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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  October 8, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> my arms changed. my butt's got tighter. my thighs got slimmer and my stomach got harder. so yes, i can vouch for it. it is a very, very good way to stay fit. >> reporter: marianne rafferty, fox news. >> fun way to end the 10:00 news. i have to say all the men in the studio were watching that story. thanks for joining us tonight. the news keeps coming. here's brian bolter now with the news edge at 11:00. we'll begin tonight with a murder mystery in fairfax county, the victim a well known korean businessman, 61-year-old young yun and his wife lived in an upscale neighborhood for years. a police source says mr. yun's wife went to the grocery store yesterday afternoon and returned to find her husband dead. >> we found trauma to the upper body which is an indication of foul play. as far as where, what, we're trying to piece that together. we're protecting a lot of our evidence. >> fox 5's maureen umeh just back from the neighborhood of fairfax where police are still combing the scene. >> police believe whoever killed young yun got away in
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his 2002 lexus suv. tonight police and several canine units are scouring the wooded area around the yun home. perhaps the suspect was lurking there before the attack and left something. the dogs searched going back and forth throughout that area. it is not known if they hit on anything. also the remains -- there remains a strong police presence at that home tonight with several marked and unmarked cars. the road was blocked with yellow tape, police preventing anyone who did not live there from coming through. this murder is of very high concern to many in the korean community. there have been several similar attacks in the last few years. none so far have been linked, but many worry. >> last year we even have the same murder case in annandale. this is the second year, people have a few yet. that's why we're especially concerned about this case. >> i know already there are a
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lot of fairfax and prince gorges county has a problem with robberies in the daytime -- prince george's county has a problem in the daytime. we don't want any more. >> reporter: police are searching for what could be a lexus suv 2002 model. they're saying the suspects probably took the car from the home. that car has virginia plates that read xyw8197. >> any talk of a possible motive or still too early? >> with cases like this police aren't saying much, but many in the korean community believe it was truly robbery. the victim owned car washes which is a largely cash business. some who knew him say he likely kept some of that money in his house. none of this has been confirmed by police. their investigation and search for the killer continues. new details about the suspect in a deadly hit and run
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in the district. 30-year-old jorida davidson of chevy chase appeared in court this afternoon. right now she faces a voluntary manslaughter charge. she was released from custody after handing over her passport. davidson is accused of hitting and killing keila ryan. tonight one of keila's friends speaks out. fox 5's wisdom martin joins us with that. >> when you mention keila's name to her friends and co- workers, she start talking about how she was a fun and energetic person. tonight they talk about the difficulty in dealing with her death. in the two years keila ryan worked at main street tickets in gaithersburg she made quite an impression. nicole haskins is a family friend and had known keila since she was a baby. >> this is from our party we just had at the palm where we liked to go celebrate. >> reporter: they sat next to each other in the office. >> this is my desk. we sat right next to each other. a lot of high five's and stuff
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like that all the time. >> reporter: keila was one of 16 workers and had just been promoted to team leader. >> she's been an excellent co- worker, a great friend, al somebody you could go to and -- always somebody you could go to and talk to. >> great co-worker, never came in frumpy, always smiling, long days -- grumpy, always smiling, long days, working weekends never a problem. >> reporter: in fact, the only problem with this perfect employee was the fact she was a dallas cowboy fan in an office full of redskins. >> the last cowboy and redskins game i actually did a video of her and she was like running around the office like dancing pitching up for the game and that was just keila. >> reporter: thursday night keila of out celebrating her 24th birthday with her brother and friends. as she parked in dupont circle in the blink of an eye the celebration turned tragic. >> as we were getting out, didn't actually see the hit, but when i turned around, she was laying on the ground and
