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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  September 18, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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. this is fox 5 news at 10. ferocious fighters or man's best friend? a group of pitbulls getting a new lease on life. >> a traffic alert if you are heading in or out of washington, d.c. why your normal route may send you on a detour. >> but first a federal agent on a morning walk stumbles into a
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violent scene. before it's all over two people are dead. police say it was a crime of passion. thanks for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> and i'm will thomas. a husband and wife and a history of problem. tonight they are both dead. how it all unfolded right in front of a federal agent walking his dog. >> reporter: residents on wide water drive in the prince william county were jolted awake just after 7:30 in the morning by the sound of gunfire. francis wily's husband called out to her. >> he told me get down. get the kids. make sure they are in their room. close the door. tell them not to come out. and then there was another shot. >> reporter: a married couple, robert and jennifer bathes, who lived several miles away on erica drive for some reason had driven to this neighborhood in their ford sport utility vehicle. neighbors at the crime scene said a dea agent walking his dogs encountered the couple and saw robert baits holding a gun
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to his head. he turned the gun towards the unarm agent who backed away. jennifer baits ride to get out of the car and that's when the shots rang out. the agent started shouting loudly enough to shout to his neighbors. >> he was saying why did you kill her, why did you have to kill her. it call 911. >> the gunman shot himself in the head. >> when the federal agent got back to the scene, both the victim and the shooter were down. the agent kicked away the man's handgun just in case. local police arrived shortly thereafter. >> robert baits, the shooter was dead at the scene. his wife was transport today a local hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. police had been called to the baits home on erica drive on june 26th for a domestic dispute which resulted in the arrest of the husband. a protective order barring contact between the two was issued, but subsequently expired. neighbors say the bait's two
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children were staying with relatives and were not close to whatever events led to the murder/suicide. john henrahen fox 5 news. >> robert united states was 42 and his wife 38. she worked for a school. new details on the shooting on capitol hill. police say 29-year-old john wesley wheeler jr. of maryland was spotted by police near first and independence yesterday morning. he then ran but officers eventually caught up to him. officers say they shot wheeler when he pointed his gun at them. he is charged with assault with intent to kill and carrying a pistol without a license and other counts. another big story dozens of animals used for medical testing and illegal fights. the washington animal rescue league took in two shipments of rescue animals. one of them involved dogs and cats taken from a medical testing lab in north carolina.
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the other was pitbulls from what appeared to be a dog fightingring in ohio. >> reporter: maureen, the good things these dogs were brought to our area to be nursed back to health and put up for adoption to local families. we told it appears many of these animals were abused before they were rescued by the humane society in the washington animal rescue league. take a look at this video provided by peta tonight, hard to watch but some of the animals rescued from this medical lab in north carolina were brought to dc. they claim they shot this undercover video inside the lab in gates county, north carolina. on the video peta says you can see dogs, cats and rabbits allegedly miss treated by some of the workers at that lab. today many of those animals were brought here to our area and given medical exams by vets at the washington animal rescue league. >> and what we saw on the video was really nothing short of abuse. it was really deplorable. probably about the worst rescue
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disaster situation we've encountered. >> but that was only one shipment of animals to the washington animal rescue league today. also ten pitbulls were brought from what officials believe was a dog fighting operation in southern ohio. the dogs were also examined and treated. the hope is to get these dogs up for adoption just as soon as possible. by the way, when most people think of pitbulls, they automatically think of dangerous dogs. well, that isn't always the case. we are going to look at that coming up tonight on the fox news edge at 11. back to you, will. >> matt akland, thank you. just a beautiful day across our region. almost hard to believe fall is right around the corner. taking a look outside you can see the flowers in bloom. people are eating outside. maybe just taking a walk and enjoying the weather. but will the warm weather stick around for the rest of the weekend? want to know. the question we gwen toll bat is tracking the temperature in the weather center. >> you are absolutely right, will. fall is not that close. a spike coming up in our
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temperatures as well. but let's take a look at the satellite radar. nothing really to show you but how clears it. because we are under the influence of a strong ridge of high pressure. no clouds on here. it is a very, very clear night. as far as the temperatures are concern, we are seeing those temperatures tonight into the 60s and 70s. here is a look at where we hit today. 82 with a high at national airport. 80 at dulles. 78 at baltimore. the temperatures into the 60s everywhere. 67 at washington, d.c. we have got 61 at baltimore. 60 at martinsburg. tonight we are talking 59 and mostly clear. cooler in the suburbs. an odd cloud here to the west. but other than that looking pretty good. the rest of the weekend is looking pretty good also. a great five day forecast on tap for you, will. those details up a little later. >> see you then, gwen. >> a traffic alert if you are driving in or out of dc two bridges shut down and that means you have to find a drive around. not everyone is happy as you
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can imagine. barns joins us now live from the south capitol street bridge. audrey, what's going on out there. >> reporter: well, will this bridge will be closed all weekend long and so will the cane bridge. signs are up alerting motorists to that but not everyone got the message. >> they have to come up with some other alternatives to this. >> brian mcadam who is normally have taken the south capitol street bridge for this trip. but the popular crossing point also known as the frederick douglas memorial bridge will be closed for repairs all weekend and plenty more days in september on top of that. >> this is the first time i've seen it. so bad idea, bad traffic. bad traffic planning. >> they are working here on saturdays. i live here in southwest. so i would have to go 50 and new york avenue and deal with the traffic there. >> reporter: it's the same story at the chain bridge. some serious structural problems turned up during a routine inspection in may.
