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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  May 2, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden bin.
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>> usa! usa! >> the world reacts after osama bin laden bin's reign of terror comes to an end. >> the world is safer. it say better place because of the death of osama bin laden bin. >> the news bringing much needed closure to families who lost loved ones on 9/11. >> osama bin laden bin is dead and the world trade center site is teeming with new life. >> there's a great sense of satisfaction and relief. >> while others are worried about what's to come. >> here i am going overseas, so now i have to consider all these -- the impact of what happened. i'm happy it happened, but still scared. >> tonight fox 5 goes in depth as new information is revealed about the death of the world's most wanted terrorist. >> good evening. i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm shawn yancy. president obama traveled to new york city -- travels to new york city tomorrow to mark the death of osama bin laden bin. the white house says he will visit ground zero and meet with the families of those killed nearly 10 years ago. also tonight we're learning more about that predawn raid that led to the al qaeda
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leader's death. a u.s. official said bin laden was shot above his left eye blowing away part of his skull. fox 5's tom fitzgerald is back from the white house with new information about the operation. this was much riskier than first thought. >> yes, shawn. senior officials say president obama had two options. he could bomb the bin laden hideout from the air or send in navy and special forces. in the end the president chose the second option with the greater risk but in the end produced the greater reward. this is what you did not see last night, the white house situation room, the president and his national security team sweating it out. the tense moments unfolded before the words the world would seen here. >> the united states -- soon hear. >> the united states has conducted an operation that has killed osama bin laden bin. >> reporter: the trail began several years ago as bin laden's most trusted courier was identified by cia detainees and last fall that courier was spotted at a mansion just 35
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miles from pakistan's capital of islamabad. the house had extreme security, 18-foot walls, barbed wire, a family inside burned their bar gauge, had no phone and no internet -- garbage, had no phone and no internet. officials believe it was bin laden himself behind those walls. >> if we have actual intelligence about high value terrorist targets and there's no action, we will. >> reporter: u.s. navy seals fought their way through the building. an intense firefight broke out as women were used as shields. osama bin laden bin himself was found on the third floor of the home. he resisted, was shot and killed. >> the concern was that bin laden would oppose any type of capture operation. indeed he did. there was a firefight. he therefore was killed in that firefight. >> reporter: osama bin laden bin's body was removed by u.s. forces, transferred to a ship
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and then in accordance with muslim tradition wrapped in a white sheet before it was buried at sea. it was this officials address osama bin laden bin supporters directly. >> to those who seek preying on innocent life we will not rest until we bring you to just tips? >> reporter: and after nine long years -- to justice. >> reporter: and after nine long years of searching president obama praised the hard fought conclusion for the long sought after terrorist. >> the world is safer, a better place because of the death of osama bin laden bin. >> it's important to note even 24 hours later many of the details of this assault like what osama bin laden bin was doing what he died, who fired the shot that killed him, those details may never be released. the danger of this mission cannot be overstated. u.s. forces did lose one of their two helicopters to mechanical failure but were able to destroy that chopper on the ground and evacuate the entire team to another helicopter.
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>> now that bin laden is dead, who is in charge of al qaeda? >> u.s. intelligence officials say that after nearly a decade of hiding out has transformed bin laden from an operational leader to more of a symbolic figure. in the short term that role will likely be a assumed by ayman al-zawahiri, but officials say al-zawahiri does not possess bin laden's charismatic nature for a recruiter. the bottom line, shawn, there is only one bin laden and tonight he's dead. >> this is the question, of course, does bin laden's death weaken al qaeda or could the terrorist organization potentially become more dangerous? the fbi, department of homeland security today issued a warning about the possibility this might inspire extremists to retaliate. fox 5's laura evans working that part of the story now. >> no one really knows what will happen now, but the fbi and dhs today issued the intelligence bulletin putting law enforcement agencies across the country on alert and even issuing a warning on a global scale.
