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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  October 1, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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check us out on facebook for a chance to win a 500 dollar shopping spree! more bold flavor!onds! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack. one of the the president's closest advisors expected to step down. the latest on rahm ehand well. >> we continue to follow the big story of standing watt anterior and roads are close you had.
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good morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons in for gurvir dhindsa. st.mary's county schools are closed today. it's code two for employees. st.mary's county schools are closed today. they will be cleaning up from all of of the mess from yesterday and we're going to clean up today and try to soak up as much of the water as we can. >> there is a lot out there to soak up so the clean-up does begin. we are seeing the rain or the bulk of the rain has moved out of our area. we still have some mist out there, a little light rain here and there t will be a few more hours before we really get all of that out. we had another round of heavy rain last night come through parts of the viewing area particularly once again to the east of the district. you see it there. that is now pushed off to the north and east. we to continue to see a few
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showers primarily north and east of d.c. there is some activity down in southwestern virginia and across most of our viewing area it is at least misty out there. so certainly a moist start to the day but nothing like what we had yesterday. right now, here is what reagan national is reporting. they have abeen reporting some light rain, fog and mist. 6 # degrees for the temperature there. relative humidity, 84%. it is breezy and it will be for the bulk of the day today. winds out of the north at 16 miles per hour. -- 6 # degrees -- 62 degrees for the temperature there. we'll have pore coming up in just a little bit. >> before we get to julie wright, we want to take a close are look at some of of the roads in the area after the constant rain that has left a number of neighborhoods under water. we are on floodwatch this morning and sherry ly is in heavy chase, maryland with more. let's start with sherry. >> reporter: that water is
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still hanging around in many areas. it has yet to recede. it can take a lot of drivers by surprise. we are here along wisconsin avenue southbound heading into the city and there is some standing water blocking the right lane down there. we've seen a lot of brake lights, a lot of cars swerving out of the way to avoid that. it is a problem all around the area. many of those areas prone to flash flooding like this area in vienna, virginia, part of browns mill road is closed because of standing water. now, this is a low-lying area where creeks often overflow in the heavy rains an we certainly have some heavy rains from that tropical storm and the remnants of nicole. the water at some point is more than a foot deep and running so fast, it is creating rapids. it is the same area that flooded just over a month ago, buckling small bridges and roads in that area. flooded roads a problem. we also have the issue of downed trees and power lines. we had power crews out here earlier this morning working on things.
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they had trucks blocking the road. that is something people will have to watch out for, not only the standing water on the roads but power crews would are working on the power lines and some of another issues downed trees in the area. drivers, give yourself some extra time this morning. now, let's get to julie wright with the latest on the traffic situation. >> all right. we've got a lot of crews that are telling us in st. mary's county that all of the secondary radio are pretty much flooded at this hour and steve had mentioned earlier that schools have been canceled because the buses can't make it to the bus stops to pick up the little ones to take them to school today. waking up in a left low-lying areas where we are still waiting for the water to recede. if you are traveling out on the beltway, it is not so busy leaving annandale to merrifield. lower 14th street at constitution avenue, authorities checking for a crash at that location. callers respect a large pothole southbound 295 before you commit to the up bound 11th street bridge.
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we are dealing with the red lights, the green arrow lines and the red xs that we normally find, they have some trouble this morning between fair oaks and the beltway. you will notice the red x is still lit up. they are working on that problem. don't for get, manassas trains, the vre trains coming out of manassas suspended until further notice. they have wires down across the tracks there. vre frederick strains expect an additional 30 to 45 minutes there. >> when you have concerns about the weather, you can get the updates quickly on we have it for you online. we are also following a developing story from the white house this morning. president barack obama is getting ready to make an announcement this morning.
