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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  September 21, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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new charges for a suspected serial killer just ahead. the man accused in a stabbing spree spanning several states including virginia is back in court. >> it could be the vote that puts an end to don't ask, don't tell in the military. with a likely change in the mayor's office, michelle rhee facing an uncertain few tour un-- uncertain few tour in the
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d.c. school system. it is tuesday, september 21st, 2010. thank you for wake up with us. i'm sarah simmons in for gurvir. >> i'm steve chenevey. glad you're with us. we get a little cool start to the did i but it should turn out real nice. >> some of our viewers are in the 40s this morning so it is quite cool out there. many of new the 50s and some of you in the 1r0. so testimonies a little bit all over the place this morning but it will be a fine day today again. let's take a look at what the current conditions being reported at reagan national airport are. right now, it is 58 degrees at reagan national. relative humidity, 70%. winds are out of the north at six miles per hour. barometric pressure, 30.20. it has been on the rise generally speaking. we'll show you what you will see when you step outside this morning and that is clear skies. a lot of sunshine later on this morning. right now, it is dark, but
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clear, cloud-free. very few clouds today. here is your forecast. plenty of sunshine. abundant sunshine we like to call it. a nice afternoon once again, high about 80 degrees. more details on what is ahead. i'll tell you this. it is heat coming our with a starting tomorrow. i'll tell you about that in a little bit. >> let's check in with julie wright who is determined to keep it summer in her world. still wearing the short sleeves. >> i'm not let go without a fight. outer loop of the beltway, you will find some slowdowns traveling westbound 495 leaving university boulevard headed around towards georgia avenue. now, eastbound viers mill approaching first street in the direct of wheaton, we have the accident activity tying up the left side of the roadway. the left lane of two is what is blocked at this point. you will also fine traveling south off of 270 leaving eastbound ien 70 there is a crash. that's a check of your fox 5
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on-time traffic. now to our top story, repealing don't ask, don't tell. the senate is about to vote on the pentagon's ban on gays serving openly in the military. house already pass a version in may and decembers in the senate should be able to get it through if they can get more 60 votes to stop a republican filibuster. christian leaders including tony perkins of the family research council say it would be a distraction for the military. but some former soldiers don't think so. >> i wanted to serve my country. i'm sable to serve my country. i was great at what i did. it make no sense to you discharge pee based on sexual orientation. >> what is most offensive to the american people is that the military is being used to advance a social policy. that should not happen. >> today's vote in the senate is for the $726 billion defense bill which includes a repeal of don't ask, don't tell. stay with fox 5 on air and online for the latest in the story. coming up the bottom of the hour, we'll get a live report from stacy cohan on capitol
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hill this morning. plus, can you always get the latest on investigators have new leads in the murder case of a young maryland woman. 19-year-old tanessa taylor's brother says she was bipolar and schizophrenic. her body yi was found six months ago in a shallow grave. police say they now have two persons of interest in the case. -- her body was found six months ago in a shallow grave. police believe she might have known them through prostitution. an aspiring rapper has pleaded guilty to killing four people in virginia. he was thenned to life in prison after agreeing to a plea deal. police say mccroskey killed some of his victims while they slept in farmville. the victim included his 16-year-
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old girl friend and a president- elect business earian minister. an arrest has been made in a string of robberies near the university of maryland campus. police arrested robert hillock. he is charged with armed robbery and possession of a handgun. another man was arrested last week for his involvement. authorities say the suspects in these attacks are working in groups an are armed and dangerous. >> we just keep hearing about all the new crimes that are happening on campus but you don't really care about the arrests. so it is reassuring to know that justice is being served. >> with that news come word of another attack. prince george's county police say three people approached a man in a shopping center along route one, assaulted him and took property. he did not get a description of his attackers. a warrior woman. that is how oprah winfrey described michelle rhee on her show. she was a guest along with bill
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gates and along with the director of waiting for superman. winfrey praised rhee for taking on the school district. a dead lay l.i.e. crash involving american troops if afghanistan. also just ahead, she grabbed the national pot light after claiming she was the victim of an acid attack. now, she is facing an arrest warrant after she admitted it was all a hoax. plus the recession started in 2007 and officially came to an end last summer. why are a lot of americans still feeling the ill effects? we'll take a closer look coming up. .
