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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  October 10, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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well it has happened again. another deadly accident involving pedestrians in montgomery county. we'll have a live report coming up from the scene. a suspected murder for hire taken down in maryland. a montgomery county man behind bars accused in plotting to have his wife killed. and a light at the end of the tunnel. the more than two-month ordeal could be over for the miners trapped in chile.
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we'll find out when they can be pulled to the surface. i'm sarah simmons. >> and i'm melanie alnwick. and the redskins try to make it two in a row against the packers. but first new this morning, we have a story we've been following. a deadly accident in rockville, maryland. near rockville pike and marinelli road, north of bethesda. a driver hit two pedestrians, police tell us. one has died, the other is in critical condition. the driver did stay on the scene. so far no word on what may have caused the accident but this is the latest in a string of deadly accidents involving pedestrians in montgomery county. just this past week. we'll get a live update in less than ten minutes. a montgomery county man is behind bars after allegedly paying someone to kill his estranged wife. it was a tip that led to the arrest of the suspected murder for hire case in maryland. roz plater has the details.
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>> reporter: worried about how he would fair in a pending divorce, police say 42-year-old richard boyd, jr., asked an acquaintance to kill his estranged wife. at his rockville home on friday, investigators say boyd handed the man $1,000 cash, a handful of oxycontin and a layout of the wife's home. what he didn't know was that the acquaintance had already gone to the cops. >> like a lot of people, his reaction at first was fear. he was -- he found what he was being asked to do was shocking and to some degree unbelievable, but when he realized that he believed that the threat was real, then he did the right thing and contacted police immediately. >> reporter: boyd wanted the crime soon and suggested a
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weapon of choice. >> at one point during the conversations, boyd mentioned that a firearm might be the best means to accomplish the murder. >> reporter: all of which neighbors say is out of step with the man they know. >> there wasn't any trouble that i know of, no. seemed like just a regular family. >> reporter: boyd was arrested on friday. he remains held without bond. does he have a hearing on tuesday. he faced charges of solicitation of murder and a drug charge. roz plater, fox 5 news. investigators are trying to figure out who shot two men outside of a bowie go-go concert. the men were found in the 13,000 block of old annapolis road, both shot several times. police believe they were in an argument, one of them died and we're told the other may not survive into police want you to
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take a close look at a photo. a 2002 lexus 470, it looks just like the one missing from murder scene. it belongs to jong young. the suv has virginia plates xyw 8197 and investigates think if they find the vehicle they will find young's killer. that is a picture there. the victim's home has been combed for clues and police do not believe this was a random crime. well d.c.'s police chief going one-on-one with concerned neighbors in d.c. the meeting comes after a series of shootings in the petworth neighborhood. more than 100 people gathered to talk about crime with cathy lanier and she told the crowd that many of the shootings are retaliation between gangs and suggested being forthcoming about suspicious activity. >> if you're looking at
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something out of place in your neighborhood. all of a sudden you see in the evening hours, cars frequent in an alley or people hanging out in an alley. it's not normal to hang out in an alley. >> she reminded people that a $25,000 reward is offering in d.c. when information leads to an arrest. a development for the 33 trappers below ground. drillers have reached the men but the job is not over yet. final inspections of the hole they will lead through are being done right now. rick full balm has the latest on the rescue effort. >> reporter: drillers hit the mark and for the first time providing a light at the end of the escape route for 33 men trapped inside a chilean mine. >> we have our job done, which was getting the 26 and 28 hole done. >> reporter: jubilation outside
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of the mine for family and workers. it's been an excruciating wait since the collapse back in august. loved ones have been waiting and praying since the drilling began, hoping for an end to this painful ordeal. >> it will be just a few days now before i'm with my son. >> reporter: the next few days are critical. drill crews will inspect the narrow shaft leading to the miners and decide if it's stable tough to with stand the 26-inch wide tube to bring up each of the miners. >> it's another stage in which we must continue to work so that we can achieve the rescue which only ends when the last person down there comes out of that mine. >> reporter: as relatives wait up above, the men are preparing below. they've spent more than two months exercising and trying to prepare for the journey back to the top. >> as we were celebrating, they are celebrating too down below. all of the time throughout the drilling and when they arrive,
