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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  October 3, 2010 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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this is fox 5 sports extra.
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welcome back to the dreary rainy link. i'm losing my voice. it's freezing and lindsay murphy, dave feldman on a 17 had 12 victory for the washington redskins on the road. they proved to 2-2 and are 2-0 in the division. all week murphy, donovan mcnabb said it's just another game. it wasn't. >> no. and you know what? i think he thought he was going to get booed. they had a standing ovation for him when he first came out of the tunnel which was awesome. i got goose bumps. that was cool, but he did get bad his first offense when redskins offense took the field. let's look at 0 donovan did this afternoon. he ran -- what donovan did this afternoon. he ran out of the visitors tunnel and led his team to victory completing 8 of 19 passes for 125 yards with one touchdown and one interception. he also proved he's still got the legs rushing five times for
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39 yards, but most impressive, his role as the game's manager. controlling the run game and clock late in the game and leading the redskins to 17 points on their first three possessions. his return to philly brought with it a ton of emotions and this star quarterback is glad this week is over. >> coming over here felt like i just crossed the players parking spot. i've been doing it for eight years and although mike has taken my parking spot still was the same feeling and coming out of the tunnel, it's a different tunnel, but it felt like i was playing back here in lincoln financial again. >> it feels good to get it for him. all we wanted him to know it wasn't going to be just him. it was going to be all us right along with him and i'm proud of the way these guys fought for him. we fought for him, scrapped for him and that's our guy. that's our brother now and we'll keep fighting for him. >> he spent his whole career here and we know what it meant
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for us to go out there and perform for our brother. they got rid of him and we with open arms and i'm very happy that we were able to go out here and perform well. >> i guess we know how to win, but we need to learn how to put a team away. that's too much drama and especially on that last drive when we really had the chance to lock it up, but you get that feeling of winning and you build on that and hopefully we can continue to not only win games at the last second, but maybe take a knee for once. >> reporter: too much drama with this team, but the great thing, 0-6 in the division last year, now 2-0 and the run game, pretty good tonight as well. >> reporter: it was good. you know what? if they ever could take a knee, be a lot easier on all of us. >> reporter: we wouldn't be standing in the press box waiting to go down on the field every time. >> reporter: no, we wouldn't. the running game was spectacular even though clinton portis did leave with a groin
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injury -- tough to talk -- he will be reevaluated tomorrow, but clinton portis did get his fair share of carries. so did his buddy ryan torain who ran 18 time for 70 yards chug running over clinton michael for the first -- including running over clinton michael for the first touchdown of the game and clinton portis rushed 11 times for 55 yards, 26 yards receiving. redskins rushed the ball 35 times all in all for 169 yards. so clinton portis, that's a pretty good day on the ground, isn't it? >> that was exciting, you know, just to have the opportunity to be part of the game to carry the team. i told ryan it's a game, it's a game. we know he's going to run the run and this is going to be a big game and we were there to fight with donovan. >> reporter: seemed very good to see clinton portis in a good mood in a nice shirt. he looked good and he was in a good mood because he and ryan
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torain ran the ball a lot. >> reporter: i have a new nickname for ryan torain. it's torain the train and clinton portis, the groin injury, you may be seeing a lot more of him. >> reporter: if you're looking for the license plate number on clinton michael it's 46. we'll take a break and come back and check out how the baltimore ravens did. remember antwaan randle el? he used to be here. now he's here and gone. >> reporter: gone. back to pittsburgh. >> reporter: how did the raines do? >> reporter: you tell me. -- the ravens do? >> reporter: you tell me.
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welcome back to the link. david feldman, lindsay murphy, a victorious day for the redskins. how did the other team in the area do? the ravens taking on the steelers, always tough when these two teams hook up and, of course, if you're from palo alto california you're probably rooting for john harbaugh. joe flacco visited the undefeated steelers scoreless in the 1st. steelers with a 3rd and 3 from the ravens 35 and former redskins antwaan randle el, great catch but he goes down at the 1. rashard mendenhall two plays later scores 7 -0. mendenhall cuts to the outside and scores the go ahead td from 1 yard out. steelers up 14-0. same score 30 seconds left joe flacco hooks
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up with t.j. houshmandzadeh for the game winning touchdown. the ravens hand the steelers their first loss, 17-14 the final score. lions were playing the packers and the packers are who the redskins play next week. >> reporter: it's a 1:00 game. packers hosting the lions before their trip to d.c. next weekend. we start in the 1st quarter. the high octane green bay offense on full display. aaron rodgers hooking up with the ageless wonder donald driver. he does it of week. if you're a fantasy player, you -- it every week. if you're a fantasy player, you love him on your team. we go to the 2nd quarter green bay now leading 14-7 and rodgers this time will connect with his other wide receiver greg jennings. that is a 17-yard td the packers lead 21-7. you've seen the offense but the packers have a pretty good defense, too. lions quarterback former terp shaun hill. when he gets picked off by charles woodson he returns it 48 yards for the score to put
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green bay up 28-14. the lions make a late push but the packers hang on 28-26. >> reporter: so the packers are victorious and hopefully won't be next week when they come to fedex field for a 1:00 game which you can see here on fox. >> reporter: if the redskins defense plays half as good as today, they've got a really good chance. >> reporter: when we come back we'll show you our player of the game and a final word from d'angelo hall who had the ball on the final play of the game. mmmm.
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time for our toyota player of the week. choice no. 1 donovan mcnabb, completing only eight of 19 passes and rushed five times for 39 yards but leaves philly a winner in his first game against his former team. choice no. 2, ryan torain, the running back scored the game's first touchdown and finished with 70 yards on 18 carries. his tough running down the stretch, a key to the redskins' victory and your third choice brandon banks, resigned on saturday, flying around the field on sunday, returned three punts for 75 yards including an early 53-yarder which set the tone for the game. log onto and you can find our toyota player
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of the week. all right. one of the players of the week was, of course, d'angelo hall. check out the final play of the game because d'angelo hall made the play when it mattered. kevin kolb would air it out for the end zone, the last grasp chance for the eagles. he throws it up but d'angelo hall comes up with the interception and preserves the win. after the game d. hall said this. >> it's huge. you know, it's huge, man. we're showing people that we got the potential to be a great team. we're not a great team yet, but we got a potential and potential and work ethic, it's dangerous and, of course, mike shanahan, he's going to work us and we're coming out every week and having great practices and he's a valuable asset to our coaching staff. >> reporter: the redskins are winners. good night from the link.


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