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dc transportation officials say the emergency repairs couldn't wait. so how much of it will add to your trip home by you having to take the beltway? >> at least one hour. >> reporter: dc transportation spokesman john legal said traffic advisories went out over a week ago warning motorists about the shut downs. there are highway signs up on many thorough fares warning them, too. and more than 2,000 who signed up for dc alerts got word that way. still, some say communication could have been better. >> the weekend is the right time. but they have to inform him in advance. >> reporter: the chain bridge will be shut down for the next three weekends for that work. they will be closing the south capitol street bridge overnight on some days. and a few more weekends to make structural repairs, too. but if it's all in the same of safety and making this bridge better? >> go for it. >> reporter: now, the south capitol street bridge is obviously a major travel route for nationals fans.
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dc's transportation officials say that the work on this bridge won't start until 11 p.m. on game days. and, in fact, next weekend, they won't do any work here at all because of the game. if everything stays on schedule, these repairs should be finished by the end of the month. will, back to you. >> all right. i will take it, audrey. in southeast reporting live tonight. thank you for that. improvements coming to the levee system that protects downtown dc and the national mall from river flooding. the u.s. army corp of engineers awarded a $4.6 million for the contract. officials say that work will begin next month and will be completed in 2011. one of three hikers charged as a spy in iran is heading home. 410 days after she was put behind bars the 42-year-old woman is talking about her freedom and the two others she is forced to leave behind. >> a crash dozens of victims, a make believe accident at reagan national today. the reason behind it all as we continue. >> a new documentary from the same director who shared an oscar with al gore.
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why he is taking an in depth look at the public school system in america. >> just some of the stories coming your way. we are just getting started. so stick around. maureen and i aren't going anywhere. >> the right. 
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. a major atf sting operation got a cache of guns. they targeted buyers and bought guns legally in the phoenix area and transferred them to smugglers who tried to bring them into mexico for drug gangs. >> it is a huge problem we are dealing with here in the state of arizona. ak-47 assault rifles. hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition, either smuggled or destined for mexico. >> atf also searched vehicles headed south. agents stopped one truck carrying over 9500 rounds of ammunition. the agency has now created seven new teams dedicated to stopping the flow of weapons into mexico. the army has launched a counter attack against the taliban in afghanistan. this after the taliban launched
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a series of attacks on the u.s. base in the kandahar province this morning. the first rocket landed in an open area. but the second hit an ammunition storage tent and a fire started. fortunately, no u.s. service members were hurt in the attacks. the violence did not stop afghanistan's national election. there was tighter security as you can imagine as voters headed to the polls though. as fox's connor powell shows the world is paying very close attention to the results after last year's flawed election. despite attacks across afghanistan many afghans did turn out to voted to braving the violence. it was a relatively calm and order terell days in the big city of kabul. the big issues are corruption and fraud. there were many reports today that the ink that is used for afghans voting more than once was a bit too easy to wash off. reports that fake voting cards were being used.
