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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 13, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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you can [bleep] off now. i don't care! this is fox 5 news at 10:00. an incredible sight tonight in chile. the 33rd and final miner finally reaches the surface of the earth as his family, his country and the entire world celebrate the miracle of mine. >> good evening, everyone. i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm shawn yancy. in 24 hours we've watched 33 joyous reunions, miners trapped nearly 70 days back in the arms of loved ones. hook at these live pictures now -- look at these live pictures now of that mine in chile. the rescue crews are now on
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their way out. everyone is celebrating this overwhelming success. fox 5's laura evans is live at the chilean embassy where there is a lot of and a lot of celebrating. >> reporter: there was a lot of celebrating going on earlier, shawn, but after almost 24 hours of celebrating you can see the crowds have gone home. the jumbotron pulled away literally moments ago. the chairs have been put away. there were dozens of people out here last night, again tonight. they have now gone home. the tent is remaining and the leaders of the embassy are still here. it's a celebration that began 24 hours ago. it's now over as all 33 miners are safe. the video you're looking at now is one hour ago when dozens of people cheered the moment the 33rd miner reached the surface. you can see the applause, the celebration, a great sense of national pride, pure elation and relief. one after one as each miner is pulled to the surface, the
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scene is repeated, first cheers, then the long awaited reunion with loved ones. then the miners are whisked off to triage before being flown to a main hospital 35 miles away. the rescues captivated not only chile, but the rest of the world, too. >> this rescue is a tribute not only to the determination of the rescue workers and the chile aian government, but also the unity and relove -- chilean government, but also the unity of the chilean people. >> many thanks and may god bless you. >> reporter: chilean president sebastian pinera said two of the miners told him the first five days underground were filled with anguish, but when they heard the first signs of drilling, they regained hope. >> when on sunday august 22nd the first contact was established, it was a confirmation of something they knew intuitively, that the whole of chile was committed to their rescue. >> reporter: many of the
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chilean miners looked remarkable well as they alleged from 1/2-mile below the earth -- as they emerged from 1/2- mile below the earth, but now experts warn about health issues. >> i get more concerned about their diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. >> reporter: feared dead for 17 days, the men rationed tie any portions of tuna and milk -- tiny portions of tuna and milk. food and water were sent down and the miners were told to prepare for rescue by exercising mentally and physically, still their lives have been changed forever. >> how do you relate to your wife anymore and the kids? when she says well, who is going to the soccer game? can you hear that in the same way? >> reporter: each of the men will stay in the hospital for 48 hours we understand and they will all receive several months of mental health which we understand will be much needed. now i want to bring into the picture now the ambassador. thanks so much for being with
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us. we've been with you throughout this celebration and as we can see, the good news, it is over. why has this been such a source of national pride? >> i think that because the miners are simple people. they taught us very deep lessons, lessons of leadership, lessons of unity, of how to survive themselves, of what you can achieve together, a lesson of courage, a lesson of how to have hope of the power of the spirit, so many deep lessons and we are so proud about that and that's a reason for the impact of this news. >> reporter: and that's really why it's grabbed such global attention. >> absolutely. i wonder why this global attention. of course, for us it's a very important thing. you know, our president took responsibility for the rescue from the very first day, but when you realize that there is so much attention from the
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media, you end up thinking and realizing that these lessons are so positive that the world needs to have these kind of lessons and the leadership, when you put the work there on the table and with transparency, everybody knew everything was happening there from the very beginning and if we would have failed, this would be a disaster, but the transparency, courage, also unity and leadership. >> reporter: it's a special day for your country, mr. ambassador. thanks very much for joining us. i appreciate it. we'll send it back to you. >> we can certainly feel the sense of pride. we also have a photo gallery images from the entire rescue mission. you can check them all out on another big story tonight, the head of the d.c. public school system, michelle rhee, resigns. the formal announcement was made during a joint news conference with outgoing mayor adrian fenty and presumptive