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a deadly chopper crash in afghanistan. nato says nine coalition soldiers were killed when their helicopter went down in the southern part of the country. there are reports that all nine are american. coalition troops have stepped up efforts against the taliban
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in the region. so far, no report of enemy fire in the area. at least one other service member, an american civilian and an afghan soldier were injured in the crash. a national guard commander in utah is taking the plame for parking a wildfire in out. he is apologizing for letting troops train with live machine gun fire and that sparked the fire. high winds further fanned the flames which have thousand destroyed several homes. 1600 homes had to be evacuated from around the yiewtd army national guard base 30 miles south of salt lake city. first, she claimed a woman attacked her with acid. then she admitted he did it herself and now there is a warrant out if a washington state woman's arrest. bethany storro facing charges for receiving $28,000 in donations after claiming a stranger flashed acid in her face. her mother said the donated money will be returned. lindsay lohan is facing an arrest warrant of her season. coming up next, why the troubled starlet would has already spent time behind bars
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this year could be headed back. also head, the government trying to decide if genetically altered fish is safe for you to eat. we'll take a closer look at that debate. it could change your family's diet. as we head to break, a live look outside at the 14th street bridge. we'll get a look at traffic coming up from julie and tony will have the latest on your forecast. we'll be right back. d
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soy we take a look outside at the washington monument. it is september 21st. last full of day of summer. >> fall actually comes in here tomorrow night. i believe yesterday we said in the morning. it is at night. 11:09, right, tucker? >> yes. >> yes. in some ways, it is meaningless because tomorrow -- >> it will be hotter. >> right. it is crazy. let's start with the current temperatures around the region.
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these just updated. however, it is still 58 degrees here in washington so no change there. but it is 61 in annapolis. check out these temperatures, man. what a variety. variety is the spice of life. 49degrees in baltimore. 46 in gaithersburg. 52 in culpeper. 52 in cambridge. no other 60s there. 53 in quantico. we are all over the place. generally seeking the main theme here, it is a cool start to the day. satellite-radar composite for the region, nothing to see. we are cloud-free. it's clear morning and it will indeed be a clear day today. one of the reasons our temperatures are so cool is because there is no cloud cover to hold in any of the heat that we got yesterday. a lot of radiational cooling going on. take a look at the surface map. we'll show you how things will develop during the course of the day today. very nice. we'll use some technical weather terms here. real nice. that is what today is. high pressure dominating. there is a frontal system that is going to try to come through
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here tomorrow into thursday. could it do anything for us. likely not. we have aput the chance of a couple of showers in for late tomorrow out to the west but that is about it. i think everyone pretty much will be precipitation-free. let's talk tropics. igor is out of here. how about the 1th named storm of the season. it is -- well, i never know where to go for this. there it is. it is tropical storm lisa just off the coast of africa. maximum sustained winds 40 miles per hour, a long why from us. it bears watching. it is likely to treken as it moves over the warm waters of the atlantic. here is a look at the forecast for washington for today. -- it is likely to strengthen as it moves over the warm waters of the atlantic. here is a look at the five-day. for those of you wondering, yes i'm going slowly insane.
