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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 30, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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that was apparently gang related. we'll look at a closer effort to stop gang violence in d.c., maryland and virginia coming up. fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. and good morning. thank you for staying with us. i'm gurvir dhindsa, filling in for steve today. >> i'm allison seymour. the loss of a hollywood legend, actor tony curtis has died at the age of 85. we'll look back at his career in just a moment. first let's take a look outside. it is the story we're dealing with right now. straight up 7:00 and tony perkins is on the desk with you and a very busy man today, both he and tucker. what is going on, tony? >> we continue to see moderate to heavy rainfall move through the area. we have a variety of warnings and watches in effect at this time. i'll let you know first of all that the tornado warning that was in effect for portions of maryland has been taken down now. it's been allowed to expire. that tornado warning that was in effect for portions of maryland. now let's look at hd radar and
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we'll show you where the heavy precipitation is as we speak. and as we've been seeing all morning long, with few exceptions, the heaviest rain is to the east. east of the district, along eastern portions of the beltway, through prince george's county, into anne arundel county. and here we go again for annapolis. they were getting some moderate rainfall but heavy rainfall coming down. down in diehl we're getting heavy rain. largo, kettering area, and clinton, maryland as well. all of the rain tracking from the south to the north and embedded in these areas of heavy rain are some thunderstorms that we've seen primarily south and east of the district, down around st. mary's county, st. mary's city, some of the regions down there. meanwhile here in d.c., a couple of pockets of heavy rain south of alexandria, in fact pushing into alexandria right
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now. camp springs, heavy rain. over toward annandale and burke, and then portions of northwest and northeast d.c. as well. let's go to the graphics. i want to show you a tornado watch. this tornado watch is in effect until 1:00 this afternoon. it includes washington, d.c. it includes montgomery county, prince george's county, anne arundel, carroll, hall better, charles, st. mary's, baltimore, fairfax county, arlington county, prince william county and stafford county under a tornado watch. flood warnings. we have a flood warning in effect until 10:00 off to the east, the counties in green, it includes western caroline county, talbot county, seal is county, queen anne's county and that's a flood warning in effect until 10:00 a.m.
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elsewhere it is a flash flood warning in effect until 10:45 or 12:30, depending on where you are. basically the morning hours. that's when we will see the heaviest rain. in addition to that, we have a wind advisories that in effect from now until 6:00 p.m. winds could gust up to 60 miles per hour and could gust higher than that in severe thunderstorms so be aware of that. let's go to vipir. and we're seeing there is a lot of moisture to work with here, folks. we had tropical moisture to begin with. now we also have the remnants of tropical storm nicole amplifying all of that. so there are parts of the carolinas where they've seen 5- 8 inches of rain and we could see 6 inches of rain across the viewing area before this is over. forecast for today, i told you about the watches and warnings, rain will continue to be heavy at times during the morning. there could be strong to severe thunderstorms. the winds will pick up, they'll be gusting up to possibly 50
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miles per hour. high temperature today in the mid-70s. more on all of that, including the latest information coming up in just a little bit. >> there is a lot of it. >> thanks, tony. let's head out now. we'll get to julie in a second. the wicked weather has made a mess on the morning commute. sarah simmons is live in kinsington with flood concerns. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. we're at breach drive and connecticut avenue. this is a area that people know if it is raining, it does have a tendency to flood. which is why park police closed it down at 1:00 this morning. they did it before the water got that high, which is still not that high at this point. but still, it is closed down as a precaution because flash flooding is a huge concern as tony and tucker have talked about this morning. it can happen very quickly. now of course out here on the roadways, we do have traffic picking up this morning.
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for the most part people seem to be moving at a fairly decent pace. the rush hour is getting going right now. so we'll check in now with julie wright who has the latest on any issues out there on the roadways this morning and i know montgomery county police said they are working accidents as well. >> the biggest one is on the beltway, inner loop. >> after the exit for 270. a jackknifed trailer and big delays on the inner loop beginning from the georgetown pike. stacked up out of dale city and up to 395 and the 14th street bridge. so that's a good 22-mile back up on 95 and # 95 alone. braddock road jammed up to 66, reports of standing water where they have been doing the hot lane work between arlington and 66. 66 is a mess coming in from manassas all the way toward the capital beltway. crash on the dulles toll road as you approach the exit for hunter mill. that occurred in the airport
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lane so those lanes are closed. fire and rescue still responding at the scene. into maryland, southbound 270, three separate incidents at falls road and all have cleared. big delays leaving germantown from father hurley into rockville. an accident at 450 moved to the shoulder. 50 is jammed up badly at 704 with an incident in the left lane. more traffic out of riverdale into northeast. slow traffic out of waldorf out of route 5. south of 50 standing water reported there as well. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. you can track the rain using our radar and check out the traffic cameras and send us your weather photos at and look for the links on the home page. our other big story this morning, a bus driver is dead and several people are recovering after their tour bus plunged off of i-270 in montgomery county. this morning investigators want to know what happened.
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stacy cohen joins us live. >> reporter: good morning. i want anybody to know that anybody heading out the doorway, the accident scene is cleared. it disappeared around 1:00 this morning. the roadway was reopened. it's clogged now mostly due to rain. let me show you what this area looked like last night. that is around 4:00 in the afternoon when a limo seen- style bus, carrying about 12 people, mostly children and some adults in town in d.c. to visit some museums and the zoo, were traveling from bethesda, headed to northbound 270, they took that fly-over ramp and for some reason the bus careened off the ramp, plunged down 45 feet and crashing at the bottom. one person, the driver, joseph clabaugh was killed. he was 66 years old. 12 people taken to the hospital.
