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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 17, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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the redskins are getting ready to take on the houston texans. fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. spar. it is straight up 7:00 on this friday morning, september 17, 2010. thank you for being with us. coming up, the reverend al sharpton is hitting the airwaves with a few tv show that focuses on education in america. education superhighway is set to premiere in october and the reverend will join us live to talk about the state of education. we'll get his thoughts on what is happening in the district involving the mayoral election and the fall jot for d.c. schools. we're following a big story from new york. the national weather service accepting investigators to the big appear to determine if a tornado touched down there yesterday during the big storms. this is rolling over brooklyn
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yesterday. a strong storm, possibly a sunday. stand warnings have been issued for brooklyn, staten island and queens. the storm is already responsible for at least one death and has left tens of thousands of people without power in new york city. >> quite a sight. looking at that. all right. just about 7:00 now and tony we arekins joins us now. that is an awesome and frightening scene. >> it really is. you don't see that in new york city very often. that is incredible. you see such a clear view of the storm passing through. that is extraordinary. all right. well, they're in the clear this morning. things have improved in new york city. here, we are in the clear. well, we still have some clouds but we are precipitation-free. the precip has moved out. the precipitation moved through yesterday afternoon and yesterday evening. that has pushed off it the east, well off to the east. it is offshore now. we do have some clouds coming through, thicker clouds out to the west. we'll have to watch and see if all of those clouds make it over the mountains an come through our area. it does look like it will be a
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mix of clouds and sun during the morning hours. we do expect more sunshine later on. current temperatures, 71 degrees at reagan national. dulles at 66. bwi marshall at 66 as well. forecast for today, like i said, a mixed bag this morning as far as clouds and sun. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. later on this afternoon, a high temperature in the mid-80s. that is above normal. we'll see more sunshine as well. going to be a decent afternoon and then a great weekend. i'll tell you about that coming up in a little bit. let's get an update on this morning's rush hour traffic. for that, we turn to julie wright. >> busy ride right now if you are traveling the top side of the beltway. outer loop, new accident reported near 95 college park tying up the two left lanes. for those traveling south along 270, the pace is slowing approaching an passing 109. now, we have delays as you continue southbound leaving mva headed down towards 370 and to the lane divide. oming in from the west off of
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66, not so busy right here as you approach 29 in haven'terville. however, will fine -- find delays 50 to 123. now to the breaking news that fox 5 was first to bring you this morning. u.s. capitol police shoot a man. this happened just about two hours ago. the scene close to many federal buildings on the hill. this happened at second and c streets in southwest near the department of health and human services building. sherrily is there live this morning. >> reporter: police still out here investigating that shooting scene right back there at c street and second here in southwest. u.s. capitol police tell us that officers shot a man with a gun. that suspect was taken to the hospital. he was reportedly conscious but
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his condition at this point is unknown. u.s. capitol police say officers spotted the gunman on c street southwest just behind the health and human services building and across from the rayburn building where the offices of several house members is located. police say that there had been a lookout minutes before broadcast over the u.s. capitol police radio that there was a man with a gun in the area. officers then spotted that suspect and police say the suspect pointed a -- his weapon at the officers and they fired at him. police are not saying if one or more officers shot the suspect. there are a number of evidence markers on the scene that do indicate perhaps that several rounds were fired. at this point though, police don't know why that suspect was in the area with the gun. brant issuing a weapon at a police officer usually doesn't end well and the officers do have to take into consideration whether their lives are in danger or whether the lived
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lives of the people immediately around are in danger. with that we protect congress. the officers fired their weapons at an individual who brandished a weapon directly at them. >> reporter: several streets do remain closed at this point. we are along washington avenue. they are not allowing people to walk on the other side of the street although traffic is still going through here. they do have c street between second and third street closed as well as this area just behind me so that could cause some problems with traffic this morning. d.c. police are out here. they are working with u.s. capitol police on this investigation. that is latest from here. back to you, steve. >> all right. thank you. another big story we're following this morning. we can learn more about whew a northern virginia man staged a violent incident at johns hopkins hospital in baltimore. police say he shot a doctor and then shot and kill his mother and then turned the gun on himself. this morning, that doctors recovering and now the gunman's family says he was likely overcome with grief about his
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mother's condition. sarah joins us with more on this. >> police say paul warren pardus became so upset when he heard about his mother's condition, he shot the surgeon. the wounded surgeon was shot in the abdomen. pardus barr indicatedded himself in the room with his mother. >> my boss came running in and he told me what happened, that there is a guy running around with a gun. and to stay put. it was carey -- scary knowing that somebody was running around with a gun on a rampage in a place where we're supposed to be protected. >> this morning, johns hopkin is operating as normal.
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>> pardus lived in south arlington with his mother in this home along south kenmore street. neighbors described him as friendly and quiet. they say he and to be his mother's sole caretaker but alsoover welled. they say he never really spoke to them about that. >> it's a tecialt situation and him having a mother that was going through whatever she was going through and him too, probably being the only one to tend to her. >> he had a good side and he loved his mother. that clearly showed through. whatever made him do this, we'll never know. >> pardus grew up in remington, virginia. he had moved to arlington to care for his mom. making headline this morning, prince george's county police are searching for three suspects in the shooting death
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of a teenager. this happened on a park on nichollston son street in hyattsville last 199-- on nicholson street in hyattsville last night. a man would robbed a prince george's county bank last thursday leaves police with a picture perfect view of just who they are looking for. they are sharing a series of surveillance photos with the public hoping that machine recognize this is man. you can see the man showing a hand again to the teller. he reaches over the counter and then you see him with his hand on a wad of cash. it is unclear how much money he got away with. coming up, the reverend al sharpton is coming to tv way new show about education in america. he is here with us in the studio. we'll talk to him about the show and the state of education coming up scene of the accident. he is one of the most outspoken members of the washington redskins. after his latest controversial comments, clinton portis went to extreme measures to watch
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his mouth. that is coming up. we'll tax a live look outside. looks luke a -- we'll take a live look outside. looks like a beautiful day here in the nation's capital. as far as traffic on a friday, maybe a different story but julie will help us out as well.
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as summer fillly draws closer to its close, we had a grated -- great time being able to send you to jiffy lube
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live. you can win tickets to see rush if you can answer the trivia question on your screen. go to to get your entry in before 10:00. you must be at least 18. we'll pick five winners by random drawing and the prize of a pair of tickets is provided by live nation entertainment. the concert outdoors as all the shows are at jiffy lube live. a great weekend. kind of cool at night now but still nice during the day. >> whatever events we've got going on outside over the weekend, the weather will cooperate. let's look at what is happening right now. i just stepped outside of our studios. it is a mix of clouds and sun with clouds streaming through. temperature at reagan national, 70 degrees. relative humidity, 68%. they are out of the west at five miles per hour. barometric pressure is on the rise. boston, 67 degrees right now.
