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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  May 1, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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hope john paul ii is one step closer to becoming a saint. pope benedict bee atfied his predecessor in front of more than a million worshipers. no one is happier or proud tore put this birth certificate mission to rest than donald. >> president obama gets his revenge on the birth certificate. good morning. first let's get right to the top story this morning. more than a million faithful
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crowded into st. peters square to celebrate pope john paul ii moving him closer to sainthood. the church has accepted a first miracle attributed to pope john paul. a second verified miracle is needed for sainthood. this is the highest honor. john paul will be known as blessed. the beatification process was began right after his death in 2005. it was joy us for catholics all around the world and joining me is susan tim one, the executive director for esankellization and family life for the archdiocese of washington. we have millions of people, beautiful ceremonies this morning. >> gorgeous. >> and we have 16 heads of state, 7 prime ministers, five members of europe royal
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families, this is bigger than just the catholic church. >> i think so. and it is so indicative of the impact that pope john paul ii had in the world. he traveled the ends of earth and he was willing to meet with anyone who was interested in knowing what it is that the church can offer the world. and so i think it's an absolute representation of the way he touched so many people. >> now when i was growing up in catholic church, three miracles were required for sainthood and john paul changed that to two? why was the change made? >> i think because he was someone who felt it was important that people understand it was the whole way the person lived their life that made them a saint. this idea of they lived a life of heroic virtue. so the miracles are a sign that god believes this person is holy, but more importantly how can they show us what it means to be a christian or son and daughter of god and that's what john paul wanted to see.
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>> instead of just a miracle- worker? more than that? >> exactly, the day in and day out way they lived their life. >> which would speak to how john paul lived his life as well. >> universal agreement that he was a man of god and loved god and he was a man that had this unshakeable hope in the good. >> so let's take a look at the press he is for john paul. i know that we started in 2005. pope benedict waived the five- year waiting period for sainthood induction. and then what happened in. >> people go to their bishop and say we think this man or this woman is a saint. and so the bishop collected all of the material they have on the person's life and send it's to rome. and then there is a group of people in rome whose job is to look at all of their writing, to interview people who knew them and worked with them, to interview family members and to say we see a pattern of
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holiness. we see a pattern that this person in ordinary ways understand the christian message. >> and there is an investigation that goes on? >> yes. everything that the person wrote or may be recorded that they talked about is examined. so for someone like pope john paul ii it's an enormous body of work. and when they come to the conclusion that, yes, this person has these attributes that we're looking for and that there has been a miracle, then they are ready to bee atfy the person and sainthood comes with the second miracle. >> and there has been some criticism because this was fast- tracked. in fact faster, from what i read, that mother teresa. >> uh-huh. >> and so why not wait? why put it on the fast track instead of just -- what would be the harm in waiting for a little while? >> i think it's an interesting and lovely example of this is something people wanted.
