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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  October 5, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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not the prettiest day but it looks like we'll be rain-free. let's look at the current temperatures. off to a cool start yet again with temperatures in the 40s and 50s. 51degrees right now in the nation's capital. 50 in annapolis. 44 at dulles airport. gaithersburg, 48 degrees. check out manassas. 39degrees right now in manassas. the change is here, folks. and it is going to be another cool day today across the region. satellite-radar composite, precipitation is quite a ways way from here. we do have clouds that will be streaming in later on today. we'll have a fair a sunshine in the morning hours an mother clouds building in i think as the day progresses. but at late we will get some sun. your day planner for today, another cool one with plenty of clouds hanging around. look for your highs today up to around 60, 61, 62 degrees, something hike that. some of you may again top out
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only in the 50s. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. i bet you julie wright had her seat warmer on today. >> probably. >> i was just getting ready to tell tony i had the seat warmers on this morning. >> see there, i know you. >> yeah, you do. >> on the roads, it is dry pavement and we'll take it. no incidents reported if you are traveling in each intersection down south at the wilson bridge. overnight construction cleared if you are traveling along 95 between the beltway and continuing out towards the 14th street bridge. no trouble spots there. northbound 95 here at the prince william parkway, picking up the usual suspects as we head northbound towards lorton. no problems to report out on 66. lane are open. out are loop looks great as you travel between college park and your exits over at georgia avenue. southbound 95 roadwork south of the icc also cleared and 270 is
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off to a quiet start leaving i- 70 headed south of 109. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. new this morning, a mystery ate metro station if virginia. a man was found shot in the parking lot of the huntington metro stop. this happened late last night. investigators are trying to figure out what happened. sarah simmons is in alexandria with the latest this morning. >> reporter: good morning. you know, there are still a lot of questions because metro police are telling us one thing and fairfax county police, which happens to be the lead agency on this, are telling us something different. what metro police are telling us now is there was a man found shot in the stomach inside of a car in the metro parking lot here at the huntington metro stop but that is different from what fairfax county police are telling us. what we know from them is that this happened just before 10:30 last night. fairfax county police say a woman called police saying she was supposed to meet a family member here but when she arrived, she didn't see him. police arrived and found him in
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a metro lot. with where a saying is an injury to the lower body. he was taken to the hospital with a life-threatening condition and at this point, they are still trying to figure out if this man was shot, if he was shot here or if he was shot somewhere else and brought here to the metro property. investigators are still looking into this. we will continue to ask them jeez and -- ask them questions and bring you the latest as we get. are there cancer clusters in frederick, maryland. the state health department says no, there is not. >> roby chavez has more. >> it is not good enough. it is too little and too late. >> reporter: it was an angry and swift reaction as the first numbers by the maryland department of to determine if there is a cancer cluster in frederick were
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released. officials say this initial study doesn't show it. >> you can see numbers of them occurring in the same locations but at least so far, and i haven't run the statistics on this yet, but visually, there don't appear to be any issues that i've seen so far where there appears to be a huge clump of them and nowhere else. >> the preliminary study shows there were 1059 cancer cases near fort detrick. that number though is lower than the expected number in frederick county as a whole. despite the findings, many continue to be believe decades of deaths are linked to chemicals dumped at fort detrick. >> now, how many do you need for a cluster? other than the statistics that you used. three hows in a row, three women died of cancer. >> many would continue to show up at these meetings have tragic personal stories about their cancer and want a more in- depth study. >> it was about as big as a
