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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  September 19, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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trouble in the tropics. hurricane igor continues his bath toward bermuda. when he could hit and who else is in the line of the storm. a traffic alert if you're heading into d.c. while your normal right may -- route may send you on a detear. in come the texans for game to of the new season. we're previewing the latest invasion from the lone star state. good morning and welcome to fox 5 morning news sunday. i'm sarah simmons. melanie is off today. hurricane igor is bearing down on bermuda. now this is video as the storm
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approached and there are warnings that waves could be from 30-40 feet hitting bermuda's south shore. more than 64,000 people call that island home. also parts of mexico are cleaning up and surveying the damage left behind by the now dissipated hurricane karl. igor also having an effect on travelers. thousands of crew ship passengers headed from europe to bermuda, had to take a detour to the usa instead and now stranded in boston, massachusetts this weekend. they will make a stop in new york city. a great trade-off there. and things are off to a good start. so what is in store for the rest of the day? gwen tolbert is down in the weather center tracking things for us. >> hi, melanie. we've had a stellar weekend. and hopefully people did get out to enjoy it. and today we'll do well also. let's begin with a look at where we hit temperatures. we were right on the mark for
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national airport, 79 degrees, where we should be. 79 for dulles and 76 at bwi. as far as sky conditions are concerned, they are fairly clear. here is a look at the current temperatures. a cool start to the morning. just feeling the little tiny pinch of fall weather. 55 degrees at gaithersburg this hour. 63 at washington and national airport. 59 at baltimore. 57 in dulles and 54 to the west in winchester. and speaking of igor, a huge storm. 190 miles south of bermuda, it's a dangerous storm, expected to pass over the island of bermuda into tonight. maximum sustained winds are at 85 miles per hour with higher gusts and it is expected to leave anywhere from 6-9 inches of rainfall and also you mentioned the wave heights and coastal areas are going to be effected by the strong storm surge so we'll have more on that for you later. and there is storm julia. that is weakening out. not a whole lot happening with
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it and no warnings and hazards to land at this point. so for us here at home today, plenty of sunshine, just a few clouds skirting by. we're keeping an eye on a wold front. 84 degrees by the time we hit the 4:00 hour and that's our daytime high. melanie, back to you. well new this morning, an american hiker held captive in iran for more than a year is expected to head home. sarah shourd is expected to come home. she plans to secure the release of her fiance and her friends. >> i think the good people -- i thank the good people of hamman and please extend your prayers to my fiance and my friend. they will soon be free. >> the three were arrested in
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2003 on spying charges. they maintain they accidentally went into iran during a hike in iraq. a final pressure test on the blown-out bp well in the gulf could be finished today. test involves engineers exerting 15,000 pounds of weight to make sure it won't budge. it spewed 206 million gallons of oil until it was stopped in july with a temporary cap. residents on wide water drive were jolt add way -- jolted awake by a sound of gunfire. an agent with the dea was walking his dog and stumbled on a man holding a gun to his wife's head and then pointed the gun at the agent but seconds later shot jennifer bates and the agent started yelling. >> he yelled why did you have
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to call her. call 911. >> mr. bates shot his wife. a protective order was issued, but recently expired. police have released the name of a man shot by officers in the district. it is 29-year-old john wesley wheeler of suitland, maryland. police say they shot wheeler near 2nd and c. street at he pointed a handgun at them. he's charged with assault with intent to kill and carrying a license and other counts. two major animal rescues in our area. one was taken from a medical testing lab and the other from a dogfighting operation. matt acland has the story. >> reporter: this is undercover video taken by peta at a lab in
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gates county, north carolina. peta said the workers were mistreating cats, dogs and rabbits. after this was released, the debit of agriculture launched an investigation and the lab released the animals. some of them were brought to the animal rescue league. >> this is a case of about 200 animals in northeastern north carolina and just a horrific medical research lab. >> reporter: saturday veterinarians looked over the animals. the first goal is to nurse them back to health, the second is to find them good homes. >> what we saw in the video was nothing short of abuse. it was deplorable. probably the worst rescue disaster situation we've encountered. >> reporter: that's just one rescue underway this weekend. ten pit bull dogs arrived from southern ohio on saturday. we're told the pit bulls may have been used in a dog- fighting operation. >> this is the real tragedy of what happens to a good breed of pit bulls and why people