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if you remember at the funeral they were chanting saint now. but more importantly he's such a man for our time. so many times people think saints are so different than me. well this is someone we knew. and this is someone who i think has something to say to the world today. he was just someone who grew up and experienced a marxist regime and he knees what it is not like to have political freedom and at this day in age when people want freedom, he was a man who knew deep suffering. he lost his mom when he was 4 and his dad when he was 20 and he lived with a disease. and so i think for a world that experiences so much suffering he had this unshakeable hope and trust that god could make it right. and thirdly, i think he is someone who people had a sense was deeply devoted to god. >> right. >> and believed in what he preached. >> and real quickly before we go, we want to mention a great
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day also for cardinal donald wuerl. and he's been given a church in rome but that doesn't mean he's leaving. >> he's not leaving town. no, next sunday in one of the ancient tradition of church. the cardinals were pastors around rome and to keep that unit of the local church and the roman church, when a cardinal is elevated to the college of cardinals he's given a church in rome to continue that tradition that those cardinals come from pastoring these particular churches. so next sunday he'll take possession, what a gray way to describe it, of his church in rome, susan, thank you for joining us on this wonderful day for catholics around the world and here in the d.c. area. >> my pleasure. thank you for having me. we're following a developing story. there are reported that gadhafi escaped a attack if tripoli but
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his youngest son and grandchildren under the age of 12 were killed. the white house is not commenting. the fateo commander maintains that the coalition does not target individuals. now to the tornado clean-up in the south. this weekend victims and relief workers are trying to figure out where to begin with miles of devastation. the death toll now stands at 342. 249 people in alabama alone but more than 500 are still missing across the state. casey stegall is in concord, alabama, with the story. >> i personally will visit all of the places that have been effected and especially places where we've had loss of life. >> reporter: robert bentley discussing plans to tour more parts of the state as the count of those dead and missing continues to climb. >> it's not just tuscaloosa or birmingham, it's all over the state of alabama where these tornadoes have caused a tremendous amount of damage, tremendous loss of life. >> reporter: that loss of life
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stretching across 7 states in the south. as it stands more than 300 are reported dead. a rescue and recovery effort remains underway. search teams and cadaver dogs are sifting through massive piles of debris for victims. sur survivors, the devastation is overwhelming. in tuscaloosa, this family is starting their new lives together from scratch. four weeks after tieing the knot, they lost everything but did manage to find something to be thankful for. >> god is good because we only had this injury on my leg and my daughter got an injury on her leg. >> reporter: their story is like so many coming out of the area. volunteer organizations are racing to hard-hit areas, hoping to lighten the load for the thousands without shelter, food and basic necessities. >> whatever they need us to do, picking up tree limbs, giving
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water and food, whatever we need to do. >> reporter: all throughout this region tales of survival mixed with tails of tragedy. the man who owned this car dealership made it out alive but across the street a woman and her two young children were found dead. there is one common threat, however. the people of the south are pulling together and helping each other in this dramatic time of need. in concord, alabama, casey stegall, fox news. well some folks in our area are joining the effort to help the victims of the severe weather in alabama. more than 200 people gathered at the gin and tonic bar for a charity event. it was put together by some alumni from the university of alabama. some have family members directly affected by the tragedy. >> i'm from tuscaloosa and my grandmother lived there on lake avenue. her house was mostly destroyed. she was very lucky, got into the basement just in time. and her house is actually the
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only house that is even partially still standing in that neighborhood so we feel lucky. but please donate to the red cross or whom ever you feel appropriate. they need the help down there. >> the money collected goes to the relieve effort in the south -- relief effort in the southern states. they are planning another funding effort in the district. you can call 800-red cross or log on to red and you can text red cross to 9099 to make a donation. you can find all of the information on our website at well the weekend weather here is beautiful. we'll take a live look outside right now. national cathedral and the potomac river in the background. a wonderful start to the morning this morning. it is 52 degrees. at 8:10 in the morning. gwen tolbert is down in the weather center with the outlook for today. good morning. >> good morning. you're right, we have a great
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start to the day. one note with regard to the tornadoes. the national weather service issued a statement that the tornadoes hit parts of virginia and the number is now confirmed to be 12 tornadoes that hit in virginia. really spring weather taking a real turmoil over many parts of the country. well here at home we're not doing badly. we have some rain moving in. light showers across the area. take a look at true view. that's the story cross the -- across the day. and we'll seeing that over shenandoah valley. and it looks from hancock to winchester and we'll watch that today into the course of the afternoon. to our weather maps to take a look at yesterday daytime highs. below seasonal. 68 degrees at national airport. and dulles 66, and 68 at baltimore. so as we start out this morning, your temperatures into the 50s everywhere. low 50s. 54 at national airport, 51 at baltimore.