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softball and thank god they got it out. but i couldn't have no more children and that hurt. >> reporter: by one private account, more than 500 families have cancer within a two-mile radius of fort detrick. those numbers privately collected were not included in this survey. that is why many say the reach needs to be broader. >> in my heart of hearts, i know there is a problem here and we need to find out what the -- what us candidate it and how we can deal with it. >> why hasn't left hand been a survey or an ad taken out in "usa today" saying if you lived in this area or you have cancer or you know of someone who has cancer, contact the health department. also following a developing story. jappen is now joining sweden, the u.s., britain, france, germany, and canada in telling its citizen to be careful when traveling in europe. the white house tells americans who are traveling in europe to take common sense precautions
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but it is emphasizing that people are not being told to cancel travel plans. al-qaeda has targeted popular european tourist spots like the eiffel tower. on sunday, the u.s. issued the alert to americans in europe to be vigilant. if you would like to know more about the travel alert, the state department has the full alert and we have a link on our web site. an army ranger killed in afghanistan. the pentagon says sergeant first class lance herman vogue her was shot and killed friday. he was a native of fed rick and veined the army in may of 2001. an armored car driver shot a suspected robber in the district t happened yesterday ate shopping center on brentwood road in northeast. police say the guard was picking up a bag of money from a shoe store. the guard shot the man in the
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leg outside the store. >> the armored car courier follows him out, orders him to stop. the guy turns around. we are looking into the investigation if he had a weapon ho im. >> investigators say they don't think the suspect had a weapon. he is in stable condition. police have for the released his name but they say he is 35 years old and from d.c. d.c.'s mayor takes tough action to deal with the budget deficit. tea party favorite christine o'donnell addresses talk of her being involved in witchcraft. d
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two governors, two different approaches. even in good times bob ehrlich didn't make education a priority. he increased college tuition by 40%, cut school construction by $200 million, and ehrlich voted to eliminate the department of education while serving in congress. but in the toughest of times, martin o'malley has made record investments in public schools, new school construction, and o'malley froze college tuition four years in a row. with martin o'malley, our children always come first.
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we are getting word of four more nato troops being killed in afghanistan. three of them were killed in bomb blasts in the southern part of the country and a fourth person died in eastern afghanistan. there have been 11 coalition deaths in october already and blasts in kandahar overnight also killed four afghan policemen. the d.c. government will tighten its belt to help its budget. mayor adrian fenty has issued an order freezing salaries and hiring and demanding a 10% cut in spending at city agencies. the order goes into effect
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tomorrow. this is to help close a projected $175 million budget gap. the specific actions are expected to save about $126 million. to the mid-term elects now which air month away. christine o'donnell the republican candidate for senate is hitting airwaves. take a look. >> i'm not a witch. i'm nothing you've heard. i'm you. >> o'donnell has been tealing with questions about witchcraft since a 1999 confession on a late night talk show surfaced that she had dabbled in it as you teenager. the ad begins running today in delaware. less than a month before the general election and things are starting to heat up in the race for governor in maryland. we'll hear what vern verbal jabs current governor o'malley and his challenger are trading right now. deep into the fiery pit. how low did two daredevils
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descend into this publing hot volcano. we'll find out next. also coming up being we've got the latest on today's forecast. will we see rain today? we'll try to answer that question for you. julie wright is along with a look at traffic. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. my rves.
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we take a look outside right now at the wilson bridge at 5:15 this morning. check this out. caught on cam remark daredevils actually fog inside of an active volcano. extreme adventurer jeff macly and cameraman joe morgan actually rappeled into the volcano. >> the video has gone viral. macly waved to the camera.