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misunderstood them. >> reporter: they are thought of as mean, violent animals, he said. last weekend a pit bull was shot by a police officer after allegedly attacking anbut wisem breed of the dog that makes them violent. >> they are fantastic dogs. they have a reputation because of the harm people do to them but they don't deserve that. >> reporter: wiseman said the pit bulls brought in saturday should be fine and should make good pets in the future. >> you'll never see a better dog in any home. >> reporter: in washington, matt acland, fox 5 news. >> if you would like to adopt one of the animals contact the washington animal rescue league. and we have a traffic alert if you are driving in or around d.c. two bridges are shut down. that means you have to go around and that makes for unhappy drivers. audrey barns has what you need to know. >> they have to come up with some other alternative to this. >> reporter: brian mcadams
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would have taken the south capital street bridge for this trip, but the popular crossing point, known as the fred rig douglas memorial bridge, will be closed for repairs this weekend and more days in september on top of that. >> this is the first time i've seen it. bad idea. bad traffic. bad traffic planning. >> i live here in southwest, so i would have to go 50 to new york avenue and deal with the traffic there. >> reporter: it's the same story at the chain bridge. some serious structural problems turned up during a routine inspection in may. d.c. transportation officials say the emergency repairs couldn't wait. >> so how much will add to your trip home by taking the beltway. >> at least one hour. >> reporter: d.c. transportation spokesperson john lyle said traffic advisories went out over a week ago warning about the shutdowns. there are highway signs up on many thoroughfares warning them
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too. and more than 2,000 people signed up for d.c. alerts got word that way. still some say communication could have been better. >> the weekend is the right time, but they have to inform people in advance. >> reporter: the chain bridge will be shut down for the next three weekends for that work. they'll be closing the south capital street bridge overnight on sundays and a few more weekends to make structural repairs too. but if it's all in the name of safety and making the bridge better? >> go for it. >> reporter: audrey barnes, fox 5 news. >> this is a major travel route for nationals fans. repair work won't start until 1:00 p.m. on game days and next weekend they won't close it at all because of a game. crews should be finished by the end of the month. well the texas invasion continues at fedex field. last week the skins beat the cowboys in the season opener and today the texans come to town. and can the burgundy and gold
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make it two in a row. we are here with a preview of the matchup. >> week one went well. this could be a tougher test. because we thought the cowboys would be the tough team. >> that's the nemesis is. >> with the rivalry. >> and they do have talent. >> and it's a bit of a texas two-step if they can pull it off. step one went swimmingly against dallas. but today possibly a tougher task for the crew from houston. but the skins defense may have a big edge. one though would make gordon gecko proud. it's called insider information coming from kyle shanahan, who held the same post for the past season. but gary kubiak knows kyle's style well so is there any advantage at all? >> it is and it ain't. because we have the offense and
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at the same time their defense has been going against our offense for years too. so whoever is going to make the play is going to be the one to win the game. >> we are mirror images of each other on offense. they're not going to throw anything at us we haven't seen or we're not going to throw anything at them that they haven't seem. so it's the team that plays the best. >> it is but it ain't. i love that. tune in here at 1:00 for the bears and cowboys and tonight on sports extra, we have all of the skins highlights and all of the game reaction. now the texans have many offensive weapons, andre johnson, aaron foster, to name a few, but they have a big-time play maker on defense. we'll tell you who the skins are looking out for. later in the show. and later on wisdom martin and i have been debating about reporters in the locker room. >> i think i have a few things to say about that. >> and we'll tell you what team
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looks the best in week one. >> you said the texans and the redskins, you said pretty much the same offense. do you think they'll hold anything back, something they will show? >> that's hard to say with kyle shanahan. he knows what houston wants to do, but gary kubiak knows that as well. you move your pawn here and we'll move ours this way. and so two teams that know each other well and never play each other. >> and very interesting from scoring and how that strategy will play out. >> very interesting afternoon. >> we'll see you later. well 13 people, including young kids, missing. the mystery surrounding a cult- like group in southern california. and we've heard the need of sleep for eight hours but one demographic might need less. so what is your sleep number? ttd emea b
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making headlines this morning, a mystery surrounding a cult-like group. the cult and group leader were reported missing by their family in palmdale, california, near l.a. they were awaiting a rapture or some other event. they were members of a mine stream christian church but family members fear they may have been brain washed. a major sting operation. the agency seized 1300 guns, targeting straw buyers which are people who legally bought guns in the phoenix area and transferred them to smugglers would tries to bring them into mexico to arm drug gaps. researches found 9500 round of ammunition in one truck. the army has launched a counter attack against the taliban in afghanistan. this is after the launch of series of attacks in the u.s. based in kandahar.