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>> we must take this opportunity to renew our resolve and redouble our efforts. >> secretary of state is hillary clinton warned bin laden's death does not end the war on terror. >> in afghanistan we will continue taking the fight to al qaeda and their taliban allies. >> some intelligence officials believe bin laden's death is a major blow to al qaeda saying the group will have a hard time recovering. michael ohanlon of the brookings institute argued the global organization has shown resilience and said al qaeda and affiliates could use osama bin laden bin's death as an excuse to speed up plans for an attack. >> that's entirely possible to try to satisfy their emotional desire for revenge or try to intimidate us into not going after the no. 2, al-zawahiri. >> following bin laden's death messages have been posted on websites claiming revenge saying anyone that thinks jihad has ended needs to wait a little bit, but if the attacks were to happen, some say al
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qaeda might keep them closer to home. >> to get here in the united states, it's harder than it was a decade ago and it takes more planning. therefore, you can't really accelerate that too much. i don't think there's any great new thing they can do he they weren't going to try to do anyway. what's in their capacity, they usually attempt. >> former cia operative larry johnson said he thinks al qaeda doesn't have what it takes anymore to attack us on a grand scale. >> the fact of the matter is they've not grown in recutes, resources, bases, in kun -- recruits, resources, bases, in countries willing to back them up. >> better to be vigilant than scared. johnson is not saying ignore the alert, just that the intelligence community needs to stay in front of al qaeda and its funding. it is important to note here the intelligence community has no information of advanced terror plots here in the u.s. right now. local law enforcement are stepping up security measures in the wake of osama bin laden bin's death.
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fox 5's paul wagner, you covered this story today. what sort of changes might we see? >> i talked to multiple police officials off camera today who said they are antsy and on enand constantlying whiching with intelligence officials -- edge and constantly checking with intelligence officials. right now we know there are no threats at this point, but what they're concerned about is the lone wolf who might be seeking revenge. >> reporter: you don't need a keen eye to see security has been stepped up outside the white house. the naval observatory where the vice president resides as well as the embassy of pakistan. on the mall canine officers could be seen patrolling the grounds of the washington monument, one of them armed with a long gun. at the u.s. capitol additional officers were called in to saturate the streets and senate office buildings. there, too officers carried long guns. on the metro system the chief of police promised increased visibility. >> this increase is not related to any specific threat to our
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system, rather than it is out of an abundance of caution. >> reporter: since 9/11 metro has enhanced its security in many ways. cameras can now record what they are seeing and sensors have been installed to detect chemical and biological weapons. chief t aborn says he reserves the right to inspect passengers' bags. >> that's always a possibility once we got the approval to move those forward. so those could be expected throughout the life of metro. >> reporter: some riders were more concerned than others. >> oh, yeah, in general i'd be nervous about riding any system or being in too much of a crowd anywhere. >> reporter: today? >> today. >> reporter: because of what happened? >> because of what happened, absolutely. >> rare you being extra vigilant? >> yeah. i'm making sure that i stay away from crowds. >> reporter: are you worried about riding the system today after what happened? >> no. >> reporter: you feel safe? >> yes. >> reporter: are you vigilant when you ride the system? are you always looking for things that might be out of
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place? >> i probably would notice if things were out of place, but i'm not especially hyper about doing it. >> reporter: law enforcement says from what you can see being done to keep people safe, there are multiple invisible layers of security you will never see. police officials are encouraging everyone to be vigilant and be looking for anything suspicious and to call 911 if they think that they should. >> good advice. thank you. those relieved and proud of what american forces accomplished are still celebrating in lower manhattan. all day long they walked the streets in search of hope and promise where they found so much heartache nearly 10 years ago. as we mentioned, a few minutes ago president obama will visit ground zero thursday and meet with victims of the family -- families -- families of the victims. the families of the victims on board flight 93 returned to the crash site in shanksville, pennsylvania. they were worried justice would
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never happen. even though bin laden is dead, they know there is still work to be done. at home there has been a steady stream of visitors to the pentagon memorial dedicated to the spot where flight 77 crashed. fox 5's wisdom martin there with more. >> reporter: we spent the afternoon several hours out here talking to people coming here to the pentagon about how special of a place this is. then we talked to them about what happened to osama bin laden bin. they say they had to come here. the pentagon memorial has always been a place of reflection for visitors, a place filled with the memories of the lives lost on 9/11. >> i feel fortunate to be here today in d.c. >> reporter: but on this day in this historic place there is an additional significance. this is the day they learned the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks had been killed by u.s. forces. >> it brought justice to the people who died and all the soldiers who have died as a consequence of this. so it's just about justice basically. >> reporter: major jose
