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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  December 13, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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we're putting every vehicle on the road. it feels like we're hard pressed. it's the 4th quarter, the last two minutes. we got to make it happen and yeah, everyone feels their heartbeat racing getting closer to the end and they know when the end is coming and we're racing that one last package, get it on the truck, get it to the plane. >> fox 5 photographer duane watkins. the news keeps coming tonight, will in for brian on the the news edge at 11:00. the news edge starting out in virginia tonight. a man refused to become a victim, two robbers trying to attack him with a taser at a woodbridge gas station. you heard right, a taser. what they didn't know, the man was packing heat. fox 5's matt ackland spoke with him tonight. >> talk about picking the wrong guy to attack, this clerk we talked to tonight was jumped when he was warming up his car.
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the attackers used a taser trying to stun the clerk, but what they did not know is the clerk was carrying a 9- millimeter handgun on his side. >> i was sitting in my car letting it warm up. >> reporter: after a long night at work at this gas station in woodbridge the clerk who didn't want to us reveal his identity said he was talking to his wife on the phone and was just about to drive off. >> two gentlemen approached me and started hitting me with a stun gun. >> reporter: the clerk said he felt the taser through his jacket, but because the clothing was so thick it did not stun him at all. in a split second he says he decided to protect himself. >> i don't know if they were after my wallet, my car, my life or the cash inside. >> reporter: so the clerk pulled his 9-millimeter glock handgun attached to his waist and fired two shots. >> the guy was within one foot. so there was really no aiming. i think they may have said some curse words and just took off. i yelled at them get out of virginia is a right to carry state.
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the clerk says he has carried his glock 9-millimeter for four years after his former boss encouraged him to get one. >> he got me into -- you know, more into guns and he kind of prompted me and helped me out getting my permit. so i credit him. >> reporter: the clerk says he strongly supports laws that allow concealed weapons and hopes his story makes other robbers think twice. >> hopefully there's more armed citizens out there and we can prevent this in the future. >> reporter: the gun we showed you in the piece was not the gun used. the real gun was taken by police for tests. this clerk told us that he fired at close range and he doesn't think he missed hitting one of those attackers. police checked local hospitals, but so far they haven't been able to find anyone wounded who may be connected to this time. one more note, will, the clerk is not being charged because he was defending himself. back to you. >> matt ackland, thank you. we are continuing to follow two developing stories on the news edge.
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first the u.s. ambassador richard holbrooke has died. he collapsed friday in a meeting with secretary of state hillary clinton. he had a torn aorta, the vessel leading out of the heart. then holbrooke had another procedure yesterday to improve circulation in his legs. the long time and noted diplomat most recently served as the special envoy to pakistan and afghanistan. holbrooke dead at the age of 69. also developing tonight a grandmother and grandchild hit by a car in rockville. fox 5's wisdom martin is at the intersection of atlantic avenue and veers mill road where it all took place. >> reporter: just a short time ago they towed away the back nissan. around 7 p.m. is when police say a 60-year- old woman was pushing her 4- year-old grandson across the street when a car heading west hit them. the victims were not in the crosswalk and the driver did have the green light. a short time ago we spoke with
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another driver in the area sitting in the parking lot nearby when the accident happened. >> eating my ice cream. i was going to go to the gym. i'm just sitting here eating the ice cream. i look and i see, you know, bodies flying in the air. it's just -- it's more disturbing the fact that people don't react. >> reporter: now i'm told that the child is in stable condition at the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries and the grandmother remains in stable condition. >> certainly good news considering those images. wisdom martin in rockville tonight with our story. thank you. this man is behind bars tonight charged with felony hit and run after a virtual demolition derby on interstate 66. police say muhammed teshale was driving a super shuttle van, this one here that, sideswiped a truck twice, then hit five other cars before getting to dulles international. the manager of his company