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a first rocket hit a storage event and started a fire. no u.s. servicemen were hurt in the attack. well the violence did not stop the afghanistan election. there are claims of fraud. there are reports of several polling stations closed preventing afghanistans from voting more than once. there are serious concerns about the quality of elections. last year's elections were tainted by a slew of fraud claims. a health alert on the pesky bed bugs. nike's niketown store in new york city is the latest to temporarily close because of an infestation. the stores hope to reopen soon. several businesses in new york have been bit by the bed bug infestation. including abercrombie and fitch, a google movie theater and the empire state building. we've heard the stories of many americans being sleep
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deprived. but a recent british study shows that the older we get the less sleep we need. so what is the real deal? scott wasserman talks to experts for the answers. >> well i'm a massage therapist so i need my sleep. >> reporter: for many it starts with the bed. >> i like something with good support, something that conforms to my body. >> reporter: as a massage therapist, jamie works hard as helping her patients sleep better, especially the elderly. >> as it gets older it deteriorates and that's why you take more naps because at night you don't get a whole night's sleep. >> reporter: for you'res it's been taught that sleep goes downhill as you gets older but new research contradicts that. >> there are many people in the 80s and 90s that sleep normally. >> reporter: this doctor said there is growing evidence the elderly do not need reduced sleep. >> it's part of the aging process and nothing to worry about and they shouldn't lie in
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bed for an extra half an hour trying to sleep that they don't need. >> reporter: even as older people get less sleep, they are not sleep during the day as well. >> they are having trouble sleeping at night or if they are way too sleepy during the day, it's not because they are older, it is because something that is treatable. >> reporter: those are the thoughts of experts. >> i am not older. but i would not sleep more as you get older. >> reporter: it didn't surprise him when the change started happening with him. >> the quality of sleep is better than it was. so you actually sleep less, but i think the quality is better. >> reporter: but the debate is far from other -- over as the debate is on. >> not buying that at all.
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>> reporter: scott wasserman, fox news. 100 miles to the gallon and millions of dollars in prizes. we're checking out the contest that has inventors creating the cars of the future. 
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build a better car and win millions of dollars. hundreds of teams answered the challenge of the progressive soo motive x prize. to build a car that gets more than 100 miles per gallon. the winners were announced in the district this week. >> reporter: it was a bold challenge, build a street capable car that gets at least 100 miles to the gallon. >> and there was the question was could anybody do it. we tried to set an audacious goal but on the edge of attainability. >> reporter: five years later the dream is a reality as teams stepped forward to share the purse and the congratulations. >> we need a few more real
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engineers like the guys behind us here. >> reporter: the winners were two battery electric vehicles, both rating 187 miles to the gallon. the x tracer from switzerland is a and em two -- tandem two- seater. the wave 2 from north carolina is a four-wheel two seater. glenn renwick is from sponsor progressive insurance. >> it's great. it's been several years in the making. we're proud to make that opportunity and look at what has come out of it. >> reporter: this light car number 98 can seat four people. >> it's great and gets 102 miles to the gallon using e-85 ethanol. winning vehicles have to be production capable, safe and affordable. >> we, upon ourselves, put the burden of designing a car that
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could be in your hands for less than $20,000. >> reporter: 110 teams started out, including one team featured on fox 5 last year. >> i wouldn't miss it for the world. with a stroke of luck, we could have been there too. >> reporter: more so than just prize money, the competition inspired collaboration and in ovation among great thinkers. pushing each other to redefine what is possible and accelerating the future. >> well here are some stories expected to make headlines in the week ahead. tomorrow jupiter will be the second brightest object in the sky. the 5th planet from the sun will be 391 million miles away from earth and won't be this close again for another 12 years because it takes 12 years for jupiter to orbit the sun. tuesday glee will premier the second season on fox. it was nominated for 19 emmies
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last season. guest stars this season include john statement os and britain yes spears. join ryan seacrest for the official announcement. and thursday home sales data will be released for the latest starts and new-home sales figures next week. the tea party movement gaping speed. surprises during last tuesday's primary have many wondering how things will fair for democrats in november. and gwen is back with a workweek preview. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. 
