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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  September 28, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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i get it. you haven't shaved. >>. >> >> gun fire erupts outside a dc funeral. a gun battle that ended violently in the middle of popular usury. now, the hunt continues as we
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get new details about what happened. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. within the last hour the police identified the victim in today's shooting. he's 21-year-old jamal coates caught in an suv that came under fire and overturned in the middle of the road. it happened around 1:00 this afternoon. tonight, we have team coverage of this developing story. we'll start off with fox5's roby chavez live with the new developments, roby. >> reporter: today was a very tragic day and a very tragic set of circumstances that unfolded inside this church as mourners had gathered for a funeral. ashley mccray was very popular. unfortunately, she was also very popular among two rival gangs. many of the members attended her funeral today, and someone brought a gun. >> i just heard the shot and scattered back into the church. >> reporter: the drive-by shooting happened as the funeral for 21-year-old ashley mccray was wrapping up. witnesses say her casket was
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being placed in the hurst. they heard between four and 12 gun shots. >> we was walking down to try to get in our car and realized our car had been shot up. they said -- the people around us said that the guy was standing near our car. >> reporter: when the shooting stopped, this suv, which was being shot at witnesses say, had overturned blocks away near 12th and u. >> the busses was blocking him and so it hit the verizon truck here and flipped. >> reporter: jamal coates was killed and two others injured during the shoot-out. several others were seen running away. later, police say this tan buick regal may have been involved in the shooting witnesses leaving the funeral ducked for cover. >> this is something very tragic, that's happened to a family, they have had a loss, and why someone would want to cause more may hem, i don't understand. >> reporter: all of it played out near busy u street and at a church during a funeral where
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two rival groups were taunting each other. >> this resulted from a taunting. this was a taunting at a funeral. and we have this kind of serious consequence as a result. >> reporter: several police officers and community activists were at the funerals too. there was great concern that the two feuding groups would clash. now, they worry about retaliation. >> you always worry this is not the end of it, so you're preparing for the worst every time and hopefully you don't have to worry, but so right now we're regrouping again as a community to find ways to work -- to stop the retaliation. we don't want another homicide. >> reporter: many know this isn't the end. many are worried that the violence that killed ashley mccray and now jamal coates will only escalate. friends say both were trying to steer clear of this kind of gang violence. >> the fact that he's one of the kids they've been working with who's actually been removed from this kind of behavior in the
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last few weeks. >> reporter: again here's the latest tonight from dc police, still no arrests, and we are learning more about the latest victim. as she mentioned, 21-year-old jamal coates very familiar to community activists in this neighborhood. they have been working with him. they say he is very familiar with the street gangs, but worked hard to stay away from that violence. in fact, they say he had just earned his ged and was working on a trade so he could better his life. a little bit more about these two rival gangs now. we now understand they're responsible for three murders since the summer, brian. >> roby, do you know the relationship with this young woman who was being laid to rest today and these two gangs? a little bit more? was she just friends in the neighborhood? was -- you know, any other relationship that we should know about? >> reporter: what we know, brian, is that she grew up in columbia heights between the two feuding gangs, one on one side of the street the other on the other and she lived in the middle of these two.
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other family members were also familiar with them and so they came here today to mourn the loss of this girl and it ended up in violence. >> roby chavez reporting live for us tonight. that shooting shut down u street seven hours while police investigated. it affected neighbors and businesses in that area. wisdom martin is continuing now with the team coverage. wisdom. >> reporter: shawn after this incident happened, investigators did shut down several sections of u street for several hours as they conducted their investigation, finally reopening the area about 7:18 tonight. we had a chance to talk with several people who frequented the u street corridor about this incident and they say they are frankly shocked and surprised this happened in broad daylight. it was a crime that happened in the middle of the day on u street, a shooting in one of the busiest areas in dc. >> i am really shocked about it. you know this area has calmed down a lot, and i'm really surprised to hear about something happening like right here. >> reporter: just moments after shots were fired outside a
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funeral, chaos and confusion. when it was over several cars were smashed up and an suv was flipped over in the middle of u street. a large section of the heavily populated area was shut down for nearly seven hours during the investigation. no traffic meant almost no business for the normally booming ben's chile bowl. >> most of the time we're always busy and the line is outside the door in the alley. today, after the incident happened, we were dead from like 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. there were only 10 customers. >> it's always shocking to have a shooting like this in broad daylight a lot of people around like you said, in the middle of the day. it's very unnerving. >> reporter: unnerving because the gun fire and smashed cars could have injured any of the hundreds of people walking on u street at that time of the day. u street resident thomas smith. >> when you look at the fact it
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was a funeral it lets you know we're not putting the value on life that we should. >> reporter: as police continue their search for suspects, our community searches for answers. >> it makes me more sad than angry. you know the way the situation in the community has been. it's gotten better, and this is just another setback which shows we have work to do. >> reporter: so things are back to normal as far as businesses on u street but many people trying to come to grips with something so violent happening right in broad daylight. shawn. >> wisdom martin thank you. we have a little more about ashley mccray 21-year-old. she was found shot in a car earlier this month. she worked at commander salla mander in gorge town and was studying accounting at devry university. we spoke with her mother. >> it doesn't make any sense. the violence just down the street.
