax incentives to spur development. and we are expecting to speak to jackson and baker in the coming hour. i'll have what you they say in the 9:00 hour. the polls have been out here since 7:00 a.m. anand steady campaign and a host of workers ready to convince people and try to web that last-minute vote. i'm stacy cohan, back to you. voters are choosing candidates for municipal offices. >> counsel members, sheriff, board of education members, state attorneys, court clerks and treasurerrers are on the ballot in loudoun, prince george's and st. mary's county. we'll have more this morning. we'll check out other stories
8:10 am
making headlines this morning. >> that includes more on fonzi the clown. this morning he's behind bars facing serious charges. ainsley. the failed blowout preventer is up from the gulf and ready for a close-up. i'll have more on the gulf oil investigation coming up. p.p,ppppó@@@@@@@@@@@ñño
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
it is 8:12 now. 65 degrees out there. time for a look at stories making headlines this morning. police in fairfax county say a dispute over a speed bump in burke led a man to shoot and kill his neighbor. and this morning david paton is facing murder charges. detectives say he was angered when the victim steven carr got officials to put in a speed bump. popular children's entertainer in trouble with the law once again. >> alfonso pitman, the man behind fonzi the clown has been charged with yesterday another sex offense. beth parker has the latest. >> reporter: a colorful photo and a wide smile, kids around
8:14 am
d.c. know him as fonzi the clown. to law enforcement he isal offenseo pitman and for at least the fourth time -- he is alfonso pittman and has been charged for a fourth time. a 14-year-old girl accused pitt mabman -- pittman of assaulted her. he claimed to place both hands up the front of her dress. the court papers go on to say that pitt man reached into his pocket and gout out some money and asked the 14-year-old how much she was. she talked about the incident with her god mother who reported to to police. a person at his business told fox 5 said it's been a while since they've seen pittman. >> reporter: and the reason he hasn't seen him around his place of business is that he's
8:15 am
seen him the last few weeks here in the jail. and one person said when she was 13 pittman fondled her. >> i felt deadened, like it was my fault. >> reporter: prosecutors prosecuted the case but pittman was found not guilty. he was convicted of misdemeanor sex abuse. he was on probation from that case when the latest arrest happened. those who knew pittman say all the while he's working with kids, smiling all along. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> we did try to reach pitt man for comment and called a lawyer who has represented him but he's been in jail since august 21st. >> he's scheduled to return to court this coming friday. it'sle 18:00 right -- it's 8:18 right now. and this is a busy tuesday. >> it sure is. and tony has its forecast. >> and we have some good news for you before we get to the forecast. it is time for the my first 5
8:16 am
photo of the day. this is jada. isn't she cute? her family recently pulled out the long sleeve pajamas for the first time this season. got to protect the babies. they look adorable. >> pretty eyes. >> thank you for sending that in. to end us your child's picture go to and click on mornings. temperatures gone up. it's now 68 at reagan national. 61 at dulles. 61 at bwi marshall. here is a look at the satellite radar composite for the entire nation. we do have a few clouds moving through this morning, mixed with the sunshine. reagan national says their skies are mostly cloudy now but here in northwest washington it's a good mix of clear and cloudy sky. the cloudy sky will win out and in the nation's mid section you are seeing rain. that's the only spot seeing any
8:17 am
rain. that's unusual. that's on the border from kansas to missouri. kansas city is getting rain now. that rainfall moves to the south and east so it won't impact us. it will be south and east of our area. high today about 82 degrees and our average high is 80. we'll see sunshine and it will become breezy and at times the winds can gust up to 20-25 miles per hour. tomorrow nice and ursday clouds move in, maybe some showers thursday night. friday an okay day. saturday a great day, sunny and 80 degrees. that's the latest on the weather. now let's get the latest on the rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> real quick, i need your help with something. today is my parents 53rd wedding anniversary. >> that's wonderful. >> i know. i'm excited about them. and on the roads, southbound on 270, lanes are open and no accidents to report out of germantown down to rockville. but litherring -- lingering