10:15 pm
and also reports of voter intimidation. the election here is a major test, though, of the new u.s. strategy. outside observers say so far what little information we have this election looks much cleaner and much more transparent than last year's fraud marched presidential election. no one is ready to declare this election a success. this is really just the beginning of the process. but considering the circumstances, the violence and the growing taliban insurgency, most people think so far this election was a big improvement over last year's election. in kabul, connor powell, fox news. a prominent rights activist in iran has been sentenced to six years in prison on various anti government charges but has escaped the death penalty. a news agent 1: reports she was convicted of waging war against god. she is the head of the human rights in tehran. >> sarah shoard spent more than
10:16 pm
a year in prison. they are calling for the return of the two others retain mad tehran. fox's peter doocy has more. >> after more than a year in i rain january captivity sarah leaves for a plan bound to the u.s. the 32-year-old held for more than a year on suspicion of spying thanked those who were helping to bring her home. >> i think the good hospitable people of imam for your support and ask you to please, please extend your prayers to my fiancee shane and my friend josh. in shalah they will soon be freed. >> they were arrested in july of 2009 while hiking in the mountains of northern iraq. charged with spying by the government, their relatives and u.s. officials dispute the allegations. secretary of state hillary clinton, calling on iran to release the remaining two men. >> it would be a very
10:17 pm
significant humanitarian gesture for the iranians to release them as well. >> her family also says she was denied proper medical care for a breast lump and other health problems. mothers of the remaining hikers call on iranian president who is set to visit the united nations in new york to help secure the release of their son. >> it is three american hikers that were detained in iran on july 31, 2009. and all three need to get out. >> she arrived in imam on tuesday and then flew to dubai and expected to arrive sunday right here in u.s. city. she will pour all of her efforts into securing the release of her fiancee and friend. in new york, peter doocy, fox news. >> tens of thousands of people gathered in london for toe ben be duct 16th prayer vigil. they came to hyde park where they listened to gospel
10:18 pm
singers, hymns and speeches. pope benedict talked about christians being persecuted and how in the past not far from that park many were killed because of their faith. >> it is an amazing event for the whole family, obviously. >> well, seeing the pope is going to be such an experience for me. i have never seen someone so important in my life. >> cardinal john henry newman will be beatified. >> total mayhem and an important test to see how crews react to the disaster. take you inside this drill. and chicken on the tracks is a game for kids south of the border. how they are putting their lives on the line for a thrill when we come back. 
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. >> the tsa is unveiling a new full body scanning device at
10:22 pm
memphis, international airport. it is one of 52 airport across the country to install the scanners which are paid for with federal stimulus fund. dwi is among those using the technology. they say scans are immediately detected after each passenger is cleared. as of right now, the full body scanners are optional for passengers. emergency responders were busy today at reagan national airport. but the good thing here is they were only taking part in an emergency exercise. >> a simulated aircraft accident tested the emergency operations plan and provided some hands-on training. fox 5 photojournalist mike french takes us to the action. >> reporter: today we have a simulated aircraft crash. >> alert 3, runway 4. >> reporter: passengers were displaced on the shore. the plane actually hit one of the airport buses and some of the vehicles on the service
10:23 pm
roads. >> the helicopters in the air, they are on our initial alert network. >> get me out of here. >> the victims in their role playing they are actually dressed to look like they have severe injuries. we've had 65 injured patients with varying degrees of injuries. >> i do the makeup for all of the disaster drills. we're using more or less hollywood supplies these days to do it. all of the victims have tags that tell roughly what the injuries are. >> a red tag being the most severe. yellow tag down to green tags which are also considered walking wounded. >> but if it says chest wound, it can be from minor to severe. >> the role player where is instructed what their condition is and how to go about expressing that. (screaming). >> some of that is done creatively off the script. >> we're over here. >> if they are alert and
10:24 pm
conscious and moving around it's minor. if they are unconscious it can be a steel rod in the chest. >> you know, in a real incident, anything goes. >> and now they are being loaded and transported to local hospitals. >> as part of the simulation, we close the airport to aircraft. but obviously we don't want to disrupt the travel plans of folks going through the area today. this really didn't have any affect on them whatsoever. >> the teams in columbia, south america risk life and limbs literally along the railroad tracks and it's all for fun. take a look at these guys taking turns. >> oh, wow. >> lying in between tracks as trains pass over them. it is called train game. so far no one has died. but some teens have been seriously injured, even losing fingers. local authorities plan to start a public health campaign convincing the kids to find a new hobby. >> that is unbelievable. i've never even heard of it before. >> literally i haven't even. that is quite bad.