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fernandez came here with his family to share the moment, to share history. >> i kind of wanted to take a picture of this day with my son, my younger son, so when he grows up and i explain why i came here to d.c. and why we're here, you know, i would be in puerto rico doing my basis if it wouldn't have been for 9/11. this is really why i came here. >> reporter: this middle school place from arizona planned their trip to the pentagon months ago. >> i think our students will go back on the bus with a whole different perspective of what today means. >> reporter: now as all who come here reflect and remember lives lost, they can also reflect on some sense of justice, some sense. closure. >> this is something we definitely need to do with our students. we need to show them this is what we're fighting for. >> justice was brought into these people and i guess for all of us in the u.s. >> reporter: so while we're talking about a lot of people who were out here, the last people out here visiting are now gone, but people like that teacher and the group of
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students who were here from arizona were only here five hours and came to this he very special place and the man from 0 -- very special place and the man from iowa who learned about osama bin laden bin's death this morning as he was getting on the plane to come to washington d.c. so they will never forget 9/11 and where they were when they heard about osama bin laden bin. a local woman watched as part of the pentagon went up in flames back on 9/11 not knowing her sister would not make it out alive. >> when i looked out the window and i saw the big poof of smoke and everything, right, i tried to call her, but i never got an answer that day. >> tonight family members reflect upon the day that many people thought would never come. back in a moment. the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden bin, the leader of al qaeda, and a terrorist who is responsible for the murder of thousands of
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innocent men, women and children. 
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finally that is what family
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members of the 9/11 victims are saying tonight. many of them lost hope that osama bin laden bin would ever be found. tonight they are relieved the mastermind of the attacks is dead. matt ackland talked with a local family who lost a lot on september 11th, 2001. >> carolyn hulleman worked in the pentagon many years. her office had just been moved to the side of the building hit by the jet on 9/11. as you can imagine, her family was devastated, especially her sister mary who was working right across the street from the pentagon that morning. >> the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden bin, the leader of al qaeda. >> reporter: it was the news she had been praying for. >> after all these years i thought okay, this man will never, never be found. >> reporter: mary comanon said she thinks about september 11, 2001 every day and dealer misses her sister carolyn hulleman who died inside the pentagon. mary was working just a block away. >> i heard the bang, said boom
10:18 pm
and when i looked up, it was like a parachute that had gone up. and i said oh, my god, my sister is there. >> reporter: mary says the death of bin laden does bring her some peace knowing he won't be able to plan future attacks of terror. >> at least now we don't have to worry about him even though there may be others out there. at least the head is gone. >> reporter: since the attacks every september 11th carolyn hulleman's family, some living hundreds of miles away, travel to d.c. to be together. in fact, they invited us to the reunion last september. family members tell us this annual event has never been about the terrorist. instead it's been about the wonderful woman they took. >> we'll continue to have the family gathering for her in her honor every year. >> reporter: by the way, carolyn hulleman was making plans to retire with her husband. she never got to do that or meet the grandchild that was
10:19 pm
born four years later. shawn. >> so much lost. thank you. arlington's firefighters were among first at the pentagon to try to beat back the flames on 9/11. today they're hoping the death of osama bin laden bin helps the families of those they tried to save. some of the firefighters we talked with said they were surprised to hear the al qaeda leader had been killed, figured he'd die of natural causes since they have heard and seen reports along with us that he was ill. one thing they all agreed on was that bin laden tied them forever to 9/11. >> that was the biggest call i've ever been on. you know, at that point, too, you know you're going to be part of history. >> there will always be people who are willing to do these kind of things. so we know that. we practiced and prepared for that every day. >> the firefighters offered their respect for the navy s.e.a.l.'s who hunted down bin laden. students and staff members at leckie elementary school in southwest d.c. took time out to honor a student and teacher
10:20 pm
killed on 9/11 that were on the plane that crashed into the pentagon. leckie teacher hilda taylor and bernard brown were with the 60 people aboard that plane. today students shared their thoughts about the tragedy, the deaths, the victims and osama bin laden bin. >> osama bin laden bin caused a lot of people a lot of pain. >> they saved us because we could have been in it and it was them instead of us. >> each year leckie elementary marks the anniversary of the attacks by paying tribute to those who died in a special garden with dedication plaques outside the school. it is a story that dominated headlines until the death of osama bin laden bin and tonight we're learning the magnitude of the tornado outbreak that swept through the south straight ahead. a home in northern virginia reduced to rubble. we'll tell you what may have caused the powerful explosion. you complained. we investigated. i'm tisha thompson. we're going to show you why
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metro employees are in hot water for the way they park.
