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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  March 31, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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edge at 11:00. a news edge exclusive right off the top tonight. tomorrow is judgment day for a virginia man who murdered his wife and her two children. tonight we're learning more about what happened back in 2009. the victim's family breaking their silence. they're speaking only to fox 5. laura evans is in the newsroom with that one. >> carrillo dean will be sentenced tomorrow for the murder of elizabeth dean and his two stepchildren. tonight elizabeth's mother is speaking to us because she wants the truth to be out there. she says the family has uncovered new information about her son-in-law carrillo dean, a former prince william park ranger, his use of a gun and his mental health. she says there were red flags long before the murders. >> i don't think his brother fought. >> reporter: when rose clark thinks about her daughter elizabeth dean and her two grandchildren brittany and connor, she's flooded with memories of their 2009 murders. >> it's devastating to know that you had a daughter and two
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wonderful grandchildren that were shot in the face, such a violent act, a hateful act. >> reporter: the man who pulled the trigger? carrillo dean, the children's stepfather, elizabeth's husband. he was a respected senior ranger with the prince william county park authority. >> we had seen him when we were visiting in his park ranger's uniform with a gun and i thought that was part of his job. >> reporter: but in prince william county park rangers don't carry guns. however, in a deposition dean's brother, a fairfax county cop, said dean did carry a gun on the job saying, "i just know the park authority allowed him to carry it." ronquillo dean also revealed his brother suffered from psycho local issues and had had some breakdowns after his first marriage ended and didn't go to work for a year. >> the ex-wife and the story
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that she told about his having violent dreams and wanting to hurt people. and the fact that he could carry a gun and nobody cared. >> reporter: carrillo dean told police he and his wife argued and he couldn't take it, but rose clark says that's all a lie. >> it was bad enough that he had killed them, but to make it appear as though he was forced to do it because he was angry. >> reporter: we tried to reach the park authority and dean's brother, but no one returned our calls. we've also learned from the deposition that dean had reportedly been turned down for jobs by prince william and fairfax county police and that prince william county schools rejected dean because of an unsuccessful background check. we should note that dean's gun was legal to have on county park land under virginia's open carry law, although it may not have complied with park authority policy. >> let's talk about tomorrow.
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how much time is carrillo dean facing? >> life. the clark family wanted prosecutors to seek the death penalty in the case, but carrillo dean who pled guilty will be sentenced to life in prison, no chance of parole. new this evening hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry gone and these are the guys howard county police are looking for. investigators say they walked into edward arthur jewelers at the mall in columbia yesterday, flashed a gun, demanded the jewelry. no one was hurt during the robbery. police are offering a reward up to five grand for info leading to an arrest. also in maryland tonight montgomery county is following d.c.'s lead now considering a 5- cent bag tax at grocery store. they say the goal is to cut down on bag use and eliminate pollution of local waterways. not everybody is on board. fox 5's wisdom martin is here now. >> it's called council bill 811, the carry-out bag tax. it puts a five cent tax on
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carry-out bags by retail businesses to customers. the money would go to the water quality and protection fund, but asking people to pay an additional tax at the store may not be a popular idea. a nickel for a plastic shopping bag may not seem like much, but to some shoppers in montgomery county paying five cents per bag every time you go to the store is ridiculous. >> i guess i will have to bring my own suitcase from now on, but i'm not paying five cents a bag. >> probably taking advantage of me because i probably would just have to pay it anyway. >> find it upsetting. >> reporter: environmentalists say millions of plastic bags were consistently littering and clogging streams. in 2009 montgomery county spent $3.3 million in removal and litter protection. so county leaders consulted with the district about the bag tax they created to clean up the pollution in the anacostia and potomac. councilman tommy wells is a lead sponsor of the d.c. bag tax. >> this has been remarkable. customers, our residents, my voters have adapted to the