8:18 am
days southbound toward the split. and slow at white oak toward university boulevard and 195 on the brakes to the beltway. slow through silver spring. inner loop sunshine delays 355 around connecticut avenue. inbound south capitol street, lanes are open and below speed over the anacostia. scheduled to do road work here. still slow on inner loop at braddock up toward 66. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. in the gulf of mexico there is work on the bp broken well. we are familiar with the under water camera and now an important piece of the muzzle -- puzzle has been pulled out of the water and we are looking at the blowout preventer. >> reporter: this massive piece of equipment once sat on the bottom of the gulf of mexico. it is the blowout preventer now perched above a barge in three pieces. >> did you maintain and do it
8:19 am
properly at the time you were supposed to do it. >> reporter: it spewed millions of gallons of oil and now set to be analyzed to learn why it failed. >> i think a lot of them look forward to thinking this will never happen to anyone ever again. >> reporter: and bp is said not to have paid back the city for the services rendered and owes more than 500,000 in unpaid bills. >> they have been doing the same thing for the business owners. they will pay and then want new documentation. >> reporter: if bp is responsible, they would have to pay $4,300 per barrel. at 5 million barrels that could exceed $20 million. lawmakers want to steer that money. >> we want to claim 80% of the money for the gulf. the money right now is unrestricted by law so it will
8:20 am
take a congressional act to direct it. >> reporter: those from university of georgia have seen miles thick of oil. it is said because of the spill. because of the temperatures the oils make take some time to degrade. ainsley earhart, fox 5 news. >> once the relief well is finished they will seal it with mud and cement. we are getting a look at a dramatic picture of the moments that the gas explosion. and at this service station, a huge fire ball comes dangerously close to the gas pumps. so far the remains of four people have been found. pg&e started a $100 million fund to help the victims. last week's blast has utility companies looking closer at pipelines across the country. authorities say they don't
8:21 am
know if they'll file charges on either of the fires in colorado. the fire in loveland was one issue. it is now up to 25% contained. and the fire near boulder is now contained. it started when the wind picked up and burst from a fire pit. 8:21 on this tuesday morning. rafael nadal proving he is one of the best tennis players in the world. >> and a reporter claims that her list caused some problems. we'll talk about that when we come back. ]rd
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
rafael nadal has sealed his legacy as one of the best ever when he won his first u.s. open. he beat djokovic in nine sets for his tournament. he captured the career grand slam, which is winning all four majors once. the first player at 41 years to win the french open, wimbledon and the u.s. open in the same calendar year. congratulations. and it's turning out to be a tough week for the jets.
8:25 am
they hosted last night at the meadowlands. and flacco getting sandwiched here for the ravens. jets defense recovered. fast forward to 11 seconds left in the first half. third and goal for the ravens at the jets 1. mcgahee powering in off the left side and the ravens win, the final score 10- 9. an investigation by the nfl is underway into how the jets treated a reporter. she's a mexican tv reporter who felt uncomfortable at the team practice over the weekend and claims that players and coaches made cat calls and whistled at her and even blocked her path as she tried to walk away. some people claim though that this reporter wasn't dressed appropriately. in response she tweeted this photo of her at the practice saying the jeans and blouse are appropriate. the team's owner has apologized. congress now back in session but not for long. >> coming up next, we'll check out some of their goals and get
8:26 am
predictions on if any of the goals will be accomplished. then on thursday a world renouned child expert will join us. do you have problems with a child. >> or a toddler with temper tantrums. you can send the questions to us by going to our facebook page. search for fox 5 morning news and remember no space between fox and the number 5. send us a question and we might ask that on the air. in the meanwhile, we'll be back. n
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[ lennouncer ] it's ram truck season.