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more details about a silver spring hit-and-run that left the young woman fighting for her life. saturday night, a driver ran down elizabeth mateo. she remains in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police want your help finding the driver. authorities believe it's a '94 to '98 gmc jimmy, pick up or oldsmobile bra vadda. texting and talking while driving has been blamed for countless accidents. the maryland law starts friday but a new study shows a banns might not necessarily help. they found three states that implemented the banns the accidents went up. one theory, people try to hide their phones in their laps leading to the crashes. metro is trying to stop texting and driving. fox5's bob barnard explains. >> reporter: have you seen the new ad campaign to get you to
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stop texting while driving? if this guy would look up he'd see it right there on the back of the metro bus in front of his car. >> i did wonder what it was. >> reporter: it's the image of a blood-splattered cracked wind shield, meant to warn you of the dangers of texting and driving. >> i think it's great big bold letters and everyone under the age of 40 i think knows what "omg" stands for. >> reporter: 50 metro busses will be displaying this ad omg, texting and driving is a dangerous. the brain child of the academy of orthopedic surgeons. >> i don't know if it will make much difference to people who are going to text and drive because they think they can get away from it. >> reporter: orthopedic surgeon dr. watham says he's worked on
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several patients of people who were injured because of texting and driving. >> most of it is whip lash injuries and back injuries. >> reporter: this girl was hurt by a distracted truck driver in central florida. >> he was text messaging while drievs an 80,000 pound tractor trailer. >> reporter: her parents managed to get the law passed to ban texting and driving. nine other states followed suit. >> stay alive. >> i would add try not to eat while you're driving and try not to turn back and play with your children while you're driving. those are two other things that we see often. >> reporter: now, reminded in a most graphic way of the dangers of distracted driving. in the district, bob barnard, fox5 news. >> now, according to the federal government in 2008 nearly 6,000 americans were killed in crashes involving a distracted or inattentive driver. more than a half million were hurt. studies show the worst offenders
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are the youngest and least experienced drivers. we have a traffic alert on 66. the interstate will close at midnight at the dulles connector road. the lanes will reopen by 5:00 a.m. drivers will have to take a detour around the area. the work was scheduled for last weekend but was the delayed by the weather. a developing story now on the health of former president jimmy carter. he's spending the night in a cleveland hospital after getting sick on board a plane. he has an upset stomach and staying overnight based on his doctor's recommendation. he's on a tour promoting his new book. he's at policies and pros in dc the book signing is still on. a hill side collapsed on hundreds of sleeping residents in mexico. officials say at least eight people are dead 100 more missing. it's believed as many as 1000 people could be buried. days of heavy rain are being blamed for the land slide. >> and some of the moisture from
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that storm is heading for us tonight. in fact, we're going to get soaked again. sue palka what's the latest. yeah some of that moisture of what was tropical storm matthew combining with a new tropical depression 16, which may become nicole. we're concerned about flash flooding too. the details coming up. we've all been there before. throw away your liquids, take off your shoes but is airport security really working? the new message sent by homeland security today. smart phone users beware. police are sending out the warning. find out if your phone is on the list being targeted by thieves. also ahead. >> from major magazine deals to her own cosmetic line. michelle fan is living the ultimate dream. how she went from internet unknown to fashion phenomenon just ahead.
