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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  September 15, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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pack, soda, potato chips, candy, cookies and ice cream. >> anything that has calories and no nutritional value. >> reporter: because mom was right again when she said you what are you eat. i'm brenda flanagan. fox news. >> the news keeps coming tonight. here's brian bolter now with the news edge at 11:00. the news edge will begin in maryland tonight. promises of sex on the internet leading to a cold blooded murder. today judgment day for the convicted killer and we're getting a look at the trail of evidence that's putting him away. fox 5's roz plater in the newsroom now with more. >> prosecutors say the shooter left behind plenty of clues, cell phone records, dna in the victim's car, surveillance footage and on his home computer picks of had himself posing with his gun -- pictures of himself posing with his gun. this is taken from a middle school camera about 1:30 in the morning october 21st, 2008. prosecutors say the shooter and his cousin were on their way to
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meet a 40-year-old temple hills man they encountered on a chat line. >> essentially the arrangement was for some kind of apparently sexually liaison to take place in the victim's vehicle. >> reporter: using a cell phone police say this man, then 19- year-old tommy whack, instructed the man to park on behind the school. >> the defendant tommy whack got in the car and near as we can tell grabbed him and shot him killing him. it appeared as the victim was shot he was trying to turn away from it. so basically he shot him in the back. he clearly killed this man in cold blood, left him for dead and took his cell phone so he couldn't for help. >> reporter: a woman who lives nearby heard gunshots and called police. from the surveillance tape police spotted whack and his cousin leaving the scene headed toward their home nearby, the same direction canine units tracked them to. the investigators found pictures of him posing with the gun on his home computer.
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a jury convicted whack of second degree murder and the judge handed down the maximum 30 years. >> at the end of the day it was a killing of an unarmed man who came there really for no violent purpose at all and didn't deserve what he got. >> reporter: we're called the cousin has not yet been sentenced. this case prosecutors say should serve as a reminder if you're going meet somebody from the internet, you could be putting yourself at risk. >> roz plater reporting live. new tonight a d.c. police officer on the wrong side of the law. officer mcguire is one of 12 indicted on charges in a drug conspiracy, the arrests part of a year long investigation into the trafficking of heroin and crack cocaine in northeast d.c. mcguire is on administrative leave, could face 10 years to life in prison if convicted. take a look at this sketch. mcclain police say this guy tried to rob a woman sitting in her car at a traffic light. it happened around 4:30 last wednesday at lee highway and mary lee drive. the man got out of his silver
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sedan, approached the victim, showed a weapon and demanded cash. he got away with nothing. the victim drove off unharmed. the voters have spoken and big change coming to the d.c. mayor's office. today after months battling it out on the campaign trail, adrian fenty seems at peace with the outcome while vincent gray says he is humbled and thankful. fox 5's laura evans here now with today's developments on that race. >> after months of campaigning, negative ads and animosity the two appear to be playing nice agreeing to work together on a smooth transition. council chairman vincent gray soundly defeated adrian fenty yesterday 53-46% and today gray thanked voters emphasizing he will be inclusive as mayor. he will hold weekly press conferences and he talked about ways he plans to bring unity to the district. >> we'll probably do a series of town hall meetings so that we can hear from people and not just democrats, that we can
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hear from republicans and independents because frankly, i believe in my heart in one city. >> meanwhile the outgoing mayor not quite sure what the future holds for him. in a gathering with supporters today at his campaign headquarters adrian fenty says doesn't see elected office in his immediate future, but he also didn't rule it out. the mayor says he will remainive in his community and look forward to -- remain active in his community and look forward to his vacation now, but he's also looking back at his campaign. >> we made a lot of tough political decisions. a lot of those decisions cost us political popularity. there are other things that were probably factors in the race. we'll look at the analysis over the next couple days. you can go back to some of the things i said in addition to the tough decision making. i think there were some real concerns about our recent engagement i said all publicly. >> vincent gray said there is more work to be done. he set up a new website
11:05 pm and posted a blog cautioning supporters that the general election is still ahead and tells them not to take down those yard signs or put away their walking shoes, but since there is no republican nominee it appears gray will be in the mayor's office january. >> what was up with those delayed results we waited for last night and into this morning? board of elections executive director says the counting fell behind schedule right after the polls closed in part because workers had trouble shutting down brand-new polling machines. this is also the first election with early voting and the first with same day registration. officials say better training will be put into place before november's general election. with fenty out gray in what's next for d.c. schools? big question on many minds. will schools chan lore michelle rhee stay or go? fox 5's john henrehan went looking for some answers. >> reporter: d.c.'s school chancellor michelle rhee has fired about 500 of the 4,200 educators who work in the d.c.
