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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  September 29, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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on going investigation, one deceased person is the driver inside the bus. the bus was travelling on the northbound sick of the hov flyway. the assistant chief for montgomery county fire and e.m.s -- e.m.s. is offcamera. the bus went off the left side of the flyway and fell how far down? >> the bus rested 45 feet. at 4:00, we received a call for an accident on northbound 270 involving a bus and units arrived and found a 26- passenger limo-style bus upright against the jersey wall that apparently had come off of the northbound 270 flyover. >> and we're going to talk about parks. 12 people transported to local hospitals and we understand two cars on the ground on the lower section of 270 and i looked at
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one and they look to be in good shape and looks like they may have hit one of the jersey walls to get out of the way. i know the investigation is ongoing and tell us about the number of passengers that you transported and what condition they are? >> we transported a total of 12 patients, two were priority one, critical, life-threatening injuries and two were priority 2, critical, non-life threatening injuries and eight, priority three patients with injuries that required treatment and transport, that sort of thing. >> okay, if i can switch you out with vito, the videographer that works with some of the fire departments and happened to be near the scene and doing some video graphy for montgomery county fire and ems and you were on the scene and you're going to join us as a witness and explain who you were seeing. these were a lot of kids, right? >> reporter: there were a large number that were being triaged
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and treated for their injuries and moving to ambulances. there were adults consoling them and keeping them calm. >> and how old would you say the kids are? >> i would say probably 7, 8 years old. 7 to 10. it was hard to gauge. i didn't want to get too close to the activity and the medical work that was taking place. >> reporter: what were some of the injuries that you saw with the kids? >> i saw the which were whose, i saw one young girl whose head was bandaged pretty well and most of the injuries appear to be relatively minor in nature. looked like the injuries were what you get from -- getting banged up. >> veto, i appreciate you joining us. i know we're going to probably air some of the video you provided the stations in awhile. and thank you for joining us. let me say that one of the two cars involved on the lower level of i-270 has been towed away and the other one is a ways behind and that looks like
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the front end is crushed in. we're hearing that some of the cars may have swerved to miss the buses falling and this tour bus fell about 45 feet off the flyway and is shut down from the beltway to democracy and will be for many hours to come, brian. >> and we don't have any idea who the passengers are and where that were in our air or going? >> and -- our area and where they were going? >> there are initial reports we're hearing that in talking to some of the kids, they might be out of carlisle, pennsylvania, and that may have been a type of school trip. what we're told is that they were on i-270 and had not pulled off to the mall or something, the montgomery mall which is here.
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they were going straight down i- 270 and it was on this hov flyway when the bus careened and plunged 45 feet below. >> all right, will thomas live in bethesda, maryland and we're going to stay on top of the story. the latest at 10. and the washington region can see several inches of rain the next 24 hours and may be upwards of a half a foot and that is because of tropical rains that soaked south florida and let's go to sue palka with more. >> reporter: you're going to find brightening skies and it's dry at the moment and we expect rain to develop and to become heavier and tomorrow, we're going to get most of the rain we're expecting and first to radar we go and the earliest that we had produced a half an
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inch to the south and that has dried up and is to our south and will fill in and get a push and true view will show you this goes to floridana and this is going to be heading in our direction and tropical storm nicole is one of the contributors and this is going to phase into an extra tropical storm. we have a flash flood watch in effect in midnight and through the day tomorrow, we're expecting heavy and steady rain and not isabel-like winds but gusty winds of 35 miles an hour and if we get a thunderstorm, we can't rule that out and i'm going have timing for you and we'll look at the models to give you an idea of how much rain to expect and win. >> we will see you in a bit. there is new information tonight involving a deadly gang shooting at a funeral in northwest yesterday and d.c. police made an arrest after tracking the suspect's getaway
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car to the house. paul wagner is live with more. paul? >> reporter: brian, the latest is that brandon miller was held without bond and as you mentioned, they did trace him to his house and this is with a lot of help from the community. they found tag number and got help with surveillance cameras. they found brandon miller and took him into custody and arrested his father, mother and sister. according to the charging documents found in the case, witnesses say two men approached the suv as it was parked in front of starbuck on u street. they had pistols and masks and opened fire into the car. jamaal coates was killed, shot three times and another man sign here was shot and wounded as he was being taken by the ambulance. within minutes, the police had the tag number of the suspected getaway car and trait traced it to an alley and that is the home of brandon miller, his father and mother and sister.
