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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  September 22, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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that's next time on hell's kitchen. >> man: we need a sofa. something i can stretch out on! woman: ooh... that will go with those lamps my mother gave us. or we could get some new lamps. weeshsashington d.c. the washington d.c. the place.
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on begin! >> this is fox5 news at 10:00. >> fox 5 all over the big stories tonight. tragedy in virginia, a mother and two children killed in a terrible fire. tonight, her heroic final moments. also ahead, furniture,
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boxes, electronics, lining four city blocks, and all of this stuff is from one apartment. the story behind the mess. and he may look like a door to door salesman, but police say he cleaned out a house, and tonight we're talking to the homeowners who caught the so called preppy burglar on camera. we begin tonight with the horrific fire in virginia. i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm brian bolter. the fire killed a mother and two children and the mother helped save three other children from a burning house. will thomas is live on scene tonight. will. >> reporter: good evening. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the fire that started about 8:30. you look over there, you can see flash lights. those are firefighters that just showed up looking for any possible rekindling. down here, a tricycle one of the neighbors used throwing it through the window trying to save lives, and as some of these people in this toun house
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community started to wake up to panic, they came out and saw smoke and flames pouring out of the windows and doors, and in the end, neighbors say a mother and two of her five children never made it out alive. >> when i came out my door, i just saw yellow, and i just started running. >> reporter: friends living just steps away from the burning lortin, virginia, town house tried desperately it try to help the mother and children inside who are more like family than neighbors. >> we couldn't have got in. >> reporter: 24-year-old ali anderson holding her 2 month old daughter was seen handing her children out of a second story window one by one to her children out of a second story window one by one to their uncle below. her 8-year-old daughter, 6-year-old son and baby girl all made it out alive. >> they were crying, they were scared. >> reporter: neighbors say they saw ali go back for the other two. >> i heard her screaming out. we went for the front door. we couldn't go in because the
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flame was so high and a lot of smoke, and we went to the glass door with the painting. >> reporter: ali, along with her youngest boys, 5-year-old solomon and 3-year-old alfonso, were not seen again. >> how can get out of that? honestly, it's heart broken. ain't nothing you could do about it. >> reporter: fairfax county officials have not released the names of anyone in the fire. the medical examiner will make the official ids, but this community of families doesn't have to wait. they say they're already grieving for two little brothers and their mother, whose last breath was apparently taken trying to save her children. a look now at a vigil that's growing just outside the scene of the fire, and neighbors saying a few prayers didn't mind if we put them on camera. we have learned the father of all the children is with those three children that survived at the hospital with other family members tonight.
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the red cross out here as well, about 18 people displaced. brian, back to you. >> will thomas reporting live tonight. a tarnl thrown from a car, another trapped inside. another two vehicle crash in beltsville today. the driver also hurt, not seriously. it happened just after 11:00 this morning, shut down the highway about an hour. everyone is expected to survive. strong september storms tore through the region, and a chain reaction from this storm led to this house fire. winds blew a tree into power lines, the live wires fell on top of the house sparking the fire. firefighters quickly got it under control and no one was hurt. take a look at this, a viewer sent us this picture from leesburg, virginia. right now, thousands are without power in montgomery county and
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anarandol counties. are there any more storms on the way. >> i think the storms are gone but the hail that hit those towns pretty hard, those happened between 3:30, 4:30 to 5:00, and we have another round this actual and evening. about 7:30, high winds in silver spring, and all those shores now on the eastern shore. to radar we show you not only has the severe thunderstorm watch been canceled, we had quite a lightning show in prince georges, the district in fairfax was also saying they were watching the lightning, and you can see the last of the shores crossing not too far from the bay bridge, chester town to dover, everything moving east rapidly. and you can see it on true view as we put it into motion here. nothing behind it, but check out the temperatures today, because 95 degrees was our high temperature, it was very hot and humid, in fact we tied a record in dulles, 94 was also set in 1980. i wish i could tell you these storms were bringing in cooler
