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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  December 15, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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for threatening to blow der up metro trains and that's not all. more on how the fbi was alerted to this threat. you are waking up to more bitter cold. well below freezing out there. there could be some snow in the forecast for temperature. fox 5 morning news continues now at 6:00.
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it is another cold one out there. good morning, everybody. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> we do have some school delays. in maryland, garrett county schools and the mountain ridge school district or on a two- hour delay. >> you know how on a beautiful day there are people out on the paths. >> yeah. >> yesterday, still only noticed only a few hearty people. >> they were at the mall. >> effect was shopping yesterday. there were one or two people out on the paths walking the dogs. i was impressed. i was out there too for a
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little bit, raking leaves. that, that's fun. let's get started with the temperatures. >> why would you rake leaves with 45-mile and hour winds. >> i'm preparing for what is coming up later. i have to get leaves up. mountains cold too. winchester, 21. we mentioned winds yesterday out of the north and west at 40 miles per hour. today, they will only gust to about 30. yesterday, we had the little band of snow across montgomery county and howard county. not the case today. the light flurry activity is well off to the north and west. that little band you see up in carroll county and frederick county not touching the ground. we should be in for bright sunshine today and a relatively quiet did i although still cold. high temperatures only topping out in the upper 20s to about 30. that might be a degree or two warmer than what we had around here yesterday so gradual improvement in the forecast. it won't last. we do have a little bit of snow
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in the forecast for tomorrow. let me emphasize a little bit. doesn't mean it won't cause problems. i'll have details in a couple of minutes. >> let's check in with julie with a look at traffic right now. >> good morning to you all. not so bad out there on the highway southbound along 270 out of hyattstown headed out to the truck scales. slow trip as you travel in through montgomery county. the accident activity reported on the shoulder. you will find 295 in great shape as you continue south of 198 hided down towards the beltway. no problems to report on 29 heaving stewart lane head down towards 495. a live shot of northbound i-95 in the main line. starting to slow as you head up to the occoquan. going to find lanes are open out on 66. volume increasing right now as you continue out of centreville and head eastbound towards fair oaks. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic.
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new this morning, dozens of people at one apartment building were forced out into the bitter cold. the governor square apartments were declared unsafe. more than 50 people have been displaced. our big story, a virginia man under arrest for threatening to blow up metro trains. according to the fbi, awais younis of arlington made those threats via facebook to a person in arlington who had friended him. alleged targets were the sewer system that runs under georgetown and metrorail. federal authorities say used the alias sunny ghilzai and he described how to build a pipe bomb. >> this is the second threat against the metro in the last couple of months and we're worried about the vulnerability of not just the metro system in washington but in new york and other cities around the country. they are railroad hard to protect so we have to take it very seriously. >> he does not face terrorism
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charges at the time. he is charged with making threats over state lines. he is set to be in court december 20th. authorities still don't know what startated fire that killed sick people in east baltimore. that fire raced through the row home just before 5:00 yesterday morning. the strong wind helped spread that fire to other homes. 0 people were evacuated from their homes. no signs of any suspicious activity. the man who killed local record producer raymond scotty brown is sentenced to 140 years in prison. jamal alexis shot brown to death outsides his home in 2006 and was convicted in october. prosecutors say he also order his brother to kill a witness in this case. jeffrey easily will be brought back to be rained for allegedly kidnapping 12-year- old brittany may smith.
