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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  October 2, 2010 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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. >> welcome back to the show, everybody. the terps are playing like a team with a mission. they were 2-10 overall and just 1-7 in the covers. already three wins against only one defeat. trying to get off on the good foot on acc play against duke. looking for win number 70 as head coach of maryland takes on duke. pick it up in the third quarter. maryland down 9-7. but watch tony logan. last week he threw for a touchdown and does it again this week. 83 yards. the terps go up 14-9. the same score, fourth quarter danny o'brian made the second straight for the terps and throws it to scott.
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but watch what scott does with it. he is gone. 71 yards for the score. maryland gets the win. 21-16. they improve to 4-1 overall. >> how about coming off two straight wins and taking on nc state. this was a dog fight. wolf pack quarterback wilson finds hayes two yards for the score. he stayed up 14-0. oh, no. but in the third quarter down by 10. look at david wilson. speed to burn. he will burn it. 92 yards down the left sidelines. the ball at its finest. they cut the deficit to just four. late in the fourth down by two. taylor will look for stoik in over the middle. and cuts it outside. he is gone. they win 41-30. one other acc score is florida state, 34-14. >> big day for the academy air
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force hosting navy. navy has won the last seven. in the first quarter air force at mid field quarterback tim jefferson finds some room. look at him go. jefferson goes 15 yards for the score. he has 100 yards in each of the last few games. air force is up 7-0. fourth quarter now navy down by one 7- 6. but air force freshman cook will leap over and block the punt. that sets up the decisive touchdown. and air force win 14-6. the first time they beat navy in eight years. when we come back, the man known as olie. he is a fan favorite. what is this a fashion show? we will explain on the other side. [ music ]  ring ring. progresso.
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. >> welcome back once again. the gnats have been playing out for quite sometime now. the way they are playing can't wait to finish that limp all the way to the finish lights. the nationals are down 2-0. michael morris there it goes. hit one out yesterday. hit one today the 15th of the year. they cut the deficit to one. in the 7th two on for ramos who rips this one for third. but it hits the bag which is fair. but kind of a bad break for the nationals because only roger comes in to score. it ties the game at two.
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but in the bottom of the frame david wright from virginia beach, a three run shot off tyler clifford to end the season already. they lose again 7-2. now, while baseball is coming to a close the caps hockey season starts had in less than a week. what better way to keep it off than with a capitals convention. alex ovechkin wearing the jersey to be worn in the game against the penguins. and lebray joins ovie on the stage. i don't think that will be part of the winter classic wardrobe. nice do, though. tomorrow of course the skins and eagles will get it on in a classic knock down drag- out nfc east affair. the player's wives got into the act on the basketball court. lindsay murphy brings us back with that interesting side bar. lindsay? >> reporter: good evening, ross. redskins and eagles players not the only one enjoying a little competition this weekend. the wives and girlfriend also got into the rivalry trading in
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a football for a basketball. >> redskins 1, 2, 3. >> it was all for a good cause. the charity event raising awareness and funding for the american lung association of the susan gkoman foundation. >> i will do something completely different because i am a fashion girl but always use fashion at these events. this year let's just do it different and show the strong women and get out there and play some ball. not any pretty pat ball. >> reporter: wife and redskins practiced for two months 2-3 times a week leading up to this game. >> these girls really want to win this game. you know, we know it is a charity event. we know once they hit the wood they will win. >> reporter: after slow things heated up against the nfc forwards. as you would expect to see on the football field tempers flares a bit as time ticks away and the game drew close. >> i didn't want it to be tension. it is supposed to be charity and fun. you know, we are competitive.
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we can't help it. >> no hard feelings. all very competitive. been practicing for a listening time. so i mean at the end of the day it is for charity. we didn't want it to get that heated. but we're happy to come out with the win. >> was this maybe something to come on the football field? only time will tell. only one thing is for certain. the redskins wives can ball. winners over the eagles 50-38. >> nothing rivals a basketball game to get this nfc east championship underway. lindsay murphy, fox 5 sports. >> coming up this week on off the wall dave ross? >> well, we have a video that you have to see to believe. mike tyson dancing? >> oh, my goodness. >> can you dance? >> i can dance but mike tyson has me beat. >> we will find out if he can up next in off the wall. 
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[ music ] welcome one and all to off the wall. dave and martin. what do we have this week? >> donovan mcnabb. >> not yet. >> the eagles going back to philly. >> he is going back to philly. >> how will they treat him, boo him? how will they treat the great donovan mcnabb. >> of course they will boo him. they don't believe in santa claus, right? >> but the all-time greatest
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eagle quarterback ever. >> i think donovan is the best they have ever had. but he is going to get booed, right? >> he is going to get booed. >> they shouldn't boo me but cheer me. >> donovan, you played there for 11 years. >> right. >> you know how they are. the american people know how they are. they will boo him on sunday. >> but an overall lack of respect. they didn't like him when he was there. 10, 11 years in the nfl. >> yeah. >> themajority of the time a hall of famer. they threw in the garbage receivers and still got it did done. >> you are going back that far back? >> that's his career. still got it down. no respect. >> i agree. but he will get booed. lucky there is no snowballs because they will throw them, too. that's what they do in philly all year round. welcome back to philadelphia donovan mcnabb. >> and mike tyson goes with wayne brady and bobby brown as they do a re price of his hit
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"every little step i take." take a look and the question i want to ask you, is good idea or bad idea for mike tyson to do this here? [ music ] >> this is some of the funniest things i have ever seen in my life. [ laughter ] >> iron mike tyson in a video with bobby brown. my man is lip-synching and dancing. how can you not like this? >> is it good or bad for his career? >> it is good. he has reinvented himself as a funny guy. >> the cameras are moving. look at that move. [ laughter ] >> yeah. i love the fact that mike is poking fun at himself. >> right. >> bobby brown you got to give him props because they are mocking his own video he made many moons ago. one he can't dance. >> right. >> he has no sexy skill whatsoever. >> right. >> which makes it even better. >> right. >> but i actually think he tried. i want to know do you think they rehearsed this or just threw it out there. >> they had to rehearse it bus it looks as if mike tyson is
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actually trying to get in step. some kind of rehearsal. probably only three or more moves. he can't dance and got too many muscles. he is a boxer. but this is hilarious. he should be a comedian now. this is funny. >> two words for the guys, t- shirts. >> people need to come to us and see this. >> this is great. >> you want to see martin do that go to our website and he will take his shirt off. >> whoa, slow down. >> we won't go that far. >> slow down. i am not a -- no. >> whoa. >> whoa. >> i think we hit a nerve. >> we will see you next week on off the wall shirts on. >> that's right. >> i would rather see mike tyson dance than wisdom martin. good night, everybody. we will see you tomorrow from philly. we're out. n. [ music ] first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. s 72%.


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