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we had communication to drill in exactly the right spot and make sure we didn't miss it. >> reporter: when it's safe, rescuers and an engineer and paramedic will go down inside a steel capsule and carry out final medical checks before bringing them up one at a time. fox news. >> a list has been drawn up for the order of the men being drawn up. the final order will be made by a navy special forces paramedic lowered down the shaft. this is a temporary setback. he'll get rehab here and hopefully it will be four weeks rather than six weeks. >> clinton portis out for today's game with the groin injury and that leaves the team with anin experienced back field. 24-year-old ryan torain will have to pick up the slack for the running game. >> and he'll get a second start against the packers at fedex field and dave ross with a preview of the matchup. >> it's kind of the walking wounded right now. we have some banged up
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redskins. >> it's early in the season. >> it happens. it's life in the nfl. it's tough. this is a -- a lot of teams are saying don't cry for the redskins, we have the same thing here. and the packers lost their starting running back. but to get thicker, they activated looking running back key land williams from the practice squad and released devon thomas. he was a second round draft pick back in 2008 and the starting kick returner, so that's an interesting move. so keeland williams will be starting. and torain will start for portis. and since his promotion from the practice squad he's averaged 4.6 yards per carry and, this just in, that's good. >> i feel like in this league when you have a guy that is
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hungry like torain, he's going to go out there and do all he can to perform and to perform at a high level and you see that when he touches the ball, and he's done that. >> he continues to progress as the games have continued on, since he's been moved up. and for all of the guys, for ryan and clinton, those guys do a great job of picking up yards and catching the ball in the back field. you want to try to present them with more opportunities. >> game time is set for 1:00 and we'll have a live post game show immediately after the big game. the wise guys in vegas have installed the visitors as slim 3 point favorites into today's game. later in the show, we'll go off the wall with wisdom martin and highlights of the capitals home opener last night. its with a big win for the caps. >> all right. so we expect the run game to be a big deal today. >> i think so, mel. it's torain or bust. they're calling him the all torain vehicle. we hope the second year guy can
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step up. >> the jokes have started. skins fans want to know if the weather will be nice. it looks nice out there today already. it's been a nice weekend as well. let's check in with gwen tolbert and see what we can expect later on for today. >> good morning, ladies. i hope dave said torain and not the rain. we're not talking rain today. we have plenty of sunshine for the sparts fan and -- the sports fans and everyone else. temperatures 11-12 degrees above seasonal. 83 at national, same at dulles and 81 at baltimore. right now temperatures not too bad. cool start to the morning hours but overall 56 degrees at national airport. we've got 56 at annapolis. 46 degrees at gaithersburg. 50 at baltimore and to the west 50 degrees in martinsberg. and 50 degrees at winchester. cooler in frederick at 46 degrees. skies are clear. couldn't ask for a better start. ridge of high pressure still in
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control across the mid-atlantic and that's setting us up very nicely. and a look at your day planner, about midday 75 degrees. no shortage of sunshine here. we know how to prepare for a football game. our high today around 81 degrees. your full forecast is a little later. >> gwen, thank you. a harlem handyman said his phone saved his life. but it wasn't a call to 911. how his cell phone kept something from hitting him. how it happened? and why police say a house party does not appear to be a case of heavy drinking. 
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making headlines this morning, north korea leader jim jong-il and his son attended a celebration marking the anniversary of the ruling workers party. more parades are also planned for today. some suspect it may be part of
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a coming-out party for kim jong young. there is talk that jong ill will hang over power to his son. he will be the third generation of the family to lead the communist nation. toxic sludge created fear in hungary. there is fear another dam could burst. many have been evacuated and many on stand-by. old cracks are being repaired. seven people were killed during last week's breach. here in the u.s., 12 college students are recovering after a house party. most of them are women. police suspect someone may have spiked their drinks with roofies. toxicology tests are being done. all but one of the victims is out of the hospital. one still remains in serious condition but so far no arrests have been made. a new york city man may have been save from a bullet by his cell phone.
