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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 30, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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training. and you can see the bands stretching from the district down to fredericksberg and another band set up all morning long to the east of the district along the chesapeake bay. they're pushing from south to north and bringing heavy rain and rain totals surfacing 3 inches and because of that we have a lot of problems with flash flooding. i'll show you that map in a second. we have a warning for maryland, including places like churchville, hickory and aberdeen under a severe thunderstorm warning until 9:30 this morning. wind gust as associated with the thunderstorm in excess of 60 miles per hour. so that's the other story here. we're starting to get some gusty winds along and east of the bay. let's show you max 2 and show you the radar and we have more rain off to the south and east as this whole system continues to wind up and a lot of tropical moisture being tapped into the south. so several more hours with
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extremely heavy rain and then things quiet down in the mid afternoon. let's push off. flash flood warnings, all of the counties in red, including the district of columbia, downtown baltimore and annapolis under a flash flood warning. i told you rain totals have now exceeded 3 inches in some spots and a lot of pondings on roadways and creeks. and this flood warning in effect until late morning. so be prepared here. flash flood warnings for the next couple of hours. that's a quick look at the forecast. tony has more details and the tornado watch. >> before we get to that, i want to mention the special marine warnings, in particular for the chesapeake bay. there is a special marine warning from pool's island to drum point, maryland. that special marine warning in effect until 9:45.
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the possibility of waterspouts is a very real possibility this morning. and we should mention the special marine warning from drum point to smith point, virginia has been canceled. we want to show you the tornado watch and show you that the entire -- well most of the area is under a tornado watch. from d.c. and the close-in counties to all points eastward until 1:00 this afternoon and it does include fairfax county, arlington county and prince george's, anne arundel, as far as the counties in eastern maryland. tornado watch until 1:00 p.m. wind advisory. winds could gust up to 45-50 miles per hour around the chesapeake bay. tucker, i understand you have new informations that just come in. >> back to hd radar, we have a county and warning issues for eastern st. mary's counting,
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including st. mary's city, lexington park. st. leonard creek and lusby until 9:45 this morning. so again a tornado warning just issued for southeastern calvert county and eastern st. mary's county until 9:45. we have severe thunderstorms pushing through and racing at about 50 miles per hour. we'll give you updates in just a minute. back to you at the desk. allison and gurvir. >> thanks so much, tuck. and our team coverage continues. sarah simmons is live from closed roads in the area. >> reporter: we are at beach drive and connecticut avenue. and the rain has been coming down steadily throughout the morning. at some points it's heavier than others and it's kind of lifted by now but you can see where it is -- >> obviously the weather has
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been causing problems. sarah, are you still with us? i thought i heard her for a second. >> well our coverage does continue with a look at the traffic. >> this is never ending. this is southbound 395 out of d.c. at washington boulevard where the main line of traffic is blocked. no one is getting by. 395 at the scene of the accident with fire and rescue equipment responding. delays building from the pentagon southbound on 395. now northbound lanes are open in the h.o.v. and main line and crawling out of newington toward 14th street bridge. so the accident occurred on the southbound side, main line closed as you can see here. fire rescue on the scene, 95 close to washington boulevard. here is the accident involving the two metro buses. this is eastbound university boulevard in the direction of four corners approaching
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burdett. and delays building back near arcola. in the direction of wieston -- wheaton, all lanes are open. exit slow among this stretch and an earlier incident cleared near georgetown road. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. we have sarah again. what is going on in kinsington? >> reporter: well i don't know if it's weather, but i can tell you the rain has been coming down steadily here. you can see the traffic that is moving here. the rain is building at this time, but i would like to pan over and show you where the rain has built up over here along beach drive and connecticut avenue. it's built throughout the morning hours as the rain picked up a little while. and even though this has been closed down until 1:00 this morning this closed it to not just traffic, but to everybody.