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she wasn't moving. >> reporter: as she was getting out of the car, police say she was construction and killed by a hit and run driver. >> no -- struck and killed by a hit and run driver. now friends and family members are left to cope with a loss of someone who meant so much to so many. >> i love you keila and heaven definitely got a beautiful angel. that's for sure. >> going to be hard to go through a day without thinking about her, without missing her and hooking over at her desk and wondering why -- looking over at her desk and wondering why. >> it's never going to be the same. there's going to be times where there's just nothing the same. >> reporter: the friends say they just want justice for the family at this point and they want peace for the ryan family as well. the mother of slain washington intern chandra levy will be able to attend the entire trial of her daughter's accused trial despite being a witness. a judge ruled today attorneys can cross-examine susan levy if they feel her testimony is
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tainted listening to the proceedings. levy's body was found in rock creek park. the defendant pleaded not guilty. thousands. people are spending their weekend raising awareness and money for breast cancer reserve. the susan g. komen three day walk for a cure kicked off today in nationals stadium. walkers made their way west ending up many germantown tonight walking a total of 60 miles with a common goal. >> for me personally and my sister rose who is an 18 year survivor. >> each walker has raised a minimum of $2,300 are camping out in pink tents tonight. everything wraps up sunday evening at national mall. more than a dozen illegal immigrants convict of sexual offenses are -- convicted of sexual offenses are under arrest in virginia tonight. >> state and federal officials arrested the illegal immigrant suspects today and identified another 365 behind bars who will be deported once they
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serve their sentences, all part of operation s.o.a.r., sexual offender alien removal coming two years after a similar initiative that removed 171 convicted illegal sex offenders from virginia. a new charge filed against the serial stabbing suspect. a grand jury in ohio indicted elias abuelazam today. he faces one murder charge and five attempted murder charges in michigan and is also suspected in three attacks in leesburg, virginia. shots fired today at a california elementary school. bullets grazed two students at this suburban san diego school. construction workers nearby saw the gunman, tackled him before he could hurt anyone else. the shooter is in custody, no word if the suspect is a school employee. still ahead on the edge an suv slammed into a stroller, the latest on the condition of the child inside. plus a virginia mother facing charges tonight. wait till you hear what her infant daughter ate. and should you ditch the
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diet soda? coming up why some researchers say the drinks may do more harm than good but first a check of that rundown, just a few stories we're working on. we're back. hang tight. this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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a 16-month-old girl survived being hit by an suv in aspen hill this morning. 36-year-old samira kailey visiting from pennsylvania was pushing her daughter across the road. the toddler is at children's hospital expected to be okay amazingly. police say it appears the driver had the right-of-way. a virginia mother and her roommate behind bars tonight after her 2-year-old daughter ate marijuana. nicole corbett and fernando booker are charged with reckless endangerment with a child. corbett called 911 reporting a
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possible overdose at a red roof inn near manassas after the toddler ingested the pot. she is now in protective custody. a diet drug pulled from store shelves. yawn -- shawn yancy here now with the fox 5 top five. >> a popular diet pill meridia is being yanked off store shelves in canada after studies showed the weight loss drug increases the heart chance of heart attack and stroke in patients with a history of heart disease. researchers found normal weight people who drank three or more diet sodas a day were almost double the risk of becoming overweight or obese after seven years compared to people who skipped tie yet drinks altogether. no. 3, more -- diet drinks altogether. no. 3, more sleep is good for shedding pounds. people who got eight hours of sleep lost 56% more body fat
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than those who got five hours of sleep and those who slept less were hungrier. no. 2, a another reason to kick the habit. research shows kids exposed to secondhand smoke had double the rate of add and increased rate of headaches and stuttering. the study focused on kids ages 4 to 11. no. 1 is a heads up if your weekend plans include riding the blue and orange lines. stations will be closed until tuesday morning for repairs. there will be free shuttle buses between the stations. give yourself an extra 40 minutes of travel time and that's a look at tonight's fox 5 top 5. lost the democratic primary, got a whole new set of problems now. why a former candidate of prince george's county is facing charges. plus jon stewart reveals the location of his rally to restore sanity. and gap getting a lot of flack because it redesigned its
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logo. remember the old one? it's been replaced, less blue, more white and black text. puzzled fans took to facebook and twitter to express their less than favorable comments. gap plans to roll the new logo into stores and onto its advertising next month like it or not.
