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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  October 14, 2010 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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it's thursday morning, october the 14th. 2010. a live look from tower cam. it's going to be a cool end to the workweek as we head toward friday. thank you for joining us, i'm gurvir dhindsa. it's chilly outside. >> it's cool. it's getting cloudy. you know what else? it will rain today. a cold october day where we get
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rain showers. good morning. it's october. it will feel like october as we get into the afternoon with the rain showers on the way. there is a look at true view radar. cloud cover increasing as we speak. the next hour or so if you want to get on the roads, it will be dry. could be a thunderstorm as well. you can see embedded lightning as it pushes east. let's talk temperatures. gurvir says it's cool. is it cool at your house, 45 frederick. 53 winchester. 62 pay forecasts exxon air station. forecast will be a cool one.
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details on that in a minute. gurvir. it was a joyous reunion as the last rescue worker and miner made it to the surface of the earth. he celebrated with his family, country and the entire wormed. in less than 23 hours we watched them make there way out of the mine. laura evans has more. >> one after one they are pulled to the scene. the miners are whisked off to triage before being flown to the main hospital. >> this rescue is a tribute not only to the determination of the rescue workers and the chilean government but the
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unity and resolve of the chilean people that inspired the world. >> i continue to entrust our through define goodness and hope the miners in chile, many thanks and may god bless you. >> reporter: the president said two of the miners told him the first five days underground were filled with anguish. when they heard the first signs of drilling, they regained hope. >> when the first contact was established, it was the contact that they knew. >> reporter: experts warn they will likely face a slew of health issues. >> as they feel more stressed, i get concerned about diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease. >> reporter: feared dead for 17 days, the men rationed tiny portions of tuna and milk.
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officials sent down medicine, food and water and told them to prepare by exercising mentally and physically. experts say their lives have been changed forever. >> how do you relate to your wife any more. when she says who is going to go to the soccer game, can you hear that way. >> reporter: laura evans, fox 5 news. >> all the men appear to be in good health but there could be psychological issues to treat as time goes on. d.c. schools chancellor michelle rhee is stepping down at the end of the month. this comes after adrian fenty was defeated in the mayoral election. deputy chancellor kaya henderson will take over as interim chancellor. a silver lining to a carjacking. the suspect jumped into the vehicle with a young child
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inside in temple hills last night. police believe the carjacker dumped the car on southern avenue and took off when he realized the 4-year-old was in the back seat sleeping. the carjacker is missing. we have much more straight ahead as fox 5 morning news at 4:30 begins now. good thursday morning to you. it's october the 14th. live look at the washington monument. we had a nice week but the changes that tucker and tony have been talking about arrive later today. tucker is here to tell us about it. hey, tuck. >> rain on the way. >> chilly rain, too, because we have chilly temperatures. >> you got it. highs around 60. bring an umbrella today. october for a change. let's get to it. yesterday cooler with highs about 70. you can see on the radar we have the cloud cover and the
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rain showers are not too far away out to the west, raining in maryland and west virginia. and here in the immediate washington area, the rain should arrive between 5:30 and 7:00 this morning we will see showers. they will be light to start but steady throughout the day. could see the possibility of a thunderstorm as well during the course of the afternoon as the system wraps up off the coast. 56 degrees at reagan national. humidity 80%. winds out of the north at zero miles per hour. the winds will pick up later today and tonight gusting up to 30, 40 miles per hour as we get an old-fashioned nor'easter grinding up the coast. temperature about 68 degrees. >> tucker, thanks so much.