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temperature, 80 degrees in new orleans. warm in portions of the south. out to the west in the plain, 59 in denver. not bad there. l.a. is at 57 degrees. you see the storm that came through new york city and elsewhere in the northeast yesterday. all of that has pushed off to the east. we are left with a fair amount of cloud cover across the northeast but we'll see improving conditions there as the day progresses. also, down to the south in the south central plains, quite a few clouds and a couple of showers here and there. not a bad day today. we'll see more sunshine today as the day progresses. high, 84. the weekend spectacular. >> thank you. let's turn things over to
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allison now. >> there is a new tv show hitting airwaves in october that focuses on tackling issues facing education in america. it is called education superhighway. it is a series hosted by none other than civil rights leader and talk show host reverend al sharpton. joining us now to discuss the new program is the reverend al sharpton. it is good to meet you. thank you for coming on to the show. we all talk about the state of education in our country but you are coming out with a show now that focuses on it. it way be a weekly syndicated type program. tell us about it and the need for it. >> well, you know about three and a half years ago, national action network, the civil rights group and i got very engaged in the issue of education and equality. black and latino students were four to five grades behind in reading, mathematics. it is the civil rights issue of
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our day. once president obama came in, he he took this on head on and we kind of came together with his secretary of education. in fact, president obama had, as you might recall, secretary of edge -- secretary of education duncan had newt gingrich and i on a tour. this is to bring awareness to people on the state of education. not only the raisch inequality but the fact that american education itself has gone backwards. we no longer are the most educated populace in the world. why are we not reading and writing of people in the far east and other countries around
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the world. the show is nonpolitical. we'll have people from all perspectives really talk about the state of education. how parents should be more involved and more engaged at home and in the schools. we want to give people every sunday morning a real inisn'tive to bring education up to a higher level and also to close the gap within the country. >> is it one of those issues that, well, in f. my child is doing okay in a school, then whatever happens in that neighborhood is what happens in there neighborhood or does that affect all of us. are we paying enough attention to this. >> i think there is both. that is why we are doing the show. a lot of people have that attitude of my child is all right. i don't care. but you should care because it brings down not only the standards of everybody. your child is going to socialize with someone else's child. your child is going to marry someone else's child. and if you are not concerned about the whole of education,
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it will directly affect you sooner than later in most cases sooner. so we will be on every sunday morning. people can goweb site national action we'll be on in washington every sunday morning. we'll be on all over the country and try to bring that message home. people usually don't respond to these things until it is a personal crisis. i'm saying there is already a rice is. everyone, parents, students and people, we can't just depend on politics. >> let's talk about the poverty rate that just came out yesterday, one in seven americans last year living in poverty. as that gap closes now and more kids get funneled into our public schools system, might we soo a meeting here now, everybody trying to get involve and make the school system better and all speak on those terrible numbers if you would. >> i would hope that it would make everyone understand now that more young people are going to go to the public
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school system given those numbers that more of us, all of us will have to weigh in and put our little ideological stances aside to solve the problem. but the numbers are astounding. i think what wear seeing now is the result of really what happened in the economic crisis that came about in the last part of the bush years that now have brought in over a period of time now where have you one out of seven americans in poverty. this is something that is unheard of in most of our lifetimes. and it is not -- we're not going to be able to chant and scream our way out of this. this is going to take some hard work, some real leadership and some real commitment and sacrifice. and the altering of a left our lifestyles that i think we'll have to come it terms with the fact that the america of opulence. when i was growing up, we would
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watch green acres and park avenue is the place to be. i think a reality check is in line with these new numbers which is what i i think vice president biden and others will be pushing hard on the package that this administering is pushing. >> you are someone, if i might say, that has never lost touch with your base. you know, i turn on the tv, you might be in the middle of harlem usa or you might be on wall street usa and comfortable in both settings. i want to talk about the d.c. mayor's race. a lot of talk was made about our mayor adrian fenty losing touch with the people here. and we saw how important that can be. would you speak to that and tell us how it is important in politics. >> you condition ever lose the connection with people. at the end of day, we can be so policy driven, if policies are not connected to the real wishes and desires of the
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people, it becomes ineffective and it becomes something that is disconnected. about three weeks ago, i led a march here around realmost a the dream, the anniversary of dr. king's march. we had tens of thousands come out. at that imtoo, the race was coming toward the end. i sensed than a disconnect. it had nothing to do with my view of mayor fenty's policies. it had to do with a connect. i was with the winner of the primary last night and i think that mr. gray made a connection. anded irony is here you have a man winning against a new generation guy because people want to feel someone that they feel feels what they feel and understand them. i think that is a lesson if a lot of people in politics and public service you cannot engage in public service without the public. >> oftentimes, we don't want to talk about race in this country. it doesn't come up unless you have a race like the d.c. mayor's race and then we're talking about the white vote versus the black vote and you
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see how important the black vote becomes. is this a reminder that race is alive and well in the racial divide. >> there is still a racial divide. i think that a lot of people that thought that race divide was over with the election of president obama from the sherrod incident to the henry louis gates incident now to some of the voting patterns sea we're in the there yet. and we made a lot of progress. the election of barack obama showed mechanic can mature but we are not all the way there. when i was a teenager and got to be 16, i was more mature than i was at 1 but i wasn't grown yet. america has not grown yet. we're just older. we showed that with the election of president obama. we're in the there yet. i think the racial divide on this vote was clear. now, people on both sides of the divide need to ask themselves why is there still a day vied. is it because our lives are
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different economically, educationally and how do we really close the gap. you can't just do it by socially saying we are all one and kumbaya. you have to make a fair and equal set to. until we have equal opportunity and equal protection under the law, there will not be a solving of the racial divide. >> you are talking about all those issue. also esh holdings coming out looking at some of the greater disparities that remain. >> people should go again to national action and find out what time we're on around the country. i know we are on sunday morning in washington. we will be try to be very informative every sunday morning. >> all that information will be on our web site. we'll link it to education superhighway on thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back.
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sit a new book hitting stores
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soon is causing a controversy between the first lady of france and michelle obama. it's biography about carla sarkozy. the book is called carla the ambitious. in it, michelle obama describes life in the white house as, quote, hell. the white house is denying she said that and the book not authorized. the tea party has been flexing its political muscle this week. the movement scored some surprising victories in the primaries. we'll take a closer look ahead. we're joined by chris wallace. >> a live look outside. we'll get the latest forecast from tony and traffic with julie.
