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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  October 8, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we have the latest on the case. a disturbing discovery coming out of a quiet fairfax county neighborhood. a man found dead in his home and why police think foul play is to blame and big clue they are looking for this morning. fox 5 morning news at 6:00 starts right now. >> good morning to you. it is friday morning. there is a live look at traffic there right now. a hilly start to your end of your workweek but hang on, i think we have some nice changes just ahead. thank you for waking up early with us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. tony perkins has perhaps the best news of the day for us. >> it will be a great day again today and the next several days are just going to be perfect across our region. >> i think this is probably the nicest time of year. >> many people say that. many people say that. they would agree with you.
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let's start with the satellite- radar composite where there is not much happening. it is quiet. i got nothing to show you. there are no clouds out there. no precipitation, no fog or anything like that. a fine start to the day. with the lack of cloud cover, of course, our temperatures, the heat that we got yesterday and we did get into the 70s, radiates out so it is cool. take a look at the current temperatures around the region. most of you are in the 40s. 48 in baltimore. in d.c. being they are reporting 58 degrees a little misheed wrfght of the area being in the upper 40s. 57 at participation. forecast for washington for today, mostly sunny skies, a mild afternoon, 76-degree. if you like that kind of weather, will like the next three or four days. i'll she that to you coming up in just a little bit.
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-- 38 degrees a little misheeding with most of the area income the upper 40s. no accidents to report out of oxon hill. light traffic volume on the outer loop of the beltway college park headed around towards bethesda. southbound 270 starting to slow briefly south of 109. no incidents to report conning up onto # 95. 66 coming in from the west still at speed leaving manassas. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. -- no incidents to report coming up onto 395. the suspect in a dui arrest in montgomery county and a deadly hit and run in the district has turned herself in to police. here is 30-year-old jorida davidson walking into the second district police station about an hour ago. police believe davidson hit and killed 24-year-old keila ryan as ryan tried to get into a car on connecticut avenue northwest
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early yesterday morning. police traced davidson's vehicle it a friendship heights condo complex where she was spotted behind the wheel in the parking garage. officers say there was damage to her vehicle. police in northern virginia are on the lookout this morning for a vehicle that belonged to a man who was found dead in his home in fairfax station. investigators tell us a family member found the body of the 61- year-old man yesterday afternoon. authorities suspect foul play they say because the suv is still missing. the vehicle is a gold 2002 lexus 470 suv. it has virginia license plates. the tag number is xyw-8197. the police are expected to have more information about that today an they will also tell us how the man may have died. we know mother about a woman who was killed in fairfax county wednesday night. police say the victim was from falls church. investigators say a man she used to date stabbed her inside the five t bar and grill in
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springfield. the suspect then tried to tap hickself. he was recently released from jail. the victim tells us that when the woman learned of his release, she had gone to court to get a restraining order againsthim. moving on now, president obama praised maryland governor mart uno'malley. told an audience to keep democrats in a rally at bowie state university. said governor o'malley has made big investments in education during tough time. three dozen people at the rally were treated for dehydration. some complained of dizziness and fainting spells. prince george's county fire and ems workers took hem to two local hospitals. temperature were in the 70s. ralliers were standing shoulder to shoulder in the sun. official say nobody was
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seriously hurt. most of the people treated were senior citizens. governor o'malley's opponent republican bob ehrlich spent the day stumping for votes. he attended montgomery county women for ehrlich event in potomac. o'malley and ehrlich will face off in their first debate monday in baltimore. the university of michigan computer science professor whose student successfully hacked into a d.c. online voting system will testify before the city council in a public oversight hearing today. within 36 hours of being given the go-head, the professor and his team of students were able to infiltrate the voting system. it was created to allow overseas an deployed military personnel to cast hair ballots on the web using pd inform officials. potentially dangerous security flaws have been exposed -- to
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cast hair ballots on the web using pdf officials. they said they could change ballots at will. the "new york times" estimates that nearly three million votes in 33 states could cast ballots over the internet. the union for workers at the post office was supposed to hold their elects this week but the ballots were lost in the mail. members of the american postal workers union had planned planned to be counting the ballots today. rescue crews are getting close to rescuing the miners in chile. it is based on the true story of a triple crown winner. ahead this hour, kevin mccarthy joins us with his reviews of films this weekend. stay with us. u
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my dad is the supervisor of a train station and my mom's a teacher. my dad's an auto technician. my mom's a receptionist. i'm not sure i would have been able to afford college without the tuition freeze. while tuition in other states is rising out of reach... governor o'malley made the tough choice to freeze tuition. he made my dream of going to college into a reality. i'm the first in my family to go to college. my brother and i never would have been able to afford college. even though times were tough... governor o'malley kept his promise. there's never a doubt... there's never a doubt whose side he's on. martin o'malley... moving maryland forward.
