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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  December 13, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. fox 5 all over several developing stories tonight.
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one of the nation's most formative diplomats has died. a horrific crash in maryland, a grandmother and grandchild hit by a car, the crash sending a stroller flying. if you've been outside, then you know. the wind is howell howling, the temperatures are drop -- howling, the temperatures are dropping. thanks for joining us. i'm will thomas. >> i'm laura evans. temperatures in the 20s would be bad enough, but add in double digit wind gusts and it's brutal out there. fox 5's gary mcgrady starts us off with this weather alert tonight. >> you don't need notice tell you how cold it is out there and we get a little snow flurry in there, too, to make it festive. look at temperatures right now because that is the story along with the wind. it's 25 degrees here in the city, gaithersburg down in the teens, hagerstown in the teens, frederick a 201 degrees. it's starting to get cold -- frederick 21 degrees. it's starting to get cold everywhere.
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25 degrees now for national. that is the coldest we have been so far this season and we're probably going to get right down to about 20. now let's show you what it feels like out there when you step out. go back over, you can. oops, well, we were going to go through there. let's seattle push that button again and we'll get the wind chill values and right now it feels like 11 degrees. gaithersburg, frederick easily in the single digits and hagerstown, you're just hovering above zero with the wind chill factor. the wind gusts anywhere between 25 and 35 miles per hour and occasionally we have a gust around 40. there is a wind chill advisory to the west of us where it will feel like minus 5 to minus 10 with those winds and quickly over to radar. i just want to show you we do have some flurry activity coming down from the north and west. some of that may actually stick a little bit, no accumulation, just dusting in places which means you need to be careful out there tomorrow morning because it's definitely freezing on contact.
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doesn't get much better either. we'll have the full forecast coming up. now to another developing story, one of the country's most noted diplomats has died. richard holbrooke lost his battle three days after suffering a ruptured aorta. fox 5's matt ackland is in the satellite center with a look at holbrooke's life and leg sip of. >> reporter: it was just earlier today that the -- legacy. >> reporter: it was just earlier today that the president called holbrooke one of the giants in american foreign policy. he put up a strong fight the last few days but around 7:30 this evening he passed away. you'll recall holbrooke was at the state department friday meeting with secretary of state hillary clinton when he collapsed. he was rushed to george washington university hospital where doctors discovered a tear in his aorta. the ambassador underwent 20 hours of heart surgery and had a second procedure yesterday to improve his circulation. holbrooke served as ambassador to the united nations during the clinton administration, but he may best be remembered as
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the man who helped shepherd the peace agreement that helped end the bosnian war. just a short time ago president obama released a statement about richard holbrooke that said in part, "he was a truly unique figure who will be remembered for his tireless diplomacy, love of country and pursuit of peace." president obama tapped holbrooke as his special envoy for afghanistan and pack tan. holbrooke's death -- pakistan. holbrooke's death comes days before the white house is expected to release its latest review of the afghanistan war. >> you mentioned he was ambassador to the u.n. under the clinton administration, holbrooke obviously very close with the clintons. any word from secretary clinton or the former president tonight? >> reporter: no word from them tonight yet, but earlier today secretary clinton spoke out and applauded holbrooke's service saying that he had given nearly 50 years of his life serving the u.s. government. remember, it was rumored holbrooke would have been picked as secretary of state if hillary clinton would have
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become president. >> certainly a diplomatic legend. matt ackland in the satellite center tonight. the head of the rnc wants another term in the top job. former maryland lieutenant governor michael steele made the announcement in a conference call with rnc members late this evening. fox news has learned steele deliberately kept his plans quiet to see if someone else wanted the job. steele faced criticism for not doing enough to move the party forward but as you know presided over the historic midterm elections last month. the rnc will select their next chair in january. now to another story still unfolding at this hour, a grandmother and her grandchild hit by a car in montgomery county. this happened in rockville just after 7:00 tonight at the intersection of atlantic avenue and mill road. fox 5 wisdom martin live at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: this was a black nissan century involved in the accident. you can see the broken glass on the windshield and the dent many front of the car. where the accident happened,
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the intersection of atlantic and deers mill around 7:00 when a 60-year-old woman was pushing her 4-year-old grandson across the street when a car heading west on deers mill hit them. the victims were not in the crosswalk and the driver did have the green light. a short time ago we spoke with another driver sitting in the parking lot nearby when this happened. >> i was looking around and i just heard this noise and i saw unfortunately the baby and the baby stroller fly in the air and i saw the older woman get ran over and i don't know. it was really, really shocking and i just ran out of my car and ran over there. she was on the ground. her head was bleeding and i just took my scarf off and i just -- god. i just wrapped the scarf around her head. >> reporter: now this is an
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ongoing investigation. police do tell me that the child is in stable condition, not life threatening injuries and the grandmother is also listed as being in stable condition. >> the images just give you chills. wisdom martin tonight in rockville. an airport shuttle van driver in jaght now. police say he is responsible for a bizarre series of crashes on a wild ride to dulles with no one on board. fox 5's bob barnard is piecing this one together for us. >> a mother and child were injured in one of the crashes this morning. the wreckage littered the side of two major highways. here's the super shuttle van after its wild ride to dulles, now evidence in a felony hit and run case against this man, 25-year-old muhammed teshale of alexandria, accused of smashing the airport shuttle into at least six cars on westbound interstate 66 and the dulles access road. >> couldn't avoid him, you know, couldn't avoid him.
