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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  October 24, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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a suspected drug lab found inside georgetown university. two students are behind bars. what tipped off cops to make the arrest. and it's happened again. wiki leaks released thousands of more secret documents, this time on the iraq war. now word more on the war in afghanistan are on the way. dave. melanie, two teams with better than expected records battle it out in the windy city.
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redskins and bears look to rebound from tough losses. well good morning. i'm melanie alnwick. sarah simmons is off today. we'll have those stories plus a former university of virginia swimmer dies while racing in the united emirates. an annual race in arlington, we'll run down the street closures for but. but tropical troubles. richard is expected to be a hurricane today before it roars toward southeastern mexico. it's already pounded honduras. gary is tracking the storm. richard was a strong tropical storm. 70 miles per hour. it is forecast to become a hurricane and it may become one in the next advisories that about to come out any time now. i just checked and it went quite in. back home, you mentioned the army ten miler, a beautiful morning like that. they may like it coolers.
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it's in the 50s right now. one little batch of cloud cover passing now. we'll have hit or miss sunshine today and clouds and most of the rain is northwest of us. all of the shows in the ohio river valley and up into michigan and farther back out to west, that's why we have some of the clouds this morning and i think we'll have a good batch of clouds coming through later on this morning. and again, just kind of a mixture of clouds and sun right on through the day today. at 11:00 a.m., 67. we're headed into the middle 70s. and we'll stay dry but a mixture of clouds and sun all day long but nice and mild. melanie. we begin with the drug lab discovered inside a georgetown university dorm room. police arrested three people, two students. we have the reaction from campus. >> reporter: how could it
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happen? a drug lab being operated at one of america's most prestigious universities. no one seemed to know about it going on right there on the 9th floor of harvin hall. >> there were no rumors. the only information i heard was that the 9th floor of harvin was known for being a floor with a lot of activity of freshman, a lot of fun. >> reporter: we're told this lab was the real thing. hot plates to heat the chemicals, even a small ventilation system to hide the -- odor. tests reveald it was a lab to make a drug known at dmt. >> it wasn't necessarily a meth lab as it was presumed to be but it was a dangerous situation. >> reporter: a georgetown university freshman said it's hard to imagine this type of thing could happen on campus. he can't believe his fellow classmates would endanger others living so close. >> it strikes me as a little disrespectful to the people living around them and the
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people below and above them. >> reporter: harvin hall was closed off to students for most of the day. they apologized for the inconvenience. and they said students living close to the lab should not experience any health risks. we wanted to know how common it is to find a drug lab in a populated area. investigators say it's rare in a urban environment. >> i'm not aware of any in d.c. but minute metro region we've had a few but they usually end not well. >> reporter: at this point law enforcement are not released that many details when it comes to the three people arrested here except to say that two were students, one was a visitor. matt acland, fox 5 news. another big story, a former swimming star at the university of virginia has died. while racing in the united arab emirates. he was competing in a race
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south of dubai but never made it to the finish. the cause is still under investigation. with you officials -- but officials suspect heat may have played a roll. the water temperature was in the 80s and others were treated for exhaustion. he won the championships in rome. this time documents claiming the u.s. ignored evidence that iraqi soldiers were torturing and killing prisoners. jennifer griffin looks at what is in the documents. >> reporter: the leak of documents filtered through the internet after wiki leaks released some 400,000 classified documents from the iraq war. among other information they revealed 15,000 more civilians died than previously reported. it covered the war from the beginning of 2004 through 2009.