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the rescue shaft in chile is less than 100 yards from the trapped miners. crews could reach them maybe tomorrow. they're working furiously to try to get to the miner and they are practicing try runs. workers are rehearsing the rescue lowering capsules into the mine an getting ready to rush those people for the hospital. thirty-flee of those mine ares have been stuck since august 5th. new e-mails show that the agriculture secretary was warned he might not have the full story when he decided to fire shirley sherrod. the associated press looked at more than 800. mails and found he hastily ousted sherrod. she pleaded with agriculture officials to listen to her story. vilsack later apoll wriesed and asked her to come back to work which she decided again. two florida men have been
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busted for running a pirate radio station a laptop, two microphones and i mixer were found at the underground station. a weekend travel alert for metro riders plus a new auto recall to tell you about this morning. is your car on the list? all of that is coming up next off the break. the return of the washington bullets perhaps? some plans pushing for a name reversal if the wizards? could it actually happen in we'll talk about that when fox 5 morning news comes back. 
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woman 1 sync: i knew what bob ehrlich did as governor. man 1 sync: raised my property taxes 60 percent. woman 2 sync: let utilities hike our rates 72 percent. woman 1 sync: but i didn't know what he's done since he got fired as governor. man 2: ehrlich's raked in millions. man 3: he worked for a wall street bank that took 10 billion dollars from the bailout. woman 3: 10 billion of our money. woman 4: our money. woman 5 sync: and he worked for another bank that collapsed. man 4: costing tax payers 17 million. anncr: tell bob ehrlich big banks don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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it might be an unexpected day off if a few government workers because of a fire last night at the commerce department's they were had herbert hoover building. it was a small fire on the third floor. you are encouraged to telework
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and emergency employees should still report to work. tony is back with another check on our weather. today is one of those days when the youngsters will need a jacket this morning. >> yeah. and i picked my son up from school and all the kids were dragging their jackets that they had in the morning. you're right. another day like that. be sure to dress them appropriately. they will be shedding them for the afternoon walk home. let's take a look at what is going on out there. our temperatures are pretty cool across most of the area. temperature are prime primarily in the 40s. our temperature dropped. ocean city is at 53 degrees. so a cool start to the day but a nice start. it is nice out. the winds have died down. that helps out. temperature trend being you are wondering, tony, what it is
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going to be like over the weekend? let me show you. our average high is 71 for today. our temperatures will be well above that for the next several days actual very nice holiday weekend near 80 tomorrow. 80 on monday. monday being columbus day. hence the holiday weekend. just warm and pleasant across the area. here is a look at the satellite- radar composite. there is washington. you mute be wondering what is going on? i don't see anything. that is because there is nothing to see. all the clouds are well up to the north in new england. remember that area of low pressure. there it is. but what we are concerned with -- we're not concerned with it. what we're talking about is this high pressure. we call this a ridge of and. it is controlling the weather in almost all of of the eastern united states. very quiet. it will get warm. anything that will happen has to go around that ridge. we won't be getting any precipitation or anything like that in here for the
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foreseeable future. remember otto? look. look, as he gets more organized, more symmetrical, he has become a tropical storm with maximum sustained winds 70 miles per hour. at this point, posing no threat to land as it is moving to the east-northeast but with winds at 70 miles per hour, it is likely to become a hurricane later today. here is the forecast for washington for today. mostly sunny skies, a mild afternoon. 76degrees. fantastic. for your weekend, tomorrow, near 80 for you with warm, clear skies. monday, your holiday, if after he got outdoor stuff planned, beautiful day. 80degrees. 81degrees on tuesday and partly cloudy. let's get to julie wright now to get more on the traffic. >> not looking so bad right now. we say good morning to the crew in sky fox. they've been checking out the commute on the beltway as traffic merges on from 95 in maryland and continues around to avril spring and you will fine the lane there are open.