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he is expected to say that rahm emmanuel is stepping down as chief of staff. insiders say emmanuel has his eyes set on a new job that he plans to run for mayor of chicago. president obama is expected to name pete rouse as the temporary chief of staff. rouse was the president's chief of staff when he was a senator. now to our top stories this morning, maryland's new hands- predriving law takes effect today. that means you will have to put down the control -- cell phone while you drive in maryland. in georgetown, police are veg august bold armored car heist t happened at 2:30 in the afternoon in the middle of georgetown. four robbers wearing hoodies and masks held up armored car and took cash from the guards. they were drive a black dodge magnum. police found the getaway car a couple of blocks away and are now combing through surveillance video from the
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area to see if they can find any clues. two rutgers university students accused of cyberbullying a college freshman would later killed himself could face a maximum of five years in prison. authorities say they planteded a hidden web cam and secretly filmed him having a sexual encounter with another man. they streamed it in a chat room. the 18-year-old jumped off the george washington bridge last week. the body has not been recovered. a new survey is exposing the vulnerabilitys of less dean, gay, bisexual and trance gender youth. 9% of students have report ad tempting suicide. that is three times the national average for heterosexual students. a quarter of lgbt students report being bullied at their middle or high school because of their sexual. thousands of people are expected to gay her downtown
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this weekend. we are going to talk about what they're demanding and why d.c. city council members are supporting their cause. -- thousands of people are expected to gather downtown this weekend. hear from a local astronomer who was part of a new discovery in space. we'll talk about that too. in 2008 i quit venture capital to follow my passion for food. i saw a gap in the market for a fresh culinary brand and launched
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good news for the postal service. no price hike any time soon. an independent panel reject the request for a two-cent increase. the postal service lost almost $4 billion last year and will lose an estimated $7 billion this year. thousands are expected to come to the district tomorrow for the one nation working together march. civil rights leaders, union representatives, peace activists and celebrities are all organizing the event to
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demand jobs for americans. the head of the d.c. council, convincement gray, is urging people to attend that march. he is just one of several d.c. leaders supporting the march. iphone users, you better beware. police are tracking a crime wave in the district. coming up next on fox 5 morning news, one victim is telling how he fought back when thieves tried to take his phone. also taking a look at traffic out there. it is a wet commute for so many this morning. here is 395 near the pentagon as folk are heading into the city. we will check in with julie. before some problems on the rails and we have a school closing. and we have more wet weather. we'll check in with tony and julie coming up after the break. t!j"!gboe5 ew<
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. s for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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obviously not just problems here. the rain causing major flooding up and down the entire east coast. at least five people have been killed in the rain storms that stretched from north carolina
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up to maine. there were flight delays of up to three hours. outside here, our view from tower cam looking down toward the nation's capital this morning. south of the district down at st. mary's county, no school today. the schools are closed in std mary's county because they do have streets that are still under water there. the buses can't get through to pick everybody up. no school today in st. mary's county. >> have we caught up on our rain for the year? >> the reagan national, no, we would not have but we are much closer. we'll take a look at some of those numbers. >> don't want to catch up in one fell swoop though. >> you really don't. parts of the area likely have. if we're reporting 10 inches of rain in some locations, then yeah, some folks did catch up. let's tuck about the rainfall amounts. i'll show you some the highlights of the amount of rain we saw from the big storm system. we set records yesterday all over the place. we set records at reagan national, bwi and dulles.