8:29 am
and the 60-day handshake lives on, that five-finger bond that communicates trust, honor, follow-through, and follow-up. it's a promise that says go ahead and buy a ram 1500 or a heavy duty without a payment for 60 days. and if it doesn't do everything you ask it to do... bring it back. ram. it is primary day in d.c. and maryland. polls are open until 8:00 this evening. in the district you must be a registered democrat, republican or green party member to vote. however, you can register today at the polls. in maryland you can have to be a registered democrat or republican and it is now too late to change your party affiliation. at 8:30, let's check the
8:30 am
forecast for anybody heading out there today, tucker. >> gorgeous weather. absolutely perfect. picture-perfect out there this afternoon with high temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. noticeably less humid than yesterday as well. so if anything, it is a little dry out there. 68 at reagan national. warming up after temperatures back in the 50s again overnight. generally outside of the beltway. 63 for you in gaithersburg. 66 in quantico. winchester, twinning number of 70 right now. and then in fredericksberg 74 tom with aer down there. highs later this afternoon in the upper 70s and low 80s. yesterday mid-80s. so a few degrees cooler. and a cold front responsible for cloud cover. it will come through here dry so we won't squeeze out any needed rain and behind it winds will pick up. so expect breezy conditions this afternoon. i think the winds will feel pleasant out of the north and northwest at 15-20 miles per hour. but it will be breezy out there at times. and the frontal system going to
8:31 am
clear the coast for the next couple of hours and high pressure will build in. not only talking about high pressure today but tomorrow into thursday afternoon. conditions should be just about perfect around here with bright sunshine, warm days, cool evenings and no rain in sight here until thursday night and maybe early friday. here is your forecast. 82 this afternoon. a lot of sunshine and again i mentioned the breeze. that's a big difference from yesterday's forecast. winds up to about 25 miles per hour here out of the north and west. and the five-day forecast, and again a lot of sunshine next couple daves, next chance for any rain shower activity, thursday night. that might linger into friday morning but right now the start to the weekend looks good with highs about 80 or so. that's a look at the forecast. allison, i'll give it back to you at the desk. well congress is back for a brief session before many members go back to campaigning for re-election. so what can they hope to accomplish during a short-term of work here in washington?
8:32 am
so joining us now sand -- david sands. and it's about a four-week period of time that lawmakers are back. realistically, can anything get done. >> i think each side will try to fail to their own advantage. they won't pass very much substantive, but will try to set up votes that play well for them in the november mid terms. >> and let me ask you a broad term here. they go back home to get ready for the elections and how does this play into that if you haven't got much done. >> well the big issue is the tax cuts set to expire at the end of the year. they were passed under former president bush and if they are extended, everybody will get a bigger tax bill next year. the democrats -- president obama yesterday was again pushing for the idea for tax cuts extending to earn $250,000 or less, which he calls middle
8:33 am
class. it looks like they'll have a stalemate this fall. but whoever wins the debate on why this thing failed will probably have an advantage in november. >> this -- taxes, that is one thing that never american understands. so that is a so the-button issue that could make a difference at the polls. >> that's right. and the polls say that there is a fair amount of popular support for a middle class tax cut. and if they frame it as they are not giving us our tax cut and preserving it for the rich, and if the republicans say this is a bad thing to do and the stringle economy, then they win the debate. and that's what is out there right now. >> a small business bill, when you look at something like that and you know the debate that needs to be heard, is that realistic to think that will go through? >> i think it will go through. it's like the two sides have
8:34 am
been posturing to go through but the democrats have broken off a filibuster to get that one through. and there are a couple of other cats and dogs that might go through. food safety with regard to the eggs but some major bills, i wouldn't hold my breath. >> you're saying the food safety measure that had stalled led almost to this -- you can phrase it any way you want to but there is a real story with people getting stick. is that a priority? >> it was one of the bills they were hoping to pass. it wasn't a top priority from the scare. but they might carve out a few days in the month. one of the problems is they don't have much time. anything they work on, they won't work on anything else. >> and we've heard the don't ask, don't tell, they wanted a repeal in the department of defense bill they are looking
8:35 am
at. what do you think about the chances of this? >> this is a fairly complex bill with a lot of moving parts but ben craft would like to have a vote for their base on trying to have republicans vote against don't ask, don't tell. but if it passes it will be interesting for november. >> and i want to ask you a question about the mood and temperature. we're watching how big the government is and how our lawmakers, they are saying so what, you are incumbent, that is no guarantee. and are people watching closer and how important is it to get one or two things passed. >> they would like to change the tone of the conversations for november because with the polls it is shown to be a strong republican year. >> they're more involved. >> it's a fairly typical september of a mid term year
8:36 am
where everything is geared toward november. and so there will be a lot of posturing up there and a lot of conversation on the election. >> deputy editor of the washington times, david sands, thank you very much. coming up, find out how a 5- year-old set off a school lockdown. and if you're looking for work check out a job shop. today looking for an office manager. a finance and payroll background is preferred. for more information on this job and many others go to and click on the job shop tab at the top of the home page and we'll be right back.
