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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  November 21, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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chris: million dollar challenge has been brought to you by touch of gray, gets rid of some gray, never all. welcome back to million dollar challenge. it is time now to meet our next challenger. this mother of two is a breast cancer survivor, who says that poker helped save her life. from salisbury mills, new york, please welcome nicole rowe. [cheering/applause] chris: hi, nicole. how are you? nicole: i'm good. i'm here. chris: that is great news. explain to everybody how poker helped save your life.
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nicole: poker saved my life, because i've been fighting breast cancer, and i had to go through chemotherapy, and during chemotherapy, when i wasospy friends from my poker club and my family would text me their bad beat stories, and i would get out of the hospital in my mind and into poker, and that would keep me, you know, keep me moving forward, which is what you need to do when you're fighting breast cancer or any disease. you've got to keep your mind on living. [cheering/applause] chris: amazing story. you ready to get going? nicole: i'm ready. chris: all right, it's time to meet your celebrity defender. he is one of the greatest quarterbacks in nfl history, the king of the comeback. please welcome pro football hall of famer john elway! [cheering/applause] nicole: nice to meet you. chris: and here's your coach, daniel negreanu! [cheering/applause] daniel: hello, john. john: how are you doing? daniel: good. [applause]
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chris: john, welcome to the show. john: thank you. good to be here. chris: a couple quick rules to go over, guys. nicole, daniel is your head coach. he can give you advice. he can get good reads on john, as well; however, he cannot look at your hole cards. you do have one timeout to utilize at any point throughout this match. when you call t.o., you guys go backstage, discuss a little strategy, come back. we will resume the match. okay? nicole: okay. chris: john, you understand the rules? john: understand. chris: nicole, you got it? nicole: i got it. chris: it is time to play round one of million dollar challenge! [cheering/applause] john elway is playing for the elway foundation, with any of today's winnings going for wounded war veterans. nicole: okay, i have gifts for you guys. these mean a lot to me, and it could save a life, so -- daniel: yeah. [applause] i'm just saying. there we go. chris: the pink ribbons, of course, signifying the fight against breast cancer. john: thank you.
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nicole: everybody knows somebody. [cheering/applause] chris: very nice touch, as we're about to start the match. nicole: like my little elephant? daniel: elephants -- the nose is up. that means it's lucky. nicole: good luck. daniel: all right. nicole: eastern cultures. it's from my grandmother. daniel: that looks like some sort of -- kind of -- no, i don't want to say. sweet and sour pork or something. nicole: do not eat my elephant, please. [laughter] chris: nicole, 10-6. nicole: i call. chris: limps in. 9-7 for john elway. john: check. chris: he checks. nicole must advance to play daniel in round three to have any chance of earning that fourth and final seat in our challenge of champions. the flop, ace-deuce-7. john: 3,000. chris: elway bets 3,000 with middle pair. nicole: i raise. dealer: raise. chris: nicole making a big bluff early. nicole: 4,000 on top. chris: raising to 7,000 with just 10 high. john: i call. chris: and john quickly calls. daniel: this is a big one!
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chris: a monster pot on the first hand. chris: the turn, queen of diamonds. john checks. nicole: check. chris: and nicole checks, putting on the brakes. 8 of diamonds on the river. john: all in. chris: elway all in. chris: and nicole folds. daniel: now, you were trying to bluff mr. elway? wow. nicole: mm-hm, yep. chris: disastrous first hand for nicole. daniel: early lead for elway. you don't even know how to play from a blind, do you? john: yeah, you're right. [laughter] i'm out of my comfort zone. daniel: yeah. chris: nicole's ill-timed bluff has put her in an early hole. this mother of two now has a lot of work to do, as action begins on the two-time super bowl champ, john elway. 8-7 off-suit. john: i'll call. chris: he calls. king-deuce for nicole. nicole: i raise. dealer: raise. nicole: 3,000.