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these are not your rainfall totals for the day. these are rainfall totals for the storm. remember, it started wednesday night. dca, that is reagan national, 4 3/4 inches of rain. bwi marshall, over 6 inches. dulles, nearly 5 inches there. these are some of the higher amounts that we've seen. all of these in maryland. lake riviera, maryland, over 10 one inches of rain had just over a 24-hour period. annapolis, 9 inches there. we do have improving conditions. we did have more rain come through last night. that is out of here. we do still have the clouds, a
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couple of spots of light precipitation showing up here and there. now, we've get to get the clouds out of here. that will happen during the course of the day today. current temperature, we remain at 62 degrees here. it is the slow-moving radar satellite. you can see that whole system pushing off to the north and east. we continued to see rain offshore including areas of heavy rain but that is gone. here are your current temperatures. 62degrees here in baltimore. 64 in fredericksburg. winchester at 59 degrees. our ones are quite gusty. that will be one of our features today. that is part of the reason we have this coastal flood advisory in effect until 3:00. that is because of the high waters. winds gusting up to 2 # miles per hour here in d.c. # up to 22 miles per hour here in d.c. -- winds gusting up to 22 miles
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per hour here in d.c. your weekend, it is a cooler weekend behind that fronteddal boundary. sunny skies, mostly sunny skies tomorrow. 70 for your high. and on sunday, we could see some late-day and evening showers, 66 for your high and then cool as we head into the next workweek. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get an update on traffic. for that, we go to julie wright. >> still dealing with a lot of roads where water has yet to recede. that is why we have schools closed in st. mary's county and a lot of people still stuck at home because they can't get out of the neighborhood. once you make your way to the major arteries, lanes are open around town. we are dealing with a large pothole reported inner loop of the beltway at telegraph road. right now, northbound i-95 incident-free out of woodbridge continuing up towards lorton. v-d.o.t. tells me they were having some trouble with the red x and green arrow light along 66 as
6:20 am
you travel between fair oaks and the beltway. it should be at this hour a green arrow but that is not the case. they are working on that issue. we do find delays out in man as is, centreville, 5 at 123. lanes are open leaving rockville headed out towards the split. we have a tree down closing a portion of new hampshire avenue at powder mill. we have standing water report ad long that stretch. we have a tree down southbound 29 at lockwood drive. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. more short phone users are being targeted by robbers in the area and now one victim would fought back is speaking out. fox 5 caught up with one man riding on metro's red line yesterday playing a game on his smart phone. he said a teenager snatched his phone. he is able to wrestle the phone out of the thief's pocket and detain him. >> the kid came up from behind me and took my phone out of my hand like this. saw him put it in his pocket. he sprinted out the doors. they were probably working in
6:21 am
packs like the intimidation factor that they use to do whatever they can on get what they want. >> police say these types of crimes are on the rise and in some cases, smart phone users are actually being conned into handing over their devices. police say there is tracking software that you can have pleaed on your smart tone that can help the police find it. a debate over health plans for mcdonald's employees can be more far reaching than just the fast food chain. >> why millions of americans should pay attention to this one.
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of a train station and my mom's a teacher. my dad's an auto technician. my mom's a receptionist. i'm not sure i would have been able to afford college without the tuition freeze. while tuition in other states is rising out of reach... governor o'malley made the tough choice to freeze tuition. he made my dream of going to college into a reality. i'm the first in my family to go to college. my brother and i never would have been able to afford college. even though times were tough... governor o'malley kept his promise. there's never a doubt... there's never a doubt whose side he's on. martin o'malley... moving maryland forward. yes, that is clint eastwood singing about a grand grand torino. adam shapiro joins us. that car holds a special place in your heart. >> it does.
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we'll get auto sales figures later today. it would be appropriate to ask everybody the first car they had or learned to drive on. i learned to drive on my grandmother's '73 grand torino. >> that is nice. >> grandma had a v-# and the car hauled. we used to drive it in the '80s. it was a lot of fun. >> i think i got you beat. the first car i drove was a '67 chrysler new yorker. >> there is nothing better than an old car with an incredibly strong r-8 engine. the g force when you accelerate. nice. >> amazing. >> and we translate somehow into auto reports. >> i know. we have to get into the business report. i just got to point out what your grandmother teaches you to
6:26 am
drive, you can't lose this bit. you drive like the blue hairs in south florida now. let's talk business. what do you want to know? >> let's talk about we're glossing over the whole auto industry thing. the most important thing we want to talk about is health care. it affects mcdonald's workers. >> there is the potential that companies that have the limited smaller health plans for worker because they have high turnover, they are called minuteee meds may not be able to afford those health care plans in the future because of new regulations. health and human services actually gives waivers an has issued waivers already to different companies to help transition companies like mcdonald's into the new health care formulas. mcdonald appear has asked for a waiver and although hhs hasn't said they will grant it, it looks like they will. if you have one of these plans and you are worried you might lose your health care, your company can ask for the waiver in which case you would be protected. >> and quickly, as we wrapped
6:27 am
up september, we start october now. september, market actually performed quite well even though we were down yesterday. >> we were down yesterday but for the quarter, if you look at the last three months, the dow is up over 10%. year to date, we are up 3.5%. the right direction. october, by the way, not a bad month. people have this perception, not a bad month. first day of the month is always a strong trading day. we could be off to a good day. futures are very positive right now. >> thank you. we continue to follow today appear top stories. up next after the break, we check in with sherry once again. >> reporter: the rain is gone but the water is still around. and that is going to make for a messy drive in to work this morning. we'll have the latest on the flooding on roads throughout the area coming up. 