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the report states 109,000 deaths in iraq include more than 66,000 civilians, more than 23,000 enemy unsurgents and iraqi security forces and 3,000 friendly fire casualties. 60% of the total is civilian deaths. the founder of the website said the massive leak aims at the hidden truths around the iraq war. >> the iraq wars involved serious lives which were repeated by this release to the press. >> reporter: and there are allegations of detainee abuse by iraqi security forces without objections from the u.s. pentagon spokesman jeff morale called their publication deplorable and concerned troops could be put in harm's way. >> remember in wake of the afghanistan document release our enemies stated publicly they were going to mine the
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information to take advantage of it and find vulnerabilities and exploit them. this leak is potentially four times as large as the last one. >> reporter: the report appears to lend credence to claims that iran crossed the iraqi border to arrest three american hikers in july of 2009. the military document describes josh fatal, shane bower and sarah shores who have been released as tourists and taken to the iranian border. now wiki leaks said it will release 15,000 more documents, this time on the afghanistan war n. washington, jennifer griffin, fox news. only nine days left until the elections and the candidates running for governor are in mull campaign mode. omal made a stop at the silver
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spring street festival. today o'malley starts at the galilee baptist church and then at evangelist cathedral and tonight at a campaign event at the university of maryland in college park. his republican challenger bob ehrlich will get help from rudy giuliani. they'll be campaigning in clarksburg this afternoon and then a campaign event at high point farm starts at 2:00. well the first time in a maryland general election voters can cast ballots early at 47 locations, including montgomery, prince george's and howard county. they tested voting machines over the weekend. early voting started tomorrow and going through thursday october 28th. centers are open from 8:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. both parties have their top names out on the stump for candidates a. mong them president obama and sarah
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palin. phil keating has the latest on the fight for congress with just nine days left among the election. >> reporter: is it obama versus the g.o.p. on the campaign trail in a bid to rally voter as head of the mid-term election he tells minnesota democrats what is at stake on election day. >> it's up to you to remember that this election is a choice between the policies that got us into this mess, and the policies that are leading us out of this mess. >> reporter: the president calls on young voters at a university of moat rally to show their support at the polls, the same way they did if -- in getting him elects. in florida a similar crowd with a different message. g.o.p. candidates held a rally for marco rubio. from the head of the republican national committee, michael steel. >> this is the people's moment
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and this is your moment, absorb it. >> to sarah palin, each telling voters to head to the polls november 2nd. >> we are going to take it back for we the people, for the unemployed, for the overtaxed and overregulated. >> reporter: one plat cal pollster has republicans gaining huge in the house. >> we had them winning a net 47 seats. they only need 39 to take control. >> reporter: aside from urging everyone to get the vote out, the rallies were about found raising and that's where the democrats have the edge on the republicans having outraised them by $25 million this past two years. in orlando, florida, phil keating, fox news. a ballot measure on slots in anne arundel county is stirring up controversy. and someone is stealing signs in favor of the move. it went on for two months but then surveillance captured
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these pictures of the david corrigan is charged with theft. the cost of damage is estimated to be more than $60,000. >> it got bad about a week and a half ago about 400-500 signs around the county were defaced, cut out, missing and even the ones here at headquarters. >> police are checking to see if corrigan is connected to other campaign sign thefts in the county. a traffic alert complements of the army ten-miler. check out the runners this morning. it started minutes ago at arlington national cemetery and winds into the district. several streets are closed in arlington and d.c. the race is a long washington boulevard and then crossing the arlington memorial bridge and along virginia avenue and rock creek parkway and down independence before going back over into arlington over the george mason memorial bridge. so watch out for those runners and people who will be biking around to try to catch up with people they are trying to see along the way.
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well a string of california beaches are still closed. >> seven guys were all scrambling to the beach and saying there was a shark. >> a boogie border is killing while in the waves. scientists -- scientists believe they have tracked down the shark behind at tack. and the redskins look for their second road win of the season. dave ross is back with what the team has to say about the tough challenge ahead. a
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making headlines this morning, a deadly shark attack in california and now three beaches are closed there this morning. warning signs are posted along the central california coastline. a 19-year-old on a boogie board was in the water on friday when a shark bit part of his leg off and he later died. scientists think he was attacked by a great white shark. surfers say it has effected the entire surfing community. >> seven guys were scrambling to the beach and saying there
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was a shark. around here there is threshers and nothing to worry about. >> officials will decide tomorrow whether to open the beaches. a growing disaster in haiti. a cholera outbreak has reached port-au-prince and killed over 200 people and over 2,000 are sick. hundreds of victims flood the hospitals. this is the worst health crisis since the january massive earthquake. a deadly fire in prince george's county has left dozens of people homeless. one man died. they believe he in the fire where the fire started. several residents had to be rescued from balconies and windows. three firefighters were hurt but we're told they are expected to be okay. the redskins will try to get back on the winning track. today he travel to chicago to face the bears. both teams coming off tough losses. dave ross is here for the preview of the matchup.