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it is the closest anybody has been to the volunteer khan owe's boiling lava which last eruptioned in 2008. >> that is close enough. -- to the volcano's boiling lava. >> there are adventurers out there. >> i think i would find a different way to get my thrills than going into a fiery volcano. >> i think most people would. >> yeah. >> yesterday, it was just a sloppy mess outside. today, when i stepped outside, i was like wow, this is really chilly. >> out to the west, we have temperature in the upper 30s. so it is very cold in parts of the area and at least chilly wherever you are. let's take a look at yesterday's high temperatures. we told you we wouldn't get out of the 50s and we didn't. very cool day with temperatures at least 15 degrees below normal. reagan national only made it up to 57 degrees. dulles, 55 and bwi marshall, 54 degrees for your high yesterday, a very cool day. we'll add a couple of degree to
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that today. right now, we are at 51 degrees here in washington. you've got cool air in place all across the mid-atlantic and the northeast. new york city is at 54 degrees. pittsburgh, pennsylvania, 45 degrees. richmond, it is 46 degrees at this hour. we still have this area of low pressure off the coast and we have another area of low pressure off to the west that is slowly making its way wiese eared this morning. we have clouds across the region but i think -- making its way eastward this morning. we have clouds across the region but i think we'll see a fair amount of sunshine during the morning hours. more of those close will likely stream in here later on today. here-- more of those clouds will likely stream in here later on today. you think we'll see chilly temperatures not just today but tomorrow and then thursday, we'll start to warm up. by the weekend, our temperatures will be at or a
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little bit above normal and it will be a very nice weekend. for turkd here -- for today, here is what we're looking at. partly sunny and then we believe mostly cloudy. we've taken the threat of rain out of the forecast. for most of the us, we think it will be dry today. high about 63 degrees downtown. for tomorrow, a mix of clouds and sun with a slight possibility of showers here and there. then that warm-up i told you about. our average high for this time of year is about 7 # degrees. we are not quite there. thursday, friday, we are with lots of sunshine. saturday look to be a glorious day. sunny and 75. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. let's get to julie wright and get an update on traffic. >> we'll start off in virginia where the pace is not so bad right now if you are traveling the beltway leaving annandale to merrifield but behind me, that is northbound i-95. that is where we've got the stalled car tying up the left lane. v-d.o.t. is on the scene. not too much of a backup at
5:19 am
this moment. traffic volume is lighted headed northbound up towards lorton. northbound i-95 before you reach prince william parkway, that is where we had the stalled car in the left lane. southbound 270 in great shape out of rockville. overnight roadwork in the icc southbound along i-95 has cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we do have a consumer alert for you as the department of justice is taking the three biggest credit companies to court. it filed a lawsuit against american express, visa and master are card claiming they engaged in anticompetitive practices like preventing stores from promoting other credit cards. there is word that versace and master card is working out a deal to settle with the government. but american express says it is different and is fighting the lawsuit. we have less than a month remaining in the race for maryland governor and the campaign is heating up. >> this time, governor mart uno'malley is increasing charges that bob ehrlich spent
5:20 am
his four years out of office as a hired gun for special interests. >> an accusation ehrlich calls desperate. >> reporter: rolling into the university of maryland, an o'malley rally was on tap as the democratic governor went after the youth vote. >> there will be winners and there will be losers. >> reporter: but the audience wasn't the only thing here that is young. in recent days, o'malley has been trying out a fresh take ho his opponent, republican robert ehrlich. >> he has made over $2 million working for big banks, big mortgage companies and big casino interests 6789. >> reporter: after starting the campaign saying it bob a simple comparison of the two different administerings, the governor hassen increasingly critical of ehrlich's last four years oust office while he worked as an attorney. >> if he always sided with the big special interests in easy times, why should we believe after all he has been paid in the last four years that he
5:21 am
wouldn't side with them in the tough days ahead of us? >> reporter: while governor o'malley wassing college students in college park, his challenger was courting a much different audience speaking with a group of dairy farmers in frederick county. farms are just one of the maryland industries that robert ehrlich says have done poorly under governor o'malley. >> the elect is going to be over. i think we'll win the race. >> reporter: the agriculture vote represents ehrlich's base, mainstream republicans would voted for him four years ago and expect to do so again. >> in a very serious time, people expect serious proposals from serious people about serious problems.
5:22 am
>> when you get uniformly negative, it also means you have for particular interest in marketing or selling what you've done. i think that t the o'malley administration over the past four years. >> reporter: beth men will get to take each other on face to face when they meet in their first debate monday in baltimore. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> thank you. there are some changes for some area neighborhoods as in a population change. up next, some are calling it a renaissance. >> what is sparking the shifting landscape? we'll explain coming up next. ♪ yes! ♪ look, they fit! oh my gosh, are those the jeans from last year? how'd you do it? eating right...whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who eat more whole grain tend to have healthier body weights. multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 lightly sweetened calories. more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios.