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an explosion destroyed the a home on wayne drive in virginia. there are reports of a gas smell, the house was vacant but was being renovated for new owners. we have an update on those deadly southern tornadoes. according to a preliminary government estimate, there were more tornadoes in a single day last week than any other day in history. noaa says there were 362 tornadoes during the outbreak including a record setting 312 in one day. agency officials say 350 people were killed during a 24 hour period. tornadoes also touched down in virginia and maryland. they weren't as destructive as the ones further south thankfully, sue palka in the weather center with more on that. >> the numbers keep adding up.
10:25 pm
the national weather service went out and examined any area where a tornado warning was issued and where there was a little damage and so far they're now reporting 12 touchdowns, mostly minor but one that was fairly strong. eight were in virginia, four in maryland. let's look at some of the numbers and each day this changes a little bit. throughout the event they issued about 40 tornado warnings, but the strongest one by far was that ef2 in rockingham and shenandoah county. that had winds of 130 miles per hour. we had a couple weaker ones, an ef0 at andrews near camp springs, an ef1 in bristow and an ef1 in breton bay and st. mary's in southern maryland on thursday, but there were five fatalities in virginia as well and those occurred in southwestern virginia. over to true view because we do have some thunderstorms on the way tomorrow. i have to tell you there's a slight chance that some of those could have hail and gusty winds tomorrow night. it's definitely going to get summer-like and while we don't see any rain around the region immediately, a couple little
10:26 pm
showers passing to our north, there's definitely a lot more to come. we'll have the timing on that when i join you upstairs with the full forecast. the actual strike that killed osama bin laden bin was lightning fast, but getting to this point took much longer. we'll look back at intelligence gathered over the years. plus massive crowds desended on the white house as news of the al qaeda leader's death spread. we'll be examining the role social media played in this historic moment when fox 5 news at 10:00 returns.
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it seems like u.s. forces took out osama bin laden bin lightning fast, but getting to this strike was years in the making. the initial intel came back in 2003. investigators learned the name of one of lynn lauden's couriers. in 200-- bin laden's curier. in 2007 the courier's identity was confirmed through detainees.
10:30 pm
in 2009 intelligence had an idea where that courier operated and last year they tracked him to a home where bin laden was staying, but the compelling evidence about who lived in that home did not come until early 2011. we're downstairs in the newsroom now with a retired navy s.e.a.l. thomas balentien also working in the risk management consulting agency locally in the virginia area. i want to talk a little about the training that goes into something like this because the navy s.e.a.l.'s obviously highly trained. this is in their wheelhouse but you have to train for every possibility. the fact that this helicopter had a malfunction and they landed, still continued this mission is unbelievable. >> that's a very good point and s.e.a.l. training like most special operations training regimens is very difficult. i can tell you that the average attrition for these programs is 70 to 80%. the s.e.a.l. candidates go through a six month training program which is conducted in coronado,
10:31 pm
california, and following completion of that six month program they have another six months of training just to give them the basic skill sets to become a navy s.e.a.l. >> these navy s.e.a.l.'s when they go into this situation, osama bin laden bin is a high value target, but let's say this was the same situation involving somebody else and perhaps wouldn't be as high profile. is it the same thing or do they treat somebody like osama bin laden bin differently than another target? >> well, brian, the thing is to get the s.e.a.l.'s, aviation, helicopter drivers, intelligence resources likely involved to get them onto the target safely, to execute the mission successfully and to get everybody home safely. so in this case or i should say in those cases all missions are conducted the same way, considerable planning, preparation, rehearsals. i would guess that in this case the s.e.a.l.'s, the special operations helicopter personnel and the others that were
10:32 pm