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he is also the prime suspect in the murder of brittany's mother. brittany is back home in roanoke. turning to the economy now, there could be a final vote in the senate on attacks today. the senate has already passed the president's tax compromise overwhelmingly. the bill would go to the house but democrats in the house want some changes. they don't like the provisions for reducing the real estate tax. the republicans call it the death tax. taxes for everyone would go up, they say on january 1st. at the white house later today, the president will sit down with nearly two dozen business leaders. the president and the ceos will be talking business at today's summit. the private sector is sitting on record profits and the president wants businesses to use that money to hire more people. executives want the white house to ease up on regulations. a gunman storms into a school board meeting and it is all caught on camera. some of the images are too disturbing to show you. we'll have more on the confrontation coming up on fox 5 morning news. a also caught on camera, a
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♪ [ children laughing ] ♪ [ female announcer ] sometimes, if you wish hard enough, you get exactly what you want for christmas. welcome to christmas town -- a busch gardens celebration. discover the wonder at
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ate shooting at a school board meeting is making headlines this morning. a horrifying confrontation is caught on camera and we do have to warn you that the video is graphic. 56-year-old clay duke spray painted a v inside a circumstance olympic a wall and pulled out a gun and started shooting. nobody was hit. one board member hit him on the arm with her purse to try to distract him. a security guard shot the man and he then eventually turned the gun on himself scientist wooden boat smashed into rock and sank off an island near indonesia. a large number of those on board were killed. the conditions off christmas island were very rough at the time. a rescue operation is still ongoing. in las vegas, a man way gun and wearing a motorcycle helmet
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made off with a million and a half dollars all in casino chips. he is shown running through the bellagio casino. he jumped on his motorcycle. those chips cannot be used as cash. at some point, they do have to be redeemed. if you are looking to travel on a budget, there is good news this morning. a megabus is expanding serve apherisis d.c. plus, another cold one today. tucker has your updated forecast and we'll get a check on the roads from julie. we'll be right back. a
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>> a little more holiday music for you right now. we look outside and take a look at the wilson bridge. we continue to get into the holiday spirit this morning with the help of some of our viewers. our facebook fans say this is
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their favorite christmas song. it is dominic the donkey or the italian christmas donkey. we'll be playing more of your favorites throughout the morning. >> i was not familiar with this song. >> this is our producer lauren demarco's favorite christmas songs as well. >> that is why we are getting the extended version. >> we'll found out about everybody's favorites today. >> today people could be singing dreaming of a white christmas. >> perhaps it will happen this year. >> some of the leading forecasters believe we will have a white christmas here this year. >> let's just wait and see. we have a good chance of having -- lets get started with current temperatures. we'll talk about what is going to be happening here in the next couple of days. we do have the forecast for a little light snow tomorrow. put that in the calendar. 23 23degrees at reagan national. gaithersburg, you are still 19.
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baltimore, 19. 17 now in quantico. 19 in fredericksburg. you get the idea. it will be chilly out there this afternoon even with some sunshine. you mix in the winds and it will not ever feel like 30 degrees. reagan national, 17. 20 in gaithersburg. 28 at dulles. these are better than yesterday and the winds, while not light, at least it won't be blowing at 40 miles per hour later today. it will only be closing at about 25 to 30. gradually improving conditions here. still going to be very unpleasant with wind chill values hanging out in the teens and low 20s during the course of our day today. satellite-radar, much quieter weather. before a nice tranquil weather pattern as far as expecting sunshine. you can see the clear skies that you will be waking up to. our next weather maker, a little clipper system now rearing its ugly head here out to the west into western portions of minnesota and iowa. it will take a very quick track to our south, race through the
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area during the afternoon tomorrow and out to sea. but with some very cold temperatures forecasted not only tomorrow but for the last couple of days, we are likely to get snow here and what falls will likely stick on area roadways during the course of the day tomorrow. the timing on this, not tomorrow morning, more likely tomorrow afternoon. look what happens here by about 2:00, 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. got a little band of snow across the washington, d.c. area. it will quickly get out to sea. we are not expecting heavy accumulations. this should be a light snow event. whatever falls out there will likely stick. the roadways have acclimated to the very cold temperatures the last couple of days. there you go. by friday and saturday, things quiet down once again. this could be our first inch. the season in spots during the afternoon tomorrow. 30-degree the daytime high. winds out of the north and west only 30 miles per hour later this afternoon. here is your five-day forecast. # tonight. there is the light snow in the
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forecast tomorrow. the timing on that will be tomorrow afternoon into the evening rush hour tomorrow night. that is a look at the forecast. let's get to on-time traffic and julie wright loves that five-day forecast. right? >> uh-huh. i respect you. i appreciate you. the forecast, not so much. all right, on the roads right now, if you are traveling into the district this morning, accident activity reported inbound suitland parkway at suitland road. callers report that it is the right side of the highway that is blocked off now at the scene so expect some delays as you travel through southeast washington. on the other side of town, northbound i-95 leaving 7100 head up to the beltway. we were checking for a stalled car here in the main line. there is all a stalled car northbound 95 at woodbridge that. should be out of the way. we have delays leaving