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thank goodness it's not raining this morning. the mess around tysons corner is difficult to navigate. >> it is. part of that hot lane construction. it has been a mess. right now they are in the process of picking up a lot of that. montgomery county, the outer loop at the beltway, no problems to report as you continue through silver springs. the roadwork near braddock has picked up. inbound 66, lanes are open coming from nutley to the beltway. don't forget about the change in the traffic pattern. we saw delays because of the change at 123 northbound out of vienna. continue through the intersection through a traffic light. that's what tied up the commute on the beltway way and vienna as well. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. the crowds cheered in celebration as the last rescue worker and miner made their way
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to the surface of the earth. the 33rd miner was reunited with his family. the joy use reunions were watched by the entire world. they were trapped underground for nearly 70 days. sarah simmons is live downstairs with more on the celebration and the international rescue. >> good morning. people around the world were watching this impressed by how the men worked so well together and how they bonded over the past several weeks. even just as amazing were those that worked together to try to help bring the men to the surface after being stuck under the earth for more than two months, the capsule brought all 33 of the miners up one by one, everyone from the chilean world and community watched and weighed in on this rescue effort. >> reporter: from the pope to
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the president, millions about millions have taken the rescued miners into their heart. pope benedict addressed spanish speaking victims at the vatican. president obama praised rescuers that worked for more than two months. >> this rescue is a tribute to the determination of the rescue workers and the unity and resolve of the chilean people who inspired the world. >> reporter: in new york and new jersey, members of the chilean community gathered to watch the drama unfold. >> it's great we are here, celebrating, having a good time and all my people back at home. >> emotions are strong. more than one tear came out of me but i think the whole world is watching the potential
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important event. >> reporter: south florida's chilean community is celebrating the mine rescue. >> i'm excited. i am happy for the people that are there. actually it makes me cry just seeing that they are so happy. >> they show that the human spirit is alive and through adversity they come out and people will be changed and they are changing the country and the world by showing how they have been strong during this situation. >> i am very proud of the work they are doing over there. everything came up so nice like they planned and chilean, i am so proud of them. >> reporter: the last miner to be rescued who has been credited with helping organize the men and keeping them alive in the first crucial days, when he came to the surface, he said they had strength, spirit and they wanted to tight for their families and that was the greatest thing. gurvir, back to you. >> thank you so much. we have a photo gallery with
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images from the entire ordeal at myfoxdc. our other big story, shake upin the d.c. public school system. michelle rhee appeared at a news conference yesterday with mayor fenty and presumptive what i don't remember elect vin vent gray. she made headlines for replacing principals at failing schools and firing hundreds of school staffers. she appeared on the oprah winfrey show and in the education documentary waiting for superman. the reaction to her departure has been generally positive. >> this was the prudent thing to do for the citizens to make sure we have a seamless transition on education. people forget all of us are for education reform. >> i think this panned out in the best way possible for the children of the district of columbia. michelle rhee is a change agent. very often they don't hang around to see the end result.
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>> her departure comes a few weeks after march i don't remember fenty was defeated. deputy chancellor kaya henderson will take over as interim chancellor. here is what we know about henderson. she is 40 years old and the daughter of a school principal. she earned her bachelor's and masters from georgetown. she has 13 years of experience working in the d.c. school system. she made headlines with her surprising upset in the delaware primary. now christine o'donnell is back in the spotlight coming up next. you want some fiber one honey clusters?
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making headlines at 4:39 this morning, christine o'donnell is on the defensive in debates in delaware. her and her opponent disagreed on employment and the economy. >> i also frankly can't imagine where she found the numbers that unemployment doubled under the past year under my watch. i suspect we will need to keep a close eye on the numbers that go back and forth. >> the department of labor statistics. we will have them on the web site tomorrow. i want to point out that he said we are not creating a culture of dependency. how would you explain what is happening when unemployment leveled out but more and more people are on food stamps.