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ladies and gentlemen, the people of delaware have spoken. [ cheering and applause ] >> the upset in the delaware primary election giving republicans pause about who
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they should be supporting. christine o'donnell just the latest tea party candidate for november. what does her victory mean for the g.o.p. chances to take back the senate? chris wallace joins us with a preview of today's show. >> good morning, melanie. >> and the post preview headlines have been reading about the tea party and the g.o.p. worst nightmares and your two guests have definite opinions about those. >> yeah, i wouldn't -- to quote mark twain, i would say reports of problems for the republicans have been greatly exaggerated. in an awful lot of the states where the tea party candidate beat the established republican candidate, kentucky, nevada, alaska, colorado, the republican is either in the lead or in an absolute dead heat. just because the establishment lost in grassroots one, i wouldn't say that's bad for the
8:31 am
g.o.p. now delaware is a different story. castle, nine-term congressman, a moderate republican in a state that is pretty blue democratic. he was considered a shoe-in to win for the republicans. this is joe biden's old senate seat. now he's lost to a much less well-known republican o'donnell, and that states that was leading republican could be democrat and that could be a big loss for the republicans in november. and might actually cost them control of the senate. >> but, chris, i think this does sort of show there is the danger of of some fracture happening in the republican party. you have conservative people calling them rhinos and saying they are sore losers. >> there are always splits within a party, but when parties have a problem. remember in 2006 they lost everything, including the white
8:32 am
house in 2008, i think civil war would be a gross overstatement but a battle for the republican party. if you are looking for the -- from the republicans point of view, if they can keep the grassroots tea party conservative zeal and energy inside the republican tent, then it's a good thing for them. there may be the occasional state where it's resulted in the nomination of somebody too far out of the mainstream and may cost them a seat. generally speaking though, i think that the democrats would take that enthusiasm. one quick note, in all of the statewide primaries for all of the statewide offices this year across the country now that primaries are done, 4 million more people have voted in republican primary than democratic primaries. it's the so-called enthusiasm gap and that's something the republicans would love to have. >> and i know on the show you're have the republican nominee joe miller from alaska. and also karl rove on the show. but do we think that miller is
8:33 am
going to have a challenge from murkowski as a write-in candidate. >> well she is. she announced it on friday night. she is running as a writein. murkowski ran on the primary and this is one of the cases where the tea party insurgent beat the republican and she's decided to run as a write-in so there is a three way race between the republican and democrat and murkowski. that was a safe pick-up for the republicans and if murkowski wins she would run -- as a caucus as a republican. and if the democrat could win, that would be a big defeat for the republicans in alaska. it's going to be a wild year. if your covering politics, fasten your seat belt. were in for a bumpy ride. >> thank you, chris. guests include joe miller as well as karl rove. well ohio governor ted strickland and other state officials got an up-close look at the destruction left behind
8:34 am