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woodbridge coming across the occoquan. if you are traveling along 66 this morning east of 28 in centreville, no accidents to report. picking up the usual suspects as you guys work your way inbound. incident-flee in towards the capital beltway. southbound 270, we had reports of an accident here at shady grove road. already been moved from the main line to the shoulder. >> thank you. the district will get a new fire chief next year. d.c. fire officials say mayor- elect vince gray notified the current chief din dennis rubin that he will receive rubin's resignation. it is unleer which he will name a new fire chief for d.c. got some good news for travelers looking to save a little bit of cash. megabus is expanding its service. the company kicked off daily service between d.c. and 11 new cities including boston, buffalo, charlotte, pittsburgh and knoxville, tennessee. the buses will even take
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washington rider to toronto. megabus offers fares as low as $1. washington is getting federal money for its buses. some of the federal money will go towards dedicated bus lines and $12 million will be used to build a transit center in prince george's county. we'll have an eye on wall street coming up next on our business beat. kevin mccarthy sits down for a one-on-one with mark wahlberg to talk about the movie, the fighter. fox 5 morning news will be back right after the break. [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread
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stocks push ahead to fresh two-year highs but you might need to brace yourself for higher air fares as well. let's check in with robert gray with our business beat. we had a little bit of a push yesterday. are we going to give back this
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morning or might we hold this santa claus rally for a little bit long officer. >> santa has been coming six straight days for the s&p 500. we've been seeing multi-year highs and it is almost like an instant real estately there where he we start off pretty strong and fade into the close -- like an instant replay there where we start off pretty strong and fade into the close. we're going to get some inflationary readings on the consumer level closer to home here. that is coming up at 8:30. we have a housing undirection number out. it is expected to stay pretty close to record lows there. >> president obama continuing to try to apiece big business. he has some big guns coming to the white house. what do we expect to come out of this summit with the top ceos? >> it is hard to gauge that considering that many of these ceos are either already advising the president or have been in many time before so it
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is unclear if we'll get any fresh vois -- voices in there in today's session. one thing that a lot of people on wall street is looking at is how much cash people have on their books is overseas. companies have already paid taxes on the money in the country where they earned it. that is one issue people are tracking here. that could lead to hiring if it freed up cash they can bring home. we hate to talk about increasing air fare prices around the holidays but it looks luke we are heading in that direction. >> the fuel prices are one thing to keep an eye on. we've seen gasoline prices are coming back as the economy both here and globally has been recovering. going into the new year though, the international air transport association says airlines will remain profitable but not as profitable as this year. why? well, this european sovereign debt crisis, there is a lot of
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concern over there. we know that spain, greece, italy, ireland, all in trouble there. concerns that they won't be flying as much in europe. it will also crimp the consumer i'm lot of concerns there and the margins are getting squeezed. expect for some of the sur surcharges to get passed along. more opportunity to look forward to for us traveling. >> i don't seem to mind the higher prices as much as all the surcharges and you think they could roll it into one price. >> i know what you mean. i'm with you. we'll take a look at this spending bill and what is under the hood there. could it cost us big bucks? we'll be taking a much closer look at that tonight on follow the money. >> thank you. have yourself a great
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wednesday. we'll see you again soon. grand ma's holiday greeting turned into a holiday for thieves. the gifts stolen right off the doorstep. stacy cohan following our top story this morning. 
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we check northwest delays that are out there when it comes to schools. most it was to the west because of dangerous wind chill situations out there. western maryland, garrett county schools and in allegheny county, the mountain ridge school district on a two-hour delay. in west virginia, grant, hampshire, hardy, jefferson, mineral and morgan county schools are all on two-hour delays. rappahannock county schools in virginia are closed today because of a water issue. they are closed today for winds or whatever. could it be possible that they would be closed again because of snow? >> not today and not tomorrow. but we'll have to see about friday because we'll get a light snow event tomorrow
6:31 am
afternoon into tomorrow evening's rush. i'll show you more on that coming up. we'll be fine this morning. just bitter cold across much of the area with temperatures in the teens and low 20s. that is set to continue for another day. here is a look at your current conditions. 3 at rig -- 23 at reagan national. chicago, good morning, four for you. 22 in new york city. it is the eastern third of the country experiencing these very cold temperatures. there is your satellite-radar. quiet conditions and should be a brighter day than yesterday. today, winds will only gust to 30 miles per hour so slightly lighter winds. things will be just a little more comfortable and high temperature will be one degree warmer with highs expected to be about 30 degrees. yesterday, we were 28. one or two degrees warmer than
6:32 am
yesterday. 32 in fredericksburg. still in the 0s out towards f led -- still in the 20s out towards frederick and chantilly. >> i have an excellent ask the weather guy question coming up. >> reporter: we have stuff we'll talk about if you are traveling inbound suitland parkway at suitland road, accident activity report ad long the right side of the highway as you try to make with our way through southeast washington. delays as you travel northbound along i-95 working your way through woodbridge coming across the occoquan. we'll show what you else is happening out there on the highways. you will find the lane are open if you are working your way northbound along i-95 up towards 198. volume increasing through rockville but no incidents reported along this stretch. you will find northbound i-95 here in newington where we had reports of a stalled car in the
6:33 am
