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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 23, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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[ glazer ] make breakfast the play of the day. at subway. [ glazer ] subway. build your better breakfast. >> joe: pat burrell is first up. here is his history. number one overall pick by the phillies in '98. won a ring with philadelphia in 2008. next year signed with the tampa bay rays relief. this may 15, signed with the giants on may 29. he has added a presence in their line-up and in their clubhouse. he takes a strike. 18 home runs in the regular season. he has four hits. in 17 at-bats in this nlcs against his former club. one home run this post season. was trying to call time. didn't get it.
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un -- count 0-2. >> tim: oswalt works rapidly. curveball out of the strike zone. >> joe: the 0-2. hit in the air, down the left-field line in the corner. >> tim: when pat burrell was released by the tampa bay rays he went to his home in scottsdale, it was may 15. wait a minute. it's too hot here to stay here in the summertime. i have to play baseball! he told me that before the game. his agent got him a job, san diego or the giants. it was the giants. have they ever been pleased. >> joe: grew up a giants fan as a kid. takes a pitch in the dirt. ball one. >> tim: it's 120 degrees in the summertime. i can't stay here! he had to play. and he did, san francisco. >> joe: here is the 1-2.
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2-2. bochy said they picked him up to to be a pinch-hitter off the bench but he forced his way to the line-up. roy oswalt, who is very particular for the baseball in his hands, got a new baseball. he has been doing that since the start of the night. if he feels one he doesn't like, he gives it back. has one he likes. wait for the 2-2 pitch to pat burrell. pops up. foul ball. out of play. we talked about it in game one of the series. burrell had a lot of expectations when he was brought up. had some success. not always. he said it was never up to me to decide if i lived up to the expectations. fans got on him from time to time.
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he's part of the winner in 2008. the 2-2 pitch. foul it back. >> joe: oswalt slows it down now. burrell, 1-2. the 2-2. full count. cody ross will follow. and then juan uribe.
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>> joe: burrell, 3-2 pitch. >> joe: here it is from oswalt. pulls the string and gets strike-out number five on the night. [ applause ] tonight's game on fox is sponsored by directv. if you call yourself a sports fan, you have to get directv. >> tim: taking something off the breaking ball to get pat burrell. >> joe: we've seen him
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do it a few times in this game. 69-mile-per-hour pitch. >> tim: the disparity between the fastball and the curveball. using the curveball more tonight than he did six days ago. >> joe: cody ross, who homered against oswalt in game two. now he bounced to a double play and fouled out to right. acrobatic catch by werth to get him back in the fourth. and now he's in the hole. 0-2. >> joe: ball one. oswalt is due up third
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in the bottom of the sixth. >> joe: here comes pitch number 90 on the night from oswalt. lined in to the left-field corner. that ball is fair. one-hops the wall. ibanez gets it back in. ross has a double. >> tim: that was a change-up. middle of the plate. oswalt wanted that ball away. but cody ross waiting on it. had pulled yet another one. curveball, fouled away. fastball fouled away. and here is the change inside part of the plate. another extra base hit
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for cody ross. >> joe: uribe is at the plate. ruiz is out at the mound talking to oswalt. the go-ahead run at second with one out in the sixth inning. with the giants who tra trailed 2-nothing after one. j.c. romero, a left-hander getting loose for philadelphia in their pen. the runner at second. one out. ball inside to uribe.
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>> joe: here is the 1-0. that hits uribe to put two on. again even though each side has been warned, the discretion of the home plate umpire. uribe's hit-by-the-pitch is unintentional. oswalt will stay in the game and gets a visit from his pitching coach rich dubee. the batter will be renteria. jose contreras, a right-hander. >> tim: again, if you issue a warning as an umpire, you can't take the inside part of the plate away from a pitcher. there is a chance when you do come inside you will hit a batter. that's what happened with uribe right there. the inside fastball
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plunked him. it didn't appear to be any intent there. certainly as far as the home plate umpire was concerned there was no intent. >> joe: contreras, the right-hander joins romero in the bullpen. the action starts for the giants in their pen. two on, one out, the batter is renteria. >> joe: strike one. travis ishikawa, left-handed hitter has come in the on-deck circle. right now it's a battle between oswalt and renteria.
