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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 16, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm EDT

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rollins fouls it away. >> joe: talking about the pitch with the home plate umpire derryl cousins, as you look at the breakdown this season. bases empty. it was a breakdown, .214 average for jimmy rollins. better with runners in scoring position. in this case, the runner at first, on the move, two outs. strikeout ends the inning. wilson comes in, gives up a hit. jimmy rollins strikes out for the third consecutive time. and we go to the ninth inning. game one, nlcs. 4-3, san francisco.
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you are. [ male announcer ] introducing toyota care -- featuring a complimentary maintenance plan with roadside assistance for every new toyota. >> joe: aerial coverage tonight brought to you by directv. for the most sports, period, call 1-800-directv. philadelphia eagles will be playing 14 hours from now on fox. the falcons will visit the eagles. this has to be the
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best sports complex in the country with the facilities right here. sixers play down the street as well. and it doesn't get any better than these two venues. baseball and football. the count goes to 0-2. brad lidge takes over. he is a closer for the phillies. he has been on a roll since the 1st of august. up and down before that. that's high. ball one. 1-2. 18 of 19 in save opportunities. e.r.a. of 0.7. trying to keep it a one-run game, to play the ninth. juan uribe at the plate. he's 1-3. 1-4, as he strikes out to start the ninth.
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>> tim: that slider that made brad lidge so valuable to the phillies two years ago. right back with it. duane kuiper announcer nicknamed the giant osfence "torture." >> joe: fontenot with a line drive to center. gets with a base hit and one out in the ninth. his first hit. >> you can see what the san francisco giant fans have been going through all year think. played a lot of tight ballgame, one-run games. the phillies have the best record in baseball for one-run game. losing here tonight. >> joe: here is a guy tonight has become public enemy number one. cody ross. they boo him as he digs in. he has two home runs. that was against halladay. the two-out rbi by burrell and uribe. uribe, rbi base hit up
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the middle, the difference in the game right now. that made it 4-1. two-run shot in the bottom of the sixth by werth. made it 4-3 and that's where we are here in the ninth. fontenot, one out hit. there he goes. somehow that ball missed ross. stolen base for fontenot. he is at second with one out. i don't know "a," how the ball missed ross; or "b," how ruiz caught it. >> tim: we were just talking the last half inning when wilson was in the game how most short relievers don't have move to first base. fontenot knew that. had a tremendous jump to second base and stole a base easily. >> joe: fontenot, second steal all year. this is a giants team -- ross comes up,
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empty, strike two -- last in the stolen base department in the regular season with only 55 steals. >> tim: one every three games. >> joe: they don't run. >> no. >> joe: they do here. and they hit. gives the giants alittle breathing room here in the ninth. what a night ross could have. if he comes through here. ball two. 2-2. duane kuiper does television for giants baseball. called their baseball "torture." it hasn't been easy but a fun rise for giants and their fans through september, winning the west on the last day. two games over the padres and beating the braves in four games in the division series. 2-2 pitch. i can't think of anybody who does a better job, by the way, than kuiper.
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>> tim: wonderful. wonderful. tremendously popular in the bay area. by the way, a wild pitch is not out of the realm of possibility here. lidge could be effective. the slider has to be down. and ruiz has to be good. >> joe: there it is. smothers it. ball three. a full count with ishikawa on deck. >> joe: bottom of the ninth inning. bottom part of the line-up. ibanez, ruiz. first two out. ross just throws the bat at it. that ball is out of play. as ruiz does all he can.