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can't believe it happened. >> this is the driver that has been here for only a few weeks and he has been trained and he took the defensive driving class, which he passed. there was a background check that was done on him as well as a drug test and he passed those, also. so this was a complete shock to us and we say that obviously we're worried about the people that were involved in the accident. >> the manager went on to tell us that teshale is an independent contractor driving for the van's owner. a woman and her 1-year-old were taken to the hospital, but we're told they're fine. requiring you to buy health insurance is unconstitutional. that is the ruling from the federal court judge in virginia. the republican appointed judge's decision was the first successful challenge to the healthcare overhaul passed earlier this year. it deals only with the insurance mandate. >> if we cross this line with healthcare now, this unconstitutional line, where the government can force us to
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buy a private product and say it's for our own good, then we'll have given the government the power to force to us buy other products. >> the white house says it's confident it will prevail in the long run. the debate now goes to the virginia court of appeals and most likely will end up with the supreme court. it passed the senate test so, what's next for the tax bill? laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> the senate could vote as early as tomorrow on legislation to keep the bush era tax cuts in place. president obama is pushing the house to vote on it quickly after that. some democratic representatives had vowed to hold up the bill because it doesn't raise taxes on the wealthiest americans, but it appears tonight that delay won't happen. the d.c. club at the center of a beating death plans to reopen wednesday. that is the first day the d.c.9 will be allowed to do business after the death of ali mohammed two months ago. charges of the employees in the
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death have been dropped but the investigation is not over yet. the virginia girl found in california after her mother was found dead back to roanoke at this hour. brittany smith was with her mother's boyfriend, jeffrey easley, what they were found in san francisco. easley is the prime suspect in the murder of brittany's mother. investigators aren't saying how she died. a national push to curb a deadly trend, what's being done now to keep drunk drivers off the roads for the holiday season. plus the smithsonian may lose hundreds of thousands of dollars all because of a controversial video. think you know this story? you probably don't know it all just yet. >> you know it's cold and really windy. we also have a little bit of snow out there, too and it's sticking. we'll talk about that, how it may affect your morning commute coming up in the full forecast. >> might be a tough drive for us home. but first a quick check of the rundown, the news edge at 11:00 coming right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at
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what if you weren't allowed to refuse a a breathalyzer test? the u.s. transportation department wants to expand a program already in place in some states. it basically says if you're stopped on suspicion of drunk driving and you refuse the breath test, a judge can immediately issue a warrant that allows police to take a blood sample instead. authorities in louisiana say it's helped cut down on drunk
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driving deaths there. to a consumer alert now, a car company issuing a recall tonight. plus hackers attack mcdonald's. as promised, ever serve back with your fox 5 top -- laura evans is back with your fox 5 top five. >> no. 5, hyundai and kia recalling 9,500 vehicles due to a potential brake defect involving 2005 santa fees and midsize suvs kia sorentos. you need to look for a warning light which indicates low brake fluid level. no. 4, those baggage fees are making a mint for the airlines. the nation's top 20 airlines took in $2.56 billion in baggage fees during the first nine months of the year. the up side? they're losing fewer bags. the down side? don't expect the fees to stop. no. 3, someone hacked into mcdonald's customer database giving them access to addresses and birthdays. mcdonald's said the breech did not contain sensitive financial
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information, but they are -- the breach did not contain sensitive financial information, but they are warning customers. no. 2 may have you lining up for a flu shot. virginia's health department reports flu-like illnesses are up statewide. this year's vaccine is available at local health departments, doctor's offices and many pharmacies. it does protect against the influenza b and h1n1 virus. no. 1, ups, fedex and the postal service are gearing up for a record holiday season. fedex shipped 16 million packages today alone. the u.s. postal service expects the 20th to be its busiest day and ups expects the 22nd to be their busiest shipping day and that's tonight's fox 5 top five. coming up next on the edge a real life da vinci code uncovered. this is really cool, has to do with those eyes of the mona lisa, mysterious symbols found in the painting.
