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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  October 4, 2010 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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the worst in the nfl. this is cooley. touchdown washington and a perfect throw from mcnabb. >> it was a triumphant return to philadelphia for donovan mcnabb. he led the redskins to victory over his former team as the redskins now sit atop the nfc east. good monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. we'll take a live look outside. we are off to a soggy start to
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your workweek. thank you for joining us. let's go straight over to tony who has a check on our weather. >> a moist start to the day and a fairly wet day across the region today as well. perhaps more significantly t will be quite cool. let's take a look at hd radar and show you where we're seeing some rainfall this morning. as you can see here, not everybody is getting it. but across the washington, d.c. area, some rain showers moving across as we speak. also out to the west, you got some rain showers out towards front royal as well. not particularly heavy rain but you'll need the windshield wipers on your drive in this morning. let's take a look at the current temperatures. a cool start to the day. it is 54 degrees in the nation's capital. 54 in annapolis. baltimore at 51. culpeper, it is 52 degrees. the forecast looks like. this an wrefer cast day, lot of clouds around. rain off and on during the
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course of the day. breezy and a cooler day. this is an overcast day, lots of clouds around. highs only in the upper 50s. that's it. more coming up later on. >> thank you. all this rain is creating havoc for the morning commute the a tree fell across river road near brook side drive in bethesda a couple of hours ago. only one lane of the eastbound section of river road was blocked but it is blocking the westbound lanes. that means anybody trying to get from bethesda to the beltway needs to find another way. i came through that area just a few minutes ago and it looks like they are making progress in getting that cleaned up. the u.s. government is issuing a major caution to travelers headed overseas. it is just one step below a formal warning advising u.s. citizens not to visit euro conc-
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qaeda may be planning something similar to the 2008 mumbai attacks. tricia thompson has more. >> we are at dulles airport to find out how the warnings are affecting people traveling to europe. the warning took robert renfield by surprise. he had been on vacation and didn't hear about the warning until he arrived at the airport. gentleman i think being scared makes sense. i will take care for myself and look around. >> reporter: even though the united states put out a warning for all of europe, the british government is focusing its attention on france and germany. >> i tend to be a little more careful, not living daringly all the time. ill avoid big events like oktoberfest in munich but not, for example, visiting a museum. >> reporter: neil livingston says tourists should avoid metro, subways and major
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monuments. >> the very fact that all go after a machinement like big ben or the eiffel tower or something like that would create worldwide news. the terrorists are looking for news we believe because it turns out that a lot of our testosterone attacks are having a real impact on al-qaeda in pakistan. they want to strike back and show their followers around the world that they're still vital. >> reporter: he says that americans should also learn to blend in. they should not dress overtly like americans. this is not the time to wear your redskins jacket, in other words. >> reporter: it is advice eric glass says he uses every day. >> i don't run around going hey, i'm from the u.s. or anything like that. just blind in, be normal. gee says he can go on with his life in spite of the terrorists. tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >> thank you. in sports, it was built up to be the game of the week.
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donovan mcnabb went back to philly for the first time since being traded. the team rolled off 14 quick points. michael vick got sidelined with an injury in the first half. the skins win 17-12. we'll talk more about the skins coming up later on. we want you to stay with us. we'll take a look at weather, traffic and all your top stories as well. start you off way live look outside. starting to look a little bit familiar. we saw this a little bit last week. the monday morning, october 4, 2010 and a wet start to your workweek. tony is in to tell us how long the rain will stick around. i guess we can't complain. we had a beautiful weekend. >> weekend was nice. we'll have rain showers today. rain during the course of the day and i think the next couple of days will be fairly wet with periods of rain.
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>> a little nippy too. >> nippy. temperatures are in the 40s -- 40s. they're in the 50s. they will be in the 50s for our highs today. that is the unusual thing. let's take a look at what is going on out there. we can show you the rain showers. not of course getting rain but much of the washington area, washington, d.c. itself and point close in are seeing rain showers and these will be moving through throughout the course of the morning hours and indeed during the course of the day today. you might not be getting rain at this moment but you will likely get it a little bit later on today. most of this rain is light to moderate, just a couple of spots here and there where it is a little bit heavier. current temperatures around the region. we're in the going to see huge changes in our temperature today. 54degrees in the district.
