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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  October 5, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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sing. >> right now at episode seven which is what we're shooting right now i have not sung. so we'll see what happens. i'm hoping i get a song. i hope i get a love interest. there's a lot of things i'm hoping for. >> nobody in my house steals from me. >> reporter: anita vogel fox news. the news keeps coming tonight. will is in for brian now with the news edge at 11:00. >> the news edge on a burglary spree in virginia. i'm will thomas in for brian. this spree has police wondering if the thieves are crossing county lines. the latest burglaries happened last night in prince william county, but police want to know if it's connected to nearly 90 break-ins in fairfax county. fox 5's wisdom martin takes a closer look now. >> reporter: the haymarket subdivision where these burglaries happened is both isolated and gated, so the people in that community say they never had to worry about
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safety until now. prince william county police say october 3rd overnight there were four burglaries in the neighborhood. in two cases the burglar got in through an unlocked door or window and in one case a burglar got into an unlocked cared in an unlocked garage. -- car inside an unlocked garage. this is of particular concern because of recent burglaries in neighboring fairfax county. since the beginning of august there have been nearly 100 burglaries in several different communities. the suspect in those cases is also entering through unlocked doors, windows and garages. this man who does not want to be identified lives in this community. he is all the victim of an overnight burglary. >> i happened to leigh my wallet on the floor of my car in the garage which -- leave my wallet on the floor of my car in the garage which we left unlocked. we lock our doors. and on sunday my cash was gone in my wallet. >> reporter: police have not been able to make the connection just yet. reporting in prince william county wisdom martin, fox 5 news. the hunt is on tonight for
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a suspected shoplifter who used pepper spray to make an escape at the boston common mall in arlington about lunchtime today. the manager of the payless shoe stores confronted a woman he suspected of shoplifting. the woman used pepper spray on the manager, then took off. four others in the store were exposed to the spray as well. they were all taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the news edge working a developing story tonight. right now search crews are combing through yellowstone national park looking for this maryland man, stuart isaac who disappeared a few weeks ago. his lexus turned up in the park but he is still gone. fox 5's audrey barnes is live in the newsroom. you're learning more about isaac. >> that's right. 48-year-old stuart isaac left a note for a relative september 7th saying he was going on a cross-country drive. no one has heard from him in nearly a month, but now his car has been found abandoned in yellowstone national park with the keys still in it.
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relatives and friends fear the worst. outside stuart isaac's burton burtonville townhome his suv and motorcycle are just like he left them, nearly a month ago, but no sign of the man neighbors say was the rock of the community. >> he was a good neighbor. he was out there in the snow. he was the first guy out, last guy to leave. he was very helpful. just a good guy. >> when i would take my evening walks and he was coming home from work, he would be sure to say hi and he was a pleasure to speak with. >> reporter: yvonne davis says isaac had talked about a road trip. >> since he bought the lexus he has always said that i'm just going to drive. i want to go do some driving. >> reporter: rangers on routine patrol in yellowstone national park found the lexus in a parking lot there sunday with the keys still in it but no sign of isaac. park spokesman al nash told us on the phone the trail has gone cold. >> we've had people out on
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foot. we've had dog teams. we've searched the area where the car was discovered from the air. we haven't turned up any clues. >> reporter: nash says there's no evidence of foul play, but isaac's friends and family say he's never been out of touch like this before. >> i'm so surprised that he went there and now his car is there and nobody knows where he is. hoping for the best. >> it's big country. you can get lost in a hurry. >> reporter: you're hoping he just turns up. >> i hope that's all it is he's lost. >> reporter: neighbors say isaac who was divorced lived in the townhouse with his niece and her husband. it's eerily quiet now without their cheery neighbor around. park rangers in wyoming and police here say it will probably take a tip from the public to find isaac. back to you, will. >> after so long it certainly doesn't look good. audrey barnes in the newsroom thank you. with less than a month to go the race for maryland