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>> joe: strike two. >> tim: two perfect breaking balls in a good spot. just out of the strike zone. >> joe: garcia gets loose for the giants. >> joe: throwing the bat at the ball. foul. >> the count stays
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0-2. renteria has a world series hit to his credit trying to fight his way on. >> tim: oswalt has made three nasty pitches. all curveballs. >> joe: renteria right on top of the plate. >> tim: sure, why not? he comes inside with a fastball, you try to fight it off. after three curveballs you are going to be explosive to the plate. >> joe: two on, one out. oswalt gives a look back at cody ross. who has a one-out double in this inning.
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tried to do it again. renteria lays off. ball one. >> joe: this time the home plate umpire wanted to check the basebal baseball. he checked it. it looked okay. he gave it back to oswalt. >> joe: renteria is not hit by the pitch. it's a foul ball. edgar renteria tried to sell it. home plate umpire hallion said foul ball immediately.
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>> tim: now remember, renteria inches toward the plate. and it was a foul ball. good acting job by renteria. you got to give him credit. >> joe: that ball hit the bat. it's still 1-2. oswalt trying to drive him off the plate after inching closer to that outside corner. >> joe: the 1-2. laid off it again. same pitch from oswalt. two balls, two strikes.
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>> joe: the 2-2. ground ball. oswalt can't knock it down. utley makes the play to end the inning. they've been talking about utley's defense this entire nlcs. couldn't make a play on a ball hit by sanchez earlier. nice double play turned to his right. still tied at two. in the bottom of the sixth. she gave me a call one day and said, "you know what? i think i'm a boston fan." i said, "you know what? i don't think this is gonna work out." we have bats, hats, mugs, t-shirts. keychains. posters. bobbleheads. bobbleheads. i've been to at least 1,000 games. [ male announcer ] you give your team 100%. rain, snow, sleet -- i'm there. [ male announcer ] now get 20% off the ways you show it. use your mastercard to get 20% off mlb gear and access exclusive fan experiences. because loyalty...
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>> joe: ibanez, first up, takes op bumgarner the left-hander. who got into and out of trouble in the fifth. fires a strike to ibanez. madson gets loose. the pitcher oswalt is due up third in this sixth inning for the phillies. ibanez 0-2. takes ball one. ibanez has had two hits in game five two nights ago.
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charlie manuel thought he took better at-bats so even against a left-handed starter he left him in there. for the game six start. now up in the count 2-1. francisco is getting ready in the dugout. pitcher for oswalt. 2-1. left side, past uribe. down the left-field line. ibanez will go. the throw by burrell not in time. it's a lead-off double. [ applause ] >> tim: raul ibanez leapt in there. started against a left-handed hitter against left-handed pitcher, the third left-hander that the giants featured tonight. doubles down the left-field line. could be a very, very important hit for the
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phillies. >> joe: here is a bunt by ruiz. over to third goes ibanez. one out. perfect bunt by ruiz. now with a lefty on the mound. ben francisco will come on the plate to bat for oswalt. we could see casilla come out of the bullpen for the giants. >> tim: when he would go with rose, the left-handed pitcher. >> joe: now in bochy's lap. does he want the young left-hander bumgarner against francisco? or does he want to force another move, bring in casilla? stick with the lefty. >> tim: he's brought in, is the infield.
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>> joe: ben francisco. that's a ball. francisco came to the phillies with cliff lee in a deal with the indians last july. the 1-0. 2-0. >> tim: which team will be facing cliff lee on wednesday night in game one of the world series? >> joe: the 2-0. ripped by francisco. >> tim: that was the
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pitch to hit right there. >> joe: francisco got the start in game four. went 1-4. >> joe: that's strike two. >> joe: leadoff double by ibanez. a bunt for a sacrifice by ruiz. time called at the plate.