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>> tim: cody ross has thrown his bat at two sliders tonight. one from roy halladay, where the bat went all the way down first base and that slider from lidge. i think he is going to see another slider right here. >> joe: here is the 3-2. two on, with one out. ross is on base for the third time tonight. coming in to this series, charlie manuel made one switch to his roster. he took greg dobbs off the active list from years past. a very good left-handed pinch hitter and added kendrick as the long reliever to take the spot of blanton who is
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scheduled to start game four, as it is now. the giants toyed with adding a third left-hander in the bullpen. they did not do it. that pitch was inside. the crowd gets on the home plate umpire. ishikawa back for two on, one out. >> joe: out in front of that pitch. strike one on issue -- on ishikawa. phillies will need a pinch hitter for the third spot in the bottom of this ninth. the bench with schneider, valdez, francisco, sweeney. no dobbs.
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that hit ishikawa. that will load them up. hit-by-pitch follows a single and a walk. the bases are loaded with one out for andres torres. >> tim: had this ball not hit ishikawa, you could make a case that the ball would have gotten by ruiz. travis appears to be all right. hit him on the left foot instep. lidge can really be wild with that slider. that has been his history. >> joe: while they meet on the mound with rich dubes the pitching coach. look to tomorrow night. if you don't much about sanchez, he has the ability to shut down any line-up.
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he has been so good. struck out 11 in the division series. there is oswalt who had a hiccup in game two of the division series and will get the ball for philadelphia. >> joe: bases loaded. one out for andres torres. infield comes in. strike one. >> tim: the reason for that, torres, as we said, has 26 stolen bases. double play depth you won't double him up. the infield is forced to move in, halfway in the middle. rollins and utley. where they could get a double play. it would have to be a ball right over the bag for jimmy rollins. >> joe: strike two. torres who has a flare hit, one for four. trying to give brian wilson of the giants a little breathing room here in the ninth.
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>> joe: torres went around. that's a big strike-out for lidge. two away. >> tim: going back to the slider. fine play by ruiz to make the block. first base is occupied with less than two outs. the batter is automatically out. but had he not blocked it, a run would have scored. >> joe: now the bases are loaded with two outs. freddy sanchez, won the batting title in 2006.
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for the pirates stands in. pablo sandoval in the on deck circle. that slider misses. the interesting thing about sandoval being in the on-deck circle, is that is the pitcher's spot. >> tim: but if he has a chance to hit, they would have scored another run. >> joe: the pitcher is the closer wilson. strike on the inside corner. one ball, one strike. >> tim: you wouldn't trade a run for a closer? >> joe: no. >> tim: no? okay. >> joe: here is the 1-1. ball two.
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sanchez tonight 0-4. lidge in trouble. trying to keep it a one-run game. 2-1 pitch. flyball to center, sends victorino back. inning over. lidge made it interesting. now it's wilson back to the hill. ibanez 0-1 against him in his career. ruiz. then a pinch hitter for the phillies. down by one. ♪ if you have gout, high uric acid can lead to more attacks. ♪ to help reduce attacks, lower your uric acid. uloric lowers uric acid levels in adults with gout. it's not for the treatment of high uric acid without a history of gout. uloric reduces uric acid to
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the eagles, lions-giants, and seahawks-bears. saints-bucs. coverage begins tomorrow at noon eastern, 9:00 pacific, with the ford fox pre-game show brought to you by the ford edge. drive one. then we'll be here tomorrow night for game two. a match-up of sanchez against oswalt. here is ibanez. to deal with brian wilson. 4-3, giants. bottom of the ninth inning. game one. strike one on the outside corner. ibanez, 16 home runs in the regular season. does not have an rbi so far this post season. overall, three out of 14. that's called ball
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one. >> tim: we asked charlie manuel how his team handled brian wilson. he says in the past, we've had good luck against him. one of those good luck games was back on april 28 with brian wilson blew a save. a game started by tim lincecum. >> joe: outside again. 2-1. staying away from ibanez. >> tim: if you make the mistake away, it's a single. if you make a mistake inside, it could be a home run. >> right through it. 2-2. jose contreras getting loose in case the phillies tie this game. lidge is due third, bottom of the ninth. so his night is finished.