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>> reporter: afghani american amruden shires taxi was among them. >> there was a two person shuttle on the left-hand side. they hit the car, two cars and then hit me, pushed me on the guardrail and all four corners of my car hit. >> reporter: it all started around 9:30 in the morning. witnesses estimate the van's speed at 90 to 95 miles per hour. super shuttle's top washington area executive says teshale didn't have any passengers and was not even working at the time. >> this is a driver that has been here for only a few weeks and he has been trained and he took the defensive driving class, which he passed. there was a background check that was done on him as well as a drug test and he passed, also. so this was a complete shock to us and we say that obviously we are worried about the people that were involved in the accident. >> i thought he was going to stop, but he didn't stop. swerved towards me, pushed me in the ditch and he keep on going. >> reporter: ending up at
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dulles. >> do you have any idea yes was going there? >> no, i -- why he was going there? >> no, i don't know yes was going there. i have no clue. -- why he was going there. i have no clue. >> reporter: teshale was not an employee of the super shuttle but an independent contractor driving for a franchiseee who owns the van. mr. castle of super shuttle says safety is the company's top priority. that's why its independent contractors must pass background checks and drug and driving tests. >> any idea that the suspect muhammed teshale had prior professional driving experience? >> no, we don't and apparently neither do his bosses at super shuttle. i asked where he teshale had worked and they -- where teshale had worked and they couldn't say. the suspect in a local bomb plot held without bond after a court appearance without baltimore. antonio martinez was arrested last week and charged with attempting to bomb a military recruitment facility in catonsville.
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in court today his laura cued the government of entrap -- lawyer accused the government of entrapment saying martinez would never have planted the bomb on his own. his mother had a few words to say. >> tony is not a terrorist. i don't care what the report says. >> reporter: martinez himself did not speak during the hearing. he is due in court next tuesday. prosecutors say if he is found guilty, martinez could spend the rest of his life in prison. a federal judge in virginia says the government cannot require americans to purchase health insurance, getting right to the heart of healthcare reform legislation. as for white house officials and democrats, they call it a minor setback. the question tonight where does the court case go next? a federal judge says president obama's health insurance law goes too far by requiring americans to buy health insurance or be penalized. in his decision u.s. district judge henry hudson says the mandate amounted to an unchecked expansion of congressional power that would
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invite the unbridled exercise of police powers. he said, "the minimum essential coverage provision or mandate appears to forge new ground and extends the commerce clause powers beyond its current high water mark." hudson is the first federal judge to strike down a key portion of the law, but white house officials are quick to point out that two other courts have already upheld important parts of it. >> challenges like this are nothing new in terms of laws that have come before the courts in the past and which our position has prevailed. >> reporter: the lawsuit was filed by virginia's attorney general who says it is an overreach of government power. >> if we cross this line with healthcare now, this unconstitutional line, where the government can force us to buy a private product and say it's for our own good, then we'll have given the government the power to force us to buy other products '. >> reporter: democratic lawmakers say the fight isn't over. >> the score is 2-1.