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we have 52 degrees at dulles. and today we are talking about more clouds than sun. and the showers. but we'll be mild, warming up to 70 degrees today with a light wind from the south, 5-10 miles per hour. and our forecast, as we look ahead, it won't be too bad but a few unexpected things. i'll have those details later. back to you. >> tank you, gwen. this past week president obama released his birth certificate in hopes of putting the controversy to rest. he said the nation needs to focus on real issues. >> we're not going to be able to do it if we spend time vilifying each other, we're not going to be able to do it if we just make stuff up and pretend that facts are not facts. we're not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by side-shows and carnival barkers. >> president obama used the controversy as his go-to choice
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at the annual white house correspondent summit. they joined the president and first lady. glee star matthew morrison was there along with other famous fox payments. "saturday night live" myers served as host. they took jabs at those thinking about a presidential run. >> there is a vicious rumor that i think could hurt mitt romney. i heard he passed universal health care when he was governor of massachusetts. someone should get to the bottom of that. and i know just the guy to do it -- donald trump. >> don trump is saying he will run for the president as a republican which is surprising because i assumed he was running as a joke. >> donald not smiling there. the correspondent's dinner was held in the northwest. high gas prices are
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bringing in record profits at the oil companies. we'll tell you what the president wants to do about it when we come back. 
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gas prices on the rise once again. the national average for a gallon went up 1 cents overnight to $3.94. and drivers in d.c. now paying $4.12. $3.95 in maryland and virginia is the cheapest at $3.85 a gallon. american drivers are full of frustration at the pump as gas companies are full on profits. president obama has a plan for lowering gas prices but do lawmakers think it will work? will thomas takes a look. >> reporter: the president said in his weekly address, the private sector has added nearly 2 million jobs in the last 13 months and that oil companies saw their profits pump up 30%, $25 billion. he said that's great and he has no problem with companies being rewarded for their success. but the president said thinks oil is doing well enough and don't need federal taxpayer subsidies. >> when oil companies are
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making huge profits already and you're struggling at the pump and we're scouring the federal budget for spending we can afford to do without, these tax giveaways aren't right and they aren't smart and we need to end them. >> and the huge profits he mentioned, they really are huge. exxon mobil for example, reported earnings of $10.6 billion in the first quarter. that's up 69% from the first quarter of 2010. so the president doesn't think they need taxpayer help. but republican congressman james langford said that doesn't mean we should hurt them by jacking up taxes and if we do that, until the end our problems will get worse. >> the president may think he's punishing ceo's of big companies but his plan will hurt the everyday consumer and imperil the millions of workers. >> and that was will thomas reporting. paul ryan, another republican, said at a town hall meeting this week that he, like the president, thinks the federal
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subsidies to the oil companies should go away. nancy pelosi is calling on speaker boehner to bring it to the house floor for a vote. we continue to monitor metro. rail riders can expect a slow trip this weekend because of repair work. redline trains are sharing one track between shady grove and twin book and between takoma and forest glen stations on the yellow line. trains will share one track between hundreding ton and braddock stations. the duke and dutchen of cambridge are having to wait to take their honeymoon. why they can't take off yet. and post wedding day one and what will happen to katherine's bridal bouquet. for some people the check never comes that restaurant because a stranger is picking up the tab. i'm beth parker. the story of this mysterious do- gooder, coming up. 
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the duke and duchess of cambridge will have to wait for her honeymoon. prince william would have to go back to work on active military duty as a search and rescue pilot next week. we don't have any information on where he'll be sent for safety reasons. and no one knows where they will eventually go for their honeymoon. in a century old tradition, kate middleton's bridal bouquet has been placed on the tomb of the unknown warrior at the aby. it was began after queen mary did the same after marrying the duke of york. it served as a symbol for those in wars. and the president and first lady will appear on the oprah winfrey show on monday. the interview was taped as part of the farewell show. and prince charles will be here to meet with president
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obama at the white house and give a key note speech on sustainable agriculture. the two of debates for president will be on wednesday. many are scheduled to take part. it will air on fox. and first lady michelle obama will deliver the mensment address at the university of northern iowa on saturday. and our congratulations to all graduates. a virginia restaurant is serving up free meals complements of a stranger who is randomly picking up tabs. the good deeds have some of thinking of paying it forward. death parkers has more on the good samaritan. >> reporter: it's not on the menu, but somebody is serving up a big helping of generosity at this ruby tuesday restaurant in winchester, virginia. >> sorry to interrupt you but we're not giving you the check this evening someone else in the diner has asked to take your of your check. >> you can hardly believe it, that people would do that. just so generous.