associated with the execution of the mission likely rehearsed for this weeks, if not months to get ready. something this significant could not go wrong. >> that said, it seems like it's human nature that something always goes wrong and they're always prepared. >> brian, i can tell you something always does go wrong. that's part of the planning and preparation process. my sense and my experience is that contingency plans are prepared in the event a helicopter goes down, in the event communications is lost, in the event that osama bin laden bin wasn't there, in the event that the s.e.a.l.'s would have to escape and evade, walk out of pakistan. so all that is planned and prepared in part of the rehearsals. >> thank you very much, a proud chapter in the navy s.e.a.l. history, that is for sure today. thank you. >> my pleasure. a real stop the presses for newspapers all over the world
10:33 pm
as they scramble to get news of bin laden's death last night into the morning headlines. the front page of the new york daily news reads rot in hell. the new york post done by fox 5's parent company says got him and the new york times with a bold headline and picture of bin laden on the front. take a look, though, at the front page of today's washington post. the headline, justice has been done. people flocked to newsstands early to snag copies of the paper announcing bin laden's death. several paper printed extra copies in anticipation of higher demand. from twitter to facebook social networking sites spread the word about bin laden's death even before traditional news sources officially confirmed it. fox 5's will thomas with more on the role social media played in this historic moment. >> you would agree sites like twitter and facebook, a big part of our communication, with our friends, family and colleagues, but last night twitter reports a record number of tweets. let's bring in dave wolf, our
10:34 pm
social networking expert. good to have you with us. let's talk about the number of tweets last night between say 10:45 and midnight. they really did set records. >> they did. first off they hit an absolute peak of about 5,106 tweets every second and during the period from the start of the president's speech till the end they were pacing well over 4,000 tweets per second. >> normally it's about 600 per second. so you can see this is a giant spike. one tweet that came out last night that is said to be perhaps the first word of bin laden's death came from the current current chief of staff of former defense secretary donald rumsfeld. he says, "i'm told by a reputable person they have killed osama bin laden bin." these tweets, these facebook status updates don't to meet journalistic standards like multiple sources, do they? >> that's right. the irony in this case was keith urban soare s was a tv
10:35 pm
producer could pick it up and run with it. using twitter to get the breaking news and breaking was in and driving it back at mainstream media? >> and perhaps driving people to their trusted news outlets. facebook tonight telling me we're not giving you specific steps, but on our facebook page we posed a question. heats take our website full. show you our -- let's take our website full, show you our web page. we asked how did you find out about bin laden's death? >> facebook. mobile facebook, mobile facebook. you can see a pattern. i suppose you're are not surprised one bit. >> not at all. the amount of time people spend on these social networking sites and the connections they make with people keep drawing them back and news spreads like wildfire. >> let me go so to some footage, facebook a big part of why people met up in front of the white house tonight. let me show you some of that.
10:36 pm
>> it's amazing, yeah. as soon as i heard, we came right out. it's a moment in history. >> basically we grew up with this war. in 6th grade i heard them tell us bin laden put down the world trade center. i lived in new york. it was a terrible day and today we're here in d.c. for this historic day. >> i'm glad to be here at the white house on this day. i watched the speech and ran here i was so excited. >> no press release about this gathering. this really was the result of social networking. >> that's right. whether they're saying twitter or facebook or a variety of products out today, we're seeing this trend of people wanting to mix location services with social engagement, video and photography and it causes meet- ups like the one at the white house. >> thousands of people out there. thanks for coming in tonight, dave wolf. shawn, back to you. new information revealed about the woman accused in the lululemon murder. find out why the suspect's ex- boyfriend said he was forced to seek a restraining order
10:37 pm
against her. plus the search for the inmate who made a daring escape from a youth detention center comes to an end. but first business with neil cavuto. >> osama bin laden bin is history, but stocks barely budging, the dow rising early on news that the world's most wanted man is dead but falling back on new reports that europe's debt problems are far from gone. looks like chrysler is turning around, the company rolling out its first product in nearly five years, diesel sales jumping nearly 20% last quarter. the disaster in japan still a huge problem for the auto industry. honda telling dealers now it will stop taking orders for cars made in japan until further notice, honda also saying parts shortages are forcing its delay of launching a new version of its popular crossover. the world's largest generic drugmaker is getting bigger.