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mayor vincent gray. fox 5's karen gray houston has the details. >> reporter: with all the hugging and smiling and thanking going on, you'd almost never know there was a better primary election campaign. >> thank you, mayor. >> thank you. >> reporter: or suspect that michelle rhee ever suggested she couldn't work for gray. >> today chairman gray and i have reached the mutual decision that i will leave my post as chancellor of the washington d.c. public school system. this was not a decision that we made lightly. >> the job of chancellor as we well know is not an easy one, but chancellor, you tackled it head on. >> reporter: it was a gushing show of unity with the mayor boasting that rhee exceeded all his expectations. >> the test scores are going up. the graduation rates, the dropout rates going down, the ap classes improving. >> reporter: and after all the hugging and kissing it was time to meet rhee's replacement. fenty named her top deputy kia
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henderson as interim chancellor. >> i've been working with d.c. public schools the last 13 years and never in my wildest dreams did i imagine that we could reach such heights. >> reporter: henderson said rhee's top management team agreed to remain in place. then after a highly scripted news conference they quickly left taking few questions promising more answers in gray's upcoming town hall meetings. meanwhile other city leaders and the head of the teach are hoping rhee -- teachers union are hoping rhee's top staff will stay in place till the end of the school year to avoid any more disruption. >> we want to make sure we have a seamless transition. >> reporter: arne duncan released a statement reading in part michelle rhee has been a pivotal leader in the school reform movement and we expect she will continue to be a force for change wherever she goes. in the newsroom, karen gray houston, fox 5 news.
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>> rhee's departure is sparking strong opinions from those who wanted her out and those who hoped she'd stay. across the city parents are split on her record. >> as far as i could see, she wasn't doing anything to help the schools. she was pressing school uniforms and things like that. >> rhee and fenty made political and other mistakes in their approach, but that being said, it was really important to get in there and shake things up and try some new things. >> one thing d.c. parents seem to have in common is an overall frustration with schools and the constant turnover at the top. deputy chancellor kia henderson will take over as interim chancellor. she's 40 years old, the daughter of a school principal. henderson earned her bachelor's and master's degree from georgetown university and henderson is credited for the groundbreaking teachers contract reached with the union. what do you think? will michelle rhee's departure have a negative impact on
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public d.c. schools? so far 63% of you say yes. 37% of you believe it will not have a negative impact. you can still text your answer to 55171. standard messaging rates apply. new tonight more questions than answers from police surrounding the sexual assault of a woman near george washington university. tonight worried neighbors asked police for more information about the attack but didn't get it. fox 5's matt ackland picks up the story now from the newsroom. >> this attack has many people in the foggy bottom west end neighborhoods of northwest on edge tonight. the commissioner leading the meeting said she called police administrators ahead of time asking them to send an officer who had been briefed on the investigation, but the two officers who were sent knew very little about this assault. the young woman told police she was attacked by a man around 2:00 in the morning last tuesday. it happened along washington circle. the woman says she was forced to have sex with an unknown man
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near the spanish embassy at 23rd and pennsylvania. >> i've lived here for 10 years. we've never had anything like this before. >> reporter: advisory neighborhood commissioner rebecca coder says people who live in the area of foggy bottom are concerned. tonight many of them showed up to this community meeting hoping police could shed some light on this case. >> what you're sensing is some deep concern and i know permanently i'm concerned, one, because this doesn't happen. >> reporter: but the two officers who were sent to the meeting couldn't answer questions. instead they had a simple statement. >> with regard to the sexual assault, as you can imagine, it is an ongoing investigation. it is a highly sensitive investigation and at this point mpd is unable to release any further details concerning that particular case. >> reporter: sergeant weldon was pressed by some resident for more information, but this area isn't even his beat.