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chris: raises to 3,000. dealer: 3,000 total. 3,000 is the total bet. chris: and john calls. dealer: call. daniel: well, this is kind of an important pot. nicole: yep. daniel: yeah. chris: deuce-king-trey. nicole flops two pair. nicole: check. chris: she slow plays by checking. john: check. dealer: check. chris: but john doesn't fall into the trap. he checks. 6 of clubs on the turn. nicole: 3,000. chris: nicole fires 3,000. daniel: all right. chris: john folds. [cheering/applause] daniel: woo, too big of a hand! she had a little something, something. i had a feeling you did, too. nicole: yeah? daniel: yeah, 'cause this is my job. i play poker for a living. nicole: yeah, you do? daniel: yeah. nicole: oh, wow. chris: so nicole starts her comeback, as the blinds are up to 1,000 and 2,000. queen-8 of hearts for nicole. nicole: i raise 6,000. dealer: 6,000 is the bet. chris: raises to 6,000, as she continues her
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aggressive play. that leaves nicole with less than [inaudible] in chips. elway, ace-5 of diamonds. john: 4,000. let's make it another six. chris: john re-raises to 12,000. let's see what nicole does. nicole: i call. daniel: she's calling. chris: she calls. daniel: all right. we need an ace and a king. that's what we need. ace or a king, you're dead. [laughter] chris: no, daniel, an ace would help the other team. the flop, ace-4-ace! daniel: ah, there it is! chris: elway with trip aces and checks. nicole: i'm all in. chris: ah, nicole all in, and what a poor time to bluff. john: i've got to see it. i've got to see it. chris: he calls. daniel: you're calling? what have you got? you probably have us beat. oh, he has an ace! chris: nicole can't even look.
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daniel: i was kidding about the ace being good for you. you remember that, right? okay, we need a heart and a heart. yeah, we need a couple of hearts here. chris: nicole rowe needs running hearts, or her million dollar dream ends right here. [cheering/applause] daniel: it was a good check he made. it was a good check you made. if you would've bet, she would've folded. nicole: i would've folded. daniel: good trap. got to be a heart. nicole: heart. chris: the turn, the queen of diamonds. daniel: queen, that's not going to do it, no. even if you catch the queen, he's got a bigger full house. chris: that's it. nicole: all right, it's over. daniel: oh, and you see the queen, too, to add insult to injury. good match, john. john: thank you. [applause] chris: guys, let's here it for nicole rowe. [applause] listen, i know it didn't exactly finish the way you wanted, but you ran into a tough customer over here. nicole: yeah, i did. but you know what? you guys already made my
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dreams come true by being here. [cheering/applause] chris: well, listen, we wish you the best with everything. nicole: thank you. chris: you are -- you're the greatest fighter that we've ever seen. nicole: yeah. chris: and you will continue to do that. the greatest news here is that you've been cancer free since april, and we wish you the best with everything. nicole: yeah, i'm a survivor. chris: hug your kids, hug your husband. nicole: yeah. chris: and continue the good fight, all right, my friend? nicole: i will, thank you. chris: let's hear it for nicole rowe, everybody. nicole: thank you. [cheering/applause] chris: that is, unfortunately, all the time we have for now. for daniel negreanu and my co-host, michelle nunes, i'm chris rose. we will see you next time on million dollar challenge. have a good night everybody. [cheering/applause] don't forget, right after the show, there will be a $20,000 free roll tournament on to play, enter the password napt in all capital letters, napt. log on now to get your seat. it's now official. ray reid has punched his
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right off the top tonight, a nail biting finish in overtime for the redskins. thanks for joining us for the 6:00 news. >> we get to smile and talk about the redskins. skins were eager to return since monday as massacre against the eagles and today's matchup in nashville didn't disappoint us. david feldman has the state of the skins. >> the washington redskins needed this one bad. not just to erase the bee
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balkle on monday night football to improv from 4-6. and mcnabb and shanahan ready for the game. first quarter skins down 7-0 and mcnabb hooking up with moss. moss had six catches for 106 yards and that touchdown. tied at 7, fast forward to the fourth. gram gano for a chance to win it from 47 yards out and comes up short. so we go to overtime. and then in overtime, titans win the toss, but fails to score and gano gets another choice from 48. perfect from 48, no go from 47. and mcnabb is okay in the two- minute offense and the redskins beat the offense 19-16 in overtime to improv to 5-5. >> i feel i am in the right place. it's a growing process in which i think we're all growing together. and i think good things are
6:14 pm
going to happen quickly around here and the team feels that way. i feel that way and i think the coaching staff feels that way. we have to win games like this and i think we continue to put ourselves in a position to do that, good things will happen. >> as i told the team after the game. i've been through a lot of football games through the years and i don't think i've had that many guys go down and a team stay together and find a way to win. >> we kept dropping, guy after guy and play after play and sometimes back to back plays. i've never been part of anything like. that but it shows the resilience of the guys in the locker room to keep fighting. >> that's true, because the skins won despite losing 7 players to injuries, not including landry and others who were injured. chris cooley had seven catches for 91 yards all coming in the fourth quarter and overtime. so that's pretty clutch. and coming up later on tonight
6:15 pm