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change in d.c. quickly with relatively few complaints. the five cent fee really has proved to be what it was intended to get into your head, not your pocket so, you have that moment to say a choice. do you really need a bag with that. >> reporter: councilman wells said the d.c. program reduced the use of plastic bags by 85%. supporters of the montgomery county bag bill are hoping they see the same kind of results. >> it's out of your pocket every single time you go to the grocery store to bring your own bags. it's going to save you money and save the environment. >> now the next meeting is set for this coming monday. montgomery county officials still the tax will bring in more than a million dollars in its first full year. >> is this a blanket thing here or is this tax going to apply to everybody and every business? >> there are some exceptions and the only exception is the bags provided by pharmacists, newspaper bags, bags from the farmers market and bags given to customers at restaurants that take prepared food and drinks. there you go, brian. >> if you're wondering, d.c.'s
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paper and plastic bag fee has been in place since january 2010. during its first year the fee raked in $2 million lower than expected. officials had estimated the five cent tax would raise 3 1/2 mill. the money from the fee goes towards the cleaning of the anacostia river. a charles county supervisor charged with stealing federal grant money. >> rhayda barnes-thomas was charged. feds say they recovered some of the stolen cash, but some 200 items worth more than $100,000 still missing. barnes-thomas faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted. the legal probe into former for john edwards continues. today prosecutors interviewed edwards' former aide andrea young more than four hours. prosecutors are looking into -- andrew young more than four hours. prosecutors are looking dow money allegedly paid to keep
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edwards mistress in hiding. mark kelly is the commander for endeavour's final mission and is hopeful his wife gabrielle giffords will make it to the kennedy space station for the april 19th liftoff. up next a new up close look at the bombing raids in war torn lybia, on the front lines on the other side of the break. they say defense wins championships, but apparently not opening day games. coming up in sports, so long phillies, hello nats, how jayson werth fared in his new red and white uniform. a quick check of the rundown. news edge at 11:00 will be right back. . >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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more disturbing news out of japan, radiation readings under one of the reactors at a damaged nuclear plant hit 10,000 time the government standards. experts from around the world are either in japan or on their way to help find the source of the contaminated water there. meantime 11,000 people are confirmed dead, another 16,000 missing after the earthquake and tsunami on march 11th. another developing story the world is watching tonight, we're getting an up close look at the bombing raids on the front lines of libya. this new video comes after word moammar gadhafi's foreign minister has defected to england. fox's steve harrigan has more from tripoli. >> reporter: new video released thursday of belgian aircraft bombing targets inside libya including what appears to be a fighter jet and nearby buildings. france also showing new images of its jet hitting an ammunition storage building earlier in the week. both countries are taking part in operation odyssey dawn now led by nato.
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on the ground a far less advanced battle is raging in brega. poorly armed rebels are fighting colonel gadhafi's forces launching rockets from pickup trucks as they try to win control of this city, but their better equipped rivals have forced them to flee a number of times. there have now been two major defections in gadhafi's inner circle. the opposition says the regime is crumbling, but they are still fearful of the long serving dictator. >> colonel gadhafi now can be described as an injured wolf. injured wolf is more dangerous than a healthy wolf and he's just going to try inflict as much damage as possible. >> reporter: gadhafi still has suspecters, though. government controlled television is showing his backers rallying in tripoli. the leader who hasn't been seen in days also released a statement saying the west has "started something dangerous it cannot be controlled." with the rebels now in a chaotic retreat east towards benghazi the debate is whether they should be armed and who
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will provide those arms and the training for the rebel fighters. in tripoli steve harrigan, fox news. coming up next the hh.o.t. lane construction causing headaches -- the h.o.t. lane construction causing headaches, an update, what to expect in the next few months. when we take the edge off vanilla ice has a new gig, details at 11:29. but first our record for the housing market. that mansion right there sold for $100 million, one of the largest sales ever of a single family home in the u.s. the 18- acre property overlooks the san francisco bay, includes several pools, a theater, ballroom, russian billionaire uri millner bought it. get this. right now he has no immediate plans to move in. as
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you've driven it, you know it is a mess. the beltway between the mixing bowl and the dulles toll road is a traffic nightmare because of that h.o.t. lanes project, but vdot reports tonight the project is on track and 65% finished. in the coming months you'll notice a change to the area's traffic flow, however. crews will shift traffic to continue construction in between the beltway's inner and outer loops. the high occupancy toll lanes are scheduled to open late next year. thousands of new parking meters you pay for with your cell phone are going into
