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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 3, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. touchdown washington and a perfect throw from mcnabb. >> the burgundy and gold giving fans a reason to celebrate as skins quarterback donovan mcnabb showing his old team who's boss. a new terror alert for u.s. travelers, why the government wants you to be especially vigilant as you're sight seeing across europe. a sunday shock for neighbor nazca tomorrow a park, an armed -- neighbors in toe coma park, an armed robbery. -- cha tomorrow a park, an armed robbery. >> police say it started when men robbed a restaurant and tried to make a get-away. you saw how tended with a crash in takoma park and it turns out
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that crash happened right in front of the mayor's house. fox 5's matt ackland in the newsroom. >> police say this happened around 4:00 this afternoon when three men walked into a carry- out restaurant with guns. one customer and two employees were robbed. it was here at the eastern carry-out along eastern avenue where police say the three men walked in with semiautomatic weapons and robbed three people. after the robbery a lookout was issued for a dodge intrepid. the vehicle was spotted along lincoln avenue. takoma park police say the car overturned near the 300 block of lincoln avenue. you can see it slammed into another vehicle as well. all of it happened right in front of the takoma park mayor's home. mayor bruce williams thinks the vehicle was going too fast when it hit speed bumps on his street. >> hit the speed bump, slipped
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and scooted. >> reporter: two suspects were taken into custody at the accident scene, a third made a run for it. that suspect was later found with the help of montgomery county police. also maryland state police and u.s. park police assisted in the search from the air. tonight there is no information on the suspects arrested. we did speak to a worker at that carry-out restaurant and he says the staff there is fine. will. >> matt, thank you. a student from the university of maryland became the target of armed thieves overnight. college park police say the student was walking behind anne arundel hall about 4:30 a.m. when three men approached. one tackled him. he was forced to hand over his wallet and cell phone. there is no significant lookout information in this case. police aren't sure if this morning's mugging is related to a series of recent off campus incidents. the other big story we are following tonight, a new travel alert for americans going to europe. the state department is urging u.s. tourists to be more vigilant in public places,
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tourist spots and transportation hub overseas. the alert comes in the midst of news that terrorists may be plotting attacks on public places, but the warning does not mention any specific cities and that is triggering criticism. >> it seems to me there's an obligation on the part of the state department to try and give people some more specifics to work on. otherwise people will read these travel alerts, conclude that they're all sort of meaningless and not pay attention to them when it becomes particularly important. >> a british warning based on information from a german pakistani man now held prisoner in afghanistan lists specific tourist destinations including the eiffel tower which has been evacuated twice in recent weeks. also included notre dame cathedral in paris and several targets in berlin including a train station and four star hotel. coming up on the news edge at 11:00 how seriously are travelers in and out of d.c. taking this warning. that's coming up.
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our other big story, an emotional return to philadelphia. hear that applause there, feldy. redskins quarterback donovan mcnabb receiving a standing o from his former fans. it was his first game against the eagles since he was traded to the skins. fox 5 sports director dave feldman is live in philadelphia tonight. you'll agree once this game really began mcnabb was all business, right? >> reporter: absolutely. he tried to make it sound like he was all business all week and he was, but this was a national story. it was the hype not just in d.c. and philadelphia but across the country as donovan mcnabb going back to the team that jettisoned him not just out of philadelphia, but kept him in the division, but think about this. donovan mcnabb in 11 plus years had played 168 games counting tonight as a professional, but tonight his first ever versus the eagles. he had to come to the link as a
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visitor. that is unchartered territory for donovan mcnabb, but it was a great start for his team. the first time they touched the ball it's brandon banks. he was signed saturday and guess what? he's running like the wind on sunday. 53 yards to the eagles 39-yard three plays later ryan torain, 12 tough yards, through quintin mikell, touchdown redskins. they're on top 7-0. the eagles go three and out and then mcnabb finds chris cooley. 31 yards on a beautiful pass, 14-0 skins. they go on to win 17-12. they're 2-0 in the division and a happy donovan mcnabb after the game. >> it felt great. you know, the thing about it is winning ballgames and we were a able to do it as a team today. i thought total team offensively, defensively and special teams played a major factor in what we were able to do today. i'm excited that we're 2-1 in
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the division. we're 2-2 now and hopefully we can feed off this going into our next week opponent. >> any time you got to find a way to win and at the end of the day you always not to be able to do that. he was able to and i think he handled himself like a pro throughout the week. he's really a class individual. >> reporter: so dearie weather, but a sunny disdeposition -- dreary weather but a sunny disposition for the washington redskins now 2-2 and 169 yards rushing which was a great sign for mixing up the offense. coming up on sports extra lindsay murphy will join me and we'll tell now about the other quarterback, guy named michael vick, didn't have as great of a day. that live from the link. >> i guess that standing o didn't exactly hurt mcnabb, did it? for the fans the win was as sweet as it was for the team and there's no underestimating what it means for mcnabb to beat philadelphia only own field. >> we love the redskins.