we'll have more on the homecoming of albert haynesworth who, as you both know, played the first seven seasons in tennessee and said he was happier in tennessee and now back here. >> and let me ask you about haynesworth because we have talked a lot on this newscast and about the loke media about his relationship with coach shanahan and management and we were thinking does he want to leave the redskins? does he want to leave the redskins? >> they're better. he's accepted his role. he still doesn't think he is being used where he can excel the most. he thinks he was used bet in the defense in tennessee. but here in the three-four defense he comes in on nickel passages and when they are going to throw he covers the quarterback and he said he knows his role and the fans appreciate him and -- >> and he's cashing those checks. >> one is for $21 million. >> albert, call me. no seriously, yesterday we were saying this was do or die for
6:16 pm
the redskins? what does it mean now? they are 5-5. >> they're still right in it in the nfc and next week the vikings and brett favre come to town and they got killed today by the packers 31-3. >> but they have a way of pulling out last-minute wins. >> but lately favre is throwing more interceptions than touchdowns. >> so we'll see. >> next sunday on fox at 1:00. this was a very, very bill win. and also morally for your psyche, for the team morale to be .500 as opposed to 4-6. >> i hear that. >> thank you, feldy. now to another story we're all talking about these days, scan or patdown? that's the question thousands of travelers are gearing up to answer as they prepare for the busy holiday travel season. and this weekend the tsa is hoping a new you tube video will clear up your concerns regarding your rights. fox 5's tisha thompson live in the news room where what we need to know before we fly. >> reporter: well it's been a
6:17 pm
rough week for the tsa with people threatening to boycott security procedures on wednesday, one of the busiest travel days of the year, because they are unhappy with body scanners and patdowns. so we went to reagan national airport today to see what the first bout of holiday travelers had to say about their experience after they went through security. carol mason said before she could celebrate thanksgiving here in d.c., she had to first go through a body scan machine at the memphis airport. >> they made he hold my hands over my head for a little while and step forward. i stepped forward and i didn't realize they were going to do something else and they said we have to hold your hands up again because we have to pat youdown and he started to pat me down. >> reporter: she said it wasn't intrusive but didn't really understand what was going on. >> there was no explanation -- explanation at all. because i would have thought
6:18 pm
that she was trying to touch me. >> reporter: many are getting their new dose of the tsa security procedures this week, including a more intensive patdown, prompting the head of the agency to get on you tube and offer some advice. >> you have the option to request that the patdown be conducted in a private room and you have the option to have the patdown witnessed by a person of your choice. >> no one offered me that, but i'm not so sure i would want it private when i think i want to stand out there where everyone can see me while their patting me down. >> reporter: plenty agree with her. >> i think it should be public so everyone can see. >> reporter: june said her patdown was easy. >> listen, i'm 88 years old and they did a beautiful job and i wasn't worried. i was just -- i knew i would be in the wheelchair because i have a fib rilator and i had to show my card, which means i cannot go through the x-rays. >> you know, go through the machine and get scanned and go on your way, it's ridiculous. people make such a big deal out
6:19 pm
of this. >> reporter: like nearly every hurt. hunter macintosh said the patdowns and extra security wasn't that big of a deal. >> it's all about nothing. >> reporter: even show the lines were short today, everyone we talked to said they were glad they were not flying on wednesday which is always a record travel day. so the experts say you want to make sure you get to the airports with plenty extra time just in case those security lines do back up. >> well i'll tell you what you are hearing from passengers seems to be consistent with the polling data, that people are supportive that it is in the name of security. but the pilots union protested the body scans saying their members shouldn't have to go through the enhanced security. what is the latest on that? >> on friday they agreed to let pilots skip the screening and patdowns that regular old passengers are going through because the pilots said they were the potential target and not the threat. so they didn't need to go through the same process since
6:20 pm
they are the ones that ultimately control the plane. >> tisha tomp son, live in the news room tonight. another stabbing in manassas. another teenager the victim and investigators believe both crimes are connected and link to gangs. last night a teen was stabbed in manassas. that's two days after a 15-year- old was stabbed to death near brent and barto streets. miguel hernandez died. two teens were arrested last night in connection with his death. right now police are still looking for whoever is responsible for the second attack. the body found in a box on the side of a way mystery might be solved. last week someone found the body stuffed in a box along 70 in maryland. he had been reporting from his northwest d.c. home. he been shot to death. pal ensia is charged with first- degree murder while armed. a native plan called a sign
6:21 pm
of failure. we're talking about the plan to withdraw combat troops from afghanistan by the end of 2014. the taliban spokesperson wants it done now and promised bloodshed if that doesn't happen. the taliban wants the afghan government to fold, leaving the taliban in unofficial power. among the obstacles to the 2014 deadline is installing and building up the government is taking much longer than planned. you depend on them for bills, letters and packages but are changes coming to the postal service. we're breaking down a consumer alert a head. the signs tell the story. liquor stores in montgomery county open for the first time ever on sunday. coming up, is it a good idea? keep it right here. fox 5 news at 6:00 is coming right back. i'm joining maureen. 