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service, plus the link between pregnancy and the recession. back to shawn yancy for your fox 5 top five. >> up first tonight, the number of babies born in the u.s. is dropping. no. 5, the number of births in the u.s. fell 4% between 2007 and 2009. the decline was seen in women younger than 40 in all major racial and ethnic groups. researchers think the decline is linked to the economic depression. the recession is looking up on the jobs front. no. 4, jobless claims fell by 6,000 last week, but 388,000 -- to 388,000. experts say it's a good sign. the labor market is improving slowly and things should start to pick up in the next few months. no. 3, metrorail is opening early to accommodate people heading to this sunday's cherry blossom run and walk. the race starts at 7:40 a.m. metro opens at 5 a.m. the smithsonian metro station on the blue and orange line is the closest spot to the start/finish line. no. 2, you can now use your cell
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phone to pay county parking meters in bethesda. the program will be available soon in silver spring, wheat ton, bethesda by this summer. and no. 1 tonight. some of the bridges you drive on every single day are in desperate need of repair. a new report shows d.c. has a higher percentage of bridges that need to be fixed than the national average. 12% of the city's 244 bridges are structurally deficient. nearly 7% of maryland's bridges are in bad shape, 9% in virginia and that's tonight's fox 5 top five. cruising into the weekend here. you say there's a shrivel of hope. >> it gets better for the weekend -- a sliver of hope. >> it gets better for the weekend. the best day by far for the weekend is sunday. it's going to be dry and sunny and we will see 60 degrees in some places i think around here on sunday. so that's something to look
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forward to. it's been nine days. we've had nine days now below 60 degrees and 60 degrees is normal for this time of year. as a matter of fact, 61 is normal for this time of year. it just went up a degree yesterday. pretty shot out there tonight even though we have a little bit of fog and drizzle. you can see the capitol in the distance. i wanted to say earlier at 10:00 we had some wonderful cherry blossoms and that was care of our great photographer craig little who is doing a good job out there tonight. i always like to get their names in. they treat you real well, too. in the future when you mention their names a lot like craig little out there tonight. thanks, craig. here's what's coming up right now with some showers. if you're in television, you'll know treat the photographers good. you see the yellows here? it could be mixing like we were getting tonight but haven't had any reports of that. mainly this is just rain coming across. you can see a little pink out there. that is where we are getting
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some mixing. in northern culpeper county back out towards prince william county and manassas, this could be just a little bit of mix there that eventually could come across the city. it won't be unheard of to hear the tick, tick of sleet or wet snow mixed in. in terms of our temperatures now it's still mostly lower 40s and upper 30s. we'll switch over now to true view, slightly larger picture. you can see all this in motion coming up from the southwest. the majority of this rain is down to the south and it looks like the heaviest will be kind of moving on off to the east of us. area of low pressure is getting a little bit stronger as it rolls up the coast here. now we're not going to get substantial snow from this, but farther north and west you can see the snow. that will intensify tonight and tomorrow and it looks now like just north of the big city along i-95 -- just west, pardon me, of the big cities up to the north of us, philly up to new york back out to the west of
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that they'll pick up some good snow and up into new england they'll pick up some good snow, too. here's your three-day forecast. 50 degrees tomorrow, may have showers, a little sunshine. saturday it will be 50 degrees, too and a few showers there. on sunday now again this is what we were talking about earlier. it's going to be real nice, looks like lot of sunshine, 58 degrees here in town, but down south, southwest i think easily on sunday up around 60 degrees or so and remember, 61 is normal. so it will be nice to be back up towards normal for a change. 41 in town, 39 frederick, 38 in hagerstown and winchester, too. where we're getting some of this mixing taking place, don't worry. temperatures are not supporting any slippery conditions on the roads. certainly by tomorrow morning it won't be any different either. showers, a little drizzle tonight, 30s everywhere, temperature in town upper 30s, winds north 5 to 10 miles per hour and for tomorrow we'll start off with showers, 38 degrees, still some showers
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passing by at noon and tomorrow afternoon we think the wind is going to kick up, 20 to 25 miles per hour. so it will be a little bit breezy late, a few showers saturday, sunny sunday and it warms up next week, but still we bring back more rain and some thunderstorms for monday into tuesday. lindsay murphy is back in. opening day out at nats park. she'll have more details on all the sporting news when the edge continues. stay with us. 