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washington post reports the woman accused of brutally killing a coworker in a bethesda store was once the sun of a restraining order. brittany norwood was charged in the murder last month. a judge issued an order back in october to keep norwood away from an ex-boyfriend who said
10:42 pm
she'd been violent. norwood violated are the the order. criminal charges were never filed. an escapee was arrested from a juvenile correctional facility in laurel on april 18th. he's accused of stealing a counselor's car to get away. the car was found today as well. cary is accused of assaulting a correctional officer at the facility before he ran. cameras inside captured the assault and escape. new tonight on the news edge at 11:00 president obama making new remarks on the death of bin laden. plus military members honored at national park, their take on the mission to kill the world's most wanted terrorist. and dave feldman, the caps are in some trouble. >> there's no question they're in trouble, down 2-0, but they've been in this scenario before and they've had other people in this scenario before. sometimes it's worked out okay. a preview is coming up on the news edge at 11:00. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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how would you like to park for free when you get to work? for most it's a luxury in the d.c. area, but we've discovered places around town where city workers seem to be skirting the rules free. they all have one thing in common. fox 5's tisha thompson here with the results of this investigation. >> our phones started ringing off the hook after an investigation we did last fall on people using handicapped placards to park for free on metro's bus stops. over the last few months we set up our cameras and we watched. >> reporter: so many cars, so few spots. >> we're very frustrated. our parking has been compromised up here. >> reporter: there's a stretch of road in northwest that has business owners and residents really riled up. >> i've heard complaints over six months. >> reporter: spot after spot always taken, but meters go unpaid for hours. do you park here every day?
10:47 pm
leaving plenty to wonder just who is getting the parking pass. >> they're strangling us with their inactivity of fixing our own problem. >> reporter: john wilson owns a liquor store on 14th street. >> my customers can't park. the neighbors that live here can't park and it's a big headache for everybody involved. >> reporter: that's because for months fox 5 watched over and over as metro employees pull in and out of metered spots near wilson's store and then head into work at the metrobus lot, but they never pay the meter because they have a handicap placard. this guy arrived in his pickup, puts on his metro vest, leans in to get something, but never stops to feed the blinking meter. at the shift change this employee quickly removes the placard hanging from his mirror before pulling away. >> if we park illegally, if our meter expires, if we're too close to a corner, we'll get a
10:48 pm
ticket. >> reporter: the advisory neighborhood commission for the 14th area says the community believes the placards are being abused. >> some of the employees are using handicapped placards and it's unethical and indecent when it's not used for those whom they're designated for. >> reporter: do you work at metro? >> i do. >> reporter: is that your placard? it's the one question some metro employees didn't want us to ask. sir, i know, that's why i was asking. you are disabled? >> yes. >> reporter: as word spread other employees come out to watch turning the camera on us and warning co-workers. what we find interesting is we've now been here about an hour and there are lots of empty spaces which we have never seen available before. and then this black escalade pulls right up front. is that your placard? >> no. >> reporter: that's not your placard? >> it's not my car. >> reporter: that's not your car. >> no. >> reporter: but you have a placard on it, right? >> but it's not my car. >> reporter: is it your
10:49 pm
placard? >> it's not my car. >> reporter: even if the placards are legit you cannot park free all day. do you think neighbors should be upset about metro employees using placards because they get free parking? no? why not? it's free. why can't you park there? the law says a packard only allows you to park -- placard only allows you to park free at metered spaces for double the meter time. after that everyone has to pay. we found similar problems near metrobus lots in rockville and friendship heights, meters expired, the street lined with placards, but hardly anything placards at metrobus facilities where there are designated employee lots. >> i kind of feel sorry for the drivers in that, you know, they need a place to park. >> reporter: wilson says the placard problem started popping up on 14th after metro closed the employee parking lot for renovation. metro says it does provide a free shuttle from a parking
10:50 pm
garage about a mile away, but neighbors say that hasn't stopped employees from nabbing the spot. >> it's irritating. >> reporter: it's so bad larry hemple doesn't even try to drive anymore when he comes here to get his hair cut. >> we rely on space being available for us because if it's not, it can be very difficult for a lot of us. >> reporter: metro told fox 5 we encourage the police departments to ticket anyone who is parking illegally or illegally using a handicapped placard. >> it only takes a few bad apples to really ruin the reputation of all the employees. >> reporter: commissioner vonn is asking city leaders to step up patrol because he says everyone should pay the price to park, either at the meter or with a ticket. we did get a list of all the parking citations for the 14th street area near the bus lot. since the beginning of this