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that includes joggers, people out for a walk, bicyclist. i talked with the park police a short time ago. here is the washing -- warning for folks in and around the park. >> they don't realize how unsafe a flash flood is. they are called flash floods because they happen in a photograph. we've had officers cars get swept those how quickly they happen. so if the park gates are closed, the entire park is closed. people need to stay out of the area for their own safety. >> reporter: so hopefully folks will heed the warning there. we haven't seen tom other folks trying to get through the park, but a lot of roads that may be closed a little bit of time this morning as the rain continues to come down. also several accidents that they've been working around the area. it's just very treacherous to be out here and they're asking people to stay away and be careful out there on the
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roadways as well. gurvir and allison, back to you. >> and we want to see what it's like in your neighborhood. go to and click on the weather tab. we might use them right here on the air. and don't forget you can track the rain yourself just by logging on to and look for the radar on the right side of your screen. we're continuing to follow breaking news out of montgomery county. two metro buses slided two hours ago in silver spring along university boulevard and burnett avenue. some of those on board were students on the way to school. and stacy cohan joins us live from the scene. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we don't know whether the weather was a factor, but this is really quite an accident between two metro buses. they're just right here behind me. the most damage was sustained to this c-4 bus headed toward prince george's plaza. the bus in front of it was
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headed toward green beltway and was stopped when the c-4 bus rear-ended it. there was quite an impact. in fact the entire front end of this bus was caved in, the driver was fortunately belted in. there were about 26 people on the buses, including students from blair high school. >> the staff here, including one of my assistant principals and security team were present to identify the students and to notify parents. >> the parents were very calm. we have not talked to the students and we allows them to be transported to the hospital for a investigation and a check. >> eight students were transported to the hospital and others were fine and chose to walk to school. the majority of the injuries were considered priority three. that is nonlife-threatening, minor bumps and bruises. there were sevenin injuries
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that were -- there were several injuries. it is something under investigation what caused this particular crash. i'm stacy cohan, back to you. our other big story, another bus crash in montgomery county is under investigation today. this one involves a tour bus that police say veered off a sky ramp around i-270 in bethesda and fell 45 feet to the loans below. the driver was 66-year-old joseph clabaugh. fire officials searched the area to make sure no additional passengers was thrown. the ntsb is also looking into this accident. joining us this morning, jorge gillerra. and thank you for being with us today, after what must be a traumatic day for you
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yesterday, tell us about it. >> we were finishing a job and went straight to the office and we saw the traffic stop and there was a big truck, a tractor-trailer on and with emergency signals so they told us they had an accident. all of the other tractor- trailers drive past and we do that and when we saw the bus and all of the children, we stopped to them to help. >> and you're going about your business and this is a bus that fell off the ramp to 45 feet below and your first ing stink was to help? >> yes. >> where does that come from? why do you think that's what you did that way? >> first of all because i saw the children and i have children of my own, so that's what i -- my answer told me. >> reporter: we heard that the kids were calm after all of
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this. what did you see? what was happening when you saw the people there? were they calm or in shock? what do you feel they were going through? >> i think it was shock a little bit. and the children -- a couple of children were crying. and so that was about it. >> to find out that someone did -- did die. a gentleman 66 or so years old, does that change it for you. do you think about that aspect of it or the people? it is sad when anyone does die, but the people that were hurt too. >> i [ inaudible ] and i have my family so i -- a lot of things came through my mind at that time -- mind at that time. >> and what do you do when you go home? do you hold her a little tighter? what do you think about?
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>> yeah. when i just got home, and i was happy to see her, yes. >> and by being there yesterday, do you feel like you were meant to be there to help the other kids. >> yes. >> and it's interesting how that happened. >> there was already a few people helping them when we got there. >> some people drive around and some like to stay there. but we want to say thanks for making this community a stronger one. >> sure no problem. >> and thanks for taking time off to come in. and you be careful. jorge gillero on the job when this happened yesterday. we appreciate it. >> sure. >> glad he was there. straight ahead this morning, i -- a student suicide stunned a campus after the death of a freshman.