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the story of this week's primary elects was a show of power by the identity party. this weekend, fox news zipped host chris wallace sits down with christine o'donnell whoup eight a long-serving politician some delaware. aside from the redskins beating the cowboys, this may have been the story of the week. >> she is the it girl in american politics and we have her live on set here in washington sunday morning. an awful lot of questions to ask her.
7:31 am
first of all, there are people talking bay civil war inside the republican party, steve because you've get the establishment on the one hand, the tea party, the tbras roots on the other and there have been about saturday states where the insurgents, the grassroots party has beaten the establishment. i think there is a struggle for the soul of the republican party. there is a question as to whether she electable. she is quite a kind of checkered past. there is a real question in a blue democratic state like delaware where the person she was running against was a million dollar rat, can a real conservative republican win? it hasn't happened since 1994. >> and interesting too, person she ran against being mike castle, had said if you put her in office, there is a good chance we'll lose in november. >> the real significance of that is it was always a long shot that republicans were going to get control of the senate back from the democrats. but any chance they had
7:32 am
depended on running a bunch of states including delaware. mike castle was a favorite to win it for the republicans. christine o'donnell will be a big underdog. we'll talk to her on sunday about how she plans to turn that around. >> also just going on the trail i guess in general as we get closer to the midterm. >> you bet. we'll have a piece and remind everybodied about the week that was in politics. there was also obviously -- i don't know that you would call it an upset but a big story here in d.c. a big race in new hampshire and then also just the battling back and forth between president obama and john boehner across the country. so very interesting week and this is going only going to heat up now. only about seven weeks between now and the election. >> we'll see you on sunday morning. >> thank you, steve. >> you can watch on sunday morning being of. hard to talk about the weekend without talking about how great it will be for whatever you want to do. >> it is 70 now which is kind
7:33 am
of like the warmest morning. >> absolutely right. the weekend will be great. we'll have very comfortable conditions p lots of sunshine, not bad at all. >> super. >> let's jump in. we'll start by talking about yesterday. we had much-need rainfall. -- we'll have very comfortable conditions, lots of sunshine, not bad at all. 3/100 of an inch. >> it was enough to be a nuisance. i needed an umbrella. >> i needed it yesterday afternoon. i was thinking the rain would come in the evening and it came in in the afternoon. so i'm sorry about that if you were caught without an umbrella. there were your other numbers. here is a look at the satellite- radar if the region. we do have some loud out there this morning moving through the region. you can see them right there. but the skies are not completely cloudy. i just stepped outside here in northwest washington. it is a mix of clouds and sun.
7:34 am
that is what the morning is going to be like i think as the day progresses. we'll get more and more sunshine working its way in here particularly during the afternoon hours. there is a fair amount of cloud cover across the mid-atlantic and the northeast at this time. temperatures around the region, we are at 70 degrees here in the district. 70. 68 out in annapolis. once again, we focus on the tropics. very active season as predicted. this is hurricane karl. hurricane karl will make landfall over portions of central mexico later on today. it's major hurricane. category three. this is hurricane igor. there is a hurricane watch in effect now for bermuda. hurricane igor also a category three hurricane and this is hurricane julia not very impressive. barely a hurricane.
7:35 am
the eye has closed up. now, could it strengthen again. it could. it is over warm water. a lot of that energy is being drawn in by ieg ore. here is forecast for washington for today. becoming mostly sunny. a nice afternoon. -- a lot of that energy is being drawn in by igor. take a look at this weekend. oh, my goodness. saturday and sundays, highs in the low 80s. plenty of sunshine. if you are headed to the redskins game on sunday, it will be fantastic. mob and -- monday and tuesday, still very nice. now, let's got an update on traffic with julie wright. >> oh, my goodness. you sound like you are about to bust a button off the suit. >> that would have nothing to do with the weather. my eating habits. >> can you come run with me an beagle bailey. >> i like it. >> on the roads right now.
7:36 am
very much a busy commute if you are continuing around towards i- 95 college park. it is backed up from 450 annapolis road around to the scent scene at route one f you are traveling off of route one, trying to come north, it is a tight squeeze there as well. trouble in virginia. this is 359 just north of duke street. two-car fender bender with no help on the scene yet. that is keeping out brake as you travel northbound trying to head north up towards seminary road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. time right now is 7:36. 70degrees out there. still ahead on this friday morning, we'll check out family friendery weekend events. >> and fay lot of people, the weekend is based on sunday's redskins game. the skins looking to complete the texas two-step against houston and pull off something they have not done in nearly 15 years. timothy mcveigh ross joins us -- dave ross join us for the friday football forecast coming up next
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clinton portis trying to make light of some comments he made earlier by taping his mouth closed in front of the assembled media on tuesday, he weighed in on female members of the media in the locker room which was sparked by the ongoing allegations by a mexican report are who said she was made to feel uncomfortable at a new york jets practice lasted week. timothy mcveigh ross who never creates an uncomfortable environment at practice joins us now for the friday football forecast. dave, we should mention was right next to mr. portis when his mouth was being taped shut which leads me to aqua did you say to the guy that made him clam up. >> i said absolutely nothing. i was standing next to him and
7:41 am
albert haynesworth. that is uncomfortable. is a bill fellow. this is the rob with the locker room. you try to lean around one guy to get to the next guy, i'm standing in albert haynesworth's locker. is a big dude. so he can easily move you out or me out. >> if he wanted to. if it didn't tire him out too much. >> it gets into the whole question of should reporters even be in the locker room. forget male, female or whatever. it is an interesting question. there are uncomfortable situations that happen every day in a locker room. >> but there is also play ares like clinton portis that appreciate the attention sometimes and he wouldn't have taped his mouth should if he didn't know the cameras there were. >> it is funny because we talked about clinton when you and i discussed this. he had a really quiet training camp. he wanted to go underneath the radar. he got into shape this year. he is taking everything seriously this year and then this happens. this is what we're talking about instead of what we should be talking about and clinton knows this. that is why he taped his mouth shut. he knows he is a controversial figure. is the type of guy that, when
7:42 am
he says something being people listen for good or for bad and he normally makes headlines. >> he also had a pretty decent game last week. if you want to talk running backs that are at the peak of their production you have to look at the other side right now. and houston's -- >> foster. another big guy. we talked about last hour an tray johnson. look at this running back. is a big kid. he runs upsite. kind of reminds me of an eric dickerson style in the day. the way you have to stop him is what deangelo and the hall and the redskins defense did on the toughdown play. if you look closely at that tape which we'll show you right now, gang tackling. there were three guys on the ball carrier here which enabled d hall to strip it out. if you noticed in the last tape that we saw, it was arian foster going one and one.