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the 2-2. got him looking. two away. francisco who had the count in his favor 2-0 strikes out looking. >> tim: he missed that 2-0 fastball and took the breaking ball on the outside part of the plate for strike three. fine pitch by bumgarner. to get francisco. >> joe: and now jimmy rollins. the first turn in the lead-off spot in the series. up with a runner at third. two out. ball one. >> joe: phillies left the bases loaded last inning. trying to take advantage of a lead-off double here in the sixth.
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1-0. rollins hits one well to centerfield. torres is there. the inning is over. a lead-off double is wasted by philadelphia. still tied at two. end of the seventh. here comes madson back after this from your local fox station.
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>> joe: roy oswalt coming in 5-0 in the regular season, here in his new home, philadelphia, after the trade from houston. 1-0 this post season with a win in game to here tonight cannot get the victory. in the bullpen in each sides. now it's ryan madson. >> tim: who struck out the side on thursday night. in the eighth inning against the giants. middle of the order. >> tim: ishikawa. at the plate, batting for bumgarner. strike one. we talked about it two nights ago. fastball, change-up from ryan madson. and javier lopez who has been dominant this post season in this series, getting ready for the bottom of the seventh.
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0-1. strike two. 94 from ryan madson. >> tim: you find out about a young pitcher in a hurry in the post season. 21-year-old madison bumgarner after that lead-off double, retiring the phillies, without allowing the ph phillies to score. >> joe: that skips in. ball one. >> tim: once your ability is established, the best thing your teammates can say about you as a pitcher is that you are unafraid. all the giants say that about bumgarner. >> joe: he was tremendous. on the heels of affeldt hitting right out of the bull pep. ishikawa spoils it. >> joe: oh, gosh.
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fans, game three of the world series on saturday, october 30. it starts at 6:30 eastern/3:30 pacific. make sure to log on to and submit a picture to be considered for the world series of costume promotion. now we're "star trek." >> tim: trekkies! >> joe: here is the 1-2. down and away. two balls, two strikes. winning pictures will be shown in the telecast of the game. game three, october 30. starts at 6:30 eastern. 3:30 pacific on fox. >> joe: madson steps off. gets back on. ishikawa. spoiled it.
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geico in-game box score for san francisco, two hits for andres torres who is getting hot. sanchez has a hit. aubrey huff with an rbi single. the other run scored on an error by polanco. only one rbi tonight for the giants. a 2-2 game in the seventh. the 2-2 pitch. on the outside corner, one away. >> tim: right there. ryan madson normally comes in for the phillies in the eighth inning. i think the reason charlie manuel wants him in the seventh, he expects two inings out of him. he has not done that this year, pinched two
10:31 pm
innings in any appearance. >> joe: that is ball one to torres. madson has struck out the last five batters he's faced. in this series. including tonight. there's a strike. to andres torres. who is 2-3. struck out in the fifth. >> joe: that's low. 2-1. >> tim: the biggest contribution tonight may have been playing that perfect carom off the left centerfield wall, to prevent jimmy rollins from scoring. on that double by ryan
10:32 pm
howard. >> joe: that was in the fifth. >> tim: here it is, one more time. rollins on at first base. with two outs. played perfectly by torres to hold rollins at third. >> joe: the phillies have stranded eight. giants have left six. hit into two double plays. missed chances on each side. most recently the phillies just spoiled a lead-off double and had the bases loaded in the fifth. got nothing. here is a 2-1 pitch to torres. one out. strike two. 2-2.
