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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  October 23, 2010 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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imp. at olive garden. >> joe: the moves made by the giants. cody ross goes from right to left. nate schierholtz is in right. as the giants bolster their defense behind tim lincecum, who is making his second career relief appearance, and his first since april 2, 2008. he threw 104 pitches, as he made the start on thursday night. even with the right-handers available in the bullpen, bruce bochy is going with lincecum in relief of lopez. first up, werth. ball one. >> tim: probably one of those situations where bochy went up to tim before the game
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and said can you give me a couple of outs if i need them? well, big out. werth, victorino. >> joe: 2-0. there is the strike. game one. jayson werth took lincecum deep and out of the park in right. two of his four hits against lincecum. that's strike two. now brad lidge gets loose, as we're in the bottom of the eighth. and the giants lead 3-2.
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brian wilson the closer for the giants gets loose. a strike-out starts the bottom of the eighth, as lincecum comes in and takes care of werth. tonight's game on fox is sponsored by -- >> joe: so werth is gone and victorino will be the hitter. shane, 1-3 tonight. strike one. >> tim: victorino doubling danger, because if he gets on he could steal a base. more than any other philly. >> joe: against the
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pitch they're you can run on. >> tim: right. >> joe: strike two. the up ins for victorino against lincecum 4 for 28. i don't think starting pitcher, 5'11", 163. two nights after throwing 104 pitches. suffering the loss. he's back at it. even with all those right-handers available in the bullpen. >> tim: oh, to be 26 again. >> joe: here comes a 1-2 pitch. victorino. stays up there. four straight left-handers.
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the first time that has happened in post season history. now lincecum, two-time cy young award winner. the count is 2-2. >> joe: the 2-2. just got a piece. lincecum, his 127th game including the post season. this is his second relief appearance. he is doing it on one day of rest. the 2-2. just got a piece again.
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>> tim: the one shot by director bill webb of him on focus. when uribe hit a home run, he started warming up for real! >> joe: the 2-2. victorino gets one into right. the tying run is on with one out. good at-bat by victorino. as he gets his second hit of game six. raul ibanez who hit 16 home runs in the regular season. who does not have an rbi this post season. >> tim: 27 base runners stole second base in 30 tries
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against lincecum this year. only three of 30 caught stealing. >> joe: the phillies ran on him in game five. >> joe: ball one to ibanez. >> tim: posey, lincecum's catcher, has a rifle of an arm. >> joe: three steals against lincecum in game five. ibanez, strikes one.
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>> joe: ibanez into right field. a base hit. it's two on with one out for the phillies in the eighth. >> joe: bruce bochy has already made the call. the closer for the giants, brian wilson is coming in. lincecum struck out werth, gave up back-to-back hits. and he is gone here in the eighth. [ waves crashing ]
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>> joe: tim lincecum had an out-of-nowhere relief appearance for san francisco. struck out the first man. gave up back-to-back hits. brian wilson takes over. has six five-out saves in the regular season. ruiz takes a strike. wilson has the most four-plus out saves in baseball this year. one of those opportunities for the division series, game two against atlanta in san francisco. this post season. ruiz. nicely blocked by posey to keep the runners at first and second.
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>> joe: the 1-1. right side. out. throw to second. double play! and the inning is over. victorino is doubled off second. and a line drive to first. got renteria and the ining is over. phillies get two hits, leave a man and stranded nine. in the ninth we go. san francisco on top! with two. know what else you get with every new toyota? wow... what is it? peace of mind... a complimentary maintenance plan
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♪ [ male announcer ] every day thousands of people are switching from tylenol® to advil. to learn more and get your special offer, go to take action. take advil®. >> joe: the phillies ask brad lidge to keep it a one-run game. 3-2, giants in the ninth inning. nate schierholtz will get his first at-bat of the night. followed by andres torres and then freddy sanchez. strike one from lidge. the work of the bullpen from san francisco, affeldt,


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