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we have love mcnabb. he let the eagles down for the past 10 years but not us yes! >> we're really glad that we did good on the road. we don't usually do as well on the road, but we did good today. >> yes. >> fans of all ages celebrated today at patty's in bethesda, most of them wearing team colors. >> turning to our weather, wet weather across the area tonight but before the rain came down people got a chance to enjoy the annual turkish festival in northwest d.c. there was folk dancing, musical performance says, arts and -- performances, arts and crafts, no turkish bath i'm thinking and turkish food. this year's theme, explore wonders of turkey in the heart of d.c. i suppose you could say they took a turkish bath when that rain started coming down because things took a turn for the worse. >> definitely. we did have the showers that moved into the course of this meaning, but we've gone through a couple days of record rainfall and got a little bit of a break.
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needless to say, it's back on our doorstep again. let's begin with a radar and show you what's happening. here's our fox 5 live doppler radar. we've got light to moderate rainfall from areas of southern maryland through central virginia and then north through the d.c. metro area heading towards baltimore and as we go back to our map then, temperatures still on the cooler side as well, only in the 50s. we had a cool day tonight. tonight 51 degrees with that rain continuing. we'll have a look at the five- day forecast a little later, back to you. new tonight d.c. detectives investigating a deadly shooting near howard university. two people were found shot about 1:00 this morning at harvard and sixth streets. michael moss cornish of silver spring died at the hospital. the other victim was treated and released. no arrests have been made. . frederick police are looking for a man who robbed a hotel early this morning with a gun and makeshift mask and held up a clerk on prospect boulevard. it is a robbery very similar to
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one that happened in loudoun county this weekend. we profile that would last night. investigators are checking to see if there -- profiled that last night. investigators are checking to see if there is a connection. tonight a local navy seal is being remembered on a different battlefield, the special tribute at a maryland high school for a fallen hero. rahm emanuel making it official. the former white house chief of staff wants to be chicago's next mayor. dozens of lives hanging in the balance when a ferris wheel ride goes off course, the heart pounding rescue. >> heart pounding and a few butterflies, heights like that. those are just some of the stories we're working on as fox 5 news at 10:00 rolls on. be right back.