7:43 am
that is what you have to do against any great ball carrier. you get two guys to wrap him up. >> let me ask you. this the redskins secondary has been -- it has taken a lot of heated over the last couple of seasons. now, you talking about getting them more involved in stopping the running game. can youment forget about andre johnson would may be the best receiver in the league. it look like a lot of pressure on the secondary. >> it is fool's gold to me. the key is stopping andre johnson. i think the key is stopping owen daniel. they beat the colts. i would not get glamoured by foster. i would still worry about matt shaw. >> we talk ad lot about stopping the texans' offense. what about the redskins
7:44 am
response? >> it gets back to clinton portis. i think portis needs to have a big day, not necessarily stat- wise. he needs to have 20-plus aries inform he does, steve, it is controlling the clock. if you play keep-away, that is a best defense against a great offense. don't get into i shootout. >> next you go into the locker room and stir up trouble, would would you rather not get in trouble with, clinton portis or albert haynesworth. >> big al is big al. but cp is more stealth. albert, i could run away. >> but if he catches you? >> if he catches me, it is all over. i would still rather go against big al jut because -- just because i'm a lot quicker. >> how about we put you and big all in the ring together. >> how much money you going to
7:45 am
give me. >> let's talk to rupert and get something done. >> you heard it here first. we've got you on air and online. don't for get our pre-game coverage begins sunday here at 11:00 a.m. on fox 5. the one great thing, it will be a perfect forecast for game time on sunday. >> tony perkins. >> it really is. for folks heading out to the game, it is just going to be a great afternoon. going to be a tough game against the texans but a great afternoon as far as the weather goes. >> before you get to that, may i suggest giving our own dave ross some masking tape so he doesn't talk about challenging al haynesworth. >> you are going to be in the locker room with him at some point. >> let's hope he is watching. he is probably asleep. i'm just saying. >> i'm going to text him and wake him up. >> it is going to be a nice day an nice weekend. >> the nights will be cool and
7:46 am
i think comfortable. you might need awe jacket. but the day times, sunny and 80. let's take a look. we'll start with what is happening right now with the current conditions here in the mid-atlantic and across the northeast. 70degrees here. we talk about fall earlier this morning and the gradual change. you can see it coming. look at binghamton. 48degrees in binghamton this morning. so that cool are air starting to settle in up to the north and than it works its way down. 66 currently in new york city. 73degrees in richmond. her is a look at the surface map. here is what happened, ladies and gentlemen. yesterday a warm front came through, took us up into the 80s. 91 at reagan national. last night, a cold front began to come through. that brought us some rain showers and today, high pressure is in control. it will be in role tomorrow and it will be warm and sunny. five-day forecast, high about 84 degrees. we've got clouds out there this morning. tomorrow being sunny and 86789 sunday being mostly sunny, 81.
7:47 am
even monday is still nice. 79-degree. tuesday, nice as well. 80degrees and mostly sunny. not bad at all. enjoy the weekend. >> very nice. >> it will feel so nice. >> going to be great. >> let me tell you. after all this, if something happens and it rain or something, i will not come back to work. how about that. >> we won't want to see you. if it's raining, then we won't. >> you are not listening. if it rains, he doesn't come back to work. which means than we get to divvy up his salary. >> hey! >> yeah. >> let me rethink this. >> too bad. your time is up. >> all lane are open eastbound along 66 coming close in from nutley street to the beltway. dulles toll road is where we had the crash inside of the beltway. that should now be cleared. outer loop still struggling to get in on time. accident activity still in place.
7:48 am
will find traffic squeezing by using the three left lanes. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. as fullly summer draws to a close now, we have hay a great time being able to send some of you to concerts at jiffy lube live for free. today is our last giveaway. -- we've had a great time. you need to correctly we are the trivia question on your screen. rush is made up of three musicians. would writes the lyrics to the ma majority of theirsongs? to we, go to our website, and find the contest on our entertainment page. can you enter until 10:00 this morning. can you read all the contest rule online too. you have to be at least 18 years old to enter. the prize of a pair of tickets is provided by live nation.
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>> you know what that song is called? >> musician. >> you know the name of that song? >> i can't remember because it was out when i was like 10. >> tom sawyer. >> they are in their golden years but they are going to the gold as this morning we are giving awe live preview of the northern virginia senior olympic games. >> we've got yo-yo tricks, table tennis to basketball. we'll show it all off on fox 5 morning news.
7:50 am
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7:52 am
senior athletes will be competing this month in the northern virginia senior olympics. >> holly is at the thomas jefferson community center in arlington as the competitors get ready for their events. >> good morning. this is always so inspirational when we are here with these senior athletes. they have a lot of energy. if you are under 50, you need not apply. the chairman is jack hobbs. he joins me today. >> hello.
7:53 am
nice to see you. >> you guys have some 25 different games, 15 different venues. >> right. >> how do you come up with the different events because they are in the all the normal olympic events. >> we try to keep some very physical like the track meets, basketball. we have some mental things like cribbage, scrabble. most of the events are in five- year age categories. the oldest participant last year was 100 years old. >> really? yield with a gentleman at the track meet that was 99 years old. >> how did he do? he did it. that is all that matters. >> he came out and participated. that is the main thing. >> have you seen an increase over the year? >> yes, this year we have more participants than we've had in the past. we have over # hundred. >> wow! that is fabulous. it is not even just all about
7:54 am
the competition. there is a lot of fellowship that goes on there. >> some of the competitions, it gets very fierce. others, it is fellowship. >> reporter: but you do have some pun events like competitive line dancing. >> line dancing. we have 54 people. eighteen signed up for line dabsing. >> really? you have wii bowling. >> yes, we have about 70 people signed for wii bowling. it is held at the green springs retirement community. >> reporter: do you get to compote at all? >> i'm too busy. >> i understand. one of the events that they also have that we think is kind of fun is yo-yo tricks. okay. not your usual olympic event but if you want to talk to the guy that knows, you got to talk to that yo-yo guy right there. dick, it is good to see you again. >> good to be back. thank you. >> >> reporter: we've done some stuff with dick before and it makes sense you would be the
7:55 am
judge for this event. >> that is true. i don't compete. we split the groups. the ladies compete against the ladies. men against the men. the age groups are 50 to 69 and then 70 plus. than there is a begin are the novice and the advance division. so there is a whole bunch of different divisions that people can get into and i give away a whole bunch of medals. >> reporter: so let's do something that the basic competitor would do. >> the beginner trick list starts with the gravity pull which is just drop it down and pick it up. >> reporter: got that. >> then you turn your hand over and did a throw. did you catch it? good. that's five points. >> reporter: do i get extra points for style? >> no you are aup to 10. the next one is far -- forward pass just like that. let go. so you lost two points. >> show me something they would
7:56 am
do in the advanced category. >> that would be rock the baby in the cradle. brain twister, like that. >> reporter: that's okay. >> yeah. >> reporter: and now, not only is that yo-yo guy that judge but dick store is also competing. what events are you going to be doing? >> wii bowling. that is fun. that is really a lot of fun. and horse shoes and -- >> reporter: what do you like best about the game? >> it is so much fun. the people are so friendly and supportive of what is going on, who is doing what. and you know, it is about fun. we are aout here having an awful lot of fun. >> so really, nobody loses at the senior olympic games where not at all. >> reporter: is our website. before a living to theirs if you want to find out about how all the competitions play out. coming up in the next hour, you
7:57 am
soo he them back there the table tennis competitors are getting warmed up. we'll talk with them in the 8:00 hour. >> great trick from the yo-yo guy. >> we love it. coming up after 8:00 being we'll show you uncredible video of a toddler would crawled out on it a busy highway. several new reports painting an even more troubling picture of the housing market. we'll take a closer look when we come back. stay with us.