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>> this is a big one. because if you have designs on having a good reason this is a must-win. and today we find out which team is a pretender or contender when it comes to the bears and skins. both teams in the thick of their divisional races and today's game could prove pivotal in the long run and important to the skins. but the skins have had mixed results so far. week three they laid the golden egg in st. louis, losing to the rams 30-16. ouch. but the next week they rebound for a huge win in philadelphia and the players like the challenges of life on the road. >> we love being in the road. especially say like chicago. huge football city and so much history. and i know it will be my first time playing there so i'm excited. >> in the louder stadiums it's
8:18 am
harder to hear the quarterback, so you have to focus in and be that more -- pay that much more attention to the details and narrow it down to the guys on that field and we'll be fine. >> and strike up the band, we have a full day of football action. the pregame show live at 11:30. 12:00 fox nfl sunday. 1:00 is the game. and then the nissan post game show and then wrapping it up on nissan sports extra. coming up later, we'll update the health of one chris cooley who suffered a concussion last week. plus wisdom martin will join me for off the wall. we'll talk about some of the big hits that have raised big flags around the league. >> something people watching for this week. >> a lot of hits. will they be fined, suspended? we'll get into this. a new discovery is cutting recovery time in half for scoliosis. s
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some of the stories expected to make headlines in the week ahead, president obama continues his campaign swing ahead of the mid-term elections. tomorrow he'll tour a local factory and talk with workers in rhode island. he is backing the candidate to take over the seat. and sarah palin will visit seattle and san francisco before flying to las vegas. and georgia and south carolina candidates for governor will face off against their opponents. election day is just over one week away. a health alert for patients who suffer from scoliosis. a revolutionary product is cutting recovery time in half. melissa wilson met up with a new patient to undergo a new stapling procedure in houston. >> reporter: 8-year-old jordan
8:23 am
english didn't show the typical signs of scoliosis. doctors discovered her curved spine on an x-ray for another illness. >> the first doctor we met with just gave us -- said we would have to do bracing for 23 hours a day until she was like 12 or 13 years old. >> reporter: then the doctor warned them she would have to have major surgery. >> with that, i was thinking in my head with all of the advancements these days there is bound to be something else out there. >> reporter: he was right. and there is a procedure being done at shriners hospital. jordan was a candidate for a new stapling technique. orthopedic surgeon dr. rex marco said surgeons tried staples before but unsuccessfully and they could stunt the child's growth. >> these staples allow the spine to correct the curvature on its own and hold the curvature in a smaller position and a smaller curve while the
8:24 am
patient is still growing. >> reporter: dr. marco said before the new staples made from titanium and nickel, staples would pop out. now they literally -- mold to the patient. >> the newer staples, you cool them and then they straighten out and then you can insert them. and when they get to body temperature, they curl. and then they lock into the bone and they are a lot less likely to come out. >> reporter: the surgery was a success. >> it was scary. >> reporter: at least both the procedure. but she was home in a few days. the staples allow her to wear an internal brace. >> so she won't have to wear the hard plastic brace around her body which is a big plus, especially for young kids with their peers at school you, don't want to be any more different than you have to be. and long-term it doesn't effect her both. >> reporter: after six months, jordan will get to remove the temporary brace and get back to
8:25 am
her regular activities. while she's not supposed to bend or twist until then, she often tries. >> i just have to continually tell her, no, don't do that. you're not supposed to. she wants to go, go, go and she's just a very happy little girl and we're very pleased. >> reporter: jordan has a few things in mind for her future. >> go swimming again. >> reporter: plus horseback riding. >> i'm glad she's not having any back pain and she would tell me her back was hurting in class so i'm just -- i know that it will prevent a lot of future problems that may have been really painful for her. >> reporter: now jordan can just be a kid and enjoy her school year. melissa wilson, fox news. we are inching toward the final week until the mid-term elections and leaders from both parties are out in full force
8:26 am
campaigning. two senate races could determine the balance of power. chris wallace joins us live after the break. and here is another look at the army ten-miler. 30,000 runners expected out there on the course today. and we're doing quite well in the weather department also this morning. gary is back with a look at weather. what is going to continue and what we can expect coming up this week. hu...a spider web. is it real? no. it's just decorations. i'm going to make the biggest pumpkin of all. the biggest pumpkin? ♪ i need to make a witches hat. in case my hat falls off. it's pointy and then... a spike. mamma. oh, that's a good broom. [ female announcer ] the best treat is the one you get at home. rice krispies® childhood is calling.
