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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  December 14, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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off the top, a news edge exclusive. thousands of dui cases could be in jeopardy. a man hired to supervise a breathalyzer unit of the police department is blowing the whistle and said test results of people accused of driving under the influence over the last 10 years are likely flawed. a memo filed in a d.c. court case said breathalyzers used in the district haven't been routinely tested for accuracy. fox 5s paul wagner is here to get us started. paul what, have you learned? >> reporter: will, pago was in charge of the alcohol breath testing program for 2 1/2 month when is he wrote this memo to the criminal chief section of the office of the attorney general, reveals over four painless the problems he found n. this detailed memo, he said the accuracy tests were hardly ever done. a claim that the attorney general's office now said is
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justs his opinion. when ilmore pago took over the breath alcohol program, he immediately began looking into the records kept by the unit. what he discovered led him to sound the alarm, writing in this memo to the assistant attorney general kimberly brown, he said, from my in addition of the instrument files, the masleeps never been checked for accuracy, even though an accuracy test is the only legal requirement a breath- testing instrument must meet in the district of columbia. the memo is contained in the court case file of a man named sultan apay, who was convicted of dwi and wants a new trial. pago wrote the calibration has to be verified by accuracy tests and these legally- mandated tests of the machines apparently have never been done. david benowitz represents sultan patei. >> the ramifications are enormous and goes back for
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years. there are plenty of people who served jailtime based on what may very well be false false tests or accurate tests. the civil liability can be huge and has a great impact of the entire criminal justice system. >> reporter: included are the internal d.c. police documents. showing no accuracy tests were performed on the machines after they were calibrated. records that go back to at least 2006. sarah branch, the prosecutor in the case, takes issue with the claims writing an emotion for a dismissal of conviction. mr. pago's opinion is based on a review of documents that were created and kept by his predecessor officer calvin king. the former chemical testing program manager for mpd. therefore, his opinion consists of nothing more than conjuncture and assumptions. >> we disagree with that character. based on fact. >> reporter: in the memo, pago criticizes d.c. police for a
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lack of oversight and supervision. saying the failure to properly manage and guide the breath- testing program is ultimately responsible for the current situation. back in february, the attorney general admitted there were problems with the accuracy of the test equipment and he pointed to a caloperation problem in 2008, calling perhaps hundreds of cases in into question. pago's claim is -- and are in doubt. he declined to comment as did cathy lanier. the attorney general peter nickles referred us to the the motion filed in court. >> and. an arlington man under arrest for threatenning to blow up metro trains. elias yonis is charged with making threats and doesn't face terror charges. a trend -- friend turned him in to investigators base of a statement he made on facebook chat allegedly saying he would put bombs on metro trains and
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metro said it was updated to keep a close watch. and a developing story out of baltimore right now. investigators working to discover what started a fire that killed six members. they all died of the fire before done dawn. and karen gray houston is at the scene with a look at the devastation. >> reporter: what happened here was simply put tragic -- tragic. neighbors tell us six members of the extended family who live on this house died here and they are the satterfield family. richard and eleanor salterfield, their granddaughter tiara and three young children. a neighbor who lived in this burned-out end unit didn't want to have to appear on camera and she did, however, tell us her terrible story. >> got and i could hear my neighbors next door talking. they were not hollering or screaming or anything like that and seemed like she was
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stilling the grandchildren to come there and then all of the smoke started coming in to our whole and downstairs were full. we would leave out the back. come around front, the front of the house will go on fire. and also -- . >> that must have been terrifying. >> it was. it was devastating. >> and may neighbors, six of them. there were the best neighbors they had. >> i really don't know. all i thaseemed like to me like he was trying to get them together or something. i don't know. jew. >> reporter: however, there is nothing that leads them to believe it was suspicious. in baltimore, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. how low will it go? the cold coupled with the winds making life miserable for a lot of you and this guy loxes okay bundled up there that is what everyone is doing today, gary
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mcgrady, finding the warmest coast in the closet, a scarf and gloves and trying to prepare for the bitter cold snap. how long will it last, though? >> like this, will, with the cold, the extremely cold temperatures and the winds blowing 20 it to30 miles an hour. we're talking about overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow. it looks like by tomorrow evening, the winds will begin to taper off just a bit. and i still think it's going to be breezy up through thursday and on thursday, we're forecasting a chance of? snow. 10 degrees, the windchill factor in the city here. the windchill value is a bit of a variable value that goes up and down with the wind speeds and from time to time, these windchills are dropping below 0 and at times, they're more than 10 degrees or so. keep that in mind, it's cold. windy out to the west, too, and it's cold enough and windy out there. like the temperature could be below 5 below to 10 below, and that includes the communities along i-81. with that chill advisory in
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effect overnight tonight and more forecast details coming up. it stays cold. then we get snow. will, coming up why -- coming up stairs in just a bit. the edge on maryland now. police investigating an accident involving two victims that happened in rockville last night. a grandmother was pushing her 4- year-old grandson across the street here when a car on veers -- road hit them. the driver stayed at the scene and the investigators say the grandmother and grandson were not in the crosswalk when hit in the car and had a green light. both victims are recovering and are said to be in stable condition. and the edge on virginia, a 12-year-old girl who disappeared from own oak -- roanoke is back home. an amber alert was issued for britney spay mai smith december 6th. britney was found all the way in california this week with her mother's live-in boyfriend and this guy here, jeffrey easley. britney's father spoke out about having his daughter safely back home. >> i thought that the happiest