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>> the eiffel tower was evacuated earlier tonight after someone called in a bomb threat. it's the fourth threat in the last four weeks. the scare came as intelligence
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officials announced they intercepted a credible terror plot against britain and france. british officials say the threat was uncovered weeks ago and was thought to be in its early stages. our nation's airports are always looking out for terror threats and now there's an effort to renew security on a global scale. laura evans is here to explain. >> reporter: she's in town to address the civil aviation organization. that's the part of the united nations that set global aviation standard. napolitanno says terrorists have figured out current security measures so it's time to take it up a notch. airport security has become a way of life in the us. take off the shoes limits on liquid. we all know the drill, but it seems security procedures can vary depending on which country we're in. >> each airport has a different level of security and each
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country has its own measures. >> reporter: we polled international travellers at dulles and many say they had different experiences. >> i was patted down going through a first check and had to go through a second check but never took the shoes off. >> the us seems to be a little bit more stricter. >> reporter: now, homeland security chief jan napolitano is trying to get 190 nations to come together on security, implement improved technology and agree to better information sharing. the problem is security weakness in one country threatens the others. case in point the incident last christmas involving mutala, accused of smuggling exploseives in his underway in amsterdam. or the case of richard reed who got explosives in paris.
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napolitanno encouraging people to use full body scanners to catch it early. ones we talked to don't mind. >> it's a standard part of flying. >> waiting in line is not a problem. i'd rather be safe. >> reporter: body scanners are being installed not only in the us airports but also in the netherlands canada and the uk. many other countries aren't using them yet because they have other concerns about cost and privacy, brian. >> laura evans tonight. the united states is pressuring countries around the world to use full body scanners at airports. germany just started testing one. dubai is stopping the scanners. italy also says they're too slow and ineffective. jim harper joins us to talk about this. jim, the point is simple, right? we have to go through the shoe thing, we have to go through the liquid thing. depending upon what country you're coming from to the united states, they don't have to. what's the point here?
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>> as the secretary, you're trained to harmonize international standards at a very high level. countries are debating what the appropriate standards are. whether we should use the so-called strip machines around the world. they provide a small margin of security at a high cost of privacy and a delay at the airport. >> do we have the power to influence them? it seems countries are going the opposite direction. >> the aviation organization has a lot of funding from the united states and whether countries around the world are willing to do this essentially for us is a different question. the us doesn't have a good reputation around the world in terms of security so there will be a lot of foot dragging if the secretary tries to push this too hard with other countries around the world. >> do you think we've overreacted to legislation? passengers say they feel safer but if you recognize what other countries are going through, they're not necessarily safe sneer . >> one of the goals of terrorism is to get target states to
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overreact so we're playing along with that game. it's important to be careful and clinical about things and to secure the country but not going too far. we're having a debate about whether the strip search machines are too far. if we go the strip search machine route, there's going to be more methods of concealment and we don't want the tsa looking there. >> i guess the question is is there any way to get back to the old normal as opposed to the new normal if technology catches up so that we have better ways to screen us so we don't have to take off the shoes, don't have to throw away our perfume or cologne and that kind of stuff in our carry-on bag. >> in addition to improved technology and better relations around the world intelligence work that prevents terrorists from coming our way, it's not a given that we use the strip search machine. >> thanks for coming in tonight. we want to know what type of security you think will be effective around the world. if you want to see what other countries are doing at other
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airports. you can go to our website. we set up links for you to check it out. just head over to tonight we learned the gunman who opened fire at the university of texas was a student at the school. 19-year-old colton tuley used an ak 47 to fire shots on campus before running into the library and taking his own life. no one was hurt. he was wearing a dark suit and ski mask. he made several shots but didn't seem to be aiming at anyone or anything in particular. police are looking for a motive. forget about cash and credit cards. police have a new target and we'll reveal it to you up next. the skins facing a tough phillies game in just days. what will it take to turn it around. everyone's heard the benefits of pomegranate juice retaliation right?
