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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  September 15, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> he pledged his absolute 100% support. >> reporter: saying he's humbled by the trust voters bestowed on him. gracious, he wants to engage everyone in bridging the city together. >> we'll probably do a series of town hall meetings to hear from people and not just democrats, so we can hear from republicans and independents because, frankly, i believe in my heart and one city. >> reporter: he explains all that in a new website he set up, if you go there, that looks like his old vince for mayor site n. a blog he posted at 1:56 in the morning, gray cautions supporters that the general election is still ahead and tells them not to take down the yard signs and put away their walking shoes. he's riding high on his primary night win. gray vows he's not turning back the clock on school reform and is looking forward to being held accountable on the city's finances and congratulated the
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men who -- man who will probably succeed him on the chair and made a promise to the media. >> i intend to have regular press conferences. i am looking forward to having the press conferences where we talk about the issues. >> reporter: reporters took notes on that one. >> to amer is questions as best i -- to answer questions as fast as i can. >> reporter: careful to hold off on keeping the chancellor michelle rhee, he seemed to make it clear he's not happy with peter nickles as attorney general. >> he's been clear about that. last night in his victory speech, he's seeming to hint to the fact that he may not keep on michelle rhee. did he have anymore to say about that today? he put a phone call in to her and that he was waiting to hear from her. he figured she was busy and she does run a school system. he wants to talk to her. there are people who are suggesting to him that he keep her on for a period, a transitional period, may be a
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period of about a year and he was mum on what he's going to do, definitely. >> reporter: know a lot of parents are anxious about that one. thank you, karen gray houston. d.c. mayor fenty said he is done with politics for now and will not run as an independent or republican in the november general election. at a late morning news conference, he thanked his supporters and said he will now get behind vincent gray, the man who soundly beat him in the democratic primary. paul wagner picks up the team coverage. >> reporter: adrian fenty declined to critique his campaign saying instead that the people spoke and he lost fair and square n. front of a small group of supporters, fenty smoke spoke without bitterness, saying he looked forward to helping gray get started. adrian fenty was all smiles as he greeted supporters and campaign workers at his georgia avenue headquarters, hours after losing to vincent gray he spoke positively about the
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city's future. >> i respect the democratic process and to me it would be overstepping my bounds to say as the incumbent mayor, i think the democratic nominee should do this or that and in fact, i'm here to support him. >> reporter: mayor fenty said he has had a great 10-year run in elected office and it's time to do something else. what that is, he wouldn't say. >> i feel like i have put everything in to it. i was excited to serve the city for four more years and it was not to be. that was not the will of the voters andy suspect -- respect that they support chairman gray. as of this time, you know, i think that i'm in a point in my life where i could move on to something else. >> reporter: what happened? after winning every precinct in the city four years ago, the voters wanted change how come? >> there is no way you will ever know what majority made my
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opponent get 53% and me get 46. we can dos analysis. >> reporter: for some of the mayor's longtime supporters, the defeat was hard to swallow. >> this one hurt. the man really care. so, but he's still man -- mayor for 100 some see days. >> and buried back in the day and he told me hurt people hurt people and there are a lot of people who suffer from the recession which our mayor had nothing to do with who are hurting right now. normally when you're the incumbent, you take the hitch from that. >> reporter: mayor fenty will work closely with gray to ensure a seamless transition. mayor fenty said although he didn't see elected office in his immediate future, he didn't rule it out. he will remain active in his community and looks forward to a vacation.