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two with life-threatening injuries. and even some passers by, commuters who saw the crash, were kind enough at the time to stop and try to help. >> it was really high from the ground and so i held myself to the window and then people handed a child to me and then put them on the ground. four or five children. when it starts to happen, you don't think about the threat, you have to do it, that's all. >> reporter: now the bus was towed away by investors and the ntsb today will be going over not only the bus, but all of the visuals, videos and pictures taken from the scene to try to piece together what happened. was there an error on the driver's side, or another vehicle. and 270 is very tangled up and
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that is due of course to the weather we're having out here today. reporting live, i'm stacy cohan, gurvir, back to you. >> we can see that behind you. and joining us this morning is assistant chief scott graham of montgomery county fire and rescue. thank you for being here. you are dealing with a mess out there with the weather this morning. will that hamper the investigation. >> i don't believe it will. a lot of the work was done yesterday, the photos and measurements. there will be a post collision inspect and that will be done at the impound lot and they'll make accommodations for the weather. >> stacy was talking about how some of the things you are looking at. can you tell us exactly what happened here yesterday? just unmanageable that this bus plunged off. >> the exact cause of the accident, no. that is under investigation and that process can take several weeks, perhaps longer. but we do know the bus was
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traveling northbound on 270 from old georgetown road. it went through the guard rail just as you start over the fly- over on the h.o.v. lane to northbound 270. it struck the jersey wall where the guard wall turns into a barrier which straighted it out parallel to 270 coming from democracy boulevard direction. the bus careened down over approximately 40-45 feet and we believe it did roll one time. further investigation will tell us whether it did more or not. it came to rest on the jersey wall, against the northbound 270 portion, coming from democracy boulevard. the victims inside the bus, we had four that we had to extricate from the vehicle and there were a total of 12 patients that we transported to local hospitals. >> it could have been a whole lot worse though, right? >> absolutely. several more feet -- as tragic as it was -- had the bus continued to travel over the jersey wall into the north
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bound lanes, there would have been more vehicles involved. >> are you able to talk with some of the people who were on board the bus? you can talk about where this investigation is right now? >> all of the patients have been interviewed and we'll continue with those interviews. maryland state police is the lead investigating agency assisted by the ntsb. the patients as of midnight last night were at local hospitals, some of which awaiting family members for discharge and we'll get an update on the disposition of those later on this morning. >> at this point are you able to tell whether any of them could talk about perhaps a problem with the driver? >> that would be speculating and i'm sure they'll ask those questions and get the recollection of the passengers on the bus as the investigation continues. >> you drove in, in some of this mess this morning, what are your folks seeing out there on the roads. our crews are saying the traffic is terrible. what about any problems with you all? >> we have 25-30 sites that are
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problem areas when we get flooding. we are monitoring those and firefighters out on the streets looking at those areas. we have a good swift water compliment enhanced with additional personnel. we're monitoring it. we're asking people, turn around, don't drown. traffic is very heavy. the rain is very heavy, so don't do anything crazy, take your time. >> great advice. scott graham, thank you very much. we appreciate it. back to you. >> gurvir, thanks. breaking news from l this morning. the coroner's oches there confirms tony curtis has died. he did pass away from cardiac arrest. he broke out in the 1950s with roles like the defiant ones for which he earned an academy award. he's most famous for the movie some like it hot in which he
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shared the limelight with jack lemon and marilyn monroe. he was married six times, his child jamie lee curtis. gunfire erupts outside of a funeral on the u. street corridor. how police are connecting several members of the same family to the crime. plus flooding could be a problem as we see a lot of rain today. we'll get the latest forecast from tony and tucker and check out the roads from julie coming up next.
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morning. thursday september 30th. take a look at the traffic. most of this due to the heavy rainfall in our area. that's 495 at the american legion bridge. >> now you can see the traffic, the volume is picking up and the roads continue to be wet out there. and it's not stopping any time soon. tony is up here with the latest on what we have. >> we have a lot going on. let me go through some of the most recent information. annapolis, where we've seen heavy rain, during the last two hours has seen two inches of rain. so an inch of rain an hour. that's during the last two hours and does not include the overnight hours when they were also getting rainfall. as of today, from midnight until 6:00 a.m., this morning reagan national airport has had 1 and two third inches rain from midnight until 6:00 this morning. this morning we've had reports of flash flooding in calvert
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county and spotsylvania county and we continue to have watches and warnings in effect. and special marine warning, new information for the chesapeake bay. again as i mentioned earlier, thunderstorm activity, doppler radar pick up a possible waterspout near chop tank river. and that's a special marine warning in effect until 8:30 and we have other marine warnings in effect as well. let's go to hd radar and we'll show you where the rain is heavy this hour. we continue to see pockets of rain, including in maryland east of the district, particularly out towards anne arundel county, areas like this. annapolis still seeing the heavy rain. this is the focus -- this is our main focal point because this is the area where the
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heavy rain continues to sweep across here and in southern maryland we've had the possibility of tornado activity and the waterspout. so southern maryland, the eastern shore, east of washington, d.c., that's where the heaviest rain and where the diceyest weather conditions have been. now just popping up, heavy rain in northwest washington, portions of southwest washington, along the northern portion of the beltway in bethesda, down toward arlington, college park, beltsville. this is a new area of heavy rain that has developed and is pushing from the south to the north. so we continue to be under the gun and we will be through the morning. let's go to our graphics. first of all, tornado watch. all of the counties that you see there under a tornado watch until 1:00 this afternoon. that does include washington, d.c. and baltimore and places like prince george's county, montgomery county, anne arundel
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county, carroll county and in virginia, fairfax county, prince william county. you can see there is a lot of moisture in the atmosphere, a lot to work with as it comes from the southeast. remember the carols have been getting it -- the carolinas have been getting it since yesterday and all of that precipitation and moisture has to move northward through the mid-atlantic into the northeast. flood warnings. these are a little more complicated. let me find them. flood warnings in effect, let's see, to the east. those counties in green, those flood warnings are in effect until 10:00 a.m. i believe. has that changed tucker? >> 10:45. >> okay 10:45 the counties to the east. and a flash flood warning until late morning, possibly until 12:30, there are so many it's hard to keep track of them.
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essentially during the morning hours, be aware of all of this. now what? flash flood watch, we have that too. the entire area is under a flash flood watch until this evening. counties will go under a warning as is warranted and as you saw many counties under a warning right now. your forecast for today: rain, heavy at times, particularly this morning. later on this afternoon we think it will be more sporadic. possible thunderstorms could be severe, could contain tornadoes. it will be windy at times, winds could gust up to 30, 40, 50 miles per hour with the strong thunderstorms. high today about 76 degrees. that's the weather. more is coming up in just a little bit. >> i'm exhausted and i didn't do anything. >> and it may be changing when we come to you next time. >> it's been changing every 15 minutes. and one thing not changing is the traffic. >> julie has the latest on that. >> let's start off talking about eastbound university boulevard as you approach 29
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colesville road, receiving word of this crash involving two met rose buses and this is on the eastbound side back toward the beltway before you reach 29. accident activity here has all of the traffic gridlocked as you work inbound toward 495. out bound toward wheaton, all lanes are open. inner loop of the beltway, showing you the camera coming back. bumper-to-bumper before old georgetown road, traffic squeezing by to the left. that was a jackknifed tractor- trailer. 270 gridlocked, three separate accidents there. standing water reported south of 50 and more delays, 410 out of riverdale into northeast. and backup out of dale city working from newington and springfield toward seminary road. 395 accident reported. a brief break and then back into it at king street and 14th street bridge. capital street gridlocked off
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of howard road. more trouble ahead of you northbound inside of the third street tunnel with a wreck reported. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. coming up on fox 5 morning news, one person is killed as gunfire erupts outside of a funeral on the busy u. street corridor. investigators say this is gang related. we'll look at what is being done to stop gang violence in d.c., maryland and virginia.