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>> we had a serviceman in here in full uniform. the gentlemen decided to pick up his tab. >> maybe we should start doing that. >> we also had a party of six senior citizens dining with us and he bought their check and actually brought them to tears over the whole deal. >> but they were choked up when this happened. >> i can understand that. >> another one was a younger people with a newborn that he picked up their tab as well. >> reporter: people have lots of questions. >> why here? >> how long has he been doing this? >> a couple of months. >> i would like to know how he picks them. it would be a hard thing to do, wouldn't it. >> and the first question these ladies ask -- is he single? we're told he's not and some speculate he's not even rich. >> no, i don't think he would be a super wealthy guy. that's probably not the thing a super wealthy person would do. >> reporter: we can tell you that sometimes mystery man sits at the bar and sometimes in a booth and an open wallet and a
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big heart. >> it's a beautiful thing. >> i think it's wonderful. i think that's the ultimate philanthropy, where neither party knows each other. >> does it make you want to eat here more? >> yeah, if we run into this guy. >> the world does have a lot of good things going on. >> nice. very, very nice. >> puts a smile on everyone's face. brightens their day. >> well it's basic human nature. >> giving from the heart and it touches the hearts of the people that he's given to. >> would you tell this to anybody else you see today? >> everybody we see. we're not quiet. >> generosity that keeps flowing. >> reporter: in winchester, beth parker, fox 5 news. the republican presidential field begins to take shape and president obama shakes up the cabinet. these are the topics on fox news sunday and we'll have a preview when we return. and gwen will be back with a look at today's weather and a workweek preview. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be
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right back. 
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david pret reus at the c.i.a. and general john allen in afghanistan. these are the leader that's i've chosen to help guide us through the difficult days ahead. >> the president shakes up his national security. all of the newcomers are familiar faces to the war cabinet. so what does this mean for situation on the ground and the republican presidential field begins to take shape. chris wallace is the host of fox news sunday. he joins us with a preview of today's program. >> good morning, melanie. >> you so you take a intelligence guy and put him in charge of the war department and take a guy from the war department and put him in charge of intelligence, what happens there? >> and bob gates that was the defense secretary for the last two years of the bush administration and has stayed on, he was going to leave and
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retire. in fact he stayed on longer than anybody thought. with him out they have to make changes. and there is an interesting thing going on here and that is there seems to be a blurring of the lines or melding of defense military policy and intelegence which oftentimes have been kind of separated. but you see the military increasingly, as a consumer of intelligence information, and you see intel people like the c.i.a. being involved in things like the predator drones and those lines are getting blurred. i don't think panetta was brought in because of intelligence because he was the white house chief of staff and the white house director and there is no bigger bureaucracy than the pentagon.
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and petraeus is a big consumer of intelligence. so much of what they do in operations comes from the intelligence they get. so it made sense. the real key to this is not that there is a big change, but you have a lot of people who own the policy already in afghanistan, for instance, who will continue to run that policy. >> so, chris, do we expect to see any actual changes? >> no, i don't think you'll see changes in the sense that there is a revamping of what our strategy is in afghanistan. one of the areas that panetta is going to have to deal with is with all of the budget problems and the deficit and all also it was a plan that had been in the works for a while. he'll have to preside over fairly steep cuts in the pentagon budget. he was the budget chief for bill clinton, so he knows how to run a bureaucracy and make people tighten belts. and this week your
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exclusive guest this morning is represent michelle bachman. >> so many of the things they talked about became the tea party themes. and it's interesting, what she has fastened on is i think she's taken air of the sarah palin balloon. you hear less about palin and more talk about bachman. weigh born in iowa and it is a conservative. she could make a real play in the iowa caucus which would only jumbling up more very unsteady republican feel, a feel that doesn't seem to have taken shape at this point. >> a lot of people are looking forward to what she has to say this morning. thank you for your time. >> thank you, melanie. >> and you can catch fox news sunday at 9:00 a.m.