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>> you did it again. >> no, i didn't congressman. >> well when year being dishonest, joe, i'm going to call you on it. >> the fight of pat toomey against sestak. and tomby had been leading but the gap is closing. one of the races tightening across the country. tomby will be a guest on fox news sunday and chris wallace joins us with a preview of today's show. good morning, chris. >> good morning, melanie. >> and they both say we're not a proxy for the political scene
8:30 am
and everyone is looking at them this way. >> i think it's fair to say that if tomby doesn't win it for the republicans, this is arlen specter's seat, there is no way the republicans get to the net gain of ten seats and they need to regain control of the senate. so this is a very important race for both parties on election day. you're exactly right, tomby had a lead as recently as labor day of about 8.5 points, and now down to 2 points. there are two factors there. one is the natural coming home of democrats. they get more excited as the race begins to close. and christine o'donnell, the delaware candidate, you say what does chef to do with pat toomey. and delaware is next to pennsylvania for those who flunked that class, but there are some advertisements in northern delaware and sestak is
8:31 am
saying look how extreme christine o'donnell is, pat toomey is just that extreme and if they go to washington, both of them, they will take the country in the wrong direction. so i think o'donnell is hurting pat toomey in that race. >> and no one can run in a vacuum. and joe mansion is well liked his -- in his state but having more trouble than expected. >> we'll have joe mansion of west virginia on at the top of the hour. he is a 68% approval rating in his home state. he has been endorsed by the senate. he's a democrat by the u.s. chamber of commerce and the national rifle association but he's in a tie with john racy. the interesting thing is as much as west virginia like george mansion, they dislike barack obama and racy is making the argument, keep joe mansion in the governor's chair he'll be another vote for the obama agenda. >> and we have to ask you about
8:32 am
fox news sunday regular juan williams making headlines this week. i'm sure you'll be discussing that during the round table today. >> you bet. we have two senate candidate and our biggest news maker is one of our panelists. big controversy about the fact that he expressed some concerns about being on airline -- airplanes and seeing muslim. and we'll talk about what nina toteenberg said every week on their opinion shows that they've gotten away with and nobody said boo about it. and i'll talk about our power player of the week. ted leonsis. next weekend the nba season starts and ted, the owner of the washington capitals, is now the owner of the washington wizards. and we'll tell the country what a different kind of sports owner todd leonsis is. and he made his fortune at aol
8:33 am
and one of the things he's done is taken the skills on the internet and applied them to his sports teams and he has on his website 101 signs of visibility change from painting the steps to making sure the beer is cold and the ketchup dispensers are full. he's checking them off. 101 things to buy into the team. but there is still the problem of gilbert arenas. >> thank you, chris. coming up after our show at 9:00. and strong rains through china after a typhoon. evacuees waiting for word they can return to their homes. landslides killing up to 38 people in taiwan and 28 in the philippines. a difficult situation there. now are we happen way through hurricane season yet? >> almost done.