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>> and we know we has a relationship with president obama and after having supported president obama early on in the president's campaign. there -- is there any indication he could work for the president? >> he gave us no clue as to what his plans are and he's an attorney and he can go anywhere. when mayor's leave office, they find jobs easily. some companies view them as rainmakers. i don't think he's going have trouble finding a job. >> all right, we'll be watching. thank you very much. many of you were up late with us last night. those unofficial results of the mayor's race came out in the wee hours in the morning. the polls closed by 8:00 p.m. by 1:00 a.m., less than a quarter of the votes were counted and announceed. the board of elections displayed a delay as a effort to put accuracy ahead of speed and using brand new equipment. >> the issues we had yesterday morning were tillical of a new rollout of equipment. if you look at any new jurisdiction what, happened yesterday is what happens across the country and nothing
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different and we will tweak a few things. >> the results won't be official for another two weeks when all of the absentee ballots are counted. and a quick look at the other major races in the area. kwame brown will take over vincent gray's role as d.c. couple chairman. other than, that the council is the same. rosenfield is county executive and baker won his bid for prince georges county executive over sheriff jackson and it will be a rerun race as ehrlich and -- came out swing. as tom fitzgerald reports, the two governors might be mapping out two different paths to victory. >> ehrlich! [ applause ] >> reporter: at the statehouse in annapolis, republican robert ehrlich set his sights on getting his old job back. >> reporter: he found himself
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out of a job when martin o'malley defeated him in 2006 and with both men winning their primaries, the rematch is on. >> martin o'malley said his leadership during maryland's economic downturn will be a stark contrast had to his republican challenger. >> it will be a choice for the people of our state whether we move forward or slip back. >> reporter: ehrlich said his previous term as governor makes him a challenger without a learning curb when it comes to governing in annapolis. >> during a very serious time, people want serious people conveying serious messages and serious issues about their life. that is why we're winning. >> reporter: and while robert ehrlich may have cleared the first hurdle, given his track record, he will need to reach out to democrats and independents if he wishes to reach the finish line. >> bob ehrlich is not an extreme conservative. >> reporter: american university professor leonard steinhorn said since maryland has a majority of democratic
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voters, he can't win if he doesn't broaden his base and the governor will have to spend time reaching moderate voters to keep ehrlich from branching out. >> that has to be his strategy. he can't only depend on those votes. >> reporter: most polls have the contest neck item neck -- neck-in-neck leaving the next seven weeks as a rematch and race heading to order in 2nd. >> and there is much more going with the elections here and across the country. go to and click on the you decide 2010 logo for everything you need ton. prince georges county police are on the scene of a shooting in upper marlboro, maryland. sky fox right now over the 10,000 block of bennington drive and officers say a young man was shot in the chest with a small caliber gun. he's in critical condition and we're working right now to get more information on what happened and you can see there are a number of police vehicles on the scene and we're going to
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stay on top of the story and we'll bring you new information as it comes in. and we're following breaking news right now. police arrested a man for a series of armed robberies in the prince georges area. wisdom martin has more. >> reporter: we learned that police did arrest a 19-year-old resident in connection with ron of the robber -- one of the robbers in college park and caught him on the way to work with a loaded handgun in his backpack and they have a surveillance video of four other suspects involved in crimes in college park. this is video of the 19-year- old in a store using the victim's credit card and just after police say he was involved in one of the armed robbers. -- robberies. investigators say he was one of three suspects who approached the victims and took their property and ran away.
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>> warf we searched the home, we recovered property belonging to the victims of the robbery. >> reporter: police had other video of other robberies. in this video, two other suspects are seen at a 7-eleven in silver spring. >> they attempting to purchase items in the store, as you can see, and they will go to the cash register using the victim's credit card. >> reporter: and then there is a third case. this is a photo of two more suspects on july 27th, using the victim's credit card in another store in landover after another robbery. investigators say that all of the suspects are considered armed and dangerous. have thors believe that they are working in group and targeting students in the college park area. meanwhile, he remains in jail without any bond and we'll have more at 10. thank you. it's built a worldwide threat. a superbug is spreading and antibiotics won't kill it. what is being done to coop you from getting sick. that is coming up in 30
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minutes. john. and the question of the day, will michelle rhee stay or go. we caught up with the chancellor. >> i'm going my prehoneymoon trip and i will sort of reflect on everything. >> that story is coming up at 5:30. also ahead, a closer look at the damage and devastation that followed a gas explosion in california. survivors are picking up the pieces today. that story is coming up. and can it get any better than today? you will get better eventually with the rain in the forecast. we'll talk about that with a look at the first forecast. >> and keep it here. fox 5 news at 5 is getting started. 