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we'll take a look outside right now. traffic and it is cold out there. temperature, 51 degrees right now at reagan national. but much colder when you head out to the west. so bundle up and you might need the seat warmer this is morning if you have them. talking about a shafting change in the landscape. it is in full swing across the region. talking about ethnic changes, whites an minorities trading places. >> it is being called white flight in reverse with whites moving into the city while the suburbs grow with minorities. maureen umeh takes a closer look. >> reporter: john washington has seen awe lot of changes in d.c. in his 74 years here. >> before it was primarily all caucasians. >> reporter: especially people
5:26 am
who call it home. >> then it turned completely 95% black, 85% black, 15% caucasians and now it is reversing. >> reporter: a shifting landscape that seems more pronounced now than ever before as the district does more to entice new people with retail, nightlife and upscale residential buildings. washington says they are just discovering what people would live in d.c. have known all along. >> they are finding out that it is less commute time for them. they work in the city. they can -- trang is great. >> reporter: a recent cents us bureau shows the figure of concentration of whites in d.c. increased by 56,000 between 2000 2009. >> hispanics now almost eke
5:27 am
walt number of blacks in prince george's county. better schools, affordable housing and jobs are said to be the main factors. >> families are able to afford homes in hyattsville and in those areas. >> reporter: john washington likes the changes throughout the area. each group bringing something positive to their new home helping to clear ate a -- to create a better place. >> we have a lot more for you on fox 5 morning news including awe late knit mist are you at a metro station in virginia. sarah? >> reporter: main is severely injured, possibly -- a man is severely injured, possibly even shot at a virginia metro stop but there are still a lot he questions swirling about this one. i'll have the latest on the investigation when fox 5 morning news returns. - ( music playing ) dgo t - we know technology can make you more connected.
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we're back on this tuesday morning. a live look at our oxon hill camera. traffic moving right along on the beltway. certainly better than it was this time yesterday morning. temperatures pretty chilly out there. 41degrees at home this morning. >> a lot of folk out to the west in particular are in the 40s. and even in some upper 30s in parts -- >> we look kind. crazy sitting here --
5:31 am
>> you just got to laugh. it is 51 degrees here in the district. 44 down in quantico. manassas, virginia, 39 degrees. 44 at dulles. out to the east, not as cool. 52 in stevensville. not a bad picture here. yesterday, we had showers across the region. we don't have that this morning. we have partially clear skies across the area. we do have a band of clouds right across washington, d.c. but down to the south and up to the north and east, we've got partially clear skies so not too bad. i think we'll see some sunshine during the morning hours but more clouds will build in later. so by this afternoon, at this point, i think it will be mostly cloudy at some point during the affect. high today a little bit higher than yesterday. look for a high downtown of about 63 degrees. we'll have more detail on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> i have to admit i kind of love it. >> you like the cool weather. >> i do.
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shake off the sweaters, the mothballs and all of that. >> i would be more than happy to leave them in the closet, julie. >> the mothballs? >> you know, you got -- >> the sweats. >> for the sweaters. it is cedar. not mothballs, cedar. >> do they still have mothballs? >> i don't know. we'll find out. >> gurvir is going to have us smelling like -- i don't know what. >> they'll send me home. >> all right. on the roads right now, you will find that the lane are open northbound i-95. that is where we had the stalled car at the prince william parkway. we are back up to speed now continuing up into lorton at newington. light traffic volume on the beltway in each direction between annandale and merrifield. no problems to report at the wilson bridge. that's a check of your fox 5
5:33 am
on-time traffic. new this morning a mystery at a metro station in virginia where a man was found shot in the parking lot at the huntington metro stop. investigators are trying to figure out what happened. sarah simmons is in alexandria with the latest for us this morning. >> reporter: we are still trying to sort out the details. a lot of questions still swirling around this. metro police are telling us there was a man discovered in a metro parking lot inside of a car shot in the stomach. this is at the huntington metro stop where we're told this occur at about 10:30 last night. now, fairfax county police, they are the lead investigators on the case right now. they have a bit of a different story. they're telling us that a woman called police and said that she was supposed to meet a family member here and when she arrived she didn't see him so she called police. when they arrived, they found a man in a metro lot but what they are saying right now is it is some sort of injury to the lower body. they are not saying for sure he