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a local navy seal killed in afghanistan remembered today at the school where he left his mark on and off the football field. lieutenant brendan looney was a standout in the late '90s at the napa high school and as fox
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5 karen gray houston reports his silver spring family, friends and colleagues came today to commemorate his life. >> reporter: he was only 29, the body of lieutenant brendan looney returned to damantha where he was once co-captain of an undefeated varsity football team. loved ones, navy colleagues and friends stood in line to pay tribute. >> his teammates describe him as a man among men, somebody who inspires and motivates everybody he's touched and he's touched a lot of people's lives as you can see by the turnout here. >> reporter: looney was a special warfare operator with the field assigned to afghanistan, one of nine military personnel who died when their helicopter crashed late last month. three others on board were injured. the pentagon hasn't said what caused that crash, but the navy says they were supporting a special operations mission. >> words cannot describe the incredible loss of our son, lieutenant brendan looney. >> reporter: it was a painful
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loss to the family. there was a statement read from his wife's parents, three sisters and two brothers that says brendan made the ultimate sacrifice while protecting the ideals of our nation and although his life was tragically cut short, his spirit will live on. the community remembers looney as a wide receiver, defense back in 1998. coach bill mcgregor's paying homage to him at every game. looney's jersey was no. 10. current team members will wear that number on their helmets the rest of the season. in hyattsville, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> funeral services will be held tomorrow morning at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception in d.c. he will be buried at arlington national cemetery. blessings for the new season of the supreme court today, the traditional red mass held the sunday before the opening session of the supreme court held at the cathedral of st. matthews the apostle. it's a custom in the catholic church to ask for blessings on
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all those involved in the law. it got its name because the priests wear red and to symbolize the fire of the holy spirit. after much speculation it's now official. rahm emanuel announced today he'll run for mayor of chicago. he resigned as white house chief of staff friday. today his new campaign website says he's taking a tell it like it is listening towards chicago as part of an effort to reconnect with the city. in the video emanuel says it was a great honor to work for the president but i am glad to be home. democratic dissatisfaction, how deep does it run and will it end up with tea party candidates in office was the talk of the sunday morning talk show circuit today with fox news sunday hosting a live debate for the senate seat in kentucky. fox 5's melanie alnwick has highlights tonight. >> reporter: live from louisville, kentucky, fox news sunday had the candidates for senate there go head to head. dr. rand paul is considered the tea party's first nominee.
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>> we need to leave more money in kentucky. all these big government schemes, obama care, a trillion dollars, stimulus package, a trillion dollars, the money is not free. we're getting it and borrowing it or simply printing it at the reserve. it's all very destructive and i think we're getting to point in this country where we could have real problems if we don't elect somebody who will go up there and seriously talk about reining in the size and scope of federal government. >> reporter: attorney general jack conway wants to represent the democrats. >> i'm going to put kentucky first, understand the state, try to create the jobs of the future with the hometown tax credit and look at our trade deals from top to bottom because we've lost 100,000 manufacturing jobs, someone who looks out for our national security because we have a lot of soldiers in this state. i won't go up there like rand paul and said it's not a security threat to the u.s. if iran has one nuclear weapon. i'm always going to put kentucky first. >> reporter: prior to the debate chris wallace told fox 5 he believes that race has national significance. >> there is no way, no scenario
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i have seen, where republicans regain control of the senate if they lose the seat in kentucky. >> reporter: face the nation drilled deep into democratic dissatisfaction. >> what's happened here? >> you can do all kinds of good things, but if you have 16% of our population unemployed, underemployed or have given up looking for work, you know what? we have a very serious situation and i think there's a concern that the president hasn't seen that urgency. >> reporter: instead of more compromise, some democrats say the party needs to get tougher. >> i also think we should take on the tea party. for some reason everyone is scared of them. >> reporter: the message to dems, stop fighting and get with the president's program. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. at least eight people are dead and 18 more hurt after widespread fighting in somalia. pro government forces have faced off against militants over the last month, but today was especially brutal. the militants are led by a group connected to al qaeda. they're trying to overturn
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somalia's weak government which has been nearly powerless for about 20 years. what is the most dangerous conflict in the middle east? it may not be anything you'd guess. experts say it may be israel and lebanon. fox news went on a ride along with u.n. troops in southern lebanon and we have the story. >> reporter: a morning briefing, this is a daily routine for u.n. peace keeping forces in southern lebanon and then they gear up. this is the most action they're likely to see when they monitor lebanon's southern border with israel. these forces from nepal conduct foot patrol to make sure militants are carrying illegal weapons or having illegal movements. they're not allowed to point or shoot any of their weapons is the problem, a situation hezbollah is taking advantage of. fox news spoke to the head commander of u.n. forces in southern lebanon and asked if
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hezbollah is violating resolution 1701 by rearming in this area. >> we don't have any evidence of weapons. we have information that's coming from the intelligence services from different countries, but we don't have any evidence of the weapons here in the southern lebanon. >> reporter: general, is israel violating resolution 1701? >> the israelis are violating the u.n. resolution 1701 every day with the overflights and occupying the north part of gaza and we denounce every day, every week and at the meetings we denounced always this violation from the israeli side. >> reporter: but as long as hezbollah remains the most powerful force in lebanon, the stability here remains uncertain. fox news. rutgers university is mourning a student who committed suicide after he was
10:20 pm
the target of cyber bullying. tonight a silent vigil in honor of tyler clementi, the comment university's president is asking students to make and the commitment they not them to make and how it could prevent a similar tragedy. a van that used to be part of a local theatrical set now the center of a neighborhood controversy, details when fox 5 news continues.