10:25 pm
i am glad they are at least trying to do something to curb it but that's dangerous. >> a humanitarian game will actually fire workers that don't believe in christian values. >> the issue went to court and the ruling might just surprise you why. why faith based hiring will also continue. >> looking at a documentary that shows dc chancellors and how she is being portrayed. >> the capitols hit the ice trying to re-group after last season's disappointmenting post- season finish. those stories and much more coming up in sports when the news at 10 returns.  . top stories and breaking news first starting at 4:25 on fox 5 news. cs
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i'm ahmed mady and i'm a homebuilder. cs my father brought me up to give back to society... felicia jackson promised her late sister that she would take care of her children. but she needed help. i used my american express open card to get half a million points to buy building materials
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to help build the jackson family a new home. well, i know if my dad was still around, he would have told me, with no doubt... he would have told me it's a no brainer and i knew that from the start. it was an honor. booming is moving forward by giving back. >> this is fox 5 news at 10. >> a new documentary behind al gore's an inconvenient truth takes a look at another
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controversial topic. the chancellor michelle reid gets plenty of face time in this one. fox's shannon green has the sneak peek tonight. >> reporter: okay. >> either the kids are getting stupider every year or something is wrong in the education system. >> reporter: the man behind the new education documentary waiting for superman says it's the latter. the movie about the u.s. school system will hit theaters. it follows students and their families on their uphill battle to secure good education in a system he calls broken. >> among 30 countries we rank 55th in math and 31st in science. >> reporter: michelle reid lauded by some for her innovative ideas and criticized by the local teacher's union features in the documentary and says it is time the country got a good look at what is really happening. >> if you looked at what has happened in american public education over the last 20 years we have gone from number one in a lot of different
10:30 pm
respects, to absolutely at the bottom amongst developed nations. >> reporter: while charter schools are portrayed positively in the new film, teachers unions are not. but this is no attack from the right. gugenhiem is the documentary behind al gore's an inconvenient truth. they are praying his attempt to get the country talking about education but not happy about what she calls an inaccurate portrayal of sub-par teachers and villain outside unions. >> there are three million teachers in this country most who do heroic work every single day. so we need to give the good teachers we have the tools and the conditions to support them. we need to support them rather than scapegoat them. >> reporter: he says he never expected any film making experience to surpass the support he got for an inconvenient truth. but the ground swell around this project has been even great he were. he also confesses that although
10:31 pm
he is a huge supporter of public schools he is so troubled by their current state that he chose private school for his own children. in washington, shannon green, fox news. waiting for superman opens september 24th in select theaters. an interesting concept in minnesota. teachers grabbing goods otherwise headed for the garbage. it is part of a nationwide effort called zero landfill to take product samples and keep them out of the trash. a number of twin cities teachers say the project helps with school budget issues and gives students a new way to be creative. >> i think it's great. i just heard about it when i asked the principal for some money to buy the binders. she said funds are tight, you know. >> i thought you could just find a pallet. make a pakistan inspired building. >> well, it seems to be working. the zero landfill program has repurposed more than 400,000 of expired samples since 2006. >> three employees of a
10:32 pm
humanitarian agency in washington state said they were fired when they admitted they no longer believe in the trinity. they may be allowed to discriminate. >> so 6 injured and the-year- old. >> when world vision helped the people of haiti following the devastating earthquake, aide workers did not talk about their believes. they served regardless of their faith oar lack of faith. but when three people in federal way washington stopped attending prayer meetings and chapel services and then admitted they no longer believed in the trinity, the christian non-profit fired them. >> our faith drives is a primary motivating factor for our work. that cannot be compromised. it should not be compromised. >> reporter: the employees sued, claiming their rights in the 1964 civil rights act had been violated. but a federal judge and now a three member panel of the 9th circuit court of appeals disagreed, are ruling that an exemption in that landmark law allows religious groups to
10:33 pm
discriminate. the majority said world vision, while not affiliated with any denomination, is a religious group first and aid group second. non-profits around the country are watching the case closely and are calling the ruling a major victory for religious freedom. >> it allows organizations like world vision to continue to define and carry out their missions without the government coming in, interfering and redefining a mission through who they can hire. >> all 1200 world vision employees in the u.s. were required to sign this statement of faith before getting hired. it reads, in part," we believe in the deity of our lord, jesus christ, if they ever need a reminder there is this sculpture of jesus that greets them at the headquarters. critics point out world vision receives $300 million a year from the federal government. so, in essence, taxpayers are supporting discrimination. >> if world vision wants to discriminate in hiring and firing based on religion, then it should not be receiving
10:34 pm
federal dollars. 25 percent of its income is from the federal government, from the public. >> reporter: the plaintiffs have appealed, hoping to get a hearing before a full 9th circuit panel. in seattle, dan springer, fox news. we have heard about weddings being sponsored by a company. some couples are going a step further getting hitched at fast food restaurants or retail outlets. this is catching on. >> lindsay lohan, what she is doing what could keep her there for weeks. >> temperature wise in the 70s and a low 80 there. into the 80s but take a look to the south. see all of this warm weather? see where it is headed. the first day of fall is just around the corner. we will have the details and more news for you right up after the break. stay with us. fox 5 news at 10 will be right back. ]ceusme ring ring. progresso.