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air for the first full day of fall. the front that triggered them won't move through tonight. i'll let you know if we have storms to chase tomorrow too, shawn and brian . another big story we're following tonight, a navy seal from our area killed in afghanistan. brendon loony grew up in montgomery county. he was a star athlete in high school, went to the naval academy and then to war. bob barnard is here with the story, bob. >> reporter: central to the story of brendan loony, for his large silver spring family, love of country has now taken a terrible toll. >> 10-hut. >> get back, get back. >> reporter: at their practice field in riverdale, maryland, the football team is learning a tough lesson that life isn't forever. >> you know, it's just an empty, sickening feeling throughout your body. you just can't believe what you're hearing. >> reporter: bill mcgregor
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coached brendan loony in the late 1990s. he was a wide receiver, defensive back. >> his senior year, he was our cocaptain, and he was just a great leader and great young man, just a super, super human being. >> reporter: their undefeated football team his senior year was featured on the cheerios box. >> he was representing us very proudly. >> the greatest kid. we are just depressed over this. >> reporter: an elite navy seal, brandon loony and five other americans were killed tuesday in the crash of a nato helicopter in southern afghanistan, was it shot down or brought down by mechanical trouble, the pentagon isn't saying. >> he was born to be a navy seal, and sure enough, he gave his life being that navy seal. >> reporter: brandon graduated from the naval academy where he played lacrosse with his two
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younger brothers. all three loony boys went to da massa, and their mom works here. he was in the class of 1999. >> he's always going to be remembered and always have a special place here at the high school. >> reporter: at the loony's home in silver spring, friends tell us the family went to dover delaware to greet brandon's remain. they say his middle brother steven returned home safely from afghanistan in june. >> the family has got to be grieving like you wouldn't believe. in damassa we are grieving big-time, and he was a cherished grad. >> reporter: besides his parents and two younger brothers, navy seal brandon loony leaves behind a wife and three sisters tonight. 11th street in d.c.'s columbia neighborhood covered with one woman's belongings. eviction crews worked 10 hours to move it out of the apartment. laura evans is here with more details, laura. >> reporter: the eviction notice was served, crews went in
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to do their thing, but no one expected the mountains of stuff to be moved. it appears they're dealing with a hoarder and a decade and-a-half of her addiction. part of the storage and the woman who was evicted, is living somewhere else tonight. >> i never, ever ever seen anything like this. >> reporter: furniture, electronics, knickknacks, covering two city blocks, stuff piled at least four feet high on both sides of 11th. >> my thought was maybe about 15 people just gotten put out. >> reporter: but this belongs to one woman, eloisa dias, she used to be a worker picking up after elderly residents. she couldn't pay her rent. >> it's hard to collect, and couldn't throw it away. >> reporter: she said she collected all of this to send to
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the poor in venezuela, where she's from. >> how many years have you been collecting it? >> 15 years. >> they made a line down the street where they were passing it piece by piece until they dug themselves into the house. >> we saw the line all the way down the street and we knew we were getting into something. >> reporter: for some time neighbors complained about trash and debris in her back yard but no one realized how it was inside. >> how can all that stuff get in one house until it was full to the ceiling and every crack was filled. >> reporter: she is staying in a shelter and now the city is looking to get help for dias. >> obviously we've had mental health services contacted, and they're going to become involved, because they're obviously psychological issues here. >> god is good. he's going to provide me a good job and new things. >> reporter: now, records show
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dias was issued a violation back in april for trash and debris pielg up in the back yard. we understand she did clean it up then. a virginia moving company volunteered to take away as much as possible to store it. the city agreed to store the rest of her belongings, sparing it from the dump for now, shawn. >> thank you. cops have given him the nickname the preppy burglar. but police want to know what this man's real name is. the twist that caught him on camera, up next. a family's fight to save their pet. a local county has deemed the dog vicious and may have to put them down. why they may have to put the dog down. j lo and steven tyler are joining idol. will they live up to all the hype? coming up at 10:30, you can log onto and click on live video in the news chat.
