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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 1, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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seasons of his career with. dave ross joins us with his friday forecast. let's take a look outside the tower cam looking down over the national cathedral over the river into virginia this morning. yep, just that kind of a day today. but better than it was yesterday. at least the rain is not coming down as hard as it was yesterday. good news there on this first day of october. 2010. thanks for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. important information to pass along out of the gate. st. mary's county public schools are closed today. it is code two for employees. this is of course because of flooding problems, down in southern maryland. st. mary's, county schools closed today. here's an indication of a concern down there. the st. mary's lake dam in great mills, maryland, was rising at a foot an hour overnight. that had emergency officials scrambling. they just told us there were about four feet away from triggering evacuations. that situation seems to have
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calmed down but we also know of swift water rescues there this morning. here's more proof of the flooding problems in maryland. check out the seen in annapolis. the city dock under water after getting hit with all of the rain. >> certainly a one-two punch in the district as well. first floodwaters forced drivers to abandon their cars then the wind brought down big trees. check out this scene from just this morning. high water closing browns mill road in vienna, virginia. you can see it is up more than a foot. enough to create a little rapid as it floats off the edge of the road there. of course, good news as we said right off the top, we have the rain out of the way now at least for the most part. hopefully we can start to move on, tony. >> we will. we'll see our conditions change and improve during the course of the morning and indeed, during the course of the day today as well. the heavy rain is gone. we're left with some misty conditions and gray skies this morning. we'll see improvement all the way around. let's take a look at the satellite radar. show you how things are starting off this morning. we do have the heavy rain that's pushed off to the north
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and east. we got another round of it last night during the evening, nighttime and overnight hours. that has all pushed off to the north and east. to be fair, they're still going to get hammered in the northeast today with areas of heavy rain and windy conditions. we are pretty much precipitation-free. there have been some reports of light mist and light rain here and there. there are some more rain showers in southwestern virginia. we'll keep our eyes on that. current temperatures around the region here in the district, 62 degrees. 61 in baltimore. 59 at dulles airport. 68 in ocean city. winchester, west virginia at 59 degrees. your forecast for today, early clouds, gray skies this morning. will give way to at least partial sunshine later on. high about 74 degrees and a breezy day today. i do want to mention, a coastal flood advisory in effect until 3:00 this afternoon. particularly along the western shore of the chesapeake bay. more on all of that coming up in a little bit. right now, back to you. steve and allison. >> we're getting a closer look at the roads this the area now.
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>> lee joins us from chevy chase, maryland with a look at the situation there. >> good morning, allison and steve. the water can come up on drivers all of a sudden. right down here on wisconsin avenue heading into the city, you can see we've got some standing water down there in the right lane. i can tell you i've seen a lot of brake lights this morning as people approach that. and people swerving to avoid it. on top of that, some roads in the area are closed, forcing drivers to take detours. that's the case in vienna, virginia. at browns mill road near beulah. that road remains covered in water as much as a foot deep. it is a low-lying area prone to flooding. there was a car that got trapped there last night. the area often floods and heavy rains. it is the same spot that flooded just over a month ago. buckling a small bridge over the road. now, that neighborhood has been hit again. now, where there isn't water, downed power lines could be a problem. thousands of people are still
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without power throughout the d.c. area. pepco crews restored electricity to this chevy chase neighborhood this morning. in some areas, crews had to block off the road to make the repairs and that's going to slow down traffic trying to get around those crews. the good news for pepco, the outages do not appear nearly as bad as the summer storms that knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of customers. now, the best bet this morning, really for people is just to watch out. for the standing water. for downed trees and limbs and for the power crews out there still working to restore power. you're going to want to give yourself a little bit of extra time to account for any detours or slowdowns you may encounter. that's the latest here in chevy chase, allison, steve, back to you. thank you. let's get more on this morning's commute now including a major disruption for vre riders. julie, happy friday. good morning. >> happy friday, indeed. you're right. vre fredericksburg line up until about 7:00 this morning, they told us they were dealing with speed reductions.
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restrictions rather. that means an additional 30 to 45 minutes to tack on to your commute. the vre line under speed restrictions. 30 to 45 minutes added on to the drive. if you're traveling out of the manassas, the trains have been suspended because we have wires down across the tracks. let me take you live on the lower 14th street to independence. that's where we've got the accident activity still tying up the left side of the highway with a tow truck on the scene. that's backing up your commute trying to get across the potomac. inbound on 295 to the freeway, at the end of the ramp from the 11th street bridge, there is a crash tying up the right side. new york avenue at montana avenue, signal lights are on flash. treat the intersection as a four way stop. 66 on the brakes here leaving fair oaks toward 123 and the beltway. traffic congested. we heard sherrie lee talk about brownsville. that's shut down. we have a portion of henderson that's blocked off because of a tree down across the highway. 395 delays leaving the beltway
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continue up toward duke street. 95 congested out of woodbridge. in maryland, southbound 270 with lanes open. a little bit below speed here leaving falls road headed out toward the split. route one, southbound stretch, partially tied up because of standing water. also, new hampshire avenue at powder mills partially blocked because of a tree down. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. keep in mind whenever you have concerns about the weather, you can get all of your updates on-line. conditions, watches, warnings, updates on the road. even videos and photos. go to and click on the weather tab. we have it for you at your fingertips. the other big story, one of the president's closest advisers expected to step down today. rahm emanuel getting ready for a set to become chicago's next mayor. the move comes as the president is trying to rally voters for the upcoming november election. doug luzader has more for us now from capitol hill. >> reporter: the white house chief of staff rahm emanuel will announce he's stepping down later today. this comes at a critical time for the white house.
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president obama hasn't kept this kind of schedule or had these kinds of adoring crowds since he campaigned for his job two years ago. he was in d.c. speaking at a hip-hop concert and rally, trying to harness some of the energy and calling for votes and patience. >> we have to move this country forward for you and your future. so, there better not be an enthusiasm gap, people. >> the obama team takes a hit today. hard-hitting chief of staff rahm emanuel will announce he's leaving to run for mayor of chicago. he will be replaced at least temporarily by another white house insider. senior adviser peter rouse. >> pete has been with senator- elect, senator, president-elect and now president obama. >> this is not exactly new blood particularly at a time when the white house itself is under such a microscope. even though the president isn't on the ballot in next month's midterm election, a new fox
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news poll shows that 75% of registered voters will try to send a message to the white house. for or against. >> i predict the stormy weather we've seen in the republican prime minister will lead to a tsunami on november 2nd. >> the white house thinks an aggressive campaign by the president and crowds like this will help turn back that time. and one of the biggest challenges for the white house, that same fox news poll shows 86% of voters think the country is still in a recession. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> doug, thank you. another high profile member of the obama administration targeted. this case by the suspect in last year's deadly shooting at the u.s. holocaust memorial museum. according to "time" magazine, accused shooter james von brawn had set his sights on david axelrod because the president was too hard to reach. he quoted obama was created by jews. obama does what his jew owners tell him to do end quote.
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just after the museum shooting, axelrod was given an answer tourage of secret service agents before. that, he had no protection. before that, he had no protection. making headlines around the region, armed robbers pulling off an armored car heist at the bb&t bank on wisconsin avenue in georgetown. police say four men wearing hoodies and masks took both cash and a gun from the guards. investigators found their black dodge magnum a few blocks away as they were combing through surveillance footage from the area to see if they could find any clues. that's the latest on that investigation. federal investigators are also trying now to figure out what caused a deadly bus crash on i-270. state police have ruled out mechanical problems in this and investigators are now looking into claims by passengers that the driver passed out right before that crash. the driver, 66-year-old joseph clay baugh was killed. students and chaperones from
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carlisle pennsylvania, were headed back home from a day at the national zoo and the national mall. i would say it was over in about ten seconds. >> did it roll once or twice? >> oh, like three or four times. >> the bus was a high occupancy lane on interstate i-270. that's what they were traveling in when it rolled down an embankment and stopped on a jersey barrier that kept it from fall into traffic below. >> coming up on fox 5 morning news, the latest on a developing story in south america where ecuador's president was taken hostage. troops forced to launch an attack against rebel police to rescue the president. we'll get the latest on this attempted coup straight ahead. >> plus, have you ever walked on a metro platform after some rain or a spill, you know how slippery it can become. alexandria's mayor learned that in a painful way. now, he's calling for some changes. it is coming up. as we head to break right now, take another live look
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outside. we do have clearing conditions after yesterday'ser to edges downpour. -- yesterday's torrential downpour. we have problems on the rails and the roads. we'll check in with julie wright after the break. it is 7:11.