5:34 am
was shot. he was taken to the hospital with a life-threatening condition. we do want have any more details on how he is doing this morning. but either way, we've talked with metro riders this morning. they are a little bit shocked and surprised by this. >> i catch the bus on fort belvoir. it is usually quiet around here. i never heard of anybody getting hurt. >> i've come out late before here so i wouldn't be too nervous. there is nothing around here. you got to be mindful of what is around you. but it is surprising to hear that. in this day and age, you never know what can happen. >> reporter: thank you point, there are still a lot of questions as to what did happen last fight. investigators are not sure if the man was shot here on metro property, whether this happened before he arrived here or somebody brought him here. so at this point, we are still working to get some more information. we'll bring you the details as we get them. we're live here at the
5:35 am
huntington metro stop. sarah simmons. maryland's health department says it hasn't found enough evidence to determine whether there are cancer clusters in fredericka cording to a preliminary and limited study. residents claim there are an unusually high number of cancer cases near fort detrick. the base is known to have contaminated soil and water. a lot of residents think that is what is causing all the cannes are cases. >> you can see numbers of them occurring in the same locations but at least so far, and i haven't run the statistics on this yet, but visually, there don't appear to be any areas that of a seen so far where there appear to be a huge clump of them. >> how many do you need for a cluster other than the statistics that you used. three houses in a row, three women died of cancer. >> fort detrick is not commenting about the claim and it is deferring all questions to the demeanor -- department
5:36 am
of health. first sweden, the u.s., britain, canada, france and now japan have issued travel warning for travelers in europe. the white house is updating the terror alert for americans traveling in europe. it is not telling people to cancel travel plans, just take common sense precautions. in the last couple of weeks, threats forced vacs at the eiffel tower and in berlin. possible targets include the brandenburg gate appear berlin central station often 9-11, al- qaeda used airplane to attack the u.s. and now the government thinks al-qaeda might be planning mumbai-style attacks in europe. >> continue with your travel plans but just be cautious because we are aware of active plots against the united states, american citizens and other allies around the world. >> what is new about this warning is that other european countries are covered and that means that the al-qaeda potential threat may be continental. >> we have everything you need to know about the terror alert online on our web site. can you see the full alert from
5:37 am
the state department and frequently asked questions as well. log onto and click on the travel alert. we have a fox 5 follow-up on that bus accident that shut down interstate 270 last week. autopsy results show the driver of that bus died of a heart attack. state police say that is what caused the bus to plunge plunge off the fly overramp and roll down onto 270. passengers say something seemed wrong and the driver slumped over the steering wheel and the bus crashed. several of the passengers were hurt. they are all expected to recover. she reached for the eyedrops but grabbed the wrong thing. what she squirted in her eye that led to a trip to the hospital. it happens more often than you might think. the dow was down yesterday. nasdaq down as well. the nikkei up this morning. we'll talk more about what is going on with the markets coming up in our business beat. th.ou
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blue diamond almonds! more bold flavor! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack. making headlines, president obama is kicking off a one-day community college summit today. it brings together think indicators and officials from across the country. president sees the two-year colleges as a resource school where companies can find works are with increasingly specialized skills. he is already announce august new plan to expand college partnerships but a lot of states have cut back their budgets during this economic crisis. former president jimmy carter working hard in the district to benefit habitat for humanity. last week, we all know the 86- year-old spent a couple of
5:41 am
nights in the hospital with stomach trouble. look at him yesterday. he had and his wife helped to build a house for a single mother. >> he gave me a hug. i told him thank you so much for helping out on my house. >> god has blessed me in many ways an one those has been good health so far. >> this is the 27th year that mr. and mrs. carter have helped build or rehab homes for families. help for some home owners facing mortgage trouble. a foreclosure freeze in nearly two dozen states. coming up next, we'll local home owners see some relief? we'll get a full report. also checking your morning commute and your forecast this morning. the a chilly start to the day. we'll fine what is going to happen later today. we'll found out what is going to happen later today.