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>> iphone users in the district, be warned. thugs are targeting you. nobody's been hurt but police are putting out the warning. in recent works there have been at least a dozen robberies of iphones. beth parker explains what's going on. >> reporter: you can read about the warning on your iphone but investigators don't recommend doing that in public. they've seen a string of robberies of iphone owners. one of them happened right here on 19th street just off dupont circle. [siren] >> they've had a string of robberies where people's iphones are being taken. >> oh that's crazy. are you serious? that scares me. >> reporter: even though you don't have to look very hard to find people doing what police say they probably shouldn't. a lot of people feel comfortable walking around and talking on a cell phone. >> sure, in the middle of the day? yeah, absolutely. >> like i want to put my phone away right now, but i'm in georgetown, it's daylight. >> reporter: several of these
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robberies happened in georgetown, mostly at night, others in dupont circle and shaw. in some cases, the criminal just grabs the phone. in others, the person strikes up a conversation. >> hey, can i see the phone? do you mind if i make a phone call and take off running. it is an easy target. it's pretty identifiable from a distance. >> reporter: investigators think some of the robberies may be connected, not all, though. the advice from police. >> don't get lost in the conversation. don't walk around displaying this really expensive device. >> you're not willing to put up your iphone? >> oh, no, this is my baby, no no. >> reporter: investigators say they've even had people's iphones swiped right off a table in a restaurant while they're eating dinner, so it can happen in an instant. in northwest dc beth parker fox5 news. the skins are now 1 and 2 and it's not getting any easier. headed up 95 to face their rival, philadelphia eagles. tonight we're breaking down what the team needs to do to turn
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this season around. facebook under fire. you have to see an exclusive fox investigation turned up on the social networking site. my dad is the supervisor of a train station and my mom's a teacher. my dad's an auto technician. my mom's a receptionist. i'm not sure i would have been able to afford college without the tuition freeze. while tuition in other states is rising out of reach... governor o'malley made the tough choice to freeze tuition. he made my dream of going to college into a reality. i'm the first in
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my family to go to college. my brother and i never would have been able to afford college. even though times were tough... governor o'malley kept his promise. there's never a doubt... there's never a doubt whose side he's on. martin o'malley... moving maryland forward.ananiges .an four years ago, bob ehrlich
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got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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>> the skins have given fans the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows all in a span of three weeks. a big win over the rival cowboys squashed by two losses. fans hoped this year would be different but so far many are not impressed. >> when you break it down, the numbers don't lie. the skins' defense dead last in the entire nfl. not good news unless you're playing the team. dave feldman is breaking down the team. feldy. >> this last weekend was tough to stomach. the st. louis rams had lost 14
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straight at home. they used the skins as a slump buster. the season that began with so much promise is hanging in the balance, or is it. joining me to discuss kevin shehan from the washington post and 106.7 mike. thanks for coming back for part two. mike, i'll start with you. i sense some of the redskins nation is panicking. should they be? >> panicking may be going too far, dave but i believe there has to be some genuine concern. when your defense that has carried you for 10 years is all of a sudden 32nd in the league and your offense cannot generate a running game, and this offensive line cannot figure out the new blocking schemes that kyle shanahan has instituted yet, you've got problems. you've got problems that are more systemic than just the
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game. >> kevin, it reminded me last year, and you're sort of the historian of the team but it reminded me very much of the loss to detroit when they hadn't won in like two years. >> i think he's sleep deprived. he's got a small child at home. here's the deal, there's no reason to panic. you guys are consumers of the nfl. you don't know anything after three weeks. you don't know anything after 5 or 10 weeks. last year, the giants were 5-0 through 5 weeks and everybody said they're going to the super bowl and didn't make the playoffs. the jets after 10 weeks last year were 4 and 6, had a bafoon for a coach and a quarterback that everybody thought couldn't play and they made it to the afc championship game. my point is this, they're 1 and 2, and yes they have talent deficiencies courtesy of the ser atto era of the last few years. but mike shanahan is a good coach, been on the job a whopping nine months and coached three games. he will get it together.