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middle class marylanders do. blue diamond almonds! more bold flavor! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack. we're certainly not the only ones who had to deal with that huge storm system the last couple of days. the rain caused major flooding up and down the entire east coast. at least five deaths attributed to the storm that stretched from the carolinas up to maine. we're showing amtrak because across the northeast, the trains were slowed down because of standing water on the tracks and tree limbs that fell on the tracks as well. there were flight delays of up to three hours and some flight cancellations as well. as all of the water that is
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waist-deep in some areas. >> my goodness. >> oh, boy. that was some day yesterday, tony. >> it will still be a problem for parts of the northeast. they're still getting a lot of rain as the storm system has moved out of here but continues to move to the north and east. another day of misery for folks in the northeastern part of the united states as that heavy rain continues. we're having improving conditions here. that's good. yeah. let me show you the current temperature at reagan national airport. it remains 62 degrees. it has been there since 5:00 this morning. 62 relative humidity at 84%. our winds, this will be part of our story. winds are blowing at about 17 miles per hour. gusting up to 23 miles per hour. at reagan national airport. barometric pressure is on the rise. all right. here is a look at the gusts. 23-mile-per-hour wind gusts. look at patuxent naval air station. 31-mile-per-hour wind gusts there. 24 at dulles airport. gusty morning. there is your storm. and there it goes. thank goodness. pulling away from here, we're
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left with some clouds. those will start to move out. we see a good break in the clouds off to our south. and west. we'll get some of the sunshine working in here a little bit later on. we've had a gray start to the day. with misty conditions, light rain showers. all of that is pulling away. forecast for the next five days, today, becoming gradually becoming sunny. 74 degrees. breezy though. tomorrow, cool. i won't think cool. mild. 70 degrees. with a good amount of sunshine. more clouds build in on sunday. could see some showers. highs sunday only about 66 degrees. >> that's cool. >> that's cool. monday and tuesday, still cool with highs only in the 60s. >> time to break out the sweater. >> stay inside and watch the redskins game on sunday. >> all day football. >> hey, julie wright, what's going on out there? >> steve has it all planned out. >> i like my plan. >> on the roads right now, we're talking about standing water. we've got a lot of it. sherry lee has been reporting live out of fairfax. that's still shut down. we also have a tree down tying
7:17 am
up henderson. be careful as you work your way from your secondary roads headed out toward the major arteries. lower 14th street is where we had the crash tying up the left side of the road. big delays off the 14th street bridge. the potomac, look for delays from boundary kennel drive. 66, delayed as you continue in from manassas and fair oaks. nutley street to the beltway. the beltway interbelt. toll road 7 uneventful. that's good news for you. 95 around the georgia avenue. the pace improves here. no problems to report on this interloop. route one still dealing with standing water. new york avenue at west west virginia montana, trouble with the signal lights. they're flashing red and green at the same time. so, if you're traveling inbound through northeast washington this morning, proceed with caution. treat this as a four way stop. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> julie, thanks. the mayor of alexandria is calling for changes on metro
7:18 am
after a painful mishap at the braddock road station. bill yule slipped and fell as he was boarding a train. roby chavez with the story. >> the right leg, which is normally straight, just bowed that way. >> reporter: at home with a leg brace and an ice pack, alexandria mayor bill yule remembers a painful morning commute on metro. yule is also a metro board member and ironically, was on his way to metro headquarters when he slipped on the platform at the braddock road station just as he was getting on the train. >> i pulled my pant leg up just to see -- it was like the grossest picture. it was like someone had taken a sledgehammer and hit me on my knee. there was this big gap indentation. just like a hole there. i said what happened? >> the mayor says he slipped on the tiles, wet from the rain and made worse by a leaky roof which left a puddle. >> said well, i really can't believe this. i'm the mayor of alexandria. i'm on the metro board on my
7:19 am
way to a metro meeting and i get injured at a metro station. >> with the train ready to leave and his body half inside the train and half out, passengers quickly pulled him inside the car. he couldn't walk on his own and he feared he would be dragged. >> the door was -- you know, about to close. it wasn't closing on me until i had actually fallen. then as folks came to realize oh, gosh, he's down on his feet, on his but, the doors are closing. that was the main concern. hold the doors, hold the doors. >> now sidelined, the metro board member is on crutches after dislocating his knee. he also suffers from torn ligaments. yule says it may finally be time for fellow board members to replace the controversial and slippery tiles. >> we want to be much more safety conscious. i think this is a call -- a good opportunity to revisit how safe are our platforms particularly in bad weather.
7:20 am
>> in alexandria, roby chavez, fox 5 news. >> yule says he will have to have surgery. he commends his fellow passengers for helping him get on the train after he fell. thousands of people expected here in washington tomorrow for the one nation working together march. civil rights leaders, union leaders, peace activists and celebrities all organizing the event to demand jobs for americans. >> the obstructionist in the u.s. senate unfortunately hasn't all been republican. there have been democrats who have dug in and who have kept important jobs bills from getting through. >> district council president vincent gray says unemployment affects everybody in d.c. he is one of several local leaders supporting the march. coming up in the next hour of fox 5 morning news, we'll have a local representative of the naacp to talk about it. 7:20 now. coming up next on this friday, turmoil in south america. a country's president is taken
7:21 am
hostage then soldiers storm a hospital with guns and grenades to rescue him. where this major drama is unfolding. also, rescue teams from several countries working together in the search for a pair of american balloonists who disappeared. we'll take a look at where that happened. >> technology still seem like something in the future, right? but it has been around for a long time. maybe longer than you've realized. holly is giving us a look at solar homes and why it may want to be something you consider for your hoax. whale check in with her coming up, too.
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in headlines this morning, police shooting at each other in ecuador. soldiers from the army had to rescue the president of ecuador from rebel police. president raphael was rushed to the hospital after police fired tear gas at him. angry police officers surrounded the hospital and soldiers rescued the president by firing guns and grenades at
7:25 am
police. it flung the country into chaos with police going on a nationwide strike and soldiers seizing control of the airport. there is a state of emergency in ecuador today and the head of the army is declaring support for the president and that country's constitution. in pakistan, militants torched dozens of trucks supplying the war effort in afghanistan. up to 30 oil trucks were attacked inside pakistan. this happened on the same day that pakistan closed the border to nato supply convoys. that was in protest over a u.s. helicopter raid in pakistan that killed the three pakistani soldiers. the search continues for a pair of american balloonists in italy. richard abruz zoe and carol davis has been taking part in a big balloon race trying to fly as far as they could on a limited amount of natural gas but they lost contact with communications somewhere over the adriatic sea off the italian coast. the last signal they received from the balloon's gps was on wednesday. helicopters, military aircraft and three boats are all taking part in the search.
7:26 am
a ground crew is also checking the coast but so far, no sign of the americans. a heads up for drivers in maryland today. what you should not be doing behind the wheel. that's coming up next. >> also this hour, week four. already it seems like the redskins season is on the line. could donovan mcnabb lead the burgundy and gold? dave ross is going to be along with our friday football forecast around speaking of forecasts, ours around here expected to get better. leftover flooding remains. we'll check in with both tony and julie coming up after the break. it is 7:26.