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heart pounding effort in wisconsin to rescue rider from a ferris wheel about to collapse in driving wind. firefighters had to rush in when riders wound up stranded because the center pin came out of the wheel. it stopped, but it wasn't stable and could have fallen over as winds gusted to 50 miles per hour. it took hours for the firefighters to get everyone onto the ground. there were 17 people on the ride. most of them were children. you can see as they're removing them from the seats, none of them, though, were hurt. rutgers university paying a
10:24 pm
public tribute to tyler clementi this week. a moment of silence at yesterday's football game. tonight a vigil was held in his memory and honor. fox's antwan lewis has more. >> reporter: rutgers students, faculty and community filled the steps of brower commons. the vigil was silent, but their faces spoke volumes. >> it's a shame that this happened. it's not a great thing for the university. it's a loss. it didn't have to happen. >> reporter: the campus is still dealing with the death of the 18-year-old freshman violinist. tyler clementi jumped from the george washington bridge just over a week ago upon learning a webcam had been set up in his dorm room to secretly broadcast a sexual encounter over the internet. authorities arrested and charged dharun ravi and molly wei with invasion of privacy. both are also rutgers students and ravi was tyler's dorm roommate. >> just a weird thing for
10:25 pm
something to happen on the campus and somebody to take it that far. it hit everyone hard. >> at this time i'd like to ask you to turn to the folks who joined you here tonight. >> reporter: the end was ended by asking attendees to embrace one another with a hug or handshake no doubt wishing this all could have been done under less sad and much different circumstances. >> right like in the middle of the speeches i just heard four people crying behind me and i'm not the type of person to have their emotions pour out. seeing the people around me like things so open and not think about anything else, just their emotions running through made me feel really sensitive and that made me emotional. this is supposed to be art with a message that promotes peace. >> so why is it psycho doggy bus causing so much trouble in a d.c -- psycho dellic bus causing so much trouble in a d.c. neighborhood? and these little bugs and the big problems they're causing. tonight we go behind the battle
10:26 pm
to stop stink bugs. ananiges ich ceys
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. the peace mobile is a throwback to a different time, one of those psychodelic buses right behind me of the 1960s finding a home in a northwest field goal neighborhood and it is creating controversy -- d.c. neighborhood and it is creating controversy. fox 5's roby chavez takes us for a closer look at the peace mobile. ♪[ music ] ♪ >> reporter: this vw bus is all about peace and love, but as it sits in the front yard of this home in northwest -- >> this is a warning notice. >> reporter: -- the city says it say danger and the peace
10:30 pm
mobile must go. owners are fighting it. >> it's a conversation starter and the district government which apparently has much less humor about the party than all of our neighbors do chose to cite it as being dangerous and abandoned. i think it's pretty easy to see that there's nothing dangerous or abandoned about it. >> reporter: with hippie songs, petitions and psychodelic cupcakes many neighbors turned out to rally for the peace mobile. >> save the van! >> reporter: many say it fits right in with the eclectic neighborhood of the palisades. >> it makes me happy. of course, one reason is because i grew up in the '60s. i don't know why dpw is picking on them. i think they have plenty of other things to do. >> reporter: the unregistered bus with no plates and no engine has missing windows, broken mirrors and lights and flat tires. dpw sees it more of an abandoned vehicle which poses a danger and has cited it for city code violations. dpw issued a written statement
10:31 pm