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>> reporter: on the other side of the aisle presumed house speaker to be john boehner says the law, "puts the federal government in the business of forcing you to buy health insurance and taxing you if you don't." with several more lawsuits pending right now lawmakers in both parties agree the fight over healthcare reform is far from over. legal experts expect this to possibly go all the way to the supreme court. joining me now to take a closer look where healthcare goes from here is human rights attorney jordan secculo and federal healthcare advocate larry mcnealy. thank you both for joining me, gentlemen. mr. mcnealy, let's start with you. what does the ruling mean for legislation and ultimately for consumers? >> ultimately it's just one more step in a legal fight that's really dragging out last year's political fight, but if this ruling ever were to become -- were to be upheld, consumers would be the worse off. they'd be looking at a
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continuation of a hidden tax of over $1,000 a year that's been levied on families who buy family health insurance and that extra money they pay every year is because other folks aren't who can't afford health insurance aren't going out and getting it and they end up in emergency rooms treating their e.r. as their primary care physician. >> i've got to ask you how county white house say this is just a minor setback? would you say this is a minor setback? >> you know, i can't answer for the white house here, but what i would say is that there have been two federal judges that ruled against what the judge said today. there were 12 other judges that have actually thrown out cases against this law and again, i think there's enough to give pause both to our judges and to our executives and legislators around the country when you really ask what's the impact on consumers of this approach.
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>> i want to bring you into this. this obviously gives republicans lots of ammunitions going forward. would you say this decision is more political or constitutional? >> constitutional. what you have here in the decision in exactly what judge hudson said. never before has the federal government penalized people for not buying something, who made a decision not to enter the stream of commerce. it's never been done before, which is why under the constitution the federal government doesn't have this power to proactively go after you for not buying something. that's what the judge really focused on, the individual mandate. i think this tarnishes obama's probably landmark legislative work so far in his first term and because of that as we see these legal battles move forward, we're getting a good prediction of, of course, this could end its way up at the united states supreme court. it will be very close, but for all the liberals who have been telling us there's no way you can challenge this in court, it will never succeed, we just got through round one. >> well, if i may respond,
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laura, you know, i'd have to say that two other federal judges disagree with you, jordan, and with the ruling today. >> that's fine. >> and 45 economists disagree with you. >> let him finish. we'll get back to you. larry. >> 45 economists disagree with you including some who are noble laureates saying this is a different market. >> on the constitutionality? >> no. i'm talking about whether this is requiring the same as requiring somebody to buy anything else. >> no. this is again the left is happy when two district court judges rule with them. this is the most substantive challenge to obama care that has actually had a substantive decision, not a procedural grounds let me say out of the three cases that have been cited tonight the first 2 mainly procedural, this one on the merits, obama care unconstitutional because of the individual mandates. this judge gutted president obama's healthcare plan and if
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this reasoning moves forward, the american people, listen, it's unpopular. they don't want it. >> virginia is one of the few states that has a specific law saying you can't force somebody to buy health insurance. didn't that play into the ruling today? >> it played into the ruling a bit, but we'll see a case out of florida as well which the trial begins thursday, the oral arguments there, and florida doesn't have a law like that and the 21 other states who joined in that lawsuit don't have a law like that either, but i don't think that takes away from the fact that in this decision the law may have been more important than not, the main issue here was can the federal government penalize you for not doing something? can the government penalize for inaction, not action, inaction? and the judge said which is constitutionally correct, absolutely not. >> jordan, i've got to say the american consumer have been seeing this debate going on for a year and a half, two years with legal theories here, with talking political points there and what they want to know is
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how would it affect them and if you actually look at the judge's ruling today, all it would do would be eliminate a minimum coverage requirement. it would not take the steps we need to deal with prevention. it would not take the steps -- >> how on werth you pay for this obama care plan without the -- on earth would you pay for this obama care plan without the individual mandates? >> listen, i'm not going to try to say that we can deny -- that we can stop preexisting conditions without this provision, but the reality is people have to start taking responsibility for their health. government can't afford, you can't afford with your insurance to keep subsidizing folks who can't afford it because there's exemptions for folks who can't afford it in the law, that people who can't afford it can end up going to the emergency room and driving up my rates and your rates. >> as long as you listen to what i say which is you can't pay for this -- >> this is going to continue for some time, the back and forth. we'll have to see if this goes
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to the supreme court it. could take a couple of years. thanks so much both of you being here. i appreciate your input on this. he is one of the most infamous men in recent history. you might agree the face of fraud and his crimes drove his son to commit suicide. tonight we know whether bernie madoff will attend his son's funeral.  ecicwaes
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is. bernie madoff won't try to attend his son's funeral. he is serving a life sentence in a north carolina prison for fraud. his lawyer said he's staying put behind bars out of consideration for his daughter- in-law's and grandchildren's privacy. instead madoff is said to be conducting a private service at the prison. mark madoff was found hanging from a dog leash in his new york city apartment with his 2- year-old son asleep in the next room. it came two years to the day his father was arrested. the senate clearing the way for the tax bill tonight, a test vote passed without much trouble setting the stage for tomorrow's official vote. then the bill goes to the house where resistance has quieted town and it looks like everyone will swallow the pill that extends the bush tax cuts and unemployment benefits.