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95 looks great as you travel south of 198 headed down towards the play. no problems to report as you continue down from new hampshire avenue over towards georgia avenue. light traffic volume on the inner loop out of silver spring. southbound along 270, lanes are open. the pace is slowing out of hie the astown headed towards the truck scales. the volume at speed right now. no problems to report leaving germantown for the lane divide. traveling in on 66, delays are starting to form as you travel east of 28. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. tony mentioned it. it's long holiday weekend and university a heads up if your columbus day weekend plans include riding metro. especially if you are attending the caps game. crews will be working on the blue and orange lines tonight through monday. we have an auto recall to pass along this morning. general motors is recalling nearly 4,000 cadillac srx
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crossover vehicles. the automaker is concerned that power steering lines may become damaged and start leaking fluid. the recall affects the 2010 models. the new owner of the washington wizards is thinking of changing the name of the team. ted leonsis posted on his blog a list of 101 zones of visible change. he writes it is under consideration. the team used to be called the bullets. we all know that. it was changed to the wizards in 1995. now some fans want ted leonsis to change the name back. what do you think? in our fox 5 online poll, a large majority of voters voted in favor of bringing back the name. are your tax dollars being paid out to people for long are living or maybe be other people
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in prison? we have new information from the social social security administration coming up today. we have our business beat coming up next. stay with us. uime
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(play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack. we are back now with business news. more than # 9,000 payments of $250 were sent out. of those, did 18 million went to 72,000 people who were dead. the payments were part of last year's economic recovery package. an audit is now under way to try to fix the problem. the president will vies ate concrete masonry factory in bladensburg, maryland, expected to speak about the monthly job numbers. just how significant are the september numbers and what do they mean for the economy.
6:24 am
let's chat with adam shapiro with our business beat this morning. this is the big one we are watting. >> it is the big one. expectation are we will see the unemployment rate in september rise from 9.6 to 9. 7%. might even go higher. that is being explained as more people trying to find jobs coming back into the work force. we are expecting to see an increase in private sector job creation. a decrease in government jobs. when you add it all together, job creigh is a expected to be flat in the month of september. it will be i market mover, whether it is good or bad. >> when he saw what the market did yesterday and what we might see today depending on how the jobs report comes out. >> you saw us flirt with the dow 11,000 but there was awe pull back. if this report comes in much better than expected, you could see us flirt once again with dow 11,000 f it comes in worse than expected, if the unemployment rate is much higher, if the expected
6:25 am
increase in private job creation isn't nearly what is expected, then you will see people say this economy is just not recovering. we are going to pull out for the time being and park our money in what we think might be a safer place. get ready for the federal reserve to take steps in november that would weaken the value of the u.s. dollar and try to get people to come back into the stock market. there is a lot riding on this report today. >> help us understand the mortgage mess right now and i think mess is a good way to put it. the way i see it, any time you get congress involved in something and you get lawyers involved in something, it make things very hard to understand. can you break down the latest us for? >> they are calling it fraudulent foreclosure and it is fraudulent because the documents that are being used to foreclose haven't in some cases been proper. the bank or the mortgage servicing company doesn't actually know who holds the note to the property. but at the end of the day, the people in the house, and this is very unfortunate, they are still going to lose the house. it will take a lot longer. so the president will allow a bill to die. he won't street eit but congress passed legislation that would allow documents that
6:26 am
have been recognized in one recognize -- notarized in one state to be examined in another state. -- he won't veto it. >> that is the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper. >> here is a look at today as line line-up on the fox business network. the winner of the nobel peace prize just announced this morning. that is. coming up next on fox 5 morning news. we continue to follow our top stories this morning. a woman arrested in montgomery county for dui now could be facing charges for a deadly hit and run in d.c. fox 5 on the scene as she arrived at the police station. we have an update on this case when fox 5 morning news continues. 