8:34 am
officially it will be done at the end of november. >> so far so good. >> that's right. it's been an unusually active year. we just haven't had anything make land fall in the u.s. so much. a little storm earlier in the season. but we do have tropical storm richard which is kind of bearing down on central america, about to hit belize right now and expecting a hurricane before it does hit. and a couple of showers back way out to the west of us. nothing for us though in terms of rain. that rain you do see back out to the west northwest is dying out. so no need to worry about that. temperatures this morning fairly mild in some places, cool in others. fred53. here in town 56. harrisonburg is 45 degrees. and that is probably pretty much good temperatures i would think for the army ten-miler. they can deal with temperatures -- >> they can done before it's
8:35 am
too warm. >> that's right. and temperatures up to about 74 degrees today, mix of clouds and sun. >> thanks, gary. well texting while driving is illegal in most states but it may not be so long. how a new device that will allow you to text while you keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. and myspace admitting to sharing information of viewers. we'll have more on that coming. a
8:36 am
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8:38 am
myspace has admitting to sharing information with advertisers. now the company said it doesn't consider the data to be information that could identify a person, because myspace doesn't require members to use their real name. myspace and fox 5 are owned by news corp. well new technology is making it possible for drivers to text behind the wheel without using their hands. but opponents say it's still a
8:39 am
dangerous distraction. molly line put it to the test. >> reporter: 30 states have outlawed temperaturing while driving, massachusetts the latest to do so, fining first offenders $500 and repeat offenders 5 -- $100. a boston company said they have the solution. it's an app called start talking. >> when you want to send a text message you don't have to touch or look at the phone, you just start talking. and you can turn the display off and put the phone in a safe place in your car and still communicate using text messages the way you're used to. >> reporter: we kept our hands on the wheel and took start talking for a spin. >> operator, text andrew. >> speak to create text message for andrew or say cancel. >> reporter: headed to the office. >> i heard you say headed to the office.
8:40 am
>> reporter: send message. >> there are a number of apps that will read incoming text but they may not offer hands free use. >> you have received a text message from andrew. your message from andrew is thanks for your voice text. >> reporter: some safety advocates say none of the apps are safe behind the wheel. >> the bottom line is we don't have any indication that these are safe. the driver is still distracted. and again the bottom line is hang up and drive. >> reporter: according to the national highway safety administration distracted driving caused more than 5,000 deaths in 2009. accounting for 16% of all road fatalities. in newton, massachusetts, molly line, fox news. >> no texting here. but coming up after the break. it's time to go off the wall. and we're talking hard hits. are these collisions becoming too commonplace and too brutal,
8:41 am
quite frankly. wisdom martin and i tackle this hard-hitting issue. >> do i have to talk about that. can't i talk about the weather? >> no. before we talk football, let's talk about today. beautiful out there this morning. they started the army ten-miler and it's hard to imagine it could get any better for that. temperatures this morning in the mid-50s. they are walking. start running. there you go. we'll have your full forecast coming up. change is coming weather wise. stay with us.
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stop store -- top story this is morning. students charged with making drugs in a hall. the students were making a hallucinogen called dmt. a former university star at
8:45 am
dies in an open water 10 k race but never made it to the finish. officials suspect the heat may have played a roll. the water temperature was in the upper 80s. he won bronze at the 2009 championships. runners today getting a break. >> i think it's nice. i'm not a big runner. but if i'm going to go out and run, or in some cases walk, anything is better than what i'm doing, trust me. it's better if temperatures are in the 50s or lower 60s. and it would be 2:00 or 3:00 before i finish the army ten- miler, so probably in the 70s. pretty nice morning out there. we do have some clouds looking down toward northwest. you can see the cathedral in the background. here in town at national and most of the army ten-miler, it centers around downtown and the mall and places like that, back
8:46 am
over to-- to arlington. it's 56 right now. relative humidity 80%. high in the morning and winds out of the south at 7 miles per hour. dulles right now 53 degrees. you get out in the suburbs, temperatures are cooler. 48 for gaithersburg and the same for frederick. warmer for hagerstown at 54 degrees. culpeper is 57 and winchester is 60 degrees. and that doesn't surprise me because their elevation is higher and we have wind coming in from the southwest and they'll begin to warm faster than anybody else. fredericksberg right now sitting at 59 degrees. across the nation we go, let me show you something. there is really -- what we call an absence of cold air. so it's down in the 60s to the south. st. louis 66. chicago 57. some showers moving into chicago. so it looks like it will be a wet day there. at soldier field for the redskins and bears. the chilliest reading here at 36 degrees. most of the cold air is locked