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police say there was an argument between a building superintendent and the new superintendent. the new super shot the old one but the cell phone in his pocket stopped the bullet. one tenant said despite the violence, she's not going to move. >> you can't do anything. i'm not going to stay in my apartment and going about his business. >> the shooter has run away and we're told is still on the loose. back to the deadly accident near the border of bethesda in rockville we told you about earlier. a driver hit two pedestrians, one of them has died from the injuries. joining us live from the scene is captain paul starks from the montgomery county police. captain, this happened early in the morning, 3:00 a.m., tell me about the circumstances surrounding this. was the pedestrian in a crosswalk? >> we got the call around 3:20 and i want to update some
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information. this is now a double fatal. two pedestrians, both 26-year- old males from silver spring are now dead due to being involved in this collision. what we know is that an acura was northbound on 355 driven by a 25-year-old rockville man. the vehicle struck the two pedestrians. initially he stopped to render aid, and for reasons still under investigation, got back into his vehicle, continued north to old georgetown road where he pulled over on the right-hand side. a witness talked him into coming back to the scene and that's how we were able to identify him. >> now captain, just a minute ago we were watching a man taking a field sobriety test. can you tell me at this point, do you know if alcohol was a factor in this crash? >> we do believe alcohol was a contributing circumstance as far as the driver's part in this collision. where the pedestrians were on
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the roadway as far as the intersection and the crosswalk is still under investigation as well. the driver was taken into custody. he did offer a sample by breath and the processing is continuing, but no charges at this time. >> okay. and real quickly, paul, just a message for folks out there. i know we've had other pedestrian accidents here recently, just quickly a message for the drivers and the pedestrians out there, no matter the circumstances behind the crashes? >> thanks for asking that. listen, you could be right or wrong, but you need to be responsible whether you are driving or walking. get off the cell phone, make sure you are aware of the circumstances. look both ways. don't think that you're being seen if your a pedestrian. you might not be. don't take a chance or be in a hurry, but be engaged with what you are doing, whether crossing the street or driving a car.
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>> captain, thank you for the update on the accident. we'll bring you more details as we get it. >> it was a double fatele. >> two people killed from their injuries from that crash. we'll bring you the latest. and the holidays are just around the corner and many stores are hiring extra help but if you are hoping pick up extra work, you have to work fast. banks signing off on foreclosures without opening the files. this morning where dozens of states will come together with a joint investigation. we'll have that when we return. 
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fox 5 money team following new investment in the foreclosure freeze controversy. the attorney generals of up to 40 states plan to launch an investigation into foreclosure paperwork this year. iowa attorney general tom miller will lead the investigation. bank of america became the first bank to stop foreclosures in all 50 states on friday.
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employees were reportedly signing off on foreclosure documents without ever having read the files. retailers are getting ready for the biggest season of the year and if you are hoping to pick up a seasonal job, you need to get moving. our fox 5 money team has the good and bad news on holiday hiring. >> reporter: here is a sign you don't see that often, some of the nation's largest retailers are hiring for the holiday sales season. employment consulting firm challenger gray in christmas, predicts up to 600,000 holiday jobs will be available this year. >> it's good news because the economy is slowly digging its way out of recession so the demand is up. >> reporter: toys "r" us plans to add 45,000, that's 10,000 more than last year. macies is looking to hire 65,000. kohl's 40,000. pier one needs 10 more employees per store, but in some cases the jobs have already been filled. >> no question it's competitive
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because there is still so many people out of work. >> reporter: the employment picture is better than last year. but by no means a return to normal. >> it's not going to be a gang- busters great year, but it's also not going to be like the ones we've seen over the last few. >> reporter: many stores are still recovering from the severe slump of 2008 and have fewer full-time staff. holiday sales in 2010 will see a slight uptick, about 2.3% says the national retail federation. people looking for extra cash need to act quickly and be flexible said challenger. >> you can go into the retailer and let them know you can come in whenever they need you, on a moments notice, whether it's a weekend or off hours. flexible workers are to their benefit and if you can go on an interview and let them know, you'll help yourself. >> reporter: in most cases temporary employment won't lead
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to a permanent gig, but for some right now, something is better than nothing. >> reporter: if you are looking for a job on the sales floor, it's helpful to be familiar with their product but most important to be punctual and dependable. if you are riding metro this weekend, work is taking place on the blue and orange lines. the farragut west and mcphearson stations are closed and no blue and orange service at metro center. redline is not effected. but if you would like more information we have a linking at stories expected to make headlines ahead. tomorrow is columbus day. a celebration of christopher columbus' arrival back in 1492. columbus' voyage has been recognized since the colonial period. tuesday there is another celebration on tap. the first pledge of allegiance was recited in public schools
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on october 12th, 1892. and thursday a move to expand the conservative base, sarah palin makes her way to san francisco's castro district, the largest and best known gay community. palin was invited there by the conservative liberty and freedom foundation. and some key political debates are taking place this week leading up to the mid-term election. they include nevada senator majority leader harry reid against republican sharron angle. in floor kendrick meek is running with marco rubio and charlie crist who is running as an independent there. and of course yes the mid- term elections are almost upon us and which candidates are leading in the polls and the high profile races and how is the economy shaping voter attitudes. fox news sunday is all over this mid-term election and we'll get a preview. and it's been a glorious weekend as we look at the jefferson memorial. hopefully it will continue. and gwen will let us know how the rest of the weekend will
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fair and she'll have a workweek preview for us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. 