saying while the peace mobile may be considered art to some, the fact remains that it is an unregistered shell which can be a harborage for vermin, a vessel that neighborhood children can tamper with or injure themselves on and therefore, a public safety and health hazard. >> they've been very responsible and they've kept up the van. they've kept up the area around it. don't think it presents a danger to the children in the area. >> reporter: councilwoman mary cheh wants to put the brakes on this bus dispute. >> maybe it's possible to get a permanent for this. maybe it's possible to have this on display for a period of time, but in any event, what i'd like not to have happen is for this to be some source of, you know, people fighting about something. >> reporter: owners say it's more in line with the message the bus brings. >> there's a lot of seriousness in the world now with wars and recession and people not doing very well and we thought that this would be a way to start a
10:32 pm
conversation about the lighter side of life, the appreciation of art and the free expression. >> reporter: in northwest roby chavez fox 5 news. >> the department of public works says someone complained triggering the investigation. the family faces a $1,000 fine if it's not removed by the end of the month. it's definitely a talker and that's what we'll do now with janice kaplan, the other half of the owners of that peace mobile. thanks for joining us tonight, ms. kaplan. >> thanks for having me. >> we wanted you to weigh in as well. we heard from your husband. let me start in with kind of an obvious. where did that bus come from? >> it was part of a set at a spring musical last year at georgetown day school. >> you must have kids that go there? >> i have two children there and one who is a graduate and so it does have a background as a theatrical piece. >> dpw says it's their obligation to remove a vehicle even if it's one that came from a theatrical production if it's on private property and falls
10:33 pm
under the category of abandoned or dangerous. do you think the rules don't apply in this case? >> this is what i'm thinking, it may seem like it's a controversy about an iconic 1972 volkswagen microbus, one that's decorated with peace signs and hearts and rainbows and flowers, but i think what this really is is about what lessons we can teach our children and i think there's a couple lessons here. one is we teach them to ask questions. i think we also teach them to stand up for what they believe in and i think we teach them to work with others to resolve issues and this week the issue is one of freedom of expression, but i think next week it could be the environment, it could be poverty, it could be education reform. >> let me ask you about the rally. it looked pretty successful, pretty good crowd. what are your neighbors saying about the bus? you know how everybody is on edge about property values. some people might look at the bus as an eyesore. >> i think the wonderful thing
10:34 pm
about the palisades is we have a diversity of opinions and, in fact, that's why many of us live there. >> you've been told and we've been told that you've got some support from mary cheh. as we wrap up here, that's got to make you feel pretty good you might see a resolution. >> we're hoping working with mary cheh and her staff we can resolve this rather than have the city come and tow the peace mobile. >> janice kaplan, thank you for joining us this morning. it is definitely a story that is a water cooler story that we like to say here in the newsroom. we'll continue to follow it and bring an update if there's a resolution. have a good night. >> thank you. redskins to be donovan mcnab back on the home turf coming up big on his former team, the redskins victory against the eagles in philly. plus it's an all out invasion this year. we're talking stink bugs. you may be fighting them off at your house, but the government is working on the bigger picture, details of the bug
10:35 pm
battle coming up. >> but after record breaking rainfall and a bit of a break we're back to wet weather, plenty of it moving its way off the seaboard. how long will it stick around? we'll have the details in your five-day forecast. stay with us. we'll be back right after the break.