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55 in cambridge. 51 in baltimore. fredericksburg is 54 degrees. mainly light to moderate rainfall today. a breezy day with the wind out of the north 10 to 15 miles per hour and cool. a high only about 58 degrees. fall is here, folks. really feels like it. >> it does, doesn't it? thank you. let's take a look at the roads and julie wright is in with that. >> good morning to you both. yes, indeed, waking up to yet another soggy start to a monday morning. a lot of road spray, a lot of rain out there. that means we'll be in for another slow commute. no incidents reported if you are making that commute out of southbound 270 headed for the lane divide. no incidents to report all the way out towards the split. the beltway runs with ease between college park and bethesda. 83 out of baltimore as you approach the 695 corridor, clean-up from an early accident continues. northbound i-95 incident-free as you continue to head up onto
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395. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. new this morning, the wet weather is causing new problems for drivers. a tree is blocking a main road in maryland. this is river road near brook side road in bethesda. we get more now from sarah simmons. she is live on river road this morning. >> reporter: gurvir, it will be another messy morning commute. it looks that way. you said you trove through here and i can tell you still right now the outbound lanes of river road are blocked due to a tree that fell down. with all this rain that we have had, you can imagine the ground is very soggy. take a look at some video we shot a little bit ago. it is a long, narrow tree and as you can see, this is what officers have to work with. two officers trying to use an ax in order to break this thing to pieces right now that is still across the outbound lanes of river road. there is one lane of traffic that is getting in inbound
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right now, just one lane. they still have one lane blocked right now. they are trying to make it safe for them to split a part of it as much as they can. if you are looking to head outbound towards the beltway on river road, you will not able to get through here. you will have to find an alternate route. i did speak with the state highway administration. they are responsible for getting out here and trying to clear off river road since this is a state highway. at this point, they say of this a crew on the way. they don't have a time when they are estimated to actually get here and clear the roadway. the officers tell me right now this is all they have to work with. they were waiting for backup, somebody to try to bring a rope to pull the tree out of the roadway. that is what wear working on right now trying to get the lane open as quickly as possible to try to make the commute as easy as possible even though it is raining once again today. back to you. >> maybe some chain saws would speed things up. another big story, a travel
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alert for americans going to europe. the obama administration is warning americans of possible terrorist threats in europe urging them to be aware of their surroundings in public places. this comes in the midst of news that terrorists might be plotting attacks. >> it seems there is an obligation on the part of the state department to give people some more specifics to work on. otherwise, people will read these travel alerts, conclude that they are all sort of meaningless and not pay attention to them when it becomes particularly important. >> a british warning based on information from a german pakistani man now held prisoner in afghanistan lists specific tourist destinations including the eiffel tower. also included, notre dame cathedral in paris and several targets in berlin including a train station and a four-star hotel. police in takoma park are investigating an armed robbery at a restaurant yesterday. when they tried to get away,
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they crashed. it turns out it happened in front of the tacoma mayor's home. >> it was here at the eastern carry-out along eastern avenue where police say three men walked in with semiautomatic weapons and robbed three people. after the robbery, a lookout was issued for a dodge intrepid. the vehicle was spotted. takoma park police say the car overturned near the 300 block of lincoln avenue. it slammed into another vehicle as well. all of it happened in front of the takoma park mayor's home. mayor bruce williams thinks the vehicle was going too fast when it hit speed bumps on the street. >> hit the speed bump, slipped and scooted up. >> reporter: two suspects were taken into custody at the accident scene. a third made a run for t that suspect was later found with the help of montgomery county
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police. also, maryland state police an u.s. park police assisted in the search from the air. matt ackland, fox 5 news. there is no information on the suspects arrested. we did speak to a worker at the carry-out and he says the staff is doing just fine. d.c. detectives are investigating a deadly shooting near howard university. two people were found shot at harvard and sixth streets yesterday morning. one man died at the hospital. the other victim was treated and released. police have not made any arrests. arguably the best sports story of the weekend, an emotional return to philadelphia. redskins quarterback donovan mcnabb got a standing ovation from his former fans. the skins started quick, already up by seven. mcnabb hooks up with chris cooley. skins up 14-0 in the fourth quarter. a few minutes later, michael vick takes it all the way to the goal line where he is sandwiched by two skins
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players. he would come out of game an not return. it would come down to the final play, scuns up by -- skins up by five. washington win this is one 17- 12. >> this here defines team. this is something we can feed off going into the rest of the season. we are number one in the nfc and we're going to stay up there. everybody makes mistakes in their lifetime and they made one last year. >> coming up later in our next hour, dave ross will join us for the monday morning quarterback. it is a big day ahead for the supreme court. a new term and a new era. the debut of its newest justice, elena kagan. we'll run down the cases in store for the nation's highest court. a massive tanker causing big problems for coalition forces in pakistan. we'll check more headlines when fox 5 morning news returns. 