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e showers tomorrow, not very likely. maybe off to the west. 90 tomorrow. 91 on thursday. hot and humid. saturday being a better chance. about a 30% chance of some showers during the day on saturday. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get an update on traffic from julie wright. >> you act like a taste of summer is a bad thing. >> not at all. it will be hot and humid. some folk don't like that. >> well, your opinion doesn't count. and neither does sarah'sism know she is over there just waiting to chime in. i love her. the crew in sky fox is with us this morning. they are checking out the commute on the inner loop of the beltway as you try to work your way northbound passing tyson's. if you are on the inner loop of the beltway, that is where we had the accident activity with the two left lane getting through. that is the inner loop of the beltway coming from 66 headed northbound up towards river road. the two left lanes are getting by and still a lot of activity as you can see there along the right side of the beltway. so again, the accident activity blocking the two right lanes. delays on the inner loop slow
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early this morning from 236 out of annandale headed up towards tyson's. that is just a bumper to bumper mess. traveling inbound on 66, all of this traffic inside on 66 just trying to head inbound towards the capital beltway and go northbound gridlocked at this point from before nutley street headed eastbound on the northbound 495. we've got slow traffic southbound on 270 out of hyattstown. no vice here. all lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the denver broncos football team feeling with the apparent suicide of one of its players. kenny mckinley was found dead in his home yesterday. authorities believe mcconly killed himself. he was on injured reserve after hurting his knee in august. he had hurt the same knee at the end of last season. he was just # years sold. actress lindsay lohan will be back in court this week as a judge considers whether she
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violated her probation. the judge had issued a warrant if her arrest on monday been then stayed the warrant allowing lohan to remain free until the friday hearing. she admits she failed a drug test. if the judge determines that is a probation violation, she could go back to jail or be ordered back into treatment. paris hilton on some legal thin ice. she and in a las vegas courtroom yesterday to strike a plea deal stemming from last month's traffic stop. police found cocaine in her purse but she denied it was hers. under the terms of a plea deal, hilton pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts. her punishment, a year probation, a drug program, a $2,000 fine and 200 hours of community service. if she violates her probation, she could get a year in jail. september is usually a down month on wall street but so far, nothing but up days including a big day yesterday. we'll get the latest from new york next. a new report shows the recession ended last summer but
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a lot of americans still facing big financial problems. president obama speaks out, coming up next.
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the worst recession in decades is over. an academic panel confirm the recession ended in june of last year. national bureau of economic research says the recession started in december 2007 and lasted 18 months. that is the longest recession the country has endured since world war ii. president obama weighed in on the subject during a town hall meeting on cnbc. >> obviously, for the million of people still out of work, people who have seen their home values decline, people who are struggling to pay the bills day to day, it is still very real for them. i think we have to go -- >> as for the recovery, most economists agree it is moving lowly. for more, we are joined by adam shapiro with fox business network live from new york with our business beat. let's talk more about that.
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for a lot of folks, can you tell them that it is over but they're not feeling it. >> take a look at your 401(k) or at the value of your home. i mean according to the national bureau of economic research which officially announced that in june of 2009, the recession ended. longest recession in post world war ii history. look at some of the the statistics of what we have experienced. cut 4.1% from economic pout outan cost americans 21% of our net worth. isn't that a cheery thing. well, the recession is over. welcome to the recovery. >> it is just staggering when you look at the numbers. a few numbers that have looked better are the numbers on wall street. usually, september is not a great month for stocks but it has been looking good so far this month. >> surprise, surprise, september is not such a bad month after all. take a look at year to date. we still have roughly three months of trading to go until
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the end of the year but if we can sustain this rally, then this could be a recovery for some of our retirements and 401(k)s. right now, dow futures aren't indicating that we will sustain it today. a real good chance we will go negative today but all eyes on the federal reserve announcement at 2:15 on what they think will happen with the he economy. one of the reasons the market rallied yesterday, the end. recession added that the chances of of a double dip are getting further and further away. >> one of the companies certainly impacted by that whole situation was general motors. now, we are hearing about perhaps china getting involved. what is the deal there? >> there is a company, sai. motors in china operates its largest carmaker in mainland china thnd they have a joint venture it general motors. they announced they are
6:26 am
interested in taking part in the ipo of stock when general motors goes back on to the stock market in november. how would you feel about the chinese government, because that is who runs it, how would you feel about the chinese government owning a portion of gm? this was once america's -- what was the famous line from the 1950s, when gm coughs, the country gets a cold. that is potentially on the block. the chinese government have been a very big stake in gm. >> certainly something to watch. thank you. appreciate it. have a great day in new york. members of the military restricted from being openly gay and being able to serve. a vote on capitol hill today could repeal what is commonly called don't ask, don't tell. we'll get the latest. we'll hear from lady gaga who is lending her star power to the cause. also just ahead, an accused serial staffer with ties to northern virginia is back in court. why he is facing new charges. plus, some of his victims are speaking out. that is just ahead.