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heads up for drivers. today is the day you should go hands free in the free state. we're talking about cell phones, of course. the new hands-free law is in effect in maryland. will you face a $40 fine for the first offense. $100 after that. now, another law going into effect will impact sex offenders beginning today, maryland will now be in compliance with the federal sex offender registration and notification act. which creates minimum standards for sex offender registration. just a little more than four weeks to go before election day. "fox news sunday" has its eye
7:30 am
on one senate race making headlines all over the country. we're talking about the match- up between kentucky republican brand paul and jack conway. chris wallace joins us live from capitol hill this morning. chris, i say we're talking about it. are you going to be talking about it on sunday. >> well, i'll be talking with him. good morning, steve. we're going to fly to louisville later today and we're going to be having a debate. the first debate of the fall campaign on a sunday talk show on sunday. with ran paul and like his father, very much a libertarian and against any government involvement in the private sector against jack conway, the attorney general of kentucky. this is a race that the republicans have to have if they're going to have any chance of gaining control of the senate. at this point, it is a flat out dead heat. a complete tossup. it should be a very feisty debate on sunday. these guys, well, i was going to say like keith jackson used to say about football, they just plain don't like each
7:31 am
other. >> speaking of feisty, some of the feistiness in the democratic party when we hear more from the white house, obviously many things going on with the white house. just the latest now. what we're expecting with the announcement of rahm emanuel leaving. >> he has been one of thing forces in this white house. he was the inside man that president obama wanted when he came to washington, obviously, rahm emanuel in the house leadership, helped elect a democratic majority in 2006. not known for a gentle bedside manner. you know, talk about the fact he sliced off a particular finger. he literally did slice off of top of one of his fingers. obama used to make the comment that maybe it had rendered him mute because he used the finger so often in comments to various people. but it will be interesting to see how he does. he will go back to chicago and run for mayor now that richard daley said he's going to retire. on the other hand, obama has a big hole to fill. he's going to fill it temporarily with pete rouse but
7:32 am
especially if the republicans win in november, this white house is going to have to figure out whether it needs to recalibrate one, the deal with the republican majority, especially in the house and also to deal with the president's re-election in 2012. i know you're talking about the whole progress debate and the president had strong words to them and trying to invigorate voters and democrats. but kind of calling him out at the same time. this is no time for pessimism. this is the time to get to work. get out there. >> midterm elections are really about turnouts. not nearly as many people turn out as do during a presidential election. it becomes a function of getting more of your supporters out to vote than the other guys get of their supporters. democrats have faced an esthusiasm gap. like a two to one margin. republicans are more excited, more energized about this election. so, the president is trying to get his democratic base out and one of the ways is calling them out and saying don't give up. don't sit on the sidelines. we've gotta fight for our
7:33 am
program. it is taking longer than we thought it would. >> always good talking with you, chris. >> thank you, steve. >> chris and "fox news sunday" right here after fox 5 morning news which you can see at 8:00 a.m. hopefully, the rain is gone by then. have a couple of things to go. things are getting better, tony. >> could be new rain coming in for sunday. later in the day. nothing like what we just went through. want to mention a couple of things. we still have a coastal flood advisory in effect until 3:00 today. due to some of the high tides. some of the water conditions and some of the wind pushing the water up on shore in some locations. there are some scattered flood warnings out there this morning where you have rivers and streams and the like. most of those will expire at some point during the course of the morning hours. let's take a look at what's going on. we want to start by talking about the rain we had during the last couple of days. boy, oh, boy, significant rainfall amounts. we've set records all over the place. all of the area airports set records for the day yesterday.
7:34 am
at reagan national, 4.75 inches of rain fell during the course of the storm. these are your storm totals. bwi marshall had over six inches. i didn't say snow, did i? ok. these are your rainfall totals. be happy it wasn't snow. otherwise we would be talking about blizzard conditions like what we had earlier this year. late riviera in maryland, 8.25 inch. over 10 and a half in portny. they're still going to get significant rainfall in portions of the northeast. here is the map. here's why. all of that is headed north. i just stepped outside of our studios in northwest washington. earlier, we were having mist and light rain. we're not having that now. still cloudy and gray out there. not a pretty start to the day. breezy conditions as well. but the storminess has pushed off to the north and east.
7:35 am
as that area of low pressure continues to track away from here, it will pull the clouds with it and gradually, the winds will diminish as well. current temperatures around the region, right now, here in the district. we're at 62 degrees. we remain at 62 degrees. 62 in baltimore. 60 at dulles. 61 patuxent. winchester at 60 degrees. your forecast for washington for today. morning clouds. that will give way to some afternoon sunshine. still breezy. high about 74 degrees. for tonight, a cool night. with overnight lows in the 50s across the area. a couple of clouds here and there. that will be about it. for your five-day forecast, tomorrow, not a bad day. mostly sunny. 70 degrees. sunday, cool. highs only in the mid-60s. some clouds build in. could see some showers late in the day until the first part of monday. then we get a cool start to the next week with highs only in the 60s. that's what's happening with the weather. we'll have more coming up in a little bit. allison and steve, back to you. >> tony, thanks. the rain may have long stopped where you live but for some
7:36 am
this morning, there has been real concern and trouble in the wake of the massive rainstorm. >> down in st. mary's county, schools are closed because the buses couldn't make it through to their routes. and a real scare this morning. concerning the dam down there. the st. mary's lake. joining us on the phone is dave. dave, i'll tell you what. we thought we had it bad until we started here and what you're dealing with in st. mary's county. what's going on? >> it has been a pretty active night for us. i got called about 1:30 and department of natural resources who monitors the water level at st. mary's lake and the dam said they were at about 66 feet. they had been recording rises of about a foot per hour. according to the emergency action plan that the department of natural resources puts together for the dam, we have certain thresholds and we were at an emergency level 2. since then, about 2:00, certainly our
7:37 am
rains had stopped down here. and the rising -- the rise in the dam in the lake had slowed down considerably. so, last report, between 5:00 and 6:00, it had only risen an additional inch in that hour. we're just above 67 feet at the lake right now. >> at the height of it, dave, we have reports that you were just four feet away from evacuating folks there. we're now told that it is an emergency face two. what does that mean and how closely are you still watching it and what do you want the folks there to know? >> department of natural resources folks are on the scene at the lake and they're taking hourly measurements. like i said, they report up to us here at public safety. what their measurements are. if the water level gets to 70 feet, it puts us in emergency level three which would be a mandatory evacuation for the folks below the dam. like i say, with the rain
7:38 am
receding like it has, and the last reports that i got, i'm hopeful that we're not going to make the threshold. >> we're hoping right along with you, dave. the good news, like you said, at least in the last couple of hours, it has slowed dramatically as far as the level and we hope it continues to do so. and start receding at some point. dave, keep us up to speed if anything changes. >> sure will. >> dave, thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> it gets scary when you talk about things like that. we worry about water on the road. when you see you're just a couple of feet away from that much water getting out. >> all right. >> we'll let you know if anything else develops. in the meantime, more on the morning's commute from julie wright. what's going on elsewhere? >> we've got problems downtown as a result of all of the rain from yesterday. the road was partially compromised as you make your way from the 11th street bridge to the westbound freeway and that's why that ramp has been narrowed down to one left lane only. significant tie-ups coming in off of 210 from the beltway on
7:39 am
to 295 all the way up and across the 11th street bridge. yes, south capital street is open for business but again, extremely slow. northbound 210 and 295 from the beltway headed north. outer loop of the beltway, crash gone. delays around georgia avenue. route one still dealing with the standing water there. a tree down. southbound 29 at lockwood drive, a tree down along the right side of the he way. if you're travelling in virginia, northbound on 95, not looking so busy in springfield. heading up toward the way, crash at 236 moved over to the shoulder. 66 is still slowing in manassas, centerville to fair oaks to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> coming up next, it is back to philadelphia for number 5, donovan mcnabb making his first trip back to the city of brotherly love. to take on his former team. we'll see how much love there is for number 5. do the skins have what it takes to beat the
7:40 am
eagles. your friday football forecast with mr. dave ross coming up right after the break. hi there. i'm ian wright and i'm investigating what makes aruba so happy. oh my word that's fantastic. ♪ row your boat gently down the stream... ♪
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i'll tell you what; it's not aloe vera the main export. it's happiness. i haven't even got bait on the end of mine. i don't care; it's just nice sitting here. you're getting it. you're getting it.