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>> i am not assigned to your specific area here to give you various basic information. >> reporter: also at meeting was the chief of police for george washington university. he didn't have details about the crime because it was a block away from campus, not in his jurisdiction. still know says students were warned. >> -- he says students were warned. >> if there is a crime near campus, we let our students know about it and we did in this case. >> reporter: the sergeant said he would pass along concerns to investigating officers, but that did little to satisfy those who had hoped for something more. >> i think we need to get the facts on the table. >> reporter: one man said he lives right next to the spanish embassy and yet police never stopped by to ask him anything about this attack. he seemed to find that very odd. the officers couldn't tell him why, but did take his name and said they would pass it along to detectives. >> you can certainly understand their frustration. >> definitely. police tonight are looking for four men who sexually
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assaulted a 7-year-old girl near a playground in columbia. the girl said she was walking home last night around 7:00 when the men grabbed her, sexually assaulted her. this happened near a playground on basket ring road. the girl told a family member who took her to the hospital. she says three of the attackers took off on motor scooters. fourth left on a bike. your morning commute could be a messy one thanks to this. rain is moving. in it's going to stick around most of the day tomorrow. sue palka in the fox 5 weather center with answers on how long this thing will last. >> it's going to be a pretty quick mover, but it's definitely chilly tonight under partly cloudy skies. we haven't even really seen the clouds come in yet, but by morning we are going to see showers developing with the heaviest rain probably coming in the midday and getting out quickly tomorrow night. over to due view, i want you to see where the area of low pressure is that will come in our direction. that's going to be moving due east spreading that rain shield, but after it gets beyond our area and over to the east, it really is going to be turning into quite a powerful
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storm over to our max system. it will certainly bring in a chilly rain. it's going to feel a lot like a november day tomorrow, at least 10 degrees cooler than today, but once that cool front swings through with the chilly air we'll see the storm turn into a much stronger area of low pressure, nearly a nor'easter and it's going to bring some big winds in to end the week, too. we'll talk more about the timing for that, but i do think there will be rain for the morning commute. plan accordingly. it usually means extra time. a terrifying scene in the district, employees under attack. a man walks into a parking lot and opens fire killing one of the workers. wizards star gilbert arenas in trouble again. we're back. 
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woman 1 sync: i knew what bob ehrlich did as governor. man 1 sync: raised my property taxes 60 percent. woman 2 sync: let utilities hike our rates 72 percent. woman 1 sync: but i didn't know what he's done since he got fired as governor. man 2: ehrlich's raked in millions. man 3: he worked for a wall street bank that took 10 billion dollars from the bailout. woman 3: 10 billion of our money. woman 4: our money. woman 5 sync: and he worked for another bank that collapsed. man 4: costing tax payers 17 million. anncr: tell bob ehrlich big banks don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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one man is dead, another hurt following a workplace shooting this morning in northeast d.c. tonight the suspect still on the loose. it happened at the department of public works in a lot there on w street. fox 5's beth parker has the story. >> reporter: his name was larry hutchins, but a lot of people just called him uncle larry. >> yeah, good dude.
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>> reporter: friends, family and co-workers describe hutchins as a well liked low key guy. they also say he was devoted to his work collecting garbage at dpw. >> i can't even express larry. i mean when the snow was knee high, that man walked to work. he'd been there since high school. >> reporter: true to form, hutchins who had most recently lived in suitland, maryland, was at the w street lot early before collection trucks rolled out at 6:45 wednesday morning. police say multiple shots were fired. >> pop, pop, pop and then pop, pop. >> reporter: hutchins was killed and another employee was injured. >> very rarely do you come before the public to talk about a government employee who has been shot and killed while actually on a government site. >> reporter: a dpw spokeswoman said the gunman was not an
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individual that other employees recognized. >> we do have preliminary information as i shared early this morning that the person responsible for the shooting was wearing a uniform. we have not confirmed what type of uniform or any additional information. >> reporter: that's why friends say it's not right to say hutchins was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> he was at the right place because that's his job. you know, maybe god called him home. >> reporter: dpw director released a statement late today. we are all stunned and saddened by the shooting that occurred today. our prayers go out to both of the families. dpw is providing and encouraging counseling for all of its employees who wish to participate. co-workers say many dpw employees were fond of hutchins. >> he'd make you laugh. he'd make you life. he was a very hilarious guy, yeah. he's going to be missed. >> reporter: tonight police are still looking for a motive. they say it's not clear if the