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is. welcome back ain't beautiful skyline out there today. sun coming up. going to warm up later on but as tope can tell us, it is much chillier out there. -- welcome back. a beautiful skyline out there today. >> a cool start to the day. we'll get there. we'll get up to about 80 degrees, rights around normal for this time of year. 78 actually the normal high for today. let's take a look at the current temperatures around the region. it is definitely cool out there. rather nice. 58degrees if washington. baltimore, 49 degrees. 48 at dulles airport. 5 # in fredericksburg. 60 at patuxent naval air s
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tation. -- 53 in fredericksburg. you do see the very last images of hurricane igor as it continues to track out into the north atlantic. here is your bus stop forecast for this morning. a little bit later on this morning, sunrise, 6:55. sunny skies, cool temperatures. temperatures ranging from the upper 40s to the low 60s for the morning. late are on today, sunny and 80 degrees. that is a look at the weather. coming up in about 15 minutes, today's edition of ask the weather guys. it is all about vampires. >> perfect as we head into the fall. >> yes. >> they'll make us choose between team perkins and team barnes. i don't know what to do. >> i'm edward cullen all the way. >> that wasn't a choice. putting you on the spot. >> it is in my world.
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>> bonds or perkins. >> they both owe me lunch. i got to get back to you on that one. -- barnes or perkins. the pace is slow continuing north of the prince william parkway headed for the occoquan. we have reports of a stalled tractor-trailer tying up the right side. the crew in sky fox is above the beltway before you reach route 7 in tysons corner. the accident activity has the two right lanes blocked. it looks like it is still there along the right side with more equipment on the scene traveling north of 66 headed up towards the american legion bridge, the accident activity tying up the two right lanes. delays for this are now beginning back at the robinson terminal. this is from springfield up to tyson's. a good six or seven mile backup for you this morning early and it will take a while to lean up this mess. it will take much longer for the delays to ease because this is typically a slowdown we found between annandale and merrifield. now, it is just mag identified because of the crash just before route 7 in the two right lanes. 66 not only slowing in manassas but again as you travel from
6:33 am
fair oaks to 123 and after nutley street in towards the beltway. lanes are open out of hyattstown. more slow traffic here at mva. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. this morning's big story, ending don't ask, don't tell. the senate is set to take one of the first votes that could determine whether the controversial policy is repealed. we get more now from fox 5's stacy cohan live on capitol hill following this one. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and that policy don't ask, don't tell does allow gays and lesbians to serve if the military but they may not serve openly. this was first passed in congress in 1993 under then- president bill clinton. repeal is part of a larger military authorization bill
6:34 am
that the sient -- that the senate is set to vote on later today. several former gay soldiers have in this to say. >> it can damage unit cohesion an also readiness in war and imagine if there is sexual tension going on in the barracks. >> i think when you fire people, simply for their integrity, for their act of telling the truth about who they are, there is nobody who can say that any team, any organization is strengthened. >> reporter: the house of representatives passed this earlier this year. senate will need 60 votes to ensure passage and to protect it from a possible republican filibuster. i'm stacy cohan. back to you. >> thank you. lady gaga is adding her star power to the debate. she addressed a cheering crowd
6:35 am
of more than 2,000 in portland, maine. two senators from maine are pivotal in today's vote. lady gaga says the policy casts a negative shadow on gay iden> doesn't it seem to you th we should send home the presented, the straight soldier who hates the gay soldier. they are not going to repeal the don't ask don't tell policy, then perhaps they should be more clear with us about who the military is fighting for. >> forbes magazine has named lady gaga by the way as one most powerful and influential celebrities in the world. stay with fox 5 on air and online for the latest on the don't ask, don't tell story. can you get the latest on and while air there, can you also watch a debate held on our air last night during the news at 10:00 featuring lieutenant dan troy at the center of the debate
