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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  December 16, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. snow, slush and ice causing havoc across the region. >> it's very slick. it's a lot of accidents. it's slushy mostly but very slick. >> tonight the snow may have stopped, but the aftermath could cause trouble for your morning commute. we are talking about that dangerous refreeze. thanks for joining us. i'm laura evans. >> and i'm shawn yancy.
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those wet roads on your way home could be an icy mess in the morning. >> already some schools making the call, fairfax county and manassas city both on a two hour delay tomorrow. full delays and closures are scrolling at the top of the screen. the fox 5 storm force is covering this storm from the district to maryland to virginia. we begin with sue palka live in northwest. >> reporter: hi, shawn and laura. tonight the snow is over. we got about 1 to 3 inches. those heavier amounts down to our south which you can probably see it's cold out here, lots of steam coming out. it is not windy, but what you can see out here on wisconsin avenue is that the roads, while they aren't snow covered, they're still a little wet and any untreated roads are going to be a solid glaze tomorrow, especially side roads. we can see harrison still has a little slush on it. the temperatures tonight are mighty cold and some areas i would describe as absolutely tanking. let me give you some idea what we're talking about. in the district it's not bad without the wind feeling like
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florida out here, 25 degrees, but we are down to 7 degrees in martinsburg, west virginia, where the skies have cleared and that temperature dropped 7 degrees in one hour, folks, 10 in frederick, 13 winchester, 18 manassas, 23 in baltimore and 16 in hagerstown. it's a combination of three things, the snowpack that we have, no wind and clearing skies. check out these overnight temperatures, single digits for winchester down to 9, 14 gaithersburg, 16 centreville and in the district down to 22. so we've had our first inch and a half of snow officially at reagan national. we did have some folks that sent in great videos to including a couple dogs having fun in rockville. the kids got out of school a bit early and enjoyed it. gary has more on the snow totals we had across the region. it was a good starter snow, but it still caused some problems today. >> absolutely, very slippery as we gnaw some of that video with
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those drivers -- in some of that video with those drivers and as temperatures drop into single digits, there becomes a point where the salt is not quite as effective as it would be if temperatures were only in the lower teens. so expect no doubt we'll have some slippery spots out there tomorrow morning. how much snow did we have? here's a bit of the snowfall totals. sue mentioned, too a good 1 to 3. i think that's right on target. leesburg 1 1/2, forest heights 1.3, frederick about 1 1/2 and all the communities surrounding frederick that i saw, too mostly 1 1/2. frostburg out in western maryland picked up 2 1/2, not on here, harrisonburg, virginia picked up 3 inches of snow and definitely anything over 3 inches was to the south of us, a little bit more than 2 inches there for alexandria. let me show you the big picture radar tonight, still some lingering rain shower activity down into the carolinas. there's a little bit of snow up to the northwest there.
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that's going to calm down. don't expect to see any of that. we just have clearing skies out there tonight. we'll see some sunshine tomorrow and we will get above freezing. so that's going to help to melt this out a bit with the sun and warmer temperatures, but until then temperatures dipping down into the single digits overnight tonight. do be careful early in the morning. you'll need to be. >> i feel a down comforter coming on. thank you. all that snow and ice making a mess of the roads in maryland. it was slow going during the height of today's snow and fox 5's roz plater is live tonight in forestville. what are the conditions like there? >> reporter: the primary roads are pretty good shape. you can see clear pavement in a lot of places. it's been a bit slower for them to get to the side roads. prince george's county started off with about 150 or so trucks this morning. they quickly called in another 100 or so. all those crews are now on 12- hour shifts trying to stay ahead of the ice that threaten to make the morning commute a
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mess. out on the major roads we spotted few problems but some drivers told us they still found a patch or two of ice and they're worried about what the morning commute will bring. >> i'm afraid that, you know, there's going to be some black ice out there. people are going to be slipping and sliding. >> even though the main roads are clear, they're wet. so i'm scared overnight as people stop driving that they'll freeze. >> reporter: in prince george's county there are some 250 trucks out on the road clearing and salting. the light snowfall was the least of their problems. >> the trouble actually has been ice throughout the day because the temperatures are so cold the pavement temperatures have not risen above 22 today and when they're that cold, whatever falls, snow or anything, is going to freeze and it's going to stick. >> reporter: we hopped a ride with lester wilkerson near the end of his 12-hour shift. he's made several passes over this route and is now focusing on the secondary roads.