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victims knew each other or knew the shooter. by the way, some trash collection we should say as a result of this shooting schedules have shifted because of the activity there today. a traffic alert for your morning commute, several streets will be shut down in the morning as film crews continue to shoot transformers 3. among them maryland avenue southwest between third and sixth closed till 4 p.m. 21st streets northwest between c and constitution are shut down until noon friday and independence southwest between third and seventh closed till 10 a.m. there are other closings and plenty of parking restrictions. you can check them out on washington wizards star gilbert arenas making headlines again for all the wrong reasons again. sports director dave feldman has the details on girl better's latest misstep. -- gilbert's latest misstep. >> arenas has a way of finding trouble. flip saunders fined his guard today after arenas faked an injury yesterday to get
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teammate nick young more minutes. gilbert was a spectator against the hawks last night due to what he said was a sore left knee. so nick young got to start and he made the most of it. he scored 24 points and the wizard had a 107-92 victory over the hawks. today gilbert was on the practice court with his teammates and yes, he was fined, wouldn't tell us how much for the phantom injury. after practice arenas was asked if he should have played in that game. >> hindsight now, yes, but i wasn't really thinking that this was going to be another media outburst. it's like everything i do now is just someone tit for tat, try to blow it out of proportion. >> i'm most disappointed personally because i believe in you and there's been a trust factor and i told him you have to be honest with me. >> i screwed up again. so i just want to say sorry. >> arenas will not be suspended
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and is expected to play tomorrow night when the wizards host the bucs. a lesbian couple said they were kicked out of the ravens baltimore football game for kissing. they say security guards made them leave mnt bank stadium because they were being affectionate but ravens security said they asked the couple to leave because one of the women stole two cups from a concession stand. nicole and mary kay join us live in our studio to explain what happened. explain in your words what happened. mary kate, let's start with you. >> we came down from the stadium at halftime, placed ourselves against the railing because it was very busy. we were going to use the bathroom, get a drink and some food. it was really busy. so we were just standing against the railing. i had my arms around her waist. we were kissing casually every once in a while talking and a security guard came and warned us that we were being -- we had to stop because we were causing a scene basically. so we looked at him at first
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and he went away and he came around another time, said we were being obscene. then a third guard came over, said we could be kicked out of the stadium and that we could be arrested for indecent exposure and then we bought some fries after that. >> so they alleged that one of you guys stole two plastic cups from a concession stand. where does that come into this, nicole? >> so after being pretty harassed by a couple of the guards, we actually had a woman come up to us at that point and said to us i have a lesbian daughter and i'm happy in the face of this harassment and ignorance that you guys are not going to stand down and kind of just are not changing your behavior according to that and it made us feel a little better, but still we were pretty uncomfortable by the scene. at that point i decided i would get us some fries. i walked up to the concession
10:23 pm
stand, purchased my fries, paid for them. i'm not the type that likes ketchup. so i got the cup. >> let me jump in here. we asked a representative from ravens to come in tonight but we never heard back from them and they put out a statement saying we are satisfied that the concessioner who reported the theft and the security personnel and the police officer all handled this matter appropriately. what's your response to their response basically? >> we read that in our newspaper. we did not steal anything. i mean we both are professionals. we wouldn't steal and then sit outside the concession stand that we stole from and eat with stolen, you know, inventory or whatever they said. >> i can add to that, you know. around the cash register where we ordered the fries from, i took the fries and looked around for the smallest cup i could find, picked it up, walked over to the ketchup stand, put ketchup in and we
10:24 pm
sat down and ate. >> did anyone say anything to you about picking up the cup? >> no. we sat there and ate the fries and that very same security guard that had been harassing us prior to came up with three cups at the time -- three cops at the time and said to us you're being evicted from the stadium. at that point i offered to pay whatever price they wanted to the cup or even offered to pay for the price of the drink in the cup. they wanted nothing of it and insisted and said that we leave. >> bottom line, what are you hoping to gain by sharing your story? >> to me i think that we live in a world where ignorance and discrimination is absolutely live and well and it's not that we left the stadium, you know, having been harmed. we're okay, but it's not for us that we're speaking. it's for people everywhere that this happens to all the time and much worse things happen to and if we can make our voices heard and just not just for the gay community, but to the
10:25 pm
greater public, maybe help someone somewhere to feel more comfortable, that's really what we're going for. >> nicole marketto and mary kate norris, thanks for sharing your story. the victims of the alleged ft. hood shooter describe the moments he opened fire and nearly took their lives. police say the fairfax burglar is targeting a new community. we'll be right back.  two governors, two different approaches. even in good times bob ehrlich didn't make education a priority. he increased college tuition by 40%, cut school construction by $200 million,
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and ehrlich voted to eliminate the department of education while serving in congress. but in the toughest of times, martin o'malley has made record investments in public schools, new school construction, and o'malley froze college tuition four years in a row. with martin o'malley, our children always come first.