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>> we're on tom of a developing story. a new york man charged with unwittingly funding the time square bomb clock. authorities say that mohammad yuni provided hundreds of
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thousands of dollars in cash to two people at the direction of a co-conspirator in pakistan, one the man who pleaded guilty to terrorism and weapon's charges in connect with that attempted bombing in may. unice is charged with conducting an unlicensedmon hef transmitting business and -- money transmitting business and conspiracy. tray risked their lives on 9/11. there is a new push to help first responders who were sickened on that day. the bill would provide $7.5 billion in aid to people who became ill from the dust from the world trade center. they gathered ahead of the second house vote on the measure. the vote is expected next week. we're getting a new look tonight at the devastation caused by a gas line explosion last week in california. and i can see what is left there. the burned out cars, fares leading to nowhere. and thursday's explosion leveled dozens of homes and many are haunted by the sound of the gas-fuel blade.
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>> and i can see why people thought it was an airplane. it has that sound, you know, and my kids. is that the fire coming? >> and we saw an orange glow out of the front door and she joined it up and said the sky -- . >> you know. >> the sky's on fire, let's get out of here. >> wow, nearly a week after the explosion, investigators are still trying to figure out what caused a blast. a week after it was supposed to be over, bp may finally permanently seal the busted well on the gulf. people across the coast are unhappy with how the government is dealing with the financial losses. here's the latest. >> reporter: the last stage that would completely kill the well of the bottom of the gulf of mexico that led to the massive bp oil spill this summer is finally underway. >> earlier this morning, the development driller 3 began the last drilling leg intod drill pipe. >> reporter: once that happens, crews will perform tests before
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pumping that well with heavy mud and cement. >> and we're within a nix -hour. >> reporter: across the glow, the former bp ceo tony hayward defends his company's -- to british lawmakers. hayward said that no corners were cut at all in order to save money. back at the state's, ken fineberg, the man who took over the bp claims process, facing a group of about 500 gulf residents in orange beach, alabama. every one of them frustrated and many on the verge of losing everything because the checks to, quote, make them whole, are simply not coming fast enough. >> these employees are getting short-time relief and that isn't going to help them down the road when the company they work for is no longer in existence. >> the final payments are going to be i promise you, extremely generous and i am ready to work with you and i just hope that you haven't lost all faith in
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the ability of the program to deliver. >> reporter: as for where did all of that oil that seemsly disappeared in july? a university of georgia research team said it's founded a mile below the surface in the gulf of mexico and underneath the sea floor mud. the research team taking 10 of 14 soil samples and say it reveals underneath the mud a two-inch layer of oil. in orange beach, alabama, phil keating, fox news. back here at home, another incredible day. we keep saying ditto. >> exactly. >> and one of the best weeks on tap for the year so far. that is my declaring a. >> and we might be getting much- needed rain? >> unfortunately, it's going to abe bit. >> okay. >> and not enough to help us out too much. we're keeping it in the forecast and the way it's looking right now. tomorrow night, lingerring into early friday morning and a lot of it is going to be with a
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passing shower and enough to wet the ground farther north. these are clouds out there now. laura has declared the best week ever and let's tell you why. low humidity and clear skies. the blue sky, too and that took the lingering humid out of the area. -- humidity out of the air. and that is where we're tracking, okay? don't worry about that coming in tomorrow. that is tomorrow night early, early on friday and again, a few passing showers and that is all we're getting out of that thing. 7:00, sunny. and temperatures falling into the upper 60s, lower 70s and gorgeous day, gorgeous evening and overnight and we'll have the full forecast in just a bit. laura, shawn? pardon me. it's all right. a big win for tea party candidates. in new hampshire, keliott eeked out a narrow win beating him despite an endorsement he
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received from sarah palin. in delaware, christine o'donnell is hoping to get support from fellow republicans after her win and her opponent, 9-term senator mike castle won't sent her. and in new york, the tea party candidate carl palladino upset rick lazzio for the nomination. he will go up against democrat andrew cuomo in the november election. in the montgomery county executive race, douglas rosenfeld won for the republican nomination and will face isaiah leggett in the november election for that position. this is the kind of story that boils your blood. an elderly woman beaten at the hands of her trusted caretaker. >> how her family brought her alleged attacker to justice. and a high-speed pursuit ends with a crash. why was the man behind the wheel trying on order to -- trying hard not to get caught? the scoop is in 20 minutes. nwa