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plus e readers are one of the hottest gifts this year, but there's an important service to check out before you buy one. but first a tie for the annual quote of the year award, christine o'donnell and bp's tony hayward are sharing top honors on the quotations list. o'donnell said i'm not a witch and hayward saying i'd like to get my life back during the gulf oil spill, the entire list on we posted it on the offbeat. ecic
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a renowned arts foundation is threatening to pull its exhibit from the smithsonian unless a controversial exhibit goes back on display. the video was showing ants crawling on a crucifix. a catholic organization complained it was offensive. we're talking about the national portrait gallery. the warhol foundation sank $100,000 into that exhibit and now the president says it won't give the museum any more money if that exhibit doesn't go back up. the warhol foundation has donated 375,000 to the smithsonian in the last three years. is there a real life da vinci code in the mona lisa? italy's national committee for cultural heritage says there's letters and numbers in the eyes of the portrait. an art historian says under magnification the right eye contains the letters l.v. he says the left eye contains a, c, or e or b. it's confident the message is from the artist who was known to use code.
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here's one theory. the letters in the left eye could be the mysterious model's initials. the da vinci code was one of the hottest books of the decade. now that books come in electronic form they're on an awful lot of shopping lists this year. if you get a great deal, the cost does not end there. there's fees for the books and subscriptions, but fox 5 money reporter melanie alnwick discovered one easy way to save and it's pretty old school. >> reporter: here at fairfax county's patrick henry branch library you can check books out this way or you can check them out this way, by downloading them onto an e reader right from your home. >> it's great if you're traveling or a commuter taking the metro. you don't have to carry that extra book with you. >> reporter: for the last few years public libraries across the country have been building up their digital book collections. fairfax county has seen demand for e books nearly double in the last year and is expecting it to climb still.
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>> we're bracing for the demand because at christmas time we do expect santa's going to bring a lot of e readers to a lot of people. >> reporter: to get ready librarians are familiarizing themselves with the technology and devices. >> we get a lot of questions especially now during the holidays. >> reporter: the amazon kindle is not compatible, but sony's e reader, the nook, apple devices and a few smartphones are and not all titles are available yet. >> not all publishers are allowing libraries to access the e books, but for us it's great for our customers. >> reporter: demand for all library successfuls has increased since the recession, but -- services has increased since the recession, but budget cuts has caused there to be shorter hours. patrons do have to download free software and may still have to wait to borrow popular titles since the library does have to buy each copy it lends out, but the collection is growing. >> electronic resources, audio books, e videos and e books,
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really they're creating another branch for us, a virtual library branch. >> reporter: and securing the library's place in the community for future generations. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> it's cold and awfully windy. you go outside and your face suddenly feels like a slurpee from 7-eleven. >> not only that, put there's snow hitting your face, too -- but there's snow hitting your face, too, if you're in the right place and it's starting to accumulate, too. this was earlier basically right out by the station here in northwest. we do have one of these snow bands that's been working down from the northwest. it's beautiful out there. it's beautiful as you get to sit at home and just watch it, but tomorrow morning if you're one of the unlucky ones that has to deal with some of this, let me show you where it is. we showed you at 10:00 the snow has been coming down and it's just kind of a narrow band and believe it or not, this is kind of coming down off lake erie. there's a lot of wind blowing
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coming right down from the northwest picking up the moisture there and coming all the way down across 80 quinn one and really right down the potomac there -- 81 and really right down in the potomac there. if you're in northern sections of loudoun county and southwest frederick county around pointer rocks and right down the river on into town, hitch, that band right along the river there -- listen, that band right along the river there through maybe even part of southern sections of gaithersburg you might pick up 1/2-inch, even an inch because we're getting reports already this little band as dropped as much as a 1/2-inch of snow blowing around. just keep that in mind and tomorrow morning's commute could be complicated by there and there's a little snow on either side of it blowing out of there. let's show you were temperatures now because it's very cold, 24, still dropping in the city, 19 for gaithersburg and wind chill