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a fairfax county man accused of sexually assaulting a 4-year-old girl is now in a new york jail. authorities say they picked up diamond sal asy trying to cross into canada. the teachers aid is accused of assaulting the little girl. the suspect is expected to be brought back to fairfax county in the next a big story this morning is the weather and flooding could be a big problem as the region
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sees lots of rain today. we'll get the latest forecast from tony and check the roads with julie. it's all coming up. it is 7:26 now. hi there. i'm ian wright
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welcome back. we're following breaking news out there on the roads. julie mentioned it just a few minutes ago, an accident involving at least one metro bus, possibly two. this is at university boulevard and burnet avenue in silver spring. we're told 17 people are being treated. we're not sure how badly hurt they are. this is adding more delays to a messy commute and we'll talk to julie about the rest of the roads in a couple of minutes. but look at that traffic. >> terrible backup there. and we sure hope to bring you better news than that bus accident. and tony perkins is here with us and this has been one busy morning. >> julie may also have more information, we'll find out shortly. i just got information here, we're getting these reports of
7:31 am
flash flooding and now reports of flash flooding occurring in chevy chase. that has caused part of wisconsin avenue to be closed. we'll get to julie and find out what she's got in the traffic department in a moment. but flash flooding occurring in chevy chase in addition to the other areas. before we get to the graphics, want to mention the special marine warning that we keep updating. still in effect until 8:30 for much of the chesapeake bay, particularly near the chop tank river, duquesne bridge and the little chop tank river. thunderstorm activity there which has possibly produced a waterspout. so we want to keep our eyes open for that, including another waterspout indicated by radar, south of hudson on the little chop tank river. so a special marine warning in effect for the chesapeake bay until 8:30 this morning. now, take a look at hd radar and we'll show you where the
7:32 am
latest activity is at this hour. it's all across the region. some of you are fortunate, you are getting moderate rain. let me also mention for the first time this morning, because i keep for getting, haven't had time, in addition to all of this, we have fog across the area. reagan national reporting fog. so visibility at reagan national, last report 4-5 miles. here is your region rain across the area. the green is light to moderate rain and then the areas in yellow and orange, that is heavy rainfall, including the same parts of southern maryland, the chesapeake bay, eastern maryland and the eastern shore have been getting hit for several hours and west of front royal, out towards culpeper, places like that, some more heavy rain is falling. let's take a look at the tornado watch that is in effect. here you go. tornado watch in effect, all of the counties you see in green until 1:00 this afternoon. it does include washington. it does include montgomery and prince george's and anne
7:33 am
arundel county, carroll county and baltimore, including fairfax, prince william, tornado watch in effect until 1:00 p.m. a couple of minutes ago there were no tornado warnings in effect. so that is good. tucker is at the weather desk with more on this, including the amounts of rain. it's been hard to try to gather that information it's been -- that information it's been so busy. >> very impressive amounts. let's go back to the computer system and look at rain totals. reagan national looking at rain about 1 and two-thirds inches, and that's as of 6:00 a.m. annapolis over 2 inches and they picked up that in two hour's time. baltimore, maryland, about 1.75 inches and we'll add to this. let's move on to vipir. we're going to add to this for several more hours. you can see the stream of rain all the way down into the carolinas.
7:34 am
we have several more hours of moderate to heavy rain moving through. i think things will start to quiet down by late morning early afternoon and we'll see things taper off from west to east. but several more hours before we are out of the woods. a flash flood warning, in addition to a flood watch. the counties in red, including district of columbia, and baltimore. and now widespread reports of flash flooding and i expect to see more in the next couple of hours. tony, back to you at the desk. >> thank you very much, tucker. we'll wrap this up now and let you know the current conditions being reported at reagan national where it is 71 degrees. heavy rain falling -- moderate rainfall falling at reagan national. winds gusting up to 30, 40, 50 miles per hour or so later on today. so that's the latest. we'll have more coming up in just a little bit. >> it's a big system.
7:35 am
>> yes, it is. >> thanks, tony. let's head to julie wright. word parts of wisconsin is being avenue. >> close to the d.c. line as tony mentioned through the chevy chase area, we do have reports of standing water. as far north as willard avenue. so the standing water complicating the commute. wisconsin avenue shut down there in chevy chase. back up into montgomery county, this is eastbound university boulevard approaching colesville road at burdett. west virginia a crash involving two metro buses. no one is getting through on the eastbound side of university. westbound heading back into wheaton, your lanes remain open. i-95 gridlock traffic in the main line out of dale city and across the 14th street bridge. the crash we mentioned at seminary road is gone. standing room only in the h.o.v. they are also jammed from lorton through springfield and headed up toward duke street. inner loop of the beltway jammed, braddock toward 66.
7:36 am
and then from the georgetown pike arnold georgetown road. we have a crash with a tractor- trailer. that's also complicating the ride off of 66. a backup off of manassas to 495. a toll road crash at hunter mill, still busy cleaning up that. and southbound 270 gridlocked from clarksburg down to falls road. outer loop slows 95 to georgia. south capital street moving again headed for the douglas bridge. accident cleared. northbound side of the third street tunnel, we have an accident. pole knocked down east pennsylvania avenue at 6th street northwest. standing water along route 50. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. and to track the rain using our radar and traffic cameras, send us your photos at
7:37 am look for the links on the home page. and we want to see your pictures of what is going on in your area. more on a big story we're following. arrests are made in connection the deadly shooting in brad daylight along the u street corridor this week. investigators say the shooting was gang related or crew- related, depending on where you are. and this type of activity is a problem not only in d.c. but also in the suburbs and maryland and virginia. joining us, michael campbell of the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearm and explosives. the atf. good morning to you. we all just thought how could this happen in broad daylight on a busy street and the deeper story is this is not an accident. tell us about your involvement, the atf, with this shooting on the u. street. >> we've been working with mpd, when they recovered the firearms, we're going to trace them and see how they -- where they were purchased, can we track how they got into the
7:38 am
hands of these criminals and then whatever leads we develop, we'll follow-up with mpd detectives and try and see if we can arrest those that provided the guns to those criminals. >> those of us who don't deal with this on a daily basis, we couldn't understand it, but it's your business to know about this and understand it. this was a young woman trying to make peace between different crews, got caught in the middle of all of this, i guess at the funeral some three or four different gang members in d.c. known as crews, right? >> yeah, in d.c. it's unique. i'm from chicago and there were street gangs. here, in this region, they are called crews. and a lot of it is neighborhoods and driven by drugs and turf and they're going to protect their drugs and turf by using the illegal use of guns. >> seeing three or four different crews at a the
7:39 am
funeral, are you surprised. >> not at all. we like to say things occur from the west to the east coast, but we've seen a lot of violence at funerals of people involved in gangs or those people trying to make peace. so it may be a little bit unusual for this area right now, but that's a sign that the gang is becoming more brazen and especially in broad daylight, they don't care. >> want to broaden this out a little bit. talking about the area as a whole, how bad are we, michael, with regard to the gang problem? >> one of the things that is good about this area is the police departments have become aggressive. we have a rage task force in maryland which is made up of atf, montgomery and prince william's county police, the maryland national capital park police and the u.s. attorney's office, in northern virginia we have the same thing, fairfax county, stafford, all of those agencies are together sharing information, sharing intelligence, working hand in hand with u.s. attorney's
7:40 am
office to take those crimes that fit federal prosecution guidelines and put those -- basically the worst of the worst, put them in jail for a long time. and then what we can do too is what one of the focuses of the northern virginia gang task force and in montgomery is now we have to start looking at intervention and we have to start looking at prevention. it's a three-pronged approach that if you look at areas where they have had a decrease in crime, like in richmond, virginia where they've gone down in crime, it's been a combination of community, religious community and prosecutors talking to each other. it's not a law enforcement or school problem, it's a community problem. >> we're out of time almost. you want to speak to the innocent bystanders, the kids trying to go to school and people trying to get home but also these kids are sometimes in trouble if they can be
7:41 am
reached at a younger age. and what can we do, in the last seconds of this interview, is there hope that one day this problem will be decreased? >> there is hope. it takes a political will, it takes the will of the communities and social services to stay involved. we've seen success in richmond. we've seen success in pockets. we have to reach out to the children. they need to be able to feel they can play on the playground without getting shot, walk to and from school without getting shot or jumped and that's where our focus needs to be and that's our future and things can change for the better. >> michael campbell with the atf, thank you so much. >> thank you. and coming up, much more on the other big story. one person killed when a bus plunges off a high way ramp in maryland. we'll be joined by the first people on the scene, a truck driver who jumped into action helping passengers before rescue crews even arrived on the scene. he'll share his story coming up at 8:00.