10:50 pm
>> joe: the 2-2. ball three. >> tim: five fastballs, toward the outside corner. if you are ibanez, there is no reason to look inside. just look away. >> joe: still full.
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>> joe: got him looking, one away. 96-mile-per-hour fastball. one out. >> tim: eight straight pitches toward the outside corner. that hit. that misses. 2-1. 2-2. full count. full count. right there. >> joe: perfect pitch
10:52 pm
from wilson for out number one. ruiz. strike one. carlos has homered, he's 1-3. he has reached base now in 24 straight post-season games. thanks to his third inning home run which tied the game. ball one. >> joe: one out, nobody on. ruiz is grazed by the pitch. he will head down to first base. didn't get much of him.
10:53 pm
but just got enough of ruiz to put the tying run on. just off the bottom of the left-hand. >> tim: once the hitter makes a strike like that, there is no getting out of the way with the upper part of the body. as you can see, buster posey. buster closing his eyes when that ball made contact. bochy complaining about it, but he was definitely hit by the pitch. >> joe: now ross gload. gload is batting for lidge. pitched one scoreless inning. ball one. 15 out of 56 with
10:54 pm
three pinch-hit home runs for philadelphia. you saw the one walkoff in his career. that was regular season in 2009. 1-0. 2-0. >> tim: that is the tenth straight pitch outside for left-handed batters this inning. ibanez and the first two to gload. wilson has proven he is not going to come inside to left-handed batters. >> joe: the first nlcs at-bat for gload. sta takes a strike. 2-1. ibanez struck out. grazed by a pitch. tying one at first with one away. that's in to
10:55 pm
right-field, but foul. just got out in front. it's 2-2. >> tim: he got out front because the cutter from wilson cuts over the center of the plate. gload fouls it off. he wanted this one outside. but didn't get it there. middle of the plate. gload hit it hard. but a foul ball. >> joe: the 2-2. struck him out, two gone. 96 again. this time he got gload. >> tim: posey wanted it up. he got it up. >> joe: so the phillies in game one are down to their final out. shane victorino, who is hitless tonight.
10:56 pm
now a pimple runner comes in the game -- now a pinch runner will come to the game. >> tim: charlie manuel waited until there were two outs to make a pinch-runner but now you almost have to, to go to valdez who is a step or two ahead of ruiz. >> joe: that is the tying run. ball one, outside. victorino had 18 home runs in the regular season. >> joe: ball two.
10:57 pm
>> tim: once again, everything away to the left-hander. >> joe: the ball really jumps to right in this park. again, away. ball three. 3-0. wind is not a factor. it has died down, almost completely. the throw to first. he gets back. >> joe: victorino is taking. he takes strike one.
10:58 pm
just in case you're wondering, valdez stole seven. was not caught in the regular season. the runner at first. 3-1 pitch. full count. the runner, wilson valdez the tying run at first will go with the next pitch. >> joe: there he goes. and a strike-out ends tonight. game one belongs to the giants. brian wilson records four outs here tonight. all four were
10:59 pm
strike-out. >> tim: all four with fastballs. he did not deviate. trying to go away, away, away, get the ball up to victorino. perfect pitch to ibanez for the first out. what a job of pitching by brian wilson. >> joe: in a game that was started by a couple of big game pitchers, san francisco got the bigger game from their big guy. all 163 pounds, tim lincecum was good here tonight. he gets a win. >> tim: here are the six pitches to victorino. he misses with the first three outside. then a strike. then a foul ball. a payoff paid off. >> joe: so the underdog giants here on the road get the victory. final of 4-3.