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>> but that's the nature of compromise, sacrificing something that each of us cares about to move forward on what matters to all of us. right now that's growing the economy and creating jobs and nearly every economist agrees that that is what this package will do. >> president obama says the bill will protect middle class families, make businesses more stable and give the economy a boost heading into the new year. new disclosures from wikileaks shows the u.s. tried but failed to prevent venezuela from attaining dangerous and sophisticated weapons. the documents show russia sold venezuela shoulder mounted surface to air missiles last year even though the u.s. tried to prevent such a sale. another classified cable shows the state department isn't just concerned venezuela has more firepower now, but that it might turn around and sell its weapons to rebels in colombia or mexico. swedish authorities have tentatively identified a suicide bomber who set off two
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explosions in stockholm over the weekend. police suspect the alleged bomber was killed. gas canisters exploded on this busy street filled with holiday shoppers. moments later there was another blast. there were bombs strapped to the man's body, but they went off early. one redskins man has a million reasons to cheer on the teamful unfortunately this isn't one of them. team. unfortunately this isn't one of them. hear what the coach is saying about the team's future next want ? 
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time to be green with envy. he is the newest millionaire in our area. he played the redskins legacy game and became a huge winner. today he picked up the winning check. >> i bought one that night. i scratched it the way i always do and when i saw the million, i had to look at it two or three times, but it was there and then i went out to my car and called my wife. >> i bet he looked at it more
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than two or three times. spillane bought his winning ticket at in the and out in manassas. there's actually three redskins legacy tickets worth $1 million that are in play. don't you wish you were this guy right now. because there are three million dollar tickets, that mean there's still two out there you could potentially get. good luck. now to sports director dave feldman. this redskins season has had a lot of down moments, but yesterday's had to have been among the worst. >> it had to be because it happened at the very end. we all thought they were going to win. think about week two, laura, andre johnson of the texans catches one in the end zone to win the game. mcnabb was benched for rex grossman which everyone talked about and then the monday night debacle where al better haynesworth is lying on the ground and doesn't -- albert haynesworth is lying on the ground and doesn't get up and michael slip throws a touchdown pass.
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there have -- michael vick throws a touchdown pass. there have been some lows, but yesterday's take the cake. >> doesn't it seem like it's coming down to the wire? >> 9 of 13 have been decided by six point or less. this is nothing unusual and yesterday was more of the same, more of the ennine being decided by -- of the nine being decided by a couple points or less. let me show you what happened at fedex field because they scored at the end of the game and you thought they were going to win. moss was found for a 6-yard touchdown. overtime seemed the most likely scenario. on the extra point nick sundberg snapped too high, hunter smith couldn't hold on and kicker graham gano never got a chance. the skins had their third straight loss and drops their record to 5-8. >> going from four wins to a chance to win a super bowl takes some time and doesn't happen overnight and it's a day by day process. there's a lot to do in the offseason relative to the draft and free agency, as we all
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know, and we still got three games of evaluation against three talented football teams. >> so he's talking about evaluations. besides the evaluations is there anything left to play for? >> yeah. if they win all three games, dallas, jacksonville and home in new york, they'll have an 8- 8 record and mike shanahan only had two losing records. if he loses one of these three, he'll have a losing record. >> what about gano. does he still have a job after this? >> yes. the coach defended him, but they are going to bring in four kickers tomorrow to try out, not because gano is bad, which he was, he's got 10 missed field goals, the most in the league, but because he's got some injured ribs after they tackled him. >> after the first missed field goal, my husband and i were saying he's going to look for a job tomorrow. will, back up to you. real life medical mysteries being solved in our open backyard 'tonight we're introducing you to the doctors some are calling the real life dr. house.