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back now. 15 minutes until -- until 8:00. we're following a story. two metro buses involved in an accident. 17 patients total at this time. some students going to a local high school. scott graham was just here, the assistant chief of montgomery county. what can you tell us about what happened here? >> well gurvir, good morning. at the intersection of brunette and university boulevard east, we have two metro buses, one has rear-ended the other. we have a total of 17 patients that we're treating and transporting at this time. 11 of them are minor injuries, classified as being priority 3 and we have five that are priority two and one that we're still assessing as to whether he will accept treatment or
7:46 am
transport. the circumstances leading up to the accident, that will be under investigation. the second bus has significant front-end damage near the driver's compartment. and some of the students -- some of the passengers on the bus are students to a local high school and we're working right now with montgomery county public schools in getting those students and notifications made. >> clear it up for me, chief, priority 2, is that more serious than minor injuries? , i a priority 2 can be classified as a trauma. however nonlife-threatening injuries. priority 3 are minor injuries still requiring treatment and transport to a local hospital. and priority one is your most critical patients with traumatic life-threatening injuries. we're dealing right now with priority 2 and 3 patients only. montgomery county fire and rescue has ambulance support unit, the medical ambulance bus which is capable of
7:47 am
transporting up to 26 folks but with that comes the medical care support unit with all of the supplies and what not needed to treat up to 100. >> chief, before we let you go, what is the traffic situation out there? obviously we have the rain coming down so that's a big mess. >> university boulevard is shut down completely. >> okay. >> so if you are coming out of the wheaton area toward four corners it's going to be a mess. westbound university out of four corners, we have two of the three lanes open and it's continuing to move. >> okay. >> the traffic in the area, pretty obvious it's going to be snarled for a little bit. >> all right. assistant chief scott graham with montgomery county fire, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> just left here. we don't know what it is but it is slow-going out there. we asked about what is going on weather wise so we hope not to talk to him about any major accidents today but the weather is putting a snarl in everything. >> and whenever you have this
7:48 am
kind of weather you have people stepping on their brakes suddenly because they go through standing water. you have hydroplaning going on and the weather is impacting traffic across the region, causing road closures here and there. let's take a look at hd radar and show what you is happening now. rain has overspread the entire area. started doing that late last night and during the overnight hours. we've had up to a couple of inches or more across the area. we continue to see more pockets of heavy rain, including out to the west. that is a region that is starting to see more heavy rain than what we saw earlier this morning. most tv was light to moderate rain but now west of front royal and indeed east of front royal on 66 there are some pockets of heavy rain. i'm not seeing lightning or thunderstorm activity with those regions but we'll keep our eyes on them as they continue to move to the north. now let's go back to the east. particularly the southeast where portions of maryland, the
7:49 am
chesapeake bay, the eastern shore, southern maryland continue to see heavy rain. luz by, i've mentioned lusby several times this morning, they continue to get hit with heavy rain. they've seen strong thunderstorms and they are still seeing thunderstorms right around the lusby area. heavy rain over southern st. mary's county. we've had at least a couple of inches rain in that area. winds could be gusting in that region. we're now told 40-50 miles per hour with some of the thunderstorm activity moving through southern maryland and eastern portions of maryland. so you want to be aware of that. meanwhile south of the district, here is what is coming. heavier rainfall, another little embedded thunderstorm showing up there. you see the arrow pointing north. all of the storms moving to the north so we continue to track the storms. some of the storms could be dangerous with strong gusty winds and very heavy downpours. let's go to the graphics and talk about some of the advisories that are in effect.
7:50 am
tornado watch is in effect for much of the area, all of the there in green, including washington, d.c., annapolis and baltimore. this tornado watch is in effect until 1:00 p.m. if it becomes necessary, which it has at a tum of times -- at a couple of times this morning, certain countys will be put under tornado warnings if there is suspected tornado. right now a tornado watch is what it is. wind advisory in effect until 6:00 p.m. because we do expect particularly east of the district and along the chesapeake bay very strong, gusty winds, gusting up to 50 miles per hour and of course in strong thunderstorms they could gust higher than that. here is the satellite radar, more tropical moisture coming in from the south. we have several more hours of activity to go. this is just in, special marine warning again for the part of the chesapeake bay and chop tank river and the little chop
7:51 am
tank river. a waterspout reported over the chop tank river about 8 miles north, northwest of oxford. and it's moving north at 35 miles per hour. this is near miles river and the kent narrows bridge and the eastern bay, a waterspout so be aware of that. we'll keep you posted on everything happening throughout the morning. >> all right, tony, thank you very much. the manassas fall jubilee is now in the 28th year. >> holly is there this morning and we're going to check in with her on the other side of the break. n
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
welcome back to fox 5 morning news. i'm holly morse and live in old town manassas and yes it's raining here too. but they are okay with that as long as it's beautiful come on saturday because they are gearing up for the 28th annual old town manassas fall jubilee. deb kate puts this on. good morning. soggy this morning. >> very soggy. >> reporter: but it will be beautiful come on saturday. and tell me about what this festival entails. >> this is the largest festival hosted here in the city of manassas. it offers something for everybody. we have crafters, artisans, vendors, wine tasting, entertainment, music, and of
7:55 am
course the chainsaw chicks which you've seen already. there's over 130 vendors. >> reporter: this has become like a signature event. >> very much so. >> reporter: we'll talk more about all of it and her in a little bit. but right now it's hard to top the chainsaw chick. she is already at it this morning, part of the chainsaw chicks and they do log art. i'll see if i can get her attention. hi. >> hello. >> reporter: good morning to you. okay, i can talk now. it's not like crazy reindeer i'm wearing. i'm wearing my chainsaw gear. tell me about the chainsaw chicks. >> we're the first team of female artists. i have eight total now so who will be here this weekend is alicia from canada, lisa from montana, molly from minnesota and last but not least zoey bonnie from pennsylvania. >> reporter: and they do art in
7:56 am
about an hour to an hour and a half and then you auction it off at the end of the day. >> yes. and the proceeds go back to the festival, to the fall jubilee. >> reporter: nothing screams safety more than me holding a chainsaw in the rain so i'll try it. i'll show you how bad i am and how good they are. and she set up a template. and the key to carving with a chainsaw? >> safety. number one is safety, number two is have fun, number three is safety. so i'm going to here is your -- this is your chain brake and that will prevent you from getting cut. and i'm going to give this to you. this is the throttle, we'll take it straight across the top. hold it like this or like this. or that's probably the best. >> reporter: let's try that.