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of course people are frustrated. of course people are impatient. i'm impatient. but the other side is we're going to ride to anger, that frustration to the ballot box. >> the president acknowledging voters are frustrating with the struggle economy. the latest unemployment report shows 95,000 jobs lost in september. but the job loss rate stayed at 9.6%. so just how much will economic issues shape voter attitude as we inch closer to the mid term? fox news sunday is getting insight into next month's elections. and brett bear is in for chris wallace this week and he joins us. >> good morning, melanie. >> i'm guessing the latest
8:31 am
unemployment notice is not doing things for democrats. >> it is not doing well. the job market was described as not stalling, it is regretting and that's the new york times editorial board. this is not a good sign for democrats 23 days from the election. but we're going to get a sense of what the environment is on both sides from congressman eric cantor, from virginia and congresswoman debbie wassermann schultz. >> and there is a anti- incumbent mood going on and 70% of the people disapprove of the juror of the government. but once people do get into the office, the challenge is to do something different. >> governing is the tough part. and republicans acknowledge that the last time they had a wave, back in 1994, that they essentially now say they dropped the ball in the governing part and let that get away from them. and over the next few years, became a party of spending
8:32 am
again. so they acknowledge that issue. democrats are trying to make these races very local, trying to get down to each individual candidate, one-on-one, to see how they can go up against their opponents. so far it hasn't made a big shift in the polls across the country. but some races are tightening. >> so you're going to have eric cantor on from virginia, debbie wassermann schultz from florida, but talking strategy with karl rove. you said more than 20 days here. what do we see happening in the tight races. >> 23 days. we asked carl from the republican strategist point of view and joe trippy from the democratic point of view to come up with one house race, one senate race that they call fascinating to watch. as we go race by race to get down into the weeds of some of the interesting races to watch as you look on the electoral landscape so fascinating 23 days from now. >> brett, thank you very much.
8:33 am
i like drilling into the ones we have to pay attention to. thanks, again. you can catch fox news sunday right after our show. >> mid terms are going to be interesting. also interesting is in the weather we've been having. just when you think it's going to be really cold during the day, this weekend has been nice. >> it was fantastic. and especially with the home game at fedex field today. what could be better than an afternoon like this in october. hi, gwen. >> hi. we've had temperatures well above seasonal and we'll continue on that trend. let's look at the maps because the satellite radar composite showing you clear skys across the area. a ridge of high pressure is dominating the mid-atlantic and it's doing a great job of keeping us in plenty of sunshine. here is a look at our current temperatures at national airport. 56 degrees, humidity rising ever so slightly at 67 but it won't be an issue. northerly wind flow at 6 miles per hour. we'll see a lot of sunshine into the course of today. and temperatures in many of our neighborhoods are pretty much into the 40s and 80s. we have 48 at gaithersburg this
8:34 am
hour. 54 to the west as far as winchester is concerned. 50 at martinsberg. and 56 in annapolis. and to the south, 58 in fredericksberg. cooler to the north. temperatures there into the upper 40s. so here is a look at your forecast for today. sunny skies, we're talking 81 degrees for a daytime high. can you believe it's october? southwesterly wind know at 5 miles per hour. we have changes coming up for holiday monday and i'll have the details and a look at that all-important football forecast for you. back to you. >> gwen, thank you. well now we're looking at a fox 5 follow-up on an explosive situation in maryland. a gas leak leveled a local strip mall in prince george's county, destroying several businesses. >> and we are there as one of them fires the oven back up while honoring emergency responders. mmmm.