11:00 pm
lincecum against halladay. we will give you our traveler's plays of the game. it's cody ross. out of the number eight spot. went deep in the third. went deep in the fifth. with that man, is ken rosenthal. ken? >> ken: thank you, joe. roy halladay pitched a no-hitter in his last start and retired the first seven tonight. what were you thinking when you stepped in the box in the third inning? >> player: just trying to get a pitch to square off and get good wood on it and get a base hit. luckily, i got a pitch i could handle and got some wood on it and got up in the air. >> ken: second home run? >> player: same thing. it's tough enough to get roy one time. going up there and trying to create something. got a pitch i could handle and same deal. >> ken: you spent most of the season with the marlins and
11:01 pm
you came to the giants on a waiver claim. now three post-season homers. what has the experience been like for you? >> player: i can't explain it with my words. it's just awesome to be in the situation right now, to be able to come here and help this team get where we wanted to be. and be here talking to you right now, i can't express it. >> ken: cody, thank you very much. joe, back to you. >> joe: thank you. cody ross who broke up the no-hitter in game four of the division series with derek lowe on the mound facing the atlanta braves. breaks one up here tonight, albeit earlier in the third inning. in every giant game that they have played so far in the post season has been a one-run game. if they call it "torture," they are enjoying it with a one game to nothing lead, the san francisco giants win game one. chris and the guys coming up after the break. th.ou
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>> chris: welcome to the chevrolet post game show. giants winner in game one of the nlcs. 4-3, the final. i'm chris rose. rejoined by eric karros and mlb network mitch williams. the hero of the day, cody ross, as he becomes the third player to hit home runs in his first two nlcs at-bats. >> eric: i don't know if he did it on purpose but as we talked at the top of the show, you have to look for location. he got two pitches on the inner half of the plate and he doesn't miss them. gives giants two home run. great job of hitting by cody ross. >> chris: great job by bruce bochy, manager of the san francisco giants. he pushed all the right
11:05 pm
buttons. >> mitch: before the game bruce bochy said he would not take pat burrell out that early in this ballpark. he made a great decision. pinch running with schierholtz in the sixth inning. that is the difference in the ballgame. pat burrell gets thrown out at home. schierholtz scored. >> eric: how about the other decision he made, moving sanchez to throw in the second game instead of matt cain. it will be interesting because it will rest on sanchez's shoulders. batting average against the lowest in major league baseball, but also walks per inning, gives up a lot of free passes. which guy shows up? we have to see. >> chris: so, of course, sanchez is the game two starter. can he duplicate what tim lincecum did tonight? the giants' ace is on the field with our ken rosenthal. >> ken: tim lincecum, you get the win. so much bilderbeuilbuild-up to . what did you think about your performance? >> player: it's not the numbers but giving us the chance to win. put home runs behind me and
11:06 pm
you can easily squash yourself on that and make more bad pitches. take the next batter after that, man. >> ken: two homers from cody. the 4-1 lead in the sixth. how much did it mean to you pitching to get those runs? >> player: it was big. i have been talking a lot about the shutdown innings. i had chances with two of them to cut them down, but it wasn't enough. just enough to squeak by for us. >> ken: watching brian in the eighth and ninth, what did you think of him? >> player: pure intensity. that's the way wilson is. of course, the beard. man, he just spotting up. intense. >> ken: last thing, tim. you have beaten halladay as a team. what does it mean for you as a club, just for your confidence? >> player: tons of confidence. more or less just about game one, setting the pace. and getting ready for tomorrow. >> ken: tim, thank you very much. chris, back to you. >> chris: all right, kenny. thank you very much.
