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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  May 5, 2011 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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scores! what a goal. it seals the deal! >> just like that, the washington caps are swept away in the nhl playoffs, struck down by the tampa by lightning and once again being dream of a stanley cup come to an end. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news.
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let's get a check. the weather. let's talk about that instead this morning. >> i'm in a bad mood about it, sarah. >> i know. >> let's focus on the weather. 47 at reagan national. 48 in frederick. ocean city, you are cooler than yesterday morning, 48 for you. so temperatures falling back into the mid-40s. i think a few spots will touch the upper 30s. satellite-radar, going to be a nice quiet day. a few clouds moving through at the moment but generally a sunny day. going to be windy at times. breezy to windy later today with winds out of the north and west gusting to about 25 to 30. it won't be a perfectly still day out there as the winds will be a little brisk at times. we should be dry and lots of sunshine expected. 70 your daytime high. look out for the winds gusting to about 30 miles per hour.
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more on the weather? more on the weather in just a minute -- more on the weather in just a minute. gunfire along the bw parkway inside the beltway but north of riverdale road. police are on the scene. they say two victims, both male, were taken to the hospital. officers say it is possible the gunshots were fired from one vehicle to another. the search is on if a suspect and police say the northbound lanes of 295 may be shut down no some time while they investigate. in our other top stories this morning, president obama will not release any pictures of osama bin laden. the president is waving off critics who say the photos have to be released for credibility sake. president obama says the important point is you will not see bin laden walking this earth again n interviews, he says we do not need to quote, spike the football. washington hospital center has announced an agreement with
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the union that represents the nurses. they will vote on a deal this friday and saturday. both sides agreed not to publicly release any details of the proposed contract until the vote is ratified. the nurses have worked without a contract for more than a year now. it is wait until next season yet again for the washington capitals. they fell to the tampa bay lightning last night 5-3 completing the four-game sweep. tampa bay is going to the eastern conference finals for the first time since 2004 when they won the stanley cup. the fight for autonomy and voting rights in the district lands city leaders in handcuffs. just last month, fox 5 was on the scene as tease mayor vincent gray and council members were arrested. yesterday, mary cheh was locked one several other people. matt ackland has the story. >> reporter: as councilmember mary cheh walked up to the d.c. vote rally, we asked her if she planned on being locked up.
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>> i don't know what is going to happen. i'm ready for anything. >> reporter: not long after that interview at the end of this rally, cheh got up to the podium and told the crowd she brought $100 with her for bail and then welcomed them to join her as she walked into the middle of constitution avenue. >> who will join me now in stepping out into the street and showing what we stand for. will you come now? >> let's go! >> reporter: seven other people joined cheh blocking constitution. there was a massive response from capital police, at least 30 officers on hand. each protester was cuffed, photographed and loaded into a police van. >> this is the essence of democracy. >> reporter: you missed last time. you have to do it this time.
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>> absolutely. we have to keep up the impression that we care. >> reporter: council woman yvette alexander says it is so much more. >> they tried to reduce it to why are these people getting arrested for abortion rights. they're fighting for abortion rights. we are fighting for all rights in the district of columbia. our tax dollars pay for it. >> reporter: good morning on this thursday, may 5th, twoiive as we take a live look over washington, d.c. this morning. a fairly clear morning out there. you can see the washington monument all the way from up here. i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's get a check of the weather with tucker barnes who i think has recovered. a few tears have been shed for the capitals but we'll try to make it a better day. >> he -- yes, no capitals red for me today. >> frowny face today.
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>> yes. i don't think many people are going to be happy with what happened. temperatures are on the cool side but better than yesterday. one or two clouds moving through at the moment but should be a mostly sunny day today. again, very quiet. high pressure is going to build in. we can pretty much guarantee the dry weather for the afternoon. temperatures are cooled off. bring along a jacket here. 47 at reagan national. 46 at dulles and 47 at bwi marshall. here is your forecast for today. it is a good today should be a beautiful afternoon and really our nicest of the next several as we'll be mostly sunny. highs in the upper 60s and low 70s. breezy conditions expected later today with winds gusting to about 25 to 30 miles per hour. >> let's check in with julie wright for the traffic.