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8:39 am
we could soon learn more about the massive computer network crash in virginia last month. northrup grumman paying $250,000 for an independent review of the massive computer failure effecting 26 of the 89 state agenciesch the dm have could not issue driver's license for a week. they could end up paying penalties if they find their negligence led to the crash. the president will address the nation's school children today. he's delivering a back to school speech aiming to inspire children to dream big, work
8:40 am
hard and focus on learning. this is the president's second address of this kind. last year conservatives accused the president of pushing his political agenda on children. intense moments for a vancouver, washington, school as a 5-year-old kindergartener wandered into the wrong class and pretended to be a new student in the first grade classroom and didn't respond when his name was called on the intercom. he was found later in the afternoon when his photo made the round to staffers. still ahead this hour, we're joined by dr. phil to see what will go on this year on the show. then yesterday we told you about the local veterans who found themself on the red carpet at the mtv music awards with lady gaga. now one of them is here to tell us about his experience. it's 8:40 and we'll be right back. d
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
welcome back. at 8:43. of course it is primary election day here in the
8:44 am
district. and we want to go back out now live to reporter matt acland. matt is outside of the mlk library in northwest and we understand there are more voting problems popping up, not necessarily where you are but across the area? >> reporter: yeah, allison, that's right. we should say these are minor problems, if any. what we are talking about is the electronic ballots. apparently at six different locations here in the district, there have been some issues with these new electronic ballot-casting machines. they're not working and the reason why, we're told by some officials with the board of elections, is they believe it's some kind of training issue, that the person who was trained on this wasn't trained properly. they're in the process of trying to get those up and running. but we should say that just because these machines are done that doesn't mean the voting has stopped because the way i voted this morning is i took a paper ballot and filled it out with a pencil and it was easy
8:45 am
and simple. there was probably 10-12 paper ballot stations here and one electronic machine. so at the different locations people are still voting, it's just the machines not working so well at this point. so we're told by the d.c. board of elections that they are doing their best to get out to the locations and get the staff up to date. but we should say once again that voting has not stopped. it's simply issues with electronic ballot issues. and we hope to have an interview in a couple of minutes with someone from the board of elections here in d.c. back to you allison and steve. >> matt, we look forward to it. thank you for the update. steve, over to you. since she is larger than life, it makes sense that lady gaga would need four escorts for the mtv video reports. to show support of the don't asdon't tell repeal, she asked those who left the
8:46 am
military or were discharged because of the don't ask, don't tell. and michael haste is here and tell us about this weekend and how was it? >> it was awesome. we had a great time with lady gaga. she's down to earth and so interested in the rep he'll and she -- the repeal and she was wonderful. >> and how was this able to come together and get out to las vegas and be with her? >> we were talking to her on tuesday before her concert here at d.c. and were talking to her at the verizon center and were telling her about don't ask, don't tell and she said i think you should come to the vma's with me and we can get on the red carpet with me and talk about how we need to get it repealed.
8:47 am
>> so for you it was a great opportunity not just only for the campaign you've been fighting for, but as a fan i'm sure you were thrilled to be close to an awarded show like that and lady gaga. it was great to be there. >> it was a great night for her and for me and the other veterans. >> what does it mean to have somebody of that caliber pick up this fight you've been waging for a long time. >> i think it's great. i wish you could see celebrities taking up real issues and talking about them. she really asked a lot of questions and wanted to know the stories behind it and didn't want to make it a publicity stunt, it was more of getting rid of this and that everyone should be treated equal. >> i think she was the first person to get 10 million facebook fans, more than 6 million twitter followers. and so you would think that during the mva on sunday,
8:48 am
that's a lot of people to reach in a very short amount of time. >> oh, yes. and she has it up on her website. and she put a tweet right before we met her at the hotel room and got into the limo. >> and let's talk about the push for repeal. they are going to welcome this on the senate floor. is that a victory in itself. >> that is a victory that harry reid put out in his press release yesterday that they'll be bringing the bill up and that's what we've been pushing for and that's what lady gaga pushed for during the mva's and yesterday on ellen. >> and you spent five years in the military before being discharged, correct. >> correct. >> and if you had to summarize this fight and now picked up by lady gaga, what is important about the repeal to you? >> i wanted to serve my country and i was great at it and it's
8:49 am
unfair to judge me based on sexual orientation. >> she may have trumped you in the outfit department, don't you think? >> yes. i only wore one outfit and she had many different ones. >> and what was your favorite part over the weekend? >> i think the overall experience i would rate it as a 5 on a level of 5 and the best was when we were in the limo and got to talk to her but she was nervous and so we were and she said follow me and we'll get this done. >> and is this a relationship that will continue in pursuit of this fight now? >> i think so. >> thanks for coming in here. i know you just got back into town from las vegas. best wishes as the campaign continues, david hall. thank you so much. most of the daytime shows here on fox 5 are kicking off new seasons this week and that
8:50 am
includes dr. phil which airs each week day at 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. i recently spoke with dr. phil on what we can expect on the new shows. >> you are taking on some very big topics this year. and first off we're talking about domestic violence including a pledge, a way for all of us to get involved to ending this cycle of violence. tell us about it. >> well, allison, i said when i started the dr. phil show, that one of the things that we were going to do was deal with the silent epidemics area. domestic violence qualifies in a tragic way. and the fact is that it's probably one of the most underreported phenomenons in our society today. and with the advent of all of the economic problems that families are facing, the financial woes put stress on the marriage.