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because of his sexuality and bishop harry jackson who is aagainst allowing homosexuals to seb -- to serve openly in the military. soy other stories making headline be a former teach tier at one of the most prestigious schools charged in a child sex abuse case will serve jail time. he will object supervised probation for five years. he taught seventh and eighth grade at sidwell friends inform january, he was charged with sexual abuse of a maynor and other crimes. prosecutors say he invited a boy to his home, showed him pornography and touched him. he was immediately fired from sidwell friends. a three month long investigate has led to the railroad of a lorton, virginia man accused having child pornography. police were tipped off about the material some mark barget's home by firefighters who entered his home to make sure a fire next door did not spread. he is a wrestling official who works with middle and high
6:37 am
school wrestlers in the area. dr. david cohen is now listed in good condition. his family issued a statement saying they appreciate the support but now want privacy so cohen can heal. police say paul pardus shot cohen in the stomach after the doctor told pardus about his mother's condition. pardus late are killed his mother and then himself. the man accused of a violent spree of attacks in three states including northern virginia for the first time faces a murder charge. elias abuelazam was in a michigan court on monday. laura evans with more details this morning. >> that is a flny offense under michigan law where you face life in prison. do you understand that penalty? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: wearing a pink jail jumpsuit, elias abuelazam in court to answer to charges in connection with the stabbing death of an old minor. surveillance video shows abuelazam's suv near the area where he was taxed and
6:38 am
murdered. >> no comment right now. we're just glad to hear what we heard today. >> reporter: minor's relatives were in court monday. also there, another victim, 17- year-old antoine wilson. >> i almost died, you know. they had to revive me twice and i have 40 staples in my stomach. it is scary, you know. >> reporter: wilson's scars and the physical pain a daily reminder of the horror he went through. >> i want to ask him just why? what went wrong? at the point where he had to start stabbing innocent people. >> we suspect that he was preying on vulnerable african- american men trying to take their lives and destroy them. >> reporter: prosecutor david layton says investigators still don't have a motive or any other suspects in the cases. >> we'll do everything we can to see that these cases are won so this you can have the
6:39 am
closure you need and that we can lock this fellow up forever forever because that what is justice requires. >> that is laura evans reporting. abuelazam is suspected in three attacks in leesburg, two with a knife and another with a hammer. all of those victims survived. police are looking at abuelazam as a possible suspect in a deadly stabbing from last year. bed bugs have become a real problem lately across the country. they are popping up everywhere from dorms on college campuses and even movie theaters. now, they have shown up in a very unlikely place closer to home. would you eat genetically altered salmon? we'll get more on the debate to decide if the fish is safe for you and your family. we'll tax a live look outside over the wilson bridge this morning. -- we'll tax a live look outside over the wilson bridge this morning. -- we'll take a live look outside over the wilson bridge this morning.
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a health alert this morning. bed bug discoveries in the most unlikely places, children's books. we are not talking about new york city either where they've been laying their eggs and shutting businesses down. will thomas takes us to frederick, maryland. >> reporter: urbana public library. a thousand people a day pass through here but it is what a collection supervisor discovered outside in the book drop friday that prompted frederick county officials to spring into action. >> we were especially fortunate because our circulation supervisor who was doing that task used to work in the hospitality industry so she was trained in looking for exactly this kind of bug. >> elizabeth cromwell is the community relations manage fore frederick county libraries. bed bugs discovered in books in that is a first.
6:44 am
>> i've been here eight years. i have never heard of this. my director has been in the library business his entire career and he has never heard of this either. >> reporter: this is one of about a half dozen bed bugs collected from a couple of children's books in the drop- off bin. those books along with all the others with them that day are now sitting in the back of this truck baking. experts are telling county once the temperature reaches 120 degrees, it kills any remaining bugs. >> i think it is disgusting and hope that they don't come into my house. >> reporter: frying theling bed bugs out in the truck is only half the attack. all eight libraries will be exterminated as a precaution i can't the product we are using in the library system is called tempo 1% and it is compliant binded with steam and it is used throughout all eight of our buildings. we are told it is safe for people and for animals, except bugs.