8:47 am
up into canada and will stay there for the better part of the week. this week we're going to be approaching 80 degrees and then late in the week temperatures will cool off a little bit as we get another area of cold air coming down just in time for halloween. showers back out to the west of us. we are dry this morning. we're going to stay dry today. this high pressure is keeping most of this north of us. but again here is some rain down through chicago, or at least coming in. this may actually clear by 1:00 or 2:00 today. the kickoff is at 1:00 so they may be drying out as they progress into the second half of the game later this afternoon. so we'll have to keep an eye on that. now in terms of what we can expect today, kind of a mix of clouds and sun. we started off in the 50s and 60s this morning. we're at 67 degrees at 11:00 a.m. not nearly as much sunshine as we had yesterday. but we will be warmer today than what we were yesterday. yesterday's high was 70 degrees. today it looks like we're
8:48 am
headed to about 74 or 75. so very, very warm out there. here is the future cast. not completely cloudy at 3:00 but some clouds out there as we pre gress through into tomorrow morning, we're dry for the morning commute but a chance of showers tomorrow afternoon. we're moving into a little bit more of an unsettled pattern as we get into tuesday. and still a chance for showers. and see these lines of showers and thunderstorms tuesday afternoon and tuesday evening, that will probably come through here on wednesday. so after today, we'll have monday, tuesday, wednesday, where there is at least a chance of a shower. it doesn't look like it will be real wet but the chance of a shower. but look at wednesday -- high temperature 79 degrees. >> i don't want to say global warming. >> right now halloween is looking pretty good. don't -- hold me to this. >> costume is very important
8:49 am
and they don't want to wear jackets. >> since i've been here the halloween has been warm. >> could have some rain for the game. >> maybe a thunderstorm too. >> very interesting. well you guys, you know the hot-button topic this week around the nfl. it's been concussions and violent hits and the redskins are not immune. as a matter of fact one key player is still recovering from a big-time concussion just last sunday. that would be chris cooley who suffered this concussion in the first half against the colts. but he didn't leave the game until the third quarter. now cooley also suffered a few concussions during his college days back at utah state but cooley said he feels fine and barring any setback he is expected to play later today against the bears. now earlier this week, cooley was asked why he didn't leave the game against the colts earlier. >> if i had known that it was a concussion, i wouldn't have played. sometimes you take a hit and it rings your bell a little bit and you can kind of bounce right back. at halftime, i came back and
8:50 am
passed all of the tests fine. and i thought i would give it a shot and got worse in the third quarter and so i called it. >> would you do anything differently next time? >> no, huh-uh. >> we'll have more in off the wall. and albert haynesworth is expected to seeing present -- plenty of playing time today. and the terps were at boston college looking for the first win in chestnut hill. scoreless in the first. but danny o'brien from maryland going up top, torii smith has six touchdowns so far. second quarter, terps still up 7. chase redding pass is tipped and watch antwan perez, he had himself a day. one of his two picks and a fumble recovery. and these are not your dad's terps because six plays later they will capitalize. o'brien hooking up with kerry boykins for the score. and you can believe it they
8:51 am
hold on for the first road win since september of 2008. 24-20 -- you can believe that. virginia had a big day. virginia and virginia tech big winners. and how about the navy midship men. they were the home team against notre dame. first run of the game, and dave chris at the 1. so take that notre dame. and that would be a huge momentum swinger because here comes the midship men. ricky dobbs are run and throw. and watch alexander teach. he's teaching. and navy up 11 at the half and pouring it on the second half. dobbs again and doing what he does, running and running well. navy wins 35-17 the final. how about the caps back on the ice and mike green back after missing the last three games. but it was alexander semin who
8:52 am
stole the show in the first. going to beat chris mason right there and we are quickly tied at 1. caps were down in the third but after another atlanta turn over by semin, lights the lamp again and knotted at 2. and in the third, atlanta would tie it and force overtime. but in the overtime, here we go, flashman -- fleischmann has your game winner. winning 4 piv 3. and now i welcome you to off the wall. we're talking hard hits and the world series. >> welcome to off the wall. wisdom martin and dave ross. >> yes, sir. >> there has been a lot of talk this week about what is going on in the nfl with the hitting, hitting high and low and people getting hot under the collar. >> you are. >> i am. very much so.
