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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  September 30, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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breaking news. word that actor tony curtis has died. we'll have more on that in just a moment. a horrific crash to tell you about right in the middle
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of rush hour. a bus plunges off i-270 and one person was killed. both children and adults among those injured. we have the latest on the crash investigate and the condition of the roads this morning. >> you are waking up to severe weather, flood, even tornado watches in some areas. we've got effect you need to know as you head out the door. fox 5 morning news continues at 6:00 right now. >> this is fox 5 morning news. >> good morning to you. it is thursday morning, september 30th, 2010. it is wet outside today. not just wet but pretty serious in some areas this morning. good morning. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm allison seymour in for steve this morning. >> yeah, rain coming down really hard in some places, pooling water out there. just lots to talk about. >> flooding conditions. we have a variety of watches and warning in effect throughout the region this morning. let's jump right in. i want to show you hd radar. we'll show you where the rain is heaviest at this hour. most of the area will be getting periods of heavy rain but look out to the east.
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now, we are seeing lightning appear with this so some thunderstorms likely developing just to the east of annapolis. we'll get a close-in look here. this is now into st. ann's county, across the chesapeake bay, the chesapeake bay bridge, you see some lightning south of the bridge, across the bay showing up on our hd radar. this is an area where we've had very heavy rain training across this area from the south to the north throughout the morning hours. also, should mention in spotsylvania county, in belvedere, we have some flash flooding occurring. much of area seeing moderate rainfall but just to the west of the district, we'll get close in on that, more heavy rain around mclean, industry enarc the tysons corner area, up into great falls towards reston and then into maryland towards bethesda and gaithersburg as well where we're seeing more heavy rain. let's go to the graphics. we can show you the big picture. there is so much moisture yet
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to come through our area. as it comes from the south, we've got anier of low pressure. we've got the remnants of tropical storm nicole all working their way north. that is why there are advisories, flood warnings and advisories from the carolinas up to pennsylvania this morning. right now, reagan national airport, 70 degrees is the current temperature. humidity, 93%. winds are out of the north at seven miles per hour. those winds will pick up later. here are some of the advisories we have in effect. a flash flood warning in effect for all of the areas you see there in brown including washington, d.c. that is in effect until 10:45 this morning. in addition, a tornado watch is in effect for much of the area including washington, d.c. itself until 1:00 this afternoon, a tornado watch in effect. quickly today, heavy rain at times, particularly this morning. possible thunderstorms we're seeing that now. windy at times with those winds gusting up to well over 30 miles per hour is what we now believe.
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7 # degrees for your high today. morning conditions, very dicey. the heavy rain continues. more about that in a little bit. continuing our team coverage of this severe weather, sarah simmons is live in kensington, maryland this morning. >> we are along beach drive in connecticut avenue where they have already closed down t happened at 1:00 this morning as the rain was coming down that they closed beach drive here in maryland. the rain is continuing to come down. the expectation is it is going to continue to build throughout the day. they went ahead and closed it starting at 1:00 a.m. here in maryland, at least at the d.c. line to franklin street. also, i talked with u.s. park police. they say rock creek drive at beach drive is also closed. you know about this. if you are familiar with the area, it is for your commute. and it tends to be one of the first to flood. keep in mind out here on the roadways, areas of standing water, that you are probably going to be familiar with on your commute any too time, you
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are going to see standing water there as well. be careful. let's take another look at roads -- i'll actually toss it back to you in the studio. >> our other big story a deadly tour bus accident on i-270 in montgomery county is under investigation this morning. some police say the bus veered off a sky ramp and plunged 45 feet for the lanes below. the driver, 66-year-old joseph clabaugh, jr. died at the scene. twelve people were hospitalized, 11 on the bus and one on the ground. the bus was towed tie montgomery county police impound lot for further inspection. the ntsb is also looking into this accident. we are following a double shooting late last night in southeast d.c. this happened on 2 #nd street near savannah street not far from the prince george's county line. police say one man was killed and a second is in critical
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condition. investigators don't have any motive nor suspects at this time. a teacher's aide accused of sexually assaulting a 4-year- old girl in centreville, virginia is now in a new york jail. authorities say they picked him up trying to cross into canada from new york state. police say the # 2-year-old assaulted that little girl at the mini land day care and fled when an arrest warrant was issued. he is expected to be extradited to fairfax county sometime in the next couple of weeks. -- police say the 22-year-old assaulted that little girl. word that actor tony curtis has died. that is according to entertainment tonight which says his daughter, jamie lee curtis confirmed her father's passing. it is unclear exactly when this happened. he received an oscar nomination in 1959 for his role in the movie the defiant ones. tony curtis was 85 years old.