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there you can talk to other viewers and send us questions for our panelists. we'll be right back. building wind farms and
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>> take a look at this video. what does this man look like he's doing? selling something, taking a survey. howard county police say that's not close to what he was up to. they say the man you just saw with the shirt and tie is the preppy burglar, and he was no good when he knocked on that door. wisdom martin joins us with details. >> reporter: according to police, what's unique about the suspect is the way he was dress and did while he was committing his crime, he had no idea he was on camera. >> i came home from work and was going inside and saw the back, bedroom window had been pushed in. >> reporter: this howard county homeowner, who doesn't want his identity revealed, says he was stunned when he realized someone had just broken into his home, but what the burglar didn't realize, is that he was committing his crime on camera.
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>> one of the first things i did was go to my computer and pull up the video surveillance system that i had recently got. >> reporter: the homeowner had the sharp-dressed suspect on two cameras. take a look at this video, this man in a shirt and tie and glasses is walking around the howard county home. when he realizes no one is there, he breaks in. >> he breaks the bedroom window, locked in, went off and got gloves, came back and pushed in the screen. >> reporter: he says this is the second time his home has been broken into, which is why he got the cameras in the first place. >> the first time they kicked in a basement window and slid down through the opening. >> reporter: nervous neighbors are obviously concerned about the suspect's unique approach. >> it's unusual, to see somebody dressed like that, you know. you wouldn't normally suspect them. >> definitely since that has happened, i lock the doors. >> reporter: tonight with the sharp-dressed suspect captured on camera, police hope someone will recognize him and turn him in.
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>> we're not sure why he was dressed in the shirt and tie, whether he was coming from somewhere where that was the appropriate dress, or if it was a ruz to not raise suspicion with people in the neighborhood. >> reporter: the homeowner said he had just purchased another camera over the weekend. the plose say the suspect could be involved in other breakins but won't know until they catch him. >> wisdom martin, thank you. an unexpected last move from the governor, teresa lewis will become the first woman executed in virginia in nearly a century. today, the us supreme court refused to block the execution. she was convicted of providing sex to two men who killed her husband and stepson in 2002. two voted to stop the execution. animal control says this black lab is vicious and has to be destroyed. roby chavez says the family is begging for the chance to keep
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the dog alive. >> unfortunately they have to put a peaceful and kind animal to sleep. >> reporter: unless this black lab gets a reprieve, april will die by month's end. the 9-year-old family pet has been deemed vicious and is now behind bars. >> it's like losing a family member. a family member being locked away, looking at the death penalty. how do you deal with a situation like that, and you know you're helpless to the situation, nothing you can do but pray. >> reporter: april allegedly got into it with a neighbor's smaller dog in late february. however, the dog's owner didn't complain, nor did she bring her dog to the vet until a month after the incident. at the hearing, the wadells say there's no hard evidence of the attack. >> she brought pieces of paper with illustrations drawn of what she seen. there was no pictures. there was a bill from the veterinarian but it never specified what was the findings,
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why her dog was injured. >> reporter: the panel for the prince georges animal control found april guilty last week. now the black lab must be euthanized. the reason, the county claims she often roamed free in their secluded cul-de-sac neighborhood and was deemed a nuisance. april is convicted based on the complaint by the one pet owner. that is the first complaint she's never had. >> they say your animal has done this and that. we have never gotten anything so i think the way prince georges county went about it was completely wrong. >> reporter: after the family spent hundreds of dollars to secure the yard, april was even returned home awaiting her puppy trial. she lived in the home with wadell's 8 month old baby until last week. now, the family hopes someone steps in to help them. >> somewhere, someone has to be able to help us somewhere, even if it's not getting her back, but putting her in a home where
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she won't be put to sleep because she doesn't deserve it. >> the family says she has the right to appeal the decision but it costs 2500 to get to the courts and they don't have the money. both offices refused to comment on this story. still ahead tonight, president obama under fire for some key quotes in a new book. plus, why are some ex-prisoners working in the kitchens of some local schools. we'll explain still ahead. later, no need for cash or credit as long as you have your cell phone. the new service that lets you pay up with a simple text message. back after this.