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face to face with a man accused of gung them down. a group of victims from the ft. hood massacre were at a military hearing today for major nidal hassan. the hearing was to decide whether he should stand trial on 13 counts of murder and 32 counts of attempted murder. prosecutors have not yet said if they would like to seek the death penalty if the case goes to trial. hassan has been paralyzed from the chest down since the shootout last november. defense secretary robert gates said ending don't ask don't tell abruptly would cause
10:29 pm
a host problems. gates wants it done slowly because of revisions in changes to benefit. a federal judge said yesterday the policy needs to end immediately. the justice department is considering appealing. the fairfax county burglar strikes again and new tonight evidence he attempted to hit more homes than he actually got into. plus the entire world watch as the phoenix capsule brought 33 miners back to the earth's surface, some of the technology inside made by a local company. we have the inside scoop next. e
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northern virginia's elusive serial bandit strikes again. this time a new community is the target. police say the mysterious thief hit two houses in vienna and tried to get into several others. fox 5's wisdom martin continues to track the trail and has a new warning from police. >> reporter: according to vienna police, overnight the serial burglar climbed through window of this home, took a purse and took off.
10:33 pm
>> i'm a bit surprised but i guess it can happen any place. >> reporter: the suspect also burglarized another home nearby and he wasn't done. >> we also found two additional houses today where we believe that the subject tried to get in but wasn't able to get in. we found that the screens were slit. >> reporter: this now blings the estimated total of burglaries in -- brings the estimated total of burglaries in fairfax county to nearly 100. in most of the cases the suspect gets in through unlocked windows and doors. while police are constantly reminding people to lock their windows and doors and make sure their garage doors are closed, some people are still not getting the message. just across the street from last night's burglary a neighbor left his garage up. the homeowner was nowhere to be found. craig balancenner lives across the -- ballinger live as across the street. >> we've got storm windows and we even lock the storm door double lock during the daytime. >> reporter: thefts from unlock cars has also been an issue.
10:34 pm
>> it's imperative homeowners be very vigilant about locking their doors and windows and don't take any chances. >> reporter: police say doing those simple things makes it harder for this particular suspect to get in and makes homeowners less likely to become crime victims. reporting in vienna, virginia, wisdom martin, fox 5 news. back to the developing story in chile where all 33 miners trapped underground since august 5th are now free. one by one they made the 1/2- mile journey to the surface. the rescue took half a day less than anticipated. right now crews are working on getting the rescue workers going down in the mine to help out back up. we're told there are two left now and this thing will be pretty much wrapped up. you know, a local company played a part in the miracle at the mine. zephyr technology in annapolis, maryland, helped monitor the health of the miners while they were trapped.