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and a woman who put herself through college to help her brother. it's called conviction. be back in a moment. did you know
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welcome back. tony is back again. i know there is a lot going on. tucker is trying to tell you something. >> i was trying to tell him something. i have what i need, thank you. >> what a busy weather morning. and has the rain lightened up at all? >> oh, no. >> still heavy. >> still heavy. first the latest on the warnings. the newest warnings that we have, including a tornado warning, i think tucker told you about it a short time ago. let's take a look and show you a graphic tornado warning. this is for southeastern calvert county and in southern maryland and eastern st. mary's county in southern maryland. this tornado warning in effect
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until 9:45 this morning. there is a severe thunderstorm there capable of producing a tornado. this is a -- this is near st. george island, could impact st. mary's city, lexington park, patuxent naval air station. california, lusby, these are the same places we keep mentioning all morning long. they are under the gun. again that tornado warning is in effect until 9:45. let's take a look at the area covered by a tornado watch. it's much of the region. particularly washington and points north and south and then to the east, tornado watch in effect until 1:00 this afternoon. as you've seen already this morning, certainly the possibility of tornadoes and even waterspouts forming. now let's go to hd radar and while we're doing that, i want to mention that we have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 9:30 so another few minutes for central
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hartford county and that's in effect until 9:30 this morning. here is your hd radar. no relief in sight. we continue, first of all to the east, the same areas getting hit for hours now, 5-6 hours, the rainfall totals are going to be rather astounding when all is said and done. around annapolis, severna park, down toward chesapeake beach, the areas continue to get hit with heavy rain and thunderstorm activity and windy conditions. moon -- meanwhile, look at this, through reston and down to dale city and la plata. this is a more recent line of heavy thunderstorms. look at that line through great falls right now. vienna, virginia, just to the west of franconia in the mclean area and there could be severe thunderstorm activity developing there as well as this continues to train to the north too. so very heavy weather and rain
9:19 am
conditions across much of the viewing area. this will remain the case through the morning. right now reagan national, this is also -- i won't say extraordinariment let's go back to the graphics. this is what we would expect to see with this tropical air mass. 74 degrees right now. humidity 93%. the dew point is 72 degrees. very high and very humid out there as the tropical air mass comes through. we'll have all of this coming up, so stick with us for that. >> thanks so much for that. and we do have a consumer alert on a major recall. fisher price recalling nearly 11 million products because of safety, including tricycles, toys and high chairs. 7million of the toys are strikes and tough strikes try cycles. michelle flexing joins us this morning to explain some of the problems. >> there was an ignition key that produces up. little girls were getting
9:20 am
injured. they had genital issues when they were sitting on or falling on the key. this is the replacement key now and this one is repaired which is smooth and flat so you don't have the same hazard. so consumers need to stop using that. >> there is more information on the fisher price recall on our website. go to, click on recalls which is under the movie tab. you're under arrest for the murder of katarina brown. >> are you out of your mind? >> we find the defendant guilty, your honor. >> i'll get you out, copy. you hear me. >> when her brother was convicted of murder -- >> well conviction is a fascinating and powerful movie based on the true story of betty ann waters who put herself through high school, college and law school in an 18- year quest to exonerate her brother from a murder conviction. it is a remarkable journey. and joining us now, the director of the movie tony golden. good morning. >> good morning. >> and sam rockwell who played her brother kenny in this
9:21 am
movie. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> tony, the trailer alone gives you goosebumps and this is a true story, it' perseverance, trust, love and it's amazing. it's amazing and that it's true makes it that much more fascinating. what made you take on the project? >> i heard about it 7 years ago -- 9 years ago it was all -- all over the news. it's a struggle, but what got me interested is the relationship between the brother and sister and that this woman spent 18.5 years on an act of faith in her brother who may have easily been guilty of this crime and they had such a bond she would not give up and so i wanted to tell a love story about a brother and sister because i haven't seen that much. and the story is you can't believe it's true, what the
9:22 am
ordeal that the people went through. >> and sam you play the brother and hillary swank is the sister, twice to win the oscar award. the relationship there, even from the trailer, you know the bond is so strong. what was it like to play the role and how taxing was it on your spirit? because we know you from many other movies and we know that you go all in on those roles. what was that like to play the role? >> it's fun to go all-in. i think it's good hard work and i enjoy it. it is emotional and it can be taxing, but i find it kind of exhilarating. i wouldn't call it they'ra putic, putic -- they'ra putic, but it's fun. >> working with hillary swank, what is that like? >> tony and i describe her as a