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>> a lot of questions from bob woodward's books called wars, president obama is quoted saying the country can absorb another attack and he refuses to spend a trillion dollars on war. a whole new cycle of attacks and
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defenses. >> the notion a president would say that in that kind of a callus and utterly robotic way i think is further indication that obama is simply not qualified to be commander in chief. >> the country is weary of unfunded wars that seem to go on forever and i believe the president is right to make sure he can do the strategy that brings public law. >> other passages showed divisions during war strategy meetings creating risks. the white house says the stories are nothing new and that they show the strategic and decisive approaches the president takes. part of the new health care law kicks in tomorrow. president obama relying on back yard politics to highlight the changes, but 6 months to the day after he signed the bill, the future of health care reform still uncertain. fox5's tom fitzgerald has that story. >> reporter: with democrats facing tough mid-term elections, president obama turned to back yard politics, turning back the clock to one of his biggest
10:26 pm
victories. >> health care was one of the issues we could no longer ignore. >> reporter: the president touted his land mark law along with supporters and took to a virginia neighborhood. >> i would have been so stressed out and worried about pain for my medical bills. >> reporter: starting thursday, some of the changes include allowing parents to keep their dependents on their insured until age of 26, coverage for preexisting conditions, and preventative care for free. but the battle isn't over. in virginia, more than two dozen states have lawsuits pending against the federal government seeking to overturn parts of the law. >> we haven't found precedence that the united states constitution authorizes the congress to mandate the purchase of the service.
10:27 pm
>> while it's dominated the headlines since the president has signed the law, they are sure it will help consumers put more money in their pocket. >> we've got to give people a peace of mind. >> reporter: tom fitzgerald, fox5 news. remember the eggs recalled for the salmonella outbreak over the summer? you'll hear how they grilled egg farmers, coming up. the new faces of "american idol," can j lo and steven tyler save one of the hottest shows on tv? a live debate coming up next and you can join in if you like. go to and click on live video and news chat and there you can chat with other viewers and send us questions to our panelists. back in a few. garbage bags taken over your kitchen? (woman blows at scented tree) hefty bags with unscented odor block technology help neutralize odors with no added scent.
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>> you're watching fox5 news at 10:00. >> please welcome to "american idol," steven tyler and jennifer lopez. >> reporter: "idol" 2.0, steven tyler and jennifer lopez joining randy jackson as the judges for season 10. >> being a part of something bigger than yourself. >> we're looking for the best "american idol" ever. >> reporter: a revamp for the show without simon. the question is, will it work. we're in studio b discussing the reinvention. joining us are our own "idol," you guys thanks for staying up late and coming in with us
10:32 pm
tonight. marcus, wake up down there. is that any indication? let's hit it off the bat. j-lo and stoerl, steven tyler, their names have been floated for awhile. is it going to put you to sleep? >> hey, number 1, i resent that. [laughter] >> and i can't even look at genie right now, because if i do, she'll make me laugh. >> why, marcus. >> i think it's going to be okay. i think it will be okay. i'm sure we'll get into some others. >> j-lo? j-lo, marcus, we're talking about "idol" finding talent. j-lo is an amazing woman in the industry, but vocally, she's an entertainer. i want to see her on, you know, "so you think you can dance." "idol"? >> let me let sara jump in here real quick. >> i have to agree with jenny, actually. she looks good, but -- yeah, no, i'm with you, i think they're really going to have to have a
10:33 pm
lot of chemistry, and someone's going to have bring the simon effect or something so compelling. >> who would do that? >> who will be the next simon? do you think any of them will replace the straight-talking sometimes rude british judge. >> i tell you like this, unfortunately, i think they tried to put together a formula, because you have simon leaving and you have steven tyler, and you have paula, i don't even consider -- yeah but you have paula leaving a year and-a-half ago, and then you have j-lo, so i think they're trying to come up with a formula. i disagree though. i think that when you look at paula, what she brought, 1, she brought a sweetness and a genuine feeling to everything. she was very compassionate with her remarks. i'm hoping that -- i think that that may be the one thing that j-lo misses. however, i think the other side in the new music business of