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. calling all dads to compete hosted a race. dads and mothers competed against one another in various baby challenges. one event called for diving into a huge ball fit for pacifiers. competitors won a variety of prizes including a grand prize of $5,000. judges were the cast members from the new fox show raising hope that. show by the way premiers on september 1st right here on fox. >> i don't see her in the group there but color us leechman is playing the mom there. >> we just got started football and now we are talking hockey. >> i had to walk into the ice and had to put on a long slowed sweater. this is not right it's 55 degrees. >> had to walk out and take it all off again. >> i need some heat. never thought i would be asking for heat. the capitols are one practice into their 36th training camp of their nhl history. beginning at 10 a.m.
10:39 pm
this morning broken up into three groups for interest squads images all competing to win the cup. this group has a bit of a chip on their shoulder. the caps won the president's trophy with 121 last year but then blew a 3-1 series lead to montreal in the first round of the playoffs. the number one seed falling to the number 8th seed. it is an underestimate to say that these guys had a rough off season. it is really hard to get over a letdown like that. >> we sort of i think got a little bit of anger still, you know, of what went on and how we lost. and i'm hoping we are carrying that chip on our shoulder through the course of the year. >> we have to take the next step this year. we have been saying for the last couple of years we have a good young hockey club but losing in the playoffs is not acceptable. we want to make that known the very first day in camp. have intensity and being focus mad camp and talk about the playoffs. >> we blew the game in the playoffs and none of us are
10:40 pm
happy about it. there is something good here and didn't carry it into playoffs so obviously we will do that this year. >> for years the houston, texans were known for their running attack. the texans present themselves as a dual threat when they come to visit the skins for a 4:15 game tomorrow. but the skins defense may have an edge. they know the texans offense well shank to kyle shanahan's insider information. he was the offensive coordinator for the past two seasons. but he knows kyle's style pretty well. so is there really any advantage? >> it is and it ain't. because, you know, we have been doing the offense or t as but at the same time their defense has been going against our offense for years. so whoever is going to make the play will be the one who wins the game. >> we are mirror images in the offense.