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making headlines, three people are dead following a massive tanker fire in pakistan. militants set fire to at least 0 tankers carrying fuel for nato and american troops outside of islamabad. that move is likely in retaliation for the death of three pakistanis killed during a nato air strike. a taliban spokesperson says the attacks will continue until the supplies are completely stopped. former white house chief of staff rahm emmanuel is now speaking out about his run for chicago mayor. he releaseed a statement talking about the hot button issues. emmanuel announced friday that he was leaving the obama administration. and the supreme court begins a new term today. for the first time in history, there will be three women serving on the high court. but elena kagan will have to sit out on some cases because of her last job which was
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solicitor general and she argued cases for the obama white house in front of the supreme court. >> elena kagan is going to be recused and that means she cant participate in cases in which she was involved when she served in the aim justice department. it is a pretty common sense rule in that she has been a lawyer in the case, an advocate for one side. she shouldn't be allowed to switch hats and sit in judgment. >> the high court's first big case comes wednesday. the spotlight will be on the westboro church from kansas known for its anti-gay stance and picketing funerals of fallen soldiers. could some big relief be on the way for people caught up in the housing crisis? coming up next, details of a possible moratorium on foreclosures. plus a show of peace sparking a big controversy. why officials are calling this peacemobile and ordered it a danger. also coming up, the latest on today's forecast. bring the umbrella with you this morning. you will need it. got some rain showers out there. we are likely to see a few more
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later on today. julie wright is here. she will tell us about this morning's rush hour traffic. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. 
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we'll take a live look outside this morning. it is wet again as you start off your workweek. but along with the rain come those cool temperatures too. tony, it is starting to feel a lot like fall.
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>> it sure is. temperatures will be well below normal for today as we don't expect to get out of the 50s. a couple of down to the south may get to the 60s but for most it looks like highs in the 50s and we do have some rain showers. those are the headlines. let's take a look at hd radar. we'll start with that. we'll show you where the precipitation is at this hour as it moves across portions of the viewing area. it is mainly light rainfall in some spots. moderate rainfall as we go to hd radar. you will see some of the showers across the region, particularly from washington to points west. also, we've got rain showers to our north and east and then off to the south as well. here is a look at the current temperatures around the region. right now, we are at 50 as we go to the graphics. 54degrees right now in washington, d.c. 5 # degrees in manassas. salisbury is at 55. -- 52 degrees in manassas.
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here is a look at the satellite- radar for our region. showers pushing in from the south and east due to a low pressure system off the coast. we'll continue to be in the muck for a good part of today with clouds streaming through and then that precipitation coming through as well. can you see again very few spots where we're seeing any heavy precipitation. here is the surface map. we are really between two areas of low pressure, one off the coast, and that is the primary one bringing us rainfall. and then the other one off to the north and west bringing rain to the ohio valley but that will help keep us in the clouds and moisture for today and it will give us more clouds tomorrow, wednesday, with a chance of some rain showers tuesday and wednesday as well. today is probably the best chance for rain. here is your forecast for today. overcast skies and rain, breezy, much cooler, high about 58 degrees. your five-day forecast, tomorrow, high only in the low 60s. again, with the chance of some rain showers. possible isolated showers on wednesday.
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thursday and friday look to be very nice days right now. i know we are several days away but the weekend looks like it will be nice as well. temperatures on thursday and friday into the low 70s. >> you know, julie starts looking at the weekend on monday so you're all right. i love that description too by the way, in the muck. >> that is where we are. >> julie, how are things looking? >> i just told calvin, our producer, i feel like i live in seattle. i haven't seen sunshine in so long. >> you're right. >> on the roads, we should be used to it by now. we've been dealing with it for the last couple of rush hours. traffic is running smoothly here. no accidents to report as you work your way out towards rockville. no incidents to report on the beltway between college park and bethesda. if you are traveling in virginia, you will find 395 at speed in both the hov and the main lines as you continue out towards the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5
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on-time traffic. congressman elijah cummins is calling on maryland to enforce a 60 day moratorium on foreclosures. he claims several families may have been wrongly evicted from their homes. he says there are a number of reports suggesting lend hes may have acted fraudulently in order to foreclose on homes. on friday, several big banks stopped processing foreclosures when it was revealed that executives signed off on them without verifying information. verizon wirele will pay up for charging customers a fee for services they didn't have or didn't use. it was mostly for data charges on bills. some 15 million customers are affected. customers would have left verizon will get a check in the mail. a local navy seal killed in afghanistan will be laid to