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values in the single digits. windy overnight, very cold, bottom out at about 20 in town, 16 for frederick, 7, wind chill 5 to 15 degrees, basically a long neck snow band. you could get as much as 1/2- inch, possibly even an inch before it begins to weaken a bit, 20 degrees for the low in the city, teens outside of the city, winds out of the west, northwest still gusting up around 30 miles per hour. windy tomorrow and cold. the wind chill values tomorrow will be still in the teens and single digits, too. you'll need to bundle up. futurecast still shows the snow band even at 7:00 tomorrow morning. it will be cold, windy. we could have some more flurries blowing through with some of these more intense bands coming down from the northwest. look at thursday. this is 1:00, snow trying to come on in. as we take it to 5:00, the snow evaporates, but that's a little
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close for me. so i'm leaving snow in the forecast coming up on thursday. very cold forecast coming our way. stay warm the next few days. it will warm up a little towards the weekend. stick with us. the edge continues. dave feldman comes back with a look at sports. hi, i'm christine mcgee and we're stationed in south korea. we wanted to send our love to the d.c. metro area, fred and madeleine arts, and our whole family. dennis, ryan and i love you so much. happy holidays. say hi. i
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good evening. i'm dave feldman. the washington redskins are out of the playoffs and laron landry is out for the seven. also the skins will try out -- season. also the skins will try out
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some kickers tomorrow, not because of graham gano's foot, but because of his bruised ribs. if he's full speed, he's our kicker. that's mike shanahan talking. yesterday at a gloomy fedex nine seconds left. skins need an extra point to tie the game and force overtime. easy, right? no. knick sundberg's high snap, the holder hunter smith can't handle it, graham gano never got a chance. yesterday hunter smith took the blame and today he took it again. >> i don't give any blame to anybody who did anything in the other 60 minutes. we did all we could to be in the game to tie it up and didn't and it's my fault and that's just how it is. it's not falling on my sword or doing anything noble. it's being honest about the situation and what happened. >> like most winners, you want them to take the blame. hunter's that type of guy. could the snap have been a little bit better? sure it, could have, but extra points you're thinking 99.9%, obviously disappointed when it
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doesn't happen. brett favre did not play tonight as the vikings and giants hooked up to n detroit. favre's banged -- up in detroit. favre's banged up shoulder ended his nfl consecutive starting streak dating back to 1992. the game was switched from sunday to monday when the giants couldn't get to minneapolis because of severe weather and moved from minnesota to detroit when the dome of the metrodome collapsed. favre a spectator, last time that happened, george bush was president, the father not the son. 2nd quarter vikings up 3 -0. redskins fans will remember that. brandon jacobs who rushed all over the burgundy and gold. four plays later he put the g- men up 7-3. now 14-3 redskins leading, 48 yards for the score. giants beat the vikings 21-3. the other game ravens up 21- 7 on the texans at the half.
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david reed looks down. where is he? he's up and running and he's gone, 103 yards to the end zone, the longest kickoff return in ravens fran chiles history. it puts baltimore up 28 -- franchise history it. puts baltimore up 28-7. the new york jets strength and conditioning coach tripped a former maryland it were during the punt return in yesterday's game. tonight it was announced he's been suspended without pay for the rest of the season and fined an additional 25 grand. don't trip, kids. that's the lesson there. flip saunders and the wiz in the middle of a four-game losing streak missing their first, second and third leading scorers in today's practice. wall, arenas and blache all sat out. blache is probably out tomorrow night against the lakers with a swollen knee. wall is questionable and arenas probable with general soreness. >> we're at the point right now
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because our talent level is not at the latitude we're playing at because of the injuries we're just going to have to play harder than other people. that has to be the way we'll be able to have opportunities to hang in the games and especially at home hopefully our crowd will get into the games and that extra adrenaline pumping will help us. >> kobe and steve blake here tomorrow. will's back with more of the edge right after this. have a good night. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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