by tornadoes. one destroyed part of the ohio state university campus in wooster. there is no shortage of trees uprooted and power outages. damages said to be in the millions. but nobody hurt or killed. definitely wild weather through the heart of the country. >> the weather has been crazy this year. but things are calm here as home. >> we like to complain when it's bad. >> exactly. and fall is just around the corner also. but we're not doing too bad. we have a spike coming up in our temperatures. but let's look at our satellite radar composite. a ridge of high pressure in control. there is a frontal system on the way and we'll watch that closely as it could provide just a few changes in some of our viewing area. so here is a look at the current temperatures at the airport for you. 63 at national airport. 57 at dulles and we have 59 degrees at baltimore. and as we take a look up the mid-atlantic, cooler for boston at 58 degrees. and we have 60 degrees to the
8:35 am
south in richmond and 61 to the west in beckley. and a look at those temperatures into chicago. 56 degrees as well. some of the areas seeing cooler, cooler weather. so mostly sunny for today, very mrs. ant. a temperature of 84 degrees with a light wind. we'll have a look at weather coming up. the redskins game, i have a forecast for them. >> we'll look forward to that one too. and all of the tailgaters as well. thanks, goo mean well controversy in the wake of the alleged description by the female sports reporter and who was the most impressive for the first nfl season. later we debate those talks. but first is a baby boom in the works? some say this record-setting year for storms has a baby boom in the works. duct system as the lungs of the house. expulsion of air. dust and dirt that helping the house to breathe. say i'm a doctor. not a doctor either. suction. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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ago we were snowed in. many families were stranded at home and now it looks like we're seeing the results of that togetherness. laura evans reports on why local hospitals are expecting another blizzard in the next few weeks. >> reporter: in february, washington was brought to a stand-still by one of the worst blizzards in the city's history. burying the region under nearly two feet of snow, some people braved the outdoors shoveling while others retreated indoors. >> so you are measuring where you should based on gestational age. >> reporter: and now nine months after the massive storm, a blizzard of babies is due. >> we've seen a tremendous surge as we get into the fall for the number of deliveries. last year we did about 1350 deliveries. and we're expecting we may actually get to 200 more deliveries this year.
8:40 am
>> it's most definitely a by product of the blizzard. >> reporter: miller said he and his wife laura were trying to have a baby and the blizzard made for perfect conditions. >> you need to have plenty of free time. >> reporter: this birthing center in d.c. is getting ready for a baby boom in october. >> we knew a long time ago we were -- were going to be busy at this time. i have engaged some extra help. >> reporter: but at the same time cynthia flynn is preparing for the extra births, she's not buying into the whole blizzard baby phenomenon. >> it's one of the urban myths that everybody likes to think. it is heavy, much heavier than it usually is. but whether it's enough to be statistically significant, i don't know. >> reporter: dr. oscar mines begs to differ as he prepares for the volumes of births. >> it's very real. >> i've been very busy. >> reporter: he said his clients admit they are carrying blizzard babies. >> patients tell you with you were bored or had nothing else
8:41 am
to do. we were just too close. >> reporter: so winter boredom for couples leading to sleepless nights for parents. laura evans, fox 5 news. >> interesting. >> something tells me there is football on during the blizzard, we wouldn't have this conversation. >> i was doing a live chat and there were almost 500 people on there and giving suggestions on how to keep the kids happy and they didn't mention this. >> sports is the cure for too much togetherness. nice day today. we'll look at the five-day forecast later on. but no shortage of sunshine for you. that is great news i'm happy to say. we do have i change -- have a change coming in later. dave ross is standing by. coming up next, it is off the wall. wisdom martin joins me to discuss a few topics, such as just what team was the most impressive in week one. i have a hint for. you might see them in week two. stick around.
8:42 am
we're back in a moment. 