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out chinese government not happy about the nobel peace prize winner. a chinese dissident won the 2010 peace prize. he is 54-year-old liu xiaobo. he is in prison for calling for more freedom and an end to communist rule. in china, the announcement went black in hotels popular with foreigners. here is a live look from nats park in southeast washington. people are getting ready for this year's susan g. komen three-day race for the cure. people will be chris kossing that you are way in and around the district. the three-day 60-mile journey raises money and awareness for breast cancer. should be a beautiful weekend for it too.
6:31 am
>> they want to get an early start. you hate to a it will affect things but when you are walking 60 miles, it will be warm. >> not a bad start to the day. it is cool but it is not bad. we've got clear skies across the region. the only clouds arrest cross northern new england. that is it. clear skies really from the southern new england all the way down the east coast into northern florida as a matter of fact so very, very nice an quiet conditions. current temperatures around the region, definitely cool this morning. you want to be aware as you are getting the kids ready for school. 45 right now out in sterling. 48 in baltimore. washington, d.c., 54 degrees and 48 in fredericksburg. the forecast for today, a simple one to get together. 76 take for your high.
6:32 am
that is a look at the weather. coming up in about 15 minutes, today's edition of ask the weather guys. recently, both tucker and a have really been taxing our brains. we have ahad some very technical answers to questions. they've been involved and maybe even convoluted i've been told. today is simple and fun. >> that should be easy for the two of you then. we don't want you to tax our brains. >> we are not going to do that today. we readily admit it. >> no comments from you, julie wright. just do traffic. be nice on this friday. >> like i have going to say something? who me? sweet, innocent little me? the crew in sky fox are with us. if you are traveling the beltway near the dulles toll road, this is how it is shaping up for you. overnight roadwork down near 66 has cleared. traveling inbound on the dulles toll road, you are at speed leaving reston towards the beltway. the inner loop still at speed
6:33 am
as you travel north of annandale trying to get past merrifield. no problems to report on the left side of your screen. we'll take it back up inside and we'll show you what is happening here on suzanne nikolaus. close in, we have delays here as you travel out of centreville headed eastbound towards 7100. the pace slows again leaving vienna towards the beltway. outer loop on the slow side leaving university boulevard towards 9 colesville road. no incidents to report southbound 95 behaving nicely out of laurel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our big story, the suspect in a dui arrest in montgomery county and a deadly hit and run in the district has turned her gel in to police. here is 0-year-old jorida davidson seen walking into the second district police station in northwest d.c. about an h police believe she hit and killed keila ryan as ryan tried to get into i car early yesterday morning.
6:34 am
police traced davidson's vehicle it a friendship heights condo complex where police say she was spotted behind the wheel of her vehicle in the parking garage. officers say there was damage to her vehicle. police say davidson will be arraigned sometime today. we have new information this morning on an alleged cheating scandal involving police recruits in prince george's county. a preliminary report shows they might not have cheated after all and the problem may lie with an instruct our at the training academy. we get the latest from fox 5's bob bash arrested. >> at this time, no officers will be suspended regarding these allegations. >> reporter: prince george's police chief roberto hilton says there is no truth to the allegations of cheating last summer and the officers now work for the county police department. >> the students of 115, now officers, did not cheat. >> reporter: based on the demeanor appear preliminary investigation, the chief says it only points to an instructor he called lazy.