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man 3: he worked for a wall street bank that took 10 billion dollars from the bailout. woman 3: 10 billion of our money. woman 4: our money. woman 5 sync: and he worked for another bank that collapsed. man 4: costing tax payers 17 million. anncr: tell bob ehrlich big banks don't need help. middle class marylanders do. a fox 5 follow-up to a powerful explosion in maryland.
8:38 am
let's go back to may of last year. an explosion ripped through a prince george's county strip mall. firefighters were already on the scene at the time to investigate the smell of gas. and just a few more seconds and they could have been killed. now some firefighters suffered burns or cuts from flying glass and this weekend one of the restaurants in the shopping center is recognizing the risk that those first responders took. fox 5's matt acland has more. >> reporter: on that day the explosion was so huge that it actually damaged six businesses here at the penn mar shopping center in forestville. it's been rebuilt, but most of the businesses have relocated to the other side of the shopping center. it's hard to forget this video. a massive explosion caught on camera. at the time neighbors told fox 5 the blast could be felt several blocks away. >> glass and all of the bricks are coming out like big explosion. >> i live about three blocks away but i felt it, my house
8:39 am
shock. >> reporter: authorities say it was a build-up of natural gas inside the building and then a spark that caused the explosion. it took only 20 minutes from the time the 911 call was made until the shopping center exploded. things are looking much better. this shopping center is alive with customers again. lito's pizza that was destroyed had a big grand reopening and customers were happy to see them. >> we are really exciting that we have lito's back in our neighborhood. >> and we're glad to see lito's open. and they rebuilt it all. >> reporter: a total of eight firefighters and one washington gas employee were hurt in the explosion but fortunately none of those injuries were life- threatening. in forestville, matt acland, fox 5 news. >> and the owner of ledo's dedicated a wall to prince george's county fire and ems. and they are giving away free
8:40 am
pizzas to firearm and paramedics. it has been a week chalked full of injury reports for the burgundy and gold but now comes in the green bay packers to fedex field. so will it be enough to put up win number three? >> no need to quote the musical styles of asia, only time will tell. strike up the band. but the pack attack is formidable. we'll hear from the skins defenders tell us how they stop them. >> mother nature, talking about her cooperating. we're going to serve it up today. we have the forecast for that game all- important five-day as well. stay with us, fox 5 morning news sunday will be back right after the break. dust and dirt that helping the house to breathe. say i'm a doctor. not a doctor either. suction. ♪ call 1-800-steemer 
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some of the top story we're following this morning, a deadly accident in rockville, maryland. it happened just north of bethesda early this morning. a driver hit two pedestrians, both were killed. now we're told the driver
8:44 am
initially stopped to help them, then left the scene and was convinced to return. police say alcohol is playing in the accident and the driver has been arrested. final inspections of the hole in chile are being done right now. an engineer and paramedic will go down in a steel capsule and brief the men in person before bringing them up one at a time. >> and certainly some good news for those families who have been waiting an unbelievable amount of time. >> definitely. that's great news. >> we've been waiting an unbelievable amount of time for fall. at least i have. >> compared to the weather we're getting. we're not getting fall weather. >> it's so mixed up, i can't keep it straight. >> nobody knows what to wear. do you put the heat on. at night it's fall weather, because it's chilly. but daytime, well above seasonal. take another look outside. because it's another day we're wondering what time of the year we are in. beautiful blue skies out there and, and there is a ridge of high pressure in control that
8:45 am