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what do we want delaware to be receiving. with the midterm elections less than three weeks away, the first lady is hitting the campaign trail. the first stop wisconsin to help reelect russ feingold. steve brown is traveling with the first lady. >> russ is always looking out for the people of this state. i think that is clear in just about everything russ has done during his time here in office. >> reporter: her two-week campaign swing will take her to eight states. >> a lot of negative campaigning going on. to have a positive political figure is something that we appreciate. >> reporter: today the first lady framed her political points through her role as mother of two young daughters and all the children she says traveling the country. >> i see it in the eyes of the child whose mom just lost her
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job and that little girl worries how her to pay the bills. >> reporter: aside from the money she will raise, they hope she provides a spark to under enthused democrats. >> she will motivate many young people to vote. >> reporter: but political observers say don't count on that. >> it's unlikely she will show up and suddenly a democratic candidate, here in illinois or up in wisconsin or colorado are suddenly going to see a huge jump in the poll numbers. >> reporter: having an impact on voters and race out comes may be asking a lot. when the president made headlines drawing 25,000 in madison, polls were the same as before with feingold trailing. we all know the key to living a long healthy life is a good healthy diet. up next, one man's secret to
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our big story this morning, all 33 miners are above the
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earth's surface this morning and safe. this is the final miner being pulled to safety. he had a joyous reunion with his family. crowds cheered as the last rescue worker was pulled out of the mine. officials originally thought it may took four months to get them out. turned out to be nearly 70 days. >> awesome. >> it was great to see from the first to the last, everybody was celebrating with them. >> i watched all day yesterday. >> yesterday you and tony were talking about cooler weather and what about the rain. >> it's nearly here. we will show you the radar in a second. it will be here shortly. be prepared for a rainy cool day with high temperatures around 60 or so. and with the rain you will need an umbrella. >> got it. >> windshield wipers that work. >> that's right. >> is that raining to be here for the morning rush?
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>> what do you think? >> it looks close. >> it is ex freedomly close. some of the western viewers are getting rain showers. you can see the rain in portions of west virginia, maryland and it's possible if you are watching out to the west you are getting rain showers. there was embedded thunderstorms. i want to mention in addition to rain, there could be a few thunderstorms during the course of the day. all of this is tracking to the west. an area of low pressure developing and tracking across the area before it blows up into a big nor'easter. no rain yet. i think the rain will move in 7:00, 8:00 this morning, shower activity. it's close to fredricksburg. let's look at the satellite and radar picture. closer look. you can see the rain showers not too far away. out to the west an area of low pressure that will be moving across the mid-atlantic and as it pushes off to the north and east it will create a lot of wind up into new england and some of the winds will make the
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back end of that system push into the washington area later this evening. warm front moving through as we speak then the cold front this afternoon. you want to time the rain. i think it starts 7:00, 8:00 this morning. generally it should be out of here by the evening rush hour, 5:00, 6:00 tonight. it won't last too long. at times it will be steady. we could pick up close to an inch of rain. temperatures are cool, 55 at reagan. 40s on the map. fredricksburg 60 degrees. high temperature about 60. cool and cloudy. rain likely this morning. wind out of the east 10 to 15. they will be gusting tonight up to about 25. earlier rain, remaining cloudy overnight with an overnight low of 48 degrees. we don't really get the clouds out for much of the day tomorrow.
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there will be a few showers around. sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. the weekend looks fine. by sunday afternoon, temperatures about 70 degrees. we have a football game sunday night at fedex, that should be fine. once we get the rain out of here, the weekend looking good, although on the cool side. let's get to on-time traffic and julie wright with the latest. >> win number 3 for the caps. >> that three. >> last night. >> i'm rocking the red, baby. >> you missed that? i can't believe it. >> i had to go to bed early. what was the final score. >> 2-1. >> how did crazy 8 do. >> remarkably well. >> traveling 395 up to the 14th street bridge, lanes are open. no incidents to report. across the potomac, nice easy ride. there is a change in the
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scenario for northbound 193 out of vienna. you are sharing a ramp with traffic southbound 123 to exit to the inner loop of the beltway. lanes are open out of germantown. northbound construction north of 28 has cleared. that's a check of the fox 5 on- time traffic. we have another traffic alert for your morning commute. several streets will be shut down as film crews shoot transformers 3. maryland avenue southwest between third and 6th is closed. independence southwest between third and 7th closed until 10:00 this morning. there are other closings and a lot of parking restrictions. them them out on myfoxdc. northern virginia say a thief broke into two homes.