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>> it's shiny. it's icy. it's freezing up. i put a lot of salt down. >> reporter: back in the subdivisions it's rough going. he has to weave around the park ad cars to clear the roads. >> -- parked cars to clear the roads. >> a lot of vehicles, trash cans, a lot of times in the subs like that they park side by side and i can barely get between them. >> reporter: the crews will keep at it until morning but rush hour commuters are being asked to keep it slow. >> you can't go fast. be cautious of the trucks. they're out doing what they're supposed to be doing and just try to help us and if you have to park on the street, park on the even side of the street. >> reporter: now one more note. they're asking us to remind you if you live in a single family home or have a business, that sidewalk in front of your home or business is your responsibility to clear both the snow and to deice it. >> thanks very much. well, the snow has stopped falling now, but with freezing cold temperatures tonight as
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you've heard, the focus is on refreeze. let's go to check now on the road conditions in maryland. laura rokowski from mdot joins us on the phone. thanks for being with us. could you give us a general overview of what the road crews are telling you right now? >> maryland state highway administration crews have been out since the first flakes started to fall, in fact, before that even. we pretreated roads yesterday in anticipation of this storm. crews have been out throughout the day. they will remain out salting and looking out for icy conditions, but they're telling us now the roads are in fairly good condition, bare pavement on interstates and secondary routes. we're asking folks to be on the lookout for wet pavement conditions which can be deceptive and at times they could be potentially icy conditions. best to be on alert throughout the evening. >> where are your biggest
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problem areas tonight going into tomorrow so we can warn drivers what to expect tomorrow morning? >> well, the basics, bridges, ramps and overpasses which will freeze first if there is a refreeze tonight. crews will patrol throughout the night making sure roads are in good condition for tomorrow's rush hour, but there could be an icy spot particularly on those secondary routes. also be on alert for pedestrians who may find an untreated sidewalk. so please be on alert for pedestrians as well tomorrow morning as you head out on your commute. >> always worth a reminder. thanks so much. >> thank you. well, the drive home from work was slow going for most commuters and with the threat of a refreeze tonight it could be a tricky morning drive as well. fox 5's wisdom martin is getting a firsthand look at the roads driving through northern virginia right now. wisdom, i understand you are now in tysons corner. how are the roads there? >> reporter: yes. yes, the roads are pretty good here in tysons corner.
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i just left the mall area. we're on the ramp getting back onto 495. we've been all over northern virginia tonight. we started out in arlington, came down leesburg pike all the way down to tysons corner. the roads look pretty good. that's right now. traffic has been good, a lot different than it was earlier tonight when the snow initially started to happen, a lot of traffic on the road. it was a combination of traffic and rush hour. even before rush hour, though, around 2:30, something like that on my way to work on the outer hoop coming from prince george's county into work -- loop coming from prince george's county into work to connecticut avenue large amount of traffic. people were driving extremely slow because there was some slush on the road. people were being extremely cautious about the situation, so they were driving slow, probably about 20 miles per hour, arrived. it normally takes me 30 to 45 minutes to get to work. took about an hour and a half today. it was that way all over the beltway for a long period of
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time today and then coming -- when we did get to work and got back on the beltway and did this live shot earlier it was the same way on the inner loop heading out towards prince george's county, lots of traffic, lots of people driving slow. >> wisdom, i don't want to distract you while you're driving, but i'm just curious, in your travels this evening, told, have you seen any spots a little -- today, have you seen any spots a little more tricky than others? how are the ramps and flyovers in northern virginia? >> reporter: shawn, on the main roads everything seems to be fine. we've seen several snowplows out on the main roads. now we did have some situations on some of the side roads in some of the neighborhoods that had not been plowed yet. so that's kind of tricky because you have some dusting of snow on the roads that if the temperatures continue to drop, that could create some situations on a lot of the side roads in the neighborhood. so we did see a lot of that. also in the parking lots of some of the businesses. some of these businesses may be open tomorrow. so that's going to be the tricky part where you'll have