10:33 pm
>> joe: two out. another strike-out. >> tim: madson blows another away. >> joe: ball one. to freddy sanchez. you look what the bullpen has done for philadelphia. the statistics are so impressive. up to date. this post season, the
10:34 pm
bottom line. e.r.a. of 1.62. strike one on sanchez. >> tim: that has been a pitchers' series top to bottom. brilliant pitching for both side. >> the giants bullpen tonight has been outstanding. >> yep. >> joe: affeldt. bumgarner. the 1-1. left field, down the line. fair ball to the corner. freddy sanchez will cruise into second base with a two-out double. >> joe: so there is the go-ahead run in the seventh inning. that will bring in aubrey huff. >> tim: not only a
10:35 pm
base hit with two outs, but a high fastba fastball. sanchez jumps on it. and doubles down the line. >> joe: that quiets this crowd. it brings in huff. who in this post season is now 5-28, with eight strike-outs against right-handed pitching. he is dealing with ryan madson. they're going to walk huff. and pitch to the rookie buster posey. >> tim: that was interesting. you don't see a catcher go out to the mound and talk to a pitcher, if the hitter is going to be walked intentionally. i think ruiz going out there coerced charlie manuel to say well, let's just walk him.
10:36 pm
instead of pitching around him. they'll pitch to buster posey, who had five hits in the nlcs. four of those came in one game. regardless of what happens, this is a good move. it makes sense. >> joe: brings rich dubee out of the dugout, the pitching coach to talk about the approach with posey who is 0-3 tonight. two nights ago in game five, the first batter madson faced was buster posey and struck him out. that was that at-bat on thursday night. the runners in scoring position. 1-5 in rbi. posey did put the ball in play in the third. led to the polanco throwing error. which can -- which led to the game-tying run when aubrey huff
10:37 pm
scored from second base. no scores since then. it's 2-2. a chance here for posey. >> joe: ball one, low. >> tim: infielders reminding themselves to play deep. they can't make the play, knock it down. you can see chase utley on the outfield grass. he's that deep. so is rollins. >> joe: ball two.
10:38 pm
>> joe: the 2-0. hard hit. there's utley. makes the play. inning over. now the giants have left eight. we're still tied at two. give you our game summary. phillies got two runs in the first inning. rbis by utley and werth. the giants bullpen tonight after jonathan sanchez pitched in the third inning. four innings, just three hits, one strike-out and a walk. right now we join public address announcer dan baker for introduction of "god bless america." >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, please remove your hats and join king callis, son of the late, great hall of fame phillies broadcaster harry carey as he sings "god bless america." [ applause ]
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>> joe: tonight's game on fox is sponsored by -- blackberry. phillies coming to the plate in the bottom of the seventh. this game is tied 2-2. geico in-game box score, rollins has a hit. polanco hitless, but two walks. utley, an rbi double. couple of hits, but no rbi for howard.
10:43 pm
sac fly from jayson werth. the fourth straight left-hander on the mound for san francisco, javier lopez, who has been brilliant against the phillies in this series. ball one, outside. >> joe: polanco has walked twice, scored a run, flied to center. chase utley and ryan howard, the next two. pitch up from pittsburgh -- picked up from pittsburgh by the giants at the deadline. that is ball two. he has been a workforce ever since for bruce bochy. >> joe: that's a
10:44 pm
strike 2-1. >> joe: the 2-1 from lopez is popped to centerfield. slices to cody ross. one out. now chase utley who coming in to tonight's game in his career against left-handed pitching in post season hitting.145. he has five home run against lefties and he has an rbi double against the starter sanchez in a run scored here tonight.
10:45 pm
>> joe: a lot of buster posey after the foul tip. strike one. >> tim: this could be the one thing to drive buster posey out of that position. he is such a good athlete. such a good player. the rigors of catch i ing. maybe he's just too tough for him to continue in that position. he may be more valuable to the giants as an outfielder. left-fielder perhaps. started catching his sophomore year in college at florida state. >> joe: see how far back outside on the infield sanchez, second base and aubrey huff the first baseman on. push past the pitcher.