6:45 am
>> reporter: you've heard about bed bugs living the high life in manhattan infiftying nike's flagship store, the empire state building, a movie theater. but here at the urbana public library, it appears fast-acting employees may have scored the bug in time to prevent any real inconvenience. in frederick, maryland, will thomas, fox 5 news. >> you might be wondering why all eight libraries in frederick county would need to get sprayed for bed bugs when the problem is only at one of them. it turns out the county tacked part in a program where can you check a book out from libraries across state and then return into state to any one. the eight branches so cross- infestation would be possible. >> i can't resist the urge to scratch he have time we talk about those things. >> they look disgusting. the weather is very pretty j very, very pretty. a gorgeous morning. we've seen the live shots out there. just very pretty skies. it will be a fine day today as well as we'll continue to see lots of sunshine and warm
6:46 am
conditions. let's take a look at the current temperatures being reported around the region. it is 58 degrees here in the nation's capital. let's see. . quantico, virginia, 53 degrees. annapolis with a temperature over 60. 61degrees in annapolis. there is igor. bye-bye. we've got clear skies this morning. there are some clouds down to the south in southern virginia. that won't impact us. we are going to see lots of sunshine for today as high pressure dominates and whatever weather there is, it is working its way around that dome of high pressure. take a look at the surface map. here is what is going to go on today. another nice one. there are some changes coming though. there is your high pressure i talk about. there is a lot of warm air in place out to the west and to the south and west. that eventually is going to
6:47 am
make its way into our region and we'll see changes in our forecast starting tomorrow when we warm up into the low 90s, believe it or not, as it turns into fall officially. it will feel like summer for i few days -- for a few days here with heat and humidity. lots of sunshine, seasonal temperatures in the low 80s. five-day forecast looks like this. tomorrow, as i said, warmer, 90 degrees for your high, more humid. we put a chance of showers on there but that is really, as tuck are describes t a hope -- as tucker describes it, a hopeful chance of a shower. frankly, 97% of our viewers will not see any precipitation tomorrow. that is a look at the weather. it is time now for today's installment of ask the weather guy. this is the segment tucker barnes and i put our big heads
6:48 am
together to answer your most pressing questions, weather- related or otherwise. it has been some time since we've had a question that was not weather-related. we have one today. today's question comes from melissa who asks or writes, my 10-year-old daughter cori inform a would like to know are you two on team edward or team jacob. >> i knew this was going to happen. >> i love that. >> which are you? >> you know what? let's go to tucker first. >> is he an expert? >> tucker has seen all the twilight movies. >> i haven't seen them all. >> how many have there been? >> there have been three. >> all right. maybe i have seen them all. not up tensionally. i'm trying to be supportive of other people in my life. so i do have some level of expertise. i got to be honest with you. i'm all about jacob. if i were bella, i would be
6:49 am
team jacob all the way. edward is too sensitive. he is sort of stalker-like in the movie. he just stares at her and says how much she means to him but jacob is -- he is sort of physically an animal. he is more rugged, more manly. and if me, i'm just -- i would be team jacob. >> more to the where wolf. >> and he has your hair cut from 25 years ago. >> that is tucker's hair cut from a long time ago. >> he's got my hair cut. >> i haven't seen any of the movies. i'm happy to say that. frankly, i'm sick of both of those guys because they are all over the place. i am going to call it team sooki. >> she is hot a vampire. >> what is she? >> i think he just declared she
6:50 am
is a fairy. >> are you allowed to change the rules anyway? yieng last episode, she became a fairy. >> i don't know that. -- i think the last episode, she became a fairy. >> this little girl asked a question that meant a lot to her. and now you've gone off. >> what about you two? >> i haven't seen the movies. i'm sorry. >> just on looks alone, who would you be, team edward. >> way too much information. i have aseen two of the three movies. i go with tucker. i go team jacob only because he had the crush on bella first if you really must know. >> there is the answer. you got two jacobs, an edward and a sookie. if you have a question that you want answered, go to and click on the