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day of my life was when my daughter was born. timed irtonight has taken the -- tonight has taken the number one spot. >> you can understand his tears. >> the police have not released the cause of death for britney's home and said it was a homicide. easley waived extradition and will return to virginia to face charges of kidnapping and credit fraud. new investigation into the -- interest the investigation into wikileaks and possible charges against the founder. you heard this name, julian assangy, and there is a local tie. also, a judge set bail for assange. he won't be a free man tonight. find out what the holdup is. >> hi, we're eric and diana stationed in germany. >> we want to say i had to all of our friends and family in the area. >> and we love you guys, merry christmas, so you all soon. beat navy. 
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>> reports that a secret grand jury is meeting in old up to alexandrea on the charges against the founder of wikileaks. julian assange turned himself in. american anger and frustrations are boiling over about his release of tens of thousands of secret military documents on his website, wikileaks. he is a step closer to getting out of jail. as fox's greg explains, it will happen under special conditions. >> reporter: swedish prosecutors will challenge the judge's decision to grant bail to julian assange. the move means he will spend the next two days in jail while the swedish government argues its case. he has been locked up for a week in the sex crimes case. if they lose the appeal, assange has to raise 2,000- pounds and equivalent to
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$15,000 u.s. in cash before being released. >> it's going to take us a long period of time to gather together and we will, as soon as that is done, be able to free him. >> reporter: once free, assange will face strict bail conditions, including living at a registered address, wearing an electronic tracking device, observing tight curfews. he has the support of high- profile people, including michael moore and bianca jaegar. she believes an appeal by the swedish government says a lot about this case. >> and the reason why they're doing it is not because they want him to stand trail for those observing as, but because it's -- and they want him at all costs. >> reporter: assange denies the charges claiming they're motivated by charges. american diplomats have embarrassed washington and strained the ties between
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>> seeking someone who loves the outdoors, running and dogs. may sound like a personal ad. it's a job posting. fox 5 money reporter melanie alnwick introduces us to a local business that is looking to hire someone with special skills. >> reporter: watching yohan manage this pack of dogs and you will figure out quickly that whistling is a good skill to have. the business, d.c. dog care is expanding and now he's looking for a few good handlers. this is one of the special outings for city dogs. >> they need to fulfill their needs and instance and -- it's nature. >> what he's looking for are designated runners to take clients out on daily jobs. >> one on tuesday and on
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wednesday. >> reporter: canines benefit from a good workout like humans do. >> you be tired and your mind won't be in peace. so, that -- that is what we're doing, like keeping the minds in peace and the bodies tired. >> reporter: candidates need to be strong leaders and organized with schedules and this is not just a dog for any dog walker. they may have to run as much as 15 miles a day. the pay is good and so are the fringe benefits. the runners get paid per dog and a pack of three means $30 an hour, 6 means $60 an hour and amaya said his health improved greatly since doing an office job. >> i used to weigh about 260 and i am 190. >> this requires trust and patience. >> and every night, they're looking forward for the next hike. >> reporter: good dog runners
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should have a friendly and firm hand to guide the pack home after the advent sure done. >> go. come here. go. >> and a big car doesn't hurt. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. and that is some serious cash doing that. you have to be okay with cleaning up the poop, obviously. >> oh, come on. >> and that is true. i am a dog owner and you have to be okay with the cold. >> and i am not a dog owner. on days like this, i don't miss it. >> oh, yeah. >> and take that from me. >> we're occasionally dog watchers in my house and that is sometimes bad enough. when you have to do that and get up. you know, the kids take on that job and who ends up doing that? we do. the parents, right? here we go and in terms of what is going on, it's pretty much like last night and the acness is of the snow and wire goings
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to stay -- going stay windy through tonight and tomorrow and by tomorrow morning, the winds will begin to die down a bit and one thing is for sure. it will be bitterly cold one more day. the high temperature today at national, up to 28 degrees and you don't have to talk about the windchill values. and coldest air without snowpack on the ground and some snow may fall on thursday, okay in not sure how much right now, but it looks like modeling continues to suggest we'll get some and potentially staying cold and everything being cold. come back at 10 and 11 and we'll talk about that and we have another late weekend storm to watch right now and that looks look it's primarily south of us and turns the corner up the coast and again, right now. stay tuned. 24 now here in the city, 19 for
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gaithersburg, back to the north and west. bitter, bitter cold out there and with windchill values in the single digits, hovering around we have crow roe and tonight, 20. last night, got down to 22 and we'll be colder tonight. fredericksburg, 21. gaithersburg, 16; winchester, 17 and that does not matter. the wind yes anymoring to be howling tonight and tomorrow and -- and that will feel like that tomorrow and going to stay in the single digits early in the teams with the windchill value through the day and the snow machine is cutting off. in thursday, another system comes in from the south and we're going have cold air in place here and that moisture overruns into the cold air. by noon, we can begin to have light snow breaking out and again, that is cold enough to steak and -- stick and looks like for a brief period of time, we might be able to get accumulation and that is thursday. and on thursday evening, looks like we'll start drying out of that and stay on the cold side.