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some of the top stories we're following, an american hiker held captive in iran for more than a year is now home in the u.s. sarah shourd has arrived on american soil and is on her way to new york. officials in hamman helped broker her release. shourd plans to hold a news conference sometime today. hurricane igor bearing down on bermuda. it is expected to hit later today. there are warning that's waves could be from 30-40 feet hitting the south shore. more than 60,000 people call the island home. hopefully that will not impact us? >> yes. we are hoping that doesn't happen. and so far it doesn't look like it will. i'll have an update on that later. but we have beautiful weather here today. and a couple of events you
8:46 am
might want to enjoy. in loudoun county, the 41st annual bluemont fair. activities for children and good food. and the st. constantine greek festival is happening here in downtown d.c. and we know about that good food because they brought it in. >> gwen bring it's back to the station. so enjoy those act fif -- activities. but let's look outside. we have no shortage of sunshine across the area. winds are light and it's going to just shape up to be absolutely enjoyable. look at this bootful shot of outside. so things really nice as far as this weekend is concerned. i'm happy to say we have a very pleasant sunday on tap for you. we have a cold front on the way, however, and that's something that we'll be watching. mid week, a rise in temperatures, we're heading into the first day of fall. temperatures shouldn't be rising but that is what is happening. and a lot of activity. melanie mentioned igor in the tropics and we'll look at that for you as well.
8:47 am
now temperature wise we are into the 50s and 60s. a cooler start to the day. 57 at gaithersburg. 59 at baltimore. 59 at manassas. winchester at 60. martinsberg 54 degrees and 63 here in washington, d.c. 63 in annapolis. and yesterday we were right on the mark for national. this hit right where we should be temperature wise at 79 degrees. 79 at dulles and 76 for baltimore. skies fairly clear for us. but take a look at igor. what a mon store of a storm. there is dry air moving into the circulation so it's playing a little bit of havoc with the eye as far as that is concerned. it's starting to weaken out. it's now a category one and it was a two yesterday. and julia is a storm. no watches or warning. but igor is headed for burm you'd -- bermuda. and the remnants of julia you
8:48 am
can see. and it's 235 miles south of bermuda, expected to pass over bermuda into the course of the evening or tonight. 6-9 inches of rainfall and dangerous storm surge and it is dangerous. and then both storms heading up to the atlantic to the north. so we don't have anything to worry about in terms of the coastal region, but you could see some rip currents along the shorelines as it does move through. so we'll keep an eye on that. here at home, not much happening. a few clouds along the mason- dixon line, a chance of an isolated shower. a frontal system could move through tonight and could even see that along the allegany front. some clouds behind the front will move in tonight but not bad at all. and then a ridge of high pressure builds in as we head into monday and tuesday and things will be fairly nice. our next frontal system is the end of the week. heading to the game? that's a great suggestion. a few clouds, temperatures from 82-83 by the time we hit through into kickoff. so for today, pleasant and 84. tonight partly cloudy and then
8:49 am
mostly cloudy because of the frontal system at 63 degrees. here is a look at five-day forecast for you. and take a look at hump day. 90 degrees as we head into the din beginning of -- the beginning of fall. heat and humidity ism cog back for us. we'll be 87 by thursday but not looking too badly at the five- day forecast. melanie. >> thanks, gwen. well team from the lone star state down, one team to go. the houston texans ride into town for a fedex field showdown for the redskins. dave ross is here with a little preview of that matchup. >> we talked about the offense and how good the texans offense is. and it is a big-time matchup today. both teams enter the contest at 1-0, but to deal with 2-0, the skins have to deal with a budding defensive star despite being a number one overall draft pick, if that is possible. it is. and he is mario williams, once drafted before vince young and
8:50 am
reggie bush. now that pick is looking good. now trent williams, the skins top pick this season, has looked like a budding star as well and he'll have the tough task of blocking supermario. their williams is a two-time pro-bowler. mcnabb has nothing to do with this. the casual fan might not know his name but the skins need to introduction. well we'll move on. trust me, they know who he is. but do we know about the maryland terrapins and west virginia? well we should buzz west virginia was -- because west virginia was 2-0. and maryland too. and already up 14-0 and smith going up top and oh, no, maryland would fall behind 28- 0. so this one is over right? well, maryland would make it
8:51 am