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blue diamond almonds! more bold flavor! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack. we'll check in with mr. perkins to get a look at our
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forecast for today. >> all right. let's start with a look at the radar for this morning. it is a much better picture than what we had yesterday as we see the rain has moved out of the area. it is off to our north and east, the heavy rain. we are left with a little bit of mist here and there. that is about it. cloudy skies certainly during the course of this morning but we'll see some of the sunshine later on today believe it or not. right now, reagan national airport, current temperature is 62 degrees. relative humidity, 84%. wind are out of the north at 15 miles per hour. they're gusting up to about 22 miles per hour. your day planner for today, morning clouds. still wet out there. not raining but misty, moist, all of that kind of thing. we begin drying out later on with some sunshine. highs into the low to mid-70s. that is a look at the weather coming up in about 15 minutes, today's ask the weather guys. it's different kind of version of ask the weather guys. >> a whole different version.
6:32 am
>> yeah. >> we look forward to that. if you noticed on tony's radar map, you saw a lot of that bad weather down in southern maryland. st.mary's county schools closed today because they had so much rain that they can't get the buses through. closer to d.c., if you are on the roads headed to work or school, you will want to be careful as well. we'll check in with sherry ly now. >> sherry, what is the latest out there? >> when you have major arteries like this one long wisconsin avenue with standing water on it during rush hour,ments a recipe if a she and messy commute -- it's recipe for a low and messy commute. all that water that storm nicole left behind is not gone. the water deep enough for people to actually paddle a kayak through. this morning, much of the flooding has receded giving people in annapolis a reprieve. now, in the district, the heavy
6:33 am
wind and rain uprooted a huge tree on glenbrook road off loughborough in northeast. on rhode island avenue, a half dozen drivers ran into deep water at a metro underpass. in virginia overnight, crews have been working to remove power lines from branches near woodburn road in fairfax county. a thousand people lost power in northern virginia. and another word of caution this morning as people head out on the roads. watch out for the power crews. they could be blocking the streets. here in this neighborhood, we had power crews out if a few hours this morning. the good news is the lights are back on here but there are many areas where they still have downed power lines. crews will be out working throughout the morning. thousands of people throughout northern virginia, maryland and the district are without power. so you are going to have to watch out for the crews making repairs. all in all, you've got to give yourself extra time. you have got the tree limbs that are down and the standing
6:34 am
water out there. julie wright, what does it look like on the roads out there. >> not good. the major interstates aren't so bad up the west side but we are now receiving word of an incident that is going to impact your drive on the top stretch of the beltway. let's show you 66. as you travel close in leaving vienna towards the beltway, traffic volume not so busy right here leaving vienna. but we do have the lane linking between 7150 fair oaks. this is where v doit was having trouble earlier this morning between the red x light and the green arrow light. it was stuck on the red x. that was causing some confusion. i am hearing that situation has been resolved. if you are traveling on the outer loop, no problems to report leaving the american legion bridge down towards tyson's. 295 on the brake from malcolm x to the inbound 11th street bridge. crash tying up the right lane southbound toward the 11th
6:35 am
street bridge. new hampshire avenue approaching putter mill, we have a tree down. we have additional delays on vre's fredericksburg line. they have speed restricts in place until 7:00 this morning. that will likely tack on an additional 30 to 45 minutes to your commute and the vre manassas line completely suspended until further notice due to wires down across the crack. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. and if updates on the weather 24/7, you can head to our web site for conditions be watches, warnings. can you even find some photos there by logging onto south our big story is from the white house this morning where the president is getting ready to make an announcement, expected to say that rahm emmanuel is stepping down as chief of staff.