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on the weekend, a lot of people are out shopping for food for the holiday dinner. and in montgomery county you can pick up your liquor today. for the first time county liquor and wine stores are open on sunday for business. so why the change? care gray houston is live in the news room with the details. >> hi, maureen. it is a pilot program. there are 24 county owned liquor and wine stores in the county and as of today they are open on sunday from noon to 6:00 for the next six months. county is facing serious budget challenges and county officials
6:24 pm
are hoping that sunday alcohol sales will help close the gap. it's a new day at montgomery county liquor stores. traditionally they've been shut close on sundays but for a trial six-month period, they'll now be allowed to open. >> i think it's great. i think it's great. i wish we had that in virginia. >> sunday is said to be the second busiest retail shopping day after saturday. and so now montgomery county liquor stores are open. after county executive isaiah leggett signed an executive order to be for consumer convenience, making alcohol shopping customer friendly. is it? >> yes. because i've got people coming over to my house on sunday and i may have run out of something. >> i think it's a good thing. i come from a place where you could -- in arkansas where you would never dream that you would be able to buy anything, beer, wine, anything with alcohol on a sunday. >> some county council members
6:25 pm
are estimating the extra sales will pull in up to $2 million a year in revenue. apparently some customers accept that. >> i know there are budget shortfalls and whatever works for the county, i think they should -- i don't think it will hurt anybody. >> i came here specifically to support them on sunday because i understand it's a test run and i bought a little bit more than i usually would. >> reporter: but at-large councilman george leventhal said he's a skeptic. he said i don't think it will bring in a lot of revenues. beer and wine are on sale in the county. only real change is hard liquor and if they're buying it on sunday, they're not buying it on wednesday or thursday. >> councilman leventhal said employees recent the sunday sales because they ought to be guaranteed one day off, maureen. >> so then what happened after the six-month trial and the pilot program is over? >> reporter: it might depend on the budget deficit.
6:26 pm
it's $200 million. but the county is going to keep a close eye and monitor the revenues coming in and keep a close eye on the customer satisfaction, if people like it, and consumer impact, especially community impact in areas around the liquor stores, restaurants and businesses. >> so a lot to look into before this is a done deal. >> exactly. >> karen gray houston, thank you for that. well if buying booze on sunday doesn't get your attention, this will. the world is abuzz with wedding detail rumors. >> but could someone else be queen of england first? that's next. plus he may be blind but this piano tuner is in big demand. why some of the country's biggest stars won't use anyone else. that's still ahead. 
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the united states postal service and the american postal workers union agreed this morning to extend contract talks to tuesday. with negotiations with the rural carrier association ends in an impasse, a third party arbitrator will be called in. federal law prohibits postal worker for striking when negotiations stall. most pianos come with 88 keys and if one is out of tune, it can ruin a performance. and that's why many in music turn to one man and it turns
6:29 pm
out he's been blind since a child. john anderson has our story. >> reporter: in business since 1891, the name is faded on the outside of the old piano factory on germantown avenue. but inside are some of the brightest names in music. cunningham, steinway and syncin. >> i grew up in the 70s. jackson five and the osmonds. >> and myrrhice doesn't play the piano. >> i tell my friends, i play cds, i don't play the piano. i leave it up to the experts. >> reporter: but he wanted to be around music. so he trained to become a piano tuner. it was also a job he could do after losing his sight to glaucoma as a teenager. >> the lack of one of my senses does help, but even when i could see, i enjoyed listening to music