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this isn't as bad a football team as it appeared to be on sunday when they lost to the rams, and really it's a week-to-week league and it wouldn't shock me at some point in the next couple of weeks we're back here talking about how good they look. it's just the nature of the nfl. and yes, it did remind me feldy, of the detroit game a year ago. >> but when you give up 30 points in back-to-back games mike wise, that's time to throw a little bit of a red flag yees? >> and with all due respect from my esteemed colleagues from the radio, i have to say -- i love kev, but i have to say, if you go into philly and you lose that game, you're all of a sudden looking at 1-3. 1 and 3, correct me if i'm wrong kev that's 1/4 of 4 and 12. >> are you ready to can shanahan at this point? >> no i think mike shanahan is a great coach, and i think that -- but i do thing -- and i think you have to agree with me on this one kevin, that this
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system and this what i would call era of prominence in washington under mike shanahan is going to take longer than people might have thought to begin with. >> here's the truth, though. there's a fine-line in this league talent-wise and the redskins don't have as much talent as their competition. that's pretty clear, but coaching can actually compensate for that, and i don't think the season's over, even if they go to philadelphia and lose at 1 and 3. again, there are examples over and over again. and there are two from this town. thank you, feldy as the historian. the redskins were 0 and 5 under gibbs and they went 8 and 8 and that set up the playoff next year where they went to the super bowl. and they started 0 and 5 and couldn't score on offense and then won 8 of 11. i agree, the serato fiasco the last several years has left them empty in spots, but there's so much to these games and coaching is a big part of it and it wouldn't shock me at all
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if a month from now, mid-november, they're playing really good football and this conversation seems like a ridiculous one in retrospect. it's just the way the nfl works, especially with well coached teams. >> you had clinton portis on the radio show today. was he taken out of that game because he was benched, because he took a dive on one of his runs or because he was injured? >> he never said, but he did say he fell down on purpose, because the rams were coming at him and the coach has drilled it into him that ball security is more important in some respects. i hate to use that one play as a referendum on clinton portis's career. it's just like when sheehan has a bad show, it's not all there is to him, not all he's about. >> mike doesn't know this, but he's been falling down two or three years. he's been stumbling and fumbling two or three years. >> so one, they have the guys in
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the back field too. >> i don't want to be overly critical of him because i love the way he plays and he brings it on game day but his best years have clearly been behind him a couple of years now and they're going to need to upgrade that position. i would be very shocked by the way, if he's back next year as a redskin. i think this is final year? it's like 29 it's like kevin in radio years, it's old. if you're going to bring back clinton portis an mvp was out of the league at that age. the shelf life is not that old. i'd take clinton portis over everybody. it's not important. what's important is whether or not you think mike shanahan's needs are coming before the needs of the team. >> not me. not at all. >> and i would side with kevin on that one too. >> i'm just asking a question. i'm not saying i believe that yet. >> we didn't bring you in here to ask the questions just
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answer them. i'm letting you guys go with a quick prediction kevin will they win this weekend in phil . >> probably not but they've been competitive and had the lead in three games. it's not awful through all three games. i don't think they'll win but i think they'll be competitive. >> 28-24 donovan mcnabb throws three touchdowns, they do win. >> kevin shehan of espn 980. thanks again, guys. >> we know what the guys think. what do you think? will the skins have a winning season? by the way, they're 6.5-point underdogs to philadelphia this weekend if it helps your answer at all. we asked you to text in your answers, the majority not holding over much to the season. standard message rates apply. a former waitress turning her love for make-up into a megabusiness, and she did it through youtube. find out how she turned herself into an internet sensation.
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plus two new judges two new seasons, we'll take you behind the scenes as j-lo and steven tyler gear up for american idol auditions.