10:34 pm
branding and entertaining and being a business person, i think she's going to add invaluable experience. >> to "idol." >> no, to whoever she talks to. >> that part i will agree with, in terms of branding and staging, yes, but who is going to give critical constructive criticism? we've got randy, yo, yo, yo. you've got power. i mean, you've got to have the coke cup, is coke still the sponsor, with botox shots on the side. who is going to bring -- >> let me get sara in there. so now that we've got these new group of judges, do you think ultimately this will give the show a jump start? we've seen a decline in the last few years. do you think this will give it the shot in the arm it needs. >> we were discussing this earlier, i think if they can hit a stride from the start and the judges sort of click with the audience, then i think they might be able to regain that
10:35 pm
sort of core audience that loves "american idol," that goes there, but i think it's going to be really tough if they can't get like the chemistry, and you know what was so fun is to watch simon and paula and their interaction, and it was sort of this inside joke, and you were sort of in on it, they had this great almost sexual chemistry that everyone loves and i don't know, you know, can they form a different chemistry. >> they can't even give you all that sexy. >> j-lo can give you the sexy. >> but do you think marc antony is having that? no, he's not having it. >> they develop that chemistry over time. i think what "american idol" needs and what they were missing and what they've been missing the last couple of years is actual good talent. you can go to duke performing school -- >> you only have about 20 seconds left. let me give you the final word
10:36 pm
here. does this group get the ticket to hollywood, marcus, yes or no. >> depends on the talent. >> jeanne. >> wait and see. >> cheryl. >> i hate to be the negative one but i don't think it will hit. >> ouch. a lot of people will be watching. it's been the talk of the town, j-lo, steven tyler and randy jackson. our "idol" panelists will be joining us all the way through. thank you so much for joining us, and thank you all. brian. >> coming up, a community kitchen is providing meals for several local schools. what's raising some eye browse brows is some of the people who work at the nonprofit, like exoffenders. we'll explain. plus a high speed chase on and off the road. the dramatic ending up next. a beer maker, handing out free samples to boost sales. neil cavuto has that and more and your business report. the economy is turning more
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money into gold. china still hitting another record high, closing in on $1300 an ounce. closing out 23% higher than a year ago. the nasdaq and s & p also losing ground. home prices falling in july to their lowest level in six years. blockbuster is preparing to go bust. the video rental chain expecting to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy within days. customers have been moving away from traditional stores like blockbuster toward online services like netflix. this bud's for you, and it's also free. starting next week they'll be providing free samples of budweiser to improve popularity. sales this year are almost 10% higher this year. n
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words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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>> did you see this, the dramatic end to a high speed car chase in south florida. four suspects took off in the white toyota camry, and the drivers reached 100 miles per hour on the highway while we have gone in and out of yards ask side streets. police finally got it stopped, the suspects bailed, and officers used a taser to subdue the driver and at least one passenger. the suspects were all arrested. the mexican sports reporter who says she got cat calls is lashing out against the agency who came to her aid. she says they acted impulsively when it moved to condemn the team's actions. she says she's shaken but happy with the way the nfl handled the
10:42 pm
situation. they implemented a training course on proper professional behavior for all teams. a possible cancer cluster at fort dicher, maryland, as people are looking for answers. a look at your trash can save you some cash. we're going to save you how you could be throwing money away without knowing it. it's not what you expect to find a parking ticket, why one city's printing yoga instructions on their tickets.