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>> now that dallas is in the rearview mirror, the redskins are looking to the houston texans who beat the colts last week. >> sports director dave feldman has more on. that. >> reporter: in 2002, 10 coaches who will be in this sunday's game, were members of the same denver broncos coaching staff, including gary cube backwho worked with mike shanahan in denver and san francisco. there is another shanahan with major ties with this week's opponent. 30-year-old kyle shanahan was with the texans four years. the last two as offensive coordinator. under his guidance, the texans led the nfl in passing in 2009. after his dad was hired by the redskins, kyle made the jump to join him and serve as the team's offensive coordinator. he was familiar with the texans offense. the question is, will it play a role in sunday's game? i would like to say it would be a big deal but we get so caught
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up and i feel like we finished dallas a few hours ago and then the amount of stuff we have to put in and put in the game plan before before. >> that is not how you play the game. you watch the film and you prepare. [ laughter ] >> we don't do things like that here. >> the texans on the heels of the upset over the colts, our 3- point favorites over the skins, even though they're playing on the road. the home team you think would be favored. >> congratulations are in order for you, mr. feldman. last night, he won an award for the best sport feature, the dupont circle snowball fight from the 10th. you remember that that? you had a nice presenter. we're looking at the video from
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the awards presentation last night. she's gorgeous and this is the real video we want to see. this was presented at the seventh annual sneaker ball, which benefits the greater washington sports alliance and this is the story for which he won, which was in the middle of the blizzards, i can't remember which one? >> that was the second one. >> okay. >> and this is hilarious, feldy. >> it was great. >> and i think you would like everyone's spirits. >> you're right, and that is in the middle of the coverage and i remember, was in the newsroom when this aired and everyone was fixated on the tv and watching this and laughing and some comic relief. >> and we're still laughing at this day. at you. >> and i got pelted in the face. >> oh, no. >> thank you very much. >> it was a nice thing, our former anchor, steve, was the emcee. >> great. >> cool. >> it was wonderful. >> congratulations.
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>> and that is great. still ahead, mayor fenty is out and vincent gray could be in. what is next? we'll take a closer look coming up next. we'll be right back. t
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>> the question on some mind's today, will school chancellor michelle rhee stay on or will she go? john henrehan is live with the answer. >> reporter: there is no short answer to the rhee question which we put to fenty, vincent gray, the head of the teacher's union, councilman tommy lists who has an intriguing compromise proposal and finally, we caught up with michelle rhee herself. d.c. school's chancellor michelle rhee has fired 500 of the 4200 educators who work at the d.c. public school system. her sweeping approach to school reform came about because
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current mayor fenty gave her broad authority to make change happen. >> she and i will decide how the schools will be run for the next 106 days. and she and the democratic nominee will have to decide what their respective rolls are for any days after january 2nd next year. >> reporter: many d.c. voters told pollsters, although they like the general increase in test scores, they didn't look rhe, a topdown style of medicine. will she keep michelle rhee? we're not going to keep personnel decisions but i think it's important we we're gyp the cover sayings now. >> reporter: they expect vincent gray will consult with the group before deciding where to keep the chancellor. >> there is an indication there are issues with how she's doing things and that is something that should be taken into consideration. >> reporter: tommy wells who was a school board member is
5:32 pm
floating an intriguing idea and that gray should keep michelle rhee for one more year. >> michelle rhee put a lot of things in place taking off and we're doing the implementing of next fall and i would love to see her stay. >> reporter: and what does the chancellor think? we caught up with her. >> can you work under vincent gray and stay with d.c. schools? >> i'm going to take the next few days and i'm going to my premoney -- honeymoon trip and i will reflect on everything and when i come back, i will reflect. >> and we ran the compromise proposal. keep the -- and she was not enthusiastic about that plan. >> i'm curious, there was some talk -- and did you hear anything about that when you spoke to the mayoral candidate?