7:57 am
i only have 30 seconds. let's see how much damage i can do. >> i'm handing it back. very good. thank you for holding my hand. that is a lot of power. and the old town manassas fall jubilee is a lot of fun. it's this saturday. absolutely free. and we're going to show you more. the rain doesn't dampen our spirits. we have more of fox 5 morning news as we continue after the break. stay with us.
7:58 am
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if you haven't looked out the window this morning, you are in for a surprise. tropical trouble is bringing all kinds of problems to our area. we're under severe weather watches and warnings right now. we'll have your forecast and on- time traffic ahead here at 8:00. and then one day after the deadly bus crash on interstate 270, two metro buses collide in
8:01 am
silver spring and we have word 17 people wereen injured. some were students on the way to school. we're live from the scene. and more on why you want to put that sleep positioner out of your baby's crib. good morning, i'm allison seymour. >> good morning, i'm gurvir dhindsa. and we just got word that 10 million fisher price items are being recalled. everything from toys to high chairs to tricycles and so we'll have everything you need to know coming up at 8:00. stay tuned for that. a minute after 8:00 and tony is here with the latest on the weather. >> let's jump right in. we'll start with hd radar. it's raining everywhere across the region and it's a matter of how much rain one is getting. for the most part, this is a more interesting look at the radar than what we've seen lately? a lot of heavy rain. here is your hd radar we are showing you right now and there is a band of heavy rain moving
8:02 am
across eastern portions of viewing area. we've been seeing that all morning long. that's called a train effect. well before i tell you about that, this just coming in, a tornado warning is now in effect for western kent county in northeast maryland, tornado warning until 8:45 this morning. so for the next 40 something minutes. this is a close-in look at what is going on. this is for northeast maryland, possible tornadic activity near overton would be near rock hall at 8:15, langford 8:20, new town at 8:35. so this is new. a tornado warning. we've had some of these go into effect during the course of the morning hours and then drop out but that's what we're seeing up to the north and east. we continue to see areas of heavy rain. we'll go to the graphics and the radar and show you the big picture of what is happening. with a lot of precipitation coming through, big picture
8:03 am
here, radar and a lot of precipitation and heavy rain. we still have several hours to get through. now parts of the area have seen up to 3 inches of rain. one, two, and three-inch amounts are common and we still have several more hours to go through. because of that a variety of flood warnings and watches are in effect. we have a flash flood warning and flood warnings in effect until either 10:45 or 12:30, depending on where you are. overall a flash flood watch is in effect until this evening. basically here is what you need to know. in this region, the entire washington area, be aware we could have flooding during the morning hours in particular. tornado watch also in effect for much of the area. this is until 1:00 p.m. but as we just mentioned, that has now become a tornado warning for western kent county. rights now reagan national airport reporting a temperature of 72 degrees. that's new. 72 and humidity 93%, winds out of the northeast at 8 but they
8:04 am
will pick up later on today and be quite gusty. for today a lot of heavy rain, particularly during the morning. a variety of watches and warnings in effect. possible thunderstorms that could be strong to severe. quite gusty winds. later gusting up to 30, 40, maybe even 50 miles per hour. 76 degrees for the high today. i'll have more coming up in a little bit. >> tony, thank you so much. and we are following breaking news on the roads this morning. >> an accident involving two metro buses in silver spring. there are 17 people injured. some of the patients were students on their way to a nearby high school. this is happening at intersection -- the intersection of university and burnett avenue. julie wright has more on the accident and the backups because of it. good morning. this all occurred in the direction of four corners in the direction of the beltway, ladies. and if you are traveling eastbound university boulevard, the lanes are closed right now at the scene of the crash. so again all of the activity down here, this is traffic management center moving the camera, but the eastbound lanes remain closed in the direction of four corners. westbound they do have traffic
8:05 am
squeezing by to the rights. and again, this is traffic management moving the cameras around to check out the delays but traffic is heavy and slow through the traffic lights out of white oak and toward four corners. again this is in the eastbound direction of university boulevard, westbound everything remains open. now traveling in the inner loop of the beltway, we've been talking about the accident before old georgetown road involving the tractor-trailer. they finally have gotten most of it pushed over to the right side, right side of the roadway. but the problem was there diesel spilled on the highway so they had to bring out a salt truck. basically braddock road to 66, georgetown pike into bethesda, a good 20-mile backup off the west side of the beltway. southbound 270 still on the brakes out of clarksburg as you work down toward the lane divide. northbound eye 95, it is slow in both the main line and h.o.v. traveling out of dale city and the main line across the 14th street bridge. in the h.o.v. delays before newington and all of this extends toward duke street.
8:06 am
that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. another bus accident is under investigation, this one on i-270 in montgomery county. the bus veered off a sky ramp on northbound 270 and plummeted 45 feet to the lanes below. the driver, 66-year-old man joseph clabaugh, jr., died at the scene. 12 people were hospitalized. 11 on the bus, one on the ground. fire officials searched the area to make sure no passengers were ejected. several children were among those hurt. >> the situation looked quite orderly. they had plenty of help. they were being consoled by adults. the firefighters were taken -- tending to them. i would expect the children to be much more upset than they were but they were being very well taken care of. >> the bus was towed to a montgomery county police impound for further inspection. the ntsb is also looking into the accident. and now to our other big story which is the weather and there is plenty of flooding.
8:07 am
sarah simmons continues our team coverage and has the latest from kinsington. >> reporter: we are hearing about a lot of road closures in the area. fairfax county is making note of some. there is also some in the maryland area, kinsington, where we are at beach drive and connecticut avenue. traffic is moving okay along connecticut but where we are is a cut-through for a lot of people. we're on beach drive. and if you take a look, i'll show you behind here. this is the area that is closed. i'm not sure you can see. but there is water starting to rise. but this is an area that does flood on a regular basis when we get rain like this. this has been closed since 1:00 this morning in anticipation of the rain that was coming in. so the beach drive from d.c. line to franklin avenue has been closed since about 1:00 this morning. now there have been very few people who tried to go through.