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side roads that have not been plowed. that's going to be interesting because again they have not gotten to those just yet. the main roads are fine. you can see the situation on the main roads, lots of cars out here, lots of people still traveling. they appear to be fine. >> take it easy, wisdom martin reporting live from 495 now going through northern virginia. we appreciate that firsthand account, wisdom. let's head over now to jen morris with vdot with the latest on the road conditions in northern virginia. we just had a reporter out there live right now driving around so, we can see that it's slick. tell us what your crews are doing now and what they will be doing overnight to prepare for the morning. >> well, since rush hour ended they have been out on the roads in northern virginia working in fairfax county, loudoun, prince william and arlington counties and what we're doing is retreating all those bridges and ramps, all the places on the interstates and the other highways that get slick very
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quickly with these low temperatures. we're also working in the subdivisions where we're spreading sand or plowing where needed, but, of course, that tomorrow morning is the location that could be difficult for commuters getting out of subdivisions, onto the main roads. they're going to have to watch closely for icy patches. even on the main roads you'll have to be on the lookout for icy patches because we've had a lot of wet pavement today and that combined with the very low temperatures means ice. >> are there any specific tips that you would give people besides the ones that you just gave? we know that oftentimes we see the trucks out there with the salt mixtures and the plows out there and a lot of people just kind of try to speed by them or what tips do you have for people as they're driving around and see those trucks on the roadway? >> well, why speed by them when you can stay behind them, stay a good distance behind them and take advantage of those chemicals that they're putting
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down so you'll have a safer commute? it is very dangerous to pass a plow or salt truck. they don't have much room to work with and if everybody stays behind them, it makes it a lot safer for our drivers as well. >> real quickly, if people see roads or areas that need to be plowed or treated, is there a way to get in contact with you? >> we do have a number. it's 1-800-for-road and they can call that number. >> thank you for the update tonight. >> sure thing. our coverage of this winter weather not over yet. coming up details on how roads in the district are shaping up plus tips for driving in the snow and ice, also pepco working to keep the lights on for you all ahead at 10:30. if you usually roush make your morning metro train, you might -- rush to make your morning metro train, you might want to rethink that plan.
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security will be searching passengers' bags. find out what you can expect to see next. 
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i'm in the newsroom tonight with fox 5's bob barnard and you're working a big story
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about metro tonight. >> that's right. metro police have a warning tonight that riders should be ready to have their bags checked. at the dupont circle metro station riders were coming and going without the inconvenience of having their bags checked by police, that not they would have raised a stink. >> some people just got some personal stuff they don't want people just rambling around, you know, but it's for the best of everybody else. i think it's a good thing. >> reporter: metro says anything you carry onto a train or bus would be subject to their random inspections. >> i think it's perfectly fine. i think people are not to be trusted unfortunately, ho, ho, ho, merry christmas, but yeah, you can't really trust people unfortunately. >> reporter: metro police say officers positioned on the street or inside at station entrances will be using bomb sniffing dogs and other technology to look for explosive materials. >> there's no threat, but it is an additional security measure that we as many law enforcement
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agencies always seek to find anything that could aid and assist them in protecting people within their jurisdictions. >> reporter: transit agencies in new york and boston are already doing this. >> as long as it's not everybody, don't make people get to work late or whatever, i think it's a pretty good idea. it might deter people from doing things that are not right on the metro. >> reporter: officials say tsa officers, those who do passenger and baggage screening at the nation's airports, will be assisting metro police. >> i wish they'd check the escalators and elevators first. >> reporter: in fact, this officer seen earlier at the dupont circle metro was not checking bags but directing riders away from a broken escalator. >> make sure that the metros aren't crashing, i think that would be a better priority for them, but that said i don't have a problem with security. >> reporter: metro said anybody refusing an inspection will not be allowed within a station or onto a bus with their bags.