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right after our show. no one is happier or prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than the donalds. and that's because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter. like did we fake the moon landing? [ laughter ] >> what really happened in roswell, and where are biggy and tupac? >> a bit of revenge on trump at last night's correspondence dinner. i was watching the reaction shots and i don't think donald trump thought those were funny. >> i didn't see any smiles on his face. >> and i think he's plotting in his head. >> retaliation. >> i wonder what the retaliation is going to be next. he's thinking ahead on that. but the weather yesterday was very nice. >> we had a really nice day yesterday.
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today is going to deal with a little bit of a shower activity across the area. so do be prepared for that. here is a look at true view for you. where you can see there are some showers starting to move in a little bit and some areas will start to get moderate throughout the day but not everywhere. some of you will just see a little light bit of shower activity and even drizzle here and there. take a look at the winds right now. very calm across the area as we go to graphics. and not a lot happening in the wind department. the winds are very, very mild, we won't have a whole lot to deal with. our temperatures now into the 50s everywhere. the low 50s. so not a bad day. here is a look at your day planner. we are talking about a mild day with some showers. by midday around 64 degrees. and by the 4:00 hour around 70 and that's our high is for today. but once again, some of will you see patchy drizzle, some of will you see light hour activity. >> i was surprised yesterday, it was windy in the morning. i wasn't paying attention, gwen, i'm sorry. i should have known. but definitely looking forward
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to it. it was a great day. >> yes, it was. >> thank you -- thank you, gwen. and a wrap up of the nfl playoffs. >> we're going to talk playoffs and the nfl. who do you blame, my friend? >> the blame game. i have plenty of blame. i am going to shock you. >> you always do. off the wall coming up next. 
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making headlines in sports, the nfl draft is in the books. the skins made five trades over three days and have selected 12 players. their biggest haul since the 1980s. ryan kerrigan was the first rounder. jarvis jenkins and leonard hankerson were picked up in rounds two and three on friday. and the skins drafted three players in a row from nebraska yesterday. in the fourth round it was running back roy hallu, in the
8:40 am
5th, dijon gems and wide receiver paul. and a westfield high school alum. and also albert robinson. coach shanna head said this is only the beginning. >> we're not going to address everything through the draft. we have a board and we have to try to get better and we got some additional picks and i think we helped our football team in a lot of different areas. we have a lot of different directions we can go. i can't share our whole game plan with you now for obvious reasons but we do have a plan. well bad news for nats fans. ryan zimmerman needs surgery for a torn abdominal muscle. the injury first occurred at spring training and then he reaggregated it after playing just eight game this is season. and the nats look to make it two in a row against the giants yesterday afternoon. scoreless on the bottom of the 2nd.
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and rick ankiel's flair. shallow left falls in. ian desmond scores to give the nats a lead but it wouldn't hold. and top of the 7th, and bases loaded, john lennon walks in the winning run to give san fran the lead and the win 2-1. both teams go back at it today. and the orioles beat the white sox 6-2. and to college hoops. george mason has hired paul hewitt to replace injury lar ang egga. hewitt was fired last month. he won the acc coach of the year in 2001 and led the yellow jackets to the national championship in 2004. he will be introduced tomorrow. well the caps and the lightning lace them up for game two of the conference semi financials tonight at 7:00. touchdown took the first one at verizon center 4-2. and the caps are back on the highs for a practice skate yesterday. john carlson did not take part. he suffered an injury during a second period collision of game one. the coach hopes he will be
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available tonight. and the nhl and nba playoffs are in full swing is which is more compelling and who is to blame for the nfl lockout? dave ross and wisdom martin debate the issues in this week's edition of "off the wall." >> off the wall. and we have the nba and hockey playoffs. what is the best? >> what is the best? i would tell you both of them this year have been really good. and normally the nba, i don't even put in the same category, i'll put it up there because they've been good in the first round and there is nothing, and i mean nothing, like a game 7 in the nhl. it's not a five-minute over time period like in the nba. it's one goal and win you go on and lose you go home and especially when it's a game 7. i have to put the nhl above of because of the drama factor. >> i agree with you. initially hockey playoffs but down the road, when you get rid of the sorry teams in the nba after the first round and go to
8:43 am