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welcome back. we are off to a chilly start. temperature right around 50 degrees or so here in the district. much cool are out to the west. not the day you want to be out biking. but the district has launched a bike sharing program and now the federal government is on board too. the partnership is designed to give people new ways to commute. the capital bike share program works by letting people pick up and drop off bicycles at a lot
5:45 am
of different locations. there will eventually be 1,000 bikes at 114 spots i guess i shouldn't have said this isn't the day you want to bike. for a lot of people, they don't like bicycling in the heat. >> later on today, it will be find for biking. we'll be in the upper 50s, low 60s. not bad. it is the morning time when it is chilly. >> it is certainly feeling like fall. that is for sure. >> it really is. temperatures as gurvir said really in the 40s and 50s across the area. chilly start to the day. today will be another day where we'll see below normal temperatures. let's take a look at your weather headlines for today and for the rest of the week. even today, a little bit warmer. yesterday, we at any time get out of the 50s. today, we think we'll do a little bit better. dry but clouds roll in. we have ataken the chance of rain out of the forecast. i would not be shocked if some
5:46 am
of you to the far north an west see a shower or two. as we head towards the weekend, temperatures head to seasonal conditions so not bad at all. that would be the low 70s. here is a look at the current temperatures around the region. 51degrees in washington. 48 in gaithersburg. 44 at dulles airport. 39 in manassas. temperatures ranging from the upper 0s to -- up upper 30s to the low 50s -- upper 30s to the low 50s. a little bit breezy but the win will diminish as the day progresses. between washington and baltimore, you've got clear skies. down to our south as you head down towards fredericksburg or richmond, clear skies. wave got some clouds streaming across the skies over
5:47 am
washington right now. more cloud cover out to the west. i think we'll see a fair amount of sunshine during the morning hours but then more clouds building in as the day progresses. so forecast for today, partly sunny this horng. then becoming mostly cloudy. still breezy. high about 63 degrees. that is about 10 degrees below normal. there are your winds out of the northwest. five-day forecast tomorrow, possibility of a couple of showers. i think a few more clouds hanging around tomorrow as well. 64 for your high. thursday, not bad at all. mostly sunny, 70. sunny on friday, 736789 saturday looks great, sunny and 75. that is a look at what is happen with the weather. i should mention that for the redskins game, things are looking good as well our weather goes. scriert is here with a look at traffic. >> all right. it is not looking so bad out on the roads. overnight roadwork cleared off of 66 and on the beltway where they've been busy doing the hot lane work in virginia. let's start off in maryland. coming southbound along 270
5:48 am
this morning, macing your way from 109 headed south of hie the astown. the lane are open but the pace is starting to slow. no incidents reported continuing out towards clarksburg. still an easy commute for those out of germantown and leaving gaithersburg headed into rockville. 355 also an easy ride. top stretch of the beltway remains at speed leaving college park headed over towards 270. overnight roadwork cleared. southbound 95 and the i kiro 7 c south of 198. no problems to report on the baltimore-washington parkway coming unbound out of laurel. -- southbound 95 and the icc south of 198. no problems getting through cent areville or making your way through fair oaks. all lane open continuing east of newsily street and out towards the beltway. beltway runs smoothly in each intersection down south at the wilson bridge. if you are traveling northbound on i-95, you will find your lane are open as you travel out
5:49 am
of dale city headed up to the prince william parkway. earlier disabled vehicle cleared. no problems to report leaving newington and springfield and continuing up onto # 95. northbound # 95 at washington boulevard, that is where we had the stalled car -- continuing up onto 395. northbound 395 at washington boulevard, that is where we had the stalled car. foreclosure some of the largest home lenders have now been suspended in 23 states but only? states where foreclosure is a court procedure that. doesn't apply to d.c. or virginia. in maryland, the court does have some approval over foreclosures. melanie alnwick takes a look at the effort to get maryland included in the foreclosure freeze. >> reporter: bank of america the latest lender to admit some of its executives signed off to
5:50 am