8:08 am
i did talk with a bicyclist who rode through this area on hi way to work. he talked about what he experienced on his ride in. take a listen. >> pretty deep puddles someplace, especially along here on beach drive and right back here, look down here it's half a foot deep and on a bike you really feel that. it's like going on a boat instead of a bike. >> reporter: and obviously even 6 inches of water can be dangerous. if you cannot see the bottom of the roadway underneath the water, authorities warn you don't know what is possibly under there. you don't know what the road condition is like. so they would rather people not walk or ride bikes through there if at all possible. that's why they have the areas shut down. so if you are out, just remember there are certain areas along your commute, you know where they flood -- >> we're having a few problems with sarah. probably due to the weather. we do want to see what it is like where you are. if you have flooding or trees
8:09 am
down, you can up load pictures and video to, just look under the weather tab. straight ahead this morning, breaking news from hollywood. legendary actor tony curtis died overnight. and also breaking news in our area, and we're under watches and warnings. and as you can imagine the traffic is heavy today. we'll have more. stay with us. s
8:10 am
8:11 am
four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
8:12 am
it is 8:12 right now. let's look at stories making headlines this morning. d.c. police are investigating a double shooting in southeast overnight. one man died in the shooting on 22nd street near savannah street. this happened just after 10:00, not far from the prince george's county line. a second man is in critical condition. police in fairfax county are investigating a string of burglaries across its county. more than 80 of them. and the thieves are taking purses and cash and recently stole two handguns. a deadly apartment fire in
8:13 am
the district may have been arson. it happened in the 3200 block of 8th street. one man died when he jumped from a window. police are looking for a couple of persons of interest. and the entertainment world is morning the passing of tony curtis. >> he passed away late last night at his l home. he is perhaps more famous for some like it hot. he received an oscar nomination in 1959 for the defiant ones. he's dead today at the age of 85. it's 8:13 right now. let's head back over to tony perkins with a look at this wild weather. tony? >> tucker and i trying to keep on top of everything that is happening as we get new information moment by moment. new flash flood warning in effect. not so much for our immediate area but some western counties in virginia and in northwest
8:14 am
virginia, madison county is included, the city of waynesboro in western virginia, nelson county in central virginia and places like that. flash flood warning in effect until 2:15 this afternoon. something else new. let me go through that very quickly as it comes down. additional tornado washings -- warnings for eastern virginia. that's northern matthew counties and southeastern middlesex county in eastern virginia. that's until 8:45 this morning. meanwhile, we want to show you a tornado warning that just went into effect a short time ago. this is for western kent county. you see it there, the county or area in red that you see on the right side of your screen. that is a tornado warning for western kent county in effect until 8:45 this morning. possible tornado activity. you should take cover at this time. although we don't have an actual report of a tornado. there is a possibility of a tornado being produced in that
8:15 am
area any moment now. so western kent county, you want to be aware of that. so let's go to hd radar and we'll show you what is happening across the region as we continue to see areas of heavy rain, particularly east of the district, in eastern maryland, the chesapeake bay, southern maryland, these places are just getting hit with round after round. we've had, generally speaking, 1-3 inches of rain, depending on where you are. i suspect some areas have higher amount. diehl is getting it, harwood, dunkirk, annapolis, east of annapolis seeing heavy rainfall. so this continues to march through the area. and there is the big picture and some bands of heavy rain to the south and west. right now just to the south of manassas, so coming through the manassas area shortly, just to the west of la plata, seeing some heavy rain as well. let's go to vipir. quick look at vipir, we'll show you that there is so much
8:16 am
moisture, folks, we've got another several hours to get through. the worst of our weather will be during the morning hours, including areas of heavy rain. so during the morning hours expect another couple of inches of rainfall across much of the region. now let's go to -- back to the graphics. max 2, and the area covered by a flash flood warning. that's the counties that you see in the brownish color, that reddish brown color, that is a flash flood warning in effect. generally speaking, it's into late morning, early afternoon, depending on the county you are in. then off to the east in green, that's a flood warning until 10:00 this morning. flooding has been observed. wind gusts not so bad across washington. the worst up to the east. ocean city, and this will increase during the day. and a wind advisory for gusts up to 45-50 miles per hour. that is in effect until 6:00
8:17 am
p.m. we do expect the winds to intensify and they could get very gusty and strong with any thunderstorms that do develop. current temperatures around the region, 72 degrees in washington. 70 in baltimore. 63 at dulles airport. 63 at frederick. 69 in fredericksberg. your forecast for today, heavy rain will continue during the morning hours. we'll see strong thunderstorms. some could be severe with waterspouts or tornadoes. we have a variety of flood warnings and other warnings in effect. it's going to be quite windy during the course of the day today. 76 degrees for your high. that's the latest on the weather. we have more coming up in just a little bit. right now let's go to julie wright and find out what is happening on the roads. they've been strongly impacted by this weather. julie. >> absolutely. and we have major try ups to -- tie-ups to report. two met res buses collided university boulevard eastbound in the direction of four corners, the roadway remains closed on the eastbound side of university boulevard. delays building after georgia
8:18 am
avenue traveling eastbound on university headed in the direction of four corners trying to work back toward the beltway. big crash that we had on the inner loop of the beltway after 270 before old georgetown road now confined to the shoulder. big delays beginning back in tysons. the beltway at route 4, accident on the left side on the inner loop and outer loop. big delays before andrews afb. more slow traffic out of college park through silver spring. 295 expect delays out of laurel down toward the beltway. northbound 95 gridlocked in the h.o.v., no one moving out of newington toward seminary on 395. slow traffic across the 14th street bridge. jammed up dale city to the bridge. 66 out of manassas headed east, dulles toll road crash at hunter mill cleared. virginia avenue, portions of
8:19 am
beach drive blocked off between the d.c. line. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. the farragut west and macpherson square stations and parts of metro will be closed from 10:00 in the evening october 8th through monday. shuttle buses will be provided. the stations with being closed to install new track switches. this week the rail service will begin at 6:00 a.m. and extra blue line trains will run for the expected large crowds. jon stewart's rally to restore sanity in the district has the endorsement of the leader of the free world. president obama raised it during a round table with richmond, virginia. and he said it's for people
8:20 am
with common sense during their daily interactions. this is in response to the glenn beck restoring honor last month. >> duly rallies. >> yes. there is evidence that adhd may be genetic. we'll have details coming up. and later we are live in manassas where they are hoping for dry weather at the 29th annual -- 28th annual manassas jubilee. >> and this is the my first 5 photo of the day. and this is haley. and her family said she's obsessed with the flowery head band. she's beautiful, isn't she? >> she's gorgeous. >> to send us your child's picture go to >> she's gorgeous. look at those eyes.