6:35 am
>> we do believe there were some procedural unders with that one instructor. he basically provided some answers prior to the administration of the test. >> reporter: prompting this from county executive jack johnson. >> i've spoken to the chief and that officer cannot be in the academy that. will not happen. you expect him to be gone tonight. >> reporter: police officers union president vince canalism says he has just met with members of that recruit class. >> none of the student -- none of the officers involved in this expressed to me at any point in time that there was anything they perceived as being inappropriate or wrong in the way the tests were being administered and any idea that they potentially or algig that they had cheated was totally false. >> we have the tests available from session 115. >> reporter: shown to report ares after the news conference, paperwork that is evidence in their investigation. >> it is no advantage to us to push somebody through the
6:36 am
academy las. we have recruits that fail to make the minimum standards as set by the maryland police correction training commission all the time and they are washed out. >> from a department that had been under federal investigate. >> it took us five jurors to get through that process. we have made a lot of progress. we have crime moving in the right direction. there is just no way we can go backward. >> that was bob barnard reporting. county executive wrong son says the state will now investigating cheating allegation. for now, the state's attorney says the allegations alone could come indicate any court case the officers may have been involved with. making headlines, big companies get waivers from the health care law. one of the companies getting a break is mcdonald's but a lot of other high profile organizes get the waiver too. biggest single waiver from president obama's health care law is the unite federation of
6:37 am
teachers for its 350,000 instructors in new york city schools. >> the waivers are about insuring and protecting the coverage that people have until there are better options available to them in 2014. >> beside mcdonald's and other fast food restaurants, small manufacturing or construction businesses and some farm worker are all among 30 employers, unsurer an union plans granted one year health coverage waive waivers. in new york city, people who get food stamped may not be able to use them to buy sugary trimpgs. mayor michael bloomberg pushing the proposal but he would need approval from the usda which rejected a similar ban in minnesota. new york officials think their ban will be approved because it is only on sugary drinks. soy the redskins prepare to
6:38 am
battle the pack which presents some major challenges on both side of the ball. coming up next, dave ross joins us. blue diamond almonds!
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let's talk a little football now. with clinton portis out for the redskins, it is ryan torain. now, he is officially the starter. we'll see how he does when the skins face off against the packers on sunday. dave ross here with the friday football forecast. last hour, we talked about the challenges that the redskins case is going to face against aaron rogers, one of the best quarterbacks in the league. >> what is it when we look at the green bay defense. >> they are a little banged up too. they lost nick barnett, their best line back are.
6:42 am
he is out for the year. they do have two big time playmakers on the other side of the ball. we'll start with a guy you know you know and if you've been watching football this year, you know who this guy is. clay matthews has been an extraordinary line baker for the packs are. he is all over the place. he can stop the run and he rushes the passer. >> and he has great hair. >> great hair. that is the their thing, we'll get to that in a bit. kevin cobb, the reason why we heard about him is because of this with michael vick. you see the flowing locks. there they are. >> goldilocks hates the bears. >> we'll find out if he hates the redskins. his day dad played in the nfl as well.