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wisdom martin has more. >> reporter: according to vienna police, overnight a serial burglar climbed through the window of this home, took a purse and took off. >> a bit surprised but i guess it can happen any place. >> reporter: the suspect burglarized another home nearby. he wasn't done. >> we found two additional houses today where we believe that the subject tried to get in but wasn't able to get in. we found that the screens were slit. >> reporter: this brings the estimated total of burglaries in fairfax county to nearly 100. in most of the cases, investigators sat suspect is getting -- say the suspect is getting in through unlocked windows and doors. people are constantly reminding people to lock windows and doors, some are not getting the message. across the street from last night's burglary, a neighbor left his garage up. the homeowner was nowhere to be found. >> we got storm windows and such and my wife we double lock
4:52 am
the -- even the storm guard double locked even during the daytime. >> reporter: thefts from unlocked cars have been an issue. >> imperative that homeowners are vigilant about locking the doors and windows and don't take any chances. >> reporter: police say doing those several things make it harder for this suspect to get in and makes homeowners less likely to be crime victims. wisdom martin, fox 5 news. in our health alert this morning, a lot of people believe the natural way is the right way to go. we talked to one man who believes his diet and supplements are the reason he stays healthy. >> reporter: what is the secret to living a long healthy life? there is a guy inside this store that says he knows. let's find out. >> i don't know another person my age in as good of health as i am.
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>> reporter: a student of nutrition for more than 40 years, herb handelsman believes it's paying off. >> i know you are a regular here. do you know how old he is? >> reporter: store regulars are surprised to learn that he recently celebrated his 80th birthday. not on medication and hardly sees a doctor. what is his secret. >> i get a tremendous amount of nutrients in the morning. he blends together organic produce and protein powder. meals include grass fed beef and amish chicken. then the supplements. if i take one supplement what should it be. >> fish oil. >> reporter: that will do what for me? >> it's good for your brain, good for your heart, good for your skin. >> reporter: fish oil is number one on his list followed by a whole food vitamin. he says stay away from sugar. >> sugar is essentially the worst thing you can put in your
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body. you got in your hands there the two most important supplements that you could possibly take. >> reporter: for herb this is beyond a job. it's his passion. he plans on preaching for a long time to go. >> i probably would like to live to 120 but we have to wait and see. >> i'm taking herb's advice getting the fish oil supplements for the whole family and the rest of his wisdom on my fox d.c. walmart is rolling back its roll back prize. "time" magazine reports the roll back did not generate enough sales. you may spend more time waiting in line at starbucks. customers complain the coffee chain was more like an assembly line so workers can only make two drinks at a time. they have to steam milk for each individual drink instead
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welcome back. this is what julie was talking about. second period, caps trailing 1-
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0. this was his fourth goal of the year. the caps on a power play. alex ovechkin. caps edge the islanders. next up the predators in nashville. he is the center of another controversy, the wizards fine gilbert arenas for telling the coach his knee was hurting. he was trying to get his buddy nick young more playing time. the league and specifically coaches frowm on this type of thing. gilbert was back at practice talking about the latest controversy. while his motives may have been noble, the execution horrible. arenas addressed it after practice. >> i was trying to get him playing time under his belt. he was working hard at
4:59 am
practice. i screwed up again. i want to say sorry. >> i didn't know nothing about it. i heard about it this morning on tv. >> i'm more disappointed personally because i believe in you. there is a trust factor. i told him you have to be honest with me. >> i wasn't thinking this will be another media outburst. like everything i do is tit for tat trying to blow it out of proportion. >> did that sound like he was trying to blame the media. the strong safety was named the nfl defensive player of the week. landry had 13 tackles, 10 unassisted. stay with us. we have much more straight ahead. we will


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