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>> truth in reporting, other reporters here caught the news conferences. i never heard janey's name mentioned anywhere but i was not at all the news conferences. >> thank you, john. and smoke shut down two metro stations around rush hour this morning. firefighters responded to the gallery place in chinatown metro stop around 10. metro closed both of those stations and established bus shuttle services around them and a spokesman said smoke was from a small fire being pulled up and coming into the stations and both of those stations however, really opened by 11 a.m. caught on camera, take a look at this. the driver went the wrong way down a highway and until he can go up an exit ramp and get into another road. the chase ended when the driver flew through a red light slamming into a pickup truck. the suspect then took off running, police chased him down and they finally arrested him. one person in the trunk was hurt and is expected to
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recover. an elderly woman abused by her caretaker and that is all caught on video. this is disturbing to watch. a computer video was running while a health worker practically threw her 91-year- old patient down on the bed, shoved the food into her mouth and roughly cleared it with a suction tube. she had no idea the computer was capturing her every move. heartbreaking, to see your own mother abused by whom you trusted for years. >> the nurse worked for the family for 11 years and is charged with assault and endangering the welfare of a disabled person and has been fired from her job. experts will be available to help people who need to file late returns by the october deadline or to answer basic
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other questions. the open house is saturday, december 25th from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. it's at the irs office at on 500 north capital street in northwest d.c. car buying can be more confusing right now. the old assumptions of new versus used, buy versus lease have all changed. there is a new service that can help buyers sort out what their best options are and melanie alnwick steps in to explain. >> reporter: before you even step on to a car lot, you will want to do your research and the internet is a great resource. now, there is an extra service for car shoppers and you can find it here on our my fox home page. it's called auto privileges, where you can earn extra winnie fits while learning -- extra benefits. first, sign up. after you do that, you will notice something different. points that add up in your account. the points are incentives for you to keep learning about different cars, car maintenance and auto safety as you click around the site. and you can gain more than just
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knowledge. you can use your points to buy small gifts or tickets to drawings for big giveaways, like vacations or electronics. auto privileges said you can earn whole you learn. the vehicle reviews tell what you is hot and what is not about each model. >> never feel taxed or lethargic. >> and -- like raiders like kelly blue book, c-net and the ride show. >> you have to watch the entire video in order to get your 500 points. >> articles on timely topics like the best back-to-school cars. or safe driving in the rain are found on the front page and bernie is your navigator and she'll offer clues for to you find the extra points hidden around the site and once you narrowed your search, you can get a list of prices and dealers near you and don't forget to take the quiz after becoming supersmart about all things auto.
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>> i rock. >> i'm wrong on that one. >> and you might find you have more learning to do the next time you line -- log o. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. it's hard to believe, but the holiday shopping season is around the corner. >> i'm excited about it. >> me, too. if you haven't crossed off all the gifts off of your list? no. >> we have the scoop on the must-haves this holiday season coming up next. and in afghanistan, going down in history as a true hero. one soldier is about to become the first living american to receive the medal of honor. don't miss this amazing story coming up in 20 minutes. 
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>> one of the world's most famous attractions reopened after a bomb threat. authorities in paris iraq --
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evacuated the eiffel tower yesterday after someone phoned in the threat. explosive experts found nothing suspicious and today, tourists say they feel safe despite the threats. retail sales posted their best numbers in five months and now stores are looking ahead to the holiday shopping season. "the wall street journal" reports electronic gadgets will be the hot items this year and retailers are bitting -- betting the ipad, ipad touch and the amazon kendall will be some of the biggest items out there. and not exactly great weather. >> will the fall temperatures hang around through the weekend? the full forecast is coming up next. and caught on camera, is kidd rock to blame for this full of -- full-on brawl? we have the play by play next. 