6:43 am
clay matthews being a guy you must stop. they've got another good. hi name is? >> woodson. >> charles woodson. he won the heisman trophy. he played in oakland. he turned husband career around. he seems motivated. he is one of best elite corners that there are in the national basketball league. i like the guys in the end zone there. he will try to lock down santana moss. >> woodson is one of those guys who thinks he has been in the league for 0 years -- for 60 years. >> i think he has been. >> we'll make some picks. so far, we've made the exact same picks. >> let's bring tony and gurvir into the mick and switch this conversation from football over it a little forecast. >> we have to get the forecast
6:44 am
for the game sunday too. >> it should be a good one. >> that guy look like fabio playing. >> i wasn't paying attention. >> you like fabio? the weather will be good on sunday, dave left a take a look. let's lets-- let's take a look. 48 in baltimore. 53 in ocean city. 45 at dulles. where are temperatures headed? take a look. i think you'll like it. tomorrow, near 80 degrees. all of these temperatures well above normal. sunday, redskins sunday, fedex field, sunny, temperature in the 70s. a fine day for watching some football out at the stadium. on monday, we could be 80 degrees we think and then we get some clouds moving in here on tuesday. here is a look at the satellite- radar for the region. nothing to show you. there is no cloud cover. here is what i'll say. there is no cloud cover on the
6:45 am
map. there may be a cloud or two out there. i don't know. high pressure will keep things quiet and calm for the next several does. a mild afternoon. high about 76-degree. here is your five-day forecast. already told you about the weekend. it look great. tomorrow, 79. sunday, 75 degrees. sunny both days. i do want to mention it will still be cool at night. but your daytimes will be very nice. it will be beautiful for the next self days. the extended holiday weekend with monday being columbus day. that is a look at the weather. it is now time for ask the weather guys. thank you. thank you. the segment where tucker barnes and i put our massive heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather- related or otherwise. today appear question was actually sent in -- tucker chose it. i will tell you that, because it is easy. we need an easy one. today's question comes from matthew in gaithersburg. he asked what are the fox 5
6:46 am
morning crew's favorite restaurants in the d.c. metro area. >> you laugh and say this is easy. this may have been one of the toughest questions. >> now that i think about it -- for me it was easy. i saw you kind of lambenting about it. >> there are so many great places. you have to choose something around d.c. you can't select something way out where you live. >> can't do farmer joe's -- >> why not? >> should i go first? >> go ahead. >> when it comes to fast food, which unfortunately i eat awe couple of time a week, five guys. i love five guys. love their burgers. love their fries. they are fan taft you can for my finer dining, outback steak house. some of you think i'm joking. i mean there are finer dining restaurants you like. but when i read the question, i said where do i go most. outback steak house. it is a family restaurant. i've got a kid. i do like their steaks. >> good lamb too. >> i never had their lamb.
6:47 am
>> surprisingly good. >> they are great. so that is me. >> my turn. when i'm dining in the city and i want to eat something, you know, sort of higher brow. i go to hal he want o. it is in and around bethesda. one down near the verizon center. >> and wawa. >> it is a fantastic place. there are 570 stores in the mid- atlantic. where else can i get a great deli sandwich and beef jerky. >> tony should have said 7- eleven. >> and in tucker's defense on this schedule, we do have to stop sometimes at the quick places. >> and that wawa works. >> i find myself at wawa nearly every day. they have this new apparatus where you can program what kind of sand watch you want. >> when tuck are asked me that,
6:48 am
i thought well, i don't go out to eat a whole lot anymore because of the girls. we eat at home. if i'm going to go somewhere nice, i love citronelle's. little wonderful. when i first moved to the d.c. area, being a southern girl a friend mine took me to yoirnl brown's and i thought some good down home southern cooking and i enjoyed that. >> i did thanksgiving there a couple years ago. >> it is good. if i was going to eat out where i live, the folk wrier county livestock grill. >> you want the name of livestock in the name. >> you can pet the cow before you eat it. -- the fauquier county livestock grill. >> i only work with lobsters. >> i go the route of tony. my first pick was hal etch o which tuck are told me i could not use. i like the place i can go in
6:49 am
jeans and a t-shirt. a picked a great mexican place an parker's in bethesda which is a favorite lunch. lunchtime grab a burger kind of place. >> i need to get out more often. >> if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. >> thank you. >> will tell you, kevin who used it be he rail stop in the plan is now the chef over at the livestock grill. >> if matthew wants to take a road trip, now, he has some options. >> i i'm surprised no one asked me but with my shape and figure. >> we only have a couple of minutes. >> what, i don't have time. >> we only have a couple of minutes. >> julie, you are the one who starts it every day.