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>> i'm still crying. i'll admit it. i'm just like sniffing and crying. >> we're trying to hold it together in here too. >> washington capitals, that's it. we're talking tennis now, folks. sports is not dead in d.c. on the roads, we're receiving word off of twitter from park police that they are on the scene of a possible double shooting bw parkway northbound near riverdale road so coming out of d.c. north of prince george's hospital near the exit for 410, that where you are likely to find the police activity. your better bet coming out of d.c., you guys working the late night shift would be to stick with 50 and head up in that direction. the lanes are open. no incidents to report as you travel northbound 95 leaving the prince william parkway. outer loop of the beltway running at speed passing colesville road headed for 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. you know, we are following breaking news in maryland. julie kind of talked about this. two people shot early this
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morning along the bw parkway at 295. inside the beltway but north of riverdale road. several lanes are shut down right now as police are investigating. stacy cohan is there with the latest for us. >> reporter: good morning. we are here along the bw parkway and i am joined by someone who has information on what is going on. i know this happened early this morning and everything is just developing but what can you tell us at this point? >> at around 2:15 this morning, u.s. park police responded northbound baltimore-washington parkway in the area of the beltway and found a vehicle that had two people in it. both had received gunshot wounds. these people have been transported to a local hospital. it appears to be nonlife- threatening gunshot wiewbdz. we have locationed a crime scene along the bw parkway and so we'll have the roadway shut down while we're processing the scene. >> reporter: is there any information that would lead you to believe that this gunfire
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was exchanged along the bw parkway while they were drive something. >> i'm not sure whether they were moving or stopped. >> reporter: let's talk about the shutdowns. where is it closed off and how long? >> we'll be closing the bw parkway northbound between riverdale road and 495. it will be shut down for quite a few hours so it will impact on the morning rush hour. so kenilworth avenue or route 50 will be best workarounds for people heading outbound. >> reporter: if you are heading out this way to get to work, you may want to find another way to get there as this will be a congestion point throughout the morning rush. i'm stacy cohan. back to you. >> thank you. let's get the latest on osama bin laden. president obama says releasing photos showing a dead osama bin laden could pose a risk to the united states. he decided not to make the pictures public after discussing them with his national security team.
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meanwhile, pakistan is under fire for either not knowing bin laden was hiding in plain sight or knew and did nothing about it. also later today, president obama visits ground zero in new york to meet with 9-11 victims' families. and the leader of the apache tribe is asking the president for an apling for using the code name geronimo for the navy seal operation. the president tells 60 minutes we to not need to gloat. >> it is important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head are not floating around as an incitement to additional violence. that is not who we are. new this morning, workers at japan's crippled fukushima nuclear power plant have entered the reactor building
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for the first time since right after the march 11 earthquake. they are installing ventilation machines that will help absorb radiation. the radiation levels must be lowered inside the reactors before workers can install cooling systems. the systems were knocked out by the quake. we are now learning what called the gas explosion that leveled a home in rockville. two people inside the home and a couple who had just moved in days before were critically injured. fire investigators say a faulty do it yourself job is to blame for. this the man renting the house was converting from gas to an electric dryer. but investigators say he left the gas line open. washington hospital center has announced an agreement with the union that represents the nurses. they will vote on the deal this friday and saturday. both sides agreed not to publicly release any details of the proposed contract until the vote is ratified. the nurses have worked without a contract now for more than a
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year. the union represents 1700 nurses at that hospital. in sports now, another playoff disappointment for the washington caps. this time, they were swept. goalie michael neuvirth could not stop it. this is the fourth straight season the caps have been bounced from the playoffs. we'll hear from some disappointed caps players coming up. one u.s. senator said he saw proof that osama bin laden is dead. but up next, turns out he didn't see what he thought he saw. how he and other senators were duped. stay with us. we'll be right back. lysol believes a healthy family is a happy family.
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in maryland, the medical examiner has ruled the death of 16-year-old felicia barnes a homicide. she disappeared in december while visiting family in baltimore. her body was found in the susquehanna river two weeks ago. investigators are not releasing the cause of death and so far no arrests have been made. loudoun county police release new clues to then them find a man wanted for sexual assault. this is a sketch of the man and the tattoo on his wrist. a woman says she asked the man to use his cell phone on march 18th. she got into his late 1990s model black jeep. he drove to another location and sexually assaulted her before letting her go. massachusetts junior u.s. senator scott brown has changed his tune. he originally told fox's boston affiliate that he saw proof that osama bin laden was killed. it turns out that picture was fake and brown was not the only
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senator fooled by it. his colleagues on the senate armed services committee were fooled as well. we have a report. >> reporter: on my tv, senator scott brown tells fox 5 that yes, he has seen the picture. dead osama bin laden. what faked it should be released, listen to what he told us. >> if they're just trying to sell newspapers, i don't think it is appropriate t could inflame people throughout the world to be more active in what we're trying to prevent which is spread spreading terrorism throughout the region and the world inform it is for informational purposes to seven a specific goal, then possibly. i've seen the picture. he is definitely dead. if there is any conspiracy theories out there, you should put them to rest. >> reporter: he was bold and matter of fact. the trouble is he was also wrong. he had seen a fake and his press secretary later called us to let us know. i asked for another interview but instead got this statement. the photo that i saw and that a lot of other people saw is not authentic. brown isn't the only one who
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was apparently fooled. senator kelly ayott, a republican from new hampshire, told reporters an unnamed senator showed her a picture of what happened to be bin laden's body. a third senator also claiming to have seen the photo. the white house press secretary seemed surprised to hear about lawmakers claiming to have seen the real thing. >> i'm not aware of any photos floating or being shown. are you paying more than $4 for a gallon of gas. in the district, that answer is a definite yes. now, many other stations are joining in. that is coming up next. caught on camera, a dangerous high-water rescue. an elderly woman trapped. plus, we are checking your weather and your morning commute coming up. stay with us. it is now 4:42 on this thursday. 