7:58 am
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we are following breaking news in washington, d.c. police, fearing for their lives, shoot a man with a gun, waiting near the capital. we are live at the scene with details. and a shocking situation. a woman who said someone threw acid in her face, now says she did it to herself. and the mother of natalee holloway goes to meet with a man about her daughter's disappearance. problem is, she wasn't invited. find out how she got inside. we have much more coming up in the 8:00 hour.
8:01 am
and we say good morning to tony. >> good morning. >> got the forecast and just a stellar-looking weekend. >> yes, it is. forecast is okay for today. out at reagan national airport, where it is -- 70 degrees. relative humidity is at 68%. our winds are light and west. here's a look at the satellite radar composite for our region. there are the rain showers that came through yesterday. they are long gone. we have a mix of clouds and sun this morning and we will for a good part of the day. i think we'll see mostly sunny skies. but clouds will be hanging on until then. looks like this. becoming mostly sunny. again, a mix of clouds and sun this morning. nice afternoon. 84 degrees for your high. we'll have details in a little bit. let's check in with julie
8:02 am
once again with traffic. >> reporter: unfortunately, it's not getting better. it's a 10-mile backup outer loop of the beltway, leaving central avenue and continuing around route 1, college park. that's where we had the accident actitivity. -- activity. traffic is flowing at centerville. and all the way in towards the capital beltway. slow between braddock road and 66. again, the outer loop of the beltway will make its way around. we have the crash with the roadway blocked off there in each direction. southbound 270 toward the lane divide. that's a check of fox 5, on- time traffic. we continue to follow breaking news this morning. u.s. capital police will follow a shooting. a second and c street southwest.
8:03 am
sheri lee joins us now with our top story. >> reporter: right now, u.s. capital police are having a press conference with the latest information on this. and not a lot has changed from what we can tell. u.s. capital police are not saying if one or more officers fired at this gunman. the suspect was tan -- taken to the hospital. this all happened just back here at 5:00 in the morning at second and c street. the area is slow from washington avenue from c street. investigators continue to gather evidence this morning. this all happened when officers spotted the gunman at second and c street behind the health and human services area, an area known as the southwest federal complex. also behind the rayburn building, which housed several of the officers. the gunman was shot in the abdomen. police are not saying how many times he was shot. evidence markers on the scene do show that several shots
8:04 am
were, indeed, fired. investigators don't know if they were in the area targeting anyone. but say that the officer or officers fired in fear for their lives. >> a lookout was broadcast over the u.s. capital police radio for a man with a gun. and a few moments later, around the same time, 5:00 a.m., officers in the area of second and c street observed a man who brandished a weapon directly at the officers. >> the man was taken to the hospital. his condition at this point is unclear. but he was reportedly unconscious after the shooting. u.s. capital police are working -- capitol police are working with d.c. police, which is not uncommon when one of your officers is involved in a shooting. at one point, we saw investigators over by the rayburn building, searching for evidence in this area. police have not said if they have said anything.
8:05 am
or if the officers issued any type of order or how close that suspect was to the officers at the time of the shooting. we'll have the latest for you coming up at 9:00. that's the latest from here. sherri ly, back to you. and the gunman shot and killed his mother. police found 50-year-old paul warren partis, known to people in virginia as warren davis, and his 84-year-old mother dead after a two-hour standoff. he said their mother had arthritis and rheumatism and would likely lose her ability to walk. david cohen is now recovering from the shooting. we are also following breaking news from britain, concerning the state visit of pope benedict xvi. five men have been arrested in
8:06 am
connection to the potential threat to the pope. the holy father is in london today. this is an event of school children this morning. it is unknown exactly what the threat may have been. they say the five may have been arrested in the central part of the city. and that searches continue in other locations. here in the d.c. area, a teenager was shot and killed in prince george's county. this was in the park of nicholson street. according to the washington post, the victim was 16 years old. police say they are still searching for suspects. just days after the d.c. primary. d.c.'s attorney general peter nichols says he is done with the job. nichols saying he will not work for vincent gray. he says he will keep the transition to the next mayor's administration and step down at the end of the year. federal officials got in the air for hundreds of people in northern virginia.
8:07 am
they yelled, they booed, they hissed, as army officials explained the plan for more than 6,000 d.o.d. personnel. they were explaining shuttle bus. last night's crowd asked the pentagon officials to delay the plan. >> how many of you live in this area? i'm sure most of you don't. just try. we'll make a quick run from, say, the road and a few streets down. >> the new facility opening next year as part of a plan by the pentagon face realignment and closure. today, president barack obama will name a well-known critic. the president's good friend. elizabeth warren expected to be named the new consumer protection czar. her goal, towall street to task over an agency that will be enforcing tough
8:08 am
financial protection. the senate would normally have to confirm anyone with this kind of power. but since she's being named a special adviser to the president, the senate won't have the say. we will show you incredible video of a toddler who crawled out onto a busy highway. and several new reports, painting an even troubling picture of the housing market. the job market is not doing so hot, but if you're looking for work, check out our job shop online. there is an opening for general manager. for more information on this and others, go to our
8:09 am
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8:11 am
it is 8:11 now. 70 degrees on a friday morning. time for a look at some of the stories making headlines. natalee holloway's mother is in peru this morning. she and a dutch documentary worker visited a prison where the man suspected in natalee's disappearance is being held.
8:12 am
beth twitty snuck in without identifying who she was. she and joran van der sloot met for a little while before they realized who she was and escorted her out. van der sloot has not been charged with the disappearance of natalee holloway. sharing a series of surveillance photos with the public. clearly can see the robber here. you can see this. reaching over the counter, still pointing the gun at the teller. then you see him with a wad of cash in his hand. it's unclear how much money he got away with. and disturbing video in turkey. a toddler, crawling on a busy highway, escapes unharmed. take a look at this. his mother says she left him sleeping under some bushes and didn't notice when he woke up and wandered off.