6:50 am
>> it doesn't mean you got to finish it. all right. we'll finish this up right now. we'll start off with the traffic. right now, we are just saying good morning to the crew in sky fox. if you are traveling in on 66 this morning out of vienna, you will found that the lane are open leaving 123 toward the capital beltway. no dents to report, just volume delays only rs -- no no accidents to report, just volume delays. we have a lot of pedestrians lined up for the susan g. chromen race. the lanes across the freeway remain open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. wave got some good movies for the weekend. kevin mccarthy is here. >> i do want to add in mine,
6:51 am
taco bell is mine. that is my go-to. >> if you come to warrenton, you have to go to tip yea's taco. >> tack -- to tippy's taco. >> that is good too. >> secretariat was the first racehorse in 25 years to win the triple crown. diane lane plays the owner. she is so amazing in the film. i love when she plays a strong- willed female character. you love that. the movie is very disney, very cliche and randall wallace, the director who wrote braveheart, he brill ynt -- brilliantly directs these racing scenes . i
6:52 am
wanted to cheer during these scenes. these racing seasons, the lake are spitting dirt in your face. there are camera angles up on the horse. it's great true story. i recommend seeing it as a matinee. >> we know the outcome of film but what make it really good is you are still sitting on the end of your seat during those race scenes. it remind me of apollo 13. we knew what the outcome would be. >> people would don't know triple crown, the belmont race, he broke two records that still have not been broken today. that is how amazing he was. it's really fun movie. >> might be a date movie for me. >> booed date movie. >> the next film is kind of a funny story. this is a little quirky when you start talking about mental illness but really good. >> they ride that fine line where it is kind of a funny
6:53 am
story. generally, the title says it all. there was a really good emotional performance. this is a 16-year-old boy. he checks himself into a psychiatric hospital because he is worried he is going to commit suicide. he spends five days an he meets bobby and he meets a girl his age played by emma roberts. and it is a great story. it make you smile. the dialogue is great. the opposite of secretariat. no formulas, no cliches. they make fun of that actually. there is a cool sequence in the middle where they break into a queen song and dance. it is a fun movie. it will put a smile on your face. it does right that line where it is very emotional and very funny at the same same time. whole cast and crew of the film is on my show tonight. >> you get some great guests. take a look at this guy. you know anthony hopkin.
6:54 am
>> i even though i have a double chin and eat a lot of taco bell, he told me i look like ryan do isling. he walks up to me and says i'm tony hopkins. he is great. i said you are anthony, you're not tony. >> a huge cast in this film. >> i think this is a colossal waste of talent but listen to this cast, anthony hopkins be, josh brolin, antonio banderas, naomi waits, jenna jones, huge cast and it is a typical woody alleft hand script but the movie, all the caches, i didn't like any of them. they were annoying. they all had bad morals. i didn't care for any of them and he intrigues you throughout the movie. but in the end, you are like why did i watch this? i gave it a two out of five. go home and watch annie hall.
6:55 am
if you are looking for an excellent movie, the social network. he please see the social network. it will win best picture as of this current moment. >> that is what i'm hearing. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> always great to have you here. we'll take a quick break and come right back talking more about 200 artisans who will be displaying their unique crafts this weekend. holly will tell us about that coming up. kiththiosa
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6:58 am
>> good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris, happy friday to you. we have heard tony and tucker say it's going to be a gorgeous weekend. you need to get outdoors. my suggestion, you come to the months groomery county fairgrounds where we are live and that are sit. they're the best and largest festival of their time, where 250 art sans and craft people showcase their wears and so you can watch them do what they do.
6:59 am
we have some of the artists here. >> and i think we have a blacksmith and doing some pottery as well and we'll tell you how to come and be a part of the festival this weekend. >> should be beautiful for it. thank you, holly, appreciate it. that is it for me and good morning. >> thank you so much, gurvir. coming up, the first video that you will only see here on fox 5. >> two hours ago, the driver accused of hitting and killing a woman on her birthday and -- turned herself in to police. our crews were there. a suspicious death in fairfax county. a man found dead inside his home. this morning, his car is missing. jonathan. 33 trapped miners in chile might be rescued as early as next week and i'll have the latestin


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