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we continue to follow today's severe weather here in our area. we'll get an update on the blows mexico is taking from mother nature. another deadly landslide has rescuers working. what fellow classmates did that police think pushed a teenager over the edge. 
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another deadly mudslide in mexico last night. this one killed 16 people and injured 13. heavy rains have soaked the hillside of southern mexico making them unstable. rescuers are still digging through rubble in a neighboring state. they if you would four bodies from the mud and are searching for seven others. the u.s. is offering to foot the bill to send more mexican rescue teams to the scene there. the same house subcommittee
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that heard testimony from comedy central host stephen colbert is hearing from a couple of media moguls. rupert murdoch and meir kahane mayor michael bloomberg will testify on the role of immigration in strengthening america's economy. they formed a new coalition to push for immigration reform. news corp. is the parent company of of fox 5. the governor's race in new york is heating up. some sense moments between one candidate and a reporter all caught on camera. >> you send another goon to my daughter's house and i'll take you out, buddy. >> find out what sparked this confrontation. >> we are continuing to follow today's severe weather. tony has the latest. julie will check the roads with we come back.
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that is a look at your commute. we are back with a look outside. this is in the area of 207 near bethesda. awe reminder that we are seeing severe weather everywhere. and if you are experiencing some really bad weather, can you upload any videos or photos to just look under the weather tab. >> got to tell you. that pick i think is a little bit deceiving that. look great right there. it looks like it is wet but not terrible but we've got warning of all sorts. >> watches, warnings, all kind of advisories in effect. parts of the area are seeing moderate rainfall right now. other parts of the area continue to see very heavy rainfall. let's jump right in and we'll start with the hd radar so we can show you where the precipitation is. the heaviest rain has pushed further east. because of that, before a bit
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of a change in our flash flood warning. i will tell that you in just a second. as you can see here, this is the area under the gun. it has been getting hit with heavy rain during most of the overnight hours and certainly during all of the early-morning hours. annapolis, getting a little bit of a break so that is good for them. not so good farther out to the cease where you are getting more heavy rainfall. off to the west, we have a little batch of heavy rain extending up to the north towards gaithersburg. in the district, moderate rainfall right now. waldorf is see something heavy rain. there you go, just towards rockville. near glenwood, heading to the north. along 270, places like that, more heavy rain. let's take a look. i want to show you the advisories that are in effect. want to start with this flash flood warning. now, some counties have been added to this now. this flash flood warping is in effect until 10:45 but now, added to the flash flood warning, these counties to the
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east that i mentioned, western caroline county, talbot county, cecil county, kent county and queen anne's county all now under a flash flood warning. it is not showing up here because they've just been added but we'll get those on the map for you. that is in effect until 10:00 this morning for that flash flood warning. now, let's take a look at the area covered by a tornado watch and it is much -- this is a flash flood watch. we'll show you that first. this is in effect until this evening and it is the entire area. now, what we're seeing happen is, as we begin to see flooding occur, then those counties pop into the flood warning area. the entire area is were a flash flood watch. let's take a look at the area covered by a wind advisory. this wind advisory is in effect for counties to our east. this is in effect until 6:00 p.m. this evening. winds could gust up to 45 or 50 miles per hour, maybe even high are than that in severe thunderstorm activity. you want to be aware of that.