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[ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy. ♪ that's ever happened to cinnamon. introducing cinnamon burst cheerios. 20% daily value of fiber bursting with the delicious taste of cinnamon. new cinnamon burst cheerios. prepare your taste buds. take a look at this dramatic video. this is a rescue caught on camera. it shows the danger and power of high water. a 93-year-old woman was trapped in her car in this flood after trying to drive across a highway in poplar bluff, missouri. the national guard used a safety line in order to reach her and carry her to safety. president barack obama has also declared an emergency in parts of tennessee, mississippi and kentucky. it is in response for the
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massive flooding across the midwest. tennessee is facing record flooding where flood waters are covering roads in several counties. police are telling people to be ready to evacuate at any moment. >> can i see why. >> i know. you see all of that flood water and you think gosh, how lucky we are that we'll have such a beautiful day today. it will be gorgeous around here. we have abeen very lucky the last week or so with our weather. just quiet conditions out there as we are expecting sunshine today and temperatures about 07. yesterday, we were in the upper 50s and low 60s during the day. it will feel mostly warmer but it will be a little windy around here. let's start with a look at our current temperatures. it is cool. >> it is chilly out there. >> max 2 will show us everything we need to know. 47degrees at reagan national. lots of mid-40s out there. gaithersburg, good morning. you are 45 degrees. quantico, 45. southern maryland, leonardtown down 4 #. off to the north and west we go in the mountained. 47 in winchester so no 30s qlet
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but we're getting close. places like culpeper, the next hour or so, you are likely to drop back into the upper 30s. -- 47 in winchester so no 30s yet but we're getting close. winds will be gusting at about 5 to 30 miles per hour. not much of a wind right now. about 10 out of the west and northwest. they will be picking up today as the sun gets up. we have an area of low pressure off to our north and our east and tight pressure gradient will result in some winds around here. here is your satellite-radar. a few clouds moving in from the north. there you go. as this little disturbance off to the north kind of lifts out. we should see clearing. it will be a mostly sunny day. should be a beautiful day. look out to the west. high pressure out here should keep us nice and dry for our thursday and much of our friday. a weak little disturbance and a cold front will come rolling through here and that could bring us some showers during the second half of tomorrow. the next day and a half, very
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nice, lots of sunshine and seasonal temperatures, highs about 70 or so. 70 your daytime high today. winds out of the north and west gusting to about 30 miles per hour. you might wanted a jacket this morning as it is on the cool side. partly cloudy, cold again overnight. overnight lows back into the 40s. low to mid-40s outside the beltway. we'll go 48 here in the city. winds will start to lighten up as well during the evening hours at 10 to 15. a few showers around tomorrow afternoon. can't rule out the possibility of a shower. had to they it in there for saturday. this forecast a little complicated because we'll have a series of weak disturbances, impulses come through during the weekend. that will bring us period of clouds with a few showers. much of the weekend should be dry with temperatures in the 70s. don't cancel outdoor plans based on the possibility of a few showers. that is a look at the weather. that is a lot brighter looking than sports and the capitals. julie wright will give us the latest. >> hopefully not on the capitals. >> yes.