highway. that has been cleaned up and moved out of the way. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. now that we are deal with the winter weather, montgomery county is rolling out a new way for to you know the road conditions during big snowstorms without leaving home. there is a few web site available that provides real time updates on what has been plowed and what roads are still snow covered. the county executive ike leggett says people need the information. >> people are concerned about the schools, the roads, the neighborhoods, whether to go to work, to shop, to make their appointments and a lot depends on the conditions of those roads. it depends on what they know about the condition of the roads. >> home owners can also use the map to look on the location of the county's traffic camera system. it will give them real time visual check of the major intersections. our big story, and alleged threat against metro in one of
6:34 am
d.c.'s popular neighborhoods. >> station i don't -- stacy cohan is live with more on it. >> reporter: this is how it all unfolded. the fbi got a tip from an informant in new orleans. that person had friended the suspect on facebook. the suspect's name is awais younis. apparently, he posts these threats on facebook claiming he was planning a terrorist attack in the washington area. the alleged targets were the sewer system that runs underneath georgetown and metrorail. now, this informant said on november 20th, he posted a description on facebook of how to make a pipe bomb. federal agents decided to move on awais younis after a december 5th message in which he threatened the informant for leaking information to authorities. >> i had no idea what was going on but i looked over and there were dudes in full gear and their agains and everything and early this pulling a guy -- it
6:35 am
looked like they were pulling him up from under a blanket or something. >> reporter: that is a neighbor talking after witnessing the raid on this man's home in virginia. he is not charged with any terrorism charges. he is charged with only making threats over state lines and he went by a different name on the internet, sunny ghilzai. that was the alias he used. he is being held pending an additional hearing that is expected to happen next week. back to you. >> thank you. we have a warning from police if you are expecting gifts to be delivered in the mail. they make easy targets for criminals. one northern virginia family recently learned it the hard way. wisdom martin has their story. >> the grinch hated christmas. >> reporter: for the castle family, it is an annual tradition. grandmom is flying in this week to celebrate the holidays. >> she comes down for christmas every year from boston. a week or two before, she ships everybody's gifts. >> reporter: the four bach as arrived monday while the family
6:36 am
was home. >> i was really excited. >> i saw him come to our house, leave the packages. i was in the kitchen preparing our dinner and so i didn't immediately go down to the fronted door. >> reporter: but minutes after the presents were delivered to the front door, they were gone. >> i assumed either the postman had taken them with them or because it was owe windy, they had blown away. >> reporter: the postman did not take them back and the wind was not the problem. it urns out someone had stolen the children's christmas presents from the front door. >> it was upsetting that they were taken by people and her spending all that time and mndy on us and it being a waste now. >> reporter: police from all over the region say this is a common crime around christmas as christmas gets are shipped and delivered, the bad guys watch and wait in hopes of stealing christmas. >> the holiday season is upon us. it brings out the best in people and obviously, it brings out the worst in people. >> it was just kind of sad that somebody was watching the mailman to see him leave
6:37 am
packages and just go ahead and stealing them right behind him. less than 30 minutes. it was bret pretty brazen this person to do that. so it is a shame but lesson learned. >> reporter: the family is disapintd but they say the bad guy may have stolen grandmom's christmas presents but not christmas cheer. >> it doesn't ruin it. i feel bad for her but i know we'll have a good christmas. >> that was wisdom martin reporting. unfortunately, the castle family did not have insurance on those christmas packages. the senate could hold a final vote on attacks today. senate already voted and passed in a test vote by 85-35 margin but some democrats in the house are not supporting the president's compromise with republicans. they are demanding revisions, particularly to the estate tax. democrats say it only helps the
6:38 am
rich and wants to raise it. >> this agreement is not subject to being reopened. >> this legislation will cost $858 billion over two years. that is bigger than the much reviled stimulus. >> if democrats in the house do end up making any changes to the tax bill, it would have to go back to the senate. a massive spending bill making its way through congress but some say little loaded with pork. senator john mccain says he has identified thousands of dollars in earmarks. democrats are pushing the trillion dollar spending bill before tea party conservatives take control of congress in january. the 1900 page bill is expected to come to the floor of the senate in the next couple of days. census numbers are schedule out today. new data shows our area is home to some of the wealthiest and best educated resident. fairfax and loudoun county were
6:39 am
the only two in the country with median household incomes surpassing $100,000. falls church city also topped that median mark. fairfax, articling to be, loudoun, montgomery and howard counties along with alexandria and fall church were among 17 places where more than half the residents have at least a bachelor's degree. actor mark wahlberg went through years of training for his latest film cod the fighter. >> he says he had some practice growing up. >> how old were you? >> first grade. being the youngest of the nine, you had to fight to get what you wanted. you always had to fight to survive where i grew up. my name is sonya and i'm stationed in germany. i would like to give a special greeting to my mom wendy gardner who there is for me. i love you, miss you and hopefully i'll see you next christmas. eegoma
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stephanie's child version of rudolph is a favorite song too. we'll play more view are favorites throughout the morning. you are looking at the fox 5 christmas tree and two ornaments donated by donna young. she crocheted them herself. she useed a vintage pattern. we want it say thank you. >> those are beautiful -- we want to say thank you. >> those are beautiful. >> snowflakes. >> i love snow and i love snowflakes on a christmas industry. >> okay. it is cold again today and a little bit windy. >> a little bit windy. winds out of the north and west at 30. i would say that would be a windy day. after yesterday, a little bit windy.