10:46 pm
guy that is hitless in his career against javier lopez might not be a bad choice. comes up empty. that is strike two. that eliminates that chance. utley is a guy who can pop the guy out of the park. javier lopez has had his number. no home run from utley or howard and only one between them in post season. ever since by this man, the reds in division two. the 0-2. lopez makes the play. two up, two down. the bases empty, ryan howard will be the hitter. chevrolet and baseball have teamed up to give fans a chance to win post-season tickets, or new 2011 chevrolet
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cruze. register by going to for your shot at the big prize. if you thought the first baseman and second baseman were playing deep before, there is defensive alignment. the switch, with all three of those infielders on the right side. and freddie sanchez playing a shallow right-field. strike one from lopez. >> joe: strike two. >> tim: sometimes if you are a hitter, all you have to do ask look at the outfielders. look where cody ross is. sanchez is playing howard more to pull than cody ross, which means that the giants are going to pitch howard away. make him go away.
10:48 pm
>> joe: lays off the pitch. ball one. >> joe: santiago casilla getting ready. two out, nobody on here in the seventh for philadelphia. 2-2. >> joe: the 2-2. howard strikes out. lopez puts up another scoreless inning. he has been
10:49 pm
sensational. into the eighth inning. game six. still tied at 2.
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>> joe: beautiful shot of the city lit up. the aerial coverage. for the most sports,
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period, call 1-800-directv. eighth inning. game six tied at two. pat burrell. 1-3 tonight facing ryan madson. ball one. burrell with the only other home run this post season. hit by a giant not named ross. down toward the end of the bat. rollins can take his time. low, but out. almost took too much time. burrell hustling. out by a step. here comes cody ross who popped four home runs this post season, three in the nlcs.
10:53 pm
a double his last time up. san francisco up 3-2 on philadelphia, as we play in the eighth. ball one. >> tim: cody ross has had such a good series. coming in the series in post season play. was paltry against the phillies this year. 6-41 as a member of the marlins. he did not hit the phillies well in the season. but he did as a giant. >> joe: here is a 1-0. a ball and a strike. phillies in the bottom of the eighth will have werth, victorino and ibanez.
10:54 pm
lincecum is out in the bullpen at the moment, just hanging out. but worth showing you. stocked out there with right-handers. here is a flyball in the air to left. ross just got under it. ibanez has out number two. >> tim: i was thinking the same thing. he didn't miss that by much. we talked about jayson werth, just missing on that sacrifice fly to drive in the second philly run. well, cody ross just misses that one. crowds him just a little bit. i think lincecum is throwing between starts but i'm not sure. sometimes starting pitchers will do that. they'll go down and throw late in the game. but you can't be sure
10:55 pm
with this game as important as it is. >> joe: uribe flying one to right. back at the wall. this ball is gone for a home run! juan uribe has gone deep! and with that, the san francisco giants lead game six in the eighth! [ cheering ] just over the wall in right. san francisco has its first lead of the night. >> tim: uribe who drove in the winning run with a sac fly in the ninth inning of game four hits a home run to put the giants ahead here in the eighth inning. wow! >> joe: just over that fence on top of the fence, and uribe who got the start to play third here tonight, batting seventh goes deep.
10:56 pm
>> tim: i tell you, lincecum looks like he is warming up to come in the game. and not just warming between starts. >> joe: two out, nobody on. the 0-1 pitch skips in to renteria. the interesting thing is lopez worked in the seventh. got werth and the switch-hitting victorino and ibanez, a lefty. lincecum is cranking it up out in the bullpen. 3-2 giants in the eighth. renteria. with two out. hits it foul. strike two. so many chances on each side all night.
10:57 pm
with two-out, nobody on, if you're uribe, hits a home run the other way. breaks a 2-2 tie. renteria strikes out. by the giants strike in the top of the eighth. it's juan uribe. the opposite way. putting the giants on top. 3-2. after 7-1/2. [ animals calling ] ♪ [ pop ] [ man ] ♪ well, we get along ♪ yeah, we really do - ♪ and there's nothing wrong - [ bird squawks ] ♪ with what i feel for you ♪ i could hang around till the leaves are brown and the summer's gone ♪ [ announcer ] when you're not worried about potential dangers, the world can be a far less threatening place. take the scary out of life with travelers insurance... and see the world in a different light.
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