8:53 am
so i ask you. is it fair for the nfl to t eac other, is it fair? >> i don't know that it is fair. because we grew up watching this game. it is a physical-nature sport. that's the way it is. we love the contact. you're going to legislate that out of the game. you can't do that. because here is my problem. if you launch with the helmet, i get that. >> clearly. >> then suspend a player for that. i have no problem with that. but with the hits, i don't have a problem. one guy might drop his head just slightly and then all of a hud you have helmet to helmet. as long as there is no intent on the player to injure there should be no suspension. that's the way i feel. >> and you have a great feeling. valid points. excellent points. however -- >> what? >> however, this is a violent sport. you don't want to have guys on purpose hitting high, hitting in areas you're not supposed to be hitting in.
8:54 am
they're professional football players. and they learn how to play at a young age. they can adapt and evolve. >> you can't hit them in the knees or the head any more. there is one target spot and that's it. >> the bulls high is right here and that's where you are supposed to hit them. careers last longer and everybody is happy and they get their money. >> if the nfl wants to police their players, don't expand to 18 games, take off the helmet. >> oh, my goodness. >> if you and i are out there playing you're not going after my head with your head. >> this is a very pretty head. >> that's the way you stop it. >> no football for me. >> and now the world seare this is week on fox. >> it's still on? >> it's still on. has the world series lost its luster because i heard last week on a monday night football game between the jags and titans it out drew the angies -- the angies and -- the
8:55 am
yankees and that's a problem. >> and the nba and the nfl have bigger contracts because more people watch it. baseball is stuck. remember what i told you about the revolution. they are stuck in the past. so all of the unwritten rules and still fighting. everything looks the way it did back in the 1920s. baseball is old and done. >> i'm an old timer, and i still love the world series. all they have to do is move the games earlier so we can watch them when kids get home from school. do you agree with me? go to web -- go to and tell us what you think. >> you struck out on off the wall. i know you're a football guy, i'm curious to hear your thoughts, whether you think this is good for the nfl to police and regulate if you will the hard hits? >> let me address this first, sorry, wisdom martin calling
8:56 am
the texas rangers irrelevant. the texas rangerser require? >> thank you. he's crazy. >> the texas rangers in the world series is not irrelevant. >> a huge deal. these guys are big, strong monsters hitting each other. you're going to have problems. >> i'll have to tell you what i think after the break. well the world series is the tale of two cinderella stories. the giants finish the race and we'll get back to that with the lights when we return -- the highlights when we return.
8:57 am
woman 1 sync: i knew what bob ehrlich did as governor. man 1 sync: raised my property taxes 60 percent. woman 2 sync: let utilities hike our rates 72 percent. woman 1 sync: but i didn't know what he's done since he got fired as governor. man 2: ehrlich's raked in millions. man 3: he worked for a wall street bank that took 10 billion dollars from the bailout. woman 3: 10 billion of our money. woman 4: our money. woman 5 sync: and he worked for another bank that collapsed. man 4: costing tax payers 17 million. anncr: tell bob ehrlich big banks don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
8:58 am
8:59 am
well the giants closed out the jeers with the phillies in -- the series with phillys in philly. and who would have thought it would be these two teams? >> i never did. i'll be honest and i say i never thought this would happen. everybody thought the phillies and the yankees. this is how it happened last night. tied at 2 in the 8th. opposite field power and he knew it when he hit it. giants take a 3-2 lead. and for philadelphia, two on, hit to ryan howard. their stud hitter. he goes down looking. brian wilson celebrates. san francisco going back to the world series and they will take on the irrelevant texas rangers -- just kidding. you can see the game here wednesday night and what a game


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