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skins fans celebrating a big win tonight. sure, it's nowhere near the playoff, but the win against the eagles after getting their quarterback in a trade is a big deal. donovan mcnab didn't have a huge game personally. he can get a standing o. a lot of folks thought it might have gone the other way, but that did not take away from their win. >> the fans weren't the only ones that were proud. i got to say it was a big deal. >> reporter: it was a big deal. this was a huge national story, maureen. there's no question. yeah, they did cheer mcnabb. they also booed him later in the game when he was playing very well and the eagles were
10:39 pm
playing very poorly. they also bad kevin kolb who got taken into the game when -- booed kevin kolb who got taken into the game when michael vick got hurt. here's what happened. redskins' first possession ryan torain with a tough run through clinton michael, 12-yard touchdown, skins up 7-0, tore rain 18 carries for 70-yard. the teach rushed for a buck 79. -- team rushed for a buck 79. buffalo for chris cooley -- beautiful for chris cooley. late 1st quarter michael vick 3rd and 6, scrambling, 23 yards down to the 1, but vick gets sandwiched by d'angelo hall and kareem moore. vick suffered a rib injury and did not return. mcnabb did return a winner. 17-12 over his former team and lindsay murphy joins me now. this was a pretty happy locker room. we've been in a lot of them. they lost two straight. i get that. they stopped that, but i think
10:40 pm
everyone did want to win it for donovan. >> they definitely rallied around donovan. this guy didn't want to be traded from the eagles. he wanted to retire if n philly and they -- in philly and they booted him. i think today was especially tough and i think he was glad when it was over. >> i wasn't going to let any of the hoopla kind of effect what the mindset was and the mindset was for all of us to come out here and win the game. i was overwhelmed a little bit with the standing ovation and the reception that i got, but again, you know, when you boil down everything, you buckle your chin strap and you got to win the game. >> if he'd been fired before he was let go, but after that it was that. we had to take care of business and work hard and do the things you need to to hopefully find a way to win. >> reporter: donovan not overly impressive in this fame, 125 yards passing, one touchdown, one int, but still a pretty
10:41 pm
good game, especially a win for him. nats and mets, the final game of the year for the nationals, would they go out a winner? they were playing in new york and here's what happened. let me show you the highlights because there were some if you're a nats fan. scoreless in the 5th, alberto gonzalez facing mike pelfrey with two on and gonzalez comes through with an r.b.i. single. roger bernadine owe scores, nats up 1-0 -- bernadine owe scores, nats up 1 -0. justin maxwell walks with the bases loaded. adam kennedy scores the go ahead run. it's the game winner. the nats win 2-1 and finish the season the nats win, redskins win. it's all good here. we'll have all the highlights and lindsay will join me on sports extra at 11:10. >> looking forward to it. thank you. battling the bulge, not easy to do, but one woman just figured out how to write off
10:42 pm
the pounds. how her words have the weight falling off and even landed her the man of her dreams. t four years ago, bob ehrlich got
10:43 pm
fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives
10:44 pm
again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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australian farmers are dealing with a huge invasion of location they say unusually wet and -- location and locusts. government officials there say if crops are destroyed, it will be a bigger disaster than a drought. the federal agriculture minister says this is the country's worst locust plague in 75 years. many of us are trying to fight them off right now talking about stink bugs. they are looking for a way to get inside for the winter and unfortunately there really isn't an effective way to get rid of them. now it's become a government matter. fox 5's beth parker takes us to a lab where they're working to battle the bug and protect the economy. it's a story you'll see only on fox.
10:46 pm
>> reporter: long before this guy, the brown marmaladed stink bug, invaded your house, he was already on the radar screen and folks here at a usda lab in newark, delaware. >> i'm kim holmer, a research entomologist with the agricultural research service. >> reporter: kim and his colleagues started targeting the stink bug back in 2005. it's not just a pest they know. the livelihood of farmers could hang in the balance. people like bob black in maryland. >> they literally suck the juice out of the cells, so that dries up and ends to be a corky spot there. >> reporter: the solution may be 7,000 miles away. >> this part of china between beijing and shanghai along the east coast, all of south korea and central japan. >> reporter: this particular stink bug with a stripe antenna is a native of asia. it arrived in the u.s. accidentally in the mid-1990s probably in a cargo container. >> here we have various cages that we're using to maintain
10:47 pm
our brown marmaladed stink bug colony all year long. >> reporter: since it's not from here it has no natural enemies and the population is growing dramatically. >> for reasons we do not fully understand, there are a lot more this year than there were previously. >> reporter: so entomologist holmer has personally traveled to asia to escort back samples for work at the beneficial insects introduction research unit in delaware. >> we traveled to asia and look for the stink bug in asia and we tried to find its natural enemies and bring them back here. >> reporter: since the possible predators they're studying here are not native to the u.s., it's important that they not be accidentally released out into the environment. so a good bit of their work is in quarantine. we had to watch it from the outside looking in. >> we can't have any of them escape. that's why we wear white clothing. if a parasite is on our person, we can see it and remove it. >> reporter: kathy chapman is a biological technician in the
10:48 pm
lab. she tests parasites on stink bug egg masses in this secure room. >> we have three egg masses we're bringing back today. this is beijing from 2009 collection that kim did in china. >> reporter: it's early but now they are hopeful about something called the tracelcus, just a tiny black dot, a very small wasp. >> they're slightly larger than the head of pain. >> reporter: but they could have a huge impact. >> they could. >> reporter: here's the wasp under a microscope. it is particularly appealing because it attacks the eggs of the brown marmaladed stink bug. >> when it finds an egg mass it will lay its egg inside every one of the eggs in the stink bug egg mass. >> reporter: the parasite eggs hatch. >> as they grow, they consume the stink bug egg until eventually there's nothing of the stink bug left. there's only the developing pair 60 wasp. >> reporter: so it's literally eating it from -- parasitic wasp. >> reporter: so it's literally eating it from the inside out.