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>> because my segment will be really short if that is the case. here is the deal. our very own stacy cohan is reporting live from the scene of a double shooting which occurred back in the 2:00 hour. all of that activity is northbound on the baltimore- washington parkway. we'll map that out for you in just two seconds. here is the shot of northbound i-95. lanes are open, overnight roadwork still in place at tysons corner. if you are traveling northbound on the baltimore-washington parkway coming from d.c. headed back out towards the capital beltway, it is closed. northbound baltimore-washington parkway closed in riverdale just north of 410. right now, traffic volume is working in your favor. there is no delay. can you travel up to 410 and bail out. pick up 50 or kenilworth avenue and use that as your alternate route asms this rush hour investigation is ongoing, you will find you want to bail out sooner rather than later. the northbound side closed because of an investigation of a double shooting and stacy cohan will be back with us shortly with more information
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on that scene. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. d.c. mayor vincent gray will speak to members. the board at two major airports about their decision to go forward with an underground metrorail station at dulles airport. the virginia governor is asking them to reconsider since it would cost about $300 million more than an above ground station. mayor gray says the board has made a strong case for the project. virginia is absorbing some of the cost for the project but mayor gray says he hasn't considered helping pay for it. a traffic alert now for you. eight mobile speed cameras are coming to howard county school zones. starting this fall, if you are driving more than 12 miles per hour over the speed limit in a school zone, expect to have your picture snapped and a $40 fine in howard county. in this morning's consumer alert, the average price of a gallon of gas is about to hit $4 nationwide. anyone would has filled up recently knows the pain of. this gas is already averaging
4:51 am
$4 a gal hon in more than 13 states. fox's peter bonders takes a look at why some states are seeing higher prices -- fox's peter barnes takes a look at why some states are seeing higher prices. >> reporter: motorists are beginning to wonder just how high gas prices might go. >> these prices are crazy. >> reporter: drivers across the u.s. say they have no choice but to use their cars less. >> don't take any long trips anymore because i can't afford it. but i'm trying to cut back as much as i can on the gas. >> reporter: in indiana, gas prices hit an all-time record. prices soaring at many stations to $4.29 per gallon. why so high? one professor says it is because of the state economy is not as bad as in some other states. >> the retail owners realize that they're much better able to raise prices when the economy is stronger. as it turns out, u.s. motor i haves are driving less due to
4:52 am
the high costs of gas. according to master card spending pulse which tracks retail gas charges, the average gasoline demand has dropped for six straight weeks. and yet the price keeps going up. the professor says it goes back to supply and demand. >> when the economy is stronger and the people are much better able to afford to pay higher gasoline prices now than a few years ago. >> reporter: one thing is for sure. with sky-high prices, dryers are nearing their tipping point. >> $20 for four gallons of gas. now, that's crazy. >> reporter: economists worry the price of gas will hurt other retailers. once motorists are done filling up, it leaves less money to spend on other things. peter barnes, fox business. a check. the gas prices shows the price for a gallon of regular is
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$3.98. once again, fight for autonomy and voting rights in the district lands city leader in in handcuffs. ward three council woman mary cheh and seven other people were arrested after blocking into traffic and blocking constitution avenue. capital police acted pretty quickly cuffing the protesters. cheh rallied the crowd before hand asking people to join her. she even said she brought $100 for her bail. cheh says d.c. needs to keep up the fight. >> this is the essence of democracy. >> you missed last time. you feel like you need to do this this time. >> you have to keep up the impression that we care. >> you may remember last month, d.c. mayor convincement gray and council members were arrested in front. the hart senate office building. some of them who decided not to pay the fine will appear in court today. major layoffs at a northern virginia company. defense contractor general die magics is letting nearly 1/3 of its work force go.
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that adds up to about 112 employees. federal budget cuts killed a program in january. dreams of a stunly cup dashed for the washington capitals and the nat looking for some love in philly. we'll check sports coming up next. plus. >> it is a dream that began in a fairfax county living room. now, he is singing for royalty. i'm beth parker. the story coming up.  [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life?
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once again. what changes will the caps make this off season? >> here is the deal. some people are already saying maybe the caps need a new home depot coach or maybe some new players. coming up, we'll hear what the sports junkies think but i know what they think. let's get onto something more uplifting, baseball. >> hopefully, it is. >> nats and phillies, scoreless in the top of the fourth. didn't like that one. he doesn't like the call. has a few words with the home plate ump. gym rig ehlmann out of the dugout. he is tossed. that is a long distance toss. you know things aren't going well. bottom of the sixth now. ben francisco scores. whale is new? phils go up 4-1. the nats fall
4:58 am
7-4. >> orioles in kansas city facing the royals. look at that one! a solo home run to right, his third of the season. the orioles win this one 3-2 snapping the royals' four-game winning streak. >> also, d.c. united won 2-1 over seattle sounders. >> oh, we have some good news there. just a few minutes of prince charles' visit to d.c., but two a budding musician, it was quite and honor. >> he has now performed for royalty. and he is just getting started. beth parker has a report. >> reporter: for nathan pacheko, the dream began right here in his parents fairfax county home. he has come a long way and tuesday night at the british embassy in d.c., he performed for prince charles. was to a little more nerve
4:59 am
wracking when you have royalty in front of you? >> yes. you always get -- at least i always get a little bit of the butterflies whenever i sing but it is that adrenaline that you just feed off of as a performer so we got up there, we started singing and there was just such a neat feeling in the room so we rode that wave of emotion and let it carry us the rest of the way. >> reporter: he is 31 years old but this began with a back when he was just two. >> when we would go to the magruder's grocery store because we were living in vienna then, all the cashiers would i woo say here comes the singing babe y. >> reporter: he remembers being a performer even in high school. >> the first one was fiddler on the roof. i was the tailor and then we did south pacific and the king and i. >> did that serve you well? >> absolutely. >> reporter: from the oakton show choir to touring


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