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governor is widening. a new poll finds current governor martin o'malley in the lead. the latest rasmussen poll of likely voters found 49% would vote for o'malley with former governor ehrlich receiving 41%. there is a 4% margin of error. the november election is a rematch for both candidates. governor o'malley beat bob ehrlich in 2006. it has to be one of the most bizarre line ever spoken in a political campaign ad. take a look. >> i'm not a witch. i'm nothing you've heard. >> that is delaware tea party senate candidate christine o'donnell addressing her now infamous 1999 appearance on a talk show where she said she dabbled in witchcraft as a teenager. this is her first ad for the general election. she goes on to say nobody is perfect, but nobody can be happy with the way things work in washington. d.c.'s presumptive mayor elect is reaching out to residents. he is packing the houses talking about everything from
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education to crime. shawn yancy is everywhere at 11:00. >> vincent gray making good on a campaign promise holding his first of eight town hall meetings. hundreds were packed in. gray told them jobs and education reform were at the top of his list and he made it clear the city would have to deal with budget cuts. investigators believe a faulty furnace started a fire at the rose cross apartment at 8:30 this morning on the top floor balcony inside an hvac closet. nobody was hurt. firefighters rescued two dogs from inside the building. life in prison, the sentence handed down today to faisal shahzad, the man behind the failed bombing attempt in times square last may. shahzad immediated guilty last june. today he told a judge he felt no remorse about the attempt and went on to say a defeat of the u.s. is imminent. it made a list of one of
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the country's most dangerous neighborhoods. we're talking about the 2003 zip code but tonight that d.c. community said the study is unfair. we'll show you why coming up next. plus have you seen this one? circus lions gone bezerk attacking their trainers? more of this video and how it all happened coming up. but first a quick check of the rundown, news edge at 11:00 coming right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. ananiges
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we now know what sparked a deadly house fire in horton virginia last month. unattended candles are to blame. 24-year-old allie anderson and her two sons were killed.
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she managed to hand three of her other children out of a window to a man below. she he went back in for the others and was -- she went back in for the others and was not seen again. just released what it calls the top 25 neighborhoods in the u.s. l street in southeast ranks no. 9. fox 5's karen gray houston spent the day in that zip code. >> reporter: l street southeast in the shadow of national stadium and the u.s. capital long a neglected industrial part of town now up and coming. >> it's exciting living around here. >> reporter: you can see the new development, high rise apartments and condos popping up like weeds. the u.s. transportation department made its headquarters on m street. at lunchtime the area is full of federal government employees. >> when we walk around here, it's completely beautiful during the day and i feel completely safe. >> reporter: but says there's a one in nine chance of being the victim of a violent or property crime around here. one man we bumped into with his
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baby walking his dog says he never goes out without a knife for protection. is this area hip? >> yes. >> reporter: trendy? >> yes. >> reporter: walkable? >> for sure. >> reporter: but some area residents take issue with the study's findings about crime. advisory neighborhood commissioner bob see gal doesn't buy -- segal doesn't buy the statistics. >> there's something statistically flawed about this survey. >> i can't see it because people that come through here and walk their dogs late at night. you have all different races. >> i've never seen anything around here that would cause me to feel any type of fear. >> reporter: ward 6 councilman tommy wells is outraged by the survey. >> it's just fiction that l street is becoming one of the better neighborhoods in all of washington, if not the country. you know, there was a time when it was a little bit more dangerous and 2005 is the last time there was a murder there. >> reporter: the study also
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takes aim at pools in the neighborhood give giving them a poor rating. >> tommy wells says all this really shows is anyone can come up with a list. by the way, chicago's west lake street was no. 1 on the list and four neighborhoods in atlanta made the list. coming up next heads up if you buy music on itunes. get the news edge on the new scam out there in tonight's top five with shawn. and check out this soccer player, no. 10. that's the president of bolivia playing soccer and that's the president of bolivia, oh, look at that knee in the player with the groin. what's up with that? the answer right after this.
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two governors, two different approaches. even in good times bob ehrlich didn't make education a priority. he increased college tuition by 40% cut school construction by $200 million, and ehrlich voted to eliminate the department of education while serving in congress. but in the toughest of times martin o'malley has made record investments in public schools, new school construction, and o'malley froze college tuition four years in a row. with martin o'malley our children always come first.