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"american idol" auditions. >> a shocking find on facebook uncovered by fox news. pedophile groups running fan pages. fox news did a simple facebook search and found dozens of pages associated with the largest pro-pedophilia group in the world. the federal investigators are using the facebook to find them and real in charges. facebook has a policy against groups taking part in child exploitation and is
10:42 pm
investigating. the district attorney accused of sending sexual text messages is resigning. he's accused of sending inappropriate text messages to women who were victims of abuse in cases he was prosecuting. >> it obviously hit home and you know not being able to trust our da and victims of domestic violence coming forward they need to trust their das, and anyone who's in office. >> he's been really humbled from his voice. that's all i can tell. >> i'm sorry, really humbled by this whole thing. >> reporter: the former da was not in court today. he voluntarily committed himself to an unspecified institution for treatment. the news edge is staying on top of a big story today. chaos and gun fire at a funeral service on a busy dc street. at 11:00 we're taking you back to the scene for developments and also reactions. >> this cute dog needs an owner. wait until we tell you the sad story of how he wound up in this shelter. dc to boston, only three
10:43 pm
hours on the rails? that's just the beginning of what amtrak is aiming for. we'll break down the plans for the future at 11:00. n ioou
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>> she is a youtube phenom. a former waitress, and now the website's number 1 make-up guru. cynthia smoot introduces us to michelle faun, and shows us how she made herself over into an internet sensation. a story you'll only see on fox5. >> you shouldn't see where the colors begin or end. >> reporter: from how to create the seductive smoky eye, to applying make-up on a plane. michelle faun is on the web helping lesions of fans put on their best face. >> i am a multimedia artist. >> reporter: who does it all from the comfort of her home. >> this is my place, this is my
10:47 pm
living room and where all the magic happens. >> reporter: magic is a good way to describe what happened to her since she launched her youtube channel three years ago. every video attracted more viewers so last fall she left school and quit her job as a sushi waitress. >> finally, i said, maybe i should just take a shot. school is always here youtube maybe once in a life time so i took that chance. >> reporter: was there a moment or a video that you knew this was going to be big? >> the lady gaga video. >> she's fresh innovative, and talented. >> reporter: her fans went gaga for gaga. it's well over 17 million hits and growing. >> every time i check it it goes up, and it's crazy and i can't even imagine it. >> reporter: she couldn't imagine that lancome cosmetics would notice and make her their official make-up artist. that has landed her in
10:48 pm
magazines, including the flagship of the beauty world, including "vogue". >> in a million years, i never thought i would be in "vogue". >> reporter: michelle shows us how she makes her videos seated in front of a cam-corder with her big-screen tv the background. >> when i start off with a product, i actually show it so that the audience can see it like this. >> reporter: using the view finder as her mirror, she takes us step-by-step through the basics of applying eye shadow liner and fake lashes. >> i like to start from the outer and work my way in. >> reporter: with an occasional muse on say why you still have to curl if you're even wearing fake. >> men look so scared. it looks like a death trap to the eye. you have to do this to curl your lashes. >> reporter: she shoots, edits adds the music on her mac sitting at her dining room table. you really are the producer the director, the audio person, the video person and the talent. >> yes i'm a one-woman studio
10:49 pm
and i'm very proud of it. >> reporter: a one-woman stoudio who's destined for audiences beyond youtube. >> and we're done, you're done. >> reporter: not a chance. it's only just begun for michelle faun. i'm cynthia smoot fox news. well, we started off dreary, got some sunshine and you said we're getting more rain heading our way pretty soon. >> mostly on thursday . it might begin tomorrow night but the worst will be on thursday and it will probably be tropical storm rain so that's a lot of rain and it may be several inches. we'll get to that in a moment. it's nice and quiet over dc and tomorrow will be a pretty settled day as well but yes we may be looking at tropical storm nicole going right over dc unless the track changes in the next 24 hours, and that can always happen. the good news for us is it doesn't look like it's going to be a very powerful system.