10:35 pm
the company's ceo brian russell joins us now in our studios. what was so unique about your gadget that you got the call here? >> i think the main thing was that we proved it. we've been on special forces and search responses for the last few years, so the chilean government went out and looked and we came up two or three different avenues and also the last two months they had to get equipment down and we could fit down there. so there's a few things. >> what's so unique about your gadget in particular? i understand you're wearing one. maybe you can describe it as you go along here. >> absolutely. we have a mobile app and we use technical radios to get the dialer back to somebody, command -- the data back to somebody, a commander or physician and we have a device like this. we have the smarts and the electronics and we have a fabric strap which can be bolted onto a uniform. so it's a comfortable part of a uniform or a soldier or in this
10:36 pm
case the miners wore. it's been designed for long term use. the miners have been using it the last 69 days. we've been monitoring their health while they do exercise to keep them fit. it also let's us know who is doing well and is not doing well so we can intervene in the early stages. >> i think the one you're wearing now, this sort of monitor, what really can you do, though, if things are going wrong? i guess it gives you a head up if things aren't particularly great with the health of some of the miners down there, but is there anything you can really do? what advantage does it give the rescuers. >> from an exercise physiology perspective they had personalized exercise regimes for the last 60 days and different medication and different things that the physiologists could do. we're not at liberty to discuss their different issues, but being able to predict them made a huge difference and i think it's contributed in some small way with the absolute success of getting everybody out safely. >> before i let you go there is a rumor bouncing around the internet that one of the miners
10:37 pm
down there was running 5 miles a day. you're the perfect person to ask. is that true? >> the physiologist looking after them every day tells me that's exactly was happening. i don't know how he managed to do 5 miles a day. that's pretty rocky terrain down there. >> that's pretty amazing, at least a highlight when you're watching all those vital signs coming across the computer screen. brian russell, congratulations on getting the call here and it looks like your part was much needed and did a great job in this mine rescue. >> it's great to make a difference. thanks very much. >> fascinating. a little star power is now hitting the campaign trail we are not talking about the president. why candidates are clamoring for the first lady. will. senator, the toy poodle, stone, tested positive for coke and marijuana, how it happened in less than 10 minutes. 
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 this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.
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the midterm elections are just three weeks away and the first lady is on the campaign trail to help the democrats' cause, first stop wisconsin to help reelect senator russ feingold who is down in the polls right now. fox's steve brown has more on why the party is calling on the first lady. >> russ is always looking out for the people of this state and i think that's clear in just about everything russ has done during his time here in office. >> reporter: the first lady's two week campaign swing will take her to eight states to raise money and rally voters for democrats in tough races. >> there's a lot of negative campaigning going on. to have a positive political figure is certainly something that we appreciate. >> reporter: today the first lady framed her political points through her role as mother of two young daughters and all the children she sees
10:42 pm
while traveling the country. >> i see it in the eyes of the child whose mom has just lost her job and a little girl worries how her family is going to pay the bills. >> reporter: aside from the money she'll raise, democrats hope the first lady also provides a spark to underenthused democrats. >> she's going to help motivate many young people to vote who may not otherwise. >> reporter: but political observers say don't count on that. >> it's unlikely she's going to show up and suddenly a democratic candidate whether it's here in illinois or up in wisconsin or even out in colorado are suddenly going to see a huge jump in poll numbers. >> reporter: having an impact on voter and race outcomes may be asking a lot of the first lady's tour when the president made headlines two weeks ago by drawing 25,000 in madison, polls afterwards were about the same as before. with feingold trailing. in milwaukee steve brown, fox news. coming up tonight on the news edge at 11:00 four people
10:43 pm
stabbed outside a college park bar. tonight a break in the case, but the controversy surrounding this bar is still brewing strong. the calls for action not just coming from the cops. plus we know michelle rhee is gone but what's next for d.c.'s public schools? we'll put rhee's replacement under the microscope, plus the obama administration weighs in on the resignation at 11:00. he
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a big increase in the reward for information in the discarding of a caged dog. a maintenance worker heard the poodle mix crying behind the douglas knoll apartment complex last month. washington humane society named him thomas. peta has a $4,000 award for information leading to a conviction. a maryland woman learned that a dog will sniff or eat about anything the hard way. she had her puppy a few weeks when he put something in his mouth that got him high.
