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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  October 16, 2010 11:45pm-12:00am EDT

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the youth. not just teach them boxing but teach them to plan for life. plan for your next right hook and the left hook. wellness is getting people to plan for their life to change their life. >> despite boxing house of champions teaches aerobics and self defense classes. students in maryland got a jump start on planning for college and their future. congress woman donna edwards hosted a college and career fair today at northwestern high. representatives from 50 universities, colleges and training centers were on hand to talk with the students and assist with college applications through financial aid counsellors. it's shaping up to be a jewelry auction like no other. the main attraction, this diamond. find out how much the boo bubble is expected to bring in. and sports with lindsay murphy is coming up. a preview of tomorrow's redskins games. and fans hoping for perfect weather. >> mother nature is not too bad
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on dishing up. i think she is a football fan herself. take a look at the temperatures. in the mid lick cooler air is settling in. it's a taste of fall, folks. i will have the details on what's going to happen as we head into a brand new week. your forecast is coming up just ahead. stay with us. fox 5 news at 10 will be back right after the break. you want some fiber one honey clusters?
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. as you know, anything could happen in the big apple but this is a little odd. a rodeo in time square. the professional bull riders are hanging on tight in the middle of manhattan keeping in a championship series that's taking them all over the country. but new york, yes, it's a new environment all its own. >> you know, looking at all of these big buildings with stuff on them going off. and all of the lights and everything and people and cabs and everything, it's a little
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different. >> even with all of the bull wrangling and turning time square into a bull ring, they said the hardest part is finding parking. >> can you believe that? >> those guys are true cowboys. do you know how tough it would be to get into a ring and stay on for six seconds. i would run the other way. >> i have done it once. >> let's hope the redskins tomorrow have some staying power because the it will be a tough one. >> a good game watching it all night. >> we will be here all night. >> yes, absolutely. talk about the capitals before we talk about the redskins. the capitals were trying to knock the predators from the ranks of the unbeaten. one of four under beaten teams in the nfl and surrendering two goals a game. start in the third period with the capitals down 2-1. the equalizer that's his sending of the year. it would stay tied so we head into overtime. in ot cap on the powerplay nick
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backstrom who fires it for the game winner. the second overtime winner in the last three games. the capitals bead the predators 3-2. with payton manning and company in town tomorrow night the skins defense will have their hands full. they remain last in the league in total defense allowing over 410 yards of offense per game. but the skins did hold green bay a top ten offense to just 13 points last week. the colts have the nfl's second best offense. but they know they still have the challenge ahead. >> because for two weeks we have had two good wins over green bay and philly. two god offences, really good offences. it looks like they have fixed a couple of those issues. and you hope green bay and philadelphia to teams, points in the teams playing the defense. maryland visiting clemson today down 3-0 in the second quarter. danny o'brian pitches to scott and scott goes back to the qb in the end-zone for the td.
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a little trickery. maryland was up 7-3. but on the ensuing kickoff the terps special unit a giant fail. cj spiller remember that guy he ditch maryland last year. it happened again today. the tigers roll 31-7 the final. and coming up on sports extra more football highlights, navy virginia and virginia tech all in action today. >> sounds like a full plate. >> stick around. stay awake. drink some coffee. >> thanks, lindsay. >> coming up a sight many of us don't see, at least not just yet. snow is falling not too far to our north. i know. no thanks to me, either. find out who is getting this early taste of winter. announcer: has the overpowering smell of scented garbage bags taken over your kitchen? (woman blows at scented tree) hefty bags with unscented odor block technology help neutralize odors with no added scent. hefty! hefty! hefty!
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["feeling good" by muse playing] is that linda? no. she's in miami. ah, of course she is.
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[ music ] hundreds of people in australia forced to leave their homes after heavy rainfall flooded properties and cut off major roads. the cold front not only brought tornadoes rain and gale force winds, parts of victoria also
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got an un seasonable snowstorm that dropped several inches. and speaking of snow, a storm to our north is making some ski resorts pretty happy. parts of new england are getting their first taste of winter weather. fox's matt austin takes us to the white oasis. >> believe your eyes. the surprise color this fall season in vermont is white. >> it's amazing mother nature is totally stopped by to remind us that winter is around the corner. and we are absolutely thrilled. >> reporter: can you tell sarah and others were excited about friday's northeaster. just a few miles down the road you would not even realize how much snow was falling in the mountains. >> getting a lot of rain down in rutland but this is pretty cool. she went to pick up ski passes but also stopped for a quick snowball fight. >> this is a lot of fun. >> reporter: this storm is really slamming them by mid-day six inches here at the base. but reports of a lot more at the top. >> this is a solid day for 16
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up top. >> reporter: mark sullivan would know. he shot this video after he hiked to the top. >> why not? winter is just around the corner. got to get in shape somehow. >> reporter: snow fell on the slopes of other resorts. sarah says this heavy wet snow is nice, but now they need to start the snow making machines. >> this is just a great start. we are headed in the right direction. >> reporter: they hope people will be skiing and boarding on the slopes? just a few weeks. [ music ] >> i shiver to think that we might very well be in that scene again pretty soon. >> i'm telling you, all of the rain that passed through here the other day it wasn't cold enough. but that's the same system that dropped all of that snow there. >> thank goodness for little gifts there. >> yes. >> i am not ready for snow. i am not really ready for this cold. >> well, it's typical fall chill weather that we have. >> $10 nice. >> we want to enjoy the color
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of the trees. so mother nature if you are listening hold off the snow for us, please. we are not ready for it. >> please. >> lieutenant very. right. beautiful night out -- absolutely right. beautiful night out there. some cooler nights over the passed little while. once again that is just typical fall weather. some pretty brisk winds as well. the winds are finally starting to calm down a little bit. a chilly night ahead. if you are going out and having a light night tonight, please wear a jacket because you will definitely need it. the weekend will continue to be very pleasant though. that's at least some good news. winds a lot calmer than they have been. as well temperatures near seasonal as we move through the course of the week. that's exactly where they were today right on the mark. seasonal temperature for national airport at 68 degrees. 66 at dulles and the same at baltimore. 1 or 2 degrees off the mark but overall not bad at all. right now temperature wise we are cooling down. temperatures into the 40s and low 50s into our neighborhood.
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53 degrees at national airport. 47 at baltimore. 45 at gaugesburg and 54 at frederick right now at this hour. take a look up the mid- atlantic. 51 in new york. look at the 30s over here. and areas to our far west will see those temperatures dip even more into the course of tonight. clear skies with the winds becoming very calm. it's all being set up for some frost over areas of the mountains. as a result of that there is a frost advisory in effect. and that is in effect from 4 a.m. to 9 a.m. on sunday. so if you are one of our viewers in this particular area, please shake sure you cover your plants over. and if you have anything outside that you need to protect vegetation wise this is the time to do it. but we've got a lot of action going down into the south here, a low pressure system with a lot of disorganized storms associated with it. and the showers in the next 48- 72 hours. there is a chance that this could become tropical. we will watch this very


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