9:23 am
force of nature and she is fierce. >> and tony, we know you as well, we all hated you in ghost. but that's a testimony. >> but you liked him in the first half. >> right. but then carl got crazy. let me just ask you, though, your directing these power house actors, was there a moment you wanted to jump out of the directors chair and jump in or was this your vision brought perfectly to the screen? >> no. not at all. when i'm directing, i really feel no desire to act. i'm the storyteller. and it's an incredible joy and a privilege to be able to sort of channel through actors of the caliber of sam and hillary and juliet lewis who is in this and minnie driver and others. so you feel that your playing all of the parts as a director, but it's miraculous that i have a vision of a character and i get an actor like sam to realize that and he surprises me and brings so much to it
9:24 am
that more than i ever could have dreamed of. >> and what both of you are part of too, and in the entire cast and the movie, is shedding light on a wider issue and the work of the innocence project. let me ask you, sam, as the person who went through the sort of emotional rollercoaster of playing this role, the work of the innocence project, when you think about their journey and the staggering numbers of people who are sitting wrongfully convicted even on death row right now perhaps. >> it's astonishing. what berry czech has done, it's amazing. i've talked to some of the honorees and they're really effected by it. it's unimaginable what some of the people go through. it's horrible. >> and tony, i think i'll ask you that same thing too. does it feel more like a responsibility? are the stakes higher when you are talking a, about a true story and telling it
9:25 am
accurately, and b, about something so innocent as people's lives in the balance? >> it is a responsibility. my primary responsibility is to make a movie that is going to move people and effect them. so as i said before, this is really a love story between a brother and sister and so it may as well be a work of fiction, but the fact is it is absolutely true. and the fact that it will shed light on the reality that so many people are languishing in prison for crimes they didn't commit and hopefully that will make people aware of groups like the innocence project and the incredible work they are doing to see that not only are innocent people exonerated but the people that committed the heinous crimes are put behind bars. for every person wrongfully convicted in prison there is a person walking the streets that
9:26 am
committed a murder or rape or some violent crime. >> well this movie is called conviction. it opens here on october 22nd. my kids enjoy you as that'san, by the way. it goes from the r rating to this as g. sam rockwell played the brother. continued success to both of you. gurvir over to you. the rain keeps on coming this morning. tony and tucker are up next with the forecast. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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be rescued. what is new? >> so much happening. just in moments ago, we have a new tornado warning for east central anne arundel county. i'm reading this to you here hot off the press. central maryland, another doppler radar indicate the thunderstorm with the possibility of a tornado moving north at 25 miles per hour. gibson island is in the path. let's go to the graphics and i'll show you the other tornado warning. this is the second one now. another tornado warning in effect until 9:45 for central st. mary's and calvert county. so a few locations in the line, long beach, calvary beach, point republic and prince frederick. so tornado warning until 9:45 for central st. mary's county and southeastern calvert county and a new tornado warning until 10:15 for central and eastern portions of anne arundel county. entire area under a tornado watch. we've been talking about this all morning. east of the district, that's
9:31 am
where the worst of the rain has set off so we're not out of the woods yet. we have several more hours of intense rain. some places have received over an inch an hour and it will continue to rain for several more hours. let's push on to hd radar and i want to show you a few futures. one of the problems is to the east of the district. annapolis, deal, eastern portions of the bay and into queen anne's county and you can see the intense thunderstorm and rain activity in annapolis, reefa, to the west, and upper marlboro and all of this is pushing north at 40 miles per hour. and i want to show you another feature. more bonding toward leesberg and reston, pushing just south of 66 down toward dale city, it is coming down in excess of an inch an hour and will continue to do so for the next several
9:32 am
hours. so it will be raining for another several hours. things taper off this afternoon. and we have a flash flood warning until late morning, early afternoon for all of the counties you see in red. we've already had widespread reports of urban flooding and roadways. i would suspect the creeks and rivers will have problems as our rain totals have now pushed across 2-3 inches. lear are the -- here are the most recent numbers. dulles over 2, bwi 2.75 inches and adding another couple inches in many spots. parts of region 4-5 inches of rain. here is your five-day forecast. we will start to dry out tomorrow and then a much quieter weekend so we can do some clean-up with highs on sunday and monday in the 70s. but a new tornado for east central anne arundel county until 10:00 this morning. >> we'll stay tuned.
9:33 am
thank you. a student suicide has stunned the campus of rutgers. a student jumped from a bridge after he was secretly videotaped having sex with a man and posted on an chat program. there is nine months of waiting but there is a lot of things a mother can do before birth to shape the live of the unborn baby. we'll have more coming up next. ring ring. progresso.