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>> hello. i'm sergeant first class steve markowsky here in kosovo wishing happy holidays to my family in montgomery county and my colleagues and friends at nih. happy holidays, see you soon. w
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if you watch house each week here on fox 5, you know it's about a doctor that helps diagnose mysterious illnesses and it conveniently all happens within an hour. right here in the d.c. area there is a man some are calling the real dr. house heading up a team of physicians working to solve some of the most puzzling medical cases in the country. fox 5's shawn yancy has his story. >> reporter: being a teenager isn't easy. >> there you go. >> reporter: and for 16-year- old connor stevenson every step is a challenge. >> it's extremely difficult to see your child decline, to see
10:34 pm
them struggling with these challenges and disabilities and not knowing. really the not knowing is difficult. >> so you have this at home. >> reporter: connor is a medical mystery. growing up he did have some cognitive delay but was fully mobile until a few years ago even playing sports. >> he's gone from a walker into a wheelchair. >> reporter: now he needs help brushing his teeth and putting on his clothes. despite seeing multiple doctors his parents still don't know what's causing the neurodegenerative problem. >> there's always a nagging frustration each doctor you go to. you're hoping you might get something more out of and usually it's not much at all. >> reporter: but the stevenson family has not given up. connor is taking part in the undiagnosed diseases program at the national institutes of health. >> we knew that there was a need. you have a good session with these folks in rehab? >> reporter: dr. bill gall heads the team of specialists cast with discovering new diseases and finding out what's making patients sick. >> our patients don't have anywhere else to go after
10:35 pm
they've been everywhere else, but we fail more often. so that's frustrating and we actually are not experts in their disease because we don't know what their disease is. >> reporter: but unlike any other place in the country, patients here have access to all of nih's experts at no cost. they spend one week at the campus and are able to get almost a year's worth of testing because doctors don't have to get insurance approval. >> so far he's had some imaging. so we've looked at an mri of his brain. we've done neurologic exams. >> reporter: patients also get to meet with therapists and specialists. >> would you like to write your name for me? >> i can't. >> give it a shot. you a righty or lefty? >> the chance to have this evaluation by a team thinking together is really something special. >> reporter: 1,600 people applied to the program since it began more than two years ago. 300 have been accepted and almost half of them are neurological cases. >> the patients who come to this program have elevated
10:36 pm
expectations. >> reporter: doctors are up front with families that the process can be a long one, sometimes years with only about 20% of cases actually ending in a diagnosis. >> some of them were very unusual, extremely rare disorders like five reported in the world. >> we really feel like if there's any chance of him ever having a diagnosis, this is it. >> reporter: the pressure high for these doctors to find answers for patients left in limbo. >> i've met some extraordinary families, really gives you a sense of what it's like to live with a chronic condition. >> reporter: offering new hope for people like connor. >> he's really kept great spirits through this all and it's inspiring to us. >> reporter: that one day his family will finally know what's making him so sick. >> keep going. >> reporter: shawn yancy, fox 5 news. >> doctors with the program have discovered a new rare disease that will be written up in the new england journal of medicine. the program has funding through 2012, but dr. gall hopes it will be able to continue.
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for more information about the program, just log onto our website at click on special reports under the news tab. did you see it? the party going on there, miley cyrus caught on camera smoking a bong. tmz posted the video of the 18- year-old at her l.a. house last month, but she wasn't doing anything against the law. she was apparently smoking an herb called salvia. it produces psychodelic qualities. tmz said the video was likely copied or stolen from a friend's camera. meanwhile sales of salvia have reported 3 shot up threefold in california since the video went viral. salvia is illegal in 15 states including virginia. let's bring in dr. daniel lieberman from george washington university hospital. thanks for joining us tonight. >> thank you for having me.