8:51 am
we are seeing disturbing upticks in the frequency of people reaching out for help on this. so we've got to deal with this. we're launching a campaign that we call "end the silence on domestic violence." we don't want this to be a back- room sort of conversation a more. we want to turn a bright light on this. and i'm dealing with you throughout the year and we're working with the cools to teach these young men that this is not okay and what to do instead. i'll be coming to washington, d.c. very soon and testifying in a hearing on domestic violence to help with the reauthorization of some of the legislation that funds education and women shelters and so this is is a big commitment this year. >> and one of the things that i like about your show, that you level the playing field so much. you stand up there with these
8:52 am
men and women that have abusive relationship. >> i want to do everything i can visually and orally and anything we can to purpose bright lights on to the subjects that are disrupting families in america. the show today is a new series that is called dr. phil housewives. and this is not some version of a housewife show. i've worked with housewives off the years. but we've put together a group of six women here that are dealing with so much drama and challenge in their life. look it is tough out there, whether you are a single mother or married. it is tough right now to really keep your life moving in the right direction and i promise you the drama in in this series will offer so much. you have six women and'll find yourself in one or more of
8:53 am
the women each time we talk to them. so today we're kicking off a series that will go perhaps all year long and i think women will love this. i have like 300 people here on the show and most of them women and they have told me they think this is the best series ever done. >> we're looking forward to that. it's the dr. phil housewives. and you're also checking in with the family. and we'll see kudos to the promotions on the air because i have to hear you talk with this new mother. >> i'll tell you what, it is a tragic situation. but it has taken some twist and turns that i don't think anybody expected. i mean just when you think you kind of have things surrounded, you find out that there is a
8:54 am
whole other level of challenge here. and we're dealing with young people's lives and the reason i took this on again last year. but we're going to bring everybody up to date and let everybody know what is going on and the last chapter of this story is yet. >> and you're looking extremely dapper these days. including the three piece suit today. is this a move on the dr. phil part? you were previously a largerman. >> i am a poster child for adult garr animals. and when i travel robin puts my clothes together and puts my socks together. so she dresses me like a ken dahl and i just wear what is hanging on the hanger. i think it looks good.
8:55 am
>> it sure looks g. thanks for joining us so much. >> allison, thank you. >> is it true he's going to do a special analyzing you? >> i would love him too. we could use a little help and dr. phil gets to the bottom of it. >> i do love the straight talk and some of the car acters with the tough veneers, he breaks it down. >> if you're on the right side. >> tough love sometimes. >> and the show airs at 11:00 and 3:00 and the dr. and housewives should appear. coming up on 9:00. that will do it for me this morning. but we have another hour to go. tony will jump in and join allison to take us up through 10:00. and coming up, a topic that many of is have talked about recently. the safety of the eggs that we eat. but there are other things we
8:56 am
need to know about, including the best way to store eggs and the date past which we can eat them. we'll have that and more coming up on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. ouce
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welcome back. coming up in the 9:00 hour of fox 5 morning news today, we are working on a story about, in 12 hours we could know who is the next mayor of the capital. we're live. and plus a big election in prince george's county. a tough topic to discuss but an important topic. far too many rapes in the u.s. go unreported every year. now congress wants to learn more about why. we're talking with a survivor about the disturbing trend and how he might change it. and the salmonella outbreak in eggs is its latest in food- related recalls. this morning we are talking egg


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