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>> three companies have contracts to provide meals at d.c. public schools. the newest and the one many kids seem to like the most is raising the most eye brows. the d.c. central kitchen, a nonprofit agency, it strives to help the homeless and exoffenders get back to productive lives, which means some ex-prisoners are working in the kitchens of the city's
10:46 pm
public schools. fox5's john henrehan takes a closer look at the program. >> reporter: the overwhelming majority of kids at birdville elementary school in northeast a brown bag lunchto have a hot from home, and the kids are big on the food they're getting this year in the cafeteria. two 5th graders told us their favorites from the menu. >> corn bread, string beans, mashed potatoes. >> reporter: unlike previous years when the food was frozen, the food is cooked fresh at a nearby middle school and it's kept warm and served by staff members from the d.c. central kitchen, a nonprofit agency. >> we help people who want to change their life. some of them are ex-offenders and they come to us to try to change their lives, and that's who we get employed into the program. >> reporter: 53-year-old nathan
10:47 pm
desatto who works 5 days a week at the elementary school was homeless two years ago. >> i had to pick myself up and get started somewhere, and i arrived at d.c. central kitchen after hearing about it again, and it just has set me on a path now that i've been really going forward all the way. >> reporter: some of the kitchen workers at schools with the d.c. central kitchen contract are ex-prisoners. >> i get ex-offenders working in the schools? >> there are, that went through a complete background check. >> reporter: dcp administrators say before anyone's allowed to work with the school children, they're first evaluated on the frequency and seriousness of past offenses. so far say school administrators say there have been no problems with the workers from d.c.'s central kitchen. john henrehan, fox5 news . >> busy night for you guys in the weather center, but things starting to settle down a little bit. >> it definitely is. everything's moved to the eastern shore but the big heat
10:48 pm
and humidity fired these storms up to be pretty severe this afternoon. >> a lot of lightning. >> yes that was probably the bigger deal. we had hail, but the lightning this evening in prince georges county and montgomery county was really spectacular. i had a lady call me and say i just called the fire department because of the lightning. she was so far away from it, she didn't know what she was seeing. our photography force caught this over the pentagon tonight. i also want to call your attention to the full moon if the clouds begin to part tonight. it's called the super harvest full moon. it's rare to get a full moon on the same night as the equin ox and it will be full illumination. it's a brilliant event. perhaps you saw the moon illusion. if you didn't have any clouds where you were, you might have seen it coming up over the horizon, very large, it's a trick to your eye. radar is clear in the metropolitan area and still
10:49 pm
finding a couple of severe thunderstorms. they are winding down across the delmarva, but still with lightning and heavy rain. wind gusts of 50 miles per hour in silver spring and hail reports out of leesburg. over to the max hd satellite radar, and everything will go into motion here. you can see the second wave coming on through, especially hard-hit across maryland. we have a frontal system just up across the mason dixon line, and it is going to stall there, which means tomorrow we'll have another hot one. our temperature today, 95. maybe it won't get to 95. we tied a record, by the way, at dulles, 94, was also set in 1980, bwi 1981. but the heat is holding on for the first full day of fall. we'll be into the low 90s again so prepare for that and you'll notice the humidity as well. it's not going to last forever. we have changes coming. it will be hot tomorrow and friday, but i want you to see
10:50 pm
the temperature trend because as we go through the next several days, we'll have an improvement for saturday. could be a couple of showers in the mix and maybe even a pop-up shower in the afternoon tomorrow but we don't see the trigger for the round of severe storms like we had today. it is 83 degrees. remember just a few nights ago when we were into the 40s and 50s. forget about it, you've got to get the air conditioning going tonight. just to the north, it's 69 in pittsburgh and 64 in binghamtown. that's not going to get in here. that will stall here and move north for the next couple of days but eventually we'll get the cooler air for the weekend. tonight, we think the clouds are over, partly cloudy, in western maryland there could be a light shower but mild overnight, 71 degrees, maybe a patch of fog here and there. hot tomorrow, 92 with spotty popup showers in the afternoon.