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♪ [ male announcer ] we touch a lot of things throughout the day. so it's nice that clorox disinfecting products help kill the germs that can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours. ♪ feels sweet when i can touch you ♪ we're back now at 8:23. former president jimmy carter is still in the hospital this morning. the 85-year-old was admitted on tuesday after having stomach pains while he was on a flight to cleveland, ohio. doctors say the pain was likely caused by a viral infection. he was in the middle of a tour promoting a new book which was supposed to include a stop in
8:24 am
d.c. yesterday into voters in maryland will get a chance to vote on an ambulance fee. the highest court reverses a decision of a lower court ruling. the court of appeals said the decision was wrong and the referendum will be back on the ballot in november. time now for a look at health related stories making headlines this morning. the house has voted to set federal guidelines on managing concussions among student athletes. now this bill would require the government to convene a conference of medical, athletic and education experts to come up with guidelines to address the prevention, identification, treatment and management of concussion in high school -- or excuse me in school-aged children. they would include standards for allowing children to return to play after suffering a concussion. there is evidence of a genetic link in kids who suffer who suffer from attention deficit hyperreactivity
8:25 am
disorder. the study said these children are expected to have missing or extra chrome ozones. and five months after johnson sand johnson recalled pain medication, they will be back on the shelves next week. they don't say which ones will be for sale again. children's tylenol, benadryl and others were recalled for possible bacterial contamination and small metal parts. coming up next, what could be life-saving news for parents. >> more on why you want to put that sleep positioner out of your baby's crib. and major news about a fisher price recall. and we're under several watches and warnings this morning. we'll get another check on the weather with tony and tucker when we come back. n
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back. we have an update on the breaking news for you that we've been following this hour. an accident involving two metro buses in silver spring. there are 17 people injured in this. some of the patients were students on their way to a nearby high school. we hope to bring you more information about who was effected there. this is at the intersection of university boulevard and burnett avenue. >> and they had the eastbound lanes there of university boulevard shut down. we'll find out from julie whether that is reopened. but other than that we're talking about the rain and warnings and watches. >> including the latest toward -- tornado warning. it is for northwestern kent county, in north eastern maryland. across the bay, you see it in red until 8:45 this morning. doppler radar indicates a possible tornado which would be located 7 miles southwest of
8:30 am
new town or 15 miles northwest of centerville moving to the north at 30 miles per hour. let's see. the doppler radar tornadic signature, according to the weather service, is the strongest it's been within kent county. so a possible tornado on the ground in kent county, that warning in effect until 8:45 this morning. of course you want to be indoors as interior a location as you can possibly be. a closet or something inside of your house. no glass, no windows around you. do take cover in kent county. meanwhile tornado watch is in effect, all of the counties that you see there in green, including the cities of washington, baltimore, annapolis, cambridge, st. mary's city, all under a card watch until -- a tornado watch until 1:00 as the storms continue to move through, particularly east of the district. let's take a quick look at hd
8:31 am
radar. we continue to see rain, including more widespread areas of heavy rain at this hour. we'll continue to see these periods of heavy rain through the morning. there is one of the areas we are focused on in prince george's county. largo, greenbelt, college park, mitchellville, all of this area seeing heavy rain and farther out to the east, this same areas that have been getting it all morning long, annapolis, diehl, we've been talking about lusby, all of these areas along the chesapeake bay continue to get heavy rainfall from the south to the north and they'll wind up with extraordinary numbers there. tucker barnes has the latest on the numbers. tucker? >> rain totals now 1-3 inches, some places breaking the 4-inch barrier. back to the max hd system and i'll show you the rainfall totals. leesberg, virginia, 2.69 inches. this is to 7-inch.
8:32 am
and annapolis 2 inches and montgomery county air park, 1.62. and did i mention fort belvoir, 2.15. so you get the idea. we're starting to fall between two and three inches of rain across the region. let's talk about the flash flood warning very quickly and that's most of the region here under a flash flood warning until late morning, early afternoon. already have widespread reports of ponding on roadways. i would suspect the creeks and rivers will have problems shortly as the rain continues to come down. let's open it up very quickly, can we go to vipir and i want to show one more time all of the rain streaming in from the south. we still have several hours to go here before all is clear and a lot of very intense bands of rain continuing to stream in from the carolinas and i would expect it would be late morning, early afternoon, before we call it quits on this system. so be prepared for more flooding. tony back to you for further details. >> let me show you the forecast for today and while i'm showing that to you, in addition to the tornado warning, also want to
8:33 am
mention special marine warning continues to be in effect until 9:00 this morning for the chesapeake bay, the tidal potomac from cobb island, tank ears -- tang ears sound and possible waterspout activity. some doppler radar indicating a waterspout in the waters there. and so that special marine warning in effect until 9:00. heavy rain at times heavy. and thunderstorms could produce waterspouts and tornadoes. winds later today will gust up to 30, 40 or 50 miles per hour. our high today in the mid-70s. we expect the rain to begin to taper off this afternoon. we'll have more details coming up. >> mother nature heard that we want the rain. we appreciate all that you are
8:34 am
doing. we'll check in with you later. >> be careful what you ask for, you may get it. there is news from the consumer product safety commission, a major recall just announced this morning and that comes on the heels of a warning about sleep positioners. michelle flemming is a spokesperson with cps c. thank you for being with us here this morning. let's talk about the recall. this is from fisher price, correct? >> four different children's products, the largest is 7 million strikes. the problem is there was an ignition key that protrudes up. little girls were getting injured. we had six genital injuries when they were sitting on or falling on the key. this is the replacement key now so this one has been repaired, which is smooth and flood so you don't have that same hazard. so consumers need to get the repair on that. this particular product is the inflatable ball toy. this is a variety of styles, this is one example of the
8:35 am
model. the hazard is the valve can detach here, the plastic valve and become a choking hazard. we have had three reports of kids who began to choke, so it can turn into a serious injury. so look at the models and styles and if you are included in the recall. >> and this next item involves a choking hazard. >> and this is a little people wheelie and it comes with a greep and purple car and the hazard is the wheels can detach. we know they like to put everything in their mouth and young children -- and people with young children understand that. >> and tell me the problem with the high chair. >> three different styles and recalls and about a million units, but there is a protruding rivet on the back of the rear legs of the high chair and kids can fall on that and get injured. we've had several cases where children required stitches, so very serious type of injuries.
8:36 am
>> so these are four items, all fisher price on this recall list. that happened this morning, but you also wanted to talk about a problem with sleep positioners, which a lot of people use for their babies. what is the problem with this? >> the consumer product safety administration and the food and drug administration announced consumers should stop using all sleep positioner and it's a product used to keep a baby on its back. we have had 12 deaths over the last 13 years in a variety of ways. sometimes baby can move and inch their way down and get caught and put on their tummies, some have been placed on their sides and can roll and have a problem when they scoot down. >> this sort of reminds me with bumpers, when people were told not to use them. >> anything billowy. exactly. and that includes adult pillows, do not put comforters
8:37 am
or quilts. you want a firm mattress with just a crib sheet. >> and does that go up to a certain age. after a certain age you can put those back in. >> we recommend no soft bedding for babies. the death did happen from ages 1 month to 4 months and so we're talking about babies that don't have access to lift their neck. we want to avoid all soft betting. >> thank you very much. and that information is on our website at so you can check it out for yourself. back to you. time now is 8:37 on this thursday morning. want to start stocking up on forever stamps. today we'll find out if the post office is going to raise the price of stamps. we'll find out how much when we come back.
8:38 am
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8:41 am and click on the job shop tab on the top of the home page. at 11:00 this morning, we're going to find out if we have to pay 46 cents for a stamp. the post office wants to raise the price by 2 cents. an independent commission is deciding if the post office should get that. the postal service needs the money. it lost $4 billion and it will lose $7 billion this year. on this thursday morning, up next, they were separated in the school because of their race. >> today though they are friends. and part of a big reunion in prince george's county. they're remark -- their remarkable and in expirational story. and this weekend is the 28th annual manassas fall jubilee. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. this is tucker barnes in the fox 5 weather center. we still have a tornado warning for kent county set to expire in a couple of minutes time and a special marine warning. we've had a number of waterspouts reported.