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cold tomorrow, 31 for a high and windchill values, will be in the teens. and still on thursday, mostly cloudy and the snow moves in late morning, early afternoon and sunny on friday and saturday, the temperatures approaching 40 and we'll watch that weekend storm for sunday. >> and better check the tires. looks like thursday is trick. >> and that does make a huge difference. >> thank you, gary. did you see this video? it's hugh jackman, you know, the big famous actor, hurt during a stunt and the homeland of australia. he was zip lining and -- and showing boom! and hits like a lightning rig, slammed into it. cut his eye and the taping had to be stopped for 10 minutes. i think we have another shot here. they gave him ice and a towel and a nice glass of red wine. i'm convinced that is a nice cabernet oprah bought from the states. the wizards getting ready to take on the lakers right
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now. dave feldman is standing by live. and kobe bryant is here and -- the lakers are here and some won't be playing. very important. the answer to that question and much more and some redskins news you will want to hear. the news edge at 6 continues.
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>> hi, everybody. i'm dave feldman. welcome to verizon center's the two-time world champ los angeles lakers come to town and they're taking on an injured washington wizards team. john wall will miss his 8th game, he's got tendonitis in his knee and he won't score either. that is the top two leading scorers and gilbert arenas will play. that is not a great resume and they can come out here to the west and the lakers, of course, always a big attract. the two teams met last week in l.a. and with the wizards playing the most competitive road games of the season, remember, they
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haven't won on the road yet. nick young came off the bench for a season high 30. kobe was kobe, 132 and a 105- 108 victory for the lakers. how can the wizards compete with kobe and&company? >> you have to try to make it more value for our scores and make sure what you don't do is get beat up. you have to rebound the basketball and can't give them a second shot opportunity and so, you have to clean up on that issue. and the areas. that is how you have to have it where to compete in those games. >> and nfl news. remember the other day when smith, the owner said you know what? do you blame gone gone for the missed extra point costing us the game against the bucks? blame me. don't blame the snapper. they blamed hunter smith and waived him. in his place, signed same pelasco who will handle the punts and hole. hunter smith is gone with three
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games remaining, it's dallas week. do they matter? they do to mike shanahan, who needs to run the cable with all three if he's not going to have the fourth losing season as a head coach. >> you're not used to it, you know, you all want toin with. especially the close games. you want to find a way to win and it's disappointing when you don't win, you know, and it's all the time you that put in and all the effort in the offseason and not only the coaches but the players. it's really hard to, you know, to lose. >> and last night, ray lewis and the ravens on the road against the texans. the fine 58 seconds, the texans trail, 28-20 and rolls right and finds johnson in the back of the end zone. five yards for the touchdown, the exexans add a 2-point conversion, tied 28-28 and then, the texans, first possession in overtime. shop from the end zone and intercepted by josh and a former terrapin who returns at 12 yards for the game-winning
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score. the ravens defeat the texans, 34-28. last night, the other minute night game. we have two. the vikings quarterback bright farve enactive against the giants due to a shoulder injury and tavares jackson with the start. the giants defeated the vikings, 21-3. the record streak of consecutive games played came to an end at 297 games. the remarkable streak began in september of 1992. >> it was time, it just probably has been long, overdue. probably been a lot of times that the streak should have ended that, um, you know, there was not really a flood of emotions and just couldn't play. >>
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