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a former prince george's county council candidate is facing charges tonight in connection with what some are calling fake ballots. jerry mathis is charged with three counts of distributing campaign material without proper authority. the charges allege mathis
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published and distributed illegal campaign flyers ahead of september's primary. mathis placed third in the democratic primary election for the 8th district seat. the tea party movement picking up steam in our area, one of the largest tea party gatherings getting underway this weekend in richmond and virginia's governor is part of the program. fox 5's john henrehan has the news edge on that. >> reporter: even before the doors open 2,003 hub people had spent $40 each -- 2,300 people had spent $40 each to attend the fry session of this large tea party gather -- friday session of this large tea party gathering in richmond. why did they come? we asked. >> the 2nd amendment is important. gun rights are important, the ability to be able to have a gun, to defend yourself, defend your family, just gun rights in general. >> i want to get our government back to where it should be, smaller government, abide by the constitution so that our future generations can have the same freedoms we have grown up with. >> i'm thrilled to see that
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people are starting to join together and share their with e government that has taken away many rights. >> they are the only two kids i know that have a countdown on their phone of how many more days of obama in office. >> reporter: in the main hall political analysts dick morris predicted broad conservative victories in november and the defeat of senate majority leader harry reid. virginia governor bob mcdonnell stopped by to tell the tea party gathering he shares their views on limited government and fiscal responsibility. >> we have an unsustainable and immoral level of debt, $13 trillion in this nation, $42,000 for every person represented here. we cannot continue down that road in spending and still be the great nation we are today in the united states of america. >> reporter: saturday's session will include speeches by libertarian congressman ron paul and former virginia senator george allen. there will also be a first ever
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presidential straw poll at a tea party gathering. from richmond john henrehan, fox 5 news. jon stewart has revealed the location of his rally to restore sanity. the event will take place at the east end of the national mall between third and seventh streets. stewart's rally along with stephen colbert's march to keep fear alive are set for october 30th. president obama delivering good news and bad news about jobs today at his stop in maryland. the president at ernest mayer. obama said 64,000 jobs were added to the private sector last month and conceded the good news was tempered by an overall net loss of 95,000 jobs last month mostly driven by a wave of government layoffs. keep this good weather rolling into the weekend. >> yeah. i got good news and no bad news. how about that. we'll just do it that way. it is so good out there today and this evening, too. you can see off in the distance
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the monument there and if it was light outside, we could see all the way to the river. it's just that crystal clear outside. temperatures now in the city 66 degrees and holding. gaithersburg is 54, dulles is 61. look at manassas down in the upper 40s now. winchester is 64 degrees. the wind is blowing a little bit out there. some of these spots where the temperature has really dropped the wind has died off. where you're seeing the temperatures a little bit warmer, hagerstown, winchester, elevation difference and wind is keeping them warmer, but they'll eventually fall off into the 50s before it's all said and done. reagan national today almost 80 degrees. we'll be there tomorrow. dulles 77, bwi marshall in the 70s, too. look how much heat there is back out west of us and this is what is feeding our heat, too, the next couple days. st. louis 83. when you look to st. louis this time of year and you see them in the lower 80s and this
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weather pattern, good bet we'll be right in there for tomorrow here in the district. that's why our temperatures will be up into the lower 80s. 91 for little rock, dallas 85, wichita, 90 degrees. this surge of heat goes up into the northern plains, minneapolis almost 90 and there in south dakota another day with temperatures in the upper 80s and lower 90s. for us this weekend lower 80s tomorrow, loads of sunshine, a little bit cooler on sunday but not much. we're still headed to the upper 70s to right around 80 degrees. again looks like a very nice weekend and if you're off for columbus day, that looks pretty good, too. high pressure is firmly in control and will stay in control. tonight we have clear skies, cool conditions. the only rain is way up here going through new england and that's going to stay there. this is a frontal system. it will kind of push down to the south for tomorrow. it will be in the area, about the it's not going to cool us off. -- but it's not going to cool
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us off at all. again with this high pressure staying in place it looks like it's going to be very nice. tonight clear, temperature in the city down about 10 more degrees to about 56 tonight. a little bit cooler in the suburbs, but instead of the suburbs being dramatically cooler tonight, i think the suburbs will stay probably low to mid-50s, pretty much areawide with temperatures tonight lower to mid-50s. sunny and warm tomorrow. we already mentioned it, temperature headed up to about 81 degrees. some places tomorrow will be low to mid-80s. i suspect manassas, fredericksburg, wood ridge, culpeper, places like that will surge up to the lower to mid- 80s. this good stuff sticks around, too. there is a slight risk of a couple showers monday. it does not look like a big deal and at this point we haven't put the rain symbol in on monday because it might be a passing shower or it may be pushed back late monday night into tuesday, but don't worry about the weekend. it looks very nice.