10:47 pm
will thomas has our fox 5 focus with how it happened. >> reporter: cynthia painter and her 6-pound 5-month-old toy poodle named senator are inseparable. >> this is my child. come here, senator. come on. >> reporter: they take multiple walk every day in the manicured gardens of painter's luxury chevy chase apartment building, but about a week ago senator put something in his mouth that nearly killed him. >> it was like one of these steps right here where we found it. there were several cigarette butts and he picked up one. >> reporter: within an hour senator showed erratic signs. >> he could not stand. he couldn't keep his head up and his eyes were sort of all glassy. >> reporter: painter rushed her beloved poodle to friendship hospital for animals. >> come on, buddy. >> reporter: dr. nicole lamore treated senator. >> i assumed he had ingested some sort of substance, whether it was alcohol or marijuana or some other sort of illicit
10:48 pm
street drug. >> reporter: lab testing showed senator had detectable amounts of marijuana and trace appears of cocaine in his system, ingredients you might find in dippers, cigarettes dipped in drugs. >> as soon as the vet saw him, she said he's stoned. >> they manifest the same symptoms that humans, would difficulty walking, depressed mentation. >> reporter: it's a bigger problem especially in urban areas where drug use remnants are more easily found and doctors are seeing this. >> from time to time we do. we just encourage people to be careful with their belongings and be careful with what your dog picks up on the street. >> reporter: senator could be renamed lucky. it would fit. if cynthia painter wasn't watching him carefully that day? >> i took it out of his mouth and threw it aside. >> reporter: the ending to this story would likely be very different. >> let's play catch the dog. >> reporter: chevy chase maryland, will thomas, fox 5 news.
10:49 pm
if you didn't get outside told, you missed an in reds -- today, you missed an incredible day. >> we're going to pay for it tomorrow, right? >> yes, but i have good news. it really gets going at the end of the rush hour tomorrow. it's going to be rainy, but any time we can get in that department helps. so watch for showers to develop during the morning rush hour west of d.c., but it still hooks like we'll get a pretty heavy slug or band of moisture coming through here. i'm going to say it's between noon and 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon. so if you're driving around that time, prepare to possibly need a bit more time. you know how the roads get around here. beautiful live shot tonight, a perfect capper to a wonderful day in d.c. today's high 70 degrees, a full 13 degrees cooler than yesterday and yes, we are going to have a much different day tomorrow. it will be 10 degrees cooler than today. feeling a lot like november, but the good news is these showers may be delayed in getting going and only light
10:50 pm
showers in the morning, although they will get heavier. by the time we get into evening i think we'll be winding it down, but this is going to be a pretty powerful storm and provide pretty big winds friday. watch for gusts over 35 miles an hour. it's going to blow the leaves around. we could still have a shower friday, but we get into the weekend and things settle down. it will be breezy, but it's going to be dry and really comfortable in terms of temperatures. 70 degrees today, quite a departure from yesterday's 83, only in the 60s at dulles and bwi and our temperatures right now, a bit of a chill, 49 in martinsburg, 45 frederick, 49 baltimore. clouds have not come in and we're continuing to see temperatures drop, so a real chill in the air tonight. on satellite and radar we're hard pressed to find a lot of clouds coming in, but they are trying to come in and we're finding so much dry air that even some of these initial showers that we see here, those are going to dry up initially, but there's a lot more to come. it's an area of low pressure,
10:51 pm
not a big deal here, but it will get its act together and moving in our direction and as does that, it looks as though it's going to intensify once it gets off the atlantic coast. from 8:00 in the morning, wanted to show you the futurecast because much of the metro area still dry, although showers will probably show up on radar west of d.c. if you're coming in from the west, maybe you need a little extra time or perhaps you want to wait a bit. we'll take this out to 3:00. here we begin to see some of the heavier bands and there could be a rumble of thunder in here, too. don't be surprised. we'll take it out to 5:00, 6:00 and you can see a lot of that is east of 95 and we're getting the dry slot for the end of the rush hour for a lot of you west of d.c. and then everything spins on out, but on friday because this area of low pressure will be so deep we still could get a little bit of wrap-around moisture here and there and we'll have very gusty breezes by then, but it continues to move out. check it out, futurecast predicting snow for upstate new york and some of interior new
10:52 pm