foreclosure affidavits without verifying their accuracy. j.p.morgan chase an allied financial have also been caught in court refuse layings of robo signing, all three voluntarily agreed to halt foreclosures in 23 states. that doesn't include maryland. >> it bears any state that cries out to be a part of a moratorium, it is maryland. we should be number one. we don't have something called right of redemption. that means once that property is taken, it is gone. >> reporter: representative elijah sum cummings has now asked at state to put a two- month moratorium on all foreclosures. >> nobody is saying banks you can't foreclose. we are just saying, you've already admittedded to not following the law. >> reporter: while that may help distressed home owners, it could prolong the osteoporosis. august ways record month for home seizures. >> if you want to move is housing back on to the market so others can purchase. for some, it is a good opportunity and interest rates
5:51 am
are low to purchase homes. but you want to do all the work correctly. >> reporter: moratoriums on foreclosures or sales will mean more distressed inventory and that could depress housing prices. mr.cummings said that should be a secondary concern. >> this is the united states of america. we have a system of justice and justice must prevail, period. >> reporter: melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> the maryland governor's office is expected to formally ask j. p. morgan, allied and bank of america which does a lot of business in the state to include maryland on its voluntary list. we haven't heard from attorney general doug gansler's office as to whether he will agree to a mandated state-wide moratorium. a frightening and painful mishap for a woman in arizona rushed to hospital after mistaking her eye drops for super glue. the woman had cataract surge are you last year. she was reaching for what she thought was one of her eye drop medications when she accidentally grabed a container
5:52 am
after super glue and squirted it into her eye. she felt a burning sensation and the glue quickly sealed her eye shut. >> they had to cut off the glue substance and it was all hard and it was in the eye and it was just everywhere and i couldn't even see. can you go infection being blindness being removal of the eye on something like this. please help. please help. >> the fda is interviewing her this week. she hopes her case and others will put pressure on glue makers to change their packaging in order to avoid these type of mix-ups. nearly 2,000-mile journey to history. why he is retracing a route on foot that was originally done on horse back. so stay with us for this story coming up. duct system as the lungs of the house. expulsion of air. dust and dirt that helping the house to breathe. say i'm a doctor. not a doctor either. suction. ♪ call 1-800-steemer d
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sit a man from utah celebrating 1950th anniversary of the pony express by retracing its route. he is not doing it on horse back. >> he is running the nearly 2,000-mile route. fox's mike runge has the story. >> reporter: it must be noted that there is no pony involved in the journey. carl is an ultramarathoner so he cheese to run the entire 1840-mile distance. his wife cheryl has a definition for what her husband
5:56 am
is doing. >> it is definitely mental. i call it insanity but it is definitely mental. >> carl just took his first day of the rest after stopping at a sandy, utah home where he talked about waits like running the equivalent of two marathons per day. >> kind of surreal, you know. you just get up and do it all day. i'm in a pretty good zone. running has been good. the ached and pain but it has been good. the pony express route is kind of two different ways you can go. for me, being 2010, there is private land issues and things. i have to go around that. cant really take the technical route that the boys rode so i'm making my own route. >> that causes concern for the red bull human express. the support team tracking carl's progress. >> there are times when you're out of sight with carl and you are hoping he is where he is going to be. no street signs or anything like that. you can come toon intersection of like five fire roads and if
5:57 am
carl has been running for 10 hours, sometimes you're in the thinking straight and you might take the wrong turn or something like that. the threat of losing somebody out there is taxing. it is pretty stressful. >> reporter: so what makes carl run the equivalent of two marathons each day for over a month? >> i want to set the bar, you know. i don't know. it is a cool experience because you kind of commemorate the 150th anniversary and you tie in the run with it. it is a good time to do it. it all fit into place. i like to do things differently than most people do. >> more power to him. >> my knees hurt just thinking about it. >> straight ahead at 6:00, we'll take a look at your top stories, check out the morning commute and a very cool forecast for today. fox 5 morning news comes back in two minutes. th.ou♪
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