11:07 pm
now the pressure shifts over to the phillies; namely, oswalt tomorrow night. >> mitch: definitely. he was brought here to pitch big games. tomorrow is as big a game he will pitch in his career. he has to go out, give the phillies an opportunity to stay in the game, score some runs and they're not going to score a lot off sanchez. so oswalt has to be really good. >> chris: remember, with houston he was the nlcs mvp in 2005. giants baseball. it's torture, folks but they get it done. 4-3, winner in game one. well, coming up next, your late local news. except on the west coast, when it will be seen at the regularly scheduled time. and on fox, late night, it's "fringe" followed by "running wild." tomorrow, a huge day on fox sports. starts with n.f.l. double header. game one, the falcons-eagles, lions-giants, seahawks-bears, or saints-bucs. game two, the dallas cowboys and the minnesota vikings in
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panic bowl one. coverage at noon eastern, 9:00 am pacific. join us tomorrow night for game two of the nlcs. coverage begins immediately following football at 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific. promotional consideration paid for by the following -- for more information on tonight's game and the latest in major league baseball news, log on to powered by msn, the world's favorite sports site. this is chris rose, saying so long from philadelphia. you've been watching fox sports home of this year's sports home of this year's nlcs and the world series. captioned by closed captioning services, inc ♪ ♪
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we are united by a common purpose. but we come from different walks of life and different branches of service. you can trace our journeys in the lines on our faces,
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. this is fox 6-news at 10. >> people don't just get up and die. >> a family's outrage after charges are reduced in the deadly beating near a dc bar. a water main break is slowing things down in northwest. will it still be causing problems for the monday morning commute? and president obama on a campaign blitz for democrats this weekend, hoping to keep his party in control after november 2nd. but we begin tonight with the latest developments in a deadly beating near a dc bar. thanks for joining us. i'm maureen umeh. will is off tonight. the charges against five men allegedly involved in the beating death have been reduced and the suspects have been released by jail. surrounded by supporters and attorneys the suspects arrested in the apparent beating death walked free for now from the dc
11:13 pm
courthouse. originally arrested for second degree murder, in court the judge was told the charges against all five men are now aggravated assault, although assistant u.s. attorney jennifer kutaw indicated the charges could change when the medical examiner releases the cause of death. four employees and an owner of the dc9 bar are accused of chasing and beating mohamad after he smashed the bar's front windows with bricks. shortly after he died carat any lanear called the assault vigilant justice. >> in this case the chief jumped to allegations. anyone who knows bill speeler would quickly understand that he is incapable of hurting anyone. the chief doesn't know my client but she would stand in front of these cameras in such a way to prejudice his rights. it's irresponsible. >> reporter: on the other side of the case the police report
11:14 pm
quotes witnesses saying one of the five men held mohamad on the ground while the four others kicked and stomped the man. for now the dc9 bar remains closed by police order. our team coverage continues at fox 5 matt ackland. he talked with ali's brother and father today and they tell us they still have lots of questions. >> reporter: tonight we had a chance to talk to ali mohamed's family at their silver spring home. we asked about these charges being reduced against the five men accused of beating ali on friday morning. they say at this point they are being patient. they are waiting for the autopsy to be complete and for this police investigation to run its course. it was a day of grieving for ali mohamad's family but also a day of wanting to know exactly what happened at 2:30 friday morning outside the dc9 club. >> i just want to know how he died. and i know that, you know, he couldn't have just died there
11:15 pm
for no reason. he is perfectly healthy. >> reporter: he says he was with his brother the day before he died. his brother appeared healthy, he told us. although an autopsy is being conducted to determine exactly what caused ali's death, his brother says it seems clear. >> i had actually seen him before that thursday afternoon i was with him in the house. perfectly fine. healthy person. nothing happened to him until they put their hands on him. >> reporter: but ali's father is more patient and confident the truth will come out about how his son died when the autopsy is complete. and witnesses are interviewed by the authorities. >> i cannot be in a hurry. i have to just wait and see what the legal jurisdiction is doing. >> reporter: both family members are asking witnesses who may not yet have talked to police but saw what went on that morning to come forward so
11:16 pm
the truth can be known. >> that's why i'm asking people out there on yew street because that is busy, i'm asking that whoever it is can just, if you know, if you seen something just come out and let us know. because the family needs it, they deserve it. >> reporter: fox 5 news. >> the suspects released from custody today will all be forced to start waring devices in the next few days. >> the new tonight police say a man was the victim of a homicide. 18-year-old ryan campbell walked into the springfield health complex thursday looking for treatment. police say he had trauma to his body. he died shortly after 11:00. now detectives want to know campbell knew his attacker. a medical examiner will decide what killed him. investigators are trying to piece together clues in the deadly accident in arlington. a driver hit a motorcyclists on route 50 and irvington friday night. the driver stayed at the scene. his name has not been released
11:17 pm
because it is still under investigation. the national mall turned into a mini potomac river. now they are working to fill a giant crater. several buildings lost water pressure and a museum had to close down. rob slater toured the damage and has an update on the repairs. >> reporter: late friday night a 24-inch water main that runs down constitution avenue ruptured at 10th street, sending water everywhere. the line feeds the irs building, the department of justice and the sithsonian museum of national history. the museum closed its doors, which was really bad news for the catrall family from delaware because this was jack's birthday trip. >> i would have really liked to have seen the dinosaurs because i really like dinosaurs and different animals. >> reporter: well, we're sorry you couldn't see it. next time? >> maybe it will be open.