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 words alone aren't enough. my job is to listen to the needs and frustrations of the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel or restaurant workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. our job is to listen and find ways to help.
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that means working with communities. restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. and our efforts aren't coming at tax-payer expense. i know people are wondering-- now that the well is capped, is bp gonna meet its commitments? i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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>> doctors around the world are concerned about a new superbug. the bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics has hit three states in the u.s. diana rocco has more. >> reporter: the superbug found in massachusetts. an antibiotic-resistent bacteria and virtually incurable, sparking fears around the world, it turned up at a hospital in the hub and one of three reported cases in the united states. >> and -- as -- and patients wearing ventilators and skin infections and surgical wounds. blood stream infects. all of those -- infections. >> reporter: the patient hospitalized for a urine air tract infection before the summer has been released. the doctors say the patient had recently travelled to india where the so-called superbug is rampant. >> people may carry it in the flora. >> reporter: this doctor,
5:46 pm
professor of microbiologists, said due to poor sanitation in indianaia, the actual number of cases could be as high as 2 million while only 200 have been reported and that is creating a big concern long- term for medical communities worldwide. >> the problem, mostly for the peanut hospitalized abroad and transferred to the united states. >> reporter: doctors say cases are not transferable walking down the street and sanitation and hospitals is enough to contain the spread until new antibiotics are found, which may take up to 10 years. >> and it's mainly spread if proper hand hygiene was not adhered to. >> reporter: not as reassuring as some would like. >> i think we need to be concerned if you're in hospitals. >> and i think of it as something with no cure. >> that was diana rocco reporting. two other cases were reported in california and in illinois. good preschools can bring out the children's best
5:47 pm
behavior. the researchers followed children from low-income families in boston, chicago and san antonio and found that kids exposed to well-structured preschool programs are less likely to develop behavioral problems and most of the families in the study used headstart or a home-based program instead of a special intervention program -- program. >> absolutely positive. a beautiful day to be outside with the kids. and if you didn't, this evening is going to be good, too. >> awesome -- awesome. >> look at this picture. this is two hurricanes. >> yeah. >> can do you see both of these? >> explain it to us. >> that is one of the hurricanes. [ laughter ] >> and -- >> is that igor or -- >> is that -- . >> one on the top and billion. >> and i don't know. it's supposed to be both, from space is any and -- from space. we had two category 4 storms in
5:48 pm
-- and in the atlantic. that has happened one other time. >> oh, wow. >> we had simultapeously two category 4 storms or higher and very, very active this year, and of course, they have all been staying away and that is the good news here. if you want to see more of this, check out the website and in, there is a lot of activity going on and in the tropics, a good source of information. and this is the latest. igor still a major at 1:35 and that is a category 4 and at 125 miles sustained winds, out there and coming off africa here, igor closer and bermuda is watching closely and into
5:49 pm
the weekend. igor will slide to the west of bermuda and that is on the strong side of the hurricane and hopefully he'll get father outer to the west and bermuda will be spared the highest of the win and the surf there. they will come and make a big right turn and they will get out of here. tropical storm karl made landfall around the yucatan peninsula and might come back into the bay of campeche and into mexico with a lot of heavy, heavy rain. things are active in the tropics, 85 in the city and -- temperatures around the water, generally speaking in the lower 80s and this evening is gorgeous, today is almost perfect. the temperatures drop into the 70s and mostly fair skies and you can see there is nothing
5:50 pm