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caught on camera, circus lions attacking their trainers. do you hear that? loud screams from the audience. terrifying scene happened in the ukraine. during the performance a trainer's attempt to keep the lions in line using long sticks, you can see them trying, but it doesn't work. one lion lunges at the trainer. a few others join. in others try to scare them off with water canons but the lions keep attacking until the trainers managed to get out of the ring. one had surgery on his arm but amazingly all of the trainers are okay. this next video sparked a political scandal in bolivia. it's a soccer game featuring politicians featuring the country's president eva more morales. watch this coming up. the president walks up to the guy who earlier fouled here and here we go, knees him into the groin. the guy drops down in pain.
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the president just walks away. no skin off his back. president morales didn't get ejected. the other guy did. this video sparked criticism from the public. so far the president hasn't apologized. now to the economy, virginia lending a helping hand to struggling homeowners plus a new scam targeting itunes shoppers. that affects a lot of us. shawn is back now with your fox 5 top five. >> we're starting off tonight with help for struggling homeowners. no. 5, 0% interest loans for up to $50,000 are available to virginia homeowners facing foreclosure. due to a loss of income because of job loss or a medical condition. now to qualify you must be at least three months behind on mortgage payments or have lost at least 15% of your income. no. 4, heads up you itunes users. cyber security experts warn about a brand-new scam tarring you. if you receive an e-mail -- targeting you. if you receive an e-mail claiming you made a pricey itunes purchase, don't don't
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fall for it and click on the link. no. 3, your toddler or infant needs more iron. the american academy of pediatrics recommends feeding meat, shellfish and beans and iron trish veggies and fruits. researchers say the -- fresh veggies and fruits. researchers say the disorder can negatively affect cognitive development. no. 2, this new roadway will be the first all electronic toll road in the state of maryland. an ez pass costs $46, 25 of that prepaid toll money and there is a $1.50 monthly charge. no. 1 tonight it, just got easier for d.c. residents to learn their hiv status. starting today you can get free tests at the dmv. the program is only available at the penn branch location in southeast. the results from the oral test are ready in about 20 minutes. anyone who gets tested receives a $15 voucher to pay for any
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dmv services. will? have you seen it? seemingly risque facebook status update from the women on your friends list. some say they like it on the kitchen table. others like it on the floor, but it's not what you're thinking, men. it's a game among wome raise awareness for breast cancer. what the ladies are referring to is where they like to keep their purses. a similar game started last year when women posted the color of the bras in support of breast cancer survivors. i think you would all agree anything we can do to raise awareness for breast cancer is a good thing and, of course, this month is breast cancer awareness month. >> i love seeing the great suspect the nfl give it. all the guys have pink on somewhere. >> which is a rare day for a lot of those guys. this was a day not necessarily pink but something warm, really cold outside. >> something warm and a lot of gray around and more of the same tomorrow, will. might be a patch or two of fog later tonight, but what you'll probably notice more than anything is you'll need that
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jacket in the morning. we are headed for the 40s, in the low 40s for many of you but a slow warm-up will begin very soon. let me talk about what the temperatures will be like over the next several days, average 72. we'll be below it tomorrow at 64 degrees. that's more like late october and today was more like early november. thursday will be about 70 degrees. friday really pleasant, 74 and saturday 73. on all of these days only wednesday do we even have a slight chance of a shower and that would be tomorrow afternoon. very hit or miss. meanwhile, though, it was quite a bit cooler in the northeast today, only 63 for d.c., 53 for row chester, boston 50 -- rochester, boston 58 and raleigh only 69 degrees. you can see that we this that carved out jet stream, the cool trough in the east, detroit only 66 degrees but here's the warmth. check it out, pierce south dakota got up to 89 degrees, denver was 83, dallas 76. so the warmth is right here. the cool temperatures are on
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both sides, but eventually this warmer air will get back in here. we've got an area of low pressure over our region and it will be exiting tomorrow night and the warm-up will be again, 52 in gaithersburg, cumberland 50, everyone will fall most likely into the low 40s, if not near 50 in downtown d.c. we'll describe it as chilly, winchester will probably head down to 41, gaithersburg 41, showers well in the distance to our west and north. i don't think we'll see them tonight, fredericksburg 46. tomorrow i think we'll head up to 61 in frederick. we'll have some sunshine during the day, but clouds will build up in the afternoon. d.c. 64 degrees, fredericksburg 64 degrees. so clouds in the afternoon, maybe a hit or miss shower here and there and that lightning you're seeing will be well in the distance, believe me. so your forecast for tomorrow, let's talk about what you'll see. we've got an area of low pressure that's been slow to move out, but we do believe that process will begin
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tomorrow afternoon but a lot of cold air aloft and then the warm sun trying to make those parcels of air rise up and will produce a deck of clouds that could likely produce a shower here and there tomorrow afternoon. it will get a kick from this approaching front. the sun will be back thursday and it looks like things will be warmer by then as well. only a few showers mainly in the afternoon tomorrow, spotty, 64. sun is back thursday and a nice stretch of weather returns and kind of nice because we're not exceptionally dry now so, we can really enjoy all of it. a little feel of football in the air, after all. what a great game we had on sunday. we're so excited with the results of dave feldman is talking more about redskins football when we return.