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our winds so far look like this. our current win the gusts have been nonexistent in the western portions of the area. off to the east, wind gusting up to 18 miles per hour in dover, delaware. 17miles per hour in ocean city. waltz want to mention, i did not show it to you but before a coastal flood advisory in effect for most of the entire region until midnight tonight. here a quick look at the satellite-radar. as you can see, we've got a lot of moisture coming in from the south as we get the remnants of tropical storm nicole mixing with another area of moisture. we expect to see periods of heavy rain through the morning hours. your forecast for today looks like this. all those watches an warnings i told you about, rain and thorn continue through the morning, heavy at times. some of the storm could be severe. high today about 76. we think the rain amounts will decrease touring the course of the afternoon. tomorrow, breezy but mostly sunny. 75, then get set for a cooler weekenday, highs in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees. that is what is happening with
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the weather. now, let's get an update on traffic from julie wright. >> a lot going on out on the roads right now. unless you have web feet being feathers an a beak, the best thing you can do is stay home. nasty ride traveling along southbound 270. latest crash occurred here on the right. let me move you into virginia. 66 gridlocked now out of manassas headed into centreville. inhe loop of the beltway, telegraph road for the crash. inbound dulles toll road in the airport lanes at hunter mill road for the accident. airport lanes are currently blocked. left lane in the main line is blocked with fire and rescue responding. 95 jammed up badly out of falmouth. in the service road at dale city, there is an accident with only the left lane able to squeeze through. 395 delays continuing in springfield. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic.
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>> thank you so much. tony is back. what is going on gentleman just came down during the last minute i'm tornado warning in effect. i was showing you those areas to the east. take a look at hd radar. tornado warning now in effect until 7:00 a.m. for southeastern calvert county in southern maryland and eastern st. mary's county in southern maryland. doppler radar indicates a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado near st. mary's city. the storm is moving to the north at 40 miles per hour. locations that could be impacted include patuxent naval air station, lusby, st. learn arrested reek, places like that. -- st. leonard creek, places like that. the tornado warning is in effect for the next 40 minutes. we'll keep our eyes on that area as well an let you know as more warnings pop up. >> all right. thank you. appreciate it. >> well, september is typically a bad month for the stock market but was there a change this year? >> we'll find out coming up in
6:21 am
our business beat straight ahead.
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you knew it was coming and we will indeed find out if the cost of a postage stamp is going up. the post office wants to raise the price of mailing a first class letter by two cents up to 46 cents. an independent panel is deciding if the post office should get that price hike. their decision is expected at 11:00 this morning. save those pennies. >> i hope tony is not listening. i think he is busy with the weather. he would be going off on that one. we are back with today's business beat. september is a some that is traditionally horrible for stocks. was there a change this engineer. we have adam shapiro with us. >> as long as we're talking about september, maybe this will be the new normal. i usually hate thattic operation.
6:25 am
it look like we'll fin under with one of the best september in decades if not the best since 1939. s&p 500 up 9.1%. the dow is up almost 9%. this has been a very strong month, part of it having to do with the fact we were oversold coming into the month. futures are indicating we will open in negative territory. a lot of that has to do with debt issues and the concerns over the irish debt problem. but our situation, we could still go positive. bottom line, september has been very, very good or as they used to say to tv, baseball been very, very good to me. >> thank you. probe it. flood and stand watches throughout the area this morning. stay tuned to fox 5. we continue to follow today's top stories. >> there was a fatal accident
6:26 am
on i-# 07 yesterday afternoon. i'll have the latest on the investigation and what can you expect when you head out this morning. -- there was a fatal accident on i-270 yesterday afternoon. mmmm.