10:50 pm
i wanted to spend a moment and talk about the rain we had last night and early this morning and boy, it was hit or miss and in dc, only 3/10 of an inch of rain, but in other spots we saw more rain 2 inches and in howard county 2 inches, dulles an inch mclane an inch and-a-half and win chester an inch and a quarter. boston in cull pepper county got over 3 inches, so it was hit or miss. i think this next batch of rain coming will be a much more wide spread soaking and yes, there could be flooding concerns with that. it's a tropical depression right now. it formed today and will probably go across havana later tonight or the first part of tomorrow morning and will likely become tropical storm nicole but that won't happen until it gets closer to florida. it will bring us heavy rain on thursday, it may get going tomorrow night maybe sometime around 8:00 or just a little bit before so we're hoping to get the rush hours in on the dry side. it will go on by maybe a early
10:51 pm
morning shower friday and cooler weekend. a real feel of fall coming so it's going to be lovely once we get by this system. tonight, you can continue to see a lot of clouds streaming in from the south. the heavier rain has gone on spinning on by. we'll take you on a little flight down to the south because here's where the next rain is coming. you can kind of see the bands beginning to fill in as we're watching the tropical moisture to the south. the center of the tropical depression right now is very unorganized, just south of cuba. you can see it on the cloud images here a little bit better, and i'll show you the official track of what the national hurricane center is showing but i thought i'd show you first what our spaghetti models are showing as far as how many models we're watching and where they might take the center of circulation but there's enough of them that we know we'll be in that pretty heavy rain shield when it comes on by. although we won't know for sure where the heaviest rain will be probably until tomorrow night
10:52 pm
but we'll give you our best shot at it. let's look at the latest stats. it's not going to be a big wind maker. it's moving northeast at 8, winds of about 35, and it will be a pretty weak tropical storm and almost a hybrid system. you can see as it gets closer to us as it crosses into southern virginia it looks like it's going to be midnight on thursday. it still only has winds of 40 miles per hour. that's strong but not as powerful as many other tropical storms, and no isabell. i want to emphasize that too. it will have a lot of rain with it. how much rain are we talking about? please understand this is preliminary. it's going to be bad along the carolinas. wilmington had over 10 yesterday. that was bad. but the models show the heaviest rain may be coming over dc talking 3 to 6 inches of rain on thursday. some of them can rotate and produce thunderstorms. we can get that with tropical remnants so we have to watch for
10:53 pm
that. tonight it's quiet, about 61 degrees, and tomorrow we're talking about a day getting up to 74 with perhaps the evening showers so it's really thursday when we're going to have all the activity and something else coming up on the news edge at 11:00 is our future cast model to give an idea of the timing and when the heaviest rain is going to be and where it will track. but thursday definitely looks like it's going to be busy. i'm packing my power bars for friday. 74 may be a morning shower but worth waiting for for the weekend and after we get this thing going by i don't see anything big coming and that will certainly end any drought concerns we have. >> thank you, sue . we have a health alert about a popular fruit juice. the federal trade commission says palm wonderful's juice doesn't necessarily protect anyone from disease and claiming that it does violates federal law. palm wonderful released a statement saying it fundamentally disagrees with those accusations. a texas family is thankful to a dog that saved their son's
10:54 pm
life. bandy jumped in front of a rattle snake to save the 1-year-old son, dillan. they were fostering the dog and the boy was in the yard playing when the snake slithered up to the little boy. >> my son kind of paused to look and he was about a foot away, and vandy just came right in and almost in front of my son and that's where the snake was. >> the dad put the kids and vandy in the house and killed the snake. that's when the mom saw vandy's face swelling and realized he had gotten bitten by the rattle snake. they rushed him to an animal clinic and he was fine. he's back with the kids and family. they've officially been idol judges a little more than a week. now j-lo and steven tyler are hitting the "idol" auditions, coming up next. [ electronic humming ] [ announcer ] complete opposites...
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" >> did you see it tonight? brittany hit the stage on "glee" and now we've learned actress gwyneth parking lot paltro is joining the cast. she'll be a substitute teacher and will sing. the dates have not been announced so stay tuned. "american idol" is kicking off its auditions complete with new judges. ashley gets the scoop from the judges and the contestants. >> reporter: the garden state was "idol"'s first stop for the season 10 judges bringing a new sense of excitement and a few nerves from the contestants who must now audition in front of randy jackson, steven tyler and jennifer lopez. >> i'm very nervous, because
10:59 pm
there's new judges, and i don't know i love jennifer lopez so i'm really scared to go in front of her. >> hopefully steven tyler digs me. i'm going to sing one of his tunes and j-lo has got my style. >> i'm beyond excited. >> reporter: for the judges optimism was the only ray of sunshine on this cloudy day. >> the chemistry will be there. i've known both jennifer and steven a long time individually so i think it's going to be really really cool, man and listen they are so super-stoked and charged to do this so i think it's going to be fun. >> it's just talking to kids that come here with a dream and a wish to do something and me just saying hey you know what you're great. >> reporter: more than 100 contestants set to show the judges what they've got the waiting was getting the best of them. >> i think i am nervous. the first round this time wasn't as unnerving because i've done it before, the second round whatever, but this one is like it's new judges


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