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good evening. i'm dave feldman. the wizards open up regular season at the end of the month, but tonight a chance to iron out the kinks and a first look in the journey of john wall, preseason opener in dallas. 1st quarter the mavs jason kidd drives, john wall soars in from behind, makes a great block. he jumps well and has long arms. then gilbert arenas no. 9 from three. 12 points on 5-9 shooting from the former agent zero. still 1st half john wall takes the pass and lays it in, wall with 21 points and four steals. now we go to the 2nd half. wall can pass, the lob to javale mcgee, wall with nine assists. the wizards led by as many as 17 and hold on for a 94-91
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preseason victory which means nothing. a couple notes from this afternoon's capitals media day at the cutler iceplex. the team is still upset about how last season ended. george mcphee said it ruined his entire summer and they don't really want to talk about it anymore and i don't blame them. april 28th on home ice, alex ovechkin congratulating the canadians who rallied from three games to one deficit to eliminate the caps in the first round of playoffs. today the caps continued their preps for this season. the opener friday at atlanta against the thrashers. ovechkin enters his sixth season, rookie marcus johansen who turns 20 tomorrow learned he made the roster and the caps once again predicted to be the nhl best, but they're dealing with the stigma of coming up short in the playoffs. >> you've been around for a while. did you buy any of that stuff, okay, caps are so good maybe they're just built for the regular season and not built for the postseason? did that have any credibility? >> no. i like to meet face to face the person that said that because i
11:25 pm
believe so much in other hockey team what we do around here. i believe in our coaches and players. i think we're the most prepared team and the hardest working team. i think we practice as hard as anybody. we have the talent and skill. >> no one cares about last year. the nature of sports, a new year started and there's only one team that can win. we're capable, but we have to deliver. >> you're right, ted, you do. redskins running back clinton portis said today on local radio he does not expect to suit up sunday against the packers because of his groin injury, game time 1 p.m. on fox. there were many moments in sunday's big game in philly, but here's the biggest impression, bang. george calvin alexander has become a star at linebacker continuing to make his mark on special teams. >> lorenzo seems to do that each week, but that was one of the best hits i've been around
11:26 pm
since i've been in the nfl. that was an explosion on the sidelines. that was very, very special. this afternoon chris and christy cooley and derrick dockery hosted the third annual luncheon for area breast cancer survivors, tanya snyder, a survivor herself, an nfl national spokesman for breast cancer joined by players' wives. 20 survivors will be special guests on field for sunday's game against the packers. this is a cause near and dear to chris cooley's heart. his mom is a cancer survivor. >> the redskins invited all these women and the first year it was really just me. so to see it develop into the deal that it is today only three years later is amazing. i'm so proud to be a part of it and i'm so thankful for the redskins for everything they do to help us out. >> you'll see a lot of pink on the field sunday. will is back to wrap up the edge right after this.
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland.
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for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. tuatng ol
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taking the edge off, it is a pink diamond with a mysterious past and it's heading to the auction block. take a look at this gem. nearly 25-carats, could fetch up to $38 million when it's sold next month. sutherby said the diamond has had the same owner for sick years but isn't saying a whole


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