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>> i wonder, bob, how do they decide who to check, which bags or boxes? >> they say it's random, not profiling, but if their canine or other detection method indicates that there's something in someone's backpack or box or bag, that warrants a nutter inspection. they'll open it up -- a further inspection. they'll open it up and put their hands in it for for about 30 seconds. >> when does this go into effect? >> immediately. that doesn't mean they'll be at every train station around the city, around the area, but it supposedly goes into effect immediately randomly done, not every station. we'll have to see. >> so we won't be surprised if we're suddenly searched. >> shouldn't be, at least from now on. u.s. counterterrorism officials are tracking terror threats during the holiday season. iraqi intelligence agented
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interrogated captured insurgents who talked about an unspecific time and place of a threat. the threat was confirmed as credible. >> there's been a question that there has been an increased threat stream over the last few months. >> it's not going back to the same times like three or four years ago, but clearly isn't dead yet and we shouldn't discount the threat coming out of iraq. >> the fbi and homeland security are alerting state and local law enforcement to be on alert for suspicious behavior and irregularly changed security measures to interfere with any terrorist plans. down in the newsroom with fox 5's paul wagner and mayor elect vincent gray announced his public safety team today including cathy lanier, keeping her on as chief. >> mayor gray said he felt with cathy lanier and said he felt a synergy between the two and he said that he feels like they can really work together, ha in this conversation that they had -- that in this conversation that they had that they seemed
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to be on the same page with community policing and basically the crime strategies that they're going to use in the city. we talked to her outside and i asked her about having to work now in the city and fighting crime under the current fiscal state that we're in. >> we've done a lot better at being more efficient because of technology. we've done a lot better at reducing our response times, improving service. now the challenge is to keep going that way regardless of what happens with the budget. >> i know cathy lanier told you she's going to continue on with one of her more high profile crime fighting strategies. what is that? >> all hands on deck. she's been using that for the four years that she's been the top cop in the city. it's basically all the officers that work on the police department come out on a weekend and she says that it actually reduces crime and the community loves it, but the fraternal order of police hates it and have been fighting it for quite some time. this is what she had to say about it. >> people in the community love all hands on deck. it reduces crime and i don't see any reason to not do it
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anymore, paul. when my community members tell me please continue something and it's effective, i don't see why it stops. >> while mayor elect vincent gray today was forth coming with praise today for chief lanier, he also said he'd like to see improvement on her end. >> he was very impressed she had an 80% approval rating among the citizens and noted homicide rates and crime rates are down but he talked about community policing and he said he thinks she can do better. >> we'll have to wait and see in the new year. >> now there is a bit of controversy surrounding mayor elect vincent gray for fire chief. records show kenneth ellebee has been taking a tax deduction for d.c. residents, even though he lives and works in florida. the homestead tax credit is more than $67,000 for his home in southeast d.c., but tonight he pledged not to take the deduction on his 2010 taxes.
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the wikileaks founder is out of jail vowing to release more u.s. government secrets, details on what a judge says he can and cannot do coming up next. ecicda 
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wikileaks founder julian assange just out of jail tonight released from a british jail. the conditions of his release include being confined to this countryside mansion but do not appear to mandate he stay away from computers. today assange sounded anxious and eager to get back to his keyboard. >> i hope to continue my work and continue to protest my innocence in this manner. >> assange is now fighting extradition to sweden where he's accused of sex crimes. meanwhile u.s. lawmakers are looking into the possibility of amending the espionage act of 1917. they want to give law enforcement better tools to go after people who release classified information that could harm the u.s. a developing story we are following now, the house is
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taking up the obama tax cut compromise at this hour working toward passing it as soon as possible to avoid a january 1st deadline that will impact americans' paychecks. one of the biggest objections for house democrats is the estate tax provision. they say allowing the first $10 million of a couple's estate tax to -- estate to go untaxed is a give-away for the rich. >> while this agreement is flawed, there are parts of it that will benefit the american people. >> it's a deal for those at the table doing the deal. that obviously did not involve many of us in the house. >> if approved, the plan would extend the tax cuts for all income levels for the next two years. it also extends jobless benefits for millions of people, but the bill would add more than $800 billion to the debt. we're staying on top of our big story tonight. of course, we're talking about all the snow out there. pepco is out in force trying to keep the power on and we're on
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the road with crews coming up next. it's the green family stationed in germany. we'd like to wish our cousin in rockville, maryland, alan, jacob, aerial and laura happy hanukkah. >> happy holidays.