6:44 am
we'll start with our headline for today. and here we go. guess what? >> it will be cold. >> and still windy today but not quite as windy as yesterday. bitter cold for one more day. our high temperatures later this afternoon only in the mid- to upper 20s. that is a lot cooler than what we want. some snow may fall tomorrow. i'm going to show you why here in a second. this is not going to be a major snow event. that being said, it is certainly cold enough for snow and anything that falls tomorrow will definitely stick and we've got another storm that we have to watch later in the weekend. that could be more significant but the jury is still out on whether or not that will one will impact us here. it might just be a cloudy day on sunday. 23 at reagan national. quantico, 17 for you. 19 in fredericksburg. high temperatures will be back into the mid- to upper 20s to about 30 here in town t should feel slightly better. our winds won't be quite as strong as they were yesterday. we'll have more sunshine in the forecast today. still, these temperatures well
6:45 am
below where are they should be for this time of year. there is your morning satellite- radar. quiet conditions, should be bright sunshine here as the sun gets up in the next couple of minutes and we should be dealing with a decent day today. our high temperatures should be in the mid- to upper 40s. our next weather maker out to the west. fast-moving clipper system and doesn't have a lot of moisture to work with, but as it hits the cold air during the daytime hours tomorrow, it looks like we'll get a period of light snow around here during the afternoon and evening commute tomorrow. it will be a quick mover. it will get out of here by early tomorrow evening. again, wasn't to emphasize with temperatures as cold as they've been the last couple of days -- want to emphasize with temperatures as cold as they've been the last couple of days, the snow will stick. for today, sunny and cold.
6:46 am
a little breezy. windy at times. 30degrees your daytime high. here is your five-day forecast. plenty cold for snow tomorrow. 31degrees the daytime high. the timing on that will be tomorrow afternoon and right through the evening rush hour tomorrow night. friday and saturday look fine although chilly. by sunday, we have to watch the next storm and see exactly how close that tracks to the coast. that would be a more significant storm in it does impact us because it would have atlantic moisture to work with. we have to watch that very carefully. all right, guys, it is time for ask the weather guys. the excellent tony perkins and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather-related or otherwise. yesterday, we asked you and you answered, we've been playing christmas songs all morn long from our fox 5 facebook fans throughout the morning here. and we'll continue to do so.