the next round and the closer you get to the end, you have to go with the nba. because now you're getting down to the best of the best. >> and your boy kobe bryant. >> of course. my favorite nba player kobe is always there. and i love to watch him. >> last year it was lebron james. interesting. >> i'm going with the nba. >> and you're wrong again. it is the nhl playoffs. you're watching your cap tams and i know you it and you know it and that's why the nhl is better than the nba playoffs. >> let's talk about a real sport. let's talk about the nfl. >> they're not even playing games. >> that means we should be talking about it. >> and i ask you, who do you blame, because you love to play the name game, who do you blame more, the owners or the players for the catastrophe? >> i'm going to sound like a politician because i'm going to split the blame down the middle. >> pick a five. >> i'm going to lay it out. players want the owners to open up the books, there is not a company in america that will
8:44 am
open up their books to the employees and show them how much they are making or losing. that just doesn't happen. after all, it is the owner's team. >> so you are blaming the players? >> this is their product and anybody can play football. if they get rid of all of those guys, somebody will play football. the quality won't be as good but you'll find people. >> i can't believe what i heard. it is the owners to blame. the bottom line is because it's their game, they're the ones locking out the players. the players didn't go on strike. owners said you're not playing football this year until you do it the way we want you to do it and the players are saying, no, let's be fair. i have to blame the owners. >> just like the rest of the companies in america, sell telling the employees what to do. >> that's your political side coming out. i blame you the owners and i blame wisdom martin. >> i'm on the side of the players now.
8:45 am
you convinced me. the players are right. well i have a feeling that debate will continue. and a local school for boys. a live interview with two people involved in the nonprofit. gwen tolbert has been working with the organization for years. >> very. and very proud to be a part of it. and mother nature changing things a little bit. a few clouds and i'll have the details in your five-day forecast coming up after the break. 
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the big story this morning, more than a million faithful crowded into st. peter's square to celebrate the beatification of john paul ii. moving the objective one step closer to saint hood. they said a french nun with parkinson's was considered the miracle. john paul will now be known as
8:49 am
blessed. such a great morning for it. >> it is. we have a few clouds rolling in here and a few changes underway. yesterday was great but let's get right to it and show what you is happening outside. a beautiful shot of the cathedral. and a little bit of sunshine. it's not all bad today. i'm happy to say the weekend started out just absolutely fabulously yesterday. hopefully you got out to enjoy it. so let's take a look now at true view -- i'm sorry, satellite radar for you. some clouds and some sunshine. but the clouds are rolling in. a ridge of high pressure in control. but the showers edging into parts of the west and to the north of us and that will be the continued pattern of the day. so if you are going out you might want to keep an umbrella handy because we do expect it to continue and into tonight we'll see more as well as that frontal system starts to approach us. but a mild day and a fairly warm day. into monday and tuesday, look
8:50 am
at this, the wet weather continues to head it's way across the region. so temperatures yesterday below seasonal. 68 at national, 66 at dulles and 68 at baltimore airport. and right now temperatures not bad. pretty good start to the day. it's a little mild outside and just getting better and it will be warmer today than yesterday. 54 at national, the same at gaithersburg. we have 54 at frederick. martinsberg this hour kicking in at 50 degrees. we have 52 at dulles and 51 at baltimore. 54 to the south and fredericksberg. let's tack a look at -- let's take a look at radar. warm front to the north of us is going to lift it's way up as a ridge of high pressure builds out about this is the major weather-maker as we move into the monday and tuesday period. it will head through. look at the storm associated with it here. we expect it to move later into, say, tuesday, tuesday night. and back to the weather map. temperatures will be a factor. we'll get warmer air pushing in
8:51 am
from the south. you can see where the front is, cooler air behind is. so we'll get a rise in the temperatures and then a dip. here is a look at the future cast. frontal system moving closer and high pressure out of the way and then seeing showers into the afternoon. and to the part of tonight as well. so just be prepared for that. here is a look at what is happening then as we wrap it up. 70 degrees for today. not bad, fairly mild. and then for tonight we'll end up seeing temperatures at about 54 degrees. here is a look at your five-day forecast. we're going to end up seeing a little bit of an unsettled pattern into the course of the week. be prepared for that. but by thursday we're back to sunshine. melanie. >> gwen, that looks great. there is a special place in brookeville maryland that disadvantaged boys are able to call home. it's called our house, a place where america's forgotten children get a chance the auck -- the chance to success at life. >> i need to get out of this.