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public school system, her sweeping approach to school reform coming about because current mayor adrian fenty gave her broad authority to make change happen. >> she and i will decide how the schools will be run for the next 160 days. she and the democratic nominee will have to decide what their respective roles are for any days after january 2nd next year. >> reporter: many d.c. voters told pollsters although they liked the general increase in test scores, they didn't like rhee's top down style of management. will the presumed incoming mayor keep michelle rhee? >> we're not making any personnel decisions at all until after the general election, but i think it's important she and i begin these conversations now. >> reporter: the president of the washington teachers union expects vincent gray will consult with his group before deciding whether to keep chancellor rhee. >> the vote on the mayor is that there is some indications there are some issues with how she has been doing things. so i think that is something that should be taken into
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consideration. >> reporter: tommy wells who was a school board member before being elected to city council is floating an intriguing idea. gray should keep michelle rhee for one more year, a transition year. >> michelle rhee's put a lot of things in place that are just taking off and will also be just implementing next fall. i would love to see her stay for another school year. >> reporter: what does the chance lore think? we caught up with her. can you -- chancellor think? we caught up with her. can you work under vincent gray gray? >> i'm going to take the next few days. i'm going on my little prehoneymoon trip and i'll sort of reflect on everything and when i come back, i'll meet with the chair, talk to lots of people and then we'll make a decision from there. >> reporter: we also ran councilman wells compromise proposal, keep michelle rhee on the job one more year by her. the chancellor was not enthusiastic about that plan. john henrehan, fox 5 news. a developing scandal at america's most hallowed ground. a mix-up involving gravesites
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at arlington national cemetery. something that hasn't happened in decades, a living soldier about to receive the medal of honor and now we're hearing from the hero for the first time. a few of the stories we're working on the news edge, back right after this. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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the graveside controversy continues at arlington national cemetery. today new details from the army that three burial sites opened last month had the wrong remains. it comes after investigations into bookkeeping problems and burial mix-ups. an ohio family came to washington today to make sure their family was buried in the correct site. marine private first class heath warner's remains were exhumed and correctly
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identified. >> i said the desecration stops today and that's what i hope happens and i know that's melissa's hope is that the honor and dignity of arlington is restored. >> after positively identifying the body, the warners had heath reburied. earlier this summer a senate subcommittee reported as many as 6,600 graves at arlington may be unmarked, improperly marked or mislabeled. this is the first since the vietnam war, a living soldier set to receive the medal of honor, 25-year-old staff sergeant salvador ginta. on february 25th he rushed to save one soldier and pulled another one away under heavy fire in one of afghanistan's most dangerous provinces. >> he walked into an l-shaped ambush. you could see the muzzle flashes from bullets leaving the enemy's guns that weren't too far away. everyone was at risk.
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sometimes they whistle. sometimes they crack. if you're close you just got hit but you're not hurt close. then there's the close where it snaps by your head but you're not hit. then there's the whiz. that's a little further away than the crack. >> one of the soldiers he rescued from the taliban later died from his wounds. the man was staff sergeant ginta's best friend. despite the award a he said he does not feel like a hero. coming up next we've seen the incredible video of the explosion out in california. now we're getting a closer look at the destruction left behind. plus if you're flying out of reagan national this weekend, good reason you might want to ask for a window seat. we'll explain that in tonight's top five. as we head to break, looking for some action in the men's room. a magazine used factors like condom sales and birth rates to rate cities. d.c. rates 13th. 
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only at verizon. who can forget the images that lit an entire california
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neighborhood up in flames. tonight the edge giving you an up close look of the destruction. all that's left looks like a war zone in san bruno, stairs that lead nowhere now, cars charred. some neighbors say the sound of the gas fueled blaze still haunts them. >> i could see why people thought it was an airplane because it had that kind of revving sound almost like my kids were saying is that the fire coming? >> then we saw an orange glow out of a front door. then she opened up the curtains and she says there's fire. the sky is on fire. let's get out of here. >> four people were killed in last week's explosion. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the blast. a simulated blast this weekend near reagan national, shawn yancy has that and more in tonight's fox 5 top five. up first tonight why it's critical to make sure your kids attend great preschools. no. 5, they apparently bring out best behavior of children. researchers followed kids from low income families in boston,
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chicago and san antonio and found kids exposed to well structured preschool programs are less likely to develop behavioral problems in their preteen years. no. 4, the holiday season is right around the corner and retailers are gearing up. the wall street journal reports electronic gadgets will be hot items this year. retailers are betting that the hand-held electronics like the ipad, i touch and, of course, the amazon kindle will all be big sellers. no. 3, it's official, craigslist terminated its adult services listings. the popular online classified website has been under pressure for months from law enforcement officials saying it facilitated prostitution. now it's not clear if the change just applies to craigslist in the u.s. or if it's worldwide. no. 2, need a little help with your taxes? the irs is hosting a special open house saturday, september 25th. experts will be available 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. to help people who need to file late returns by the october deadline or to answer any questions. go to the irs office on north