6:36 am
president obama is expected to name pete rouse as the temporary chief of staff. rouse was the president's chief of staff when he was a senator. now to the developing story in equador where troops fired on police overnight. at least three people are dead after soldiers fired on police. the president was rushed to the hospital after police fired tear gas at him. then angry police officers surround the hospital and soldiers rescued him by firing guns and grenades at the police. it plunged the country into complete chaos with police going on a nationwide strike and soldiers seizing control of the airport. there is a state of emergency in equador but the attempted coup appears to be over as the head of the army is dehearing support for the president and the constitution. -- is declaring support for the president and the constitution. starting today, you need on go hands-free behind the wheel in maryland. a new law that bans cell phone use while driving is now in effect. if you violate that law, it will be a $40 fine for the
6:37 am
first phone offense and then a $100 fine for each offense after that. a braidsen armored car hold- -- a brazen armored car hold-up at # 30 in the afternoon. they took cash and began from the guards as they were transferring the money. police are now looking through surveillance video for clues. we are learning about an exciting discovery 120 trillion miles away. >> two astronomers found a new erltd-like planet that could sustain human life. it is in the goldilocks zone. it is far enough away from the red tbarve dwarf star that it is orbiting that it could contain water. >> people have been getting closer and closer. they have been finding plan oats the hot edge of the habitable zone and on the cold
6:38 am
edge and we have one right in the middle swra. that astronomer works at the carnegie institution of washington. a mission to the new planet would be tough though t would take several generation ifs a space ship to even get there. many critics have expressed caution over the new planets. the planet's density, atmosphere and composition are still uncertain but fascinating to find something like that. we have a couple of films that are out right now coming out this weekend that are get a lot of buzz. one is the social network, all about facebook and how facebook started. also waiting for super man, we talked about this one. the documentary which takes a close look at the nation's education system. we'll talk about this and more coming up. do the skins have what it take to beat the philadelphia eagles in dave ross has your friday football forecast when we come back.
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the redskins facing off against the eagles. dave ross is here with the friday football forecast. this one looks like it is going to be the quarterback to gets the attention. >> you guys don't want to talk about the defense? >> no, all about the quarterback. >> it is all about mcnabb and it will be that way until the game kicks off. who could believe that michael vick could be where he is considering where he has been a couple of years ago in but yeah, mcnabb, all the guy did in 11 years in philadelphia. he went to six probowls and won super bowl so we'll take a look at the quarterback now. and how can mcnabb get booeded. he probably will as we talked about last hour.
6:43 am
-- and how can mcnabb get booed? he and his head coach were together forever and it worked. clearly it worked and the time passed. kevin cobb was supposed to be the guy but vick has played so well that they have to go with number 7 now. let's hear from both quarterbacks about each other. >> mike and i have been very good friends for almost 15 years now. so i'm just happy that he has had this opportunity and he has flourished in it. he is understanding his role an understanding what they expect of him. he is doing well. >> obviously happy that don was instrumental in bringing me here and our path have went separate ways. don is a great quarterback, great competitor and looking forward to this weekend. >> the accolades keep pouring in from michael vick. but yesterday, he was named the nfc offensive player of the
6:44 am
month, michael vick. if you wrote his movie story and you wrote this script, kevin mccarthy would pan it saying it is not believable. from where michael vick has been to where he is going now. >> i thought you were going to try to get the starring role gentleman not playing the part of michael vick. >> it will be a good game. you tell you when they will boo donovan mcnabb. when he throws a whole bunch of touchdowns. >> right now, they are glad they got rid of them. hopefully on sunday about 7:00, they won't be so happy. >> i'm hoping for a shoot outbetween these two quarterbacks. >> we know the eagles will score a little bit. the skins will have to keep pace. >> let's check in with tony now for you are on forecast too. >> let's jump right in. we'll start with our rainfall totals for the area airports from the storm that just passed. man, take a look at. this as we've been saying,
6:45 am
mother nature heard us say, hey, we're in a drought, with need some rain. she gave it to us. 4 four inches at reagan national airport. dulles international, a little bit more than that. at bwi marshall, just over 6 inches of rain resulted from the big storm system. there is your storm. it did bring more heavy rain to portions of the viewing area last evening and last night during the overnight showers as well. that is all pushed out of here. it is pushing off to the north and east. take a look out to the south and west p a break in the clouds right there. so some of you starting to see some sun sunshine -- or you will see some sunshine. sun comes up in just a little while. this is continuing to push out to the north an east and we'll see improving conditions. still rather moist out there with misty conditions and the like. but improving conditions as the morning goes by. temperatures around the region look like this. we are at 6 # degrees in washington. 62 at patuxent naval air station. weather was dicey there yesterday. 59 at dulles airport. 59 in hagerstown.