10:41 pm
so they don't thrown anything that we haven't seen and we haven't thrown anything that they haven't seen so it will be the team that plays the best. mountaineers up 7-0 in the first. smith hits a wide open to austin t puts them up 14-0. same score in the second quarter. virginia is up by 7. they find bailie for the score. 10-10, 173 yards and three tds just to start the game. the third quarter maryland is trying to mount a come back down 28-7. he hit smith in stride. that is good for an 80-yard td but just not enough today. maryland falls to west virginia 31-17. elsewhere virginia tech beat east carolina 49-27. uva was off. they had a buy week. navy highlights and virginia tech highlights all sorts of stuff coming up on the long version of the extra. >> a super-sized. >> dust off your ugg boots for
10:42 pm
hockey. >> i almost thought about putting them on. >> just put on skates for that. >> thanks, lindsay. >> yes. >> thanks, lindsay. we will talk about another lindsay. this one is headed back to the slam he were. still ahead. no, lindsay lohan, of course. what did she do now that landed to the n more jail time. public. hear what that is coming up. [ music ] cun ayausutp ay
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. >> hurricane igor is bearing down on bermuda. this is the video as the category 2 storm approached. top winds are up to 130 miles per hour. there are warnings the waves could be from 30-50 feet. you can see people stacking up here. the outside shops really showed the calm before the storm. more than 65,000 people call the island home and today
10:46 pm
certainly they are stocking up. >> tarps and duct tape and lanterns and flashlight and water. just literally, you know, a hundred or two hundred different items. >> flying off the shelves? >> yes. but thank goodness, we were ready. we were well stocked. >> the last major hurricane to hit bermuda was fabian in 2003. it was a cap 3 with 120 miles per hour winds. it cost 300 million in damage and killed four people. you know, those winds as if you hear 120 miles per hour is bad enough. but those winds are sustained and they don't move through. that's what we have learned time and time again here. >> the question is also do we have any reason to be concerned about this coming to our area? >> we will talk about that in our forecast. i am happy to say the weekend so far is great. in hurricane season and so far really dodging the bullet. >> good. >> but a long ways to go before hurricane season is over. a beautiful day today maureen i hope you did get out to enjoy it. nice ridge of high pressure in
10:47 pm
control. that was absolutely fabulous for us. pretty nice night right now as well across the area. we are seeing skies that are pretty clear. but we could see a few clouds moving into the course as we move into tomorrow. begin to look at the weather headlines. a very nice saturday on tap i am happy to say. lots of sunshine today. a lot of that sunshine as we move into tomorrow. a cold front is on the way. it won't give us too many issues. that's at least some good news. by mid-week a temperature rise. fall is arriving. temperatures shouldn't actually be shooting up too much but wait until you see what the weather is going to be. the tropic as we just mentioned with igor definitely on the active side. things are very pleasant here as we mentioned. skies are pretty clear. a nice ridge of high pressure building in. a look at the temperatures 79 at national. the same at dulles. charlottesville kicked up to 83 degrees today. national is actually right on the mark for we we should be temperature wise as far as the average is concern. 67 in dc.
10:48 pm
61 baltimore. 57 at frederick. 63 to the south at winchester. up the mid atlantic cooler for boston. only 58 degrees this hour. 53 in new york city. look at raleigh at 72 degrees. let's now head to the tropics. begin with a look at viper and show you what is going on. because we are talking about i goor and another tropical system. this is hurricane igor right here, a category 2 hurricane which is expected to have the center move its way right over bermuda in the next 36 hours or so. and there is a hurricane warning in effect for the island right now. you just heard our report about what people are doing in preparation -- preparation for it. we have got julia actually a tropical storm moving west, northwest at 14 miles per hour. and julia is actually weakening out a little bit. but we do anticipate that the remnants of julia will be absorbed by igor in the long run and it doesn't pose any threat to land right now. we will look at the weather
10:49 pm
track and show you exactly where they are headed. the good news is igor will head away from the coastal ear area and head out to the atlantic as is julia. we will not have to deal with this so far so really great news for us. but really keep our fingers crossed for bermuda. not much happening for us at all. this frontal system will move through. pretty dry and will bring us clouds as remove through into sunday. mason dixon could see an isolated shower there. but really not a whole lot happening for us. temperature-wise as we move through mid-day 79 degrees. just an odd cloud or two. not much to worry about across the area. a pretty nice day on tap for tomorrow. mostly clear skies and mid-50s in the bushes. here is a look at the five day forecast for you. what we are going to see is a spike in temperatures on hump day. take a look. 90 degrees will. get the sun-glasses back out once again. maybe even the suntan lotion. unbelievable at 90 degrees. >> that's great. >> as we head through the beginning of fall. isn't that something?