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it's certainly no snowmageddon, but today's winter weather did cause problems all across our region. in maryland trucks out in force on 12 hour shifts trying to stay ahead of the ice that threatens to make the morning rush a mess. it was slow going in virginia where more than 1,000 trucks were out treating the road during the height of the snow and are out again tonight. some schools have already delayed class for tomorrow and snow in the district causing cancellations and delays at reagan national airport. with temperatures dropping the big concern tonight is refreezing and that includes the roads in the district. let's get a check on conditions tonight. on the phone joining us is
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karen leblanc from dd it ot. -- from vdot. >> we're concerned of all the things you just talked about, the roads will refreeze, that there's going to be black ice out there. we're really trying to caution people to go slowly, approach the intersection slowly, but we are continuing to treat the roads as well. we have full crews out. we're in full deployment putting down salt, but because the temperatures are so cold and because the roadway temperatures are so cold, that salt takes extra time to actually work. that's why it's taking a while. >> how about those side streets, karen? how are they looking tonight? have your crews gotten to every one of them? >> they have gotten to the majority of the side streets, but again the major corridors are traveled more frequently, so that helps. those side streets will refreeze faster, but the crews will be out all night. in the morning rush we are
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telling people take your time, stagger your times coming in if you can, try to take metro and give yourself plenty of time. >> how do you think you guys handled today? >> i think we handled it really well. we were out yesterday treating the major roadways with brine. we've gotten some positive feedback with people. we've got a great twitter following and people have been tweeting all day saying they have seen the trucks. we think it went fairly well considering it was the first of the year. >> a test run, i guess. thanks so much. >> thanks. speaking of test runs today was a pretty good practice run for the winter driving season, but, of course, things could be much slicker for the morning commute. experts say there are few things you can do to keep in mind mined when you're driving in the snow. first -- mind when you're driving in the snow. first don't drive too fast, keep a distance from the car in front of you and if you get in trouble, resist the urge to jam on the brake and jerk the wheel. >> if something does happen, don't make sudden movements. it's better to it steer your
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way straight and steer off the roadway than to try to fight that car to keep it on the road because generally what people do is)ing on the wheel and jamming -- is jerking the wheel and jamming on the brake and you're setting yourself up to go off the roadway. as the snow falls, it's hard to forget the misery many of us felt without power during the massive snowstorms last winter. now one year later pepco is hoping to prevent a repeat performance by cutting the trees away from power lines before there's a problem. fox 5's sherri ly caught up with some of those crews today. >> reporter: this is what $7 million gets all around d.c., montgomery and prince george's county. trees are coming down. this winter pepco's tree crews are doing the work before the snow can take out power lines. >> i do think they've gotten the message that they have to
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get better. it's a little late to get the message, but i'm glad they've gotten it. >> reporter: montgomery county council member roger berliner has kept the heat on pepco after last winter's snowmageddon's fiasco. tens of thousands of pepco customers lost power for days. fallen trees and limbs were the biggest problem. that's why pepco tree crews are working through the snow. >> those crews are working six days a week 10 hours a day to get this work done. >> reporter: the utility tripled the number of tree crews to cut more than 1,500 miles of tree line. >> we're in good shape. our crews and contractors are ready. whatever the snow brings us we'll address. >> reporter: it all looks good, but cutting trees will only get pepco so far. >> the problem goes far deeper than that. pepco's ranking is the lowest quartile in the nation. it has nothing to do with storms. it's on cloudless sunny beautiful days. >> reporter: day to day