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when you are pregnant that can mean a lot of waiting. waiting to meet your -- a baby or if it's a boy or girl and what it will look like. andi murphy paul said a pregnant woman's diet and stress level and other factors
9:37 am
can have a profound effect on how it will grow up. the book is called origins and andi murphy is with us this morning. hi there. >> hi. >> good to see you. you decided to investigate this whole thing when you were pregnant yourself? >> yes. >> what made you set out to explore this whole thing? >> well i'm a science writer and i have been encountering a lot of exciting and interring research about this field known as fetal origins which proposes that the events and experiences we encounter before birth can effect our health and well being into infancy and adulthood and old age. so this is very interesting on an intellectual level and then i got pregnant and i started to think, well if what i do and what i eat and drink and even feel during pregnancy will effect my off spring for the rest of its life, i should know more about it. so i ended up reporting and researching the book while i was pregnant. i built the book around the nine months of my own
9:38 am
pregnancy. >> and this is with your second baby. >> this is my second baby. so i'd done it once before. but during each month, i interviewed a new set of pre- natal experts on one month it was diet, and then stress and then chemical exposure. >> let's talk about what you discovered in your journey. did anything surprise you? >> a lot surprised me. there was some concrete, practical things that i took away. like a lot of pregnant women are afraid to eat fish because of murkurey, but it has -- mercury but they have omega fatty acids and it is important and i ate a lot of fish and made sure it was not with a lot
9:39 am
of mercury. and i exercised during pregnancy which i didn't do during my first. i thought i was resting but a workout for the mom is a workout for the fetus as well. >> and that was an interesting part of the book because when mom's walk, they think the baby falls asleep, because of that rhythmic motion of you walking so there are things think peopl are different from what they had previously believed. we obviously know that diet can have an impact on the baby's health. what about stress? >> stress is a big one that all pregnant women are concerned about. and what i came away with from my research is that severe life- threatening stress does have an effect on the fetus. that can be quite damaging. but moderate stress, the kind of stress that maybe a working woman who has other kids feels day-to-day, that actually is good for the fetus. it accelerates the neurodevelopment in the same way that if you are taking a
9:40 am
test and feel stressed, you do better. and fetus' do better with a moderate amount of stress. >> and the other interesting thing was when it comes to -- shoot, i'm going to lose my train of thought here. i knew i would because i thought this was so fascinating. hang with me for two seconds. and that is that -- it's not a matter of just a chance, whether you end up a baby boy or girl. >> well that's something where we do have all of these folk wisdom and old wives tales about if you eat a lot you'll have a boy, if you have morning sickness, you'll have a girl. it turns out those are not entirely made up. that there is some scientific basis for those. >> and did you change your habits with your pregnancy when you did this research? >> yes. what i changed mostly was my attitude about pregnancy. in my first one i was so anxious and worried about everything i did potentially
9:41 am
harming my fetus. and the second time around because i was em merzs in -- immersed in research and i saw it as an adventure and it was more fun. >> well it's really fascinating. the book is called origins and as a momma, i'm amazed at those creatures and their development. it's really just a remarkable thing, isn't it. >> surely is. >> thank you so much. appreciate you being here. ally, over to you. >> fascinating stuff. gurvir, thank you. holly is getting ready for fall this morning. she's in manassas with an event to get you ready for the season. we're back in a moment with that.
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welcome back. it's 15 minutes in front of 10:00. we've been asking you to send in weather photos and we received one. this is from park hall, maryland. this is a flooded driveway, in
9:45 am
washington county in maryland. but you see how much rain fell in such a short period of time. and that is still coming down. >> have to remind folks, if it looks like that, don't drive through it. take your time out there and it continues to come down. this has been a steady event, tony, from since last night. >> oh, yes. absolutely. and where this rain has been traveling, like down to our south, there are places that have had eight inches of rain, down in southeastern virginia, parts of north carolina. here we have reports of up to 4 inches of rain but we'll get the reports coming in once we get through the morning hours. let's jump right in. i want to show you the latest on the tornado wni have in effect. tornado warnings. now you see them there, the counties in red. tornado -- warning in effect for east central anne arundel county in maryland. that tornado warning in effect until 10:15. that's for east central anne
9:46 am
arundel county. severe thunderstorm there where it is possible that that storm could produce a tornado. now in the southern portion of your screen, tornado warning for southeastern calvert county. that is going to to expire in a moment. in fact, it has just expired. so that one is out. and the tornado warning that was in effect for east central st. mary's county. that has been canceled. so that is good news. but we still have a tornado warning in effect for central anne arundel county until 10:15. let's look at the flood warnings. while we're looking at that, i want to mention this special marine warning. it keeps shifting as the storm system moves to the north. now special marine warning in effect for the chesapeake bay from poole's island and from the pat afghanistana river and there is a and there is a