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capital street in northwest. and no. 1 tonight, if you're flying out of reagan national saturday, think about grabbing a window seat. the airport will be holding a training similation between 9:00 and 11 a.m. crews will practice rescuing operations in the event the plane crashes in the potomac river. it should not affect normal airport operations and, brian, that's a look at tonight opposite fox 5 top five. this week has been pretty perfect and it's wednesday, hump day. so you know we're looking towards the weekend. >> i think the weekend looks good, too but tomorrow not quite as pretty as today was. we'll see some showers that we need desperately no, doubt about that. it will be warmer and maybe breezier and cloudier in the afternoon and we're really keeping our fingers crossed we get some of these showers. tonight what we're seeing on satellite and radar is just some of the high thin clouds coming at us from the west and you can see that right here. these will be around later tonight. they aren't going to do too much to warm us up, but they are the leading edge of what
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will be some showers we hope for our area tomorrow afternoon and evening. a couple clusters, we're probably getting debris from these and i think that batch will miss us, but there ill be some showers and parts -- will be some showers and parts of ohio and pennsylvania are looking for the possibility of severe thunderstorms with gusty winds. could we have an isolated rumble of thunder not necessarily severe? that could happen. bulk of this will be late tomorrow into overnight hours. tomorrow will feel warm at 86, a bit more humid and we could get a little warmer or cooler depending on cloud cover. that will determine our temperature for the day. but the front coming through tomorrow will drop temperatures and actually it will be cooler as we head into friday and saturday. so let's talk about where we are temperature-wise now. 63 degrees in gair dulles, stil 73 in the district and 66 for baltimore. now as we look up to our north
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we're also finding somewhat cooler temperatures, 49 in binghamton, the first time we've seen them that low at this hour, new york city 62, detroit 62, but the leading edge of the cooler air still out to our west. tonight with an east wind we'll be about 66 degrees but the suburbs will drop to the 50s and we'll have debris clouds around, some high thin clouds, but a lot of sunshine getting through them early. then a little warmer, breezier, clouds in the afternoon. evening showers show up around 5:00 or 6:00. quick look at our max hd futurecast and by noon time tomorrow not much to see, but we get into 5:00 or 6:00, a few scattered showers heavier in the mountains, not a lot of rain. that batch comes through in the overnight hours. so maybe this time tomorrow night we've got some showers going on, but they are quickly out of here by 7:00 friday morning and most of the weekend looking fantastic. five-day forecast shows us our temperature again tomorrow 86 dropping to 80 on friday. the weekend is here and it looks like it's going to be glorious, temperatures really comfortable and we keep it
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sift good evening. i'm dave feld map -- good evening. i'm dave feldman. back in 200210 coaches who will be in this sunday -- 2002 10 coaches who will be in this sunday apt game will be there
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again. there's -- sunday's game will be there again. 30-year-old kyle shanahan, the coach's son was with the texans four years, the last two as the team's o coordinator. under his guidance the texans led the nfl in passing in 2009. after his dad was hired by the redskins tile wanted to coach with his old man. -- kyle wanted to coach with his old man, so he's serving in the same capacity in washington. the question is will that play a major role come sunday? >> i would like to say i think it would be a big deal but we get so caught up. i feel like we just finished dallas a few hours ago and the amount of stuff we got to put in to put in a game plan before the players got in this morning you don't have time to think about it. so game day when you see a bunch of guys you know, that's probably when it will hit but once the ball snaps, it's just football. >> we're not using any of that. that's not how you play the game. you play the game. you just watch the film and just prepare. we don't do things like that
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here. >> little tongue in cheek with donovan, texans running back aryan foster 231 yards, houston's upset of the colts in week one. foster's 231 performance the second most in the season opener earned him the afc offensive player of the week. redskins defense is on full high octane alert. >> he does a great job reading his blocking, you know. they do a great job of running their zone scheme. we got our work cut out for us. he rushed for over 230 yards is i guess ending last week. it will be a big challenge for us. >> albert haynesworth was limited in practice today because of an ankle injury, a fact revealed only when the injury report was released. safety kareem moore remains unable to practice with a sprained right knee. they look for their first 3-0 start since 2001.
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last week they destroyed morgan state in college park 62-3. saturday maryland faces a road challenge against 21st ranked west virginia. the mountain nears have -- the mountaineers have won the previous four meetings and a win would go a long way in proving these terps are for real. >> this week it will be another test, a different type of test, you know, but maybe we can have an indicator of how much we've grown, you know, in the last two weeks and what kind of confidence. you don't have to be confidence to win up in morgantown. nats and braves in a matinee in atlanta, top of the 2nd no score, justin maxwell with the bases loaded and one out. one deep into left field, a no doubter. his third career grand slam, only nine career home runs. 4-0 nats bottom of the 6th, now 4-2. john lannan strikes out alex gonzalez who loses his bat
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in the process. the nats defeat the braves 4-2 to take 2-3 from atlanta and the o's defeat the blue jays 3- 1. i'm dave feldman. 5 is back with more of the edge right after this. have a good night. 
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