10:36 pm
equipment failures are the chief cause of outages. pepco is addressing that in its five year $256 million reliability enhancement plan. >> they should feel very confident with all the work that we're doing that there should be less outages. >> we've now gotten pepco's attention, but now we have to really get their attention by holding them accountable for their actions. >> reporter: there's no way to know if all this will make a difference in a big storm until we're in one. council member berliner is working with state lawmakers to introduce legislation that would hold utility companies accountable by making them meet certain reliability standards or face financial penalties. in glenn echo sherri ly, fox 5 news., your one stop shop for the latest on all winter weather. you'll find the latest forecast, current road conditions plus a list of delays and closings. the man that is being credited with ending a shooting at a school board meeting speaks out, hear how he was able to it move in and help
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take down the man with the gun. but first the nation's largest retailer is issuing a big recall. plus hope you bought your airline tickets already because prices are going up. here's neil cavuto with your business report. >> good news, bad news in housing, first the good, home construction activity rising for the first time in three months. those so-called housing starts increasing nearly 4% last month, but mortgage rates climbed for the fifth straight week. the average for fixed loan 4.83%. to wall street the dow gaining 43 points. wal-mart is recalling more than 2 million electric space heaters getting complaints from people saying the heaters have burned them or caused minor fires. honda is recalling 43,000 fit cars in the u.s. repairing a wiring problem that could cause the headlights to fizzle out. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. 
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 this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.
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the 911 call from the florida school board meeting where a gunman opened fire has now been released. the assistant superintendent of bay county schools fled from the meeting room where the ordeal was unfolding on tuesday. she then calmly explained the scene to the emergency operator as clay duke started shooting. >> oh, my gosh, he's firing. >> okay. >> he's firing. he's firing. i don't know. >> are you secure where you are -- >> i'll give you the names. >> who has been shot? >> oh, my god. >> who? >> everybody is okay.
10:42 pm
who was shot? >> the gunfire did not hit anyone in the auditorium. security guard mike jones shot duke, then turned the gun on himself and today that guard and duke's stepdaughter talked to the media for the first time since the incident. >> there's just so many things that go through your mind, but it was the instinct and the training and i'm just glad that they're all here and alive and i'm not a hero, folks. i just done my job. >> he loved my mother enough to do something crazy. i think depression took ahold of him and that was something he could never -- he just couldn't grasp it back. >> police say duke was likely upset over his wife being fired from the school earlier this year. defense lawyers in the uva lacrosse murder case want to seat victim's medical records. george huguely of she have -- seat victim's medical records. george huguely of chevy chase
10:43 pm
maryland was accused of the death of love. detectives say huguely forced his way into love's bedroom where he shook her and slammed her head repeatedly against a wall. an arrest just days after a fox 5 investigation. tonight on the edge why a d.c. firefighter is facing charges after years on paid administrative leave. plus the wikileaks hackers exposed, mass cyber criminals revealing how their organization works and why they're attacking certain websites all at 11:00.