game. watch this pass from rabin son up top. 80 yards all the way. but it was not enough. maryland loses for the first time this year, 31-17 in morgantown. and look who is heating up the ice. yes, the caps are back. training camp is underway for the group, which, let's be honest, has a chip on their shoulder after last season's disappointing finish. boudreau's boys blew the lead against montreal. that was a one seed falling to an eight seed. it's not been easy an off season for -- for ovechkin and company. >> we short of got a little bit of anger still of what went on and how we lost and i'm hoping we're carrying that chip on our shoulder through the course of the year. >> we have to take the next step this year. we've been saying it for the last couple of years that we
8:52 am
have a good young hockey club, but losing in the playoffs is not acceptable and we want to make that known right now, the first day of camp, have intensity in camp and be focused for the regular season. >> none of us are happy about it, but there is something good here and we just didn't carry it into playoffs and i think we'll do that this year. back to football for this week's installment of off the wall. the banter about reporters in the locker room and who looked the best in week one. i'll give you a hint. you might be seeing that team real soon. welcome to off the wall, dave ross and wisdom martin with what do we have in store this week? >> let's talk controversy. this week's new york jets controversy. so we're going to talk about the reporter dealing with the new york jets. the female reporter who got all
8:53 am
of the attention, negative attention from the football players. so now the question is, not whether the females should be in the locker room, but should any press be in the locker room? >> i hope so or else i might be out of a job. but it is kind of interesting because you would think that they don't allow us to get the players on the field, after a game we can't get them so we have to get them in the locker room. the problem is, i'll admit, you have to wait, they are getting out of the shower and get dressed. michael jordan would not speak to reporters until we fully -- he was fully clothed in a suit. and then you're talking about 30-45 minutes and you lose the heat of the moment. we wouldn't have gotten the great sound bite from albert haynesworth, i guess i had a headache. he did that right after arizona. >> you should not have cameras and naked players. >> when do we get to go in? a day later. >> they should set up a place for the players to come ought
8:54 am
and filter them into this area and let the media filter them there. >> but the problem is that you have players that skedaddle before we get to them. >> that means they don't want to be bothered. >> you have to keep everybody in. everybody is fully dressed. >> circle the wagon. >> speaking of gotta go. we have to move on to the next topic. and the number one week is in the books. what team was the most impressive to you, sir? >> the tennessee titans. >> why? >> did you see vince young throwing that ball. a guy that i had given up on because of the drama in the past. he was throwing the ball. we're talking about the tennessee titans. >> they played the oakland raiders. >> you play the teams on the schedule. >> we could have beaten the raiders. >> they have nothing to do with that. >> bring your army of martins and you could beat the raiders. >> that's your thought. >> and here is why you were
8:55 am
wrong. the houston texans were the most impressive. and foster went nuts. team record 203, the redskins will have their hands full come on sunday. >> so foster and schaub need to go into the hall of fame. why go into the season. >> the question was the best of week one and it was not the tennessee titans. >> talk about the worst week. >> maybe the jets. but that's it for this week on off the wall. if you want more, go to our website, and click on the off the wall page and we expand even more on the issue of reporters in the locker room. i'm curious on your take? >> i have to say, dave, no offense, but i do agree with wisdom and i was saying this last week, look, i understand why women want access to the locker room because they want
8:56 am
equal access, but it's a problem. even the photographers, they don't like going in there. it's an uncomfortable situation and i think to get rid of any controversy move everybody out of the locker room. >> i don't disagree. that's a double negative. but i think you lose the immediate asy -- >> go in and change. >> we used to get them on the field and now the nfl and the redskins have nixed that. now we can't get them off -- after the game or in the locker room. >> get them on the field and nobody in the locker room. >> i'm with you, let's change the rules. mayhem in milwaukee. hundreds of residents get into a fight armed with tomatoes. what is behind this mess on the other side of the break. 9
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
some folks in wisconsin didn't throw rotten tomatoes at performers, instead they threw them at each other. this is the fourth annual tomato romp. it started with a bloody mary contest and then came the tomato fight. but they only allowed about 200 people to participate. i guess they wouldn't want it to get out of hand or anything. >> no. fourth annual, by the way. >> so top lar they had to bring it -- so popular they had to bring it back. let's take a quick look at igor. igor is forecast to past over


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