10:51 pm
the southwest wind keeps us rather mild, and at 8:00 a.m., we'll be 74, noon 84, and by 5:00, 91 degrees but it doesn't look like we'll have to chase too many storms around. max hd futurecast, you can see the activity on the eastern shore. take you to 8:00 in the morning and a lot of sunshine getting through but as we look at the afternoon we may see one or two things pop up, and future cast is suggesting a couple rumbles of thunder in a few spots but it will keep moving and we'll be back in the hot spot thursday and friday. here's your forecast talking about the heat, at least we're not talking about the whole five days full it. sunday may be a chance for shower, although maybe the showers may hold on just a little bit but we think it will be significantly cooler as we head into the weekend and just a little bit unsettled possibly. >> thank you . iowa egg farm owners grilled on capitol hill today. questioning them about the salmonella outbreak and the
10:52 pm
massive recall. they also talked to the victims who got sick after eating those eggs. molly hannaban report. >> we apologize to everyone who may have been sickened by eating our eggs. >> reporter: more than half million eggs were recalled by these farms in iowa, after federal investigators traced back cases of salmonella poisoning to their egg farms. >> we cannot be certainly positive of the root cause but we believe the root cause of contamination to be the meat and bone meal that was the ingredient in our feed. >> they slammed them for having a history of violations and the conditions the investigators found at the hen houses. >> as an iowan, i was disgusted to read reports about federal investigators finding live mice, infestation of flies, mountains of manure and other unsanitary conditions in iowa hen houses. >> the cost of the facilities were operating with a shocking
10:53 pm
level of disregard for basic food safety controls. >> reporter: as many as 1600 people may have been poisoned by the tainted eggs. two victims also testified, describing in graphic detail how the tainted eggs made them sick. >> during the night, i woke up vomiting and had severe diarrhea so bad, i was so beyond embarrassed to have to even ask my husband for help. >> the next afternoon, i felt very sick. at the beginning, i started to shake and experience chills. then came waves of vomiting and explosive diarrhea. >> reporter: lawmakers say they hope today's hearing will help them figure out exactly how and why this happened to prevent it from happening in the future. in washington, molly heneburg, fox news. coming up next, forget the cash, check and is credit cards. a new service allows you to send money to friends and businesses by simply sending a text message. we'll show you how it works. and the pastor of a
10:54 pm
megachurch knee deep in a sex scandal. the accusations he's fighting coming up on the news edge. oweanyo
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>> no cash, no credit, no problem. if you have a cell phone, you can pay by text. the brand new service lets you send money without ever opening up your wallet. all you have to do is send a text message. lisa murphy explains. >> reporter: at this coffee shop, you don't need cash to get a cup of joe, and same here at this restaurant, no cash, no problem. >> they can come and eat without paying. >> reporter: they don't pay the old fashioned way but they do pay, by cell phone. >> they get a text message seconds later by saying, thanks for eating lunch here, this is what we charged you. >> reporter: thanks to these two guys, you don't need to even
10:58 pm
carry cash, plastic or a wallet, as long as you have a cell phone. >> this is a really nice way to use your phone as your wallet. >> reporter: it's former college roommates that say they had the pay by text idea one day after he left the house without his wallet. he borrowed money from his bud dy and paid him back. it's a system they set up to pay for things by texting. basically it allows you to link your credit card account to your cell phone so you can send money through your friends through text. >> it's kind of paying people back and dealing with currency. >> reporter: he says he's writing fewer check and is visiting the atm less but spending a little more time on hisself. >> it's easier when i'm splitting bills with someone or going out to lunch. >> reporter: the service is free to users like michael, but
10:59 pm
users that use it are charged a small transaction fee similar to the fees credit card companies charge to businesses. >> every time you make a payment, you get a text message. you're always very aware of what's happening with your mon snee money. >> one of our regular customers ran in, grabbed his cookie, and ran out, it was hysterical. >> reporter: they charge you by sending you a text. >> it saves us time in the check-out process. >> reporter: at grumpy's cafe in new york city, you order your coffee, pay and send the text with the dollar amount. the cashier confirms it on the cell phone and the coffee is yours. >> it mitigates the hassle of writing a check or going to the atm. >> reporter: so how do you get the money out of your phone. you can have the company deposit your venmo balance right into


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