11:18 pm
>> reporter: the repair crews have been working around the clock but all of the water left a big mess. workers unsure what caused the break, but suspect it's a familiar theme aging infrastructure. >> this line was put in before the great depression. and it is still here on constitution avenue. so we never know why any particular break occurs but we do have older infrastructure. >> even when they get the pipe repaired there is still a bigger problem. all of the water undermined a portion of the roadway. >> that's a lot of water a 24- inch main. when it breaks underground it moves. it will move to anywhere if there is a way to get up to the surface and starts understood mining the under pinning of the road. so we have a lot of damage around here at 10th and constitution on both sides of the street. probably 100 yards. so this is going to be a significant restoration project. >> reporter: constitution is shut down from 9th to 12th street. the agency is bringing in special contractors. but the big question is whether they can finish by monday
11:19 pm
morning's rush hour. >> if this were a smaller break we would put a metal plate on it to get the traffic through to resurface. this is such a large area, it won't be able to be paved. we will have to re-do the road here. it is a big area. to be able to get that done that is now a challenge we are pushing for it. but it may not be done by monday morning. >> reporter: in northwest dc i'm ros slater, fox 5 news. >> a nice day across the reason. nice enough for some people to jump off a bridge without bungee courts. they celebrated in virginia today. bridge day is considered the largest extreme sports event in the world. i would not do that if you paid me $1 million. a little windy here. gwen tolbart in the weather center with a check on our weather. gwen, i don't think they could do that here today because i tell you, you had to hold on to everything the wind was so strong. >> yes, $1 million bucks doesn't get me jumping off that either. no way. a wonderful day today. take a look at our
11:20 pm
temperatures. the day-time highs right on the mark. national airport at 68 degrees where we should be. dulles at 6 and baltimore at 66. just a degree or two under where we should be. but overall very nice. ridge of high pressure in control. clear conditions all day. and tonight it's really feeling a little chilly with those clear skies out. there and as you take a look at the current temperatures right now, you will see we are kicking in at 53 degrees at national airport. 48 at baltimore. 51 at dulles and 50 degrees for frederick. the forecast tonight is clear skies and chilly. little cooler in the suburbs temperatures into the low 40s. a frost advisory we will talk about as well a little bit more to the west. also have a look at the five day forecast. we have got some changes in the week ahead. maureen. >> yikes, gwen tolbart see you a little bit later. all right. >> the mid-terms are three weeks away but dc voters get to go to the polls on monday. even though election day is officially november 2nd they
11:21 pm
can cast their ballots at the board of elections between 8:30 and 7 p.m. next saturday four other polling stations are open. you will have to vote for mayor as well as several other races here in washington, d.c. president obama hitting the campaign trail hard for other democrats. he headed to boston today where he attended a rally for his former harvard classmate governor duvall patrick. political experts say the president and his party should expect a real showdown on november 2nd. molly line has the story. >> reporter: recent poll shows the president's poll numbers are down in many states but not as low in massachusetts where he was warmly wasted no time to ask democrats to vote on november 2nd. >> in two weeks you can set the direction of this state and this country for the next two years. >> reporter: the news poll shows 51% of massachusetts voters are happy with the job that president obama is doing. nationwide, just 43% of voters
11:22 pm