10:49 pm
one wasp could destroy thousands of stink bug eggs. >> this could provide permanent reduction in stink bug populations. this is our hope. >> reporter: but the earliest this predator could be released would be 2012. for now the work continues and entomologists like holmer are answering a lot of questions from friends and neighbors. >> these days it's a very hot topic. >> reporter: at home, on the farm and in the lab it seems everybody is on stink bug patrol. in newark, dell dem beth parker, fox 5 news. -- delaware, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> i know a lot of people hate the rain. i know we need it, good for the plans, good for the farmers, but the grocery checker today said you tell gwen i love the rain. it puts me in a good mood. good for him. he should go to seattle. >> some people do like rain, you know. it's a nice change-of-pace, but i'm kind of ready to have a little sunshine back. i think because we've had a couple days of excessive rainfall people are getting a little tired of it. today we started off pretty
10:50 pm
nice. it wasn't too bad and then the rain gradually moved its way in as we had predicted it would and doesn't look like it's going to be going anywhere any time soon. for that person in the grocery store you'll get to enjoy a bit more of the rainfall. we've got a few unsettled days ahead of us, but you know what? it's not all bad. cool days and nights ahead, too. we'll see a real big difference in temperatures. we'll have a pretty big drop and seasonal temperatures moving through late week and sunshine in the forecast ahead. we'll have a little bit for everybody as the week does progress. as we move into the forecast and look at temperatures today, it was a typical fall day, temperatures 67 degrees at national airport. we had the same at dulles, 64 degrees at baltimore, quite a bit cooler than yesterday when we were pretty much where we should be into the mid-70s. we were about 6 to 8 degrees cooler today than the average temperature and it's a little chilly outside now. 55 degrees at national, 52 at gaithersburg, 54 at baltimore, 54 degrees at manassas and 55
10:51 pm
degrees at dulles. let's begin now with a look at radar. our fox 5 live doppler radar and show you what's happening because we've had wet weather moving in through the course of the day. some of our neighborhoods seeing very light to moderate rainfall here. a lot of it was over areas to our south now moving more towards the north spreading through parts of central virginia as well. as we look at true view, we'll show you the big picture because we've got a couple systems here, one that's moving its way up the seaboard, another one heading in from the west. the combination of these two bring a lot of onshore flow across areas of the mid- atlantic. we'll have to deal with this because it's going to be persistent over the course of the next 24 to 48 hours or. so be prepared. you'll have to keep your umbrella handy and some of this will start to increase in intensity as well as we move through tonight into tomorrow. so let's go back to our weather maps, then. what we're talking about is a low pressure system that's over the midwest, low pressure system coming up the seaboard. these will actually merge and as they do, that increases our rain chances heading into the
10:52 pm
early part of the week monday and tuesday. behind it all a ridge of high pressure builds in, but this is also causing very poor visibility. so do be careful and the roads are slick. heaviest of the rainfall will be around the area of dell marv. if you look at our future -- delmarva. if you look at our futurecast, still a little thick but things improve later in the day but the showers pick up moving into tuesday. overcast skies tonight, rain, breezy, 50 one degrees, northerly wind flow. the north wind sticks around tomorrow as well, rain and a cooler day at 58 degrees, unbelievably cool and here's a look at that five-day forecast for you. we have lingering showers in the forecast for tuesday as well. might see a slight isolated one early wednesday, but other than that we start to clear out. thursday we're up to 63 degrees and really warm up by friday with plenty of sunshine and 75 degrees, but talk about cool days, wow, 58 tomorrow, folks. >> find that jacket. >> i need to turn the air off. thanks.