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stay cool. that's your forecast. lindsay is in the studio right now and will come right back with all the lowdown on the sports coming up this weekend and scores, too. ring ring. progresso.
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good evening. i'm lindsay murphy. the capitals hit the ice tonight with only distant memories of the way last season ended in the first round of the playoff. they return almost the same team, one that earned the franchise's first president's trophy and the third southeast division title. stay angry, believe in yourself is the caps motto this year.
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tonight the opener into atlanta. 2 1/2 minutes into the game a scary scene. that circled player is thrashers goalie andre pavlik. out of nowhere he fell on the ice. he was brought to atlanta hospital for evaluation. teammates giving him salute, fans a round of applause. latest word is he regained consciousness and is in stable condition. the game will be delayed about 17 minutes but less than a minute after the restart tomas fleischmann puts it past chris mason, the caps first goal of the season. 2nd period caps now down 2-1. the thrashers evander kane converts on the penalty shot which atlanta was awarded because mike green hit the puck out of the crease with his gloves. the caps drop their opener 4- the 2 final. it looks like left tackle trent williams will get the go sign this sunday expected to return after missing two weeks. now the sad news. albert haynesworth half brother 23-year-old lance mccoy killed
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in a motorcycle crash last night. haynesworth was excused from practice today. mike shanahan is not sure if he'll be around on sunday. >> i don't know. i would never ask somebody if they're going to play when a tragedy like that happened. we'll let the course of time take care of itself and find out what's going on. obviously what he's going through right now is paramount and obviously wish his family -- giving them all our prayers and thoughts and i think that's the main concern right now. >> reporter: we wish them the very best as well. the redskins defense will have their hands full again this week facing yet another high octane offense. the 3-1 packers have scored at least 27 point in three of their four games this year and it all starts with aaron rodgers who last year threw for nearly 4,500 yards and 30 touchdowns. he is a big time threat and the skins know it. >> rodgers is a great quarterback. he's got a lot of weapons. he's got four tight ends, four
11:26 pm
wide receivers and they use a great combination of personnel groups with rodgers and quick release. he can run the football. one of the reasons why they're so effective. >> he has all the things you need for a great quarterback and that's why he's been so efficient, a perennial pro bowl player and he really stepped in when favre was out at green bay. to the baseball playoffs, second game for the reds and phillies. phils down a run in the 2nd. a fly ball to right field, a routine fly ball but bruce loses it in the lights or that's what he said. jace utley scores. the phillies stay up and win 7- 4 taking a two game to none lead in the series. the senior players championship in potomac, russ cochran entering the 2nd round three strokes behind the leader. he has won two of the last three champions tour events. cochran is your leader at 6- under and holds a one-stroke
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lead over michael allen. one final note in preseason action building the wizards fall to the bulls 107 action, the wizard fall to the bulls 107-96. back in a minute. goni
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