going on and to the west, we're talking about this where there was going to be a chance for some of the rain to move through and is that late tomorrow night and into friday morning and gorgeous this evening. and warm temperatures existing. cincinnati, 88; nashville, 90; atlanta, 90 degrees degrees and warming up tomorrow and this comes through leave night and tomorrow, temperatures will jump again, mid- to upper 80s and we'll be warmer tomorrow and we'll have clouds forming in the afternoon and in advance of the cold front and that some thunderstorms as well. temperatures tomorrow, mid- to upper 8s and that is going to be another warm one. not as beautiful as today and clouds thicken up. we warm up, 4:00 or so and this
5:51 pm
is dependent on how much sunshine we have and late tomorrow afternoon, we could have one or two isolated showers and there is going to be more instability and sunshine. this is tomorrow at 6 and manly here, we're dry and notice showers and thunderstorms out ahead of the cold front and this comes by and we get a chance of a passing shower tomorrow evening and night and ind morning we're dry, the high pressure comes in for the weekend. warmer tomorrow and more humidity tomorrow and, of course, we have a chance of showers and not a lot owe do ne with that real quick and on friday looks good. afternoon, sunshine and the
5:52 pm
weekend, beautiful, both days, 81 on saturday; 83 on sunday and on monday, cooler and temperatures in the upper 70s. >> we haven't made it to october yet and that is nice for us, too. >> uh-huh. >> and i hope it keeps going. kidd rock in court over the brawl at a georgia waffle house. the customer claims that the musician beat him up at the restaurant in 2007. kidd rock said the other man started harassing a woman in the group and the other man started the fight. atkins is suing for unspecified damages and the trial is expected to wrap up tomorrow. the talk of the town on tmz. new acquisitions in the death of michael jackson. the king of pop's doctors are turning on each other. what is going? we broke this, joe jackson filed the wrongful death
5:53 pm
lawsuit against conrad murrey and he filed paperwork saying you can't blame me but blame dr. arne kline and point out -- pointed out excerpts from joe jackson's lawsuit where it mentioned the other doctor and overmedicated and gave a lot of medication to michael jackson over the years and along, you know, making the whole thing short, he's saying why am i the only one getting sued when dr. earn kline is partly to -- dr. arne klein is partly to blame. >> you have heard any response for dr. arne kline? >> not yet. we just put the story up on the website a few minute ago. >> and people are trying to figure out what is the latest with michael jackson's doctor, and the charges. has the l.a. county prosecutor decided when to go ahead with any charges? it's going to take time and this is not going to be anything that is a quick finale. and it's going to take a long
5:54 pm
time. >> dax holt, thank you for keeping us up to date at 6:30. if you think you can dance, then guess what, you should audition. fox is bringing "so you think you can dance" back for the eighth season. auditions start next month and tryouts start october 13th in oakland, california. if you will be out there, brian bolter or laura . >> and we will continue -- . >> or the auditions, we should say, will continue in brooklyn and closer. additional cities and dates will be announceed. if you're thinking of putting on your dancing shoes, get all the details at and that is under web links for more. >> and i think you should go for it. and go to brian bolter for a look at the news edge at 6. and it's the quote minds of many voters -- it's the question on the minds of voters. what yet federal -- in the world went on in the d.c. election. plus, cemetery scandal,
5:55 pm
families heartbroken as new information is revealed about burial mix-up at arlington national. and a virginia man accused of segsium -- sexually assaulting the woman at his home. the popular website where the police say the pair connected. at 6. ♪
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>> for the first time since the vietnam war, a living soldier will receive the medal of honor. staff sergeant salvatore junta is 25 years old o. october 25th, 2007, he rescued one fellow soldier and rushed insurgents who were pulling another u.s. soldier away and he did all of this under heavy enemy fire in one of afghanistan's dangerous areas. >> we walked to an l-shaped ambush. you could see the muzzle flashes from bull its leaving
5:59 pm
the enemy's gun. everyone was at risk and there is the close where you get hit and not close and where it snaps by your head and you're not hit and then the whiz, that is further away than the crack. >> and one of the soldiers he rescued later died from his ones. the man was his best friend. despite the award, he does not feel like a hero. >> quite an honor, he deserves it. >> absolutely. pho thank you for joining us at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts now. the election-night drama played out live here and hours after the votes closed, felt like the paint was


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