england on saturday. so how much rain are we talking about? this is not the type of thing where we'll see a lot of flash flooding, but it will be fairly steady and heavy at times. we think in the purple area which does include d.c. we could be talking about 3/4-inch of rain to an inch, everywhere else probably 1/2-inch to 3/4 and we are not ruling out a rumble of thunder tomorrow, too even though it will feel like november with a high temperature of 60. increasing clouds tonight, showers hold off, 52 degrees with 40s in the suburbs. 52 will be for d.c. we'll have pretty much an all day rain with a few thunderstorms possible, but the good news is this may hold off till the end of our rush hour in the morning. 60 degrees is the best we'll do, 10 degrees cooler than told. light showers at 8:00 in the morning primarily west, showers or storm possible certainly west of up to by noon and by 5:00 just ling -- of town by noon and by 5:00 just lingering
10:53 pm
showers. good news on the five-day forecast. check this out. not only does it dry out, but we get comfortable, saturday 65, sunday 68 and monday 70. once again we don't interrupt our weekend with showers. the weather will be crazy in western cuba. hurricane paula is bearing down on them. we'll have the latest track on that skip can't end without saying happy birth take -- and i can't end without saying happy birthday to shawn yancy. she is our gift every day. >> thank you. we have a health alert tonight. eating your veggies could help you fight off cancer. black women are more likely to have a specific type of cancer called erpr negative than white woman. boston university researches found if you eat at least two veggies a day you are significantly less likely to develop that type of cancer. it could soon take a lot longer to get your morning cup of coffee. get ready to face longer lines. plus an obama/palin family reunion? how the president and a
10:54 pm
republican rival are actually related coming up on the news edge at 11:00. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge, yep and chrysler dealers. jeep and chrysler dealers. , h
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10:56 pm
bob ehrlich says he wants to fix maryland. but he increased state spending by record amounts. ehrlich raised $3 billion in taxes and fees... including property taxes... and a 40% increase in college tuition. and now he's made over $1 billion in new promises... with no plans to pay for them... except for cutting education. cuts that will lay off teachers and increase class sizes. that's not a budget. and bob ehrlich's not the kind of leader... we can trust.
10:57 pm
top government lawyers from every state in the union want to know if big mortgage firms broke the law in foreclosing on hundreds of thousands of homeowners. we have more on this joint investigation announced today. >> we all have that same issue. how big is the problem? right now, jim, we're talking about the unknown. >> reporter: the problem that started the current uproar was that even though bank employees prepared the legal documents for a foreclosure in 23 states a single official has to sign the papers and make a pledge to the judge. >> the person says i have read the foreclosure documents. i've read the mortgage documents and i believe that the foreclosure here is justified. >> reporter: but the signing
10:58 pm
official swamped with thousands of foreclosures a month did not review all the documents as required and some attorneys general are angry. >> that all is supposed to be done carefully and improperly under the law in this country and, in fact, these affidavits are fraudulent. >> reporter: but no one knows whether the problems are wider than that. the ohio a.g. who wants a freeze on foreclosures concedes no one knows if the foreclosures themselves are justified or not. >> there's a lot we don't know. >> reporter: that's why several a.g.'s flatly rejected any notion of a freeze which they fear will hurt their states even more. >> i think we've really got to keep the market moving. we can't let things stall. so the idea of suing or bringing everything to a halt asking for a moratorium is not something i'm willing to consider right now. >> reporter: zeller says almost 25% of the homes on the market in indiana are from foreclosures and the last thing they want to do is slow things down with a freeze or cumbersome investigation. we've got to keep the market
10:59 pm
moving he says. we can't let things stall. there's a brand-new way to protect your facebook account when you log onto a public computer or network. facebook is now offering one time passwords. here's how it works. you have to register your mobile phone on your facebook account. when you need that password, text the letters otp to 32665. you'll receive that one time password good for 20 minutes. you can call it a photo biography of a mcdonald's happy meal's existence. a new york city-based artist and photographer bought this happy meal in april. she left it out in her kitchen and proceeded to photograph it each week and now about six months later the happy meal has yet to even grow mold. davis says, in fact, the food is plastic to the touch and has an acryliclike sheen to it. that's disgusting. customer complaints could mean standing in line even longer at starbucks. people complain the process of making the drinks was too much


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