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>> donovan mcnabb is synonymous with the eagles franchise. he led phillies to five nfc title games and led filly to a super bowl. it all changed when he was traded to the redskins in april. now, michael vick, the starting quarterback with the eagles. vick and mcnabb go way back. donovan did his west to recruit vick. dave joins us now for the football forecast. >> the battle of the quarterbacks. >> it is hard to ignore. therefore, nobody is ignoring it. one interesting thing about vick and mcnabb, they go way back. mcnabb was a stalwart. when he was leaving syracuse -- >> wait no they didn't. >> they were trying to recruit a young michael vick and rep cruiting tool was come to syracuse and you could be the
7:44 am
next donovan mcnabb. michael vick said he chose virginia tech because he wanted to be the first michael vick. so, it worked out well. now, we all know what's happened to vick in the last couple of years. it has been a roller coaster, would be an understatement. being in federal prison for dogfighting, i thought he had an interesting quote yesterday when asked about that. somebody asked him mike, why did you lie about your involvement with dogfighting and he said and i quote "my whole life was a lie." this sounds like a guy who's figured it out. he really bottomed out. now, again, we've seen these things before. when you say that, you don't give an excuse. i did it for this, this, this. he says look, i was living a l.i.e. my whole life was out of control. it seems like now, he appreciates the game. maybe more so than he did before. he was a number one pick. people forget that. this was the number one pick in the nfl draft many moons ago and now he's got a second lease on his nfl life. >> he's making the most of it. >> easier to make comments like that when he's on top.
7:45 am
>> if you would have made that comment when he was on the bottom, who knows if it would mean the same thing. >> real quick, let's talk about the other big story we're not talking about right now, the running game with the redskins and clinton portis getting less and less time on the field. what's happening with him and whoever else might be in the mix. >> clinton portis, it is said he will be the starting runningback. this play here portis broke at three for 27 yards then inexplicably goes down. portis said he would do that again. take a lissen from clinton. >> i have no idea why i changed. i didn't get into detail about it. i mean you can go watch it over and over and over again. if i had the chance to do it again, i would do the same thing with five people around me. so, you know, maybe i could have picture up four more yards. four more yards. >> he will always give you great effort. i've never been around him
7:46 am
where he doesn't given 110%. he's one of the most competitive individuals i've ever been around. >> interesting comments from cp. i don't know why he would do it again but the head coach says he will start on sunday. >> that's not 110% if you're going to go down. >> dave ross, thanks. stay with us for coverage of the redskins and the match-up with the eagles. pregame starts sunday at 11:00. you can get the latest headlines on by clicking on the sports tab. allison, tony? >> thank you, dave. thank you, steve. skyfox is over that dam we were just talking about in st. mary's county now. and the no school there because the buses can't make their routes because of all of that rain. there, you see the headline, rising water on st. mary's lake dam of course in great mills. they were not too far away from evacuating, tony. right now, it seemed to have leveled off a bit. >> there's flooding water in part of town there.
7:47 am
this is part of the area that bore the brunt of some of the rain showers -- rain showers -- the rainstorm that we had come through here and in fact, just a short time ago, when i was showing you some of the totals, the highest amount that we saw was ten and a half inches from st. mary's county. so, yeah, they have some trouble there. hmm. all right. dramatic pictures. >> let me show you the areas covered -- i'll start with hd radar. show you the areas still under flood warnings. all of the areas you see there in green are under flood warnings including montgomery county, parts of anne arundel county. st. mary's county, elsewhere. these warnings expire at various times during the course of the morning. but again, with high tide, standing water and all of that, we continue to see flooding and flood warnings still in effect. for parts of the viewing area. all right, let's go to the graphics. our regional temperature, 62 degrees here. 66 down in norfolk, virginia. up in new york city, it is 67
7:48 am
degrees. where they're getting rain. and are likely to see heavy rain during the course of the day today. five-day forecast, high today after morning clouds and misty conditions and gray skies, we'll get some sunshine working in here later on today. at least partial sunshine. breezy, high 74. tomorrow, 70 and sunny. sunday, mid-60s with clouds building in. rain rain showers the latter part of the day. monday and tuesday. highs only in the 60s. so, we'll get ready for a cool spell here in the area. >> oh, boy. all right. we'll take it. because we have no choice, right? >> thanks, tony. >> let's check in with julie. >> allison, see for yourself. i'm laying on the floor every time he does the forecast. i'm kicking and screaming. >> it is better to just accept it. >> uh-huh. >> ok. [ laughter ] >> hey, 246 flatiron road is where the crew is down in st. mary's county. we heard from an official and showed you the water and everything. again, we want to bring. >> live picture from the crew and skyfox. they happen to be over flatiron
7:49 am
road. again, as you can see, a lot of our secondary roads are flooded out at this point. we're waiting for the water to recede. again, that's why the schools are closed. just about everything down there is closed unfortunately because we're dealing with a lot of flooding in this area. so, again, live shot from the crew in skyfox, st. mary's county. this is going to be flatiron road in the vicinity of great mills road. that remains closed off until further notice. unfortunately, no time line on when the water will recede. hopefully sooner rather than later. a lot of folks stuck at home because of all of the water. we'll take it back inside quickly. we'll show you what else is happening. southbound 29 as you travel south, you're hitting the headed out toward lockwood drive. tree down across the right-hand side of the road. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. thanks so much, julie. today, holly is exploring solar technology. >> she's at the annual solar tour in alexandria. hi, holly. >> reporter: well, actually, we're in arlington but it is one of those a towns in virginia, who cares.
7:50 am
whether you're talking about alexandria, arlington or lots of cities within the greater washington area, there are more solar homes than you think. 70 of them are on the 2010 solar home tour going on this weekend. we'll tell you where it is happening, how it all works and most importantly, how it might inspire you to be a little more ecofriendly yourself. it is all next on fox 5 morning news.
7:51 am
tuatng ol
7:52 am
7:53 am
holly learning about solar homes this morning. >> she's previewing the annual solar tour where you can learn all about the technology that's been around for maybe longer than you probably think. holly, wood morning. >> it has been around for quite some time. this tour alone has been around for 20 years. but you know, like anything in terms of going green, in the beginning, it maybe wasn't the most practical thing. it wasn't the most economical thing. they've come a long way. there are a lot of people in our area that are taking advantage of what is out there. charlie garlow is the tour chair and monique is with solar energy industries association. but she has a great story. we're going to get to her in a second. charlie, tell us about the tour and how it works this weekend. >> it is a self-guided tour. as you go to whichever home you want to and stay as long as you like to. ask all of the questions you like to then go on to the next
7:54 am
home, we have 70 homes to choose from. >> i think that's the largest tour i've heard of. 7-0. what kind of area? >> baltimore to frederick, maryland down to lordtown, virginia. everywhere you are, there is a solar home near you. >> it says that people are doing this. they're using it and it is working. >> it is beautiful. look at monique's home. >> let's bring monique in. she's with solar industries association. but here's the thing. she doesn't just talk the talk, she walks the walk but actually walked the walk before you got the job, right? you had a solar home before you even took this position. so, obviously you're someone who believes in it. tell us about your house here. >> sure. we have two systems here. a system, the large panels you see up on top. the pan ams actually capture the sunlight and turn it into electricity. that powers our home. >> it is pretty simple. people understand that. that's how solar panels work. this is a good news/bad news thing for you because we showed the front of your home earlier. you would never be able to tell. which for people that don't
7:55 am
necessarily want to see it, that's great. for you, you're like i want people to see it. i want them to know we're using it. on a day like today, when it is not so sunny, how is it working? >> working at probably about half with the cloud cover. we'll get sun later of course. even on the cloudy days, we're getting a half to 2/3, it depends on how cloudy. and that feeds right into our electrical box and just as additional power to the house. on the really sunny days when we're actually not using as much power as we're getting from the system, we're actually sending extra electrons out off of our meter to our neighbors. basically. and that's called a net metering system. so, any extra power we produce, we get credit for from dominion power. >> you spin the meter backwards. >> you see it going backwards. >> let's head on inside here a little bit to your walkout basement. we're heading toward the water heater. tell me about that. >> sure. up on the roof, you saw the large tubes. that's the solar water heating
7:56 am
system. that is capturing the sun's heat and light. it is heating up tubes of refrigerant that come through the house. there's just a very small pump that keeps it circulating and it basically heats the water in this -- it is called a heat exchange unit. it looks just like a regular water heater and it can get upwards of 140 degrees on a clear, sunny day. and that can be in the winter and the summer. the hottest temperatures are in the spring and the summer, of course. in the winter time or on a cloudy day, we still do get some heat and it basically preheats the water and takes the load off our natural gas water heater which acts as a back-up. >> do you have a back-up system. >> in terms of like cost- effectiveness, really being able to do this, by the time you put it in, to when you see a return, are you really saving money, what kind of time frame are we talking about there? >> about five to seven years. it depends on where you live and your bills and et cetera. we're saving right now, $400 a year on our water heating, on
7:57 am
our natural gas bill. >> when the economy is tough, $400 a year -- it helps significantly. >> all right. >> and so just want to make sure you can get these at rei. $5 per household? >> or you can get it at >> you can download that for -- >> free! >> we like that. during this economy as well. is our web site. we have a link to theirs if you want to download the guide there. that acts as your ticket to actually get into all of the different 70 homes on the tour. coming up, we'll talk more with monique about tax incentives when you have these kinds of technologies in your house. we'll talk about the hottest, coolest, sportiest electric car you've ever seen. back to you. >> wow. that's something to look forward to. thanks, holly. >> coming up, we're dishing about the d.c. housewives. straight ahead at 8:00. >> also, the latest forecast from toby when fox 5 morning news continues.