6:46 am
your forecast it today looks like this. early morning clouds will give way to some sunshine, at least partial sunshine for the afternoon. it will be breezy today. those wind gusting over 20 miles per hour. 74degrees for your high. five-day forecast, we have a cool weekend on tap. tomorrow, we look like -- it look like it will be sunny with a high of about 70 degrees. on sunday, cool, highs only in the mid-60s. some loud will move in here and we could see some showers in the latter part of the day, particularly i think during the evening. monday and tuesday be still cool with temperatures in the 60s. >> it will feel like fall. it will be great. >> fall is here. it is time for today's ask the weather guys. well, kind of. >> you kind of got a little sound he can, kind of. >> instead of answering a question for today's ask the weather guys we assistant to take the time to thank all of you for the photos uploaded to during the storm
6:47 am
coverage yesterday. they are helping us paint a picture of the storm damage all around the region. our cameras can't get everywhere. we want to show you some of the photos. take a look at this image captured in north beach, maryland. they don't like the beach being that close. flood waters reach right up to these homes facing the chesapeake bay. that is where some of the most significant flooding occurred. here a photo of ankle-deep water. this literally was sent in from jefferson count you, west virginia. the viewer snapped it while taking the dog out around 5:00 p.m. last night. if you want to send us your photos, go to and click on the weather tab and again, we thank you for that. you can also submit questions there. we'll resume our usual format for ask the weather guys on monday. >> it really does help. here, we have such a huge area to talk about. you and tucker talk about it every day. just because the conditions are one way in one area, it is not necessarily the same everywhere. it really helps out. >> we had it bad here but there
6:48 am
were other areas outlying that were even worse. >> absolutely. >> it reminds us maybe it wasn't as bad here. >> let's check in with julie wright. what did you find? >> a lot. he was taking the dog out in that deep water at 5:00 yesterday. bailey is like no way. you have a 13 in. beagle and that much water, that would be problems. >> that would be dangerous. >> on the road, we have a lot going on. not so much on the interstates. we had a fender bender here. they just cleared that to the shoulder. traffic volume is heavy leaving 95 around to georgia. it is our second regardy roads thatter with concerned with. in virginia, we have problems here at browns mill road. that is for standing water. this is a portion of henderson that is blocked off near the exit for maple branch and we've got trees down across the highway at that location. route 7 coming inbound this morning, accident activity reported out at route 9.
6:49 am
suzanne nikolaus is backed up out of -- 66 is backed up out of manassas. now, we to have major tie-ups to report on vre's fredericksburg line. an additional 0 to 45 minute delay added to your commute this morning. -- an additional 30 to 45 minute tea lay. on the vre manassas trains, service has been suspended until further notice due to wires down across the track. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> it is not written in pencil mark. it is written in ink. you made some ignorant crack about my family's name being my bra size and rated women based on their hotness. >> the highly anticipated film certainly network hits theaters this weekend. it will have some competition
6:50 am
extra you new documentary out about how our kids are being educated. joining us now is kevin mccarthy with 106.7 fm the fan. >> how are you? great to see you. >> especially your tie looks nice. >> at i blocked-out eight bit tie. i like it. this is pretty intriguing. aaron sorkin is the writer behind this and i remember him from the west wing. is this much the same way in the tiling on flows out like a knife cutting through warm without butter. it is beautiful. it is quote, unquote, the facebook movie. here is the deal with this film. facebook is not supporting it at all because they don't feel like it portrayed the founders in a correct light. it is a nonlinear tale of when
6:51 am
facebook was invented to the lawsuits that followed that cuts back and forth. the movie is conducted in this amazing beige, old-school way of film making. the dialogue is witty. it is so much fun to watch. in my opinion, as of right now on 10/1,/2010, this will win best oscar. inception before hand was pay favorite movie of the year. this week, social network coming out. it helps me figure out that we finally might have a great year for movies and i loved this movie. it hit the two-hour mark. the credits start rolling, i wanted two or three more hours of content. i gave it it a five out of five. you know what in call out sick now and go see it right now. it is very good. >> it also has some competition as well. a lot of people in the d.c. region will be incident rhetted in waiting for superman.