10:53 pm
a lifetime of dieting and she still battled the bulge. when nothing else worked one woman finally got slim for good. how did she do it? as fox's christine devine reports, the woman discovered food journaling. >> if there is breath in your body there is hope. >> reporter: shannon hammond knows the despair of battling obesity. >> i've been overweight all of my life as a child, teenager and adult. i eat when i'm happy, when i'm sad. i eat when i don't know if i'm happy or sad. i eat because it's tuesday. >> reporter: in 2000 her weight peaked at 230 pounds. at 33. >> i had completely given up hope. i had been a compulsive eater all of my life and i just accepted that this was my life and didn't think it would get better. >> reporter: now at 43. >> i'm living a life that i never thought possible. >> reporter: shannon said the seeds of change were planted when a co-worker named tim started flirting. shannon developed a crush. >> and then tim blew me over to go out with my thin best
10:54 pm
friend. >> reporter: that moment was shannon's trigger. >> i wanted a different life. >> reporter: shannon started by walking. >> i was so heavy i would walk across my apartment and my ankles would hurt. >> reporter: within weeks walking got easier and she moved on to other workouts. >> but the real turning point for me didn't happen until i started to write down my food. >> reporter: in 2004 shannon started writing down everything she planned to eat before she ate it. nothing went into her mouth until it appeared on paper. instantly. >> it puts a pause between my hand and my mouth. i see it, want it, grab it, put it into my mouth. that was all very impulsive eating. >> reporter: shannon started writing her thoughts and feelings. >> what i learned how to do was replace food as a coping tool with writing as a coping tool. so instead of binging on food, i would binge on paper. >> reporter: with the help of her journals. >> i've lost over 100 pounds. >> reporter: even more remarkably she's kept the weight off more than six years. >> that's one cup of salad.
10:55 pm
we don't want 415. we want four. i still weigh and measure my food today. it is so powerful. >> reporter: since losing the weight. >> i got to go out into the world as a thin woman with high self-esteem and allow myself to be treated well and it was wonderful and it was so much fun. >> reporter: shannon met and married the man of her dreams. >> there's something magic that happens when somebody puts pen to paper. >> reporter: shannon advises other dieters to give food journaling a try. if it's a struggle. >> i would encourage you to ask for help. there's a plethora of support. nobody does this journey alone. we do this together. >> reporter: christine devine, fox news. >> boy, it's like a life change. >> it is. >> almost a hobby, weighing it monitoring it. >> it's a lot of work but i'd be writing like cheeseburger now, fries later. >> i'm with you, maureen. well, it was a verdict heard around the country. 15 years ago a jury acquitted
10:56 pm
o.j. simpson of double murder. >> still ahead a look back at the courtroom drama and find out where you can get a glimpse into that infamous day right here in d.c. in minutes on the news edge the white house sending a warning to americans traveling to europe. what does it mean if you have plans to go abroad. stay with us. [ electronic humming ] [ announcer ] complete opposites... in complete harmony. introducing the sport hybrid. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ dance rock ] ♪ hey ♪ ♪ [ woman vocalizing ] the combination only honda could engineer.
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the all-new cr-z sport hybrid. ♪ [ woman vocalizing ] n
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6,000 boy scouts gathering in maryland to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the anniversary. it features a campout in baltimore. among those gathering are baltimore city police commissioner who got involved after members of the troop expressed interest in becoming police officers. >> we'll have our s.w.a.t. team helicopter and demonstrating what we do. on a personal level what i do? >> former u.s. secretary of defense donald rumsfeld who is also an eagle scout is one of the


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