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hello, everybody. welcome back. you know this is what -- the official, you know, like start of winter? >> getting there. next week it will be. >> next week will be the official start of winter, okay. what a way to welcome in t in. >> last year we had -- welcome it in. >> last year we had a huge snow december 18th and 19th. we got the official first inch
10:47 pm
on the 18th, but it was part of a snowstorm that brought us officially over 16 inches. i love this photo. we have to remember a lot of people have fun. this is pop pop pulling his grandkid in a john boat. >> i love it. >> that is a new take on tobogganing. isn't that so creative? we are so glad you sent that to dozens and dozens of photos and videos like i showed you earlier with the dogs playing. i think that looks like a blast. if you were my pop pop, i think i'd be jumping in that john boat, too. want to show you how things were looking today. the light snow started about 10:00 in the morning. it was very fine and stuck to everything so quickly. for a while today those roads were a mess. we were outside a bit ago and now you can obviously see that the skies are clearing and the temperatures are really dropping. i've got to tell you the area of low pressure that produced all this will be moving away quickly scooting across the carolinas and tomorrow will be a dry day and the sun will be back and best news of all,
10:48 pm
we'll see temperatures coming above freezing by the afternoon. now got other things to watch. first of all, in the morning we're very concerned a lot of these wet spots or untreated areas, slushy spots will turn into ice. watch for black ice. watch for the refreeze and especially in the suburbs pay attention to that because it's going to be well down into the single digits in some spots. above freezing, though, for afternoon highs the next few days. that ought to feel great. i've got to tell you just being outside tonight with no wind felt so much better even though it's in the mid-20s. we've been talking about a coastal storm for some time now on sunday. yesterday it looked like it would be mostly out to sea. today it's still a bit close to the coast. it's close enough now some models are suggesting there could be an accumulation as close by as the eastern shore, maybe flurries for d.c. so pay attention to that sunday forecast. we certainly will be here in the fox 5 weather center and keep you ahead of what we think
10:49 pm
is going to happen. today's high temperature, no wonder every flake was sticking only in the 20s across the region, 27 at reagan, dulles and dwi, 24 degrees. officially 1 1/2 inches goes in the books. that's what we picked up at reagan. it was lighter to the north and heavier to the south. culpeper and spotsylvania picked up 4 1/2 to 5 inches of snow. they don't even have school tomorrow. the big problem for the rest of the schools is how icy will it be in the morning because get this, fredericksburg and martinsburg are down to 7 degrees. it is so cold because of the snowpack and light wind and clearing skies. gaithersburg is down to 16 and manassas, d.c. 25 degrees. everybody will be experiencing a real cold night and real hard refreeze. you can see what the lows are, single digits to the west and mid-teens in the suburbs, about 22 degrees in the district. want to talk about the weekend quickly because this will be an important forecast. let's see if we can't jump right through this and get to the weekend. the track will be key to what
10:50 pm
happens sunday. if the storm is closer to the coast, that will be a big snow, maybe not for us, but for someone, especially long island, philadelphia, will have to watch that. if this track changes, maybe it starts to slide farther out to sea, that's going to mean no snow. we think it's close enough now that we could get a little bit of snow. coming up the coast it would take you out and watch what happens. i'll pause it at sunday at 8:00 in the morning. that's snow for southern maryland and the eastern shore. it continues out to sea, but some of that would be very heavy snow for philadelphia and manhattan. you can see it's a doozy of a storm. we'll watch it for you. in the five-day forecast we don't have anything to worry about for two days. that sunday storm we're calling flurries based on our latest modeling and monday must know and tuesday in the 30s again, so no -- monday and tuesday in the 30s again, so no big heatwaves. >> remember you can count on fox 5 morning news for everything you need to know before you head out tomorrow
10:51 pm
morning, school closings and delays, traffic reports starting tomorrow at 4:25 a.m. know your opponent brought to you by mcdonald's. >> each week at this time sports director dave feldman quizzes a certain redskin about the upcoming opponent and city, tough question. >> yes. >> many tough questions. it's dallas week, which means feldy went looking for a texan to quiz. >> i found a very big one named derrick dockery who is very good and showed us a lot of personality, but keep in mind, laura, i agree with you when you said that you were going to hand shawn her hat on this and she couldn't do nearly as well let's see how derrick did and then i'll quiz you two on a little thing we like to call know your opponent. >> it's time for another quiting episode of know your opponent. now here's your host dave feldman. >> reporter: know your opponent with derrick dockery from
10:52 pm
texas. are you already trying to cheat? >> i'm trying to get a sneak peek. >> reporter: the nation's first convenience store chain started in dallas in 1922. it's now in 18 countries. do you need a clue? the first convenience store. you've gone there many times. they're everywhere now. i'll give you another clue if you want. >> everywhere? >> reporter: want another clue? >> albertson's. kroger. >> reporter: they originally opened at 7:00. >> 7-eleven. >> reporter: the first one was in dallas. >> really? didn't know that. >> reporter: what soft drink was invented in waco, texas, in 1885? >> dr. pepper? >> reporter: that's correct. good job. texas is surrounded by what four states? >> oklahoma. >> reporter: that's one. >> louisiana. >> reporter: you got two. >> new mexico. >> reporter: that's three. >> arkansas. >> reporter: nice job, mr.