6:52 am
this being about our troubled public education system focusing quite a bit on d.c. public schools and michelle rhee is in this. >> fox 5 is in this movie five times. they have like clips. >> i walked out of this movie extremely angry. kids are our future and we are basically messing ourselves up by not giving them the greatest education they could possibly get. when you watch this movie, it is an unbelievable documentary. it follows five students from across country and the fact that they have to go into a lottery to get in a school of their choice. if not, they could be subjected to terrible teachers. there are great teachers. but there are so many bad teachers in this system and this movie kind of uncovers that truth and it kind of makes you angry that these kids are being subjected to this. i think it is a brilliant documentary. i feel like everything about it build up like a narrative. you loved it. it's four and a half out of
6:53 am
five. >> got some good ones so far. >> a great week. this is a rare, rare occasion that we get movies this good in one week. >> we've got a lot to choose from. all let me in. >> this is a remake of a movie called let the right one in, a swedish film. the lead star you are seeing on screen screen, she is 14 years old. her parents do not let her watch r-rated movies. so this movie is rated r. they would not let her watch the original movie because it was rated r. so she had to act the part out just based on the book and the script. it is about a 1-year-old boy would gets help from a 12-year- old vampire when he is getting bullied in school. generally, i meat remakes. but matt reeves nailed this. the cinematography is cold. there is snow. s in the the '80s. it is violent a sweet story way homeo and juliet style twist. imagine twilight with a better
6:54 am
script, better acting and more violence. i enjoyed this movie. it is called let me in. it is a four and a half out of five. >> wow! >> i am giving out four and a halfs out of five. go see them all in one day. >> we have one left. this one makes me want to mold my breath the entire time. this is my biggest fear. buried. >> ryan reynolds six feet underground for an hour envelope in a coffin. camera never leaves the coffin. an hour and a half of ryan reynolds. he wakes up with just a lighter and a cell phone and that is all there is and it is so rivetting. now, it does get a little bit boring like he probably bets bored down there at times. but the last five minutes, your chest will be pounding. it is so rivetting and so intense. again, i just field like they needed to make it a little less boring in the middle sections. i gave it a hree and a half out of five. but it is definitely worth
6:55 am
seeing. see the social network and by the way, justin timberlake can act. do not discredit him because he was in a boy band. he is awesome in the social network. >> okay. thank you so much for coming in today. >> hour and a half of ryan reynolds. that is all that kevin needs. the tech until that has been around for longer than you probably think. holly is giving us a look at some solar homes an why it might be something you might want to consider for your house. we'll check in with her after the break. it is 6:55. you want some fiber one honey clusters?
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7-0 homes on the tour. we're going to take you in two of them this morning and find out about the latest in solar technology and give you all of the information so you can come out and see what kind ecofriendly things you can do in your own home. sarah? >> let's send it over to allison who is joining steve. good morning. >> good morning, sarah. thank you so much. well, yesterday's day-long storm brought lots of flooding, downed trees and wires. and left some folks in the dark. we're just hearing about how bad it was in southern maryland. one school district is closed today. the same storms turned deadly in other parts of the east coast. we have complete coverage straight ahead. >> also ahead, president obama is expected to announce the departure of his chief of staff rahm emanuel. with this, the president is calling for patience as voters appear to be sending a new message to the white house. we'll get the latest from capitol hill. as if helping break the redskins losing skid wasn't enough, mcnabb gets extra motivation in facing off against the team he spent


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