10:51 pm
year that block averaged about one citation a day for parking at an expired meter. we could not find a single ticket written related to a handicapped placard. >> what's the status of that closed employee parking lot near the metrobus lot? >> metro says the facility is about 103 years old and is undergoing renovations. we didn't see evidence of that, but metro says the contract has been awarded and the work should be finished within a year and neighbors told us they are very interested to see what they call the placard problem go away after the lot reopens. >> tisha thompson tonight. >> tell you, what today was pretty nice. >> pretty decent. >> felt like spring, 77 degrees. >> brian will ask for monday off. most of tomorrow will be really nice, too and summer-like. >> here we go, brian. >> most of the day we'll be dry, but maybe not so much at night. we've got another round of
10:52 pm
showers and storms that will be heading our direction. nothing like the outbreak of last week, folks, but could be some strong storms in the mix. by the way, to put a cap other what we were talking about earlier with the tornado outbreak, sick hundred tornadoes in april, absolutely -- 600 tornadoes in aim, absolutely a new record across the kun -- in april, absolutely a new record across the country. max hd headlines take us into our first full week of may with a couple showers, very isolated to the north and west. we saw some earlier. there's only a slight chance we'll see that. we are headed for the 80s tomorrow. we were in the upper 70s today. you might notice that humidity. both of those things, the heat and humidity, will kind of fire up the atmosphere so that when we see storms coming through late tomorrow night, it's possible they could be a little on the strong side, some of them, not a wide outbreak. we don't have a high or moderate risk but we have a slight risk for storms with hail and gusty winds. after the storms move through
10:53 pm
wednesday looks much cooler. there will be some morning showers hanging around. the wednesday morning commute might be a wet one and about 20 degrees cooler wednesday. average high temperature is 71, well above it tomorrow with a summer-like 82 degrees and well below it wednesday at 62 degrees, so on the cool side there. thursday a nice day, sunny and on friday not bad as well, 70 degrees, but there will be a couple showers or at least a slight chance on friday. temperature-wise today 77 at reagan, dulles 78, bwi74. you might have noticed that humidity. it wasn't uncomfortable and just up to our north we had a couple showers move by, nothing too heavy, no big storms, but this what is we are watching. there is a frontal system stalled nearby. waves of low pressure are now coming through the mississippi valley and that is slowly going to be moving our direction. it will be around tomorrow night. here is max hd futurecast so we can kind of get the timing on
10:54 pm
this showing you where everything is tonight. we get into about 5:00, 6:00 and most of us have not seen anything yet, but by 6:00 we get out to the west to the panhandles along and west of interstate 81. we begin to see showers and thunderstorms on futurecast. let's run this to about 9:00, 10:00 and we see a line of storms up through pennsylvania, could be something especially across maryland that could be on the stronger side. we will see those showers. wednesday morning it looks like another batch trying to come up from the south that would affect southern maryland and eastern suburbs on the other side of 95. by afternoon that begins the process of moving away. thursday at noon it will all move out of here. we want to flag you to the fact that there is a possibility west of 95 some of these storms could have hail and gusty winds tomorrow evening into the midnight hour before it shuts off around here. meanwhile really bathroom. it's going to be a warm --
10:55 pm
really warm. it's going to be a warm start for us in the morning. it's 70 degrees now. this is where our front is. it's 50 in cincinnati, 43 chicago, 51 st. louis. that's the cool shot that will be coming our direction for wednesday. 82 tomorrow with storms at night, 62 degrees for wednesday and cooler with morning showers on wednesday. so not a totally dry day. thursday looks dry and only a couple showers around friday and saturday, not a big washout day. we'll see what we can do about moving them along. donald trump seems to be going to war with just about everyone these days. find out why the billionaire is firing back at talk show host david letterman. military appreciation night takes on new meaning following the death of osama bin laden bin. we'll have reak from nationals park on the news edge at 11 -- reaction from nationals park on the new edge at 11:00. >> today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge, jeep and chrysler dealers. ndn 
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here goes round two of war of words between donald trump and david letterman all stemming from the late night host's on air suggestion that trump is a racist because of his persistent questioning of president barack obama's birthplace. trump fired back saying there is no one less of a racist than him. even canceled his upcoming ippons on letterman. thursday letterman said -- appearance on letterman. thursday letterman said if trump came on his show again, he ought to be prepared to apologize. people sabin osama bin laden is hiding but every day 4:00 to 5:00 he hosts a show on c-span. >> saturday night live seth meyers at the white house correspondents dinner over the weekend. little did anyone know president obama halved, smiled, played it cool when meyers -- laughed, smiled, played it cool when meyers cracked that joke. bin laden was not dead yet but at the time navy s.e.a.l.'s were closi


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