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70 degrees now. there you can see the story. that other shot a little deceiving. you can see how, still dark, of course, but rainy out there. take your time if you are getting ready to get on out and head to work. >> hi, tony. >> the latest here, it changes minute by minute. i will let you know about a special marine warning. a special marine warning is for much of the chesapeake bay from north beach to drum point, maryland and from drum point maryland to smith point,
6:30 am
virginia and for the patuxent rifer to broom's island, maryland. river to broom's island, maryland. we are seeing the widest area of heavy rain here. this special marine warning has gone into effect. it is in effect until 7:00 a.m. because national weather service doppler radar indicated a thunderstorm produce august waterspout over patuxent river naval air station that. waterspout moving north at 35 knots and water spouts are dangerous. they can overturn boats, of course, and cause rough seas, of course. let's who have this radar farther south so we can take a look at what is going on down to our south. can you see right there at st. mary's city, lusby, where we would see some of the heavy rain and strong storm activity with gusty winds. tumor is trying to tell me something. yes, we also have the tornado warning that we had told but just a short time ago but there
6:31 am
is a tornado warning in effect for those areas as well. now, let's get to the graphics. want to he show you the area covered by a tornado watch. it is much of the area. all the counties that you see there, colored in, including washington, d.c. itself. there is a tornado watch in effect until 1:00 p.m. in addition, we have the tornado warning in effect for some parts of southern maryland and eastern maryland as well i think until -- i don't remember what time. but i'll check that for you. these warnings are coming so fast and furious. this map is a little tricky. the areas this brown, that is a flash flood warning in effect through this morning through much of this morning. now, we have a new flood warning. the areas where it is a little bit greenish brown off to the east in eastern maryland, that is where a flood warning is in effect until 10:00 a.m.
6:32 am
that includes caroline county, talbot county, cecil county, can't county and queen anne's county. a flood warning because flooding has begun to occur in those regions and again, those are the areas where we've continued to see some heavy rain. right now, at reagan national airport, what we are looking at is a current temperature of 70 degrees. relative humidity, 93%. the wind are out of the north at seven miles per hour. the winds will pick up as the day progdz and in area of low pressure moves through the region. wind could gust up to 50 miles per hour at times later this morning and during the afternoon. -- as the day progresses. a variety of watches an warnings. what you want to be on the lookout for is severe weather, including heavy rain, possibly severe thunderstorms that could produce tornadoes through the morning hours. windy at times. high about 76 degrees. we believe the heaviest rain will be through the morning and then we'll start to see the rain decrease we believe during the afternoon hours. we'll have pore on all of this coming up in just a little bit.
6:33 am
>> thank you so much. we've been talking about the flooding all morning long. those fears across our area. sarah simmons is live in kensington with a look at how things are there this morning. >> reporter: as you know, there are places, whenever it rains like it is right now, that tend to flood very quickly. and we're at one of those locations, beach drive and connecticut avenue here in kensington where they already have beach drive closed off as can you see. they have the gates across here. they did this at 1:00 this morning. this is all in anticipation of that it could be flooding down in through here. i don't know if you can quite see that. there is a jogger that is actually heading this way that just ran through the area that usually floods. it looks like it is still passable. but this is close. they do not want people to be coming through here. as the morning continues, you're going to notice typical areas that do flood. there may be some standing water. it may not be really bad but you may see some flooding out there on the roadways.
6:34 am
we do have traffic picking up here along connecticut avenue as well but be careful as you are out there. let's check in with julie wright now. she has got the latest on any issues that are out there on the roadways. good morning. >> a lot of them. god bless for you standing out there in that rain. here we go. we'll start off on the beltway, the inner loop as you try to work your way over past 270 to old georgetown road. that is where we have the crash involving the tractor-trailer. only the left shoulder is able to get through. big delays well before river road. the crash at falls road just cleared. if you are traveling the beltway out are loop trying to make your way past van dorn street, heavy volume delays continuing to an accident on the inner loop. 95 gridlocked now out of stafford headed up to dale city. 66, trouble in marshall with a
6:35 am
crash if the right lane. delays begin back in della plain. on the toll road, accident occurred in the airport lanes at hunter mill road. airport lanes eastbound closed at hunt irmill road. fire and rescue junts responding blocking left lane in the main line. -- fire and rescue units responding blocking the left lane in the main line. a tragic accident in montgomery county is under investigation. it was a devastating end to a day of sight seeing for a group of parents and their children. the. >> the bus they were riding in careened several feet off i-270 killing the driver and injuring the passengers. questions remain about how it all happened. stacy cohan joins us with more on our big story today. >> reporter: some of the first footage from the scene shows children being comforted by a passer-by, hurt, scared and confused about how this could