8:13 am
several cars zoomed past until a driver noticed and slowed traffic down. >> i've seen that a couple of times. real scare stuff there. one thing we can do now is try to brighten the mood a little bit and show you a happy baby. >> time now for the my first 5 photo of the day. we are looking at matt. >> you asked for him and here he is. >> look at those eyes. >> oh, he's handsome. >> you know, some of those pictures are just amazing. this is max celebrating the redskins big win over dallas last week. that's a great picture. >> i can't even speak on that. he is so adorable. >> that is. look at his eyes. >> he looks like a doll. >> all right. that's a great one. thanks for sending it in. go to my fox and click
8:14 am
on mornings. >> he's cute. >> yes he is. here's a look at the current temperatures at the airport. it is 71 degrees right now. at reagan national airport. dulles at 66 degrees. bwi marshall is at 67 degrees. satellite radar, let's see, got some clouds building in from the west. hmm. it's going to be a mix of clouds and sun this morning. i think it will be more sunshine later on today. but i think some clouds will be floating around throughout the course of the day. so will not be a perfectly sunny day. five-day forecast looks like this. high today 84 degrees. not bad. tomorrow and sunday. fantastic. highs in the low 80s, with lots of sunshine. mondays, still fantastic. 79 degrees. tuesday, just great. 80 degrees and mostly sunny. time for a look at what's happening with the weather. we'll be here in a few moments. right now, we've got julie
8:15 am
wright standing by. >> guess what i'm going to be doing later today. >> give me a clue. >> well... >> based on the things you usually talk about, you're going to chase down an ice cream truck for a nutty buddy and then go -- >> well, typically, yes. but today i'm playing golf. there's an annual golf tournament. they asked me to come out today and putt. >> do you play golf? i've never heard you play golf. >> that's the whole thing. we have to cue this whole thing. i'm not a celebrity. but i do fit in so i can do the dance. >> now, that i would pay to see. >> and that's the whole point. we're hoping everyone can come out there in gainesville today. >> that's going to be fun. see you monday. down the road now. you're going to find lanes are opening if you travel down south at the wilson bridge. 66 inbound, still on the slow side. no accidents to report. the inner loop tied at braddock
8:16 am
road, headed out towards 66. if you are traveling the top stretch, still very much below speed. that's a 10-mile backup. and delays leaving new hampshire avenue. and that's in the process of being cleared to the shoulder. more slow traffic as you continue around towards dorchester avenue. that's a look at the fox 5 on- time traffic. the american dream of home ownership is slipping away from more people. according to a new report. a company that tracks requests says housing problems have replaced child care issues. many have asked for help. a different survey shows a steep drop in the number of people who consider this. certainly the reports show that the economic recovery is still elusive for american homeowners. let's go to john mcclane. john, thanks for being here with us this morning. >> we always talk about the fact that we seem to be a
8:17 am
little insulated here in the washington area from the housing crisis, from the way the other areas have felt this. but it's still tough here, isn't it? >> we haven't had the depth of the bredth of the -- breadth of the problem. a lot of places that had a lot of foreclosures, prince williams county, a lot of new homes were built, a lot of people were in the income levels where they were really stressed. when the marketed started down, they were caught. some areas in the region. but you're right. they were greatly inflated. >> what do you make of this? we're hearing more and more people now. just go back four or five years. everyone wanted to get in the housing market. thought this was their get-rich scheme. now, we're hearing more and more people say, i don't even value my own home as a good investment. >> i think we got irrationally
8:18 am
exuberant in the words of greenspan about the housing market and the bubble we had in 2004, 2005, and 2006. and i think we probably overreached in terms of trying to create that dream that most people have, which is home ownership. and people who got into mortgages, didn't have the income. are we -- the real key now is, and there's got to be a debate in the next couple of years, about the right level of home ownership. how much do we help people getting into home ownership. and i think we did overreach. they were probably overzealous in the past 20 years in trying to create home ownership for everybody. but we don't want to go back the other way. it's getting tougher to get a mortgage. you've got a lot of documentation you have to do. and income levels and limits on mortgages are stricter. woo don't want to -- we don't want to go too far that way. it is the american dream.
8:19 am
>> and we've also seen, people were buying homes. and we saw less people buying. people still need some type of incentive out there. the fact is, more and more people are asking for help in employee-related plans and things like that. are we getting closer to getting out of this, to getting over the situation of the housing? or are we just now starting to learn the depth of the whole situation. >> well, at the national level, we're not out of it, and it's going to be a while. because the foreclosure problem caused a lot of people to get out of their homes. or homes where people were renting and they got kicked out of the rental homes when the homes got foreclosed on. and they got assessed on the job market. and it's going to take a long time for jobs to come back. we're now at 9.7% unemployment nationally. i think a good result would be that we've got down to 7% after two or three years. about 1% a year would be a good reduction in that. and that's going to be directly
8:20 am
related to how many recover. more people feel better about themselves and about their investments. you mentioned renting. are we going to see more people turning back to renting as opposed to owning? >> there are a lot of adaptations. people are renting, for one. people are doubling up in households. people, younger kids who graduate from college and get their first home. more stay at home with their parents now. and kids who used to be two to a unit, now they're four to a unit. and more people are renting. >> right. people are doing what they can. obviously, the prices have not come down that much. especially here in the washington area the. >> they have come down. prices increasing. and interest rates at all-time lows. people who have good incomes and good credit ratings, it's not a bad time to buy. >> good stuff. i appreciate you coming in this morning. john mcclane, george mason university.
8:21 am
it is 71 degrees on this friday morning. a horiffic story -- horrific story that made headlines. a woman who claims someone threw acid in her face. then, we are live with some of the athletes participating in the northern virginia senior olympics this weekend.
8:22 am
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startling admission from a woman who gained worldwide sympathy after her face was badly burned in a so-called acid attack. weeks later, she says she faked the incident. she doused herself. >> reporter: she appeared in front of the press, heavily bandaged and fragile, with her family by her side. bethany sorrel said she refused to be a victim. >> what she did to me -- i can't let it ruin my life. that's not fair. >> reporter: she suffered severe burns, changing the appearance of her face. her mother shared details of the allege today attack the day after. >> a woman approached her and said, hey, pretty girl, and she
8:25 am
turned around. and the woman said, would you like to drink this? but the story the 28-year-old told police didn't quite check out. police logged hundreds of hours in the case, yet couldn't find the attacker storro described. >> she was african american, had black hair, pulled back in pig tails. >> reporter: cops said the as-- acid pattern were more consistent with being rubbed, rather than splashed. storro fessed up. >> she said that it was self- inflicted. >> her lies spun out of the control. >> she is extremely distressed. >> reporter: vancouver place they charge the woman with filing a false police report. but it's still unclear why storro inflicted all of this pain on herself. it is now 8:26 this
8:26 am
morning. still ahead. a look back at all of the drama here on real housewives of d.c., right? >> yes. and more taking place around the weekend. stay with us. paul will be back with that. we'll be back.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
all right. summer is officially drawing to a close. we have a chance to send you to a free concert. it's our last giveaway to see rush tomorrow night at 7:30. to win the pair of tickets, answer the trivia quiet on your -- question on your screen. who writes the lyrics? >> answer, go to my my fox find it on our entertainment page. you can read all of the contest rules online, too.