7:58 am
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>> live pictures from skyfox on the aftermath of yesterday's rain. we're looking at flooding in
8:01 am
southern maryland. one of several places dealing with a continuing impact of the massive east coast storm. coming up on fox 5 morning news, we're going to find out if there is anymore rain as we head into the weekend. >> thousands people coming to washington tomorrow for the one nation working together march. civil rights leaders, union leaders, peace activists, even celebrities all organizing the event to demand jobs for americans. we'll take a closer look at the event with stephanie brown who is the national field director for the naacp. helping break the redskins two games losing skid wasn't enough, donovan mcnabb gets extra motivation to facing off against the team he spent his first 11 seasons of his career with this season. dave ross joins us with his friday football forecast. fox 5 news at 8:00 starts right now. >> thanks for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison see hour. important information right out of the gate. st. mary's county public schools are closed today. it is code two fork workers. this of course because of the flooding problems down in southern maryland. again, st. mary's county
8:02 am
schools closed today. let's take a look at why those schools are closed. this is the scene from skyfox live over the great mills area. this is down in st. mary's county. water covering some of the roadways. this right in the center of town. in fact, that's why school officials had to shut down because as you can see, buses are not going to make it through roads like this. that's why there is no school today in st. mary's county. the buses couldn't make their routes. >> close to that scene, water levels at the st. mary's lake dam rose overnight for a few hours at an alarming rate about a foot an hour. skyfox is over the dam earlier. at one point, the water was about four feet away from triggering evacuations in that area. the st. mary's public safety director told us last hour, the situation has been stabilized with the dam only rising an inch an hour in the most recent readings. we hope it stays that way. check out the scene from just this morning. high water closing browns mill road in vienna, virginia. you can see it is up more than a foot there. enough to create a little rapid as it floats off the edge of
8:03 am
the road. >> the big question, most people have is what happens next as we take a look at the monument there from tower cam. we'll bring tony into the mix to help answer the question. >> we've got some time to recover. most importantly, i do want to mention there are still some flood warnings in effect out there for parts of the viewing area including st. mary's county and anne arundel county and montgomery county. flood warnings generally speaking around rivers and streams and the like where we could see even though it is not raining, some of the waters overflow with all of the rain and moisture we did see and as that water makes its way downstream. but the rain mass moved out of the area. we don't expect anymore rain for today. let me show you the satellite radar. we got more heavy rain in parts of the area last night. including during the overnight hours. that is all now pushed off to the north and east. you can see the storm system there. it is still raining quite heavily in portions of the northeast. and offshore. but again, that's pulling out of our region as an area of low pressure tracks to the north and east. and we're done with the rain.
8:04 am
we were getting some light rain showers just a couple of hours ago. they moved out. we do have cloudy skies and cool temperatures. 62 degrees now in washington. 62 in baltimore. 64 in fredericksburg. ocean city at 67 degrees. for today, gradual improvement. early morning clouds giving way to some sunshine later on today. partial sunshine. high about 74 degrees. it will remain breezy today. so, that could impact some areas. we have a coastal flood advisory in effect as well. until i think 3:00 today. with winds blowing out of the north primarily 10, 15, 20 miles per hour gusting up to about 25 miles per hour. so, there you go. some improvement. we'll tell you about the weekend coming up. >> all right. if we're going to move on into it, then let's move on into it. julie, come on, girl, let's move on into it. do you know you have some cute fall clothes. >> i was going to say i got some new rain boots i could put on. >> let's move into it. >> i'm ready. [ laughter ]
8:05 am
>> when you bring fashion into it, i'm all about it. >> see? >> all right. on the roads right now, we're talking to the crew in skyfox. what a mess it has been for our friends down in st. mary's county, going out to the guys and girls there. they're stuck unfortunately underwater. this is flatiron road. that's where we've got problems here in great mills. again, a lot of these secondary roads we're finding are underwater. still waiting for this water to recede. with underwater, it is more than a couple of inches. it is pretty substantial out there. be careful again. if you are trying to make it out and about, we strongly encourage you not to make it an attempt to drive through water. people have to be rescued because they attempt to drive through the standing water. it is no joke. we're waiting for the water to recede. this remains closed off until further notice. we have some problems this morning with vre. we on vre's fredericksburg line. up until 7:00 this morning. they had some speed restrictions causing extra time on the road for them or extra
8:06 am
time on the rails. the vre manassas line, service suspended until further notice as a result of the storms yesterday. we have wires down across the tracks. vre service out of manassas suspended until further notice. quick peek, traveling southbound along 29 leaving randolph road headed down toward lockwood, it is gridlock. trouble south of this is at lockwood drive with a tree down blocking the right lane. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. our other big story this morning, changes at the white house. we're waiting for an official announcement from president barack obama at 11:00 this morning. the president is expected to say and announce that rahm emanuel is leaving his job as chief of staff. and will name pete rouse as taking over for emanuel temporarily. he's not new to the president. he was mr. obama's chief of staff when he was senator obama. a bold armored car heist that happened at 2:30 p.m.
8:07 am
in georgetown. four robbers wearing hoodies and masks held up the armored car taking cash and a gun from guards as they were transferring money to the bb&t bank on wisconsin avenue. they were driving a black dodge magnum. police found that get away car a couple of blocks away. so, they're now combing through surveillance video from the area. to see if they can find any clues. we're getting some of the 911 calls from the bus crash in bethesda. the bus went over an i-270 overpass killing the driver. joseph claybaugh. drivers who saw the crash called 911 detailing the harrowing early minutes of the early disaster on the i-270 spur. >> i would say it was over in about ten seconds. >> did it roll once or twice? >> oh, like three or four times. >> we'll bring you some of the calls a little bit later on. the ntsb has investigation into the crash. they're looking at factors such as the highway barriers and the driver's health. coming up on fox 5 morning news, rescue teams from several countries are working together
8:08 am
now in the search for a pair of missing american balloonists who disappeared near italy. as we head to break, we'll take another look outside this morning. traffic is pretty light on 395 by the pentagon. still dealing with the aftereffects of yesterday's storm. we'll give you another forecast from tony and julie will check traffic for us as well. problems on the rails today, too. she'll keep us up to speed on everything. it is 8 minutes past the hour.