6:36 am
have happened and what happened. veto magioli is the photographer behind the camera. he routinely documents the responses of local fire departments. >> there were a number of children that were in a triage area. they were being evaluated for their injuries. they were being treated. >> reporter: the limousine- style mini tour bus picked up a combination of adults and students from the carlyle, pennsylvania area, a total of 12 people on board including the driver. about 4:00 just before the start of the afternoon commute, the bus entered an elevated carpool sky ramp along the northbound section of i-270 in bethesda and careened off highest pointed plunging 45 feet below. >> we stopped to help them. there was already a few fire aid people already helping them. >> reporter: he was driving right behind the bus and watched it all happen. >> i had -- the people hand the child to me and hand it to the people would was on the ground. >> reporter: a maryland state
6:37 am
helicopter circled the accident scene. >> they have one of their commercial vehicle inspectors troopers in the helicopter taking aerial photos of the accident scene. >> reporter: the ce response sh section of the highway sending drivers on detours around the scene. >> it has been two hours. >> how long have you been in traffic? >> two hours. >> reporter: the but was eventually towed away to a montgomery county impound lot where investigators will be poring over it to determine what went wrong, whether it was mechanical error, driver error. obviously, too early to say. the ntsb is actually continuing their investigation today and back out here live, 270 is moving. if you want to bed last night, wondering if this was a problem t has been cleared. only left now to pick up the pieces. people still remain in the hospital too with life- threatening injuries and the one driver of the bus did die
6:38 am
in that crash. reporting live, i'm stacy cohan. back to you. >> thank you. and we have a fox 5 follow- up this morning to yesterday morning's deadly apartment fire in the district. police are on the hunt for a couple of people they are calling people of interest in connection with the high-rise fire in the 3200 block of 16th street northwest. several people had to be rescued. one man died when he jumped from a fisk floor window. displaced resident from the 63 wrunts are staying at a nearby community center. for more than a month, a serial burglar has targeted homes in fairfax county. just tuesday, eight more homes were broken into. they have been more than 80 burglaries in all from reston to sully, mcclean, fair oaks and clifton. investigators say they started at the beginning of august and they are occurring between 11:30 at night and 6:00 in the morning. and # 5% of the break-ins, the thieves did not force open any doors. they got in through unlocked
6:39 am
windows and doors. -- in 85% of the break-ins. a disturbing story out of new jersey a rutgers university student took his own life after police say two fellow students secretly recorded him having sex and then posted that video on the internet. a family lawyer says 18-year- old tyler clemente jumped off a new jersey bridge. his driver's license and rutgers identification were found in a wallet on that bridge but his body hasn't been recovered. two rutgers students are charged with illegally taping that and posting it on the treft. sarah palin says 18-year- old sean christy threatened her on the phone and also in written messages he apparently told her to watch her back and you was buying a one-way ticket to alaska. she also says is he sent her a letter with proof that he had purchaseed a gun. a political showdown but not with your usual players. republican gubernatorial candidate in new york karl
6:40 am
paladino faced off with a "new york post" reporter. >> do you are the evidence or not. >> i will at the appropriate time -- >> he has three daughters. how can you say that about him radio i have a daughter too. >> i have a daughter. >> trade, that's it. >> stay away from me. >> what evidence do you have? >> listen. >> you've done one your -- >> say that one more time. >> this heated argument began after reporter asked him what evidence he had that his opponent, andrew cuomo, had treated on his then-wife years ago. he than accused a reporter he have sending a goon to stake out the former mistress at the home where she lives with their daughter. a spokesperson accused dicker, the reporter of working for cuomo's campaign. le former housekeeper for meg whitman is accusing her former boss of abuse.
6:41 am
nicky diaz held a news conference with the high- profile lawyer, gloria allred. they claim whitman knew she was an undocumented worker and she was abusive during the nine years she worked for her. the whitman camp called allred a shameful manipulator who is part of a democratic party sleaze machine. >> she is machine inlating nicky diaz and this is a political stunt. i don't think it is an accident that showed up the day after i had a very good debate against jerry brown. >> we hired her through an employment agency who had documented, assigned 1099, awe california drive's license. she represented herself as legal to work in this country. >> the camp for whit machine's candidate, jerry brown, has denied being in cahoots with all it is red. some big changes for american idol. we'll talk with one local girl who made it through the first round. the big story remains the weather. tony has an update for you after the break.