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rest today. lieutenant brendan loony ways football standout in the late 1990s at dematha high school. his silver spring family, friend and colleagues came to dematha to commemorate his life. >> he was only 29. the body of lieutenant brendan loony was returned to dematha where he was once co-captain of an undefeated varsity football team. loved ones stood in line to pay tribute. >> he was a man who inspires and moat rates everybody he has touched. he has touched a lot of people's lives. >> reporter: loony was a special warfare operator with the seals assigned to afghanistan. he was one of nine military personnel would died when their helicopter crashed late last month. three others on board were injured. the pentagon hasn't said what caused that crash but the newschannel 4y said they were supporting a special operations mission. >> words cannot describe the
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incredible loss of our son. >> reporter: it was a painful loss for loony's family. there was say statement read from his family. it says brendan made the ultimate sacrifice while protecting the ideals of our nation. the dematha community remembers him as a wide receiver, defense back in 1998. coach bill mcgregor is paying homage to him at every game. his jersey was number 10. current team members will wear that number on their helmets the rest of the the season. >> funeral services for lieutenant loony will be held this morning at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception in washington, d.c. a peacemobile has found awe home in northwest washington. it it is creating controversy that has part of a community
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pitted against a government agency that wants it removed. roby chavez take a closer look. & don't go that far ♪ ♪ don't go that far &&. >> reporter: this vw bus is all about peace and love. but as it sits in the front yard of this home in northwest -- >> this is a warning notes is. >> reporter: the city says it is a danger and the peacemobile must go. owners are fighting it. >> it's conversation starter. the district government which apparently has much less humor about the matter than all of our neighbors do, chose to cite it as being dangerous and abandoned. i think it is pretty easy to see that there is nothing dangerous or abandoned about it. >> reporter: with hippie songs, petitions and psychedelic cupcakes, many neighbors turned out to rally for the peacemobile. >> save the van. >> reporter: many say it fits right in with the eclectic
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neighborhood of the palisades. >> it makes me happy. i mean one reason is because i grew up in the '60s. >> i don't know why dpw is picking on them. i think they have plenty of other things to do in this city. >> reporter: the unregistered bus with no plates and no engines, has missing windows, broken windows and flat tires. dpw has cited it for city code violations. dpw issued a written statement saying: >> they've been very responsible and they've kept up the van. they've kept up the area around t i don't think it present a danger to the children in the area. >> reporter: a councilman who admits to a few peace bus rides in her day wants to put the brake on this. >> maybe it is possible to get
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a permit for this. maybe it is possible to have this, quote, unquote on display for a period of time. but in any event, what i would like not to have happen is for this to be some source of -- i don't know people fighting about something. >> reporter: owners say it is more in line with the message the bus brings. >> there is a lot of seriousness in the world now. wars and recession and people not doing very well. we thought this would be a way to start a conversation about the lighter side of life, the appreciation of art and the free expression. >> reporter: roby chavez, fox 5 news. >> reporter: the department of public works says somebody complained and that triggered the investigation. the family face as a $1,000 fine if that is not removed by the end of the month. it's problem a lot of us have been dealing with for weeks now, those nasty little stinkbugs. we'll take you to a lab where they are trying to find ways to stop that little pest. the lab is in our area but the
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solution could be several thousand miles away. up next, infamous gown worn by the alleged white house party crasher is on the auction block. details of the surprise bid and how much that dress fetched. you are watching fox 5 morning news. 
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it is the video that went global. the salahis strolling into the state dinner at the white house. now, that red sari worn by michaele salahi is no longer hers. it hit the auction block just as more financial troubles surrounding the couple are beginning to surface. roz plater has the latest. >> reporter: michaele and tariq salahi on hand at at alexandria auction house to witness the fate of this now infamous piece of pop culture. red sa ri. michaele salahi wore to the obama's first state dinner being auctioned off for charity. >> everyone has seen this maybe once or twice. if it can do something great
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and give back, that is what life is about. >> reporter: infamous because the white house has said they weren't invited and the salahis till insist they were not party crashers. >> we didn't crash. we presented our real names, our real identifications and we were announced and we went into the white house. >> reporter: the tress was expected to gash are a couple of thousand dollars but then there is a big surprise bid. >> it sells for $7,000. >> a whopping $7,000. just who shelled out that kind of cash? it is the co-owner of the george twowj salon where michaele slaly sla -- of the georgetown salon where michaele salahi prepped for the dinner when you are talking about a piece of political history such as i see this, it is something that you really can't put a value on. >> this is such a great day. >> reporter: 80% of the
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proceeds will go to two charities so it won't help fix the salahis financial woes. last month, their america's polo cup venture filed for bankruptcy. the winery filed for bankruptcy last year and there are reports michaele salahi may not be invited back if there was a second season of the real house ives of d.c. i'm roz plater. fox 5 news. you probably haven't seen the last of that red sari. the new owner says it could turn up in a new political scandal museum. most of the money from the sale will go to the clinton-bush hatey fund and the national ms society. stay with us. before a lot more straight ahead. we'll take a look at your wet weather, your traffic and your top stories as fox 5 morning news continues at 5:00 right now. good morning. it is monday morning, oc


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