10:50 pm
>> and lindsay is getting the ugg boots out. >> for the hockey game. >> thank you, gwen. >> moving over now and tonight a photographer is accusing canadian idol adam lambert of battery. the photographer told cops lambert ran towards him, grabbed his backpack and wrestled him to the ground in miami beach. the state attorney's office will review the report and decide whether to file charges. lambert's representatives have not issued any comments so far. it looks like lindsay lohan is heading back to the slammer. she if he ised up to failing a court ordered drug test just weeks after being released from jail and going through rehab. she tweeted that substance abuse is a disease and does not go away overnight. but she says she is working hard to overcome it under the terms of her probation, a failed drug test means 30 days behind bars. >> well, you may have heard of the phantom of the opera. but what about the phantom of the fox? a man who has lived in atlanta's fox theater for 30 years now is trying to keep his home. fox's darryl carver reports on the efforts being made on the
10:51 pm
phantom's behalf. >> what do you think when you see those folks across the street? >> oh, i'm always enthusiastic seeing crowds across the way. >> reporter: from a scene across the street at a hotel lounge joe patton was amazed at the fuss being made outside the fox theater, the place he has called home for 30 years from which he was recently asked to move. >> it was a total surprise to me to ever have this happen. i'm still in shock about that. >> "american idol"'s larry platt joined the choices in support of joe patton trying to keep him inside the theater for which he one time had a lifetime less. citing his health they suggested he move into assisted
10:52 pm
living quarters. he has been offered an occupancy but not a lease. >> they can' convict you without reason or cause without asking or telling you why. from 60 days notice they can just throw joe out. >> in a statement atlanta landmarks says joe has 90 days to decide to reject or accept the new lease. it is our sincere hope that joe will formally respond. we look forward to hearing from him so joe can continue living at the fox as long as he is able. >> i think they thought they were doing something good for joe. but in effect they were ripping his heart out. >> i have great feelings and thoughts that this is going to turn around. and i'll be back in my place as originally agreed upon many years ago. >> did you see it? a shop in santa cruz, california is giving medical marijuana users a new sweet option. the makers are selling ice
10:53 pm
cream with marijuana extract. those interested have to have a medical marijuana card to purchase the ice cream. >> i think most of the population enjoys ice cream. and, you know, if we can provide a way for people to enjoy the experience and the healing benefits of the plant through a means where they don't have to smoke and there is no harm to their body whatsoever, you know, except maybe a few calories. >> the flavours include ban nanabusiness foster and strawmary cheesecake. >> you get the munchies and you want to eat what what happens then a perceptual cycle of eating? >> i mean, perhaps. do one and then you do it again. >> and again, and again. >> i think people are so outraged instead of calling it ice cream call it ice scream. >> some people really believe this does help. we will not get into the fray and move on now. anyone gotten married will tell
10:54 pm
you this, they are very expensive. so to save money a little unique. some engaged couples are choosing to celebrate their wedding at it. aco bell and tj maximum. i thought you were leading us to the ice cream story again. >> no, they are really doing this. >> a popular wedding website says these weddings are on the rise and even becoming a new trend. fox's anita vogel has more. >> you drew and you, lisa are husband and wife together. >> reporter: it is a new trend catching fire. instead of getting married in a church or banquet hall many couples are choosing to tie the not in their favorite retail spot, combining love for each other with love for a brand like this couple that got married in a tj max right in front of the shoe department. >> the today is her day. i want her to enjoy it. if she stops line and looks at shoes i will be waiting until she gets done. >> i don't think my grandma really believed that i was going to get married at it. j max. my sister thought it was kind
10:55 pm
of odd. but she said that's you. >> the popular wedding site the knot estimates the average wedding today is about $18,000, cutting out the cost of the location for the ceremony can save thousands. >> having your wedding at a store is actually very cost effective and it may come with a lot of potential bonuses. the company might throw in free favors or give you a discounted price for the location. or even give it to you for free. >> reporter: popular locations include wal-mart and home depot and fast food joints. some couples choose these spots for the sentimental value like paul and kara brooks who wednesday in their local taco bell, for them a perfect recipe for success. >> we are a little bit of an offbeat couple so we figured we wanted to have an offbeat ceremony. taco bell is the closest thing we have to a church. so this is where we like to hang out. this is where we wanted to do it. >> but they met together. they had their first kiss there and their first date there. it makes sense to want to take that to the next level and get married there as well.
10:56 pm
>> you could say these retail weddings give shopping down the aisles new meaning. you just might leave the store with more than you bargained for. in la, anita vogel, fox news. >> not for me. >> a four day workweek. how does that one sound? >> it could save virginia millions of dollars, but is it really a good idea for state workers and the people who rely on state services. take a closer look coming up. >> from fighters to rescuers, how they are trying to rehabilitate a group of pit bulls. why they say it actually can be done. . >> the power of fox 5 news tied to your cell.
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a d
10:59 pm
. they are always looking for ways to trim bulges. they have actually found one a four day workweek. >> it sounds pretty good, right? but it does have an impact. and as fox 5's beth parker shs


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