8:45 am
let's go to hd radar and give you an update. we're looking at intense rain falling across the area. the county in red, in the upper right hand corner in kent county is still under a tornado warning and a special marine warning and several reported across mid sections of the area. intense bands continue to push in from the south and southeast. let's move to true view and show you, we are not out of the woods yet. a lot of rain ahead of us and early afternoon before things taper off. so near term, a lot of heavy rain and still the possibility of thunderstorms and gusty winds as well. winds gusting at times over 30 miles per hour. temperatures later this afternoon in the mid-70s. tony is upstairs and we'll have further updates in just a minute. allison, back to you upstairs. >> thank you so much, tucker. high school reunions aren't normally head-line making events but this weekend gwen park high school is getting
8:46 am
together alumni from the past 50 years and that includes students from the time the school was segregated. two of the students join us now. rock newman, you may recognize him as a successful boxing manager. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> and we have bob stark also an alumnis from glenn park high school. >> nice to see you. thank you very much. >> big celebration this weekend but there is another story under this because it wasn't always the normal things that we go through in high school, basketball games and fun days. and if i could ask you both to take us back to the time to segregation. >> it was a junior and senior high school. bobby and i were both in the 8th grade at the time and i so profoundly remember there being front page headlines in the washington post about the riots that took place, black against
8:47 am
white. and it was sore several days -- it was for several days, scary and violent. >> sometimes stuff like that is overblown, but this is the account of what was happening? >> it was very bad. and they had to close the school for threes days to have a cooling down period after the riots. and what came back is some of my white friends said don't talk to rock any more. and i was a catcher on the baseball team and it was hard and i said no. >> and fighting erupts the second day at county high school here. we take so much for granted and often the struggle that's both of -- struggles that you went through is hard. >> the history is a rich one and our celebration on sunday october 3rd at the school, at
8:48 am
glenn parks high school, as you said, it is bringing back 50 years. not just a 50 year reunion, we've invited all of the classes of the last 50 years and we talked to a gentleman this morning from 1953 and he wanted to know if he could come and we're saying absolutely. we're saying 50 years of success and progress from segregation to integration to celebration. we are now coming together and some of the people that were violently fighting each other, and probably none of us know why, are going to be at a picnic table sharing hot dogs and hamburgers and chips together. >> together. >> and that feels really, really good. >> the school was integrated in 1966, that school year from 65- 66. >> yes. >> and these are pictures of the athletic teams. bob was the only white player on the basketball team.
8:49 am
and then rock, you were on the football team. and what happened at the end is of course you emerged stronger. bob, you emerged stronger in athletics. at the time did you think these days would end? were you surprised that it ended? >> i was surprised it started with the race riots because we were a small school and we were very close together. we were family. and we still consider each other family. so for that to even happen, i think most of it that was started were people not in athletics. we were teammates and family and when we walked out of school the day they closed it, we were just surprised that we were fighting each other. because we were always a family. >> oh, my lord. >> is that your prom picture? is that your date? it was sharp at the end. and both of you the class of 1970. >> yes. >> bob, i have to get to this
8:50 am
story. this story about when you all went to play at a different school, fairmont hights. and a defining moment probably for the team, for the school and for you, could you tell us about that, please. >> we were at fairmonts heights and they didn't like us with a so ever and we were down in the locker room which they calls the dungeon and you could hear the chant going "white boy," and my teammates said don't worry, we'll take care of you. we're going to protect you. if not, nobody is leaving. we're going at a team, we're leaving as a team. >> and then the chant was he's one of us. >> we were just a family. >> what can the kids today who are killing each other, what can they learn from this story?
8:51 am
>> that to try to have some intersection and look where we are today and the kind of price that people paid in the past and whose shoulders we fan on. and not just those who played athletics at gwen park high school, but some people who lost their lives giving all of us freedom and an equal chance. there is something that i -- a t-shirt that i got out of the african-american museum in baltimore recently and it was a guy hanging and it said now we do that to ourselves. the lack of civility is just unbelievable. and one would think that in 2010 we've come through so much, we would just be better human beings than that. >> i want you to have a good time at this reunion this weekend. >> oh, we will. >> class of 1970.
8:52 am
my man. >> bob stark and rock newman, thank you for sharing the story. it is inspirational indeed. >> thank you very much. >> it's nice to have them both here. thank you very much. and more than 100 exhibitors are going to be at the 28th annual manassas jubilee. we're hearing the rain will be out of here this weekend. >> reporter: and i heard tony say the head stuff is headed to manassas. it has picked up the spirits of people here. this is one of the signature events from old town manassas and they are ready for a wonderful day on saturday and conder texas weather and there is no better way to cool off than with ice cream and they have homemade ice cream and courtesy of graham clark of clarkle. >> yes. >> reporter: and i said you need ice cream to cool off.
8:53 am
but i could eat it every many. and vanilla is the most popular flavor. >> reporter: so let's tell everybody how you make this? >> i have the homemade like machines and have the tray and everything inside. and what makes it is a lot of ice and you put the ice in like this, put this one like this, then the next thing is if you have to have plenty of salt. >> ice and salt. >> the salt makes the ice melt faulter and gets told and it gets maybe 10-20-degree. >> because i know our time is fleeting, but this is being powered by the tractor. >> it is being powered by the 1948 exact oak tractor my brother restored for me. >> and through the power of an old tractor, we are ice cream. and i would like for you to try
8:54 am
some. this might be my favorite homemade ice cream of all time. okay, i'm going to try some. wow, i can't double dip, graham. i have to get another spoon. >> yes. >> reporter: i hope you like it. i'll be back for that whole thing. these will be out here at the fall festival jubilee going on in old town manassas this week. and this is deb legg and she has hand made soap as. and to you. so take me through the process. >> this is oil, olive oil, and some frankincense and mur and some raw silk. and when you mix the oil and the water and the lye together, i stir it up and it starts to get really hot and in about a minute or two, three minutes,
8:55 am
it will get the trace and that's when the soap gets thick and it's fully incorporated and then you have soap and you put it in the told. >> reporter: we're almost out of time. and can we show them cutting it? >> go ahead. it evenly cuts my soft. >> reporter: it's hard. how many scents do you have? >> have i 35 of them. and this is called holly. this is absolutely free. is our website. we have a linking to theirs. we'll have more about the old town manassas fall jubilee coming up in the next hour. you're watching fox 5 morning news. stay with us. n
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heavy rain continues to fall across the area this morning, causing flooding and a traffic nightmare out there. tony and tucker are tracking the morning mess and they have the latest. >> also following two big bus accidents this morning. the first involving two metro buses, this happened during today's rush hour. more than a dozen people were hurt. we're live on the scene. the other accident is from yesterday's evenings rush involving a charter bus. one person is dead and now authorities are looking for answers. we have a witness who was driving right behind that bus. he'll join us to talk about what he saw and the action that he took. now back to the nasty weather that's been keeping our crews busy all morning long. >> from the forecast to the roads. we have team coverage for you. the information you need to know right here on fox 5. we'll begin with tucker and look at what is happening out there right now. >> thank you very much, gurvir. let's get right to it. hd radar, watching more intense bands to the south and west of the district


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