8:09 am
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8:11 am
he made my dream of going to college into a reality. i'm the first in my family to go to college. my brother and i never would have been able to afford college. even though times were tough... governor o'malley kept his promise. there's never a doubt... there's never a doubt whose side he's on. martin o'malley... moving maryland forward. . an attempted coup in ecuador as the country's president was rushed to the hospital after rioting police roughed him up and fired tear gas at him. he was trapped until the army rescued him. they fired automatic guns and grenades at the rebelling police. at least three people were killed. soldiers seized control of the airport after police went on a nationwide strike and a state of emergency was declared. the attempted coup is now over. as the head of the army is promising to back the president but the president is promising to punish the police. in italy, the search continues for a pair of
8:12 am
american balloonists. abruzzo and davis have been trying to fly as far as they could on a limited amount of natural gas when they lost contact with officials. the last signal received from the balloon's gps was on wednesday. so, helicopters, military aircraft and three boats are all taking part in the search. a ground crew is also checking the coast. tony didn't get to do this yesterday because we were in the middle of the rainstorm and what was going on. right now, he gets to redeem himself because it is time for my first five. >> it is going to make it all better. >> and we make up for it with extra cuteness. >> it is time for the my first five photo of the day. take a look at this little one. >> what! >> caught with her foot in her mouth. >> how does that happen? >> literally. >> how did she do that? >> that's funny. i love the whole baby fascination with the feet. what's going on down there. what are these?
8:13 am
>> this is madison. she also goes by poots according to her family. >> i wonder if she's going to like that name when she's 18. >> probably go by madison. that name will go by the wayside, i believe. she's absolutely adorable. hope she enjoyed that toe. if you want to send us your child's picture, go to and click on mornings. all right. let's take a look at what's happening right now. reagan national airport, current temperature being reported is 62 degrees. we're just stuck there, folks. 62 degrees. relative humidity at 84%. the winds, ah, the winds! they're out of the northwest at 13 miles per hour. and they're gusting up to 23 miles per hour. here in the district. 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts at patuxent naval air station. i'm the one who's been telling you, breezy out there. windy, gusty winds. i think it will be breezy for a good part of the day today. it will take awhile for the winds to move out as the low pressure system moves out. it is going.
8:14 am
it is taking the storm system with it. that's great. and it will gradually take the clouds with it, as well. last time i checked outside, it was still pretty cloudy in northwest washington. we'll see gradual improvement as the day progresses. here is your forecast. today, look for a high of about 74 degrees. it will become sunny today. at least partially sunny. not sure how much sunshine but partially sunny. tomorrow, good amount of sunshine. 70 degrees for your high. sunday, more clouds move in. cooler. highs in the mid-60s. maybe rain showers move in the latter part of the day. then we start the next work week in the 60s. in fact, right now, it looks like next week will be cool through the week. there you go. that's a look at what's happening with the weather. now, let's get an update on traffic. for that, we go to julie wright. >> temperature goes to the 90s to the 60s. why can't the speedometer on my vehicle do the same? [ laughter ] that's what i got a problem with anything like
8:15 am
that happening. >> oh, never. not you. hello, officer! ok. on the roads right now, we've been dealing with a lot of slowdowns. the biggest problem i gotta say headed into d.c., it is coming off of 295 and the 210 corridor out of oxon hill. at the end of the 11th street bridge, the ramp to the westbound freeway, you lose the right lane. the road was compromised yesterday as a result of all of that rain. only one lane to the left gets through. that's why it is miserably slow out of oxon hill. if you're traveling along georgia avenue, a lot of slow traffic continuing back down toward the beltway. southbound 29 lockwood drive. tree down. delays at randolph road. inbound new york avenue. traffic busy as you continue up toward the traffic light at west virginia montana where the lights are flashing red and green. so, that's complicating your commute through northeast washington. route one still waiting for the water to recede from the right lane there. also, new hampshire, we had a tree down as well. don't forget about the vre.
8:16 am
the suspension of service on their manassas line. vre manassas line suspended until further notice due to wires down across the highway. vre tell us train 610 and 601 about 20 minutes late. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. julie, thanks. get ready for another big rally in downtown washington. this time, it is sponsored by one nation working together. it is an umbrella organization of about 400 groups ranging from the naacp to the all of cio. the goal is to bring a diverse mix of americans together and to put the issue of poverty, jobs and education in the spotlight. joining us this morning, stephanie brown, the national field director for the naacp. stephanie, thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> so, this saturday, this rally called one nation, working together. and it is really touching on the things that you know, we hear the people out there, all of us are talking. about we need jobs and we need to get out of this. the real recession.
8:17 am
tell us about the goals of this rally. >> it really is about bringing america together to put america back to work. and so we now have over 500 organizations that have signed on to say that we really want to talk about the priority issues in our local communities. we need to make sure that congress hears our voices loud and clear. we have thousands of people coming to d.c. both tonight for the rally tomorrow to really say that you know, we're fed up of not having our voices heard to represent what the policies are that we need to have enacted. >> when you look at those organizations now up to 500, very diverse. several big unions in there, of course, the naacp. national organization for women, what's the purpose and was this a real concerted effort to get this cross section of organizations. >> oh, definitely. >> youth organizations next to senior citizens organizations and religious institutions working with institutions that focus on gay marriage. so, we have a very diverse coalition. because america is diverse.
8:18 am
one nation working together really represents the best of america. which is really all americans who are focused on democracy in this country. and making sure we have jobs, justice and education for all. >> when we talk about groups, long-standing powerful groups like the naacp and we hear a rally, the picture that comes to most people's mind is this is going to be a lot of people fighting for sort of the same issues that we've been fighting for. but this is going to look very different. >> yes. >> is there power in that in your estimation? when people look at that and they can't sort of pigeonhole it? black people on the mall again. is there power? >> america's power is in its diversity. we want to make sure we have that broadcasted loud and clear. both in racial diversity, age diversity, gender diversity and issue diversity. it is really what america is about. because we're one nation working together. >> it seems harder to ignore. if you don't fit into the demographic. sometimes people turn it off. but it seems harder to ignore when you have this cross
8:19 am
section. >> we want everyone to feel involved and to feel invested and to feel wanted. >> how do you get that message and the momentum that you will gather on saturday? how do you get that to capital hill? >> a lot of work. a lot of effort really on the local level. we have people coming from as far as california to the march. and it is really about having local organizing committees established. of these different organizations, to start the momentum there. and to get people excited, you know. in cleveland and atlanta and new york. to get on the bus to come to d.c. we also have a number of events that are happening in local areas. we know that everyone is not able to travel to d.c. and so you know, people are able to plug into local activities that they want to. so that we can have the most turnout for the event. >> we recently came out with a new poverty numbers and you saw like new group of americans affected by the jobless rate and the foreclosure rate and
8:20 am
all of that. with regards to those numbers and this rally the feeling out there, how is the naacp attacking that? or looking into this tragedy, really? >> economic empowerment and jobs is one of the major issues that the naacp is dealing with. we actually are beginning to watch our freedom financial centers. which will be located in cities across the country where we can help people understand how they can become financially fit. how they can become empowered and learn more about things from mortgage loans and interest rates and really how to get themselves ready to be homeowners and to have a job and so we find that it is very important that we talk with people, that we get them trained and understand what's going on so that they can be empowered. >> the rally is this weekend, saturday. stephanie brown is the national field director with the naacp. there is all of the information there that you need to know. it is called one nation working together. the lincoln memorial steps. the event opens at 6:00 in the
8:21 am
morning. it goes from noon until 4:00. no tickets or preregistration available. it is for everybody. >> it is for everybody. >> coming up next on fox 5 morning news, iphone users are being targeted by thieves in the d.c. area. hear from one of the victims and hear how you can avoid putting yourself at risk. also, coming up, after all of this rain, we're talking a little sunshine. holly is giving us a look at solar homes and why it may be something you might want to consider for your home. stay with us. it is 8:21.
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disinfecting products help kill the germs that can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours. ♪ feels sweet when i can touch you ♪ making headlines this morning, two rutgers university students accused of cyberbullying a college freshman who later killed himself could face a maximum of five years in prison. authorities say they planted a hidden webcam and secretly recorded fellow student tyler clemente having a sexual encounter with another man and streamed it live in an internet chat room. the 18-year-old jumped off the george washington bridge last week. clemente's roommate and a female classmate facing criminal charges now. more smart phone users are being targeted in our area. one victim who fought back is speaking out. we caught up with a man who was riding on metro's red line yesterday afternoon.