6:42 am
70degrees on this thursday morning.
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it has been absolutely gorgeous today. it is worth peeking at these weather maps tonight. >> pat, would you like to exchange places with me? >> no, you're doing just fine down there. >> i wouldn't let you because this is a thrill. i hate to say it. but it is really great to be here. >> we want to congratulate our colleague and our friend, sue palka, on her 25th anniversary right here at fox 5. it was exactly 5 years ago last night that she debuted on the air. we asked her to talk about some of her favorite moments. >> i would say i have always enjoyed the big snow events. >> okay. >> i'm sure it is much more
6:46 am
than that. >> well, she got it. she got it this year with that big snow. >> i have to tell you, i think she looks better now than she has ever looked. >> she always brings the weather with -- that smile is not far away. so it make you feel like it is going to be all right even in the worst of time. >> anyone would has ever met her knows she is one of the nicest people in the world. in addition to doing a great job with the weather, she is just a nice, good person. >> you have a problem with sue palka, you have a problem. there are some people like that in the world and she is one of them. so don congratulation. >> sue being a lover of weather will love today. she will have a lot to talk about tonight. let me mention before we go to any of the graphics. the tornado warning we've been talking about that is still in effect until 7:00 a.m. is in effect. met me just say this. it is in effect for southeastern kal vrt county. tornado warning because of some thunderstorms that are capable
6:47 am
of producing tornadoes. this is in effect until 7:00 a.m. -- it is in effect for southeastern calvert county. the warning in effect for st. mary's county has been canceled. i want to mention the special marine warning in effect for the chesapeake bay until 7:15 because of storms capable of producing water spouts. there was a possible waterspout near patuxent naval air station. so we want to be aware of that, a special marine warning in effect for the chesapeake bay until 7:15 this morning. now, let's take a look at hd radar, show you what is going on out there. the latest images that we have on our radar. we continue to see areas of heavy rain hassing through here that is our main concern at this hour. heavy rain an and thunderstorms that are forming and bringing us the possibility of tornadic or waterspout activity. that heaviest rainfall and the concern about the thunderstorms right now down to our south and east near lusby, st. march where you's city, places like
6:48 am
that. that is where we have some -- a variety of watches and warnings into effect at this point. tornado warning as i mentioned. this is a tornado warning for calvert county. we've just updated this to take st. mary's county out of t calvert county under a tornado warning. this means take cover. this is a possibility a tornado could touch down at any moment. this is in effect until 7:00 this morning. now, a tornado watch covers much of the area. washington, d.c., montgomery county, prince george's county, fairfax county, all of these counties here up to baltimore, the eastern shore, cambridge, all of these areas under a tornado watch until 1:00 this afternoon because of the severe weather that we are seeing. tucker is over at the weather desk with more on all of this. >> thank you. in addition to the flash flood warnings, we want to get to
6:49 am
that. let's go back to the ht radar if we could. i want to show you where the most intense rain is falling. this is prince george's younty now where we're getting extremely heavy rain rates, more than an inch an hour. can you see harwood, marlboro, out towards annapolis and pushing out towards severna park. extremely heavy rain has been training here all morning. we're in the done with it yet. let's push on to vipir. this rain strain, for lack of a better word, extends down to the carolinas. you can see things will start to quiet down later this afternoon. we still have several hours with moisture and a lot of rain in the forecast here for the duration of the morning. let's go to the flash flood warnings. now been extended. it was including the district. let's push to max 2 t now includes frederick county,
6:50 am
howard county, carroll county, northern ann run del county, loudoun county, baltimore county, hartford and baltimore city under a flash flood warning until 12:30 today. already have widespread reports of 1 to 3 inches of rain. we are expecting plenty of flash flooding over the next couple of hours. i'll continue to watch things here and throw it back to you. >> thank you very much. very quickly, just to let you know, the forecast for today, we are going to continue to see the heavy rain during the early- morning hours. we're looking if a high temperature in the mid-70s. no one will be worried about the high temperature awed today as we deal with the heavy rain -- high temperature today as we deal with the heavy rain. with the weather conditions we are seeing no, ask the weather guys today. >> my question is when is it going to stop raining. >> a few more hours. >> thank you. let's check in with julie.
