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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  October 23, 2010 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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lincecum got a strike-out but gave up two hits and brian wilson gets a line drive for a double play. phillies got two runs in the first inning and have not scored since. schierholtz is a quick strike-out in the ninth. our blackberry game summary. phillies got two in the first. rbis by utley and werth. the giants' bullpen outstanding. no runs scored. they took over in the third. juan uribe with a go-ahead home run, two out, nobody on in the top of the eighth. here is a bunt attempt by torres. it's a base hit. and utley went down hard on the dirt. he's okay, as hep pops up. a perfect bunt for a
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single, by andres torres. >> tim: you can see all three. nobody knowing who is going to field this ball. howard staying back. now utley has to make the try. torres has a bunt base hit. his third single of the night. obviously a threat to run. >> joe: he tweaked something. he hurt his left leg. they're going to bring a trainer out to take a look at torres, who is trying to get loose. >> tim: that is the one thing about a dime to any base. chase utley broke his wrist diving to second base on the 28 of june
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in cincinnati. myriad of injuries on plays like this. charlie manuel said it's an instinctive play, but it's one instinct that players should be weaned out of. >> joe: torres is also a good defensive centerfielder. he's going to stay in. giants have you rowand on their bench still. here is freddy sanchez. one on, one out.
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left side, base hit. back-to-back hits. torres will stop at second. it's two on, one out. >> tim: now it becomes very important, to find out whether torres' leg is all right or not. because you don't want to take a chance that aubrey huff get a hit to the outfield. he appears to be all right. >> joe: two on for aubrey huff. who has an rbi in this game. takes a ball. in the bottom of the ninth inning, the phillies will have the nine, one, and two spots.
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>> joe: here is a 1-0. huff takes strike one. phillies did not double switch. so it would be the pitcher's spot first up. that rollins then polanco. >> joe: the 1-1 pitch. huff hits it down to the right-field corner. hooking foul. strike two.
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>> joe: a 1-2. and huff strikes out. two away, and the second strike-out for lidge. >> tim: wicked slider to get huff. >> joe: now you've got buster posey up. and brian wilson on deck. that brings charlie manuel out to the mound. >> tim: i think pablo sandoval is out there as a decoy. i don't think bruce bochy is going to pinch-hit for his closer. i don't think you take that chance. you pinch-hit, and sandoval makes an out, you still have a one-run game. with someone other than brian wilson out there. i think it's a decoy by bruce bochy. >> joe: right now it's two on, two out for
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buster posey. bruce bochy made the double switch in the eighth and brought schierholtz in. he took burrell out. charlie manuel is going to force the ha hand of bruce bochy. here comes brian wilson. >> tim: that was a nice try by bruce bochy. but charlie manuel is not buying that. i wouldn't either. >> joe: you didn't. >> tim: nope. >> joe: this will load them up. and brian wilson will be the hitter. >> joe: so wilson bats with the bases loaded. in case you are wondering, wilson was 0-5 swinging the bat this season.
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>> joe: strike one. >> joe: that's inside. in case you want to know what brian wilson looks like without his dyed black beard, that is his head shot on the scoreboard here. that is over but low for ball two. 2-1. >> tim: i think bruce bochy told him to go up there and don't swing. hope that brad lidge gets wild. well ahead in the count. we'll see. >> joe: 0-9 in his career swinging the bat is brian wilson. the 2-1. chops at it.
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ryan howard makes the pick up. and that ends the inning. giants leave the bases loaded. now wilson will get rid of the batting helmet, grab his hat and his glove, try to save it and send the giants into the world series. what do you ladies got there? wendy's apple pecan chicken salad and a baked potato. a blt cob and a chili. for one price you can pick 2 things. what do you got? this. ahh. only one thing? i have something else.
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[ announcer ] when you're not worried about potential dangers, the world can be a far less threatening place. take the scary out of life with travelers insurance... and see the world in a different light. >> joe: tomorrow on fox n.f.l. sunday, mcnabb and the redskins take on the bears. eagles and titans. rams and buccaneers.
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cardinals head to seattle to take on the seahawks. coverage tomorrow at noon eastern, 9:00 a.m. pacific. ford fox n.f.l. pre-game show. but now it's baseball. aaron rowand takes over at centerfield, so the legs of andres torres won't let him continue here tonight. ross gload is first up against brian wilson. phillies down a run, down a game in this nlcs. gload. ball one. brian wilson came on last inning, got a line drive, double play. phillies have stranded nine. to the second baseman sanchez, stays down on it. one away.
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gload is retired. back to the top of the line-up, jimmy rollins. look at the giants bullpen tonight. six-plus innings. five hits, no runs, five strike-outs, a walk. affeldt, bumgarner, lopez, lincecum, now wilson. starter sanchez went just two-plus. jimmy rollins. ball one. >> tim: brian wilson has consistently kept the ball away from left-handed hitters in this series. one-run game. expect the same. wilson. >> joe: misses. 2-0. one blown save this
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post season for brian wilson. game two of the divisional series. 2-1. >> joe: brian wilson, five blown saves in the regular season. trying for his third save of the nlcs. he also has a win. rollins, strike two. >> tim: rollins did not hold up. high flying fastball, evens the count. >> joe: here is a 2-2 pitch. full count.
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>> joe: rollins hit eight home runs in the regular season. >> tim: and wilson gave up three. >> joe: another 3-2 pitch. 1-out walk. >> joe: that will bring in polanco.


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