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after securing a search warrant for the apartment, the detectives went inside where they found five guns, three pistols, a shotgun and assault rifle and police arrested the parents and the father and sister and have been charged with a firearm. >> the car we're asking for information about, that is used to leave the scene and we believe that the shooter and second person were in the car and if you saw, call us. >> brian weaver and a man who works with at-risk youth said he served as a mentor for coates who turned the corner. >> and he was a complicated kid and it may have been the biggest moments in life and maybe the largestist frustration. >> reporter: what happened yesterday is without any
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question, who one of the most breezen shootings that ever happened in d.c. >> a gun was found in that leave turned car and the aftermath was chaos and with people trying to figure out what happened. >> reporter: brandon miller waived his rights and said he picked up two men at a gas station and agreed to drive them down to 13th and u street. he parked and the men got out and he heard gun fire and the men came back to the car and he drove them away from the scene and back to his house. he said that he was not involved. brian? >> all right, paul wagner reporting live tonight. still ahead on the news edge at 6. for the big new d.o.d. office park in alexandrea, the results coming up. and back out to the scene now at i-270 at the beltway
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near democracy boulevard, the flyover ramp where a limousine- style bus carrying 26 passengers careened off the sky ramp and down 45 feet to the northbound lanes below. and there is the bus. one person dead and 12 others, we're told, are injured and the rest treated at the scene and taken away. going to be a long night out there and traffic is a mess. you're urgeed to stay away from the area. we're back after this.
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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>> virginia congressman jim moran took a test shuttle ramp to the defense buildings in alexandrea and he's worried about traffic in the area and he's got good reason to worry. >> reporter: describes current rush hour traffic on interstate 395 in virginia. this is what you get? >> may be 15, 20. miles an hour. >> that situation, that situation. if you don't have anything in the car to spend your time. i mean how long can you listen to music or how long you can listen to the radio? >> reporter: traffic on 395 is probably going to get a appreciationiaibly worse one year from now when the defense department opens adjoining office towers along the highway in the west end of alexandrea. 6400 d.o.d. workers are going to be shifted here, primarily from the office buildings in crystal city, which in a post-9/11 world, are deemed insufficiently hardened in the event of a attempted
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terrorist attack. the new buildings are being constructed to modern security standards. unlike crystal city with a metro stop, the mark center facility in west alexandrea, will rely on a large degree on shuttle buses morn virginia congressman jim moran decided to test shuttle bus service. because there is no hov exit at seminary road, the test shuttle bus had to use the regular slow lanes of traffic on i-395. a trip of 7 1/2 miles. >> while this took 50 minutes. >> reporter: 550? >> 50 minutes, it will be raining tomorrow and will probably take over an hour. >> reporter: shuttle buses from the opposite direction, the pentagon metro stop will probably run more quickly like the cars on the left here because they running counter to the rush hour flow. congressman moran wants an hov exit built at seminary road and wants d.o.d. to pay for it and no such
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funding is in the pipeline and it's scheduled to open one year from now. john henrehan, fox 5 news. still ahead on the news edge, taking you behind the scenes of "american idol"'s new judges as season 10 kicks off up in jersey city. we're back.
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my dad is the supervisor of a train station and my mom's a teacher. my dad's an auto technician. my mom's a receptionist. i'm not sure i would have been able to afford college without the tuition freeze. while tuition in other states is rising out of reach... governor o'malley made the tough choice to freeze tuition. he made my dream of going to college into a reality.
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i'm the first in my family to go to college. my brother and i never would have been able to afford college. even though times were tough... governor o'malley kept his promise. there's never a doubt... there's never a doubt whose side he's on. martin o'malley... moving maryland forward. >> "american idol" on the wood road in new jersey.