10:53 pm
geography. you're all right. you're rolling. you're from texas. which of the following teammates is not from texas, is not? ryan orakpo, anthony armstrong, trent williams, london fletcher. >> london fletcher, there it is. >> reporter: that's correct. you're 4-4. depends if we give you that first one on 7-eleven. are we giving you credit? >> you have to give me that one. i am a pretty smart guy. i went university of texas. >> reporter: not everyone that went to texas was smart, but i am. what texas team has a rule no smoking, no chewing gum while in uniform, a missed practice means missing the next home game, two missed practices means you're kicked off the team? what texas team? >> i might need a clue on that. >> reporter: here's your clue. there's absolutely no dating of the football players for this team. there's a rule you can't date
10:54 pm
the football players. >> dallas cowboy cheerleaders. >> i didn't know that one, no smoking, no drinking,. >> reporter: no chewing gum, can't date the players. you went 4-5. that's respectable, doc walker, the guy you're named after, went 3- 5. >> i'm better than doc. that's a passing grade. i'll take that any day. >> reporter: thanks for playing know your opponent. >> thank you for having me on. >> laura evans, 2-5, shawn yancy 2-5, derrick dockery 4-5. >> there were some questions i didn't know there. >> what's your criticism? >> no. you gave it away here in the studio. so we saw the map -- >> you're right. so we should delay putting the answer video on a little more. >> or we should wear blindfolds. >> or turn around next time. >> the people playing at home probably want to do the same thing.
10:55 pm
>> fine tuning here. thank you, feldy. >> thanks for your critique. >> we'll be right back. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. here's to the believers. the risk-takers. the visionaries. the entrepreneurs... who put it all on the line to build and run their own businesses. at at&t, we know something about that. our company started out in a small lab, with not much more than a dream. and today, we know it's small businesses that can create the jobs america needs.
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that's why at&t is investing billions to upgrade and build out our wired and wireless networks. making them faster, smarter, and more secure. connecting small businesses to markets across the country, and around the world. we invest now, because we know it will pay off... with new jobs, new growth, from a new generation, putting their belief in the future on the line. now is the time for investment and innovation. the future is waiting. and the future has always the future is waiting. and the future has always been our business. at&t.
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10:58 pm
most people rely on dogs for love and companionship. tonight fox 5's beth parker shows us how a special dog is helping change the life of a little girl from arlington, virginia. >> reporter: becca hemingway was adopted from an orphanage in china. when her new parents david and nancy brought her home in june, 2001, she was 16 months old but weighed a little more than many newborns. >> she wouldn't look at you straight in the eyes. >> reporter: they learned she had major developmental issues. experts believe she was abused in the most brutal ways. for years she had flashbacks screaming for hours at a time. >> she'd look into your eyes and you could tell she just wasn't there. >> reporter: but the family
10:59 pm
noticed that becca developed an interest in their two dogs boxers. soon they discovered a group called four paws. the group trains service paws to assist disabled children. after about a year the hemingways were matched with griswold. he's trained to interrupt some of becca's behaviors. >> most dogs would run for the hills when she's having a flashback. she can be very loud. >> she screams. >> she can scratch. >> he is right next to her and even when we can't get near her because she's screaming or upset or kicking or biting because she's afraid somebody is going to hurt her, he can and does. >> reporter: griswold is pretty much an ordinary dog without his harness, but put on the harness and he's an extraordinary dog. he knows it's time to get to work. >> he's considered durable medical equipment and that's what he is, but he's so much more to us, of course. >> reporter: becca is ow


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