will keep us in that pattern for a little bit longer. so not bad at all. let's begin with a look at weather headlines and the weekend will continue to be very much on the pleasant side with temperatures staying above seasonal. and we've got holiday monday to keep an eye on. could we see a shower? we'll give the answer to that as well. and as we move into late week, things will become a little bit unsettled. but for today, things aren't going to be all bad and as far as yesterday was concerned, take a look at these highs. some 11-12 degrees above seasonal. 80 degrees for national. the same for dulles. and 81 at baltimore. this morning not starting out bad. fairly comfortable outside. you saw the blue skies. 56 degrees at national, 52 at gaithersburg. to the west we have 50 at martinsberg. and to the north cooler, 49 at hagerstown. and up the mid-atlantic, cooler air kicking in there. 48 degrees for boston and 47 at new york. and this is all associated with a frontal system we'll talk about in a minute because we
8:46 am
have south -- we are south of the frontal system. take a look at 37 here. wow! they are getting the cooler air pushing in just to the north of that same frontal system that we're referring to. take a look at the tropics. tropical storm otto was a category one hurricane. yesterday in the early part of the evening hours. but now it's downgraded to a tropical storm as about 11:00 last night. heading well off, expected to take a very sharp turn here. but losing it is tropical characteristics but expected to fizzle out. high pressure in control for the mid-atlantic. keeping skies fairly clear. but let's look at radar. because we have a frontal system to keep a close eye on here. this is continuing to the south, but will move back to the north as a warm front through the course of today and become a cold front again before becoming stationary over pennsylvania and starting to slide down. but it will set us up with the
8:47 am
chance of showers as we move through into holiday monday. no showers today though for the packers-redskins game. sunny and mild. 75 to 78 degrees and kickoff about 1:00. and it will be 71 by the time kickoff happens. so 75 by midday today. our high will be 81 degrees. no shortage of sunshine for you. i hope your planning something outside because it's a good decision. so very sunny and pleasant. for tonight, partly cloudy, then we'll see the sky start to clear out and becoming mostly clear. your overnight low around 56 degrees. we have a light southwesterly breeze at 5-10 miles per hour. here is that five-day forecast. warming up to 85 degrees tomorrow. but a chance of showers. we have a keep an eye on that for you. it looks like into the late afternoon and even the evening before it starts to kick in. very spotty and scattered at this point. that could change. so we'll watch it. showers as well on tuesday. melanie and sarah. >> thank you, gwen. well the burgundy and gold
8:48 am
are back home at fedex field for week five of the season. the team is 2-2 for the season and coming off a 17-12 win over the eagles. >> well the victory gave donovan mcnabb bragging rights against his former team. but in come green bay packers and their high-powered attack. dave ross has the match-up. >> green bay may be the class of the nfc so it will be a good litmus test for the redskins because they did play well last week and beat the eagles and many did not see that coming so maybe they won't see this one coming. >> but there is a lot of pressure. >> and a lot of the pressure is on the new 3-4 defense the skins are sporting these days. the early reviews were mixed. they opened to rave reviews in holding cowboys to 7 points in week one. but things got dicey against
8:49 am
texas and rams. they gave up 30 plus points to the texans and to -- and the rams. but they only gave up 12 last week and the win against the eagles. but today with green bay back in town, they'll have to be on their best behavior if they intend to pull out a big w over the pack attack. >> we have to be consistent for four quarters. dallas game we played well. texans we played 3 quarters and had a debacle in the 4th. rams was awful. and the eagles was great. we have to be consistent. sky is the limit for this defense because we are playing consistent. >> we will have a live post game show after the game. and college, tie rod taylor, hosting central michigan. hokies up 10 in the second and then taylor will find some more
8:50 am
points when he finds andre smith. 7-yard score, hokies up 24-7. move to the taylor. and he has great legs. 288 yards of total offense on the day and breaks bryan randall's school record which is 27th win as starting quarterback. hokies win 45-21. and how about ricky dobbs and the midshipmen on the road. taking on wake forestch the game of the day. navy down 3 and dobs with a touchdown. navy up 5-4. same score in the third and here comes tanner price, looking for devon brown and he'll get in and oh, no, wake forest has a 6 point lead. and we are late. 30 seconds ago, navy still, and dobbs will run it but can throw it. back of the end zone.