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the debut of the idol's newest judges, steven tyler and jennifer lopez. more than 100 contestants made the cut from the thousands who originally tried out there. two from our area. sherri ly was in jersey city with more on. that. >> reporter: i'm courtney, 19 years old and i will be singing vivala vida by coldplay. >> reporter: she hopes this "american idol" audition will be different. she tried out twice before. >> the second time i forgot the words. >> reporter: she's never made it this far and going before the idol judges in jersey city and trying to get to hollywood. >> reporter: i know i just need a couple of minutes. >> reporter: her knees shook anxiously waiting for her turn to perform. a family friend is nervous for her, too. >> music is her life. we're excited about this opportunity. this is going to change her whole world. >> reporter: courtney has more than 20,000 followers on her youtube chapel. "american idol" has 20 million. >> and the contestants said
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they grew up watching the show. >> reporter: with steven tyler and jennifer lopez added to the mix, this year's contestants are not sure what to expect. >> i have been all so far, i think. tough, easy and fair. >> a lot of tears, they're hard for me. i'll get over it. >> reporter: courtney made it here out of 17,000 people trying out in new jersey and this time, she doesn't plan to disappoint. >> i know she's going to go to hall. i'm more confident and more prepared and i believe it's my time, look i feel it. a busy news day here and in the weather center, too. and we have had light rain moving up and was outside. the skies brightened and the rain is going to be fairly light. a forerunner of what is coming tonight and tomorrow and that
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gets heavier and on true view. this just in, nicole is gone already and absorbed. no shortage of what is left with her moisture, taking on extra tropical characteristics and a new area of low pressure will form and go on up the coast. this is the rain. what a corridor of heavy rain and that is as we expected. give you an idea what to expect and that is not bad out there now. we'll tap the tropical feed of moisture and goes in here later tonight. i would expect the rain to get steadier after 9:00 and there are periods of heavy rain tonight and tomorrow. yes, there could be a thunderstorm and our biggest concern is going to be the flooding rains and a lot of times people think of isabel at a time like this. remember, that was a hurricane when it crossed the virginia and north carolina border. we're on the strong side of that system. this area of low pressure will not be so much about the winds, although there will be some winds with it, especially from
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i-of 92 and east to the coast. 35, 40 miles per hour and so, strong enough to bring down some tree limbs and wires and may be trees in some instances because we have had a couple of rounds of wet weather especially on the del marva and that is possible that we could see some thunderstorms with it. some of those could be severe and i mean gusty winds and, yes, some could find enough sheer in the atmosphere and spinning and could occur mostly in the day tomorrow and from i- 95 east and that flash flood watch is up and that this is where the severe weather risk will be and you can see generally 95 and to the beaches. that is where we will watch for those potentially stronger thunderstorms and with gusty wins being a real problem. at 6:00, the model is overdone here and this is ahead of schedule. this is when that gets going and that is west of 95 and if
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your commute is on that side, you will have potentially more rain and we know the bans often switch and with the model runs. hey, by the noon hour, it's still going strong around here and look at this, by 6:00, all the action is beginning to shift over to the east side and to the del marva and this is where you get your heavy rain and by 11:00 tomorrow night, it's still raining and raining hard here. the big flooding concerns and we're beginning to see a badgeek -- back edge to western areas and get into friday. concerned to see there was a lot of friday morning rain on the del marva and so, could be huge rain totals there. the rest of us are drying out friday and into saturday. how much rain are we talking about? watch the computer models and we have to paint a pretty bright picture here. the carolinas are going to get slammed. i'm going to say in general it's a widespread 3 to six
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inches and they might be coming primarily on friday and as well as that heavy rain comes to fruition there and going through the storm hours and a lot of rain. flash flooding is a concern and a couple of showers on friday morning and a gorgeous weekend lace ahead perfect for the skins and eagles. they going -- going to get it done. he'll follow you what he think when is we return. four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies.
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then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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d [ announcer ] complete opposites...] in complete harmony. introducing the sport hybrid. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ dance rock ] ♪ hey ♪ [ woman vocalizing ] the combination only honda could engineer. the all-new cr-z sport hybrid. ♪ [ woman vocalizing ] >> good afternoon, skins and
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eagles, sunday afternoon from the lake. a game big for a variety of reasons. first and foremost, washington needs a win. they dropped two straight and they're playing a red-hot quarterback in michael vic who went to -- michael vick who went to virginia tech and has a lot of fans in the area and then mcnabb, who went back to philly, yeah, right. he played a total of 148 games during his 11-year tenure with the eagles and leads the franchise. on april 4th, a trade and that brought him to the redskins to direct mike shanahan's offense and sunday, he'll play against the former team for the first time. if it's a big deal, the 33-year- old is not letting on. >> i think we have more motivation than me going back to philly and i have been wanting to, a must-win game for us and we feel like to possibly be 2-0 in the division and, you know, there is a lot of factors that play into this and if it's an added bonus for them to try
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to win this game for me, that is great. >> he was there for 11 years and brought a lot of wins to the team, a lot of good times and -- to so him back on the opposite side of the field. >> they booed santa and you have to expect some boos and there are going be fans there that appreciate everything that he brought to that program and that is -- there is probably going to be cheering as well. >> mcnabb's return to philly was supposed to match him up against kevin cobb. he led the eagles to victories over the lions and jaguars and named nfc offensive player of the month. vick threw for 750 yards and no interceptions and rushed for 170 yards and one score. >> we know he's a good athlete and makes a lot of people look bad with his feet and we have to just, like i said, put it behind us. he's doing a good job. the job is a guy that is happening to be back in the nfl and playing again. simply, he's going to do
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whatever it takes to stay there and do what if it takes to keep that team moving. >> and tonight, the nationals host the phillies in the final home game of the season. thanks, back out to the scene of the crash on i-270 of the beltway. a horrific accident involving a bus. the 26 passengers, one person dead, which were and adults among the injured and we're staying on top of the situation. obviously, the traffic situation out there is still on lockdown and if you're headed home, stay clear and we'll have the latest on and, of course, complete team coverage beginning tonight on fox 5 news at 10.
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