6:47 am
and now, we'll answer the big question. you know what the big question is. what are our favorite christmas songs. okay. so ladies first. we'll start with gurvir. i'm sure she has something sappy for us. go ahead. >> see, there are so many to choose from. this was so hard. >> the will area nelson christmas hour. >> i know, i know. >> faith hill. >> alabama. it would have to be oh, holy night by sandy patty. >> a great song. ♪ oh, holy night &&. >> let me get you a tissue. >> stop. that is my all-time favorite. >> i think is steve next? >> yes. >> you are next. >> we just played this song on monday but i went true to my
6:48 am
roots growing and went with springsteen's santa claus is coming to town. i said that had to be the one. >> this is a great song. >> it continues to get the right amount of play. >> not too much. >> snot >> not so much it gets abuse giant food it is nostalgic. >> tony is next even though he is not here. >> i don't know what tony is. so we'll all hear it together. >> mariah carey. >> all i want for christmas is you, mariah carey. a great song and a relatively recent addition. excellent song. >> all right. for me, i have many memories of a song that those of you that are a few years older will be able to appreciate. my sphaifort christmas song, there we are, sorry, is a group
6:49 am
of performers. >> hurry up gentleman john denver and the muppets, 12 days of christmas. >> reporter: on the -- -- & five gold rings, four calling bird, three french hens, two turtledoves and a partridge in a pear tree &&. >> that opening shot reminded you of you in college. >> every year, we listen to it and we all sipping along to the muppets -- we all sing along to the numberrettes. >> i know that is great. there is bing crosby's little drummer boy. >> we'll hear from allison and
6:50 am
holly. they'll let you know what their favorite songs are. >> we'll hear about her favorite song first. & only a hippopotamus will do. >> yes, we though. twelve months out of the year you love this song. >> nobody picked i saw mommy kissing santa claus. >> no. >> i posted that on my facebook the other day that i loved this song and somebody said where would you keep the hippopotamus if you had it and i said in tony's green room, of course. on the roads, we'll have some fun in just a few moments. there is work to be done and we are busy. inbound suitland parkway at suitland road. accident activity is what is tying up the right side of the road as you try to work your way through northeast washington. traveling northbound i-95, delays in woodbridge as you guys travel northbound across the occoquan. we have the slowdown leaving the prince william parkway headed up to the occoquan.
6:51 am
we have delays coming across the wilson bridge to telegraph road. 66 slowing 50 to 123. we have delays southbound 270 leaving hyattstown headed out to the truck scales. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> all right. thank you. there has been a lot of positive buzz for a new movie called the fighter. it opens friday and it is already nominated for several golden globe awards. a best actor nod for star mark wahlberg. kevin mccarthy sat down to talk to him. >> i think these are the best box scenes i've seen since raging bill. not even kidding about that. talk about the training you went through because it looked very accurate and very real. >> because of all the stops and starts that we experienced in making the movie, i ended up training a total after four and a half year. i have going to do another boxing movie 12, 15 years ago.
6:52 am
i trained for another movie so i had always dreamed about playing a boxer and you know, i just -- i didn't want to look like an actor who could box. i wanted to look like a boxer who could win the title. because of the movie stop and start and falling apart, that allowed me to go there. >> do you remember your first fight? >> i hay fight with two kids at the same time. we kind of walked behind the side of the building and we started fighting. i was fighting with one and the other one jumped in. i did pretty good but then we're sitting there in the class lines and they're like yeah, you're bleeding. i looked at my shoulder and i split my head open against the wall and i had to go get stitchs. >> how old were you? >> first grade. >> were a fighter throughout school. >> being the youngest of nine, had you to fight to get what you wanted and growing up where i did, you have to fight to survive. >> was this a strug toll get it
6:53 am
made? >> it was a huge strug toll -- struggle to get it made. when i knew about this for a long time being thought it would make for a great movie. i thought this was amazing when i read the script. this will attract the best talent in the business and it did attract a lot of people but not to the point where people who pull the trigger and make the movie. we just at one point, everybody had come and gone and i was left standing there by myself. i said we're going to figure this out. we asked paramount if we could independently finance the movie. i saw christian, his daughter and my daughter went to the same school and i thought he is the right guy to play dickey. all of the peels -- piecess of the puzzle came together. >> have you watch the the fill being with mickey. >> he loved it. >> the first time dickey saw it, he was a little taken back. it is most of his downs as well as his comeback. but when he saw it with an
6:54 am
audience, he realized what an inspiration it has become to owe many -- to so many people. we randomly recruited people in an audience in new jersey and the crowd went crazy and he was thrilled with the results. >> tomorrow, we'll have kevin's interview with the star of another big movie opening this weekend. you may know olivia wild from her work in house. she is also starring in tron legacy. >> they are playing dreamgirls at the duke ellington school of the arts this weekend. >> this morning, holly morris is at the school to learn about the big production. we'll check in with her in just a minute.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. and on this wednesday we are living the dream on many different levels as we are live this morning at the duke ellington school of performing
6:58 am
arts. if you can hear, it's already a bevy of activity here and we're on stage because the kids are getting in an early morning rehearsal for their production of dream girls. this is no small production. all 515 students have somehow taken part in putting this production together. and it's not just about the end of the year grand finale. this school is facing a budget shortfall, like many schools are. [ lost connection ]
6:59 am
that does it for the 6:00 hour. allison is in now joining steve. good morning. >> good morning. thank you, gurvir. the holiday push is on on capitoll.


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