8:51 am
navy wins a thriller 28-27. virginia loses at georgia tech 33-21. how about some hockey. last night the caps raising their southeast division champion and president's trophy banner in the home opener. they were down 1-0 but that wouldn't last for long because carlson puts it in. and here comes the onslaught. alex ovechkin and the caps pour it on from there. caps tack on three more and win the 9th straight home opener 7- 2 and i ask you what boudreau thinks? >> i thought when alex scored, it was like the air came out of a balloon. you could see the guys were feeling they finally got a lead. it was tough on them yesterday. the coaching staff was fairly upset at the way we played and
8:52 am
they're a proud group. >> caps 1-1 so far this season into it is time for this week's install amount of off the wall. wisdom martin joins me to discuss randy moss and possible wizard name changes and you have to hear them to believe them. >> reporter: welcome to off the wall. wisdom martin and dave ross. what say you this week? what are we going to talk about. >> we have some big topics. we'll start it off with football. how about randy moss this week trading from the new england patriots to the vikings? i ask you, wisdom martin, good trade or bad trade and why? >> he was young and didn't have a superbowl ring. >> you haven't answered the question. >> reporter: no. bad trade. bad trade. because randy moss is just a guy who runs down the field, straight down the field and takes his jump balls. if it were that easy in football, he would have 100 touchdowns every week. you run deep and we'll throw
8:53 am
the ball up and you catch it. with the raiders -- enough said. and patriots, and who cheats all of the time. they didn't win when they had it. forget about randy moss. he's washed up and not an impact player. move on. >> you are very worked up. and you are very wrong. it is a great move for the viking and here is why. >> reporter: tell us why, mr. ross? >> because they are under cuts of winning a superbowl because they have brett favre. >> who throws interceptions in the playoffs. >> and can throw to adrian peterson all day. and they'll get syndey rice in a couple of weeks. >> not a game changer. >> and then single coverage everywhere else, they will be running free. >> you are wrong. >> great move minnesota. >> i would tip my hat if i had one on. >> reporter: and let's talk about changing the wizards basketball name to something else. >> smooth segway. >> reporter: if you were going to change the names, what would
8:54 am
you change them to? >> the washington wizards, i think we all agree in tv land, nobody likes the name wizards. >> and the colors are atrocious. >> and let's make a change. i've got three names that i'd like to throw out to you. >> reporter: hit it. >> my first one, the washington statesman. and then the second one is the washington commanders. >> i actually like that. that was on my list. commander-in-chief. >> i don't believe it, we agree. and this is my winner and this is the one to put in as a write- in, the washington ballers. straight-up ballers. that's what we do. come play us and we'll play you up. that is my number one selection. >> reporter: i knew that agreement would come to an end. no. this is not right. let's go with -- that's the reason i'm holding this, because i did my research.
8:55 am
let's go with the washington fedderals. >> that's okay. >> reporter: so you don't like that. this is a good one. the washington flights. you can see it. because you can see all of the jerseys and air force one. how about the -- you have the commanders. but number one, the washington wisdoms. the w. and the w., you can't beat it. so washington wisdoms. ted, call me i'll sell you the name. you can have it. the red, white and blue. the w. >> go to and please give me a better choice than that. >> reporter: the washington wizards, i'm telling you. you can see the people walking around with me on their shirts? >> wow! >> the washington wisdoms. it would be probably the worst
8:56 am
idea of all time. could you imagine people walking around with a picture of wisdom martin for a wizards shirt. >> wisdom can imagine that. he's like, i like that. >> but i think the one thing that is serious, we all want a name change. no offense, but the wizards -- does that give any indication of d.c. at all? >> you can change the name, it won't change the team. >> whoa, melanie, that was directed at you ted leon. >> change the name and change the image. >> but maybe if you change the name and people get excited and buy the merchandise. >> although the jersey mock- ups, the design you have throughout, i think that needed some work. maybe a little bit. >> we'll work on that. the art department will get on that. >> thanks, dave. well here you go. this guy he walked right up to some people, even allowed them to pet him. when we return, more of this incredible video of a deer making friends with a maryland couple.
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you don't see this too often. a deer in maryland bucking the trend, so to speak. run ago -- running away


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