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good evening. i'm lindsay murphy. capitals defenseman dennis wiegmann took a hard hit during tuesday's game and wasn't in the lineup today. he's in the hospital with a significant leg hematoma as a result of blood leaking into soft tissue. there is no telling when he may return. meanwhile his teammates hit the ice tonight. there's alex ovechkin against the columbus blue jackets. early in the 1st period caps on the attack. brook laich's shot would be stop with john carlson to put home the rebound. his seventh of the year 100 career game. 1-0 capitals. later in the period a brawl. the gloves dropped, two of the big fighters from each squad. each received five minute majors. this game goes into overtime tied at three. carlson liking jason chimera hooked up for that first goal. carlson to laich, scoring the game winning goal against his
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former team. the capitals win 4-3 and they eclipse the 100 point mark with tonight's victory. opening day was cold dreary and not so great offensively for the nationals, but it's game one of the season, no sense hitting the panic button yet especially after seeing some improvement defensively. before the game from right to left morgan wuten, willie stewart and james brown inducted into the d.c. hall of fame and also dominic dodds but she was not -- domonique dodds but she was not present. the nats franchise down 1-0 in the 2nd, make that 2-0. jason heyward going deep, the second day in a row hitting a homer in his first at bat. this time hernandez getsly van looking going 6 -- gets livan looking going 6 1/3. alex gonzalez off the end of
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his bat and there, folks, is jayson werth and that big contract. great defense from the nationals but the offense doesn't produce, the nats shut out 2-0 by the braves. >> great game. they had a great game, you know, but you got to give the credit to the opposite pitcher. they're tremendous and the bullpen came and in the strike zone and, you know, there's a lot of games left and, of course, we got to take a lot of things positive. we played a great game, too. >> there was so much going on outside stuff that won't happen again for the rest of the year. it's really hard to -- you really don't get a chance to get that loose again. so you just go out this and play. look forward to the second game and get things going. >> that second game by the way not tomorrow. it will be played saturday. hey, rain all but ruined nats fest yesterday, didn't exactly clear up today. that steady mist falling felt
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more like february than march, but did it have any impact on the game? we checked in with some of the nationals players to get that answer. >> it wasn't that bad to tell you the truth. i think it got a little cold at end, but as long as it's not windy it's fine and the field was perfect. so it was good. >> opening day, you don't really see that kind of stuff. that stuff is out of your head. you kind of go out there and play. to start the game we were out there waiting and it was pretty chilly, but throughout the game it didn't really affect anybody i don't think. >> no excuses. we like that. finally john wall has been suspended one game for his altercation with the heat's zydrunas ilgauskas last night. ilgauskas was fined $21,000. that's a look at sports. the edge will be right back. 
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well, you're stilling if to need the up -- going to need the umbrella tomorrow, but at least we get to 50 degrees and going into the weekend things gradually get better. sunday looks real nice. ♪check out the hook where my dee-jay is performing ♪ >> from ice, ice baby to no sound at all. vanilla ice is


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