9:47 am
waterspout. a special marine warning in effect until 10:15. this is an area of flood warnings in effect. including a flash flood warning in effect until late this morning and a flash flood watch in effect until this evening. and with all of the rain that we're seeing flooding likely. hd radar, and the latest images and get ready, here in d.c. we're about to get another bond of heavy rain coming through our region. alexandria is getting it right now. arlington and mclean, it's been rough there and reston, great falls, some of that breaking up, but now mclean, arlington, franconia, in the district we're getting more heavy rain, in northeast d.c. and southwest d.c. and we're going to get more coming through. meanwhile, continuing to be under the gun to our east, anne
9:48 am
arundel county, st. mary's county, places like that. annapolis, deal, again i call your name unfortunately. chesapeake beach, harwood, more heavy rain. i can't guess what the rainfall totals are going to be there by the time the noon hour comes around. current temperatures, it is muggy outside. 74 degrees right now in d.c. humidity is over 90% as the tropical air moss moves in. look at the difference in temperatures where your tropical air. ocean city 75 and then off to the north and west, temperatures in the 60s. 63 in frederick, 66 at dulles. 62 in winchester. for today, heavy rain continues through the morning hours. flash flood watch in effect. possible thunderstorms, some could be strong to severe with possible tornadoes. winds could gust up to 30, 40, 50 miles per hour later on today. we'll have more coming up. >> it's impossible to believe,
9:49 am
sir. >> yes, it is. it's been quite a morning. >> thank you, tony. we're going to take a break and come right back. ♪
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we know she doesn't like, this but by playing tricks on mother nature, you can enjoy indoor color in the winter. our garden expert, derek thomas of thomas landscape is here to tell us how to do this. see, we don't like to be tricked. so just gently. >> sometimes when you have a day like today, it's a perfect time to think about forcing bulbs. here is what we are doing. we are tricking mother nature. we're going to get -- what about some tulips or daffodils that you grew and can have in your house in the month of
9:53 am
january, because it would make me happy. and you start with premium size bulbs. so make sure the bulbs that you are working with are top quality bulbs. and the reason for that is because you are going to be forcing them into bloom when they normally wouldn't. and the next thing you want to do is get -- if you have a back garden that you can actually dig a trench, do that and put sand in it, but if not this is a commercially available tray. so if you have a patio, this will work. >> and why sand? >> because you wan the bulbs and then in the dead of winter, say if it's freezing, get the pot out of the medium and sand will not freeze solid. so the first thing you do is you want to fill that with some gravel. the gravel will give you drainage. the next thing you will do is place a good commercial potting medium with the bulb and then after that you're going to just
9:54 am
put a little bit of a layer over top of the bulb. don't be concerned in the bulbs are a little bit above the pot line. that's okay. >> the potting medium for us laymen, this is soil. >> yes. get potting mix, not potting soil. because it doesn't freeze as heavy. then you want to -- so you have everything set up, whether it's a trench that you've dug in your backyard and got it filled with sand, you put the planters in there and then what you want to do is cover that over and the reason -- this is a two- part reason. first of all, that will help keep the moisture in there, so you want to cover over the pot, that's going to help keep the moisture in there and also going to help animals not go in there and dig and see what is in there. and then once that is -- a bulb needs a cure rate. so whether it's five or six weeks, you want to make sure that it's had that much time of cool period. so come end of january, early
9:55 am
february, when you need that pop of color, bring that plant in. take it off, okay, clean it up, of course like i said it won't be frozen. clean it up and put it in a saucer indoors and watch it grow and bloom. >> derek, that's amazing. i love it. >> it's a great -- and it's a great project for kids. like if you've got a couple of rainy days or rainy weekends, get some bulbs, get this going and then teach them a little bit about nurture. >> that's fantastic. tony over to you. on a day like this, isn't it nice to talk about something like this. >> i wish we could talk about this all morning into unfortunately we have a new tornado warning, it's been expanded now and includes new areas. tornado warning for northeastern and central anne arundel county in maryland. also north central calvert county in southern maryland.
9:56 am
that's new. north central calvert county and north anne arundel county. could affect shady side, londontop, arnold, severna park and millersville. and a flood warning issued for seneca creek near dahsonville in montgomery county. we'll have the latest in just a moment. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] it's never been easier
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rich fudge over a warm, chocolate brownie like nothing you've ever had before ready made sweet moments in the refrigerated section we're all >> let's do it. hd radar will show you the activity continues to be most unpleasant. a lot of rain pushing south down toward waldorf and la plata. and i would expect rainfall rates are in excess of an inch an hour and rainfall totals will likely be in excess of 3-4- inchs across parts of the impacted areas. the other point of interest is toward annapolis and tony has more on that because we have a tornado warning. most of the area is under a tornado watch until 1:00. a tornado warning for central anne


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