8:25 am
playing a game on his smart phone. when he said a teenager snatched his iphone at the dupont circle metro spot. he was able to wrestle the phone out of the teen's pocket and with the help of metro employee, detained the teen until the police arrived. >> the kid came up from behind me and took the phone out of my hand like this. i saw him put it in his pocket. he sprinted out the doors. they were probably working in packs. like the intimidation factor that they use to do whatever they can to get what they want. >> police say this type of crime is on the rise. and in some cases, smart phone users are being conned into handing over their device. police say there is tracking software you can have placed on your smart phone so they can more easily find it if it is stolen. >> coming up on fox 5 morning news, we'll check out the options you have to get out and about this weekend. >> a lot of people's weekend will revolve around sunday's redskins game and dave ross is going to join with us the friday football forecast for the match-up with the eagles.
8:26 am
that's coming up. >> plus, we'll check out the weekend forecast with tucker. it is pretty good. and dry. that's all we care about after yesterday. stay with us. four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives
8:27 am
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close to 8:30 right now. we take a look outside this morning. it is getting -- is that a hazy view, tucker? is that what that is? >> it is going to take some hours to dry things out. it should feel better this afternoon. the good news is the rain. thank goodness, is out of here. good riddance. >> rain totals strag staggering across parts of the area. generally three to six inches. parts of the area out to the east. closer to 10. >> we laughed at you when you said there was a deluge coming. >> my house, i had nine inches of rain. here are your rain totals. reagan national, 4.76 for the
8:30 am
storm. bwi, over six inches. check out the rain totals out to the east. our eastern viewers. lake raveiera, 8.22 inches. outlook, 10.64. in annapolis, 9.06 inches. so, again, very impressive rain amounts across the region. good news is we're going to dry things out here today. we're going to see more and more sunshine this afternoon. building across the region. and you know what? it should be a nice looking weekend. there is the satellite radar. you can see that the clouds continue to stream across the region. rain is to our north and east. into philadelphia and new york. and you know what? it should be as i mentioned, a decent weekend as the cloud cover could give way to sunshine here. out to the west, high pressure building in. that will stick around for the weekend. at least for the first part of the weekend. more clouds with a cold front late in the day on sunday. and that could bring us a couple of late day showers
8:31 am
sunday afternoon. 62 at reagan national. 64 in fredericksburg. 60 out at dulles. 59 in hagerstown. cooler than yesterday with high temperatures only in the mid- 70s. less humidity later this afternoon as well. start to dry it out. afternoon sun. breezy out there. winds gusting over 20 miles per hour. still be breezy as the storm exits stage right. winds out of the north at 10 to 15. and here is your five-day forecast. nice conditions this weekend. 70 with sunshine. nice one tonight if you got outdoor plans. overnight lows in the 50s. sunday, monday and tuesday, it is going to feel like october with lots of clouds around. high temperatures only in the low to mid-60s around here by monday. all right, guys. that's a look at the forecast. let's leave the rain in the past. start to look forward now one of our favorite times of the week. >> it is time to look at fun, family friendly events taking place around town. >> time to celebrate the
8:32 am
weekend. all of the rain is gone. i'm going global this week with my song choice. take a little listen. you're not going to recognize it. >> is it roby. >> you are not going to recognize it. >> it is turkish pop music. i'm not even going to try to say the name of the song. >> is there a meaning behind it? >> you're way ahead of me. i'll get to that in a minute. first event which is the fall for fairfax kid fest going on this saturday at the fairfax county government center. there, you can enjoy kid zone attractions, entertainment on two stages and fun fall festivities like scarecrow making and pumpkin painting. 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and admission is free. in old tacoma maryland, it is the tacoma street festival. if you're wondering where old takoma is, it is where carol avenue meets.
8:33 am
the festival has 18 bands. they'll have activities for the kids and food to please any pallet. the party starts at 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. and it is free. if you might want to take a road trip, head to waterford, virginia where the waterford fair is going on today through sunday. waterford, just about an hour drive from downtown d.c. the fair is the oldest craft fair in virginia. there, you can tour historic homes and they'll have over 150 crafty people there getting on a hands on demonstration. 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. adults are $17. kids 12 and under are free. and i don't have many -- actually, you're about to see a craft of mine. because the eighth annual turkish fair. that's why i chose the music, going on this weekend sponsored by the turkish cultural foundation. this week, i caught up with them and tried my hand at a little can kabob cutting.
8:34 am
>> one of the participating restaurants in the festival. i'm joined by the festival organizer. nice to meet you. thanks for having me. tell me about the festival going on. >> the festival is organized by the american turkish association of washington d.c. the eighth festival will take place on sunday, october 3rd. on pennsylvania avenue between 12th and 14th streets. it is a fun day. educational event for the entire family. there is going to be turkish food of course. >> you're going for some world record, right? >> yeah, we're going to be attempting the guinness world record for the world's longest shish ca back. for the longest shish kabob. >> cultural activities, highlighted featuring -- >> i heard the traditional costumes. >> oh, yeah. i wonder what i would look like in the traditional turkish
8:35 am
costume. >> they said they're going to have traditional costumes. now, it is time to learn how to cut the kabob. the expert, give me a little lesson. what do we have here? >> we have a lemon veal combination. they're speciallized on this. this is what it looks like. >> what's the message? >> method to cut this. down here, use your right hand to cut it smoothly. >> all right. i'll give it one try. >> oh, no. >> ok. >> you made it look really easy. this is not as easy. >> i'm going to give up.
8:36 am
>> all right. all right. listen, first of all, i think that kabob cutter was right- handed. because i'm a lefty. that's why i struggled. >> the cool thing is they let you wear the clothes. >> i know. >> well, for information on all of the events, go to dave, steve, allison, back to you. >> are you going to be there? >> i think i'm going to go. >> great list, man. c'mon. >> it was my own. >> thank you very much. >> dave ross joins us now to talk a little football. redskins facing off. allison, you know who it is, of course? >> the eagles. >> all right. must winfield. >> he takes me to play. >> he does. >> mcnabb facing off against the rivals and the young, strong quarterback we have heard from. >> let me ask you. steve says this is a must win. is it a must win for the
8:37 am
washington redskins? >> it is. >> i think so. if they lose, don't play the other games. >> i think it is. >> honest ly guys, they talk about the pressure on mcnabb. i'm going to take the other approach. i think there's more pressure on philly because they got rid of donovan mcnabb. they said you're no good anymore. you can't beat us. not only do we not want you, we're going to trade you to a divisional rival, the redskins and see you twice a year, right? all he did, of course for 11 years in philly, let's go through the checklist. six pro bowls, five nfc title games and one super bowl. in my book, that's pretty good. mike vick, we know he's been on fire former number one pick in the overall draft. mcnabb actually lobbied to bring michael vick to philly. they go back to friendship back to their college days when michael vick was in syracuse. they like each other. >> mike and i have been very
8:38 am
good friends for almost 15 years now. so, i'm just happy that he's had this opportunity and he's really -- he's kind of flourished in it. he's understanding his role and understand what they expect of him. he's doing well. >> obviously happy that he was instrumental in bringing me here. and you know, our paths went separate ways. donovan is a great quarterback. great competitor. and looking forward to this weekend. >> again, this is not supposed to be michael vick was not supposed to be the starting quarterback for the eagles. it was supposed to be kevin cobb but guys, it is now michael vick's show to run in philly. so far, he's running it perfectly. >> which makes for a much better match-up. >> i missed last week. this week, philly is about a touchdown favorite. >> i'm going with the redskins. because i agree with you, i think the pressure is on philadelphia. >> i don't like agreeing with you all the time. it is an upset. i don't think it is a huge
8:39 am
upset. because they played so poorly, everybody is viewing it as such. redskins win on sunday. >> all right. we're on. >> stay with us. you can hear more from dave on sunday morning. we'll have all of the redskins updates as we get ready for the big game. the pregame coverage begins sunday at 11:00 a.m. and the latest headlines are on click on the sports tab. allison, you have the redskins all the way. >> did steve blow it up with you? >> nobody can see it. >> we blew it up. >> much more ahead. britney spears seems to have more of a stable life these days. why would a judge let her have control of her own money? and who is staying in charge it? also, take on one of your ask allison questions. something concerning health insurance. i'll have that for you at 9:00. >> dave and i will blow it up after they win on monday morning. we'll blow it up then all right?