6:51 am
she has a look at the roads right now. good morning. >> good morning. busy commute out there outer loop of the beltway after 450, the crash on the shoulder. 270 is a mess out of germantown. happy to say the accident activity at falls road finally cleared. big delays from north of the american legion bridge american legion bridge headed around. still fining tea lays -- delays on 95 and 295 coming out of laurel. it remains slow in the direction of the wilson bridge. crash on the uner loop at telegraph road. that is what was tying up the left side of the highway. that is slowing down your roll. inbound stretch of the dulles toll road over at hunt are mill accident activity in the airport lanes. the main line, you will find fire and rescue units on the scene at hunt are mill tying up the left side of the highway.
6:52 am
22-mile backup on 95 as you leave dale city to the inbound 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we have a health alert for parents with infants. is positioners meant to keep babies lying on their backs could do much more harm than good. the fda says 1 babies have died over the last 13 years because the positioners didn't do their job. the babies were trapped or suffocated on the positioner itself. american acandidate my of pediatrics says there is no evidence the positioners do any good. we'll have more on this in our 8:00 hour. we'll talk with a spokes american from the -- with a spokes person from consumer product safety commission. steven tyler and jennifer lopez are making their debut on
6:53 am
american idol. last hour, we introduced to you kelly powers. now we meet courtney scatter. >> i'm 19 years old. >> courtney salter hopes this american idol audition will be different. she tried out twice before y the second time i for got the words. >> reporter: she has never made it this far going before the idol judges in jersey city trying to get to hollywood. >> i know i just need just a couple of minutes. >> reporter: her knees shook anxiously waiting for her turn to perform. shelby casey is np us for her too. >> music is her life so we're really excited about this doesn't. this will change her whole world. >> reporter: court me has more than 20,000 follow ares on her youtube channel. american idol has 20 million. >> the contestanted this year more than ever have said they've grown up watching the show. >> reporter: with new judges steven tyler and jennifer lopez added to the mix, this year's contestanted aren't sure what
6:54 am
to expect. >> i've been all so far, all of those things, tough easy and fair. >> a lot of tears. kind of hard for me. ill get over it. >> reporter: court me made it here out of the 17,000 people would tried out in new jersey. this time, she doesn't plan to disappoint. >> i know she will go to hollywood. >> i'm more confident, more prepared than ever p i believe it is my -- prepared than ever. i believe it. >> holly morris res live in old town manassas, virginia where they will be hosting their 28th annual fall jubilee. good morning. fields like spring right now. >> i was going to say being just imagine sunny and 07, perfect fall day. that is what it will be on saturday. that is more important. we are getting a bit of a soggy preview of what is the old town manassas fall jubilee now in its 8th year. this is a big deal and a wonderful fall festival for you
6:55 am
and your family. here is what we have on tap to give you a little bit of what will be happening. chain saw chicks, have you heard of them? they are revving up their chain saws. it is log art i guess you would callere are hundreds of vendors and art i haves that come out. we'll talk about them first though. can you guess where these guys are from. we're in manassas. must be civil war re-enactors. they got that going on too. we've got homemade ice cream because nothing says ice ream like inches of rain, right never bad weather for ice cream. we'll take a look at that as well. as i was saying before, they've got all these wonderful artists and vendors that will be out here. we'll give you the information so you can come be a part of
6:56 am
this. come this thursday, weather is all everyone is talking about. watches, warnings, flash flooding, tornadoes, how it is impacting traffic. we've got it all and we've get it all coming up after the break. fox 5 morning news. stay with us. equals chili's $20 dinner for two. share one of five appetizers, like our famous texas cheese fries.
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the d.c. area has been in desperate need of rain throughout the past few months. mother nature was listening. today it might seem like she has made up for lost time. but there are tornadoes and bad weather. and one person is dead after a bus plunged 40 feet. it brought traffic to a halt for several hours. we'll learn what happened when we are joined by the assistant chief of montgomery county rescue. and a deadly shooting in daylig o


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