6:51 am
weather tab. bring up the music. do we have it? werewolves of london. >> at least tucker and i answered the question unlike some perkins. >> he picks somebody he doesn't even know. >> i assumed she was a vampire. >> stick with what you know. count dracula. >> the real question from julie, is it count chocula or frankenberry. >> chocolate all the way. now we have a winner. the uner loop. beltway headed out towards route 7, we had an accident activity tying up the two right lanes. let's get live to the live
6:52 am
shot. making that trip on the beltway coming inbound off of 66, you will fine accident activity here near nutley street already pulled over to the left shoulder. 66 delays are now jammed from centreville all the way in towards the capital beltway. now, it looks like v-d.o.t. is behind this squeezing the left side of the road there with their variable message sign t will be the left lane blocked now and an ambulance on the scene as well. left lane, 66 eastbound blocked off headed onto northbound 495. the two right lane closed off with accident activity. uner loop of the beltway jammed from the robinson terminal coming from ving -- springfield, all of this traffic merging on and you have bumper-to-bumper traffic up to tyson's. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. these days, a lot of us eat genetically modified food but what about genetically altered animals. the fda is taking up the issue with salmon. if this is approved, it would
6:53 am
be the first genetically engineered animal used for food. melanie alnwick takes a look at the debate. >> it is a popular choice on many plates. >> reporter: it is tough to find it in the wild anymore. much of the atlantic salmon sold in the u.s. comes from commercial fish farms. now the fish khambrel marshalling company, aqua bounty, has figured out a to put a greght hormone into the eggs. it makes the hatchlings grow faster an better in the contained environment. >> we think that this is a safe and sustainable alternative to meet the growing food needs of a growing population. >> reporter: sounds good but critics say not so fast. >> it has been shown that in genetically engineered substances and animals, the health problems develop over time. >> reporter: groups like the alliance for natural health and consumers union are raising concern about whether the gene increases the risk of allergic reaction and if consumers could
6:54 am
injerrold post the growth hormone. >> the science was so poorly done with small sample sizes that we don't know. >> reporter: consumers union says data was derived from samples of less than 75 fish. aqua bounty stands by its science. >> we produceed a tremendous amount of data. that data has been reviewed in a very robust, rigorous skyscan review by the fda. their conclusions are that this is safe to consume. >> reporter: an fda advisory committee is debating the data now. the next issue is labeling. >> we did a survey last year of the u.s. population, not just consumer reports readers, and we found 95% said any meat or milk from a genetically engineered animal should be labeled. >> if the fda approves the aqua advantagal upon being it will be a first for human food but by no means the last in the
6:55 am
brave new world of genetically modified animals. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, the 2010 national sheepdog finals have come to northern virginia and holly is there with more on this unique competition coming up.
6:56 am
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>> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. and do we have something special planned for you on this tuesday as we are live in middletown, virginia, at bell grove plantation where the stage is set for the 2010 national sheep dog finals. you can see the sheep out there, ready to be herded. we'll learn about the sport. when i say the best of the best are here, i'm not kidding. 150 of the best border collies are competing for the top spot of north american champion. this is their olympics when it comes to the sport of sheep dog
6:59 am
herding. and i have some champion in the making. look at these puppies. good morning, are you ready for your close-up? of course you are. no fighting. we'll learn about the ability to herd. and we'll take you out to the plantation and see why you should see them for yourself. back to you. >> that's it for the 6:00 hour. now over to allison and steve. it's a big day on the hill today. >> today a the senate takes up the don't ask, don't tell, 17- year-old law banning gays from serving in the military. and everybody is looking to save, including one lawmaker that has a plan to save $5.5 million and the lawmakers would have to take a pay cut and if you


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