8:40 am
8:41 am
as long as i can remember i've had sensitive teeth. i never did anything about it because i felt t ke okay this is not life threatening. maybe i just need to sip a certain way. or eat something a certain way. until i went to the dentist one day. the dentist gave me sensodyne toothpaste. once i tried sensodyne and kept using it i realized okay this really works. i have stopped using sensodyne in the past for like a week. and then i would notice slowly but surely that same sensitivity would start coming back. i said let me go back to using the sensodyne. this one is a keeper.
8:42 am
>> britney spears' father will maintain control over her financial affairs. after meeting privately with a judge in l.a., the judge determined conservatorship was still necessary in light of britney's complex financial situation. her father, jamie spears was named coconservator of brit ne's state in 2008 after she
8:43 am
was hospitalized in a psychiatric facility twice. more drama with the real housewives of d.c. it is really heating up now. surrounding the gate thrashing incident and our panel weighs in on that coming up next. on fox 5 morning news. it is 8:42. stay with us.
8:44 am
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and that's no cap. when we did this, there was a $2,000 cap. so, now when you install any system, solar water heater or the solar -- you can get a 30% tax credit. there are also some grants and other incentives on the state and local levels so between
8:48 am
maryland, d.c. and virginia, there are some programs that help as well. thank you, guys very much. your home is beautiful. we appreciate you letting us hang out here this morning. you can find out about all of the different things when you come out this week. when you ask questions on the solar home tour when you're at one of the 70 homes. it is not just about solar panels. it is about being ecofriendly. charlie is our tour chaimplet he will show us the green electric bike. >> we've got electric bicycles, cars, electric vehicles. you can use the electricityity from your solar panel to power your vehicle and not have to use gasoline. >> tell me about this bike. >> roll it as we talk. >. sold by green this is just great. i'm going up a hill. i pull the trigger and zing, the sucker takes off. >> wow, that is pretty awesome. how much does something like this cost? >> about $3,000. which is, you know, a lot of
8:49 am
people spend money on high end bikes more than that. not too many people are ready for it right away. this will make it possible for you to commute to work if you're a geezer like me. if you don't want to go up the hills. >> then you can pedal down the hill. it has a motor there and a battery here. you just plug it into a wall socket and away you go. >> you can this for $3,000 or this for a little more than $3,000. this is sean phillips. he's with tesla motors. good morning to you. >> this is one pretty hot car. >> it is even more hot because you can charge it entirely on solar coming from a house like this. don't have to put gas or oil into it. >> you plug it into the outlet. >> give us a quick tour. we don't have much time. >> first thing, charge for it here. it lights up. you plug it in. these are some of the connectors right here. 110 volt outlet. whatever you have in your home already, you can plug it into that. you get 245 miles of charge. 0 to 60 in about 3.7 seconds.
8:50 am
>> one of the fastest sports cars in the world. >> tax credit. about $7500. you also get savings from not having any gas to put it in and very low maintenance with a transmission. it is almost a zero maintenance car. >> that's amazing. >> and what was the dollar figure in terms of like how many miles you can go for how much money? >> about 245 miles on $3 to $4 worth of electricity. >> i think we'll end it there. what's my up-front cost? >> about $110,000. >> maybe that's the downside. >> we have a link to the 2010 solar home tour web site. you can download the brochure there. that's your pass to get in. you can go around to the different 70 homes on the tour. or you can pick up a program at rei that will cost you $5. we'll head to another home on the tour and see the latest
8:51 am
ecotechnology there. >> don't forget that tax credit. tax credit might bring it down to $105,000. >> oh, right! exactly. >> let's head over to studio b and check in with allison seymour. >> you're so formal. allison seymour. he never calls me that. more drama with the real housewives of d.c. joining us right now, let's start with annie. a fox 5 producer and also a reality show expert. this is jeanie jones. of course, the kitty of the city. you know her. and a very special guest, mahogany jones. mahogany is the owner and operator of mahogany entertainment group and she was the former personal publicist to the salahis. welcome. we feel very honored that you're here with us. >> oh, thank you. >> for so long, the speculation was did they know they weren't invited? did they really believe they had an invitation. we're going to get to that in a minute. we're going to talk about the drama quickly because we want to get to that.
8:52 am
stacy is close to finding, we think, she's reached out to the embassy looking for her birth dad. you could feel the emotion here with this. >> very touching for the conclusion, i would love for her to find her dad. who was out on facebook. when you see the inbox, you're not going to open it. but stacy said i'm hosting a huge nigerian event tonight. maybe we can find dad. >> wouldn't that be fun. >> because people know people. >> he was moving to see them getting close to this. because you love stacy. >> i think it is good she got in touch with the embassy. it sounds really promising. they talked about the tribe he was from and how it is very close and so they're very -- >> how they honor their kids. >> all right, the rest of the evening. linda had her fashion show. that went off without a hitch. that's great. let's talk about the salahis. let's see a clip because we see in the beginning of this whole sort of gearing up for this
8:53 am
gate crashing incident, we see mikhail getting pampered. here she is talking all about the event. >> everybody is going to wear -- you know, i don't know. a lot of people -- >> really cool. >> what do you think our first lady is wearing? >> if i was the first lady, i would actually be wearing -- >> after calling all of the official secretaries and finding out that it was the right way to go, it was so funny. >> ok. mahogany, after calling all of the social secretaries. >> i thought they had one. >> you would be the publicist here. what is happening? >> i can only speak from my experience. my take. a week before the event actually i was asked if i could connect him with someone who could get him an invitation or attend the state house dinner. right after that, i said fine. no problem. right after that, bravo producer called me and asked me about media credentials. they said well, the salahis
8:54 am
said they were personally invited by the obamas. i was a little perplexed because i -- he just asked me for help assisting with the invitation. >> they're working it. >> they told bravo specifically they were personally invited. bravo had the inclination they were legit may invited to the white house. >> i felt really uncomfortable and like has she gone crazy. >> allison, you and i are concerned about her because mentally, there is a problem. but the salahis, they believe it. so it happened. that's what's amazing to me. it keeps happening, they get through. the salahi spinoff. >> watch. >> they're so savvy in getting what they want and doing things just to do it. >> thrillseekers. >> absolutely. honestly, i don't know if this night was strategized, you know beforehand or premeditated but the fact of the matter is the things i know that happened before and our conversations after, it is like how in the
8:55 am
world does this happen? >> we know our resources didn't get you in. >> annie, weigh in after this clip. let's look at the clip when mikhail salahi is looking for the invitation because the stylist there wants to see it. listen. check out the conversation, too, with the bravo producer and her. >> yes. well, you know, with the invite, i know one of the girls here would love to see it. and it is probably safe somewhere at my house is what i'm thinking. a couple of things, i i don't see my [ bleep ] shoes and the bra on the invitation. >> mahogany jones. help me because my head is hurting right now. she's explaining to the producer it is probably at home somewhere. >> they knew they didn't have a hard copy invitation in hand at all. then later on, you don't need a hard copy invitation to get into the white house. >> who says that? >> janie, 15 seconds?
8:56 am
>> they got into the white house. >> they did get there. >> they made it in. >> annie? >> ok. invite, bra, shoes. i mean, c'mon. you need an invite to get in. >> ok. >> hold that thought. >> let me just say, mahogany resigned in may. you know. must have just been too much. >> too bizarre. >> mahogany jones does have her own company. so, good luck to you in the future. we hope to see you again. we'll be right back.
8:57 am
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>> how was the fourth teen in one month to commit suicide after incidents of bullying. now evidence this college freshman may have been reaching out for help before his death. a closer look at a troubling trend a


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