approve of the job president obama is doing according to a recent fox news poll. with just over two weeks to go before the mid-term election political experts say the republicans stand to make some gains. >> they will get the house by a few seats. in the senate they will not win the senate whack -- back. i don't see any clear path to that. >> reporter: they reported a deficit over $1 trillion for the second year in a row. >> these are the same independence that helped put barack in office two years ago and now coming out against him. >> the scenario where tea party owners will help the democrats by voting tea instead of the gop. >> the tea party is christine and sharon it helps democrat incumbents who are a little better known. >> reporter: the president's message take nothing for granted a message his party learned the hard way here in massachusetts when the senate seat in this democratic strong hold. in boston molly line, fox news. forcing cab drivers to be
11:23 pm
nice. how one northern virginia community wants to make taxi drivers mind their manners. >> a new hiv scare. the can he -- details on who is now at risk now than ever before. >> and now military leaks putting the military at risk. find out what is being done to keep those classified documents sealed. keep it right here. fox 5 news rolls on right after this break. s
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because natural is not only good, it also tastes good. nature valley -- 100% natural. 100% delicious. . the wife of an american terrorist says the fbi has known for years she was dangerous. daman coleman headly pleaded guilty to terrorist attacks which killed people back in 2008. but in 2005 his wife went to authorities and told them her husband was involved with a terrorist group connected to al qaeda. she made the report after she found out headly had another wife and children and the two got into a physical fight. headly was arrested and charged with physical assault but was never prosecute. >> more classified military documents could soon be released. and new reports show wikileaks
11:27 pm
is planning to release thousands of pages of classified u.s. documents on the war in iraq. it could happen before the weekend we are hearing. meanwhile defense secretary robert gates claims no u.s. intel sources were compromised by the website first reporting. fox's julie kurtz has the details. >> reporter: wikileaks has not said what documents will be released but the pentagon is bracing for another massive document dump in the next few days. more than 4,000 classified army documents in the war in iraq. that would make this the single largest military leak in u.s. history. in july wiki leaks released more than 60,000 pages on the war in afghanistan. wikileaks founder july an asad has not responded to our e- mails but the defense team has a team prepared to review the new release of classified war
11:28 pm
material. meanwhile defense secretary robert gates role to carl levin chairman of the services committee on august 17th to say that an initial assessment by the pentagon concluded that the afghan war releases by wikileaks had not compromised any american intelligence sources or practices. we are hearing from another whistle blower, colleen rowly, the fbi agent who came forward after 9/11 to detail how she and others had connected the dots a month before the attack between the so-called 20th highjacker and the 9/11 al qaeda ploters. in the la times she writes that wikileaks could have prevented 9/11 by acting as an outlet for whistle blowers frowned on by their government bosses. wikileaks might have provided a pressure valve for those agents who were terribly worried what might happen and frustrated by their superior's seeming in difference. the classified documents could
11:29 pm
hit the internet as early as this weekend. in washington, julie kurtz fox news. a series of explosions rocked afghanistan today. the blast left at least two dead in the city of kandahar. in one attack a vehicle carrying explosives went off behind police headquarters. that killed a civilian and left at least three people hurt. in another incident, insurgents attacked an oil tanker with fire causing it to explode. one person died and at least two others were hurt. life for the rescued miners in chile getting back to normal this weekend. most of the men are finally home after spending two months underground. and they are hoping to get some privacy so they can enjoy their first few days of home with family and friends. all but two of the miners have left the hospital. they all decided not to giveaway details to avoid devaluing the book they want to publish. >> a different outcome in china where


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