8:30 am
you must be at least 18 years old to enter. the prize is provided. >> we call the working man. >> the working man. >> i have friends that go to the rush concert. they say that there aren't too many women there. just saying. >> okay. it's going to be a beautiful afternoon. clouds out there to start the day. and partly cloudy conditions. here's your rainfall totals from yesterday. 3/100ths of an inch. that's all we can squeeze out of the sky. i know we have major shortages. we're going to be very nice. simply beautiful around here. dulles and bwi marshall. not a whole lot of rain unfortunately. and our next chance of rain doesn't arrive until middle of next week. once again, we're going to set up for a very, very nice, very tranquil weather pattern here. there's your morning look. rain showers out of here.
8:31 am
up towards new york city. where they had reports of widespread wind damage. here in washington, a little cloud cover, hanging off to the north and northwest. later this afternoon, winds out of the north and northwest, it really will have a chance to dry out the atmosphere. we'll see plenty of sunshine this afternoon. later tonight, things will get very comfortable. that will set us up for a bright weekend. temperatures here cooled off. particularly north and west. 71 in town. 66 in manassas. and 65. may be a little warmer south and east of town. forecast, a good one. becoming mostly sunny. high temperatures, cooler. should she'll dryer -- feel dryer. outdoor plans this weekend, go for it. it's going to be a nice-looking weekend. sunshine, 82. sunday afternoon. temperatures should be in the upper 70s near 80 with bright sunshine. that's good tailgating weather.
8:32 am
monday and tuesday, we keep the streak going. let's look at the forecast. we'll throw it back to you. great-looking weekend ahead. it is finally friday. let's take a look at the fun and mostly free family events. >> we need some help. outside is paul la salle. >> that's why i'm here. there's an international event this week. this is my song that i picked. give it a little listen. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> around the world. >> you don't know it. maryland honey harvest festival is going on this saturday. they're going to have honey- tasting, candle making and even the american honey. going to stop by, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00. and it is free. and downtown this saturday is the h street festival.
8:33 am
the festival features bands on three stages. and interesting events like this tattoo and pie-eating contest. in northeast between 8th and 14th. noon to 6:00 p.m. and it is free. bear season is still in the air in 2010. the great frederick fair goes off. it has everything from live stock to live music. and of course, carnival rides. admission is $7. but get this. today, it's free to get in. i hooked that up. that might not be true. no, that's not really true. my next event is the international children's festival. this week, i got a little dancing lesson from one of the featured groups. >> you're here where you can see they are getting a special performance. because this weekend is the international children's festival. thanks for joining me. tell me all about the fest. >> this is our 40th
8:34 am
international children's festival. produced by the arts council of fairfax county. >> we have performers like this. but you -- >> we have a combination of everything. we have two groups that are coming from overseas this. group is coming from poland. also a group from pueblo, mexico. and in addition, we have 60 local groups, representing about 20 other cultures. >> what about the ticket prices and everything? >> ticket prices are $12 for adults. $8 for children, 3 and under are free. rain or shine. >> this is the vocal director. what kind of dance is this? >> this is from. [ indiscernible ] but just because we have the concert here. >> can i join them now? how would i -- >> try to find a spot.
8:35 am
>> all right. >> uh-oh. >> uh-oh. anyway, for information on all of my events, go to our website. for the record, i did not practice at all. >> really? not one practice? [ laughter ] you needed that. >> that is hilarious. >> paul, you're a good sport.
8:36 am
>> paulraphel. and if you don't want to go see paul, you can still go. comedy central funny man, john stewart and steve colbert, planning their own rally. more on that when we come back. plus, there have been questions about whether casey's documentary was real or false. we know the answer.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
two comedians from comedy central are planning rallies on the mall this fall. john stewart had his show and said his rally to restore sanity, will, quote, take it down a notch for america. the colbert report is on the right, after the stewart show, and not to be outdone, steven colbert announced he will host a march to keep fear alive, saying now is not the time to take it down a notch. now is the time for all good men to freak out for freedom. both rallies are scheduled for october 30th. >> right before halloween. >> very nice. we now know what has been going on with actor joaquin
8:40 am
phoenix. a lot of people may have wondered. a documentary called i'm still here, shows how phoenix quit acting to become a rapper. if you followed anything that you've heard about recently. now, the director, casey affleck, who was also joaquin phoenix's brother-in-law, ben, says that it was all a hoax. that phoenix grew his hair long and even made a strange appearance on david letterman. affleck went as far as filming phoenix as a child. he said he did not want to trick anyone and was engaging in gonzo filmmaking. by the way, kevin mccarthy says if this was a hoax, he deserves an oscar for life for pulling it off. >> he is a great actor. joaquin phoenix, i believe, is very underrated as an actor. from the big screen, we now go to the small screen. >> up next, we'll take a look
8:41 am
at all of the drama on this week's episode of the real housewives of d.c. i've got table tennis drama. look at. wow. we are giving you a preview of the northern olympic senior games going on this weekend. how you can get this. live next on fox morning news.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
hollywood getting a great lesson in staying active as you get a little older. she is in virginia as i would say training, but it's beyond training activity, holly. what's going on? >> these are competitors. we're talking about the northern virginia senior olympic games. 15 different venues going on all over this weekend and a whole lot of fun. can't even put a number on it.