10:38 pm
>> let's start with the obvious question a lot of parents out there want to know. what is salvia besides being a leafy plant? >> salvia is a halluncinogenic herb. its full name indicates originally it was used in religious rituals in order to produce an out of body experience and essentially from a medical point of view it is a very powerful halluncinogenic drug. >> so are the effects similar to say marijuana? >> no, they're not. they're much more similar to things like lsd or pcp. there was, in fact, a study done at johns hopkins university where they gave salvia to experienced hallucinogen users, people who had experience with things like lsd and asked them how would you rate this. these experienced users said that it was the most powerful hallucinogen they had ever taken. >> do these effects last as long as say lsd or pcp? >> they peak within about 2 1/2
10:39 pm
minutes and are largely gone within 20 minutes, whereas other drugs can last for hours. >> well, the real question that a lot of folks have is this dangerous? if i find out my child is using it, are they in danger? >> it's extremely dangerous. the big problem is that it's so intense and people completely lose control. with other drugs like marijuana or alcohol, it's going to impair people. it's going to impair their judgment, their reflexes, but essentially they're not going to be losing touch with reality. salvia is so intense it can cause a loss of touch with reality and there was even a young man who committed suicide. it's not clear if it was directly related to the salvia, but that was one of the suspicions. >> i have about 15 seconds left, doctor. you want to weigh in on the legality issue. as we said, legal in d.c. and maryland, not legal in virginia. what's your take on that? >> legality of drugs is very complex. i think it's absolutely clear we want to keep these dangerous substances out of the hands of
10:40 pm
users. the problem is when you make something illegal, things shift from medical treatment to criminal prosecution and people may end up in prison who don't belong there. >> that will be our last word on this. dr. daniel lieberman from george washington university hospital, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. some of your kids' favorite lunchtime treats could be a thing of the past all thanks to the swipe of the president's pen. the overhaul coming to school cafeterias. but first another recall for toyota. plus ever thought of taking a tour of chernobyl? you can now? fox's neil cavuto has details in tonight's business report. >> another toyota recall, this time the sienna, toyota recalling 94,000 minivans to fix a problem causing brake lights to stay on and fedex is saying this is shaping up to be its busier day ever expecting to send 16 million packages today alone double the normal day.
10:41 pm
wall street gaining 18 points, toning up nearly a billion dollars to buy data storage companies and hi-tech concern thermal fisher combing out about $2 million for lab equipment make aer dionics. chernobyl is becoming a tourist attraction, the nuclear plant that exploded back in 1986, it's said the tours are both safe and informative. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.
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  this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer, live life heroically. wa
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president obama signed a new federal bill. it's a child nutritional bill that basically changes the way
10:45 pm
kids will eat in public schools all across the country. beth parker, you've been working on this. >> this is the healthy and hunger free kids act of 2010. the idea is in terms of vending machines and what kids get on their trays as they walk through the cafeteria line to give them more fruits and vegetables, more fiber and healthy things. this is a big issue for the president, maybe a bigger one for the first lady. >> my husband worked very hard to make sure that this bill was a priority in this session and i am grateful to you. >> because i would have been sleeping on the couch. >> of course, the first lady has been a champion of healthier eating with that famous white house garden often having d.c. schoolchildren visit and learn about gardening and healthier eating. let me ask you the obvious question. how do you get the kids to eat healthier? >> maybe that's the tricky part, especially when they're away from mom and dad sometimes it's tougher, but they're talking about doing some things that are subtle. for example, think of it this
10:46 pm
way. kids love pizza, right? >> adults, too. >> that's true. instead of having the white crust they will switch over to a wheat crust. >> so really a gradual way to introduce it to the kids? >> exactly. >> so much talk about balancing our budget. does this add to our deficit? >> the president says it does not, but the people critical of the bill are worried that it might. he says what they'll do is roll back an expansion of food stamps starting in 2013. when they do that, that's going to free up the money and he promises it's not going to add anything to the deficit. >> kids eating healthier across america, beth parker with our story. thank you. tonight on the news edge we are continuing to follow a developing story. a mother and child hit by a car. we are live with the latest on their conditions. plus a clerk attacked and robbed, but he fought back. wait till you hear his story at 11:00. also ahead. >> e readers will be the hot gift this holiday season and
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there's an important service you should check out before you choose. wa
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well no, doubt it is certainly cold and windy here. >> thank goodness it's nothing like they have had in the midwest. >> look at these pictures. come on. what does this remind you of? >> last winter here. >> snowmageddon. >> and it's interesting how we got it here last year. it's shifting to the north and the west and actually this storm this weekend was almost perfectly predicted long range because of la nina. we know what la nina has the cooling of the waters off south america that the storm track, the big heavy snowstorm track, thank goodness is going to be north and west of us this year right through the midwest, northern plains and northwest. >> okay. that's good for us. >> illinois and indiana wrote this for me, so i ought to say something. unfortunately there's always a bad part to these storms. 12 people died so far out there and we know all the congestion from the airlines and the cancellations and the closings
10:51 pm
of the airports. i think for the first time in something like 12 years they closed minneapolis st. paul. >> you made a good point, gary. we've shown the video of the metrodome roof collapsing. you said this is an extremely large amount of snow for them. >> they got 22 inches in the southern suburbs of minneapolis blowing all over the place and they only get about 44 inches on average in minneapolis and you hear the old wives tale people say it's too cold to snow. that's not right. it's not too cold to snow, it's too dry. >> oh, right. >> the colder it is, the drier it is and the less snow they can get. >> and the cold we're feeling here is part of that system? >> absolutely. it's coming right off the arctic, north pole. >> let me tell you i was outside in between shows, that wind just freezes your face. >> will turned his back. >> it's still blowing out there, too. >> i brought my dinner today. i did not go out. it's going to continue to belove, too. can you see that? usual -- to blow, too.