8:52 am
>> everyone deserves a second chance. helping troubled young men ages 16-20 better their futures. our house gives them trade skills and an education. help us build an eco-friendly graduate house so we can reach out to more boys. for more info, go to our >> and fox 5 is a sponsor of our house. and gwen tolbert has been working with the nonprofit for years. >> i have. and with me now is richard andrew who is founder and executive director and board member darrell davis who is also a musician extraordinaire i want to say. and thank you for coming in. and i'm happy that we can get a chance to talk about this. hitch ard -- richard, you started it 18 years ago with eight students. and they come from a bit of a rough background? >> they are abandoned, abused,
8:53 am
neglected and or fanned -- orphaned young men. >> and at one point there was someone who helped you. >> oprah winfrey helped us buy our 140-acre farm near olney and we're just delighted she did that. she had us on her show and it was terrific. >> now tell me, what does your program offer to the students? >> during the daytime we teach them carpentry and then education and community service. >> what community service have you done? >> we've done thousands of hours from making sandwiches, cleaning up buildings, painting, helping senior citizens. >> i know you have done habitat for humanity. >> dozen of times. >> and you have a garden. >> yes we do. >> and where do the students
8:54 am
come from? >> d.c., maryland and virginia. >> so the neighborhoods here around everyone and that's why people should know about this place because it is right in their own backyard. and you're talking about expanding. what is the reason for doing that? >> we have a waiting list. right now we can only have 16 teenage boys and we have such a waiting list that we want to build a new dorm. a brand new green dormitory. we're going to call it green building for futures. >> so how much do you need to raise? >> $3.5 million. but the young men themselves can help build it. >> it's good to know. because it's going to allow you to do what -- to do what in terms of expansion as far as students are concerned? >> well after we expand, in addition, our young men will be the first ones on the cutting neck willing to -- the cutting technology of green building. many carpenters because it's new the approach to green building. so our young men will have that. >> i think we have video of the
8:55 am
building that they are looking at expanding to. now we have a fundraiser coming up and i'm part of that i'm happy to say. and darrell can you tell us some of the that will be there. >> we have colin powell as an honorary chair, county executive ike leggett will be a host and the father of taiwan do and several others. >> and i know colin powell has lent his name and he believed in it so much and sheila johnson will be there and sue palka will be this and some of our hankers there. willie jolly, motivational speaker and chris coste. now what can we expect that night? >> phenomenal entertainment. these are the future of stars of music in this country. we have chelsea green, who is
8:56 am
playing a combination of classical and jazz violin and viola. and we also have the jolly brothers nate and nathan and noble jolly, pianist and drummer. and they will play jazz. we have matt wiggler a piano progeny. alicia ward, a celloist and some blues and rock 'n' roll. >> and it will be held at the mansion at strat more in north bethesda. it is on friday may 20th and it opens at 7:00 p.m. and program starts at 8:00 p.m. and tickets should be bought in advance. and a live and silent auction with a lot of great items. we'll be back after the break. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> thank you. 
8:57 am
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and you are looking at more video this morning of the ceremony of the beatification of pope john paul. this large photo was unveiled in st. peters square. we're told the crowd erupted in cheers, tears and applause. pope john paul on the way to sainthood and that st. peters basilica will be open


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