8:45 am
what are you competing in? >> mixed, bocci, double and single ball. >> look at you. is there a limit to the number of events you can do? >> no. i believe the top number i've seen is 21. >> really? that's fabulous. >> yes. >> can people still sign up? >> there are some events you can register at the event. most of the events, the registration is closed. >> and how far in advance is it closed? i'm putting it on my calendar next year. >> this year, postmark, september 1st was the deadline. changes a little with our first. >> i'm not quite at the age limit yet. but if there are people watching at home that don't live in northern virginia, and they're like, man, i would like to do something like that. >> if it's not directly northern virginia, we have faulkner county, loudoun county, it's part of the northern senior olympics. and we have the virginia state games that will be with us in
8:46 am
the first part of may in richmond. they can compete in those. as far as i know, we're the only senior olympics in virginia other than the state olympics. >> got you. they say 50 is the new 40. people are younger longer. >> yes. it's staying mobile. that's what the senior olympics does. keeps us mobile, active. gets us out of the house. social, emotional. >> it's win-win. love it, love it, love it. i'm making my way over to the table tennis. i'm checking in with ann wester. she won the gold metal last year in her age group. all right, mike. scooch on out of here. ann, how long have you been playing table tennis? >> since i was about 5. >> so not that long? >> not at all. was it pretty cool, winning
8:47 am
the gold medal last year? >> yes. >> was it tough? >> good competition. see, i already hit is long. you don't have to hit it that hard, right?" how long does the game usually last? >> depends what rules you're using. it's 21 in the old set. and 11 now in the new. >> new set of rules. how often do you practice? >> how often? we played twice a week at walter reed. >> oh, at walter reed, you do? very cool. >> she's never going to want to play with me ever again. >> not at all. that's not true. do you compete in the need -- did you get that? >> i think i might have gotten eight points. what do you think your
8:48 am
chances are in defending your metal. >> actually, i'm not. >> you're not competing? >> no. >> why are you not competing? >> i had a conflict of interest this year. >> did you hear that silver metal winner over there? i think you might be the top spot. to serve is the hardest thing. ready? what do you think about being part of this? >> meeting people, seeing who is around. what the competition is around the area. so how young do you feel? oh, younger than my 60s. is the website. we have a link to there if you want to find out more. i thought you were going to keep in in play and make me
8:49 am
feel good. going to whoop it up with senior olympics in our next hour hour. real drama with the real housewives of d.c. last week and the weeks past, most of it surrounds the salahis. and we'll talk about that. christina back with us. and jamie jones. thank you for joining us. and the lovely annie yu, fox 5 producer and we like to say reality tv expert. okay. let's get rid of all of the housekeeping notes. no pun intended with the housewives. >> cat. we saw a softer side of cat. we realize that her friends, overseas, died. she's dealing with this. her husband is overseas. we haven't seen this side of cass. >> it tapped into a likability that i think will come out a little more and even more as the show goes on. and we're reminded that she has
8:50 am
this whole other world in britain. doesn't really have close friends in washington. >> i felt for her. i know you like her anyway. >> i do. because cass tells it like it is. you know where she's coming from. i think she's having like a little bit of homesickness and loneliness. it happens to wives and moms. >> yes. i agree. i think it's safe to say that a lot of people agree with what we're saying. that usually, cass is a very opinionated, outspoke know woman. -- outspoken woman. she is human at the end of the day. >> okay. now, there are several areas to talk about with the salahis. >> first, let's talk about harric, basically pushing this house hunting thing? does he have any money? >> no. >> you cannot search for any home -- multimillion-dollar homes, not. >> no.
8:51 am
and i did some research. and in the last five years, the salahis have been involved personally in 37 different lawsuits. virginia, maryland, washington and every one of them is a debt situation. >> where are they getting their money to even flaunt? >> the author of this book. the new book that came out. >> diane diamond. >> who wrote circ du salahi. be careful who you trust. has been funding them, writing about them the past six months. >> they get the money. but do you have to go everywhere in a limousine? >> four seasons just to chill? you blond kitty, go. but another thing about mikhail. this thing about when she's doing playboy. no. but i'm flattered, my age and my health conditions. she had m.s. then she says, stay tuned.
8:52 am
>> what is going on -- >> they have the same source and same spokesman giving to different stories. and a number of us will look into it this week. whether she'll do playboy or won't. >> this just speaks to the nature of the salahis. it's just weird. you feel like a crazy person watching. >> and i'm actually hearing that bravo, they're actually sick of the salahis. and they thought they struck gold with this couple. but they're getting negative feedback. and people aren't tuning into their show anymore. >> the salahis will have a spinoff somewhere. watch. >> they will be in the second season. >> can i also say, annie, and let's be honest. these women on the show, we love you, come on any time you want to. but the show last night was a little boring. >> it was. >> erville. >> -- snoozerville. >> we talked about house hunting. >> what are we doing?
8:53 am
>> they didn't know any of the neighborhoods. it was one of these very awkward things. where someone is looking to spend money, but they don't know what on. the people don't live there. they were pointing at office buildings, practically. >> and it ranged from $20,000 to -- >> they said $8 million. >> she was like, i want that. >> it's not even a house. it's a building. >> that's why i think they will be on. i have to disagree with you, annie. they are the exciting group. >> the drama, everything you need. it's the only thing they have right now. i mean, i love all of you ladies. we need to do a kitty lounge. and can we just see those with linda. her chocolate boy toy. she's very laid back. low drama. >> low stress. >> i'll just stay with my kids and move to my home. >> we often see little snippets
8:54 am
of her, doing things like this. >> she said, i don't want to be involved in the drama. >> looks boring to me. and i'm sorry. i am tired of the salahis. i don't want to give them any more attention. and that could be why people are not tuning into the show. >> there are "people" magazine stories. >> they're getting as much publicity as they want. >> let's say next week's show does look a lot better than last night's show in my opinion. that's a good thing. we want to see these ladies succeed. >> let fox 5 do the casting. >> we'll be the next cast. >> watch the ratings. [ laughter ] >> all right. thank you so much. steve, back to you. >> hey, listen. >> you could be the boy on the next season, steve. >> tell jeanne. the spinoff has to be sick of the salahis. they need to embrace their behavior and poke fun at themselves. >> sick of the salahis. i don't know if they'd like
8:55 am
that. thanks. >> thank you, ladies. it looks like missouri knows how to go in style. yep. that's what we're talking about. a rest room at a diner in st. louis, has been named the nation's best. it beat out bathrooms in mandalay bay and new york's bryant park. do we have the pictures? it really adds to the story. apparently not. let's just get past it. chandeliers. nice doors. here we go. this is in missouri. and the contest itself. for the best bathroom in the nation, is sponsored by a bathroom supplies company. that is going to do it for me on this friday morning. tony will be joining allison in the 10:00 morning. they'll have the latest on two breaking stories. one, a shooting on capitol hill. also, two of the stories coming up. have a great weekend.
8:56 am
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welcome back. coming up in the 9:00 hour this morning. here's a look at what we're working on. we are following breaking news. arrests made, after potential threats involving the pope. more details coming up in just a moment. and we'll have a new mayor. will schools chancellor michelle reed be part of the administration? what could be next for the school system if she does snot stay? -- does not stay? we'll talk to someone who has a look into the insight of the defendant. c government. and i am answering an ask allison question. it's very news-related. this has to do with how you dress ask dress at work. one viewer wants to know if her attire is appropriate. we'll have more on that coming up. very good. in


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