10:52 pm
can you see that? usually you can. there's a pretty good burst of snow flurries coming through and i'm watching the raiders return this evening and i've been watching it now -- the radar return this evening and i've been watching it now the last couple hours. we have a nice little stripe of snow coming down. we have it colorized so you can see the snow and this is coming down basically to the south and southwest of 270 south of hagerstown between charlestown and frederick and right between leesburg and gaithersburg, so right along the potomac basically and i think the way this is looking now, this is not heavy snow, but the grays here indicate slightly heavier amounts. we could have a little accumulation before it's all said and done. so tomorrow morning it's plenty cold out there now on the roads for all of this to hit and stick. i would imagine not only mdot but vdot, too, because this is on both sides of the river will have to too a little treating out here because this -- do a little treating out here because this little snow band
10:53 pm
coming down from the west is continuing and should add to a dusting in some places or maybe as much as a 1/2-inch in others. here are wind gusts now. 29 mile-per-hour wind gusts and they've been higher than that. the peak wind gusts have been up to 38 miles per hour, approaching 40. quantico 36. this is going to continue all night long and here is why. we have a big area of low pressure to the northwest of us, not unlike why we got all the big winds last week and high pressure back to the west and there is a squeeze play right on top of us. it's as simple as this. high pressure is trying to replace the low pressure and as we get to wednesday, the high pressure's going to win a little bit. so instead of being windy like we are now and tomorrow we'll be a little bit less windy, more breezy, but i still think probably 15 to 20, 25 mile-per- hour winds even on wednesday and the cold air is not going to stop. it's just funneling down out of canada.
10:54 pm
so the next several days around here bitterly cold. temperature has been dropping. it's 25 now in the city. gaithersburg is 19, frederick 21. now these temperatures have stablized just a little bit. the wind chill values are in the single digits, hagerstown 1 degree. the wind chill advisory back out to the west, minus 5 to minus 10. big area of low pressure sitting and churning bringing wind from northwest and it's picking up a lot of moisture off the lakes. that's really what's getting everything going. so tonight very cold, with. s of 5 to 15 -- wind chills of 5 to 15 degrees out there, some light accumulation in that snow bend, more than just flurries now. the low in the city gets down to about 20 degrees tonight and out in the suburbs middle to upper teens. we don't warm up much tomorrow and i think we'll have some flurries blowing around in the wind, wind chills tomorrow between about 6 and 18 degrees. >> oh. >> most of the day and it doesn't get much better and
10:55 pm
thursday we're talking about another chance for some accumulating snow. we'll watch that real closely, kind of start zeroing in on that tomorrow and certainly wednesday. >> turn up the heat. thanks, gary. we asked and you delivered and tonight we want to say thank you to everyone who pitched in for our stuff a truck food drive on friday. so many of you responded to help the capital area food bank that the final numbers are in and check this out. this year we set a new record for cash donations taking in nearly $127,000. we also collected more than 54,000 pounds of food. >> wonderful. thanks to everyone who participated. we'll be right back. your five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. here's to the believers.
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every year santa gets a little help delivering all those gifts and cards and today was no exception.
10:59 pm
fedex shipped about 16 million packages making it the busiest day in the company's history. tonight fox 5's photographer duane watkins has a sneak peek at what happens to all those holiday packages once you drop them off. >> we're anticipating 16 million packages moving through the entire fedex global system today, which is a record for us. organized chaos. this day partly is triggered due to online orders, so a lot of online ordering happened over the weekend which is triggering a lot of shipments going out with the bulk shippers today. we're using extra people power. we're using people who would work p.m. to help out on a.m., people who work a.m. to help out on p.m. it ends up being the busiest day for us even though


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